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1 Innovative Education And Special Project Grant Guidelines and Application Forms School Years The Tooele Education Foundation is offering a limited number of Innovative Education and Special Project Grants to teachers and administrators in Elementary, Jr. High and Senior High schools within the Tooele County School District. These grants are for the school years. The purpose of the grants is to help teachers and administrators who are integrating unique and innovative instruction into their classrooms and schools and to provide resources for unique and special projects. Any teacher or administrator who is an employee of the Tooele County School District working in grades K 12 may apply. Completed applications for the school years may be submitted at any time. Application forms are available from the by contacting the Education Foundation or by visiting the Foundation website Please submit your applications to the attention of Dr. Edward Dalton Tooele Education Foundation 92 S. Lodestone Way, Tooele, Utah They can also be submitted electronically to or at Notification of Awards: Applicants will be notified as soon after receipt, review and approval as possible. If an application is not approved, the applicant will be notified. 1

2 Innovative Education and Special Project Grant Guidelines Before filling out the applications please read and study the following information: The purpose of the Tooele Education Foundation s Innovative Education and Special Project Grants Program is to reward and incentivize teachers and administrators by funding innovative and special projects. Innovative Education and Special Project Grant projects should to the extent possible, align with school district goals and objectives, enrich and enhance the curriculum, complement the core, cultivate student creativity, challenge students to think and learn, lead to increased student achievement, advance leadership or meet unique needs in an innovative manner. Grants may vary in amount depending on the nature of the project. Please develop an adequate proposal budget. A team of teachers working together may apply for one grant. Generally, grants will be in the neighborhood of $ although awards may be made in excess of that amount if justified. Restrictions on Innovative Education and Special Project Grants Funds are limited and carefully awarded. The TEF tries to not duplicate school district support to teachers. Consequently, Innovative Education and Special Project grants cannot be used for: Personal educational expenses, tuition for classes, salaries and stipends. The purchase of food. Support for fund raisers. Student excursions for competitions and events. General school supplies. Books for libraries. Field trips or transportation costs. Travel to conferences and competitions. Technology Equipment and Software Requests for equipment that is normally provided through district technology and/or media funds are discouraged. If equipment or software is requested the proposal must adequately explain how the equipment or software is needed and how it will be used. The request will also need to be reviewed by the IT department in order to determine that the district / school building has the capacity to support the request, that the teacher has proficiency to properly use the equipment or software, and that the software is approved and useable on district equipment. 2

3 Eligibility All teachers and administrators in the Tooele County School District are eligible to apply for an Innovative Education or Special Project Grant. Innovative Education and Special Project Grants can be in any subject area. The Foundation welcomes ideas dealing with the advancement of reading, elementary school STEM, wellness, math and the core curriculum. This year special emphasis is being placed on enhancing creativity through the TEF Igniting Creative Potential Program. The following are some criteria that may be used in the review, evaluation and approval process: Innovation, leadership and creativity of the project or innovativeness of the approach. Relationship to Igniting Creative Potential. Relationship to elementary STEM initiatives. Potential to improve student achievement and success. Number of students who will benefit potential impact. Potential for continuation and/or replication. Cost effectiveness and a realistic budget. Potential to enhance teaching skills. Materials are the Property of the School District Tangible items purchased with grant money become the property of Tooele County School District. If an educator transfers from one school to another within the district, the tangible items may go with the educator. However, the items should not be taken from the Tooele School District in the event the teacher departs. After Considering the Guidelines and Conditions of the Grants Do you have an innovative teaching or special project idea? Do you need additional funds to help you achieve your innovative project? If so, please apply. Please prepare and submit your proposal / application for your Innovative Education or Special Project Grant. Your proposal / application should not exceed two pages in length plus the cover page and budget page (4 page total). Applicants you have the latitude in just how you prepare your proposal. Please try to addressing some of the following items and build a good case for your need. Title, Brief description, grade level(s) involved Primary area of the curriculum this project addresses Number of students or teachers involved Project benefits and goals Innovative features of your request Evaluation goals and objectives Why is the project important? Do you have any other sources of funding? 3

4 Budget Please provide a one page budget (this does not count as one of the two pages of the application) as an adequate explanation of the costs associated with the project - list items to be purchased and projected costs if possible. Please, thoroughly explain how the funds will be used. Reporting Requirements All who receive an Innovative Education or Special Projects Grant will be expected to prepare and submit a one page report soon after the completion of the grant and no later than May 15, The report should provide an adequate explanation of the outcomes of the grant. It is hoped that success stories and best practices can be shared with others in the profession. Please attach photos if available. Power Point presentations are acceptable. The report is a very important component of the grant. Application Reminder Applications may be submitted at any time. For additional information contact: Dr. Ed Dalton or 4

5 Innovative Education and Special Projects Grants Application Cover Sheet Applicant s Name: Name of School: School Address: School Phone number of applicant: Cell Phone number of the applicant: address of applicant: Name of the school principal: Name of the project: When will the project start? When will it be concluded? What is the total amount of funds requested from the Education Foundation? Please indicate the source of and amount of funds from the school or from other sources to be provided as a match if applicable: (Additional funds may be from sources such as the PTA, 100% for Kids Foundation, Trust Land Funds, Community Support, Corporate Support, etc.) Matches are not required but may be very helpful. What do you anticipate the total cost of the project to be? Principal s Acknowledgement: Your application (if you are a teacher) must have your administrator s acknowledgement? If not it will not be approved. Date: Message if any: 5

6 Grant Application Page One Name of Innovative Education or Special Projects Grant My Innovative Education or Special Project Grant proposal is 6

7 Grant Application Page Two 7

8 Grant Application Budget Page 8

9 *********For Foundation Use Only Please Attach to Your Application ********** Date application was received: Date brought before the board: Action taken: Assigned to: Funds Authorized: Request for funds / check made: Conditions placed on the teacher / grant (if any): Progress report required? Final report required? Specific reporting requirements: Other information regarding the management of the grant: 9