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1 FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool A. GENERAL INFORMATION Agency Legal Name Community Cycles Address 2805 Wilderness Place Suite 1000 City/State/Zip Code Boulder, CO Website Identify and provide contact information for: Person authorized to enter into contracts Project manager for proposed activity(ies) Only if different from authorized person (e.g., consultant) Name Susan Prant Name Title Executive Director Title Address 2805 Wilderness Place Suite 1000 Address City, State, ZIP Boulder, CO City, State, ZIP Phone Phone 1. Project Title Community Multi-modal Transportation Center 2. Primary Project Type (select one) Indicate which project type is your primary focus and majority of budget (>50%): Non-infrastructure (marketing, outreach, transit passes, etc.) Infrastructure (permanently installed, vehicles, bicycle parking, etc.) Applicant is committed to have a maintenance plan in place for the proposed infrastructure. 3. Project Description (concise abstract limited to 500 characters) This project will promote biking, transit, car share and bike share to the Boulder Junction (BJ) residents, workers and visitors and provide infrastructure to support some of those activities. We will promote the BJ Bus then Bike shelter; provide outreach to business and residents about transit, biking and car and bike share; house a multi- modal resource center on-site at the BJ; and create and administer a bike library program for residents of the affordable housing units at the BJ. 4. Project Overview (limited to 1,500 characters) Describe your project and what it is going to do. Do not include background information or justification language. This project has 3 parts to help reduce single occupancy vehicle usage and increase biking, transit and car/bike share use by Boulder Junctions residents, workers and visitors. Community Cycles is locating to a new facility in the BJ. 1) A new Bus then Bike secure bike parking station will be housed near the RTD station. It will be free to use, but users must sign up for a key card. Community Cycles will promote use of the station and facilitate users registering for the key access card. 2) Community Cycles will directly promote transit use, biking, car share and bike share to residents, workers and visitors of BJ through direct outreach at businesses and HOAs and through a staffed, onsite information center where people can sign up for car share and bike share memberships, get transit information and pick up Ecopasses (which are provided to all residents and workers in the BJ). We will further promote multi-modal transportation through direct outreach, social and traditional media, and ads. 3) We will start, administer and maintain a bike library program for the residents of the 148 affordable housing units at the Boulder Junction. 32 of those units are in the same buiding as Community Cycles. The remainder are nearby in Boulder Junction. 5. Project Innovation Briefly describe any innovative features of the proposed project. Example: Project elements haven t been implemented in the Page 1

2 region. FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool The Community Mutli-modal Center creates a vibrant hub as part of a new mixed-use transit-oriented development that will house 1,400 2,400 new residential units and create 2,900 to 4,300 new jobs on site. This Center will be one of the most extensive of its kind in the country and will be a great community benefit and amenity not available at most Transit Oriented Developments. 6. Project Tasks List and briefly describe (below) the specific key tasks you will complete in order to successfully implement and finish your project. (Tasks will be referenced in Section F Timeline) Task # Task Description Task 1: (required) Task 2. Task 3: Task 4: Task 5: Task 6: Task 7: Calculation and Compilation of Project Results. Create outreach plan for Bus then Bike promotion Execute Bus then Bike promotion plan Create outreach plan for multi-modal information to Boulder Junction residences and businesses Set-up multi modal center & conduct transportation options outreach Purchase, assemble and operate bikes for bike library Follow up evalations and surveys Task 8: Final reporting Final reporting Task 9: Task 10: B. PROJECT TRAITS Establish procedures for obtaining before and after travel habit information from participants. Conduct pre- and/or post-surveys or implement routine tracking procedures. (Details of methodology to be provided in Question #18) Working with PR company, create a plan for promotion of new Bus then Bike bike shelter at Boulder Junction including eblasts, newpaper ads, social media, direct outreach and usuage counts. Conduct all the elements of the Bus then Bike outreach plan including tabling at the shleter, paid advertsing, social media, elbalsts, working with HOAS and leasing agents, registering key-card users, etc. Working with our partners in task 5 and a PR company, create a plan to conduct outreach with Boulder Junction residents and businesses to promote multi-modal options and our Boulder Junction Bike Pool program. Work with Way to Go, RTD, Boulder Transportation Connections, GO Boulder, Boulder County, e-go CarShare and B-cycle to set up systems for membership purchasing on site, complete transit information clearinghouse, and administrative procedures for ecopass pick-up. Conduct outreach to BJ businesses and residents via direct outreach, social and traditional media. Select and build bikes for bike library. Set up bike check-out system. Follow up with usage counts and surveys of Boulder Juction businesses and residents. 7. What is the geographic target area (overall and/or specific sites) for the project? Is there anything unique about this geographic area? Provide a map of the service area noting specific sites if applicable. This project specifically targets the Boulder Junction transit oriented development site, but will impact neighboring areas. 8. Non-local government applicants are required to submit a letter of support from the applicable local government (s) where the project is located. Please confirm you have met/corresponded with the local jurisdiction(s) where your project is located and attach the letter of support. Yes, I confirm and have provided letter(s) of support. N/A Applicant is a local government. 9. Who is your target audience? Are there any unique demographic or socioeconomic traits of your target population? This project will target the 1,400 2,400 new residential units and 2,900 to 4,300 new jobs on site being created at the Boulder Page 2

3 Junction. 148 of the residential units are permanently affordable FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool 10. Will you be specifically reaching out to any minority or low-income population groups or areas? Yes No If yes, please describe. We will be opening and operating a bike fleet for use by the residents of the 148 permanently affordable units in this project. 11. When will you be ready to start the project? Describe any unique logistical aspects of getting the project started and implemented. The Bus then Bike portion will start DRCOG FY Spring The remainder will start DRCOG FY Fall Will your project be timed or linked with a major roadway construction project? Yes No If yes, which project, and describe the linkage? (e.g., promoting non-sov travel modes during construction period) 13. Transit service relation Will your project be timed or linked to a new major transit project? If yes, what transit project, and describe the linkage? New RTD bus station at Boulder Junction and construction of the Bus then Bike shelter. Yes No For non-infrastructure projects: Will your project promote or incentivize new or existing transit? Yes No If yes, please explain. New service to Boulder Junction plus existing routes that will now serve the Boulder Junction. For infrastructure projects types: Will your project support transit by providing a direct link to transit or by providing multimodal connectivity or support to transit? If yes, please explain. One aspect of our project will be promoting a bike shelter at the new RTD facility which will provide safe, secure bike parking for first and final mile transit trips. 14. List any organization that is a financial (cash or in-kind) partner with you in this project. Is the partnership currently in place? Please explain. A letter of commitment must be provided by each financial partner. Go Boulder will provide the cash match. Letter attached. 15. Describe how you will collaborate with (or your project will link to) Way to Go s TDM efforts. (All applicants are required to meet with Way to Go staff to determine potential opportunities to collaborate on projects in some capacity prior to submitting your application.) We will work with Way to Go on the multi-modal center and outreach. Yes No Page 3

4 FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool C. PROJECT BENEFITS SOV TRIP and VMT REDUCTION POTENTIAL The CMAQ program supports two important goals of the U.S. Department of Transportation: improving air quality and relieving congestion. The TDM Pool is focused on the reduction of SOV trips and associated VMT reduction. The project review panel will consider the reliability of assumptions listed in Question 16 and the clarity of the justifications. Upon project completion, all project awardees must calculate benefits (trips reduced and VMT reduced) as part of their project evaluations in order to receive final reimbursements for their projects. Example procedures for tracking project benefits include: Before and after (pre- and post-) surveys of project participants travel habits On-going tracking (e.g., web-based) of participant travel habits from the time they join (e.g., My Way to Go tool) Post- project reporting of RTD transit ridership changes on specific routes. If you need assistance, contact DRCOG staff. Example methodologies to predict benefits will be available on the DRCOG website. 16. Trip and VMT reduction potential a) The following project attributes will lead to a reduction of single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips and vehicle miles of travel (VMT). Provide a number and justification for each applicable project attribute listed below (Provide attachments where necessary). Project Area Attributes Amount Justification Source of data 1) Residents and employees you expect to reach or contact 2) Residents and employees you expect to participate (e.g., sign up, register, receive passes, become members, etc.) 2,800 to 5,000 new residents and 2,900 to 4,300 new jobs will be added in Boulder Junction Accessing ecopass and transportation options information- 80% Using Bus then Bike shelter- 10% Using the bike library: 3% With ads and flyers in this small area (less than 100 acres), we will have multiple points of contact with all residents. They will receive the multi-modal message. In addition, our new building will be one of the anchors of the project and the largest public resouce use in the Boulder Junction. All residents and employees will have access to a free ecopass. We will be the primary point of contact for the Ecopass, and will interact with the majority of BJ residents nd workers. As an integral part of this community and offering the bike library, we expect to develop a deeper relationship with a significant number of residents. City of Boulder Transit Village Area Plan City of Boulder Transit Village Area Plan City of Boulder Transportation Master Plan Usage of other bike libraies and Bus then Bike stations 3) Current percent of residents driving alone 47 % 47% of Boulder From 2014 Boulder Valley Page 4

5 to work 4) Current percent of workplace employees driving alone to work 5) Average trip distance of target population currently driving alone (in miles) FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool residents are driving alone to work. 80% of in commuters to Boulder are driving alone to work. 80 % 47% of Boulder residents are driving alone to work. 80% of in commuters to Boulder are driving alone to work. Employee Survey; Work trip mode share for residents and nonresident employees From 2014 Boulder Valley Employee Survey; Work trip mode share for residents and nonresident employees 14.4 miles This is all work trips. From 2014 Boulder Valley Employee Survey; Work trip mode share for residents and nonresident employees 6) A. Program will be active: 365 days per year for 10 years or B. Facility will be available: 365 days per year for 10 years 7) Other: The promotion of the bike shelter and the transportation options will have a start and end date. The information center and bike fleet will continue as long as we are in this location, which we see as the forseeable future. 8) Other pertinent information that supports the attributes provided above (past results, unique project team skills, case studies/research based on similar project types, etc.). Our current project that promotes the Bus then Bike Shelter at 14 th and Walnut we have seen usage numbers rise 1200% since we started the outreach campaign. Additionally, the outreach campaign has had impact on other shelters in the system. The Table Mesa shelter, which has been open over a year had steady usage until our campaign and in the last 3 months since our campaign has been active, usage at Table Mesa has more than doubled. We started (7 years ago) and currently operate a 30 bike library for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. These bikes get checked out for 1 week intervals. In the winter time, about 50% of the bikes are checked out. In the summertime, 100% are checked out. Our Bike Ambassador program has been active for 8 years. Our team of Bike Ambassadors do over 100 events a year promoting all transportation alternatives along with sharing the road and bike and ped safety. b) (Optional) If desired, you may calculate an estimate of number trips reduced, and/or the VMT reduced as a result of this project. The estimates can be for an average day, or for a year. Provide an explanation of how you calculated the estimates, including formulas and all specific assumptions below, or in an attachment. Trip Reduction Estimate: VMT Reduction Estimate: 17. Has your organization been awarded funds in recent DRCOG TDM Pool cycles? Page 5

6 FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool FY 2012/2013 Cycle Project? Yes No Project name: Employee Bike Ambassadors If yes, was the project completed? Yes No Are the annualized VMT reduction results reported for this project from the Result Tracking Table the best available? If no, please provide updated information: Yes No Project name: Bus-Bike Shelters/Bike Station: Promotion FY 2014/2015 Cycle Project? Yes No and Services Do you believe your project will meet the level of VMT reduction predicted in the original application? Yes Briefly describe progress made on specific implementation tasks: We have completed most of the materials and are in the outreach phase of the project. We are tabling the bike shelter weekly, are in the middle of our paid media contracts and have just started having our ads on the buses. 18. Related to Task 1 in Question #6, describe the procedures for how you plan to calculate and compile actual post-project results. (At a minimum, project awardees must conduct a survey, capturing pre- and post-travel habits of project participants to determine results.) Bus the Bike Shelter: We will conduct monthly counts of bike parked in the bike shelter. We will monitor how many people signed up for access cards. We will survey access card holders. Multi Modal Center and outreach: We will monitor how many people pick up Ecopasses at our facility. We will count how many people visit our facilty for information. We will count how many people we speak with through direct outreach. We will conduct surveys through HOAs and employers. Bike library: We will monitor usgage of the Bike Library. We will survey Bike Library users. Page 6

7 D. PROJECT FUNDING REQUEST AND BUDGET FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool Total federal request must be at least $80,000 and a maximum of $300,000. (Note: No more than $100,000 can be requested for bicycle/pedestrian travelway portion of project.) 1. Budget Overview Total A. Enter the CMAQ Federal Funds requested, for each year (tab through columns to generate automated calculations) $40,050 $84,185 $124,235 B. Required 17.21% Local Match* $8,325 $17,500 $25,825 C. Total Project Cost (federal plus required local match) $48,375 $101,685 $150,060 * How will you make your required local match? Cash, in-kind, both? cash What percentage of your local match is in-kind? (e.g., 100%, 75%, 25%, 0%) If you plan to use any in-kind, you must complete an in-kind request form as part of this application. In-kind forms and instructions will be provided at the applicant training. 0 % Page 7

8 E. BUDGET DETAILS FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool Provide a general description and an amount of the expenses you expect to charge to this CMAQ project. NOTES: The table below is a regular Word table (not a locked form). Additional rows may be inserted, if needed. You will need to input and calculate all amounts this table does not automatically calculate. Reminder: Federal procurement rules must be followed. A. Salaries List each position, hourly rate, and total anticipated hours (over a 2-year period). Position Hrly. Rate # of Hrs. Total Amt. Sample: Administrator $ $5,000 Program coordinator $ Bike Ambassador $ Shop Director $ Bike Mechanic $ Bookkeeper $ Executive Director $ B. Media Do not list specific media outlets, but provide general descriptions, such as Fall newspaper campaign. Media campaign for Bus the Bike 10,000 Media campaign for multi- modal center 4,000 C. Incentives (For future use - Do not input in this column) D. Equipment Specific to implement the project. Fixtures for multi-modal center 10,000 E. Production Printing, web development, mailings, etc. Printing 4000 Banners 1510 Web materials 1000 Misc outrerach 1500 F. Consultants List any subcontractors by function rather than name. Graphic design 1000 PR 25,000 G. Costs associated with physical infrastructure or vehicles Bike Library bikes 18,000 Locks, lights 2,000 H. Other Please define. Space to house bike library 17,000 Space to house multi-modal center 16,000 Page 8

9 FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool TOTAL (Calculate and enter amount manually - should equal Row C Total in Budget Overview in Section D) 150,060 Page 9

10 F. TIMELINE FY 2016 and 2017 DRCOG TDM Pool Complete the timeline below, indicating the months applicable to each task. Your project will begin upon receipt of your contract. 1. The tasks in the timeline should correspond to those identified in Question 6 (Project Overview Details). 2. Copy each task (from Question 6) into the blank text box below the task # (see example). 3. Place an X in the applicable month(s) to each task. (place an X in the applicable month) Year 1 Year 2 (FY2015) FY2016 FY2017 (FY2018) Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Task 1 Task 1 Task 1 Calculation and Compilation x x x of Project Results Task 2 Task 2 Task 2 Outreach plan for Bus then Bike x x x x Task 3 Task 3 Task 3 Bus then Bike promotion x x x x x x x Task 4 Task 4 Task 4 Plan for multi-modal center and outreach x x x x Task 5 Task 5 Task 5 Set-up multi-modal center and conduct x x x x x x x x x x x x outreach Task 6 Task 6 Task 6 Purchase, assemble and operate bike x x x x x x library Task 7 Task 7 Task 7 Follow up evaluations and surveys x x x x x x x x x x x x Task 8 Task 8 Task 8 Final reporting x x x Page 10


12 LEGEND Community Cycles Iris Ave Valmont Rd I} Foothills Blvd $1 Pearl Pkwy Boulder Canyon Blvd Arapahoe Ave 30th St Project Boundary Urban Center Area Urban Center Area within project boundary Rapid Transit (Current) $1 Rapid Transit (Future) $1 SOURCE DATA: Enter all data sources here, included base map information This data is intended for informational Ü purposes only. DRCOG provides this information on an "as is" basis and makes no guarantee, representation or warranty, either express or implied, that the data will be error free. DRCOG further makes no guarantees, representations or warranties, either express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy or correctness of the data, or as to merchantability or fitness of the data for a particular use or purpose. DRCOG is not responsible to any user for any costs, expenses, liabilities or damages arising from inconsistencies in its data or from any use of the information. Projection: State Plane Colorado Central, NAD 83 (feet) Miles PJ 6/18/2015 \\cogshare\transportation\\tdm\tdm Program Pool\TDM Program Pool ( )\Maps\Community Cycles\TDM_2016_2017_CommunityCycles.mxd