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1 Receive and File Board Minutes March 22, ) General Employees Pension Board February 11, ) Green Living Advisory Board December 8, ) Parks and Recreation Board February 2, ) Planning and Zoning Board February 4, 2016





6 City of Boca Raton Green Living Task Force Green Living Advisory Board MINUTES THE GREEN LIVING ADVISORY BOARD City Hall December 8, 2015 The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Monica Mayotte at about 8:10 a.m. MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: STAFF PRESENT: Margaret Fitzsimmons Monica Mayotte Lindsey Nieratka Patricia Ramudo Sherri Scheurich Erez Bar-Nur Vaughan Dugan Nicole Gasparri, Organizational Program Manager WELCOME: Chairperson Mayotte called the meeting to order and took role at 8:07 a.m. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: No minutes were approved, the Board members did not receive the November minutes. UPDATE ON CITY S ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY TEAM: Nicole updated the team on the Environmental Sustainability Team. The team is currently working to get a current state assessment on the City s sustainability practices as it realtes to environmental sustainability. Once the information is gathered it will be shared on the City website and other avenues. The team will also consider which certification program may be affective for the overall City goals. The Board requested a possible joint meeting with the City Team and the Board so that they could coordinate. Nicole said she would bring it to the next meeting. NEXT MEETING: January 12, 2016, City Hall, 2 nd floor Development Services Conference Room ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn was made by Ms. Fitzsimmons, and seconded by Ms. Nieratka. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at about 8:32 a.m.

7 MINUTES PARKS AND RECREATION BOARD COMMUNITY CENTER ANNEX 260 CRAWFORD BOULEVARD BOCA RATON, FL TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2016 Members Present: Gordon Gilbert, Chair Joseph Good, Vice Chair Ronald L. Betters Peter Boylan Dr. Dennis R. Frisch Hank Kreh Dr. Trudi N. Stevens Staff Present: Mickey A. Gomez Recreation Services Director Buddy Parks Deputy Recreation Services Director J. D. Varney Recreation Services Superintendent Greg Stevens Recreation Services Superintendent Jim Thomas Athletic Supervisor I Kevin Beckman Athletic Programs Administrator Others Present: Members of the Public: Pedro Heizer, Bruno Militz, Douglas Heizer The Parks and Recreation Board began their meeting at 5: 15PM at the Tim Huxhold Skate Park & Shuffle Board Courts. Jim Thomas spoke about the history of the skate park and gave a tour of the grounds and shuffleboard courts. He then answered Board questions. Chair Gordon Gilbert reconvened the meeting in tl called and everyone who was present at the skate Beckman, was present at the meeting. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: e Community Center Annex at 5: 55PM. Roll was park, with the exception of Jim Thomas and Kevin MOTION was made by Dr. Frisch, seconded by Mr. Betters, to accept the minutes of the January 5, 2016 Regular Meeting as written. MOTION PASSED 7-0. Mention was given to the other related board minutes in the packet. PURPOSE: WELCOME: Regular monthly meeting. The Chair welcomed the members of the public who did not wish to speak at this time. REPORTS: 1. Department Project Updates B. Parks Mr. Parks said that the pipes for the Gumbo Limbo Seawater Life Pumps would be fixed soon. This temporary fix should reduce air in the pumps and allow operations to continue pending a re -design of the entire pump system. Mr. Parks made some review comments on the RFP for Hillsboro/ EI Rio Master Plan. His comments were acknowledged by Municipal Services. Mr. Parks explained that the public hearing process the project required would be going through the P & R Board. He said this will insure the public is happy with what they are getting. For Spanish River Park Tunnel Repair, Mr. Parks reported the contractor is still working on the center tunnel. Gumbo Limbo Boardwalks are out to bid. There was a pre -construction meeting last week for Central Beach Renourishment. Mr. Parks said that for Sugar 15th Sand Park Science Playground, there was a pre- bid meeting on January 8th and that on January the bid was opened. The Greater Beach and Park District will have a ceremony to kick off construction.

8 2. Parks & Recreation Monthly Reports J. Varney Mr. Varney spoke regarding the final, pre -audit FY revenue reports that were in his Monthly Reports. He spoke about a decline in revenue generated by the Train Depot, the James A. Rutherford Community Center, and the traditional Camp Programs. He explained that there was an increase in the number of specialty camps and that revenue generated by those programs does not go into the Camp Program line item. The Boca Raton Tennis Center, City Beach Permits, Spanish River and Red Reef all had steady increases in revenue the past four years. The total revenue generated by the Recreation Services Department has increased every year for the past four years. Annual revenue currently exceeds 8, 000, 000. Dr. Frisch asked Mr. Varney to find out if there were any rule changes at the Train Depot that could have affected revenue. Mr. Varney agreed to determine what factors contributed to the decrease in revenue and report back at the next meeting. NEW BUSINESS: 1. Tim Huxhold Skate Park & Shuffleboard Courts Tour Jim Thomas The tour was at the beginning of the meeting at 5: 15PM. The members now discussed at the reconvened meeting that they would think about what they would like the City to plan at the skate park for the future. The skate park will be an agenda item for next month' s meeting. Mr. Gomez said he would try to find out what ideas are being discussed for the City Hall area. The need for parking was discussed. OLD BUSINESS: 1. Responses to Previous Meeting' s Information Requests Youth Sports Association Non Resident Participation by Zip Codes Memorial Park Boundary The handout in the Board packet for youth sports non- resident number by zip code was discussed. Pedro Heizer, member of the public, asked about non- resident fees and was answered. 2. Post P& R Board Tour Discussion Mr. Gomez distributed the latest aerial of Phase II of Countess de Hoernle Park. Parking was discussed. Then Mr. Gomez suggested going back to the cemetery and having a future meeting there. STAFF COMMENTS: 1. Employees of the Quarter Fourth Quarter 2015 Mr. Varney spoke about Molier Lambert, Gustave Desir, Rashard Sanchez, St. Alais Fradestin, Esner Verty, Ricot Fenelon, Calvin Edmond, and Morris Bostwick winning the Employee TEAMWORK Leadership Award. He said that they took on extra duties without working any extra hours for more than two months. Mr. Parks spoke about Alvina Washington winning the Employee INNOVATION Leadership Award. He explained how she compiled the information and designed tri -fold information sheets for beaches and permits giving it a new updated look. Mr. Parks spoke about Vicky Gilligan winning Employee COMMITMENT Leadership Award Nomination for taking on extra work to help out the Special Event section demonstrating her commitment to the City. 2. Director' s Report There was no report. 3. Various Letters of Commendation Self-explanatory. P & R Meeting Page 2 of 3

9 BOARD MEMBER INTEREST INITIATIVES & COMMENTS: Mr. Betters gave his thoughts about having a beginner' s area in the skate park and incorporating the availability of community service or something like that for older children to help the younger ones. Dr. Stevens spoke about the great idea of One Book Boca, a city-wide reading campaign. ACTIVITIES: NEXT MEETINGS: March 1, 2016 George Snow Park ( Serenoa Glade) April 5, 2016 Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex ( Ocean Strand) ADJOURNMENT: MOTION was made by Mr. Betters, seconded by Mr. Kreh, to adjourn the meeting at 6: 50PM. MOTION CARRIED 7-0. Arlene Moskowitz, Recorder P & R Meeting Page 3 of 3