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1 1. ORGANISATION NOTICE OF FESTIVAL The S o u t h Zone Inter University Youth Festival will be organized and hosted by the Gulbarga University, Gulbarga (Karnataka) and will be conducted under the aegis of the Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi. It is being financed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. 2. GULBARGA UNIVERSITY, GULBARGA, KARNATAKA Gulbarga University was established on 10 th September, It was a P.G. Centre of Karnataka University from 1970 to The University has been catering to the needs of higher education in Hyderabad Karnataka region of Karnataka State which is considered to be a backward region and contributing a great deal for the development of this region through teaching, research and extension programmes. It is situated in the North Eastern part of Karnataka; it has the jurisdiction of four Revenue Districts viz., Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur and Yadgir. It has a main campus at Gulbarga and has two P.G. Centres, one each at Raichur and Bidar. It is an affiliating University having 320 affiliated colleges. The University is opened to all sections of the society and promotes Co-education. The University has six faculties viz., Arts, Commerce, Education, Social Science, Science and Technology and Law, comprising of 34 Departments of Post-Graduate Studies and Research on the main campus and P.G. Centres. This region has rich historical heritage. Buddhist settlement sites. Edicts of Ashoka in the form of slab inscriptions at Sannathi in Gulbarga District are some of the heritage sites. Famous Kingdoms like the Rastrakutas of Malkhed, Chalukyas of Basavakalyana, Bahamani Emperors of Gulbarga and Sultanate of Bidar have ruled this region. This region also has a very rich cultural and literary heritage. The very first known work in Kannada Literature, Kaviraja Marga was produced by Srivijay during the regime of the famous Rastrakuta emperor Nrupatunga during 850 AD. This region has witnessed a profound revolutionary movement during the 12 th Century AD led by Basaveshwara. It was a movement of spiritual enlightenment, social equality dignity of labour and respect for women. Gulbarga became a bastion of the philosophical school of suffism and produced a very eminent Saint and Scholar Hazrat Khwaja Banda Nawaz in 15 th century. Gulbarga is blessed with another famous saint shri Sharnabasaveshwara in the 19 th Century. Gulbarga University has organized the South-Zone and most coveted Decennial Inter-University National Youth Festival in and respectively, under the sponsorship of AIU and Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, New Delhi. Our university had special privilege in organizing International Youth Festival i.e. SAARC FEST-1999 held during February HOW TO REACH GULBARGA: Gulbarga is well connected with Train and Bus.One can arrive by air from Hyderabad which is only 240 Km. away Daily trains and Volvo, Luxury and AC buses ply from Bangalore and Hyderabad. Local travel by autos/taxis/car rental. 1

2 3. RULES The Youth Fest will be governed by: 3.1 The Inter-University Youth Festivals Eligibility Rules & Regulations that are available on and www. mlsu.ac.in. 3.2 This Notice and the Youth Festival Instructions that will be issued prior to the commencement of the Festival. 4. ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY REGULATIONS 4.1 The Universities of the South Zone that are eligible are invited for participation in the Inter University South Zone Youth Festival All interested Universities are requested to send their entries as early as possible as but not later than 10 Nov 2012 by forwarding completed Annexure I and IV enclosed. 4.2 Annexure II and III duly supported with relevant documents may be forwarded at the earliest possible or submitted at the time of registration. 4.3 The students shall carry their Identity Cards issued by their University/College. The team managers shall submit valid Identity cards of participants for verification at the time of registration. 4.4 The eligibility certificate signed by the Director/Dean/Principal of the Institute/College and counter signed by the Dean Student s Welfare/Cultural Coordinator/ Registrar is a must and must tally with the documents mentioned above. 4.5 The maximum size of the contingent will not be more than 40, including Contingent Incharge. Extra members coming with the team will not be entertained. They have to make their own arrangements for board and lodging. 4.6 A maximum of two Contingent Leaders/ In charges will accompany the team. It is advisable to have Lady Team Manager, in case there are female participants. However, the total number of contingent should not exceed The age of the participants should not be more than 25 years as on July 01, REGISTRATION FEE 5.1 Registration Rs. 300/- will be charged from the participants, accompanists and officials of the team. The fees will be required to be sent in the form of Demand Draft in favour of The Finance Officer, GULBARGA UNIVERSITY payable at GULBARGA 5.3 The closing date for receiving entry forms is 10 th Nov A sum of Rs. 1000/- refundable caution money has to be deposited by each team at the time of registration. The cost of any loss / damage to the property will be deducted from caution money. 2

3 6. The detailed schedule will be communicated in the Youth Festival Instructions on GULBARGA UNIVERSITY website latest by 15 November, YOUTH FESTIVAL INSTRUCTIONS Youth Festival Instructions will be available on the day of registration i.e. 1 5 t h D e c e m b e r, REGISTRATION & ISSUE OF ID CARDS 8.1 Contingent In charges are requested to fulfill registration formalities as on 15th December, ID Cards will be made for participant/accompanist & Official and provided at the time of registration. 9. VENUE 9.1 All activities of the Youth Festival will be conducted within the University Campus 9.2 The Cultural procession will entail a distance of approximately 3 KM. Universities are requested to attire their contingents in their local regional costumes. As such, they are requested to bring along the following Local regional costumes Two University Flags. One Flag is required to be deposited at the time of registration and the other retained for the Procession University Banner/Posters Respective University Placards 10. PENALTY SYSTEM 10.1 Any disqualification of a participant on ground of ineligibility will result in the automatic scratching of the contingent for that academic year. The contingent shall also be debarred from participating in the Youth Cultural activities to be held in the following years A Participant disqualified on the grounds of ineligibility shall not be permitted to participate in Inter-University Youth Cultural Activities in the next year Any f o r m o f indecent b e h a v i o r e i t h e r from a student, accompanist or Team in the University campus will lead to disciplinary action. This may lead to team getting debarred from participation in the event/festival. The following are strictly prohibited; Consumption of liquor / smoking 3

4 Eve teasing Influencing the Judges NOTICE OF FESTIVAL Going to the press against the University on any controversial issue Indecent behavior inside and or outside the campus and venue. 11. SCORING 11.1 The methodology of assessing and awards of points by the judges will be based on the parameters announced by the AIU in its website Weightages on each parameter of each item will be got approved from the AIU and made known by means of the Youth Festival Instructions The results will be announced on 19th December, DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Competitors participate in the Youth Fest entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority/host University and Association of Indian Universities will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the Youth Fest. 13. PRIZES Prizes will be awarded to competitors as per prevalent AIU norms and will be given in detail in the Youth Festival Instructions. 14. BOARDING AND LODGING 14.1 Boarding and lodging arrangement will be made available for the participants. Hostel rooms will be provided to the participants. Participants are requested to bring warm bedding, mosquito net, clothing, bed spreads etc Team managers will be housed in students hostel rooms. Suitable accommodation in the guest houses will be provided for the Judges, invited Guests and AIU Officials Allotted accommodation on confirmation will be available from 15th to 19th Dec., The first official meal will be Dinner on 14 th (Evening) Dec, 2012 and the last official meal will be Lunch on 19th December, WEATHER Weather during the month of December is pleasant with chill in the evening and morning 4

5 hours. The temperature varies between 10 o to 24 o C..Days are bright and sunny. Warm clothes and bedding is a necessity. 17. List of annexures forming part of this notice are as under: Annexure I: Team registration form 14.2 Annexure II: Eligibility Certificate 14.3 Annexure III: Curriculum Vitae of Participants/Accompanists 14.4 Annexure IV: Master Entry Form 18. For further information contact: PROF. K. LINGAPPA STUDENTS' WELFARE AND CULTURAL COODRINATOR ORGANIZING SECRETARY YOUTH FESTIVAL GULBARGA UNIVERSITY GULBARGA (KARNATAKA) PHONE : (08472) (O), MOBILE:

6 Sl. No. NOTICE OF FESTIVAL EVENT GUIDELINES AT A GLANCE Items Participants Accompanists Total Time 1 MUSIC a) Classical Vocal solo (Hindustani or Carnatic) b) Classical Instrumental Solo = (Percussion) c) Classical Instrumental Solo-(Non-Percussion) d) Light Vocal Solo = (Non-Percussion) mts mts mts mts. e) Western Vocal Solo mts f) Group Song (Indian) mts. g) Group Song (Western) mts. h) Folk Orchestra mts. 2. DANCE a) Folk/Tribal Dance mts. b) Classical Dance mts. 3. LITERARY EVENTS a) Quiz b) Elocution (English or Hindi) mts. c) Debate -do mts. 4. THEATRE a) One Act play mts. b) Skit mts. c) Mime mts. d) Mimicry mts. 5. FINE ARTS a) On the spot painting :30 hors b) College :30 hors c) Poster Making :30 hors d) Clay Modelling :30 hors e) Cartooning :30 hors f) Rangoli :30 hors g) Installation * :30 hors h) Spot Photography :30 hors Please Note that: 1. Asterisk (*) marked events have 15 seconds grace time after the expiry of the allotted time limit, for all othernon marked events the grace time is 30 seconds. 2. For Classical Vocal Solo, Classical Instrumental Solo (Percussion) & Classical Instrumental Solo (Non- Percussion) at National, the minimum & maximum time limit shall be 12mts. & 15 mts.3. Debate & Elocution At Nationals the Minimum and Maximum Time Limit shall be 7 mts & 10 mts 6

7 ANNEXURE - I TEAM REGISTRATION FORM (Submit in duplicate) 1) Name of the University:. 2) Number of Participants: Male Female Total Student participants Accompanist ( Students + Professional ) Team Manager/ Contingent in Charge Total composition of contingent (TOTAL NUMBER OF CONTINGENT SHOULD BE WITHIN 40) 1) Name of the Dean, Students Welfare and Address with phone No ) Name of the Contingent Incharge and Address with Phone No TRAVEL PLANS 1) Arrival at Gulbarga Date : Time... Bus Train... Departure Date & Time Dean Students Welfare / Cultural Coordinator Signature & Stamps IMPORTANT: PLEASE MAIL ONE C O M P L E T E D COPY OF THIS FORM IMMEDIATE TO : 7

8 ANNEXURE - II Eligibility Certificate: PARTICIPANTS & ACCOMPANISTS (Individual form) Attested Photograph General Information: 1) University: Pe Personal Information: 1. Name of Participant ( in BLOCK Letters): Sex : Male / Female: Fathers / Mothers Name : Date of Birth as per Xth Board certificate (attach attested copy).. DD/MM/YY 5. Age as on 1 st of July, 2012: years months days 6. Year of passing XII (+2) standard: DD/MM/Y Paste your recent attested photograph here 7. Course / Class in which studying: Course Subject Enrollment No College / Department / Institute: Whether You are a participant / accompanist: Telephone No. : ID... The above statement made by me is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. Signature of Student Participant / Accompanist (The student should not have exceed the age of 25 years as on 1 st July 2012, must have not completed 8 years after passing the X class and 6 years after passing XII should be enrolled in a full-time degree course or diploma course to over 1 year duration) Certified that the particulars provided above have been verified and found to be correct to the best of my knowledge. Director / Dean / Principal DSW / Cultural Coordinator For office use only Eligible / Not Eligible (Reason, if not eligible):... Authorised Signature 8

9 ANNEXURE III Curriculum Vitae of Participant / Accompanying Artiste Note: This proforma is to be filled in by each member of the contingent 1. Name :. 2. University :.. 3. Class Studying : Residential Address :......Phone No No. of times Participated in :... Zonal / National Festival 6. Performance and Distinction :... earned in the field 7. Distinction in other fields, if any... Director / Dean / Principal DSW / Cultural Coordinator For office use only Eligible / Not Eligible (Reason,if not eligible... Authorised Signature 9

10 ANNEXURE - IV MASTER ENTRY FORM 1. NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY: NAMES OF PARTICIPANTS & ACCOMPANISTS IN MUSIC/THEATRE/DANCE/LITERARY/FINE ARTS 3. (Please tick one of the main category of the event, then enter the item wise name within the category, fill separate form for all the main category items) say Tick Music, then say Group Song Indian, then accompanist in One Act Play, Western Solo etc. 4. Cutoff Date for Age: Student should not have born before Sl. No. 1. Name of the participants(please write your name as you would like it to be written on the Certificate, Check the spellings, write in block letters Date of Birth Item/items in which participating Items in which participating as accompanist Please make copies of this form Contingent Incharge: DSW / Cultural Coordinator For office use only... Authorized Signature 10

11 11