Caroline Woodside, ISCF Project Manager Amy Tayler, Innovate UK Business Development Manager. School of Informatics, 29 January 2018

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2 Edinburgh Innovations: - Industrial Strategy and Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) - Innovate UK funding opportunities - EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Activities Caroline Woodside, ISCF Project Manager Amy Tayler, Innovate UK Business Development Manager School of Informatics, 29 January 2018




6 Strategy (not delivery) Green paper (Jan 2017) White paper (Nov 2017) 4 Grand Challenges 5 Foundations of Productivity


8 Delivery mechanisms (not inclusive) Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (UKRI) Wave 1 ( 700m) Wave 2 ( 725m) Wave 3? (TBC?) Sector deals (Industry, BEIS and UKRI?) Life sciences Automotive Construction Artificial Intelligence Others? Life Sciences 6 Dec 2017 Automotive 10 Jan 2018

9 Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) 4.7 billion in research & development by 2021 to support Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges and priority Challenges. Research Council & Innovate UK funded calls aligned to Grand Challenges & Sector Deals.

10 ISCF First Wave Funding (Round 1)

11 ISCF First Wave Funding (Round 1)

12 ISCF First Wave Funding (Round 2) Faraday Battery Challenge (January 2018) Digital Health Technology Catalyst (Jan 2018) Extreme Robotics Challenge (February 2018) Medicines Manufacturing (March 2018)

13 ISCF Wave 2: 725m

14 Wave 2 Priorities Alignment with Grand Challenges

15 Wave 2 Priorities

16 Wave 2 Priorities

17 Wave 2 Priorities

18 Wave 2 Priorities

19 Supporting UoE participation in ISCF Funding Opportunities Dedicated ISCF team supporting industry alliances development, collaborations and partnerships Experienced ISCF team in the translation & exploitation of academic research. Track record in strategic bid development University of Edinburgh offers opportunity to access all ISCF funding streams (Research Council & Innovate UK) Caroline Woodside ISCF Project Manager

20 Innovate UK Current & Upcoming Opportunities Title Open Close Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) Multiple Multiple Cyber security academic start-ups programme 22 Jan Jan 2018 Manufacturing & Materials and Infrastructure Systems 28 Nov Jan 2018 Biomedical Catalyst (R4) 27 Nov Feb 2018 Open programme 11 Dec Feb 2018 APC9: anchoring low carbon technology development in the UK 8 Jan Mar 2018 Health & Life Sciences and Emerging & Enabling Technologies 22 Jan Mar 2018 ISCF - Faraday Battery Challenge innovation round 2 22 Jan Mar 2018 Simulation, modelling, AI & AR for CAVs 15 Jan May 2018 ISCF - Digital Health Technology Catalyst round 2 Jan 2018 TBC Open programme Feb 2018 TBC ISCF - Extreme Robotics Challenge Feb 2018 TBC Biomedical Catalyst (R5) Mar 2018 TBC ISCF - Medicines Manufacturing cr&d round 2 Mar 2018 TBC

21 Research base participation in Innovate UK projects (typical rules) Industry-led (UK-based) Alone (< 100k) or in collaboration (> 100k) 6-36 months An SME usually has to benefit Research participation capped at 30% (sometimes 50%, but not often!) 85% of collaborative projects involve academic partners Projects with 2 or more academic partners deliver twice the RoI than those with none.

22 3 top tips for a good Innovate UK proposal A strong business case with clear innovation What is the need/benefit to be addressed? What s novel/innovative? What are the market size and dynamics, and what is your route to market? A credible plan for R&D Collaborative R&D The right consortium Provide a clear/simple management structure, work plan and Gantt chart A clear need for support (risk) Explain the risks and how these will be mitigated - technical, commercial and environmental Balance a realistic prospect of success with sufficient uncertainty and a need for R&D Why won t it go ahead without public funding?

23 Cyber security academic start-ups programme Innovate UK & Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Investing up to 500,000 in ~ 30 innovative cyber security ideas coming from the academic research base. Eligibility criteria: be based in a UK academic institution have a cyber security idea be interested in the commercialisation of your idea have the support of your academic institution s technology transfer office, or equivalent 6 week programme, support from experts in cyber security, development of value proposition and business pitch Eligible costs up to 16,000 Opened: 22 Jan 2018 Closes: 31 Jan 2018

24 Simulation, modelling, artificial intelligence & augmented reality for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and Innovate UK Government target to have autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021 It is not realistic to test every combination of sensor input and driving situation Holistic modelling & simulation methods to develop & meet approval mechanisms & standards Seeking to fund 5-8 projects each costing 500k- 2m (total budget up to 15m) and lasting <2 years Must be business led Research base can only incur <30% of the total project cost Opened: 15 Jan 2018 Closes: 2 May 2018

25 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) 3-way partnership: business, academic & associate An additional 30m for this financial year, plus future funding indicated in the Industrial Strategy Assistance from KTAs and East of Scotland KTP centre = excellent success rates! What s in it for academics? IMPACT! Data from Report 98% benefiting through staff development 92% reporting benefits to teaching 91% reporting benefits to research 3 new research projects 2 research papers published in refereed journals and 3 other articles published as a result of participation in a KTP Opened: Multiple Closes: Multiple

26 Supporting UoE participation in Innovate UK projects Dedicated, in-house expertise on Innovate UK funding Promoting research-base collaboration in business-led projects Assistance in coordinating major bids Proactive approach to match UoE experts to projects & funding opportunities Building relationship with Innovate UK and KTN Horizon-scanning for opportunities under UKRI post April 2018 Dr Amy Tayler Business Development (Innovate UK)

27 The Impact Agenda and EPSRC IAA The RCUK Impact Agenda aims to: ensure that RCUK funded research delivers societal and economic benefit; encourage researchers to consider how they will achieve research excellence with Impact and to explore the pathways for realising this; UoE and Edinburgh Innovations (EI) have been awarded an EPSRC Impact Acceleration grant to help deliver Impact: Third phase of funding awarded to the UoE; 3 year award - funds fully spent by March 2020; Support for industry engagement and commercialisation activities from EPSRC funded research; Funds are managed by EI on behalf of the College of Science & Engineering

28 IAA Streams of Activity Open Calls Industry Engagement Events International Activity Dedicated Support Team Creating new partnerships AIMday COMAC Maximise opportunities Developing existing partnerships Fast Forward Support applications External Events

29 Open Call Applications Internships Opportunity for a PhD student to work with industry Open Calls Types of Engagement Secondments Collaborative research Either into or out of industry (or other stakeholders) Funding to develop EPSRC early stage research outputs Events Visits to industry sector trade show or industry targeted conferences and events

30 Funding Criteria Projects should have a clear knowledge exchange or commercialisation focus; Projects must be for work that has clear links to previous/current EPSRC funding; Applications must clearly state and justify why the project has not been enabled by, and is therefore different or additional to, the pathways identified in the pathways to impact (PTI) statement on the original grant; Proposals should indicate any link to funding from other funding sources and outline how this could provide additional leverage; Consider the strategic link to UK strategic impact and innovation.

31 Funding Criteria The expectation is that partners will match IAA spend on projects. For collaborative projects; IAA spend must be matched by the partner with a minimum 30% supported in cash and the remainder through in kind contributions such as staff time, equipment, consumables etc.; Eligible user organisations should be UK-based businesses (or UK sites of international businesses), UK charities, and UK public sector organisations; Applications should be properly costed (with only direct costs allowed) and approved through your usual school systems; All projects must take place in the spend period between 1 August 2017 and 31 January 2020 no extensions permitted; The maximum project length will normally be 12 months.

32 Successful Projects - Examples More than 120 projects have been supported by IAA funding since 2012 with the amount of funding ranging from less than 1,000 to nearly 100,000. Project Name Award Value Project Length Project Type Improved recovery of high value materials from biomass Development of polymer based additives for enhancing phase change materials 33,066 6 months Collaborative 24,908 6 months Collaborative Secondment to Drone Deploy 25, months Secondment Accelerating Impact with an Open Access Research Facility for Industrial Research in Carbon Capture Computer simulations of automotive lubricants 49, months Collaborative 9,741 7 months Secondment Case Study: Edinburgh Innovations building partnerships: Dr Louise Horsfall

33 Application Process Resources are available to support you throughout the process get in touch! The IAA team are based in the Peter Wilson Building, KB. Support can also be found via your local BDE. BDE/TTE Sign Off Application incl. Budget and LoS Review Panel Application Outcome Communicated BDE Support for Contract Negotiation Etc. Application forms and detailed rules are available on the CSE s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Webpage.

34 Deadlines and Panel Dates for Applications The funding call process will open to applications with deadlines, review dates and feedback dates as per below schedule. Call Opens Call Closes Panel Convenes Decision Communicated 6 November December December 2018 W/c 18 December January January January 2018 W/c 12 February January March March 2018 W/c 12 March March April April 2018 W/c 16 April April May May 2018 W/c 14 May 2018 Funding pot is limited and will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

35 Academic Industry Meeting Day AIMday is an opportunity for academics and organisations to make contacts and exchange knowledge One day event focused on industry challenges in a specific theme, tackled in several parallel workshops Questions and challenges from companies are matched with specific academic expertise to form the basis of short, multidisciplinary workshop discussions in small groups. 10 events held to date with over 100 company representatives taking part, in various themes such as energy, manufacturing, fluid flows, life sciences More than 150 academics and have been presented with over 110 company challenges Each workshop: 1 hour 1 challenge/question Company representatives Multidisciplinary panel of experts with an interest in the topic/challenge Identify potential pathways to solutions

36 Academic Industry Meeting Day Benefits Meet companies and learn about their reals needs and challenges in your research area Discover how your research, knowledge and experience can be applied to identify possible pathways to solutions for the companies Make new contacts that may lead to future projects Meet other academics and researchers from across a wide range of institutes/schools/colleges across the UoE to discuss issues of common interest Get inspiration and ideas that increase the quality of your own research AIMday Data takes place Thursday 15 th March 2018 Save the date! Big data and intelligent systems; Data processing, analysis and storage; Machine learning; Cyber security; Healthcare analytics Academic registrations open on 12 th February and close 2 nd March 2018

37 New EI event which takes the opportunity to explore innovations that may shape next years and develop a joint vision of the Future with our industry partners: To increase the impact, influence and relevance of today s research To seek solutions to industry challenges To share insights between academia and industry to understand and de-risk the future and maintain competitive advantage Engages companies to: View future technologies and the latest innovative thinking at the University of Edinburgh De-risk the future through understanding possible disruptive technologies and the opportunities they present Identify areas for long-term competitive advantage with the help of leading researchers Stay at the forefront of the latest thinking with access to world leading academic expertise, facilities and students

38 Upcoming Events EI are holding the following events: AIMday Data 15 March AIMday Complex Fluids 14 June Fast Forward Energy 26 June AIMday Energy 27 June AIMday Digital Manufacturing 10 October

39 Get in touch Applications should be submitted to copying in your Business Development or Technology Transfer Executive. For general advice and guidance on IAA funds or your application, please contact: and one of the EPSRC IAA team will respond. Caroline Woodside, ISCF Project Manager: Amy Tayler, Innovate UK Business Development Manager: