Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon. Green Office Environmental Management System

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1 Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon Green Office Environmental Management System

2 Green Office is from Finland WWF Finland developed Green Office programme in 2002 Green Office in Finland 150 organisations 403 offices Around 57,500 employees Green Office around the world 106 organisations 128 offices Around 34,200 employees Local Green Office networks are working actively in China, Latvia, Pakistan, and Turkey Numbers: April 2017 WWF Finland 2

3 Zig Koch / WWF WWF s mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

4 WWF Finland

5 WWF Finland s Income and Expenditure Income in accounting period Expenditure in accounting period Corporate cooperation 10 % Other (foundations, WWF) 7 % Investments 6 % Wills 1 % From individuals 50 % Fundraising 17 % Administration and finance 6 % Public funding 26 % Conservation and communication 77 % WWF Finland 5


7 What is Green Office? A practical environmental management system for offices A meaningful way to diminish the expenses Tool to support environmental management An education programme that inspires employees to adopt environmentally friendly habits Tool for internal and external environmental communication WWF Finland 7

8 Pauliina Heinänen / WWF Finland Green Office Targets Reduce the consumption of natural resources in offices Climate change mitigation Promote sustainable lifestyle WWF Finland 8

9 National Geography Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF Green Offices Protect the Nature Environmental management system helps to reduce offices own environmental effects Annual fees support WWF s conservation work WWF Finland 9

10 Global Warming Images / WWF-Canon Green Office Offers Services Information and support for EMS implementation Right to use Green Office label Green Office diploma Tools Events Office inspections Newsletters Green Office tips WWF Finland 10


12 Katrin Havia / WWF Finland Themes of the Environmental Programme Energy Transportation Procurement Food Waste and recycling Water Nature and people Personnel WWF Finland 12

13 Green Office Tools Compass Information channel of Green Office network Guidelines to build up and maintain Green Office Includes necessary documents e.g. environmental programme Climate Calculator Tool to calculate emissions Consumer Habit Questionnaire Questionnaire to evaluate environmental awareness of employees Green Offices get the summary of the results WWF Finland 13





18 Building up the Environmental Management System Contract stage * Green Office contract * Green Office contact person * Admission fee Green Office team Assessment Environmental programme * Targets * Tasks * Coordinators * Timetables EMS * Implementation * Information, training & guidelines * Monitoring Inspection * Green Office labeling rights * Annual fee After contract signing it takes about 7 to 10 months to set up the Green Office system. WWF Finland 18

19 Maintaining, updating, and improving Annual reporting Office inspection (head office every three years) Aim to continuous improvement WWF Finland 19

20 Green Office Criteria You will get the Green Office label once your office: 1. Selects a Green Office coordinator and team. 2. Plans a practical environmental programme. 3. Improves energy efficiency continuously in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 4. Reduces waste, and recycles, and sorts waste according to law and local requirements. 5. Pays attention to environmental concerns in procurements. 6. Informs and educates its personnel about Green Office practices. 7. Takes steps towards continuous improvement in environmental matters. 8. Update its environmental programme annually. 9. Chooses the indicators, sets numeric objectives, and monitors fulfilment of the goals. 10. Reports to WWF annually. WWF Finland 20

21 WWF Case: WWF Finland s office Office in Sörnäinen Helsinki Around 50 employees Environmental protection work in Finland and around the world, international development, environmental education, communications and marketing, fundraising, corporate relations, finance and administration Indicators Electricity consumption Paper consumption Air traffic Consumer Habit Questionnaire WWF Finland 21

22 Case: WWF Finland s office Consumption of Electricity , ,9 1125,2 1023, ,3 631,3 786,9 653,2 505,9 641,8 511,6 479,0 445, kwh/person WWF Finland 22

23 Case: WWF Finland s office Paper Consumption 8 7 6,9 7,4 6 5,5 5 4,4 4, ,3 3,3 3,5 3,0 2,7 2, reams/person WWF Finland 23

24 Case: WWF Finland s office Results of Consumer Habit Questionnaire ,7 74,8 73,9 74,0 76,4 75,2 77,7 79,5 77, average points (max 100) WWF Finland 24

25 Case: WWF Finland s office Flight Compensations ,7 204,0 174,7 158,9 121,5 155,5 110,8 158,5 196,1 137, tk06-07 tk07-08 tk08-09 tk09-10 tk10-11 tk11-12 tk12-13 tk13-14 tk14-15 tk15-16 tco2 total WWF Finland 25

26 Irin-K / Shutterstock


28 / Edwin Giesbers / WWF-Canon In the Network in Finland Amer Sports Oy Dittmar & Indrenius Attorneys Ltd. Evli Bank Plc Fujitsu Finland Oy If P&C Insurance Company Ltd. Joensuun Science Park Leijona Catering Oy Microsoft Oy NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy Newsec Asset Management Oy Nokia Oyj Nordea Finance Finland PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy TBWA Helsinki Oy Telia Finland Oyj SEA LIFE Helsinki Senaatti Properties Sponda Oyj Yleisradio Oy

29 / Edwin Giesbers / WWF-Canon In the Network in Finland City of Lahti Finnish Centre of Pensions Finnish Meteorological Institute Finnish Transport Agency Ministry of Finance Ministry of the Environment Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Municipality Finance National Land Survey of Finland Tax Administration University of Jyväskylä University of the Arts Helsinki Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Teosto Finnish Student Health Service FSHS Service Union United PAM Trade Union of Education in Finland

30 More information? Helka Julkunen / Head of Green Office programme Tel Pictures 2017, WWF.