ON TN COVER. Ag business senior Sara Otto (left), mental health patients. They are just

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2 ~_"'I.. EDITORrS NOTES Ineighborhood parks ringed with refurbished Victorians, n summer, San Luis Obispo is a California town straight from the pages of Sunset magazine: a porcelain blue bowl of a sky arches over children run after ducks along the mission creek, and beyond the city's perimeter rise a loop of green hills and the salty promise of the wide Pacific. But even here exist the social ills that plague even the most idyllic communities: homeless families, the lonely elderly, those struggling with mental illness and unemployment. And the agenc,ies that confront these problems do so daily, juggling chronic understaffing and tight budgets. They are open to involvement by community members and grateful for support, whether in terms of dollars or hours. In this issue of Cal Poly Magazine, we focus on students who are taking what they study in their classes off campus into San Luis Obispo, the surrounding areas, and the wider world. Many of them are doing nonprofit volunteer work for the satisfaction it brings, while others are applying coursework principles to deepen their understanding of class texts and discussions. For some their work in the community will provide valuable experience leading to internships or their first career jobs. For others it will be the first step in a lifelong commitment of service to fellow citizens. We may enjoy a glass of wine on the patio of a pleasant outdoor cafe, stand in line for an early matinee, line up for an evening concert. We may turn our faces away. But the basic question remains: Are we our brothers' (and sisters') keepers or not? Traditionally, this has been posed as a social issue, or a religious one, or a governmental one. It has also been at the core of a truly humane public education. Vicki Hanson Editor I=ROM OUR READERS E,nclosed is a subscription check to Cal Poly Don and I both graduated with a three-year Magazine. I enjoyed [the spring '99 issue] certificate in He came back after World War" [to very much. earn his bachelor's degree... We both] worked for the I am surprised that there still is a Heron Hall. It Air Force as civilian employees before Don was drafted. was old when I was there from 1938 till The only Some say the war could not have been won without us thing I remember about Heron Hall was that two probably an exaggeration. doctors who were brothers came out from San Luis Cordially yours, Obispo every weekday from 5 till 6 p.m. to treat sore - Russell C. Friend (EL '41) throats and other minor ailments. This was [covered] by our student body card fee, [which] was $5 and paid The following letter was sent first to President Baker and then for admission to all local games, school dances, etc. forwarded to Cal Poly Magazine: Quite a bargain, don't you think? Dear Sir, Don Carranza [EE '47] was a good friend of Congratulations on your 20 years at Cal Poly. The mine who passed away in December John same issue of the Cal Poly Magazine [spring '99] reports on Swirl, Vernon Clayes, Don, and I were employed at your trip to McMurdo Sound in Two Cal Poly aero the old Power House (Cal Poly generated its own graduates - [retired Pan American Airways pilots Capt. electrical power in those days). We received 30 cents an Roy Moungovan (AERO '41) and Capt. Earl "Bud" hour. We were not poorly paid for that time. We Lemon] - made the first commercial airline trip to studied on the job. From Our Readers continued on page 2 cal ON TN COVER -.-:' "'::-.-::.,~...",-. Ag business senior Sara Otto (left), mental health patients. They are just ~~,-~ mechanical engineering sophomore a few of the many Cal Poly students Ivan Molina, and first-year electrical whose community service efforts engineering student Thanh Lu work are deepening their educational with seedlings at the Growing experiences (see stories on pages."..-,'...11."...,,,,,,,,,, r'''''",,'i.".". Grounds, a San Luis Obispo agency 4 and 7). (Photo by Doug Allen) ; ~.. that provides a fresh out/oak for :; ;~~.~~~}J{i

3 CO NT NT5 r.-jj r) I u---'~--.j Fall 1999 J v / A University publication for Alumni and Friends of Cal poly. San Luis Obispo EDITOR'S NOTES FROM OUR READERS CAL POLY COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS TAKE ON THE WORLD LEARNING BY GIVING BACK A 7 I CAL POLY INSIDERS KEEP OUTDOOR SCHOOL RUNNING 9-1&, & &.7-48 I I E 5 E Jim Considine (BUS '68) was the speaker at spring commencement, where he was presented with one of only two honorary doctorates ever awarded by Cal Poly. (Photo by Marcia Wright) 5&

4 From Our Readers continued from inside front cover McMurdo Sound in [This Antarctic flight] gave [the airline] the right to claim that Pan Am [flew] to "all the continents." It carried 39 passengers, including the two stewardesses who were the first women in the world to ever set foot on the continent. - Richard P. Toulson (AERO '42), retired Pan Am flight engineer Cal Poly Magazine is published for alumni and friends of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, by the Communications Office, with support from the Cal Poly Foundation. Earl Lemon at McMurdo Sound in "I'm sorry I don't have any more pictures, " Lemon wrote in an accompanying note. "My camera lens -... froze after I took the first picture (-44F). " (Photo courtesy of Earl Lemon) Please mail letters to the editor to "From Our Readers," Cal Poly Magazine, Heron Hall 204, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA (phone 805/ ; fax 805/ ). Submit written "Class Notes" items to the same address or via at Mail address changes to Advancement Services, Heron Hall, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA VICE PRESIDENT FOR UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT: William G. Boldt EDITOR: Vicki Hanson Five of the six living crew members out of the original ten, shown here at their 40th reunion in October (The print held by stewardess Pat Hepinstall is from a painting by aviation artist John T McCoy of the Boeing 377 thot flew them to McMurdo Sound.) Roy Moungovan stands at the far left, and Earl Lemon is at the for right. Lemon's grandson, Eric, is a freshman this fall in the Cal Poly Aeronautical Engineering Department. (Photo courtesy of Roy Moungovan) I was saddened to read in the spring '99 [Cal Poly Magazine] of the death of Richard Bucich [former Cal Poly electrical engineering professor]. I was employed by Mr. Bucich when I was a junior in the L Dept. I graded papers and prepared tests for some of his freshman classes. I remember him not only for his technical competence, but for his [unique] outlook on life. CONTRIBUTORS: Richard and Joyce Andrews, Ben Beesley/Alumni Relations, Glen Braden, Lisa Hersch/College of Agriculture, Irene Hoffman/Kennedy Library, Earl Lemon, Michael McCall/Annual Giving, Roy Moungovan, Maile Shanahan, Chuck Sleeper/Athletics, Jason Sullivan/Sports Information, Lac Truong, Lisa Woske/Cal Poly Arts DESIGN/PRODUCTION: Jeff Hamilton/Karlen Design WEB SITE PRODUCTION: Shirley Howell PHOTOGRAPHY: Doug Allen, Jerold Hamza, Dawn Kalmar, Carole Moore, Steve Schueneman, David Wood, Marcia Wright PRINTING: University Graphic Systems - Jim Wolfe (EL '66) 2 CAL POlY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

5 by Bob Anderson Cal Poly computer programmers take on the world Eindhoven, the Netherland. April 10, An auditorium at the Eindhoven University oftechnology. The intense five hours ofthe 23rd annual Intemational Collegiate Programming contest are ave,; Mentally exhausted, the 186 competitors listen nervously as the top 10 finishing teams are announced. Ray Lee felt sure that he and his Cal Poly teammates had a chance. For the first four hours of the non-stop programming blow-out, colored balloons had shown how many of the The team huddles. eight problems each three-person team had Seated is Bob Mathews solved - if anyone had time to look. Cal Poly (PHYS '96), computer sdence had four balloons up. Very good. grad student; standing (left The Cal Poly team had submitted the correct answer on the first try for all four to right) are computer problems: The one about how many lots science senior Vania would be flooded in a certain subdivision if so Maldonado and physics much water came down the river. The one senior Ray Lee. about the shortest distance between any two given compartments in a honeycomb. The one about well, let's just say they were tough. And all their programs had run within the allowed five seconds. No crashes. No slow programs. No penalty points. Very, very good. At the four-hour mark, scores became secret. Teams didn't know how many problems others were solving as they came down to the wire. Only a handful of teams had had five balloons after four hours, and the Cal Poly team knew they'd get at least one more. They did. And, again, right on the first try. Exceedingly good. So Lee and teammates Vania Maldonado and Bob Mathews could still hope as the judges gave 10th place to National Taiwan University, then ninth to Russia's St. Petersburg State University. But when Lee heard Harvard had placed eighth, his heart sank. When UC Berkeley was called for seventh, he figured, "We didn't make it at all." Then the announcer read: /land beating Berkeley by eight minutes: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo!/I Lee looked at Maldonado. She was standing up. He'd heard it right. Mathews was already walking calmly down the aisle toward the stage. ("l knew we were going to be up there.") Maldonado didn't hear the names of any of the rest of the winners. ("I was in a daze. ") The Cal Poly team had just taken sixth place in the world, in a computer programming competition that began last year with almost 1,500 teams from universities on six continents. And yes, physics major Lee and computer science students Maldonado and Mathews did beat Harvard and Berkeley, as well as every other U.S. team except one: Duke finished one place up, at fifth. The collegiate programming world's top four teams were from Canada, Germany, Russia, and Romania., The Cal Poly trio credits its success to smooth teamwork, preparation, and the pre-contest help of volunteer coach Kathleen Luce, an operating systems analyst in the university's Information Technology Services division. As they worked around a single computer, Lee read and digested the problems and talked them through with Mathews, who did all the coding at the keyboard. At the same time, Maldonado figured out tests to find the bugs in the solutions before the team submitted them to the judges. Getting them right and fast meant calculating which problems could be solved the fastest, not wasting time on the puzzlers, weeding out the red herrings that sponsors IBM and the Association for Computing Machinery had deliberately thrown in. The pro'qlems weren't actually that hard, Lee says. "For computer sdence students, they're all doable. II (Interested readers can find them on the Web at Racing against the clock to solve five in five hours with no glitches - that was the hard part. The team and coach enjoyed their few days in the Netherlands and their time in the spotlight. Then, the day after it was over, they took what seemed an interminable series of trains, planes, and automobiles via an uncertain number of cities to return home - minus the luggage that the airlines lost, of course. Too bad the team wasn't able to program its way home. rll:i CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999 S

6 Learning What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? - Jean Jacques Rousseau (French/Swiss writer/philosopher ' ) courses with service components. It also aids in addressing significant community problems and contributes to the university's goal of preparing graduates who will seek out future civic service. "We hyphenate 'service learning' for good reason," says Lutrin. "Students take class learning out into their work with local nonprofit agencies, and bring back their experiences to enrich their education." She opens her hands palms up. "It's a two way street." In the Class and Community Connections program, students sign up for classes where they are awarded credit for what they learn from a service experience (not for number of hours served). When a quarter starts, students are introduced to the service-learning components of a specific class. A service-learning paper will be required at the end of the term, and specific questions may also be assigned that connect volunteer work to classroom and text topics. Results have shown that Cal Poly students who choose servicelearning classes learn more than those in more traditional courses. ortably cluttered office of <Lom nity Service Programs Director Sam Lutrin is Mission Control for Cal Poly's Community Service and Learning Center. From er desk in front of a large University Union window, she takes multiple phone calls, jots down a message from a flashing answering machine, and pauses to answer a visitor's questions. The center is the university's link between theory and practice in the field. Its staff is dedicated to helping Cal Poly students in all majors find meaningful service experiences through ongoing, student-directed projects and events, club-sponsored efforts, and A grateful boarder at Woods Humane Society gives a smooch to Kimra Aquino, a masters candidate in guidance and counseling. (Photo by Steve Schueneman) Clients and students work together in a greenhouse at San Luis Obispo's Growing Grounds. The nursery was awarded a certificate of environmental These data are in line with major national studies such as several by Alexander Astin (director of UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute), who observes that participation in service during a student's undergraduate years enhances academic development, civic responsibility, and life skills in general. In an April L.A. Times interview, Astin also notes that students become better cri tics of classroom theory. "When they serve people in the field, they realize the limitations of the theory, so it isn't that they're just parroting something back out of a textbook." 4 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

7 9 back by Vicki Hanson and Colleen Walsh (JOUR '00) achievement by Renew America, a national nonprofit organization that seeks out innovative environmental programs. (Photo by Doug Allen) Thanks to three years of funding support from the Cal Poly Plan, a variety of classes now offer service-learning options or components. They range from courses in the economics of poverty, discrimination, and immigration (where students work with low-income clients in nonprofit organizations such as Head Start and Transitions-Mental Health Association) to English classes where students write up agency problems and outline solutions. "This is one of our most successful programs," says Lutrin. "So far we've gotten really good matches between agencies and classes." Studen~'. unity S ces 1 Student C unity Services has been Cal Poly's premier service program for the past 2S years. Volunteers can participate in projects mentoring children, working with at-risk youth and homeless individuals, providing companionship for elderly people, and preserving the environment. They can also participate in Cal Poly's annual "Into the Streets" day of service, which takes place each fall, sprucing up facilities for groups such as Head Start, The AIDS Support Network, and the Homeless Shelter. The "0 Service QU The COrtl.m' nity Service Foundation offers mini-grants to qualified clubs and individuals to help them take on major projects. Any student club recognized by the university or any student performing a senior project with a service component is eligible to receive a grant. This year seven clubs involving approximately 100 members received mini-grants. 0S!'ition f' " s To acknowl ' ge the importance of community.service, Cal Poly gives annual president's awards to students, faculty, and community agency partners who help integrate education and community work. Students who "Into the Streets"; Nearly 100 students get ready for a day of service with a motto of "Try it for a day / You'll/ave it for a lifetime." (Photo courtesy Community Service Programs) CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

8 perform 120 or more hours of voluntary or academically related service can have their contributions noted on their university transcripts, and at spring commencement each of the six academic colleges recognizes one outstanding senior who exhibits a strong dedication to community service. Beginning next spring, the McGowan-Schultz-Widic Community Service Scholarship will be awarded to an enrolled student with an outstanding record of service and commitment to continue service for at least one more year at Cal Poly. "Donations to provide additional scholarships would also be welcome," says Lutrin. A Hu /)" Every da $b Hey (Olsen) Parvin slips in a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes and spends the morning at Growing Grounds Farm and Nursery, sponsored in the San Luis Obispo countryside by Transitions-Mental Health Association. A Cal Poly horticulture student in the mid-1970s, Parvin is now participating in an American Association for Retired Persons retraining program. She is delighted to work with clients planting, harvesting, and repotting bright flowers and other seedlings that will be sent to r~tail nurseries. "This is good for me," she says, "and it's nice to help other people too." Growing Grounds Farm Manager Frank Ricceri (BUS '82) sees the value of Cal Poly students' involvement extending far beyond simple production help. "When they work side by side with our clients, it gives us the opportunity to spread the 8 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999 word that people with mental illness are no different than anyone else," he says. "Young minds can form a better notion about the nature of mental illness, and students can help break down its stigma." "Cal Poly students are wonderful and absolutely critical to our operation," says Kathleen Richan, director of Friends Outside, which serves youth at the Juvenile Services Center and families of men incarcerated at the California Men's Colony. "Without their help, the number of people we serve would be cut nearly in half and the quality of our mentoring program would be greatly diminished." "The Cal Poly community service/service-learning programs are a perfect 'win-win-win' for [our] services," agrees Michael Alan Morton, director of San Luis Obispo's Equal Opportunity Commission Homeless Services. "We are grateful to be one of your service sites. I honestly do not know who benefits the most the students or us." "What is most inspiring is that all our programs rest on the shoulders of student leaders," says Lutrin. "I am the only university staff person, working half time. Besides the logistics of helping students select their service placement and monitoring their work, student mentors in Class and Community Connections conduct 'reflection' meetings where students discuss their experiences and how they fit into coursework, ensuring that learning occurs. In Student Community Services, where student project leaders work an average of 10 hours per week, some must train Alums like Loe Truong (EE '97) have carried their interest in social work beyond graduation. Truong was honored by First Lady Hillary Clinton at January's State of the Union Address for his service with the AmeriCorps Program as a mentor to highrisk teenagers. Truong plans a career as a teacher and principal. (Photo courtesy of Loc Truong) 90 volunteers, while others cope with great community needs (e.g., for the elderly) but minimal student involvement." Finally, students who work in agency programs are often surprised by the power they have to make changes. Mechanical engineering sophomore Paulo Younse, director of Beyond Shelter, a program that works with the homeless, has gained a sense of purpose in his life. "I feel that I've developed myself," he explains. "There are people out there who need help, and my job is to bring them together with those who are able to help. Knowing I can do that, and knowing how many opportunities there are for college students, gives me a great sense of satisfaction." ~

9 (alpoly insiders keep outdoor school runni an- ho EI Chorro Outdoor School teaches that ing in nature depends on something else. And the scliool itself is no different. Located among the hills and valleys of the CentI;al Coast, it depends on nearby Cal Poly students for M.ail maintenance and support. When it first began more than 25 years ago, the program was developed out of a need for an outdoor educational facility for schoolchildren on the Central Coast. Now Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School's reputation precedes it. With the help of the only Central Coast marine biology lab available for schoolchildren, the school attracts young students from as far away as Yosemite and San Diego, and word of mouth continues to spread. During the school's busiest time of year, up to 1,500 schoolchildren may attend its day programs each week, spending several hours exploring trails and spotting animals around the campus. The residential program, which usually draws around 90 children a week, lasts longer. Students spend three to five days participating in activities, discussing characteristics and traits of animals, and spotting birds, lizards, and snakes on various trails. But it's what, or who, the students may not see that is helping to keep the school going - the Cal Poly student helpers. "They're out of sight, but not out of mind," says Program Director Celeste Royer. "0ur Cal Poly students are an important part of the program. They allow us to do our jobs, to teach the children and not have to worry about the maintenance of the animals. II In fact, Cal Poly students take care of almost 20 different species at the!'c'jjl/"t'~i,j]rh ~.f''' outdoor school and numerous others in the science by Jaime Zuffoletto (JOUR '99) classroom at the Diablo Canyon Biology Lab. Students clean the cages and tanks of snakes, mice, sharks, and fish, feed the animals, and perform maintenance jobs around the 250-acre campus. Last year PG&E, after many years of support, considered cutting its portion of funding for the lab completely. Royer and Cal Poly Biological Sciences Professor Mark Moline lobbied to keep it open. Now, instead of PG&E staffing the lab, Moline is responsible for overseeing Cal Poly students in its care and maintenance. "Under the new deal, Cal Poly students staff the marine lab," says PG&E Biologist Sally Krenn_ "They usually work about three days a week, a couple of hours a day. They make it possible for the children to see marine life in a clean and healthy environment." But it's not just the care the Cal Poly students give to the animals that makes them so invaluable to the program - it is also their willingness to help, whenever and wherever it is needed. "Cal Poly students do some landscaping and custodial work, and some even work in our food service program," says Royer. "They see how food is prepared for a residential program and help with composting." Royer calls the role of the Cal Poly student an apprenticeship. "They are learning so much because of the range of duties they have assigned to them. They learn about the employercemployee role and how to relate to other people. And they tailor what they contribute here into something they can use in their field, while bringing something new and exciting to the outdoor program. "For example," says Royer, "we had a lot of kiosks and murals that were beginning to fade and needing some work. One of our Cal Poly helpers at the time happened to be majoring in art, so she contributed to our program in that way. Harley, a red-tolled hawk, helps naturalist Christine Parks educate young students about birds ofprey. (Photo by Doug Allen)

10 Another student helped us create our curriculum for part of his senior project. "All of our Cal Poly students have had something to share with us and with the children who pass through here. So much so that last year we nominated Tadashi Moody, one of our Cal Poly students, as Student Employee of the Year, and he was selected as the first runner-up." Moody, a forestry and na tural resources senior at Cal Poly, began working for Rancho El [Cal Poly students] tailor what they contribute here into something they can use in their field, while bringing something new and exciting to the outdoor program. Chorro Outdoor School - Celeste Royer in October 1997 and Program Director, Rancho EI Chorro Outdoor School has continued to do so because of the friendly work atmosphere and the experience he gains. "At first I just took care of the animals and got materials ready for the labs and kept up the maintenance on the trails," says Moody. "After a month I expressed my interest in teaching, and they allowed me to guide some groups on a couple of hikes." Moody feels the experience has allowed him to follow Cal Poly's credo of "learn by doing." "It's fantastic for the Cal Poly students because they let us get out there and do what we love," says Moody. "It's also invaluable for the children because they are immersed in a camp where they learn about science and nature, and how it relates to their lives." Christine Parks (ESB '95) is just one of the naturalists who teaches students how nature relates to their lives. Parks, who was a Cal Poly student helper before she became a naturalist, also believes the partnership between Rancho El Chorro Outdoor School and Cal Poly students is mutually beneficial. "Cal Poly students learn so much from their experience here," says Parks. "The work they are doing helps them grow as people." Royer agrees and uses Parks herself as an example. "When she first came to us, Christine was shy and lacking in self-confidence," says Royer. "But with her determination to teach and learn, she has emerged not only into one of our finest naturalists, but as a leader among her peers." "For people who plan to teach, it is essential to get as much experience as possible," says Susan Roper, director of Cal Poly's University Center for Teacher Education. "Rancho El Chono's program gives students an opportunity to find out if teaching is what they really want to do." "It's a win-win situation all around," says Royer. G:iI B CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

11 Cal Poly enters agreement ith E&J Gallo inery The CSU Board of Trustees approved an educational agreement allowing Cal Poly, in conjunction with E&] Gallo Winery} to establish a wine grape vineyard supporting a more comprehensive, interdisciplinary academic program for wine grape cultivation, sensory analysis, imd the economics and marketing of wine. Through the agreement, Cal Poly's ability to prepare students to graduate as qualified professionals with hands-on training in operating and managing state-of-the-art vineyards will be enhanced. The agreement will help California cope with the growing demand for professionals and managers in the field a need already being felt in the Central Coast region. Under the terms of the agreement, Gallo will pay to develop and operate wine grape vineyard sites totaling up to ISO acres of university agricultural land for 30 years, as well as all capital costs of the project. Cal Poly will use the vineyard sites as a classroom and laboratory for students} and as a test-bed for applied research by both faculty and students. Plans call for a curriculum offering extensive interdisciplinary instruction} and Gallo will offer internships related to coursework. Gallo will also provide technical and scientific expertise to support the curriculum and research programs. The Vineyard will be farmed using sustainable and low-impact agriculture methods. As many as 400 students a year will participate in the Vineyards through classes, senior projects, theses, internships, and research. All areas of viticulture will be open to the students, including soil and plant testing, irrigation and water relations, environmental management, seasonal operations, economics, and marketing. Under the proposal, Cal Poly also will receive payments from Gallo based on the annual revenues from the sale of the grapes. Water for the Vineyards will come from Cal Poly wells and irrigation systems. Under the terms of the agreement} the Vineyards will be developed in phases} with the first SO-acre plot being planted next spring at Chorro Creek Ranch, northwest of the campus on Highway 1. If all ISO acres are used, it will be 2.S percent of the land available to the university and its College of Agriculture. W UNIV R ITY N W5 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

12 UNIV RSITY N WS Cal Poly takes grad classes to vandenberg via technology Through a two-way video hookup to a special classroom in Cal Poly's education building, a handful of Air Force personnel and civilian engineers at Vandenberg Air Force Base are taking courses in a master's aeronautical engineering program. While Cal Poly has used such "distance-learning" technology before, the students who meet in Vandenberg's Education Center are the first to use it for all their required degree courses. They have the same professors and follow the same curriculum as on-campus students, but they "meet" with their faculty advisors via , and the only time they need to Cal poly gives ane twist to research par -dea na rare partnership between I the educational and business communities, Cal Poly and several area technology firms are hoping to expand the university's role with a "research park" to benefit students and faculty while boosting the economic vitality of San Luis Obispo. Although research parks are typically associated with large research universities in communities much larger than San Luis Obispo, the local partners think their initiative, dubbed C3RP (California Central Coast Research Partnership), would thrive on the Central Coast. The partners believe that C3RP would foster the development of commute to San Luis Obispo is for an occasional laboratory session. Professor Russell Cummings used the technology to teach theoretical aerodynamics. What most surprised him about conducting the class this way was how well it worked. "We can see and hear [each other]. I can transmit images from a computer screen, from a video, from a document camera, [or] an electronic 'whiteboard'," he said. "It's really opened up the possibilities of different ways to present information and show people things you can't show in a regular classroom." small technology-based enterprise, promote technology transfer between Cal Poly and the private sector, and playa vital part in preparing and educating a highly skilled work force. According to Susan Opava, dean of Research and Graduate Programs at Cal Poly, "The initiative attempts to transfer the concept of the traditional research park to an educational system and community that differ fundamentally in nature and size from the traditional model." "The C3RP enterprise recognizes and capitalizes on the new economic reality of knowledge industries, where 'value added' is measured by 'intellectual Cal Poly and Air Force officials hope Vandenberg enrollment in the aero master's degree program will climb this fall to a target of 10 to IS, approximately the number of a regular campus class. In addition to all regular Cal Poly fees, Vandenberg students pay $SOO per course to offset the cost of the video technology Cal Poly installed in the base classroom and special telephone lines. For more information see the Aeronautical Engineering Department's World Wide Web site at (click on "Graduate Study"). W capital,' said Allen Haile, director of Cal Poly's Government and Community Relations office. "C3RP can catalyze the development of intellectual capital by providing an environment that encourages serendipitous networking of faculty, students, and the business community." Adds Opava, "The partnership is expected to provide opportunities to marshal the talent and expertise of Cal Poly and Cuesta College in direct benefit of economic development in the immediate region, while providing new educational benefits for students and professional development opportunities for the faculty." W 10 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fal11999

13 UNIV RSITY NEWS Comic Genius Cal Poly Arts' "Ovations" season has something for everyone, including special performances (George Carlin; Peter, Paul, and Mary; and Judy Col/ins); theatre ("Show Boat," Big Apple Circus); dance ("Romeo and Juliet" Ballet, Diablo Ballet); classical music (Boys' Choir of Harlem, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Annual Baroque Concert); and jazz/blues (Jazz at Lincoln Center). For ai/ brochure and ticket information, contact the Performing Arts Ticket Office at 805/ (Photo courtesy Jerold Hamza) CD Master Plan discussions central to future planning What will Cal Poly look like in the new century? Will enrollments increase? Will computer learning become more prevalent? What effects would changes have on housing, traffic, environment, and neighborhoods? These and other questions are being discussed by more than 100 people from the campus and community who have volunteered to help Cal Poly plot its future course. These talks are part of a comprehensive, three-year Master Plan Update process that will be completed in spring just in time to celebrate Cal Poly's 100th birthday. The current overall plan was approved by the California State University Board of Trustees in 1963 and only portions of it have been updated since then. Students, faculty, staff, and community members have participated on 11 task forces covering built environment and technology, public support and services, circulation, land use, campus operational issues, housing, natural environment, intergovernmental issues, utilities, economic issues, and neighborhood issues. The draft plan is expected to be ready for public review this fall. During their discussions, task force members were asked to keep in mind four possible enrollment scenarios and the implications of each: decreasing time to graduation, off-site or virtual enrollment, increased enrollments, and no significant enrollment increases. Updated information on the Master Plan Update process can be accessed via Cal Poly's home page at under "What's New." CD CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999 tt

14 UNIVERSITY N WS The university remembers, sets ne safety standards ore than 800 people crowded into Chumash M Auditorium on the Cal Poly campus April 29 to remember the life of Cal Poly student Rachel Newhouse, who was abducted and murdered in November. Her body, and that of San Luis Obispo resident Aundria Crawford (abducted in March), was discovered by law enforcement officials just days before on the grounds of an Avila Beach residence rented by their alleged killer. The announcement of the tragic discoveries came just as the Cal Poly community was preparing to observe Remember Me Week, April The six days were reserved not only to remind people that the two women and Cal Poly student Kristin Smart - missing since had disappeared, but also that it was a time for the university and surrounding Rachel Newhouse communities to reinforce personal (Photo courtesy of the Newhouse family),safety awareness and speak out against violence. Perhaps the most dramatic occurrence of Remember Me Week took place the same evening at the Newhouse memorial service. Gathering in the Mission San Luis Obispo Plaza, more than 1,000 people from Cal Poly and from throughout the city held a candlelight Vigil and march. The procession, Winding through the city's downtown streets during the busy Thursday night Farmers' Market, quieted a crowd who reflected on the event's significance. "This is an immensely sad time for all of us," said Vice President for Student Affairs Juan Gonzalez. "We will always remember Rachel and Aundria, and we continue to hope for a resolution in Kristin's case." "While they were taken from us before their time, they have left a tremendous legacy," Gonzalez added. "I think that somehow these shared experiences drew the campus community closer. I also believe that we are more aware now of safety issues, whether for ourselves or OUI colleagues and neighbors." Since Remember Me Week, a number of fund-raising efforts have been undertaken in an attempt not only to memorialize Newhouse but also to bolster safety awareness at the university. This year's senior class gift was a fund to support campus safety programs. Gifts in memory of Rachel Newhouse, made out to the Cal Poly Foundation, can be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Cal Poly Administration 209, San Luis Obispo, CA Contributions will be used for student safety programs. W Cal Poly lambs fof/ow their mother across a meadow. The new sheep unit has been relocated to the refurbished old dairy located on the lbo-acre Cheda Ranch. With new fencing, inside and outside pens, and a feed storage building completed, the facility was ready for lambing season. Next step: renovating the old milking barn into a shearing barn/laboratory. ~ 12 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

15 outstanding engineering alum writes his name in the stars Growing up on a farm in San Diego County, Rick Sturckow (ME '84) thought he was going to be a farmer. Today he finds himself an astronaut and a major in the U. S. Marine Corps. And this past December he was co-pilot aboard the NASA space shuttle Endeavour, sent into space to assemble the first International Space Station. Sturckow would say it was Cal Poly that took him from plantation to orbit. "I was a 16-year-old high school graduate fixing trucks and interested in racing when I saw a Cal Poly sticker on a race car," he says. He was accepted to the College of Engineering and became a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He worked on and eventually raced the racing team's new truck. One of his teachers, Mechanical Engineering Professor Ron Mullisen, introduced Sturckow to what has become a distinguished military career. Sturckow became a jet pilot, received F/A-18 training, and completed the Navy Fighter Weapons School, also known as TOPGUN. He then flew combat missions in Operation Desert Storm, and was overall mission commander for air strikes into Iraq and Kuwait. When many of Sturckow's friends in the corps applied to become astronauts, Sturckow decided to apply too. He was selected by NASA in December 1994 and reported to Johnson Space Center in March 1995 for training. Since his 12-day, 283-hour mission aboard Endeavour, which included three space walks and the deployment of two satellites, Sturckow has spoken monthly to young people across the nation. "NASA encourages us to motivate Ne rodeo arena continues championship tradition ention Cal Poly rodeo, and M national champs like Cotton Rosser, Chris Lybbert, John Jones, and six-time world champion Tom Ferguson come to mind. In 1947, Cal Poly brought home its first rodeo trophy, and when the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association formed in 1949, Cal Poly's men's and women's teams joined as charter members. Collett Arena was one of the first on-campus rodeo arenas in the nation. In the 50 years of its existence, champions were created, often in spite of the arena turning into a sea of mud during the rainy season and a dust bowl during the dry months. Now a new rodeo site has been created on Mt. Bishop Road. With the support of the College of Agriculture's Dean Joseph Jen and Associate Dean Mark Shelton, Rodeo Coach Randy Wilson and Farm Operations SuperVisor Gary Ketcham and his crew graded, leveled, and hauled dirt for the UNIV R51TY N W5 Sturckow in San Luis Obispo with Los Ranchos Elementary School fifth graders (left to right) Noah Parker, Erica Spano, and Laura Wauchope. (Photo by Steve Schueneman) kids to study science and math," he says. In May he was named Outstanding Alumnus for Professional Achievement by Cal Poly's College of Engineering. Sturckow hopes to be aboard next year's space shuttle to continue the assembly of the International Space Station. He lives with his wife, Michele, in Houston, Texas. ~ new arena. Pipe corral fencing and covered horse stalls from Powder River Company were installed by hand, and temporary lighting went up the night before the first rodeo. And that first rodeo took place during three performances at Open House in front of 6,000-plus visitors, who were on hand to witness firsthand new champions in the making. GJ, CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

16 UNIVERSITY NEW celebrating teachers is focus of year-long CSU event The csu Chancellor's Office plans a "CSU Celebrating Teachers" event for the school year to recognize teachers who have distin guished themselves in their profession and to show the high quality of CSU alumni. Each CSU campus has been asked to select an outstanding alumni-teacher to be honored at the Chancellor's Office in September and at other celebrations throughout the year. Cal Poly's choice is Nancy Thompson (PE '72, CRED '74), a teacher Architedure prof ins top nationa service award.architecture Professor James B. Franklin is the 1999 recipient of the Edward D. Kemper Award, the highest honor given by the Washington, D.C. based American Institute of Architects for distinguished service to society, the profession, and the AlA. The AlA board of directors cited Franklin's many publications, workshops, and presentations, lauding his individual example. "Jim Franklin has called for and exemplified the readiness of architects to redefine ourselves, our practices, and our profession... to better meet the needs of the society we serve," said John P. Tice Jr. UCTE teacher awarded top education prize R oberta Herter, a faculty member in Cal Poly's University Center for Teacher Education, has won the 1999 Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Award for a study showing cross-cultural communication difficulties between inner-city youth and middle-class college students. Her work summarizes a project between Detroit night school students and undergraduates from the University of Michigan enrolled in the English course "Theater and Social Change." Over a period of 17 weeks, the students videotaped sessions where the high school students were to enact scenes from their daily lives. But Herter found that the college students were not sufficiently prepared to interact with a sophisticated group of '14 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999 at Coast Union High in Cambria for more than 20 years. Thompson is being honored for her leadership in curriculum development, nurturing relationships with students, and high academic standards. "I am delighted that the CSU is recognizing outstanding teacher graduates in California," said Susan Roper, director of Cal Poly's University Center for Teacher Education. "Recognition of excellent teachers helps us recruit excellent students into our profession." W In the '70s Franklin left one of the most progressive and renowned Tennessee firms to direct the AlA's design, practice, and education programs, and became the institute's first resident fellow in As a contributor to programs of both the AlA and the American Institute of Architecture Students, he has facilitated hundreds of continuing education events in 47 states, benefiting up to one-third of today's active AlA members. Franklin has taught at Cal Poly as a resident fellow since 1995 and is the author of several bestsellers on architectural theory and practice. W high school students. "The high school youth looked for opportunities to display their knowledge and multiple literacies," said Herter, "while the college students attempted to persuade [them] to enact stereotypical 'street' life scenes from the inner city." Herter's study, "Conflicting Interests: Critical Theory Inside Out," was part of her dissertation. The summary essay was published in Literacy and Democracy: Teacher Research and Composition Studies in Pursuit ofhabitable Spaces, published in 1998 by the National Council of Teachers of English. "[The 1999 award] is an extraordinary honor from the most prestigious research organization in education," said UCTE Director Susan Roper. W

17 UNIVE. ltv N.WS Second annua CAED forum schedu ed for oct The second annual Construction Sdences Forum of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) is set for Friday and Saturday, Oct Last year's forum was sponsored at Cal Poly by the college and the West Region of the Construction Specifications Institute. More than 350 people attended, including approximately 200 students, 40 product exhibitors, several CAED professors, and more than 40 alumni and friends. More than 20 speakers gave presentations. This year's theme is Entertainment/Hospitality, with target audiences comprising students, faculty, and CAED alumni and industry practitioners. Cal Poly students and faculty and the general public will be able to attend product show exhibits and selected presentations. ~ Uteracy event celebrates reading, raises funds for library, teachers America Cal Poly is the university's response to a national grassroots effort to raise literacy rates. It is a collaborative partnership organized by the Liberal Studies Program, El Corral Bookstore, and the Kennedy Library, with funds raised for the America Reads effort at Cal Poly, Liberal Studies' Teacher Tutor Training program, and library materials for teacher training. This year's program included an evening titled "Duets: Cherished Readings from Children's Literature." It featured Sylvia Panetta, CSU Chancellor Charles Reed's America Reads adviser, and her husband, Leon Panetta, former White House Chief of Staff and current head of the Panetta Institute of Public Service (both from CSU, Monterey Bay). Also participating were 22nd District Congresswoman Lois Capps and her nephew, Lindsay, and actress Annabeth Gish. Members of the Cal Poly and local communities also A presentation in the 1998 Design Build Seminar. Sylvia Panetta, America Reads adviser to CSU's Chancellor Charles Reed, and husband Leon Panetta, former White House Chief of Staff and head of the Panetta Institute of Public Service (both from CSU's Monterey Bay campus), after their fund-raising readings for America Cal Poly. Mrs. Panetta read Library Lil, and Mr. Panetta read Millions of Cats. (Photo by Eric Meader) volunteered their time to read to more than 700 children. Local businesses helped each child receive a free book, and special funding from PG&E and Golden 1 Credit Union provided buses to transport children from the Guadalupe school district. CD CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999 '5

18 UNIV R ltv N WS Sha espeare in the Woods English Professor Steven Marx took his Advanced Shakespeare class to Cal Poly's Swanton Pacific Ranch (north of Santa Cruz) to videotape scenes from three plays students had studied through reading, critical research, and viewing in performances. Class members directed, performed, filmed, and edited scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream, King lear, and The Winter's Tale on location in a deep forest, on an ocean clif" and at the seashore. The 45-minute videotape was presented in a public showing at the end of the quarter. Student accounts of the experience, along with still pictures and 15 film clips, can be viewed at the "Shakespeare at Swanton" Web site at W Employee of the Year Kimberly M. Steffke (PSYCH '9B) was selected unanimously from 24 nominees as Cal Poly's Outstanding Student Employee of the Year. She works for the city of San Luis Obispo's Housing Authority, one of Cal Poly's community service federal work-study employers, as a youth development leader for the Children's Work Incentive Program. Steffke is pursuing a teaching credential. At press time, Steffke was competing in the regional outstanding student employee competition, sponsored by the Western Association of Student Employment Administrators. (Photo courtesy Carole Moore) W University News continued on page 33 1& CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

19 ADVANCEM NT Donations to Cal Poly increase 10% to $23.7 million in VI Poly's alumni and riends have continued to help enhance the university's notabl'e programs in agriculture, business, education, engineering, liberal arts, and the sciences. This past year, Cal Poly received a record 25,302 gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations totaling $23.7 million in cash, in-kind gifts, and endowments toward the university's goal of providing the best undergraduate education possible. The university received two significant faculty endowments. A professorship and center in community development in the College of Business was established from a $1 million commitment and $500,000 pledge payment by Bank of America Community Development Bank. The other endowment was derived from gifts and pledges totaling more than $800,000 to institute the Arthur C. Edwards Endowed Chair for Coatings Technology and Ecology in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of the College of Science and Mathematics. Distribution of Gifts Fiscal Year 1999 COLLEGE/UNIT TOTAL AMOUNT TOTAL # OF &IFTS AssOCIated Students $137, Athletics 789,697 ',282 Central Advancement/Unrestricted 436,421 6,048 College of Agriculture 7,060,2~7 4,290 College of ArchiteclUre & Environmental Design 530,938 1,457 ColleQe of Business 2,829,015 2,158 CollegE of Engineering 6, ~ 95,195 4,094 allege of Ubt!ral Arts 1,974,046 2,794 CollegeofScience &~athematics 709,371 1,403 _LibraryAdministration 90, Other University Funds 2,803, Student Affairs 51, University Center for Teacher Education 66, TOTAL $23,674,755 25,302 Exdudes g<jwnmenll, memberships, Gild contributed services Alumni, parents, and friends contributed more than $1.5 million through the Cal Poly Fund. The fund has seen a 61 % increase-since and a 15% increase in alumni donors. Approximately 76 percent of Cal Poly Fund gifts were designated by donors to specific programs. More than 10,000 alumni contributed a total of $2.4 million. Cal Poly parents, as usual, continued their strong support, donating approximately $626,000 to their students' educational experiences. Cal Poly parents consistently give about 10 times more per enrolled student than parents at other CSU campuses. Corporations and businesses - many of which become future employers of Cal Poly graduates - gave nearly $4 million in cash. Private foundations and associations also contributed to the donor base, and gifts from companies that match employee contributions totaled $238,000. And because Cal Poly and industry have created synergistic relationships in technology and research and development, more than $10.6 million in donations came from in-kind and equipment gifts from corporations. Endowments, established by alumni and friends who recognize the stable funding that these can bring to Cal Poly, totaled $6.6 million. The university also was notified of future legacies that will come to Cal Poly in the form of bequest provisions and revocable trust designations. The Cal Poly Legacy Club honors alums, friends, faculty, and staff who have created a planned gift for the benefit of the university. This spring Provost Paul Zingg honored the members of the Legacy Club at its first annual luncheon at the Gardens of Avila Restaurant. More than $1.7 million in gifts and pledges was realized through Cal Poly's athletic advancement efforts. This total represents funds raised through the "Building the Advantage" capital campaign and the Mustang Athletic Fund, including the Stampede Club, corporate sponsorships, and special-events income. Highlights for ath'letics advancement included completion of the Mott Gym renovation, the new weight room, and the start of construction for the 47-acre Cal Poly Sports Complex, scheduled for completion in July In addition to the $23.7 million total, Cal: Poly's Sponsored Programs Office administered approximately $11 million in contracts and grants, which fund research, instructional support, and public service projects. W CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

20 ADVA C MENT Cal Poly,Fund donations increase to $1.61 million The Cal Poly Fund received an award of excellence from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) for its outstanding program. Cal Poly donors gave a record $1,175,272 in cash gifts to the colleges and units, a 23 percent increase from the previous year. In addition, $437,122 was raised to support universitywide programs. Over half of the gifts were raised from the phonathon, where Cal Poly students have the opportunity each evening to speak directly with alumni, parents, and friends of the university. The remaining gifts were received through mail programs. The Cal Poly Fund's mission is to provide "extra" resources to the university's programs and projects which strengthen educational experiences for students. G:iI Aoociated Students $10,694 S 9,446 AtflIetlcs. 49, C~ O! ~. 206, ,533 CollegeofAldiectlre&~De5/gl101, ,420 C~~~8usiness 111, )01 College. of ~neerin9 269, ,575 College of Li~.IArts_ , ,776 C~I~e of Science & Mathemat,ks 80,017 88,484 ~brary ~dministration......_ ,260 Student. Affairs 1,905 3, University Center for Teacher Education 4,640 4,787 TOTAlS $ 954,918 $1,175,272 PERCENT INCREASE 23% Cal poly wins CASE fund-raising award ~ al Poly joined an elite group of higher education Vinstitutions when it was awarded one of three annual, national fund-raising honors by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). The 1999 Circle of Excellence in Educational Fund Raising Award recognizes development efforts during the fiscal years According to a CASE official, Cal Poly is "among an exceptional group of colleges, universities, and independent schools named to the Circle of Excellence for their exemplary performance in fund raising." The winning institutions are selected based on a variety of criteria that include the pattern of growth of total support, an evaluation of what contributed to the total support figure, overall breadth and pattern of growth in program areas, pattern of donor growth among alumni and others, total support in relation to the alumni base, and the type of institution. "We have an outstanding team of advancement staff members who have worked very hard to make this award possible," said Vice President of University Advancement William Boldt. In , the university raised more than $21 million, an almost 45 percent increase over and an 80 percent increase over "A record number of alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations have made this possible by providing these funds to advance the academic programs at Cal Poly and enhance the university's 'Iearnby-doing' mission," Boldt said. G:iI 18 CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999

21 Eng'ineering departments receive $1.87 million gift he Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical T Engineering departments joined the IBM CATIA Higher Education and Training program (HEAn and, as a member ADVANCEMENT "We chose CATIA over other software for several reasons," said Mechanical Engineering Professor Fred Friedman, "including the fact that a lot of the employers of the program, received a CATIA software gift valued at hiring our graduates, such as Boeing and Raytheon, approximately $1.87 million. use CATIA." CATIA, developed by Dassault Systemes and marketed Q. W. "Buzz" Nowicki, the CATIA HEAT program and supported worldwide by IBM, is the world's leading manager at IBM Engineering Technology Solutions, computer-aided design and solid-modeling program. It said, "Our goal is to build a partnership in which JBM, enables designers and manufacturers - even those in Dassault, and Cal Poly work together, developing a different geographical locations - to develop, "build," and showcase CATIA program that will benefit our customers test virtual prototypes of complex, three-dimensional while providing engineering students with the latest objects without constructing actual physical prototypes, CAD/CAM system experience." W while reducing production time and cutting costs. Peebles bequest of $661,SOO-pluS estabushes ag schola,rship _ Abequest of $661,557 by the estate of Charles in the early 1990s. He served as a docent at the Elkhorn 1;./ J-Roland Peebles III (AG JOUR '58) has funded an Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. He never endowment providing scholarships to students majoring in agriculture, with a particular emphasis on supporting those in underrepresented groups. The first scholarship will be awarded in the fall of "Mr. Peebles had a warm spot in his heart for Cal Poly and created a planned gift as his way of giving back," said Mike McCall, director of planned giving and endowments. "Because of his foresight and generosity, the Peebles Endowment is now a permanent part of the College of Agriculture, making the 'Iearn-by-doing' educational experience more available than ever to deserving students." "Charlie loved Cal Poly, pure and simple," said Michael Barr, director of advancement for the College of Agriculture. "He knew it could do for others what it had done for him: _ give an excellent education as well as light the passions and build the skills to be self-supporting." Peebles' entire career was with The Register - Pajaronian in Watsonville. He joined its advertising staff after graduation and worked with the newspaper until he retired Theatre FANS Meet Nearly 700 Friends and Alumni Network of Supporters (FANS) of the Cal Poly Theatre Program met to enjoy a day together during this year's Open House, ending with a banquet and raffle to raise funds for the FANS scholarship. Murray Smith and his wife, Joanne, share conversation at the banquet. Smith was one of the first theatre faculty members at Cal Poly, arriving in the late'5os from the Pasadena Playhouse. He retired in 7987 and continued to serve as a connection to the theatre program's collective past until his death in July. married and had only one relative, a sister. He died in December 1997 at age 65, leaving the bulk of his estate to Cal Poly's College of Agriculture. W If you. are C011$idering a bequest to Cal Poly, the following samp1e ~uest language may be helpful to you l1nd your advisers: I give, devise, and bequeath to The California Polytechnic State University Foundation, a nonprofit corporation located al San Luis Obispo, California, the sum of S (or property herein described) for the following purpose (description of primary purpose, such as student support, faculty support, or specific capital project). For additional information about creating a planned gift to benefit Cal Poly, please call Mike McCall, ).0., director of Planned Giving and Endowments, at 805/ , or toll-free at 800/ For more details on the College of Agriculture, contact Michael Barr at 805/ or toll free at 1/888-CP-SLO-AG ( ). CAL POLY MAGAllNE FALL

22 ADVANCEM N'I' Gifts Creo Inc. of Burnaby, British Columbia, donated a $300,000 Creo Trendsetter 3244 to the Graphic Communication (GrC) Department for digital imaging of plates up to 32 inches by 44 inches. The system willi provide cutting-edge digital educational opportunities for the department's approximately 300 majors, and will also be used for continuing education seminars and by University Graphic Systems (UGS), Cal Poly's student-run printing group. More than $190,000 in gifts and pledges were received to create the annual Baker Forum, which has been founded to mark Warren J. Baker's 20 years as president of Cal Poly and to address crucial issues fac,ing the nation and higher education into the next century. The theme of the first forum, planned for April 2000, will be "The Future of the Polytechnic University." A donation of newsprint by the Smurflt Newsprint Corp. will help the GrC Department keep its web technology lab up to the state of the art and will also be used for the student-produced Mustang Daily and other campus publications. According to Harvey Levenson, GrC Department head, Smurfit's support has "tremendously enhanced" the department's ability to educate students in practical procedures that benefit graduates entering the printing industry. In return, the GrC Department leads seminars for Smurfit staff on web litho newspaper production. Richard Blake, president of Blake Printery and Poor Richard's Press, has established the C. Herold Gregory/ Blake Printery Endowment in the GrC Department. Gregory, a professor emeritus and one of the founders of the department in 1946, also designed Blake Printery's present plant in San Luis Obispo and initiated the concept of Poor Richard's, one of the first privately owned quick-printing neighborhood businesses in the country. He died approximately three years ago, The endowment, which was launched with an initial gift of $10,000, is intended to support GrC program improvements and development. Programmed Solutions Inc. has donated a copy of its Printing Management System software to the GrC Department. The system addresses production and financial management issues from estimating and job planning to scheduling and billing, and includes an Internet connection. Harvey Levenson noted that Programmed Solutions' donation put them in the company of Adobe, Agfa, Apple, Creo, Heidelberg, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, and numerous other organizations as a GrC "Partner in Education." A new GIS (geographic Information systems) lab in Cal Poly's College of Agriculture is up and running and up to date, thanks to key industry donations, including 25 ELSA Gloria video cards valued at more than $36,000 donated by Dell Computer Corp. The cards will allow students to perform computer-aided design functions such as threedimensional renderings that will be used by agribusiness, agricultural engineering, forestry, and natural resources management students. Women's Programs and Services received a gift of $10,000 from a local donor to establish a scholarship recognizing leadership in women's issues. Another local donor has continued to add funds over the years totaling $15,000 in support of an endowment for women's programs. The Mark S. Reullng (CM '89) Memorial Endowment was established with $5,100 by his parents, Edwin and Pamela Reuling, to help fund education programs on mental illness, depression, and bi-polar disorders. A campuswide volleyball tournament raised an additional $3,500. Don Morris (PE '53, MS PE '76), retired professor and associate dean of extended education at Cal Poly, and his wife, Jean, established the Don and Jean Morris Endowment in the Physical Education and Kinesiology Department to provide a stipend to the student director of the Exercise Science and Health Promotion Club and HOWlO CIVE Your contributions to Cal Poly make a difference In so many ways, including funding for scholarships, faculty awards, department programs, and equipment. And you can give through a variety of means, including endowments, bequests, memberships, and matching gifts (Where your donation is multiplied by your ~mployer's). For more information, contact the following offices: University Advancement 805/ Alumni Relations 805/ The Cal Poly Fund 805/ Community and Government Relations 805/ Corporate and Foundation Relations. 805/ Matching Gifts 805/ Major Gifts 805/75~5i9 Planned Giving and Endowments 800/ Associated Students Inc. 805/ Athletic Development 805/ Robert E. Kennedy library 805/ Performing Arts Center 805/ Student Affairs 805/ University Center for teacher Education 805/ College of Agriculture ". 805/ CollegeofArchitecture «Environmental Design 805/ College of Business. 805/ College of Engineering 805/ i College ofliberal Arts'. 805/ Colfege of Science Ii Mathematics 805/ to provide a minimum number of free body-fat tests each year. The Morrises also made a donation to start a student scholarship fund to be named after the oldest living Cal Poly alum. The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation has initiated the installation of an Artios/BARCO CAD/CAM design system. The donation was made possible through several fundraisers in AICC's Region One. Cal Poly was one of several universities to receive scholarship funds from the Powder Coatings Institute. The monies are set up to benefit industrial finishing and polymer science students and academic programs related to powder coating. [D 20 CAL POlY MAGAZINE FAll 1999

23 ADVANCEMENT Life Income Gifts Everett M, and Arlene B, Chandler Richard 0, Schade Victor L Schmidt Richard M, & Joan A, Simpson Endowment Donors THESE INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANIZATIONS CONTRIBUTED $1,000 OR MORE IN , Abbott Laboratories Fund Gordon & Gordon T. Davis Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship San Luis Obispo County Office of Educ Aetna Foundation, Deloittel::l Touche Foundation Foundation Manfred & Jean Sander William Ahlem Ir. 1::1 Carolyn Ahlem Dinwiddie Construction Co KIP Corporation James &joan Sargen loan Akeyson Lee Doble Ir, & Elizabeth Nilsen-Doble leffrey & Carla Land Richard Schade Genevieve Aldrich Du Pont Astrid Larsen Victor Schmidt American Honda Motor Company, Kenneth Edwards Craig & Laura Losee Scitex America Ellis Paint Company William Losee Jr. Kenneth Shamordola Anson Industries, Mark & Deborah Engelien LA Society for Coatings Technology Joyce Shimmon Rick Antle & Karen Antle Environmental Industries, MacMillan Bloedel Paper Sales, Sierra Vista Volunteer Auxiliary Atlas Pacific Engineering Company james 1::1 Kathy Errecarte Edward Silva Ir. Austin Company Daryl & Marguerite Errett Malcolm Media Corporation tarry Silva Philip & Christina Bailey Paul & Linda Esperance Margaret Baylis Revocable Trust Richard Simpson & Joan Simpson Warren & Carly Baker Farmer's Rice Cooperative Patrick & Judy Marsh Robert Smiland Bank of America Foundation Darell Farrer & Vicki Farrer Andrew Martin Margaret Sperber, William Bateman Kenneth Fichthorn Lorenzo McOmie Edeene Sprague Beavers Charitable Trust Fidelity Foundation Lawrence 1::1 Barbara McPherson Mark Stiefel Bechtel Foundation James & Florence Fisher Mechanical Contradoo Coundl of Centra Kenric &. Jeanne Stone Robert Bein Foodsters Andrew Merriam Paul T. &. Moon la Minn Suhr Herman Bender Donald & leannette Fowler John & Sarah Merriam Grace Tevis Bert W. Martin Foundation Robert Fraser Ir, & Shannon Fraser james & Martha Michel Gerha rt Ton n Richard & Marilyn Blake Fresno Area 7 Industry Trust Fund Millennium Inorganic Chemicals William Tuculet 1::1 Katherine Tuculet Dorothy Brown Daniel Fulmer Albert & Martha Montero Irene Turner lohn & Donna Brunello Herbert Gerfen Albert lit Patricia Moriarty Stanley Van Vleck 1::1 Nicole VanVleck Victor Buccola & Sally Ward Buccola Frank Gheui Morley Group, Vines to Wines Club Burgess Pigment Company Louis Ginise Don M. &. Jean Morris S. &. Shirley Walker Cacique Foundation Granite Construction, jerry Mukai & Tina Mukai Charles Walker Calcot-Seitz Foundation John Guidetti Paul & Verla Neel Donald 1::1 Nancy Warmby California Milk Producers H.I. Heinz Company Foundation Alan &. Gaylia M.L Newcomb Winifred Warten David & Kaye Cartnal Richard Hartung Mark & Kathleen Nunnally C. Nicholas Watry III Everett Chandler & Arlene Chandler Harold Hay Philip & Klina Oberti Florence Welles Paul Chang William 1::1 Florence Head Craig Pampeyan Wesley Witten 1::1 Thelma Witten Don & Barbara Chapin Gary &. Gloria Higgins Stephen Patterson & Bambi Cask Paul Wright &. Virginia Wright Charles Cattaneo Trust M. Joyce Hoffman Peninsula Community Foundation Tom 1::1 Nancy Yackle Chevron USA, Bruce & Mary Hubal Robert &. Diane Polley AI &. Ruth Yackle Richard & Sharon Clauss Roland Jacobson Ranchers Cotton Oil Conrad &. Christine Young Construction Employer's Association William & julie Iaeger loseph &. Rhoda Reilly Harold & Judith Cota Norman Jen Rohm & Hass Company DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund John Wiley 1::1 Sons, Claire Russell The Legacy Club has been established to recognize those generous individuals who notify Cal Poly that the university has been Included In their wills or trusts or as the beneficiary of a life Insurance polley. Frieda Agron Louisa I. Blunck Albert E. &. Gloria Copeland James W. &. Florence E. Fisher Raymond S. 1::1 Dolores S. Andrew M, 1::1 Deborah A. Barbara A. Boberg jerry L. Counts H. Richard &. Virginia Flaherty Harwood Allen William V. 1::1 Margaret Botts Robert D. Coverdale Mrs. Millard Fotter lack K. Heilbron &. Mary R. Mary E. Amaral William R, Broadbent Lance P. 1::1 Anita Cross Bill Frecke Limoges Robert T. Anderson Martha I. Brock Lew 1::1 Sandy Cryer AI & Mary Fran Fryer lohn C. &. Laura Hershey M. Richard 1::1 joyce I. Andrews Frisbie V. Brown John L. 1::1 Barbara Dawson Daniel C. Fulmer Richard D. & Penni Hulsey Richard j. Andrews Helga R. Carden Forrest E. Deaner lack M. &. Martha Fulton Darlene Hutchison Philip C. Armstrong Lark P. 1::1 Jean V. Carter Michael W. &. Susan Deisenroth lohn R. Furtado, Ir. &. Maria Everett C. &. Ruth Opallahr Linda K. Ashworth Everett M, &. Arlene B. Lori A. DeMatteis T. McCuliough.Furtado Ethelyn lohnson, Anna B, Aven Josephine G. Avila Chandler Don & Barbara Chapin Richard R. &. Marilyn Denno Lee A. Doble Ir. Kenneth D. &. Gay Gerlack lames &. Judy M. Gillivan Karen L. joseph Mary H. King Aaron A. 1::1 Lyn C. Baker Thomas T. 1::1 Lucia T. Chou Eric Doepel Charles D. &. Neva S. Glenn Omer L &. Claudia King, Jr. Robert P, Balles William 0, &. Helena Chow Katherine Estelle Daniel W. &. Karen Hancock Steven T. Kobara Ben M. Beesley Michael A. 1::1 Kristi K. William D. Evans &. Ardis Charles I. &. Marjorie L. Hanks Kenneth M, & Patricia S. Richard A. Bergquist &. Lynn Coffman Perkins David W. Hannings Kohlen Loughry Bergquist Terry D. 1::1 Marybeth H. Cook Allen L. 1::1 Joan w. Evans Edna E. Harrison leanne larson CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL

24 ADVANC M NT Cal Poly legacy Club (contlnuedl. Una C. Laumann Eugene C. &. Ethel A Lenz William R. &. Katherine E. Livesay Donald F, Markewich Glen A. &. Maryann Matteson David E, &: Claire W. McFeely Bruce &. Geraldine McKay George C. McMahan Robert D. &. Maggie McMillion Lorenzo McOmie Alex Merendino &. Colleen Andrews Merendino John L. &. Sarah G. Merriam lames D. &. Martha ). Michel Betty E. Middlecamp Thomas E. Mitch J. L. Moore Albert S. &. Patricia R. Moriarty, Jr. Donald M, &. Jean I. Morris Christ Mueller M. Bradley &. Judith A. Munn Harold G, &. Mae Newman Seiichi &. Katherine S. ado Donald H. &. Cynthia Osborne Peter M. &. Diane Oser Philip H, Overmeyer Alice Parks Nelson Donald R. &: Ann Patton Steven R, &. Carol Pearson Delbert Petersen John A Reed The Reinhold Foundation Ruth B. Renihan Irene G, Rogers Kenneth L. &: Sara Rothmuller Fred C. &: Pauline Schack Richard O. Schade Victor L. Schmidt Robert L. &: Martha E. Scofield Barbara A. Scott Daniel L. &. Rosie Segur Friedl Semans Larry &. Glenda Shupnick Ion D. &. Kathryn S. Silverman Laurie A. Simerson Richard M. &: loan Simpson lames &: Norma Sinton Maxwell H. & Helen Smith Virginie B. Smith Jack & Alice Spaulding Edeene A Sprague Arline Steinert Michael G. C. Suchyta Jon M. Talbott Grace K. Tevis Yosef L. &: Sheila L. Tiber Raymond L. Travers James W. &. Nancy Troxel Basil R. &. Audrey Twist David G, Vandermolen Charles A. &. Susan Vencill loan Verdugo Shirley H. Walker John S. &: Roberta Ward Winifred G. Warten Robert G. Wayne, Jr. Florence B. Welles Mary L. White Frances L. White F. Scott &: Clarli Wilson Dennis H. Woodrich lanice K. Wright Paul E. &: Virginia P. Wright Steven H. Yoneda Paull. Zingg &: Candace Slater Cal Poly thanks all of the generous corporations, foundations, and organizations, both public and private, that helped the university maintain Its margin of excellence by donating equipment and cash gifts In THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED $1,000,000+. Cadence Design Systems, International Business Machines Watkins-Johnson Company Corporation THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $100,000 - $ AG. Spanos Cal Poly Foundation Hewlett Packard Company Reinhold Foundation Aldec Creo Products, Microsoft Corporation Stanford Telecommunications, Bank of America Foundation Dunn-Edwards Corporation Network Equipment BARCO Artios Foundation for the Technologies, Xerox Corporation USA Performing Arll Ctr THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $25,000 $99,999. Adept Technology, City of San Luis Obispo Guidant Foundation, Northrop Grumman Southern CA Paint &: Coating Dell Computer Corporation Corporation Association, Agricultural Education Dinwiddie Construction CO H.J, Heinz Company Foundation O. H. Kruse Grain & Milling Sun Microsystems Foundation Du Pont Haas Automation, Dread Foundation, Amgen Foundation Eastman Kodak Company Hearst Foundation, Parker Hannifin Foundation Symantec Corporation Anonymous Donor Fluor Foundation Lockheed Martin Corporation Programmed Solutions, Syntex Corporation Beavers Charitable Trust Foster Farms Foundation Tanimura &: Antle, Bently Nevada Corporation Foundation of the Litton Macromedia, Rohm &. Hass Company Boeing Industries Neal-Truesdale Insurance, San 'luis Obispo Downtown TRW Foundation Chevron USA, Granite Construction, Centre, LLC UPS Package Lab Smiland Paint Company THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $10,000 - $ Academy of Model Dairy Institute of California Foodsters Malcolm Media Corporation Quantum Corporation Aeronautics, Deloitte & Touche Foundation Fujitsu Compound Markzware Software, Rhone Poulenc Ag Company Air Liquide America Don Chapin Company, Semiconductor, Scitex America Corporation Maxim Integrated Products, Sence Foundation Alcon Surgical, Dow Chemical Company General Plastics Smurfit Newsprint Corporation Anastasi Construction Foundation Manufacturing Mechanical Contractors Solectron Corporation Company, EI Corral Bookstore Hilmar Cheese Company, Council of Centra Stockholm School of Apple Computer, Eli Lilly & Company Millennium Inorganic Economics Basic Vegetable Products Foundation Intel Foundation Chemicals SunWest Foods, California Egg Commission Environmental Horticultural joseph Shinoda Memorial Miscellaneous Library Donors Thoma Electric, California League of Food Sci Club Scholarship Foundation Pacific Gas & Electric U. S. Dept. of Agriculture Processors Epicor Software Corporation Julio R. Gallo Foundation Corporation ARS WRRC Clauss Dairy Farms Ernst &: Young Foundation JBL Specialty Chemical, Peninsula Community Unocal Foundation Construction Employer's Farmer's Rice Cooperative Foundation Vines to Wines Club Association Firestone Grill KSBY Television PepsiCo Foundation, Wal Mart Foundation DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fletcher Jones Foundation Lansmont Corporation Western Digital Corporation Fund THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $1,000 - $9,999. bfgc Architects, Planners, Abbott Laboratories Fund Airtech International, AlliedSignal Foundation, American Honda Motor Adobe Systems, Company, A-G Sod Farms, Aetna Foundation, Alamo Pintado Equine Clinic AltaMira Group American Institute for Foreign Study 22 CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999

25 ADVANCEMENT American Medical Design Anderson Consulting Group Andros Engineering Corporation Anson Industries, Antelope Ranch Company Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation Atlas Pacific Engineering Company Austin Company Ayco Charitable Foundation ARCO Foundation, B& REquipment, Inc Barbich, Longcrier, Hooper, & King Bartlett Tree Foundation Baxter Allegiance Foundation Bay City Flower Company, Bechtel Foundation Behr Process Corporation Bell Industries, Benchmark Landscape Construction, Beringer Wine Estates Big Creek Lumber Company Blake Printing & Publishing, Bonita Packing Company Breeze Burgess Pigment Company Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company BI02 International Cacique Foundation Cagwin & Dorward Cal Poly Alumni Association Cal Poly Alumni Boosters Modesto Caleot-Seitz Foundation California Assoc. Future Farmers of Am. California Building Industry Foundation California Creamery Operators Assn., California Dairy Industries Southern Sec Association California Farm Bureau Federation California Holstein Association California Milk Producers California Rare Fruit Growers California Retired Teachers Association California State University California Tomato Research Institute Cannon Associates, Cargill, Castlerock Development Central Coast Agriculture Consultants Central Coast Funds for Children Century Tubes, THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $1,000 - $9,999 (continued). Certified Management Company Charles Pankow Builders Chela Financial, Cisco Foundation Clarkson Company Clorox Company Community Foundation of Riverside County Computers and Structures, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Cordis Webster, Crystal Springs Water Company Cuningham Group Cypress Semiconductor ClEF CKS Business Services, Davey Tree Expert Company Delphi Energy Management Systems Dickey-john Corp. Distinguished Order of Zerocrats Double I Dairy Double M Farms Dow Jones & Company, Duke Energy Morro Bay L.L.c. DK&A, DMK, DRAMM Corporation ECLoomis & Son Insurance Earl B. Gilmore Foundation Eberle Winery Education Foundation, ' Edward Silva & Sons, EI Camino Building Supply, Ellis Paint Company Elmer H. Brown, Ir. D.D.S. Enron Energy Services Environmental Care, Environmental Care, Environmental Industries, Environmental Monitoring Company, Ernie Ball, Ethyl Corporation Evans Land & Cattle Company Exxon Education Foundation EM Software F. Michael Wong Foundation FaciliCorp Fair Isaac Farmers Warehouse Company Farrell Smyth, Fidelity Foundation Fidelity National Title Company Flex Products Foothill Cyclery Foundry Educational Foundation Fresno Area 7Industry Trust Fund FUji Photo Film U.S.A., FND of Inti Assn of Food Ind Suppliers, General Dillingham Produce Industries General Electric Foundation GenCorp Foundation, Geokon Gillette Company Glenn Burdette Phillips & Bryson Golden Acre Farms, Gravure Education Foundation, Greg Muscio Properties Grimmway Farms Grupe Operating Company Guardian Insurance Agency Gutenberg Expositions GTE Foundation HEAnderson Co., Hares & Company Harris Investment Properties Harvey's Resort Hotel/Casino Hayashi & Wayland Accountancy Corp. Helena Chemical Company Heritage Oaks Bank Hill Partnership, Hock Family Foundation, Humboldt Area Foundation Injection Technical Control Jack and Mark Stiefel Dairy James A. Quaglino, James I. Regan, Attorney at Law John W. Lacey & Sons Ranch John Wiley & Sons, JCR Enterprises K-F Seeds K-OTIER FM K/P Corporation Kenneth Pollard Farms Kenneth Rodrigues & Partners, Kent Construction Kimley-Hom & Associates, King R. Lee & Associates Kiwanis Club of Shafter Kuumann & Associates, KCBX Radio Station KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation KTGY Group, Lafayette Tree & Landscape, Land 0 Lakes LandCare USA Company Laws Hobby Center Linda I. Ridenour Foundation Lompoc Valley Botanic &. Horticultural Los Angeles Flower Market Amer Florist, Limited Los Angeles Society For Coatings Technol Los Lecheros Dairy Club LA Society for Coatings Technology M. F. Rosa Dairy Machine Shop MacMillan Bloedel Paper Sales, Material l Handling Education Foundation, Mattson & Company McCrometer Corporation McGrew-Philipp Family Foundation McLarand, Vasquez & Partners Medtronic Foundation Metrowerks Corporation Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Mise Friends of Performing Arts Center Mitsubishi International Corporation Moriarty Enterprises Morley Group, Morning Star Packing Company Mothers Tavern Muller Family Foundation Mycotech Corporation MPI Consulting Group National Pro-Am Youth Fund National Semiconductor Corporation Nationwide Papers Nestle Food Corporation Nevada Power Company New West Communications NewCon Concrete Construction, Norman George Construction Nortel Northern California Turf & Landscape Company Novartis Crop Protection, NACME Oak Park Manor Oberti Manufacturing Olan Kailgel Orange County Wine Society OrCAD Ozawa R&D, Pacific Summit Development Company Partee Insurance Associates, Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation Paso Robles GMC Peluso Cheese, Petroleum Packaging Council, Philip Morris Companies, Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Company Phone Center Photoflex Pi Alpha Xi, Upsilon Chapter Poly Processing Company Polymerland, Powder Coating Institute Power Engineering Contractors, Price Waterhouse Coopers 'llp Produce Services of America, Puffin Designs, Pyramid Flowers, PMMI Education & Training Foundation Quantum Instruments, QRF Marketing Company, LTD Rademaker Design Rain and Hail Insurance Service, Rain Bird Sales, Rain For Rent Ranchers Cotton Oil Raytheon Company Reeves Brothers, Robert Bein, William Frost, & Assoc Foundation Robert C. Marshall, M.D., Robert H. Janssen Foundation, Rockwell Corporation Trust Rossetti Company Rossi Foundation Ryder Stilwell, S. G.Foundation San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, San Luis Obispo County Office of Educ San Luis Podiatry Group, San Luis Ready Mix ScenicSoft, Scotts Company Sea View Ranch LLC Sean Devine MD, Seiler & Company LLP Semiconductor Safety Association Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Sierra Vista Volunteer Auxiliary Silicon Graphics Skyway Engineering, Software Services CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL

26 ADVANC MENT THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $1,000 - $9,999 (continued). Solar Turbines, SportlVorks, T SChan Nursery, True Link, vvebcor Builders Sorrento Cheese Company St john Knits Design Center US Navy-Naval Surface Wells Fargo Foundation South Coast Plaza Expansion Star Nine Technologies, Target Stores Warfare West 12 Ranch Southern California Edison Teradyne, UST, Western Farm Service, Southern California Gas State Farm Companies Texaco, Valley NationaLease Company Foundation Thums Long Beach Company Varian Associates, Westland Farf]1s Southern Califomia Steno Wolf Associates Times Mirror Foundation Vinnell Foundation Yahoo!, Institute/Food Teohn SBC Foundation Tishman Construction Vista del Monte Farms Yellow Dog Society of the Souza Construction, SLO County Integrated Corporation of CA Walt Disney Company Dairy & Food, Waste Management Toro Ag Irrigation Foundation Ziatech Corporation Spears Manufacturing SLX International, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Warwick International Group 3M Foundation Company SMP /SHG, Limited THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $250 - $999. A.J. Quist Dairy Boggiatto Produce, Conflict Resolution Program Fred C. Gloeckner & Innovative Plantscapes Adrian Architects Associates Bravo Developments of the Centr Company, Innovum Advance Metallurgical Brian Powell Ex Associates Contec Industries, French Family Foundation Interior Plant Design Consultants Bridgestone/Firestone Trust County of San Luis Obispo FMC Foundation IMC Global, Advanced Micro Devices Fund Creative Woodwork G.L.R. Associates, Aegon USA, Bronco Wine Company Crosstown Productions G.S. Engineering, I & I Farms I W Design & Construction, Agricultural Products, Buehler Ex Buehler Assoe. Crown Auto Sales and Gachina Landscape Structural Engr, Leasing Management j. M. Degen and Company, AgrEvo USA Company Bullock's Countryscapes Cummins Engine Foundation General Mills Foundation Alessi & Associates, Ine. Bunnell Construction D & Ejersey General Motors Foundation james Ahlem Dairy Alexandre Dairy BRS Architects Daniel C. Lavery Attorney at George Grossi & Son Dairy james O. Woodbury, D.D.S. Allflex USA, Cafe Roma Law Gerrit Griifioen Dairy Jennings & Associates, Alpine Landscapes Cal Poly Alumni Assoc Danish Creamery Association Glenn N. Almquist Structural Alta Dena Certified Dairy Cal Poly Golf Club David Te Velde Dairy Engineer Jensen Landscape Services, Altemative Energy Designs, California Agriculture Davis Machine Shop, Golden One Credit Union Production Association Goldman, Sachs Ex Company lett-gardner Polled Shorthorns Amigos De Los Ninos California Angus Association Davit Family Partnership Good Family Shorthorns John H Coon Engineering Anderson Brule Architects, California Central Coast Decorative Plant Service Great American Security Contractor, Geranium Club Company Greenheart Farms, John Henry Company Anderson Logging, California Community Dei Brothers johnson & johnson Family of Foundation Deluxe Corporation GLUMAC Engineers, Companies Andrew & Williamson Sales California junior Limousin Foundation johnson/lyman Architects Company, Association Design Master Habitat West JMS Consulting Apio, California Junior Shorthorn DeLong Construction Hall & Hieatt Attorneys At Law Kaddy Products Applied Materials, Association Dillingham Construction Halliburton Foundation, Kaiser Sand & Gravel California Landscape Dioptics Medical Products Company Applied Signal Technology, Contractors Assn, Distinctive Floor Coverings Hans Nagel Nur;ery Keller-Mitchell & Co, Dow Corning Corporation Hardee Consulting AquaGen Corporation California Landscape Duckworth Environmental Harold Dragt & Sons Dairies Kercher Harvesting, Arterial Vascular Engineering, Contractors Services, LLC Association Dwayne R. Burbach DDS- Harrah's Entertainment, Kibblewhite Precision Assoe. Underwriters of California Occidental Dental Corporation Machining America Agenc, Consultants Dynamax, Harte-Hanks Communications, Kirby Cattle Company Ausonio California State Grange EdVenture Partners Kragen Auto Azevedo Dairy, California State Park Rangers Elk Grove Theatre Company Hellmann Construction Kruse Feed & Supply, AG-WAG Agricultural Services Association Emerald City Company AGRx Calypso Bar & Grill, English Harper Reta Architects Herbrandson Engines, KMN Architect AIM Vandenberg Section CalWest Rain Epitaxial Products, KQ]Z-FM AIMS LLC Cameron N. Hopkins, D.D.S. Eugene CaHese Farms Hesketh Growers KVEC AM 920 Radio News ALPAC, Southern California Carson Landscape Industries Evergreen Interiors Hewitt Associates LLC KXTZ The California Sound Chapter Caterpillar Foundation Excelsior Farms Hoekstra Dairy 95.3 AM-PAT, Cattaneo Brothers, F. McLintocks Saloon Hone}'\vell Foundation L& RBozzano, AT&T Foundation Chicago Title Company Fairplex Hughes Electronics Lake Company B.j. Perch Construction Children's Creative Learning Fanno Saw Works Humphrey Strategic Land 0' Lakes Foundation Bakersfield Pipe & Supply Centers, Farmers Insurance Group of Communications Landscape Images Bar 71 Ranch Chubb Corporation Companies Hyper-Tech Lathrop Company Barber-Colman Company Cigna Foundation Ferrari Club of America HMS Group Lawrence Cox Ranches Bay Networks, Citicorp Foundation Fiske Landscaping, HPD Cambridge, Lawrence M. Annis Insurance Belcher Farms, Classic Plant Design Florasource, Limited Idler's Appliance Leal Breeding Services, Bestfoods Clover-Stornetta Farms, Flying U Rodeo Company Imperial MuHler & Welding Bill Kamps Farms, Flynn Cattle Company Specialist Lee & Sakahara Architects BioCom/lrricom Coalesce Bookstore Ford Motor Company Fund Indoor Design Plant Service A.IA, Boething Treeland Farms, Coca-Cola USA Fred & Terri Valol' Family Farms Inlogard Laboratories, Lee Ruth Ex Associates Concord Farm Bureau Center 24 CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999


28 A. Cal Poly Cap. This cap is in a league of its own. Embroidered 100% brushed cotton twill. Tan with olive brim. One size; adjustable cloth strap. $' 6.99 B. Reversible Jacket. Show 'em you're a Mustang fan inside and out! Nylon shell features embroidery on front and back. Reverses to heavyweight fleece with "Cal Poly" imprint. Features a hood and full-zip front. Forest/ash or navy/ash. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $89.99 C. Classic Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt. A campus classic. Features tackle twill lettering, drawstring hood, and pouch pocket. 50% cotton/50% polyester. Forest green or ash. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $44.99 D. Pro-Weave Heavyweight Sweatshirt. Cal Poly fans with extra spirit will appreciate this hooded sweatshirt's extra-'iong cuffs and waist. Bar design features tackle twill and embroidery. 80% cotton/20% polyester. Ash. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $54.99 E. Classic Fleece Tackle Twill F. Pique Polo Shirt. A clubhouse G.TLC Floral' Band Shirt. H. Contrast Trim Sweatshirt. Sweatshirt. Tackle twill lettering. classic. Embroidered left chest. A spirited tee with a tropical twist. Support Cal Poly in casual style. 85% cotton/15% polyester. Oxford. 100% preshrunk cotton. Dark green. Imprinted. 100% preshrunk cotton. Embroidered left chest. 75% cottonl S, M, L, XL, XXL. $39.99 S, M, L, XL, XXL. $29.99 Oxford. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $ % polyester. Ash with navy trim. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $39.99

29 o. Logo Cap. Ideal toppers for any Mustang ensemble. Embroidered CP logo on front. 100% cotton. Green or navy. One size; adjustable. $16.99 P. Cal Poly Hooded Sweatshirt. Cool nights by the beach are no sweat in this hooded sweatshirt. "Cal Poly" imprint. double-layered hood, and pouch pocket. SO% cotton/so% polyester. Ash. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $29.99 Q. Cal Poly Basic T-Shirt. A basic tee that's basically great! "Cal Poly" imprint. 100% cotton. Navy or oxford. S, M, L. XL, XXL. $10.99 R. Classic Fleece Sweatpants. Great for running the track or running to class. "Cal Poly" imprint on left leg. SO% cotton/so% polyester. Ash. S, M, L, XL. XXL. $24.99 ~PoLY SAN luisobispq K S.Alumni Pique Polo Shirt. This T. Cal Poly T-Shirt. A Mustang embroidered polo lets you hit the must-have! "Cal Poly" imprint. fairway in fashion. 100% preshrunk 100% cotton. Forest green. cotton. Ash. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $32.99 S, M, L, XL, XXL. $10.99 U.V-Notch Sweatshirt. The mark of a true champion. Double tackle twill lettering and embroidery. 80% cottonl 20% polyester. Ash. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $54.99 V. Legacyl!l Cap. This classic cap, worn by the CP players of the 1940's, celebrates the rich Mustang tradition. Felt applique CP logo. 100% wool. Green. One size; adjustable. $19.99 W.Alumni Cap. Display your loyalty to your alma mater. Features oval alumni logo. 100% cotton. Charcoal. One size; adjustable. $18.99 X.Afghan. Features the Cal Poly seal, clock tower, and many other campus landmarks. 100% cotton yarn. 48" x 6S". $59.99

30 DO. White Bar Cap. There are no holds barred on your Mustang loyalties. Embroidered. 100% cotton. White. One size; adjustable. $14.99 EE-FF. Jansport Long-Sleeved T-Shirts. Long on style and comfort. Imprinted. 100% cotton. White. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $22.99 EE. Bar Design. FF. Alumni. GG. Straw Hat. Woven straw hat features green bandanna with embroidered Cal Poly logo. One size fits all. $24.99 HH. Mustang T-Shirt. Imprinted logo. 100% preshrunk cotton. Oxford, navy, white, or dark green. S, M, L. XL, XXL. $ ,1.TLC Cal Poly Beach Club T-Shirt. Join an elite club. "Cat Poly Beach Club" imprint on left chest and back. 100% cotton. White. S, M, L, XL, XXL. $14.99 JJ. Tube Socks. Feature embroidered "Cal Poly" and the Cal Poly Mustang. Cotton/elastic.White. Size large. $6.99 KK. Mesh Shorts. A varsity favorite. "Cal Poly" imprint and drawstring waist. 1'00% nylon mesh. Gold. S, M, L. XL, XXL. $21.99 LL. Coffee Mug. Fill this mug with team spirit; or maybe just coffee and hot chocolate. Features "Cal Poly" and university seal. Ceramic. Green. $9.99 MM-OO. Cal Poly Glassware. Raise a glass to Cal Poly! Imprinted university seal. MM.Tankard Glass. $9.99 NN. Wine Glass. $ Pint Glass. $6.99 PP. Key Ring. Keep hold of your key to success! Splitwire key ring proudly displays engraved university seal. 23-kt. gold plating. $19.99 QQ. Ornament. Deck the halls with Mustang spirit. Features CP logo, "Cal Poly;' and the Cal Poly Mustang. Hand painted in Poland. Glass. 12 1/2" round. $29.99 On Our Cover: IA. Oval Logo Cap. A great look from top to bottom' Featur'es embroidered Cal Poly oval logo. 100% cotton. Tan/brown. One size; adjustable. $16.99 IB. Golden Bear" Leather Jacl<et. The ultimate statement of style. Soft leather sleeves and handsomely u'immed leather' pockets adorn this felt-lettered lacket. Wool/leather with quilted lining. S. M. L. XL. XXL. $ C. Double Felt Crewnecl( Sweatshirt. Soft, double felt "Cal Poly" lettering highlights this stylish crew. 85% cotton/i 5% polyester. Oxford. S. M. L. XL. XXL. $39.99 I Cor al Fax Orders: (805) ookstore Web Site: To Order by Mail Mail completed order form to; EI Corral Bookstore California Polytechnic State San Luis Obispo, CA Telephone Orders: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-4 p.m., PST EI Corral oiters high-quality merchandise. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will gladly exchange any item within 30 days. POSTAGE & HANDLING Ship to: Name _ Ground Add $7.00 Address _ 2nd Day Air I Add $14.50 Outside City State Zip _ Continental U.S. Add $17.00 Daytime Phone ( Need more lines to orded Aa:a.ch additional sh~ts of paper. Prices and avil.lbbinty su~ect to change without notice. Description Calor Price Ea. Postage & Handling I i Subtotal METHOD OF PAYMENT Sales Tax Visa 0 MasterCard 0 Discover TOTAL ' American Express 0 Check or Money Order PLEASE NOTE; Sorry. no C.0.0. order' accepted. Make chedc.s payable to; EI Corral Bookstore. Items ordered together are not necessarity shipped together. We will ship your order promptly or notify you of any expected delay. Card # Exp. Date _ We ship all orders by UPS. Signature No P.O. boxes. please. Gift cards and gift wrap are available for a nominal fee upon request.

31 ADVANCEMENT Lincoln Lue Associates Architect 'Lombardo Group tongs Drug Store Longs Drug Stores Loral Space Systems, Lotus Development Corporation LAM Research Corporation M.e. Loudon Company Machado Dairy Macro Plastics, Madonna Inn Marquez Brothers International, Materials Solutions, Matthew Y. Kim, D.D.S. McCarthy's Grill McDonalds McKellar Ranch Company, McKesson Foundation, Melo Machine & Manufacturing Merrill Lynch &: Co. Foundation, Mike Cole Farms Miscellaneous Agriculture Donors Miscellaneous Dance Donors Mobil Foundation, Monsanto Company Monterey Chemical Company Morris & Garritano Insurance Motional Realms LLC MONAERO Engineering Nancy L. Luke CPA Nationwide Insurance Enterprise Foundation New York Life Foundation THESE CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DONATED FROM $999 (continued), New York Times Company Foundation, North American Limousin Foundation Nyman Brothers Occidental Petroleum Charitable Fndl., Office Helper Products Oleson Microwave Labs Ollimac Dairy, Pacific Erectors Pamela M. Dassenko, D.D.S. Park Rangers Association of California PeopleSoft Pepsi Cola Company Peterson Caterpillar Pfizer, Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation Philips Electronics North America Corp Phillip Kissel MD Pitigliano Farms Plantlnterscapes, Plant Sciences, Plantco, Plantel Nurseries Prototyping & Development Heuristics, Pybas Vegetable Seed Company, PACCAR Foundation Quaglino Roofing Qualcomm, RC Foster Corporation R.C. Benson & Sons, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company R.W. james Packaging Corporation Rancho Teresita Dairy Rantec Microwave and Electronics, Raychem Corporation Rickert Agricultural Services, River Way Western Company Rodney B. Spears Structural Engineer Rossini Farming Company, Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Royal Robbins, Russ Feilzer & Associates Russell & Mainini, L.L.P, CPAs RMC Lonestar S.D. Seifert Company San Luis Mailing Service San Luis Obispo County Farm Supply Company Sands Liquor &: Deli Sanesco Oil Company Santa Fe Farms Scoll Bros. Dairy Sempra Energy Sig M Haddad, Attorney at Law Simold, Smithers-Oasis USA SmithKline Beecham Foundation Sony USA Foundation, Sparrowk Livestock Speedling, Spliting Rock Ranch Sprint Foundation SI. jude Medical, Stellar Solutions Foundation Steven Willey Farms Steven's Printing Supplyside Products Sweet Haven Dairy, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, SLOChem SOH & Associates Structural Engineers Takken Family Charitable Foundation Talley Farms Tanks-a-Lot Tas-Comm, Tehachapi Wind Fair Teixeira Foods, Teixeira Show Steers Tektronix Foundation Temple-Inland Foundation Textbook Recyclers Teyssier Engineering, Theatre Service And Supply Thomas e. Christensen, P.E. Thomas e. Schoenbaum D.D.S. Thomas Consulting Services TIme Warner, Tom Dorsey Chevron Tom See and Associates Toombs & Assoc Engineering Specialists, TopFlavor Farms, Tropical West Designs Tyco Submarine Systems Ltd. U.S. Bancorp Foundation U.S. Rentals, Uesugi Farms, Underwriters Laboratories, United Services Automobile Association United States Borax, United Technologies United Way of San Luis Obispo County, US West Foundation Valley Equine Veritas Software Corporation Village Family Dental Office W& J Dairy We. Davis Farms W.F. Kane Company Ww. Grainger, Warren's Nursery Waterman Industries, Watkins-Johnson Company Watry Design Group Weatherby-Reynolds Consulting Engineers, Western Asset Management Company Westpak, Westside Vineyards, Wickstrom jersey Farms, VViid Horse Winery & Vineyard William D. Bevier Structural Engineer, William H. Cilker Family Foundation Wixom Trucking Company World-Wide Sires, Xilinx, XK'S Unlimited Yellow Rose Ranch Yurosek Consulting, Kom Corporation 8 - Mile Ranch lames & Carol Ahlem Scolly Allen judith Andrews Mallhew & Susan Andros Rick Antle & Karen Antle Sterling Ball john Barber Richard &: Carol Barrett Andrew Bossom William Boynton & Rosalie Boynton Leigh Brecheen Chris & Emilia Buckalew Matthew & Barbara Butterworth Susan Castaing In-kind gifts valued at $1,000 or more from Individuals are listed. These may Include art collections, computer equipment, tractors, horses, etc. Gaylord & Marcelline Chizek Homer Clees Mark Cruse Glenn & Debbie Drake Mark Duffell Steven & Candis Duffy janice Engle e. Baring Farmer Shirley Foley W Fox Jr. Rodney Fragodt Lawrence Frey Douglas & Kay Genereux Val & Sandra Gillespie Ralph Gragg & Mickey Gragg Judy Hall Phil Hudson Mark Lacey & Brenda Lacey john & Dee Lacey Marge Lamica Elizabeth Law Scolt Lean Emanuel & Marjorie Levy Scoll Loosley & Patricia Loosley Walter Mark jerry McClure Frank & Barbara McCrary Homer & Emma McCrary Thomas & Biruta McShane Donn Miyahara David Moore Dennis Morris & Debby Morris Paul Palek Kristin Pankhurst Norman Pillsbury & Connie Pillsbury Brian Ponting Pierre &Terri Rademaker Tony Ramos Charles Reid Louise Ribero William Roden Marcus Rudnick David Schaffner Peter & Gay Schlegel Larry & Brenda Schoennauer Louis & Mary Semon Steven Soderberg I. 8< Susan Stenovec Clifton & L. lane Swanson John Tracy Ernie & joan Ulibarri Robert & Heather Urich jack & lera Varian john Warner Terry 8< Lisa Wellman Leo Wesselink Michael Wollman Conrad & Christine Young john lorger & joyce lorger CAL POLY MAGAZINE FAll

32 ADVANC MENT For almost 100 years Cal Poly has provided a top-quality education to thousands of talented young men and women. The university has built a solid reputation and Is nationally recognized for Its excellent faculty, outstanding students, and Innovative programs. Our Partners In Excellence members help ensure that Cal Poly maintains this margin of excellence through the support of our programs. The President'S Circle MEMBERS OF THE PRESIDENT'S CIRCLE ARE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WHO DONATED $20,000+ IN , OR $200,000+ OVER A LIFETIME. 'Denotes lifetime membership 'M. Richard Andrews & Joyce Andrews Richard Ii Sharon Clauss 'lames G. Boswell Foundation Richard Schade 'Rick & Karen Antle Kenneth Edwards Rich Ii Bobbie Loomis Victor Schmidt 'Josephine Avila james & Kathy Errecarte 'Lorenzo McOmie Alex Ii Faye Spanos Dave & Vicki Billingsly Allen & loan Evans 'John Ii Sally Merriam 'Keith Tanimura 'James & Rosalind Boswell 'George & Sue Foster Robert & Mary Neal Lucy Thomas Frisbee & Kathleen Brown 'Tom Foster 'Richard Ii Donna O'Neill Donald Ii Nancy Warmby Robin Baggett & Barbara Baggett 'Harold Hay Richard J. O'Neill Foundation Wes Ii Thelma Witten Robert Ii joan Cardoza 'H.R. & E.l. Hay Charitable Trust 'Frank Ii Laura lee Pilling 'Everett Ii Arlene Chandler Dick Hartung 'Mary Reinhold The President's Round Table MEMBERS OF THE PRESIDENT'S ROUND TABLE ARE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WHO DONATED $5,000, HAVE MADE $ OR MORE IN LIFETIME GIFTS, OR THOSE WHO ARE CHARTER MEMBERS OF THE ROUND TABLE AND CONTRIBUTED IN 'Denotes lifetime membership Dennis Ii Karen d'autremont Mark & Deborah Engelien Vicki Mazzei Richard Ii joan Simpson William Ahlem Jr. Ii Carolyn Ahlem 'lames Ii Kathy Errecarte 'George McMahan 'lames Ii Norma Sinton loan Akeyson Darrell & Vicki Farrer Francis Ii Patricia McNamara 'Maxwell Ii Helen Smith Genevieve Aldrich james & FlorenceFisher'Alex Ii Colleen Merendino George Ii Gloria Soares Peter Ii jeanette Andre Donald Ii Gladys Fiske Andrew Merriam 'Alex Ii Faye Spanos Ralph Ii Jane Anthony Donald & Jeannette Fowler 'Robert Meyer Paul Sterne Christopher Antonio 'Robert & Marie Gall'o lames Ii Martha Michel Robert Ii Marcella Stilwell 'Philip Ii Ardis Armstrong 'Thomas & Karyn Gallo Albert Ii Patricia Moriarty Paul Ii Moon Ja Minn Suhr 'Robin Baggett Ii Barbara Baggett Frank Ghezzi Don M. Ii Jean Morris Grace Tevis Philip Ii Christina Bailey Charles Ii Neva Glenn Walter Ii Sheila Muller William Thoma Ii jennifer Thoma Sterling Ball M. joyce Hoffman 'Robert Ii Mary Neal 'Yosef Ii Sheila Tiber 'Stuart Ii Ian Bartleson Richard Ii Julie Hood Alan Ii Gaylia M.l. Newcomb William Tuculet Ii Katherine Tuculet Bobby Ii Christine Beathard 'Howard C. Brown Family Trust Gerald Ii Gail Overaa Donald "Dutch" Ii Gladys Van Richard Ii Lynn Bergquist 'David Ii Diane Hyde Gerald Ii Margaret Peterson Harreveld Robert Blackburn Jr. 'J Ii M Brock Living Trust Burt Ii Virginia Polin 'David Vandermolen Richard & Marilyn Blake Norman len B. LPrince Ii Susan Prince Ernesto Vasquez Alcide Bonin & Elinor Bonin Mae Nuss Karns George Ramos Shirley Walker 'Martha Brock Joe Ii Diana Kitagawa 'Ruth Renihan Winifred Warten 'Howard Brown jeff Ii Carla Land Edward Rice Nicholas Watry Joe Ii Jayne Buskuhl Bill Ii Jean lane Kenneth Ii Debbie Rodrigues Edward Ii Marjorie Whitney Brian Cameron Astrid Larsen Robin Rossi Ii Laurie Rossi John Wingate Michael Ii Sandra Cannon Robert Ii Maggie Leach 'Kenneth Ii Sara Rothmuller Paul Wright & Virginia Wright David Ii Kaye Cartnal King Ii Brenda Lee 'Manfred Ii Jean Sander Gerald Ii Sheila Wroblewski Don Ii Barbara Chapin Craig Ii Laura Lossee lames &loan Sargen Robert &Kathleen Wulf H. David Ii Jan Crowther 'Harriet Luckman David Shade Yackle Family Trust Michael & Susan Deisenroth 'Luckman Family Trust Paul & Patricia Shirley Conrad Ii Christine Young lesa Duncan John Ii Janice Maher Shirley Family Charitable Foundation Paul Ecke Ir. Ii Marie de St. Croix Patrick Ii Judy Marsh Betty Silverman The Centennial society MEMBERS OF THE CENTENNIAL SOCIETY ARE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WHO DONATED FROM $ $4,999. James Ii Sandra Aberer Neil & Christene Bray Bryan & Lisa Corcoran David Ii Judy Eitman Paul Goodholm Ii Jane Rick & Pam Ackel lohn Ii Donna Brunello Harold Ii Judith Cota Donald Ii Marguerite Erickson Goodholm John Ii Betty Addink Gregory Ii Vickie Bryant Beatrice Davis Elaine Erickson Robert Graf Ii Joanna Graf Richard Ii Jane Allen Victor Buccola & Sally Ward Edward DeTemple William Evans Grant M. Brown Memorial William Ii Jennifer Allison Buccola Sean & Eve Devine Luke Ii Jane Faber Foundation Ralph & Carol Baender Norman & Joyce Buller lee Doble Ir. & Elizabeth Kenneth fichthorn Lawrence Gray Michael & Linda Bandler Donald Ii Izetta Camp Nilsen-Doble Jeff Ii Peggy Fischer Rick & Dona Griswold Barbara 'Barker-Brown Keith Ii Jane Carlson Richard Ii Kathleem Doerr Daniel Fulmer Donald Ii Paula Heye Daniel & Janet Beaton Paul Chang Randall Ii Susan Driscoll lohn Furtado Ir. & Maria David Ii Loretta Hickox Michael & Lora Bouris Clifford Chapman Ii Gene Donald & Sandra Du Fosee McCullough Michael & Alicia Hildreth David Boyes & Kerry Boyd Shidler Roger & Cynthia Dunbar Herbert Gerfen George Ii Marianne Hill Boyes Stephen & Diane Ciesinski Gary Eberle Louis Ginise James & Joan Holcombe Richard Ii Margaret Bradshaw Thomas Ii Lori Condon Tracy & Nicola Edwards Juan Gonzalez & Irene Hoffman Frederick Tilford & judi Honore ~fi CAL POlY MAGAZINE FAll 1999

33 ADVANCEM NT The Centennial society MEMBERS OF THE CENTENNIAL SOCIETY ARE ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WHO DONATED FROM $2,000 - $4,999 (contlnuedl. Randolph iii Christina Hood Bruce iii Mary Hubal Tim iii Pamela Humphreys Craig iii Sylvia 150m Roland iii Geri jacobson Thomas iii Christy Jarrett Mark iii Diana Jensen David Kanner David Kemper iii Emily Kemper Kirk Kennedy Robert iii Mary Kennedy Omer King Jr. iii Claudia King Steven Kitson iii Susan Kitson Lynette Kragness lames iii Esther Landreth Sam iii Martha Lazarakis Eugene iii Ethel Lenz Jack Aboudara Ray iii Fatima AbuZayyad Jack iii Albena Acampora Michael Adams lack Albright C. Kendall Allen Jr. Alfred iii Rose Amaral Frederic Ammann iii Catherine Ammann Dana Anderson William Archer iii Carrie Archer John Armstrong Linda Ashworth Charles iii Susan Atlee Peter Bachman Stanley iii Carolyn Backlund Glen Balzer Harry iii Nancy Bateman William Bateman Maurie iii Martha Beaumont Steven Beeks Daniel Benjamin Kenneth iii Alinde Bittner Michael Bodger William Botts iii Margaret Botts Ed Boutonnet Leslie iii Rosemary Bowker William iii Rose Marie Bowles Elmer iii Ann Brown Paul Brown Chris iii Emilia Buckalew Patricia Burnett Scott iii Brooke Bustrum leffery Byard Thomas Canfield Richard Canzoneri Andrew iii Carol Carciere Arturo Castro Gary & Leslie Caviglia Gordon Chan Gaylaird & Gayle Christopher David Coe E. Richard iii Claudia Conger I. Arthur iii Audry Conley Jim & Sally Considine Timothy iii Barbara Conver Stephen iii lacqueline Corcoran Raymond iii Eva Louie Robert iii Shirley Marshall Robert Martin Andrew Martin Gary iii Jill Matuszak Leonard McCrigler iii Laurie Lew- McCrigler I. Dorian iii Teri McKelvy Richard & Patricia Melsheimer Donald & Laura Midkiff Laurence iii Kathy Mitchell john iii Sharon Mohns Richard iii Nancy Morrow Fin M. & Faye Most Paul iii Barbara Munson Jerry Mupo John Nakata Michael & Carol Neiggemann O. Robert iii Sandra Noyes Mark & Kathleen Nunnally ]. Martin O'Malley Kristin Orejuela Paul Palek Charles iii Doris Pankow Stephen Pankow Mike iii D'Elaine Patrick Herbert & Luanne Pearce Gary Peterson Robert & Diane Polley Thomas & Tamara Raeth Larry Ratner Joseph iii Rhoda Reilly Rolland Rosa John iii Kathy Rossetti Thomas iii Carol Ryan Thomas & Carrie Sabol Rolland &: Isabellriarte Sears Darren Shetler Edward Silva Jf. Larry Silva Roberta Smith Randy &: Karrie Smith Stephen &: Julie Souza Margaret Sperber Robert &: Luba Staller William &: Ann Stone Kenric &: leanne Stone David &: Christine Sullivan Meredith Takken Michael &: Wilma Theilacker Bruce Thiel Julian McPhee Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $1,000 - $1,999_ Salvador Cortez Andrew Cotton Craig Cowan Clement Cox & Paula Cox Scott Cox David iii Glenda Cracknell Jonathan Criddle Ray & Sandra Crosno Joan Crozier Lewis Cryer & Sandra Cryer Carla Curtis ~ames Daly Hiram Davis Dennis DeMaria Thomas iii Judith deregt Gerry & Toni Detz Ian de Witte Frank iii Catherine Donohoe William Dorey iii Joni Dorey Robert Dowrick & Ann Dowrick Arthur & Joyce Duarte Alan & Joan Earhart John & Margaret Burns Eller Patricia Engle Martin & Mary Engler Daryl & Marguerite Errett Paul iii Linda Esperance Anthony Estrada Ben Etling Jr. iii Dianne Etling Bill & Denise Fairbanks Emmeleine Ferguson Albert & Georganne Ferini Robert Ferini loseph iii Mary Ferrara George iii Judith Fiegel John 0{ Anna Fleming Bert iii Candace Forbes Michael & Barbara Fossaceca Michael Fourkas James Frank Robert & Shannon Fraser Richard Frick Donna Fruh Gary &: Sandra Fryer Laurence Gaebe Dennis Gaiser Scott iii Leslie Gaudineer Norman George Paul Gifford iii Jennifer Gifford Stuart Gildred Fred Glenn iii Del Glenn John Goble iii Cyndi Goble Bud &: Viv Goff William iii Ingrid Goldie George iii Ella Gomes Dennis Govan Susan Graham lohn Guidetti Clifford Haas Bradford Hair Robert &: Gayle Hall Jeffrey Hank Mary Hansen William iii Patricia Hares Martin Harms &: Rosemary Harms Richard &: Maureen Harris William &: Florence Head Rick &: Joanne Heinzen lames & Alison Hengehold james &: Pamela Henry Douglas Herthel D.v.M. iii Susan Herthel Gary &: Gloria Higgins Rush iii Linda Hill Gregory Hill & Barbara Hill JOr] iii Judith Hillen Mitchell Hirota M. Wayne Hogue Robert iii Katherine Holley Charles & Carola Howe Todd &: Lisa Humes Robert iii Linda Huntoon Robert iii Nancy Hurtt William &: Julie Iaeger Steven Jankowski Charles Jennings & Janet Segal-Jennings Albert & Delores Jorge Todd Kallman Glenn iii Harriett Kardel Gary Karner iii Pandora Nash Karner Larry Kent Wayne iii Christine Kercher Mary King Andrew &: Berit Kios James &: Judith Klaustermeyer Paul Kleinkramer iii Jane Kleinkramer Thomas Klemens Rolf & lanelle Klenk Charles Korstad Stephen Krauss Dan iii Elizabeth Krieger Diane Krohn Steven Kuklin &: Karen Cribbins-Kuklin Eleanor Kussman David iii Patricia Kutzmann john LaBarbera Donald Lake Runo &: Roberta Lemming Calvin Leong Jeffrey &: Lillian Leong Jack Levy David Lew Paul Lewis Ken Lindberg Bruce Lindsay lohn &: Marcia Lindvall Allen &: Kathryn Litten Mark Lohse Wayne &: Kathy Longcrier David Loomis William Losee Ir. lason Maas lanice MacKanin Donald iii Marilyn Mallonee Don &: Anne Marr Gary iii J. Dawn Martin Lawrence Mayhew Bruce iii Karen McCaul Larry & Nancy McCracken Ellen McCrary William McCrea &: Gayle Taylor-McCrea Linda McGregor Thomas iii Cindy McPheeters Lawrence iii Barbara McPherson Alvin &: Shirley Trivelpiece lames &: Nancy Troxel Ernie &: loan Ulibarri David Ward John Ward S. Dwight iii Barbara Wheeler Roy &: janet Epp Wickland Donald &: lean Williams Mitchell iii Marianne Wolf Eric &: Yolanda Wong Wayne Wright Thomas iii Sharon Wulf Richard Yonash James &: Elizabeth Young AI iii Beverly Zacky Don Merson Laine iii Claudia Meyer Lynn Miller Glen Mills Albert iii Martha Montero lerry Mukai iii Tina Mukai Roderick Murray Greg & Lynette Muscio Larry iii Lynn North Philip &: Klina Oberti Elena Olanson Susan Oliver james &: Miriam Palmer Craig Pampeyan Craig iii Linda Park Wayne iii Kathee Partee Stephen Patterson iii Bambi Cask Steven iii Carol Pearson David Pedersen Helen Penwell Daniel &: Rochelle Pereira Kenneth Pollard Robert Potter Jr. iii Teri Tarshis Louis iii Athena Pugliese Gene & Ullette Quesnay Guy iii Helen Raymaker James Regan Alfons iii Aloisia Ribitsch Dennis Riddle Linda Ridenour Michael Rietkerk Kevin &: Marti Rimbault Richard &: Karen Robbins Ronald Rubin iii Linda Sanders Rubin H. David iii Leslie Rueb Claire Russell loseph Russo Mike Sanchez Paul &: Connie Sanguinetti Sherry Sarmiento Donald &: Melody Schmickrath I. Eric Schmidt iii Diane Aline Schmidt Glenn &: Candy Schulz Kenneth Shamordola CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL

34 ADVANCEMENT Doug & Ann Shaw lames & Sarah Shelton Gordon & Ruth Shigezawa Joyce Shimmon Melvin & Sandra Shimomura Robert ShurtleH & Cynthia Garretson ShurtieH John & R. leisa Siegel Stuart & Charlene Sims Stanley Skinner & Margaret Skinner Paul Adalian Jr. & Rosemary Adalian George Adrian lames & Carol Ahlem Joseph Aiello & Katie Aiello Robert Akins Steven Alameda Andrew & Deborah Allen Christopher Altenburg Willard & Patricia Altman john Andersen & Susan Andersen lohn Anderson Keith Anderson Michael & Maribelle Anderson Richard Anderson Richard & lane Anderson Tracy Anderson Warren Anderson Pamela Anderson-Brule Akio Aochi & Teresa Murphy- Aochi Susan Armstrong Patrick Arredondo Andrew & Victoria Ausonio Anna Aven John & Carmen Azevedo Howard Bain III Dennis Baker Michael & Susan Ballantyne lack Bangs Richard Banks Anthony Bardine Emanuele Barelli Susan Barkis David & Jeannine Barneby David & Wanda Bartlett Patricia Bates Bob Battagin Donald & Mary Baxstresser joseph Bayless Donald & Teryll Beach Fred & ludith Becker Norman Beko & Sharon Beko Daniel Bellack lawrence & Kate Bello S. Keith & Kathleen Belmont Gustavo & Amy Benedicty Robert Benson Robert Berg Melvin & jayne Bernasconi David & Ann Bernhardt john BettendorH Julian McPhee Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $1,000 - $1,999 (continued). Ralph & Mary Jane Smith john Snetsinger James Sokol & Deborah Siu Todd Sorbo Allan Soriano jack & Alice Spaulding Wendy Spradlin Pamela Stark Jim & Terri Stewart Mark Stiefel Harish Bhutani Mark Bigelow Robert & Pamela Bills Mary Ann Birra Charles Bishop Douglas Blankenship Gary Bloom Michael Boggiatto William & Genene Boldt Robert Bolt Belinda Bongaarts Michael Bookstein & M. Page Bookstein Ken Bos Cary Bowdich Wallace & Elizabeth Boyer Bradford Boyes Richard & Frances Bozzano Patrick & Rose Michelle Brady Randall Brame Douglas Brantley James Brass & Annette Brass Linda Braun Robert Braun Bruce Breault Cathy Breault Walter Bremer Walter & Judith Bremer Richard Brockett Darwin Broenen Berend & Ardyth Broersma Wayne Brotze lawrence & Victoria Browne James & Terry Broyles Robert & Sherilyn Buell Dwayne Burbach Thomas Burhenn William & Sharon Burke Charles Cabassi & Sandra Cabassi David & Meaghan Camp Raul & Patricia Cano Martha Capurso Alan Carreon Carl & Sandra Carter Terrence Cashen Robert Cathaway George Cattey Robert & Cathy Cattey Sal Cesario jr. Michael & Lisa Chalfin Peter Chandler Edward C. M. Chang & Wayne & Diane Stilwell Bessie Swanson Ronald & Bonnie Swenson Steven Takahashi James & Emma Taresh Jay Te Velde Ir. Dana & Lindsey Thomas Wayne Thomas David Tottino Richard Udd Michael Valentine Stanley Van Vleck & Nicole Van Vleck Fred & Edith Van Wingerden William & Sandra Vignolo Larry & Carolyn Voss Virgil Walle Jr. Willard & Oriete Walls Virginia Walter lynnette Ward Margaret Chase Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $SOO - $999. Meimei Chang Dah-Yu & Marjorie Cheng Jeanine Childs William Chillingworth Ching-Buaan & Chuang H-R Chou Craig Chrisney Thomas Christensen Andrew Cianciotto & Violet Cianciotto Carl & Kathleen Cilker Peter Clark & Elena Twisselman Clark Alan & Carol CliHord Stanford & Chris Clinton John Coblenz Denis & Eleanor Colbourne David Colvin Douglas & Cecilia Tak Ying Chow Comella Alison Cone james Conner Kevin & Solveg Cooper Brent Crabb John & Linda Creech Robert & Barbara Crowell loe & jane Cruz Henry & Mary Anne Cuenca Glenn & Tamar Curtis Munir & Carolyn Dabbah Frithjof & Ellen Dale Thomas Dalton & Linda Dalton Charles Dana Jr. Barbara Daniels Angelo Danna David Darrow Nikolaos & Helen Dasakis Richard & D. Jeanne Davis Mark & Carolyn Davis William Davis Paul Deffenbaugh & Amy Kinsey Dennis & Lorene Deisenroth Scott Delanty Kathy De Martini H. Lee & Susan Dempsey H. Lee Dempsey Jr. Jay & Carol Devore Donald & Nancy DeFever Larry & Mary Dejarnett Steven DeJarnett John & Rita Dietrich Jeffrey Doar TImothy & Anita Doheny Lawrence &Desiree Domino Dennis Donohoe & Margaret Donohoe Charles Duvall Michael Dyer Ricardo Echeverria Brian & Erin Edem Patrick Edwards Lynn Mahoney Ekegren Scott Eliason Casey Elwell Clint Emerson james Emmel Leland & Valerie Endres Cheryl Ennen Harold Ensley Michael Errotabere David & Helen Esbeck Mark Evans Richard Evans Henry Favier Jr. Bill G. Fawcett & Jeanette Fawcett Ronald Fawcett Ir. Gerald Ferrari & Robin Ferrari Darrell Fletcher Vickie Ford Timothy Ford William & Maureen Forgeng David Forster Stuart & Vicki Foster Donald Foster Alan Francis-lyon A. lynn French & Ruth French Gregory French Richard Friberg Paul Gabriel Mark Garcia Robert Gardella Wolfgang Gartner Roger Gibb Gregory Gibbel Robert Gibson Charles Giles )r. & CherylI Giles Kevin Gilhooly Steven & Barbara Gill James & judith Gillivan C. Thomas Gilman Bradley Gilton Stephen Giusto Daniel Gonzales Gabriel &-Carol Gonzales jarold Welser Florence Welles Scott White & Donna White Robert & Mona Whitley Peter Wiley john & Traci Wilson Marshall Wix & Carol Wix Fred & Helene Wright Francis Wu Tom & Nancy Yackle Richard & Suzanne Zulch Wallace Gordon Charles & linda Gosting Glen Goto William H. Cllker Family Foundation Larry Graham lohn & Elise Gravance Michael & Suzanne Graves Gail Gray Seaton & Laurette Greaves H. Leonard Green II S. Scott Greig David & Elaine Gretlein Robert Griffith Fredrick & Betty Grimmer Henry Gronroos Dominic Grossi George & Annette Grossi David Gurchinoff Sig & Ann Haddad Bill Hale Stephen Hall & Barbara Hall David & liii Hampton Mary C. Matulich Hansen lames Hardee Maynard Harding & M. Diane Harding Gretchen Hargis Warren Harper James & Pauline Harrigan Joseph & Susan Harter M. Karl & Barbara Hartwig Torn Hawkins Kenneth Hayes George & Barbara Hegarty Mark Heine & Susan Prediger- Heine Ross Heitkamp Harry & Donna Hellenbrand DeAnn Henderson Joseph Heringes & Kimberly Heringes Robert Hillis Gregory & Nancy Hobbs Don & Hilda Hodges Martin Hodgett William & Caroline Hoekstra William Hollister Douglas Holmes & Michelle Holmes CliHord Holser Richard Holzer Sharon Hoogland james Hopper & Gloria Hopper 28 CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999

35 ADVANCEMENT Jane Howard Dennis Huebner & Cynthia Josefson James Huffman Stuart & Victoria Huizinga Gigi Hurst Patrick Hyek Donald & Janis Idler Orin & Maureen Ineich M. Zafar & Patrice Iqbal Donald & Pam Irving Winston & Katherine Jaeb Joellen Jarvi leffrey lasper Albert Jee john & Anna Jennett Eric jennings Wayne & Heather Jensen Alan Johnson & Donna Dolislager David Johnson Evelyn Johnson Michael & Elaine Johnson Joan lones Karen Joseph Duane Kakazu Dan & Leah Kalin Cornell & Annette Kasbergen David Keeling Brent & Linda Keetch Bonnie Kellett John & Nancy Kelley William Kellogg Ir. & Debra Kellogg Richard & Pamela Kempert Kathleen Kennedy Kun Sun & Young Kim Gail Kirschenmann Michael & Patricia Klayko William & Virginia Klevesahl Curtis Kolar Stephen Kontra Clifford & Stella Kramer Michael Kratz Ursula Krummel William lafontaine Jr. & Laura LaFontaine David Landeck David &. Marti Lari Lars & Susan Larsen Richard & Marjorie Larsen Daniel &loan Lavery R. Mark Layman Gordon & Karen Lazarus lames Lauara Fred & Irene Leavitt Frank Lebens & Sandra Lebens Christopher & Marjorie Lee Douglas Lee Norman Lee & Patricia Ann Lee Edwin & Jacquelyn Lennette john & Teresa Leone Manuel Lewis Donald & Florence Liddie Bradley Lindholm Sandra London Gedalje Richard & Cindy Long William Long Margaret Chase Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $500 - $999 (continued), Ronald Lopes Dale Lorincz Matthew Loudon Robert love Richard Luckett & Catherine Luckett Libert & Nancy Luke Robert Lyman Ronald Mainini E. joe & Karen Maisonneuve Robert Mantle Harold Mantle II Robert Marshall james &. Barbara Martin Paul Martin Antonio &. Ina Martinez George Mason &. Barbara Mason Helen Matulich John & Pamela McCarthy Hugh &. Mary Ann McConahey Lawrence &. Susan McGourty Robert McGrath &. Barbara McGrath lerry McGuire Edward Mcinerney Robert McKellar Evan &. lisa McMasters Michael McMillan Foy &. Barbara McNaughton Bruce &. Mary McPherson Thomas &. Biruta McShane Ronald Mead Sigurd Meldal jim Melo Hector &. Gemma Membreno joe &. Grace Meng Ron &. Toni Mesecher Thomas Miller &. Pamela Dassenko Bernard Miller Clyde &. Arnita Millett Michael & Karla Milliken Mirjana Misic David Mitchell Ted D. &. Michele Moncure Jon Monett Phillip Montagna Mark Montgomery James &. Yjng Moore Donald Morelli & Dian Morelli Robert &. Catherine Morelli William &. Nancy Moresco Donald &. lean Morgan John &. Maxine Morosky Phillip Morsing &. Beverly Schierer Gary Motoyama Cary Murakami John Murphy &. Connie Murphy Tim &. Katy Murphy Kenny Nagahara &. Lynne Nagahara Douglas Nagy Larry &. Karen Nakamura Lee &. janann Nakamura Russell Nash &. Kimberly Nash Richard &. Vicki Nelson Philip Nettle Keith Neuner ). Dennis ewton Phuclinh Nguyen Gordon Nielsen Mike Nino &. Tracy jones-nino Daniel Nitta Ken &. Marilyn Nolen Michael Norem Richard &. Mary Ann Noviello David Nuck Thomas Nuckols &. Carol MacCurdy james Nugent Edward O'Brien Richard Odett Jr. Timothy Ohm Leland O'Reilly Tunny Ortali &. Linda Ortali Maria Ortiz Howard Oser Patrick & Dorothy Ota David Pangburn Robert Park john Pascuzzi Donald Patrick &. Pearl Patrick Ianice Pavell Richard Peattie Rene Peauroi David Pedersen David &. Shannon Perdue Richard &. Sharon Pescatore Larry &. Betty Peshek Jeffrey &. Teresa Peterson Phillip &. ludy Pierre Kimberly Pilger Robert Pinkerton &. Donna Pinkerton Charlie &. Nancy Pitigliano William Plate Paul Plummer Ritchie Price John Purlia Robert Pybas Matt Quaglino Alvin Quist &. M<lrydell Quist lames &. Lisa Quist Ken Raasch &. Linda Leedham Raasch William Radig Robert &. Catherine Ragle Christopher Ramm Rhonda Ratekin Kenneth Ray George Raymond Kevin &. Maria Reagan Frank &. Christine Regan Bruno &. Geneva Reinhard Deane Rhoadarmer &. Linda Rhoadarmer David &. Sarah Ricci S. james Rickert &. Mary LaSalle-Rickert Theodore Rigoni jon &. loni Robertson Eugene Robinson Elio &. IJoy Rodoni Kristy Dees Roesner David Rogers Kimberly Rogers David &. Louise Rohy lay Rosenberg Susan Ross Cotton Rosser Albert &. joan Rossini Michael &. Shannon Rouiller john Rozeira III Joe &. Jennifer Rubio Mark Rueb D. Grant &. Jayne Ruesch Michael Rumsey Charles Russ IV Fred &. Freida Russell Ronald Sakahara Collin Sam Gilbert &. Antonia Sandoval Charles Sarra Steven &. Teri Sartain Peter Scaroni James &. Beth Schaaf Raymond & lanet Scherr Thomas & Christina Schoenbaum Charles Schreiber Walter &. Leora Schroeder Herbert & Adrian Schueneman Kenneth Scott Kenneth &. Kayleen Scott Stanley Scott Larry &. Susan Sebastian james Segner Stan &. Judy Seifert Timothy & Pamela Selna Harry &. Jacqueline Sharp Shang-Tsong &. Sophia Shieh Patrick &. Anne Shires Carl Siechert A Z Sinsheimer Family Memory Fund Marion Sinsheimer Warren &. Carol Sinsheimer Joseph Skeehan loan Skelly John &. Kathleen Slavik Eric Smith Kevin Smith &. Carolyn lohnson Robert Smith Kenneth & Tyra Solomon Michael Sommers & Concettina Lattanzio Robert Starr Eric &. Donna Steger Terri Strain Cora Strauss Carl Stucky Duane Stuerman William Swanson Michael &. Pamela Swartout Richard Taipale Don &. Rosemary Talley Marvin Tanner Jim &. Patricia Taylor Robert Terpening &. Christine Terpening Joseph &. Marilyn Terra Ralph Teyssier Michael & Jeanette Thatcher Frederick Thoburn Margaret Gumerlock Thomas Timothy &. lanet Thomas Glen &. Alice Tomasini Nick &. Kathy Tompkins Lori Ogata Toomey John Towns John &. Hilary Townsend Mark &. Catherine Trione Steven Trotter Calvin &. Dorothy Truesdale David &. Cheryl Tsang john &. Dianne Tschumper Steve &. Kathy Turnbaugh Diane Turriff Bruce Tyler Torben &. Lise Ulander Clarence &. Mary 10 Unruh David &. Caroline Vanalek Dennis &. Valerie Van Dalsen lonathan &. Vicky van den Berg Robert Van Sant Allen Vaughan lerry & Adela Venneman Samuel Howe Verhovek &. Lisa Howe Verhovek A. Vermeil john Vidergar james Voigt Ir. Carl &. Mary Voss Lauren Landesman Wagner Richard Wagner Craig &. Shawn Waite David &. Phyllis Walch David &. Karen Waldeck Frederick Walker Linda Walker Bert Wajl &. Marta Newcomb Pay Ling Wang James Ward Richard Warner Pat &. Karen Watts Robert Weaver Dan &. Toni Weeks Everett Welch Gretchen Wel~h Andrew &. Susan West Kathleen West Charles Whitaker lonathan White Wellington &. Colleen White Steven Willey Derek Williams Gerald Williams Michael &. Renee Winter David Wolf &. Liza Ring John &. Shahin Wolfe William Woo Lloyd &. Joan Wood Norman &. Geral-Lynn Wood james Woodbury Mitchell Wright &. Linda Wright Elaine Yin M. David Yurosek CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL

36 ADVANCE N'I' Carl Beck Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $ Stephen Abbott &: Patricia Abbott Susan McComas Ackerman Gene &: Linda Adams J. Dennis Ahearn Frederick Aikins Gene &: Beatrice Aksland Debra Alessi Blake &: Stephanie Alexandre John Algeo Glenn Almquist Jim &: Diana Amormino Vernon &: Nancy Amundson Alan &: Marlene Anderson Corey Anderson &: Jill Anderson Richard Anderson Steven &: Leigh Ann Anderson Edward Andre Matthew &: Susan Andros Eric Angstadt Lawrence Annis &: Carolyn Miller-Annis Cheryl Ades Anspach Frank &: Sheryll Apgar Paul Appling Stephen &: Sherry Arellano Robert &: Pauline Arietta Mary Beth Armstrong Paul Armstrong Kelly Arnold Stephen &: Kristi Arnold Christopher Ashley Thomas &: Rosa Austin john Axt Eugene Babb David Babbitt John &: lane Bacha David Bachman Melvin Bachman Brian Baer Gary Baker William Baker George &: Constance Balint Mark Banke Marissa Bantolino john Barlow Robert Barwick II Robert Basanese Virginia Bass Joseph &: Marilyn Batistic David Beard &: Valerie Beard Katheryn Beaton David &: Frances Beauharnois Harlan Beck Gwendolyn Becknell Louis Behrens William Belcher Kenneth Benell Gary &: Maxine Bennett Randal &: Stacie Bennett Donna Beres Jo Ann Berger Michael Bertsch &: Dorothy Bertsch William Bevier George Billinger &: Gwenn Billinger Charles ibirkett Timothy Bishop Ronald Black Brian Blomquist Blaine &: Noelle Boccignone Donald Bodley Julia Boland Connie Booth Gene Borg Edward Borlenghi lohn &: Mary Ann Boss Michael Bouquet Robert &: Pamela Bowe Richard Bowman &: Darlene Cappellotti-Bowman Jerome &: Sandy Boxer William Boyce Donald &: Dale Boyle Sharon Bradshaw James &: Helen Brady Bruce Brant Alex Bravo Erling Breckan James &: Cynthia Brehmer Richard Breitmeyer Gary Bremer James Brennan G. Allan Brennan-McGovern Mark Bright David A. Lind Brodie Linda Bronson Elizabeth Brooks William &: Helen Brooks Richard Browne Mark Budzinski Michael Bullman Margaret Bullock Ray Bunnell Deborah Burdick Joseph &: Corinne Burdullis I. Robert Burgoon George Burman Edward Burnett lohn &: Diane Burns Jon Burt &: Linda Burt Clint Bushong Kristine Butcher Robert Butler Willie &: lolene Bylsma Cristina Caampued Albert Cabellon Eugene &: Dodie Caffese Renee Calvin Mark Cameron Paul & Debbie Cameron Edwin &: Kaye Camp Gregory & Kathy Campbell Peter &: Elaine Cannon Anthony Caridis Robert &: Ruth Carlson Edgar &: Mary Ann Carnegie Arthur &: Marilyn Carpenter AI & Marianne Carrasco Mary Carrisosa james Carson Lark & Jean Carter William Casey &: Holly Casey Thomas Casselberry Rion Cassidy Greg Castagnoli lohn &: judith Caudell Andrew &: Rachel Cecka Walter Cecka Lori Mizuguchi Chambers James Chambers Raymond Chambers Fred Chan Sharon Chandler Derek &: Lorraine Chang John Chasuk Boyd Chee & Dorothea Chee Lorrain Chen Henry Childs Donald &: Gloria Chinn William Choe William &: Leila Cilker Eileen Cirillo Alan & Peggy Claassen Brian Clamp Randy Clark &: Sandy Clark Jeffrey &: Laura Clark Steven Clark David Clem John &: Gail Cleveland Clifton & Nola Clouse Jeffrey Cohen lorus &: judith Colglazier Phillip &: Maureen Collett Tom Collins & lacquelin Buratovich Collins Dewayne Coloma Daniel &: Janet Condron Bart Connolly &: Teresa Connolly Jack &: Pearl Coon James &: Anada Cooper Thelmon Copeland Robert &: Kim Corrao James & Marylin Costantino Richard Cotta Thomas Coultas Donald Cox James Cox Lawrence Cox &: Tina Cox Erin Cozzi john &: Linda Crans Bryan Crawford Edward Crowell Alex Crozier & ludith King Frank &: Kimberly Crum Michael Cullen John &: Nancy Culver Charles &: Marci Schmidt Cunningham Dwight & Linda Curran John Curti Doren Curtiss Curtis &: Lezlie Dahlberg J. Dennis Daly Don & Sally Darling Roy & Viola dasilva Edgar Davidson Carol Davis Marshall Davis Neale & Ruth Davis Steven Davis Runjit &: Cindy Davit john & Nancy Day Joseph &: Lydia Day Steven Deas Steven Deason Richard & Sharon DeBenedetti Thomas De Benedetti Scott Debenham lames DeFerrari &: Amanda DeFerrari lack Dei Jr. Daniel Delany Wayne & Mary Delcrew Christopher DeLong Anthony DeMattei Daniel Dennies Bennet Derman John Derr &: Ashley Derr Steve Diaz William Dickens George Dierssen III Delmar Dingus Allen &: Marta Dinsmore Thang Do Sharon Dobson Marilyn Dompe C. Terry &: Kathleen Dooley Randy &: Susan Douglas John Doyle &: Elaine Ramos- Doyle Harold & Jeanette Dragt Doug & Renee Droese Arthur Duarte Paul Duckworth Walter Duflock Douglas Dunham &: Cindi Smith-Dunham Robert Duncan Raymond Dunn Mark Dutro J. Terry & Susan Eager Deanne Ebner Nancy Edgell William Edwards Jr. Richard Edwards &: Carol Edwards John &: Sandra Ehlers David &: Sharon Eilers Scott &: Suzanne Ekman Robert Eley Jr. Richard Elke David Ellis Edward English Richard Equinoa &: Sally Equinoa Andrew Erickson Jon & Amy Ericson Michael Ernst Joe Escobar Jr. jeffrey Esposito Larry & Ariel Etcheverry Masaji Eta Ed & Laura Evenson Vido Fabbri & Evelyn Fabbri Scott Fajnor & Karen Fajnor Patrick Fancher Carol &: Vern Farris Vern &: Carol Farris Randal Fehlhaber Russell Feilzer & Vicki Feilzer Louis &: Cia Fermelia Thomas &: Ann Finney Kenneth Fisher &: Alta Fisher Roger Fiske Billy Fitzgibbons Reynold G. B. &: Pat FitzPatrick Victoria Flavell Marlene Fleming jolynne Flores Karla Flowers Larry &: Lois Foreman J. Michaell Forman Thomas Fossum Robert Foster Richard &: Terry Fowler Ray Franco &: Linda Uoyd Franco joseph Franger Robert &: Bridget Fraser Michael Frederick Kurt Frey Winton &: Adele Frey Alejandro & Gloria Frias Dorothy Fach Friedmann Suzanne Fritz Nilson &: Laurie Froula Ward Frye Goro Fujiwara John & Pamela Fuller Jerry Gabriel Edward &: Eileen Gaiser Michael &: Terrie Cashman Gallagher Frank Garcia Timothy Garcia Dewey Garwood III & janet Garwood Harold Gay Larry Gay Dean Gelvin John &: Leysa Gentillon Richard &: Francine Gerardi Ken Gerlack & Gay Gerlack Roy Gersten Thomas Ghiglia Thomas Gilmore Bryan Gingg &: Beverly Gingg Cameron Girton & Sandra Girton John Glaze Richard & Georgene Golb Harvey Goldman & Peggy Goldman Louis & Linda Goldsman Robert Goldwyn Gustavo Gonzalez & M. Grace Castellanos Donald Goodwin Cecil Graham Rolando & Wilhelmina Granados Victor &. Christine Granados Eric Grandin Richard Granger Gaston & Gertrude Grant James Grant &: Kimberly Grant Andrew & Jeanne Greensfelder Keith & Clarice Griffin Ruth Griffioen G. Dale Griffith & Mary Griffith Donald Griffiths Joseph Grosshart & Heidi Grosshart :SO CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999

37 ADVANC M NT Carl Beck Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $ (continuedl. William Guernsey Sanjay &. Ruth Guha John Guidotti Rdbert Gulliford John &. Debra Haigh Albert Hall Clayton Hall &. Kristy Hall Raymond Hall nmothy Hampshire Peter &. Tatiana Hancock Hangar Rats of '74 John &. Susan Hanna Curtis Hansen &. Dana Hansen James Hansen lens Hansen Glen Hanway Roger &. Linda Haring Daryl Harris George &. Valerie Harris lames Harris Virginia Harrison Leonora Hart Philip Hash loseph Haslett David Hasson &. Elizabeth Hasson Carlene Haug Christopher Haver Roger Hawkins Ray &. Patricia Haynes Dwayne & Shirley Head Joann Heberer Daniel & Marlene Heim Eric Hellmann & Valerie Hellmann Helen Helt jeremiah Hench & Leslie Hench Dale & Charlette Herbrandson Alfred & Sarah Herrmann Stephen & Susan Hess Robert & Sandy Hetzel Dawn Hewitt Robert Hicks Harold 8 Patricia Hilker Nancy Hilker Kevin Hill Lawrence Hill & Christine Archer Larry Hirahara lames Hodel &. Marjorie Hodel Joseph &. leanne Hoff Robert Holmgren & Kathleen Holmgren fohn & Barbara Holt Kenny Hom Raymond Hom Jackson & Julie Hong Cameron Hopkins Brad Horak Richard Hornbeck Steven Horton Edmund 8 Darlene Hosaka Jerry 8 Diane Hougland lames Howard R. Brad Howard Steven Hubbard Tod Huddleson Samuel Huerta Allan Hughes lames Hughes Scott Humphrey P. Michael 8 Sherry Hunt Elizabeth Hunter Scott Hushbeck Michael 8 Linda Illia Paul Isenberg George Ivelich Donald 8 Diane Jackson Melodie Ono jackson Richard lacobsen Jr. David & Susan Jacobson Alan & Leilani Jaffe Robert lake Wayne jasper & Emiko Jasper Bob & Carolee Jenkins Paul Jennings Edmund Jensen Jr. & Judith Jensen Veri & Sonja lett Kent johansson Gary lohnson Robert Johnson & Karen Lynn Jason Jolly John & Dorothy jones John Jones Jr. John & Sherrie jones Robert Jones Maria junco Jerry lung Douglas Kaden Bill & loan Kamps Warren Kane Larry Kaprielian Jacque Keller Merideth Kelley john & Patricia Kelting Tom Kemph Sarah Kennedy Richard Kent & Vera Gates Cooper Kessel john Ketcham Philip & Sharon Kilcoin Matthew Kim Y. Laurence & Sharon Kimura Matthew King Paul King Patrick Kirby lames Kirstein Kris & Christie Kjellman Richard & Judith Klemann Arnold Klintworth Robert & Sheri Klittich Joseph Klotzle Mark Knudsen Hitoshi Kobayashi loseph Koch III Irvin & Elinor Kogan Robert Konigsberg & Lisa Konigsberg Sharon Korn Peter &. Susan Kozdon Charles &. Lynn Kracker Rich Krizo Bruce Kronmiller &. judith Kronmiller Virginia Krauss David Krueger Richard Kruse & Cecile Kruse Sharon Kuge Joseph Kusick Jr. Robert Labrucherie Royce & Gloria Lambert Ronald & Loretta Lamont Richard &. Jean Landingham Kevin Larkin Lesley Lathrop Scott &. Ellen Lathrop Garret & Katherine Law james Lawler Alonzo Laws & Suzanne Laws Joel & Dawn Leadbetter James Leal Daniel & Amy Lee David & Don na Lee Kai Lee Steven Lee Steven Y. S. Lee Robert LeFever Richard & Arnhild Leggett Robbin & Ann Leigh Daniel Leith Walter & Linda Lembi Jason Len Andrew Leroy Gabriel &. Lily Li Douglas Liddie Warren Lilly joseph Lima Mark Lindquist james & Donna Lindsay Elisabeth Lippuner Michael & Shelley Little Eric & Cindy Liu Paul K.S. 8 J. Liwanpo James Locke John & Elizabeth Locke Gary Loeb Anthony & Joan Lombardi Harry Loving Jr. Brian Loyd Hoi 8 Tinh Luc Mark & Cynthia Lucovsky Lincoln & Mirin Lue William Luffee Eric & Muriel Lundquist Keith Lundquist George & Mary Ruth Mach Brad Machado & Rubye Machado Michael MacFaden Charles MacGillivray Andrew & Nancy MacTavish John &. Dena Maddox Nachiappa Madhavan Steven & Patricia Magyary Michael & Pamela Malott Edward Marble Bonnie Markoff Tom Marks Rudy Marquez & Pamela Marquez Lisa Marrone Paul Marshalll Howard Marshburn Melvin Martin Thomas Martin & Joyce Martin Phillip Martinelli Bill &. Christine Marvin Steven &. Jan Marx Robert Masch Andrew Mascsak Ir. John Henry &. Frances Mathews Victor Matsumoto Paul Maxwell Michael McCall Pat McCall Michael McConnell Mary McDermott Linda McDonald Henry McDonald & Louise McDonald Angela Alfred McDonnell Neal McDougal & Jamie McDougal Gregory & Susan McDougall David McEuen & Deborah McEuen Joseph McHale Kelly Mcinerney Pat McKeague & Diane McKeague John McKiernan Rodger McLean Colin & Lynda McManus Scott & Deborah McMullin David & Dai McPherson John McRae Scott McVey Deborah Meadows Dwayne & Debra Mears Ole Meland Rick L. 8 Elaine Menz William Merritt & Carlin Merritt Christopher & Katherine Metrulas Donald & Sharron Micheletti Gene & Lois Miller James & Patricia Miller Robert 8 Ann Miller Scott Miller & Sheryl Miller William Miller Bernard & Zenaida Mok David 8 Janet Molina Gerhard Mollenhauer Patrick Monahan Jonathan Monfort Edlo & Allyson Montague Stephen Montgomery Charles Moore John Moore Scott Moore Dan &. lean Morgan Dennis Morris &. Debby Morris Charles &. Mary Morton Helen Mott lerome &. Kathryn Mouton Faye Mowery David &. liii Muhs Terry Mukai & 'Barbara Mukai Robert & Carmen Mummey Martin Bradley Munn & ludith Munn Maureen Murray jack &. Anna Musselman lames Myers jeff & Rebecca Nadel Brian & Susan Nafziger Pamela Nargie George & Shirley Navone Kyle Naydo Khoa Nguyen Shien-Hwei Niu John &. Yvonne Niven Lee &. Melodee Nobmann William &. Janice Noland Donald Nordensten Jr. Michael Norgard Delton & Kathy Nyman Lisa Odell Heather Odello Robert &. Kathleen Ogier Timothy O'Hara Diego Olagaray Charles Oleson B. Neil Olsen Carlos Ong Glenn &. Linda Ormseth Robert Orr &. Debra Harrison- Orr John Orradre Robert & Beth Ortega Charles &. Susanna Ortman Richard &. Elsie Ostiller lames & Maura Ostrom Edward Ott Dolores Ottenwalter David & Patricia Ottesen Michael Overby jordan Owens James Oxley & Debra Oxley Frank Paiva Richard & Susan Palauo Hugo Palm-Leis Cheryl Palmer David Palmer & Ann Marie Palmer Richard Palmer & Kei Palmer Bienvenido & Remedios Palomar jim & Alison Pangburn Michael Pantalon Lawrence Papay & Carol Papay Leo & Roberta Parry Luis PascualJr. Russell Passarella 8 Margo L.H. Passarella Barry & Emilia Pasternack Carl & Patricia Paulsen David & lanet Peach Roxy Peck Jeffrey & Connie Pecsar Evelyn Pellaton Richard &. Rebekah Penrose Martin Penunuri Stephen Percy Andrew Perrucci &Juliana Perrucci Alfredo & Aurora Perucho loel Peterson Brenda Petrone lames Phillips CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999 S,

38 ADVANCEM NT Carl Beck Society THESE INDIVIDUALS DONATED FROM $ (contlnuedl. Jay Phillips J. Russell &. Ann Roy James Simrall Thomas & lanet Tetzlaff Terry Ward William Phillips David Royce Patricia Sims David Te Velde lay & Marjorie Warren Patrick Pielage Paul Rubel james Slavik James Edward Thomas Gustav & Ruth Wassel Richard & Elisabeth Pierce james Rudolf James &: Cynthia Sioneker Robert Thomasson & Susan Phyllis Watte Susan Pierce David & Cynthia Runstrom Dennis &: Judith Smith Thomasson T. Eugene Weatherby John & Rickie Pina David &: Gayle Runyan Keith Smith Albert &: Ruby Thompson John Weaver P. Keith & ludith Pittson Richard Russek Randall Smith Fred Thompson William Webster Michelle Plotnik Ray &. Maureen Russell William &. Elaine Smith Gary Thompson &: Janelle Larry Weese Thomas Politte Leland Ruth jim &. Christine Snow Thompson Stephen Weinstein Brian Powell jeffrey Sa Peter &: Gini Solinsky Ned &: Connie Thompson Donald Welch,Jr. & Jennifer James & Lynne Pratt Christopher Sabbe Fereydoon &: Rhonda Soofer Robb & Pamela Thompson Cohn Welch Salvador &: Carol Pratts joseph & jill Sabol William Sooy &: Michele Sooy Stanley &: Shirley Thompson Daniel Wells Richard Proudfit George & Bea Salem Camilo &. Lily Soriano Richard &: Nansi 10 Timmer Rick Wendorff Walter Pyle Lee Salin Anthony Souza James Tiura W. Michael &: Sandra West Scott Quady Duane Sanborn Jack &. Bev Sparrowk Thomas Tobin III Earl &: Rita Whetstone Michael Quigley Joseph Sanchez Jeffrey &. Wendy Sparrowk Shigeru & Judy Tokubo Jerold White Samuel Quinones David Sanders Rodney &: loan Spears Charles Tolan Richart & lanette White Richard Quiroz Jerry &. Patricia Sanger Charles &: Linda Lee Spencer Edison Tom William White III Bill Rader Terry Sapp Donald Sprague Anthony & Susan Tomarchio Arthur Whitfield Eric Radin Darah Sariaslani Robin Sprague Michael Tomasello Gary & R. Lynn Whitmer Kurt Raffetto George &. Shirley Sato James Squires Blaine Tomimoto Peter Whitney John Raggio Fred &: Pauline Schack Bradd Statley &: Catherine Kenneth Toombs Duane & Patricia Wickstrom Sheikh Rahman Fred Schack Statley Harold &:Fern Trepp Michael Wickstrom &. Michelle Rahn Sandra Scheuber Peter Steinblums Albert Trepte Margaret Wickstrom Phillip Raiser G. Andy &: jennifer Schindler Charles &. Anna Maria Steiner Bernard &: Maria Troy Scott Wickstrom &: Cynthia Mark Rail Michael &. Shellie Schmitt Carl &: Donna Stewart Douglas &: Carolyn Truesdell Wickstrom Robert Randig Bradley Schnoor Michael Stewart Bertram Tuckey III &: Leigh Keith Wien jennifer Raney R. Brian &. Laurie Schow Garry &: Ruth Stoddard Tuckey Arthur &: Nancy Williams Walter Ranney II Eric &: Julia Schultz Geoffrey Stone Jerry & Betty Tuft Earl Williams Norma Ransom Eric Schwefler &. Traci Schwefler Eric Stovner leffrey Turner Terrence & Virginia Wilson Walter Raymond Roy &. Kathleen Scialabba Susan Strain Robert Tusan & Cynthia Tusan Dianne Wilson-Graham john Reed Leslie &. Kathleen Scott William Stram Gerald & Charlene Uenaka Robert Windeler Jr. Todd Rehrman Dewayne &. Karen Sedlacek Robert Street Thomas Underwood Joan Winner Steven Reiter &: Marilyn Kind- Thomas &: Olga See Billy Strite Robert &Heather Urich Glenn Wisegarver Reiter Margery Segraves Steven Strong Fred Valov Frank & Diane Witherow Barnet & Linda Reitner Jean Seitz Janet Stucke Craig Van Anne Kevin Witt Mary Renard Thomas &: Rosemary Self Robert & Linda Styerwalt Bill & Nannette Van Antwerp Dan & Kassandra Wixom Stephen Renquist Michael &. Karin Sen neff Daryl Sugasawara Joseph Van Camp Mark & Linda Wolfson Steven Resnick Charles &. Constance Sewing Brian & Margot Sullivan Barbara Van Ness lames Wollak Paul &: Gloria Reyes Frederick Seykora Jason Sullivan Gale De Van Nostern Sidney Wong Grant & Suzanne Reynolds C. Seymour Jon Sunderland Linda Vanasupa William Wong Isaiah Reynolds William Shaffner John Sweeney William Varnava Bruce &. Marlene Wood Joe &: Liz Rhoades Bruce & Amy Shank David & Virginia Swendson Thomas Vassar & Leslie Vassar Keith Wood Charles & Reba Rhodes Carolyn Shank Stanley Szeto Ernest Veal James Worley &: Sandra Lane Julie Rice Paul &. Heidi Shankwiler Edward & Ann Taintor Gerald Veiluva Allan & Cecila Wyckoff Jason Richard William Shannon William & Akemi Tajima Donald &: Carrie Vermeer George & Sheryl Yamada james &: Myra Richey Douglas &. Kelly Shaw Robert &: Linda Takken Richard Vernon &: Shirley Otto Gene &: Sophia Yee Richard Riella & Mikki Riella Richard Shawlee Robert &: Lucinda Talkington Vernon Harold Yokela John Rinaldi Ir. lack Sheehan Raymond Talmage Daniel & Beatriz Villegas Anthony &. Claudine Young Daniel Rinl'hart &: Linda Rinehart Lawrence Sheehan III Leslie Barnett Taneri Gary Visser &: Catharine Visser Clarence Young Robl'rt Rivers Donald &: Elsa Sherman Larry Taniguchi Joan Voigtlander Susan Young Brian &: leri Roberts Ronald &: Cherrie Shimamoto Michael Tate Michael &: Kimberly Voigtlander Gary & Kathleen Younse Jerome & JoAnne Robertson Patrick & Linda Shintaku Craig Taylor & Susan Taylor Kenneth & Patricia Volk Robert Yule John &: Carolyn Robison David Shively &. Jennifer Shively john & Linda Taylor Phuong Vu Resti &: Deborah Zaballos Joe Rochioli Jr. Vineet Shukla Keith Taylor James Vye & Toni Vye Daniel &: Joyce Zaharris Darrell Rockefeller Ellen Sikora Robert Tebbe Brian Wada Carmen Zermeno Patrick Rodgers Michael Silacci &. Elizabeth Allan & Cecilia Teixeira Donald Waggoner Michael &Carole Ziegler Paul &: Carol Rollin Silacci Joseph & Judith Tembrock James Wagoner &: Angela Richard &: Darlene Ziehnert Ronald Ronconi Lesa Silva Martha Tennyson Wagoner Paul Zingg James Root Michael Simon &. Angie Simon Dennis Teranishi P. Erik Walberg & Judith Wells Stanley Ziomek Harold Rosewall loll John Terell Walberg Monica Zordich Frank &. Margaret Roughan Barrie Simpson Jack & jannifer Terra Alvin Walker Larry Zysman Joseph Roy William &. Carmen Simpson William & Louise Terra Brendan Walsh &: Camilla Amoroso Cal poly also wishes to thank the more than 15,000 individuals who gave below the $250 level. Editor's Note: Gifts li5ted were received between July 1, 1998, and June 30, We pride ourselves on the accuracy of names and figures cited based on our information as of Cal Poly Magazine press time. We apologize for any inadvertent errors, and request that Advancement Services be contacted with any corrections. 52 CAL POLY MAGAZINE FALL 1999

39 UNIV R ITY N W Print and media professionals discussing electronic and print media during a two-day forum, "The Good, The Bad, &: The Media," included TV legend Steve Allen, New York public TV president William Baker, Washington Post columnist David Broder, San Francisco Examiner executive editor Phil Bronstein, Time columnist Margaret Carlson, and New York Times columnist and former executive editor Max Frankel. TV newsman Sander Vanocur and San jose Mercury News executive editor Jerry Ceppos moderated. The College of Business' MBA Simulation Team won first place in the 38th Annual International Collegiate Business Policy Competition in San Jose. Advised by Graduate Management Director David Peach and competing with five other teams from across the country, the group ran a computer-based "virtual" company in an imaginary industry. For the fifth straight year, Cal Poly's civil and environmental engineering team won the overall championship at the American Society of Civil Engineers Pacific Southwest Regional Student Chapter Conference, competing against teams from 16 other universities. Cottrell Science Awards supporting basic research were awarded to Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Derek Gragson ($31,500) and Physics Professor John Sharpe ($37,685). Cal Poly finished first among ten teams in the 58th Intercollegiate Flower and Plant Evaluation and Floral Design Competition at Penn State University. Cal Poly has won this competition five times in the last nine years and will host the 60th anniversary in Dairy products technology master's students Vincent Young and Po Sai Marie Yeung, two of nine finalists, placed first and second, respectively, in the agriculture section of the CSU student research contest at Cal State Bakersfield. Their wins marked the first time that Cal Poly agriculture swept the top two spots. Two Cal Poly teams won two of four first-place $2,000 awards in a national Dairy Management Inc. food marketing contest for their dairy creations, MooJuice (a line of shake mixes), and Moofu (a tofu alternative). Advisers Rafael Jimenez and Phil Tong (members of Cal Poly's Dairy Technology Center) were each awarded $1,000. For the 11th time in 13 years, the Cal Poly Landscape Team was the national champion at the Associated Landscape Contractors of America Collegiate Competition in Lexington, Ky. Forty-three schools with a total of 750 students competed in 25 categories. For the eighth consecutive year, General Motors partnered with Cal Poly to give 25 business marketing interns the opportunity to put textbook learning into action by developing a younger target market for the San Luis Obispo RanCho G!ande dealership. Cal Poly's National Agri Marketing team of six seniors advanced to the semi-finals as "the team to beat" (Cal Poly has been victorious in the national contest for 7 out of 22 years more than other universities, which have each won only once). They submitted an innovative, eight-sided cardboard wine "cask" that saves space, packaging, and shipping costs. A team of city and regional planning students won the 1999 first-place academic planning award of the Central Coast chapter of the American Planning Association for their project, "Avila Beach Community Plan: A Vision for 2020." CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

40 UNIVERSITY NEWS The three professors chosen to receive Distinguished Teacher Awards this year are Colette A. Frayne (who teaches global strategy and law in the College of Business); Carol A. MacCurdy (a member of the English Department in the College of Liberal Arts); and Leonard D. Myers (a computer science professor in the College of Science and Math). Natural Resources Management Professor William Hendricks was presented with the national "Excellence in Wilderness Management Research" award by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service and the InternatianalJaumal af Wilderness. Speech communication senior Scott Leach was awarded the annual George C. Marshall ROTC award for his leadership and scholastic ability. Leach had six years of active duty as a military policeman in Panama and the Persian Gulf and four years with the California National Guard. The 1996 edition of Byzalltlum, an annual publication of short stories and poems by Cal Poly students, has been added to a special collection of books at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, as part of lithe Book of Kells" exhibit. The 1996 Cal Poly anthology was chosen because its cover and design were directly influenced by The Book of Kells, one of the finest surviving examples of medieval Monastic and Celtic art as literature. Nearly 20 undergraduate and graduate students accompanied Microbiology Professors Raul Cano, Christopher Kitts, and Sue Elrod to the national meeting of the American Society for Microbiology to present research projects alongside Ph.D. candidates and faculty from across the country. The trip was funded by industry partners of Cal Poly's Environmental Biotechnology Institute, including UNOCAL Corp., Xoma Corp., Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Dairy Management Inc., and the California Dairy Research Foundation. At press time, six faculty/ university officials from Vietnam's University of Da Nang planned to visit Cal Poly throughout June and July as part of a goal to establish a long-term association with Cal Poly. In what is believed to be the first consortium program for a master of fine arts in creative writing, Cal Poly has teamed up with CSU Chico - to act as the lead coordinating campus - and Cal States L.A., Hayward, and Northridge. Students will use the Internet for readings and discussions, and off-site academic advising and degree coordination will be accomplished primarily through and two-way video conferencing. An intensive three-week summer session will be held at a different consortium campus each year. In a recent survey, more than one third of Cal Poly students expre sed an interest in becoming teachers, half at the elementary school level and half at the secondary. This figure far surpasses the number of students now enrolled in the University Center for Teacher Education and increases optimism that the growing demand for new teachers can be met. A new international agribusiness management concentration has been approved in the College of Agriculture for the catalog to provide graduates with expertise in international trade and management of global agribusiness firms. ~ 54 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

41 UNIVERSITY NEWS SPORTS ROUNDUP ::"..,....: FOOTBALL PII!E"'IE1il1 Cal Poly's football team returns 36 letter winners and 14 starters from last year's team that finished 3-8. Klko Griffin, returning cornerback, will lead the defensive unit, while Craig Young, returning tailback, will be called upon to Cilrry much of the offensive load. Young rushed for 1,000 yards in 1997 and was Cal Poly's t~ running back last year with 943 yards and five touchdowns. Cal Poly, entering its sixth year as a Division I-M team, is sc;heduled to play against some of the top teams in I-M, as well as Division II powerhouse UC Davis. Spring Sports Update TRACK The men's and women's track and field teams continue to climb the ranks of Division I. Returning AIt American Kaaron Conwrlght leads the men's team, which hopes to repeat its Big West championship this year. Conwright is ranked sixth nationally in the 100 meters and eighth in the nation in the 200 meters. Pole-vaulter Logan Nichols is ranked third. On the women's side. Paula Serrano broke her own school record in the pole vault by clearing 13 feet 4 1/2 inches. Freshman standout Stephanie Brown set a record in the women's shot put with a throw of 50 feet 8 inches. The mark qualified Brown, also a member of the women's basketball team, for the NCAA championships in May at Boise State Winter Sports Wrap-Up waimetnt's TBALL The women's basketball team finished with a record of 8-18 overall and 2-13 in the Big West under second-year coach Faith Mimnaugh. The eight wins were the most since moving to Division I. Caroline Rowles led the Mustangs in scoring and was an All-Conference selection, with seven double-doubles on the season. Senior Krist" Griffin closed out her career averaging just under nine points per game and scored a career-high 21 points in the Mustangs' win over Gonzaga. ME'S SKETB L Led by sophomore Chris BJorklund, the men's basketball team went overall and 6-10 in the Big West. Bjorklund was second in the conference in scoring, with guard Mike Woznlack seventh. Wozniack was also the conference's top free-throw shooter during the regular season. Both players were named to the AII Conference Honorable Mention Team. Senior guard Ben lanon finished his career ranked 15th on Cal Poly's all-time career scoring list with over 1,000 points, and ended his career as the school's all-time career steals leader. WRESTLING The wrestling team placed fifth at the Pac-10 Championships and sent five representatives to the NCAA Division I Championships. David Wells capped off his career by posting a 22-4 overall record on the year. The All-American won 16 consecutive matches and was ranked No. 3 heading into the NCAA Championships. He captured the title for 174 Ibs at the PAC 10 Championships. The Mustangs finished and were 5-3 in dual matches. Also representing the Mustangs at the NCAA's were heavyweight Gall McGee, Cedric Haymon, James Gross, and Mike French. MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SWIMMING The men's and women's swimming teams completed another strong year by finishing fourth at the Big West Conference Championships. Steve Stehrenberger finished second in the 2ao-meter breaststroke, Eric Wyles finished third, and Gus Smyers finished fourth. Matt Patane finished second in the 200-meter butterfly. Creighton Meade placed first in the 3-meter dive, followed at second by teammate Garrett Mclaughlin. On the women's team, Elske Vandermast placed sixth in the 165o-meter free and Askley Frogner placed sixth in the 200-meter butterfly. DI... letts placed eighth in the 2ao-meter breaststroke. NCAA Leadership Cal Poly volleyball athlete Jessica Roden and linebacker Osbaldo Orozco were selec;ted to ~rticipate In the third annual NCAA foundation leadership ConfeNnce at Disney's Wide World of Sports and Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena VISta, Fla. CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

42 ALUMNI N WS Considine awarded honorary doctorate To recognize his long record of service and support, Cal Poly bestowed an honorary doctorate on former CSU trustee R. James "Jim" Considine (BUS (68) at the June commencement ceremony, where he also delivered the address. It was only the second such degree Cal Poly has conferred. President Warren J. Baker praised Considine for his "unstinting generosity and unconditional enthusiasm on behalf of both the CSU and Cal Poly" and for his "impassioned advocacy and strong leadership" during his tenure as a CSU alumni trustee and as board chairman, beginning in 1991, when California was suffering a severe budget crisis. "Among his outstanding accomplishments during that difficult period [were] the establishment of the new San Marcos, Monterey Bay, and Channel Islands campuses," said Baker. Considine has also been active with the College of Business, given more than 35 years of service to the Cal Poly Alumni Association, and served as treasurer of the CSU statewide alumni council. Editor's Note: For a profile on Considine, see "Considine leaves CSU board after long and successful run," Cal Poly Magazine, fall 1998, page 35. [3] :S8 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

43 ALUMNI NEW Manila Alumni While working in Manila, the Philippines, alum Clen P. Braden (BIO '95) (far right) discovered Cal Poly graduates (from left) All-American basketball player Sean Chambers (SPC '89), Chris (Rasmussen) Panos (HE '72), and Rick Panos (ARCH '76). Together they formed "the unofficial Cal Poly Alumni Association of Manila [and] had fun telling Mustang stories halfway around the world, " says Braden. Chambers plays as an "import" in the Philippine Basketball Association and his team has won several championships. (Photo courtesy of Glen Braden) Ul1ll1aSk Your Come home to acal poly Halloween Memories This year you can celebrate having its 50th reunion Halloween and Cal Poly's (reservations for the alumni and 1999 Homecoming the same reunion breakfast on Sunday, Oct. weekend. Oct marks a three 31, must be made by Oct. 15). day festival that includes San Luis For more information, call the Obispo's traditional Farmers' Alumni Relations Office at Market, the downtown parade, a 805/SLO-ALUM (805/ ). wine tasting and barbecue, and a For details on specific departfootball game against Portland ment activities, contact the State. The class of 1949 will be deans' offices. ~ IIomecoming 1see H.albween ~kend Oct. 29"31 Servatius to be honored With first CPAA distinguished service a ard All alumni and friends are While pursuing his During the late '50s and early encouraged to attend this undergraduate degree, he served as '60s, Servatius - along with Public year's Honored Alumni and an assistant to President McPhee. Affairs Administrative Assistant Reunion Banquet on Friday After earning his master's degree, Charlie Mendenhall and Lew evening, Oct. 29, when alumni Servatius began a long career as Litzie (ARCH '50) - was the from each college will be one of the most popular and association. Supporting the recognized and the Cal Poly honored teachers in Cal Poly's CPAA for more than 30 years as Alumni Association will bestow its history. He was recognized as secretary, regional point person, first-ever Distinguished Service Student Club Adviser of the Year and spokesperson, Servatius Award on longtime friend and and served as Business Department touched every student and alum supporter, Owen Servatius head from 1964 to from 1947 to his retirement (SOCS '59, ED '65). in ~ CAL POLY MAGAlINE Fall

44 ALUMNI NEWS atest sculptor's "Mustang Flig f' series offered by CPAA he Cal Poly Alumni Association is offering T "Mustang Flight," a limited-edition sculpture by Western artist and former College of Ag Professor Roy Harris (see back cover for details). Introducing himself as "just an 01' cowboy," Harris is a former university professor and a sculptor to presidents and kings. He served as a horse trooper during the Korean War, worked as a cow boss on a ranch in eastern Arizona, and earned a B.S. and M.S. in animal science from Utah State, completing his doctorate in animal genetics and physiology there in He taught in Cal Poly's College of Agriculture from 1954 until his retirement in (His son, Chad Harris, earned a 1985 degree in physical education During his tenure at Cal Poly, Harris was commissioned to create a life-size bronze mustang sculpture for the courtyard between the administration building and the student union. Other works ':, include 1980 world championship belt buckles for the, National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, two lifesize skiers for the resort at Sun Valley, Idaho, and a sculpture of the Prince of Spain's champion Arabian mare. Pieces from these special editions are in the collections of former Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, and are part of the Professional Rodeo Association's 1980 display at the Cowboy Hall of ~, ~i Fame. He has been listed '1 "''' twice in Who's Who in ""t: Frontier Science & Technology < "'.' and three times in Who's and is currently in the Comments Roy Harris, "The horse is better Who in the World. ~ Kinesiology Department at loakin' than me." (Photo courtesy of Roy Harris) Boise State University.) E Garde Cal Poly's 7999 Open House broke new ground with a fencing demonstration and reprised events such as a carnival, club booths and educational exhibits, rodeos, and a tractor pull. The Cal Poly Wind Orchestra and Jazz Band concert closed the weekend in the Performing Arts Center. C3J 58 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

45 ALUMNI NEW need to update your Cal Poly wardrobe? Kevin Higgins Rugby Enda ment The Kevin Higgins (BUS '86) Rugby Endowment Fund has been established with a $5,000 donation by Rob Fraser (HIST '89) and his wife, Shannon (SOCS '91). The fund honors the former Cal Poly and USA Eagles rugger, while assisting the Cal Poly club with funds for the future. For more information, contact Rob Fraser at 503/ or or contact the Alumni Relations Office at 805/SLO ALUM ( ).. you can pu rchase I. I th a umnl C 0 and Iicense plate frames on our website simply click on Spirit Shop Ing ~ELCORRAL aa.. BOOKSTORE.A NONPRo.FIT ORGAN.lZATION SRRVING CAL PoLY SINCE 1933 Cal Poly goes to the Big A pie J oin fellow alumni and friends on a trip to New York City, Sept Highlights will include a tour of the city, a New York Yankees game, and a Broadway show (to be announced). We will also be joining area alumni to cheer on the Cal Poly football team when they play Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., on Sept. 25. Hotel accommodations, flight discounts, transportation, tours, and pre-game and game festivities are being arranged. For further details, call the Alumni Relations Office at 805/SLO ALUM ( ). B:iJ Note to Alumni re: Shared Information Please note that your name, address, phone number, school or college, and year of graduation may be used by Cal Poly for the development of university-affiliated marketing programs. If you do not wish to have this information used, please notify Advancement Services, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA in writing. G:i3 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

46 CLASS NO'l' Di PO We welcome alumni news on jobs. moves. and special activities. Please Include your name - first, last (maiden) - major and graduation year (or dates of attendance), address, phone, and employer/position. Mail your item to HClass Notes,H Cal Poly Magazine, Heron Hall Room 204, Cal Poly, San luis Obispo, CA 93407, or send via at Note: Due to the large number of submissions, we publish alumni information only, on a first-received basis, reserving later items for the next issue. We print information on events that have already occurred only. We try to avoid duplicating department newsletter items, and do not publish or return unsolicited photos. 'So. Charles H. Rolfes, who studied mechanical engineering in 1950, is working as a consultant to Defense Systems Inc. He lives in Burlington, N.C., but has taken some time to travel to Arizona, Florida, and Antarctica. Bob Roumiguiere (ASCI '50), former president of Los Lecheros, served 23 years on the Marin County Board of Supervisors. He owns four premium Wine-grape vineyards in Lake. County, run by his two older sons. Richard M. Simpson (ME '53) retired in 1985 and is currently on the board of directors for the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, Ala. His major activity is restoring and flying antique aircraft. Walter L. van Dam (GRC '53) has been retired since 1993 and enjoys traveling with his wife in their motor home..john P. Donnellan (AERO '56) retired from the USAF civil service as manager of the life support branch and aircraft components and is now teaching math part time at a local college in San Antonio, Texas. "lowe the foundation of my aircraft career to Cal Poly - thanks." Kenneth H. Trigueiro (PE '57) lives in Alpine and works for the city of San Diego's Parks and Recreation Dept. James W. Troxel (ARCE '58) retired as director of the Supermarket Development Corp. and is now a consultant in real estate development. Richard 'Dick' Mannini (PE '59, MA Admin '61) retired, after 38 years, from football coaching and athletic administration. He was head coach and associate athletic director at both Saint Mary's College and San Francisco State, and defensive coordinator at San Jose State and Stanford. He resides in Twain Harte with his wife. Stillman C. Chase (EL MATH '59) retired from Hughes (now Raytheon) Santa Barbara Remote Sensing in 1992 and started a consulting business. He continues to consult in the area of electro-optical sensor design. He lives in Santa Barbara. '..0. Gary F. Morse (FM '60) lives in Fremont and retired in 1998 after 35 years as an elementary and junior high school teacher. "My agricultural experience at Cal Poly was outstanding, even if I did not earn a living from it. My garden is my farm." Fred Brown (PE '62) retired from Merritt College as an instructor, football coach, and women's basketball coach. He was inducted into the Women's Coaches Association Hall of Fame in He is now the men's basketball coach at Merritt College and Co-Coach of the Year. George Cattey (ME '65) is an associate technical fellow in his 32nd year with the Boeing Co. He lives in Renton, Wash. Jana Mosgar-Zeulal Cuneo (SOCS '65) has joined the staff of Sutter Hospitals Foundation as a development officer. She lives in Carmichael. Harold T. Uradomo (SS' 65) is a sales manager for ].H. Biotech Inc. in Ventura County. He lives with his wife in Huntington Beach. Ann Cassidy (ASCI '66) is a medical technologist and a tour manager. She raises Icelandic horses and lives in Bodega. Robert V. Cattey (FM '66) is regional services manager for l.r. Simplot Co. in Lathrop and serves as secretary on the CAPCA state board of directors. DavidJ. Park (EL '66) is a technical director for Logistics Business Systems within Complex Systems of SRA International. He resides in Fairfax. Randall K. Spoeri (MATH '68) has joined HIP Health Plans as a vice president. His department provides quantitative information and analytical guidance and assistance in support of medical and quality management initiatives. J. AJan Walti (ME '68) retired from the Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power after 30 years of service. He is living in Redondo Beach. '70. Cynthia A. Hasbrook (PE '70) was named chair of the Department of Human Kinetics at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She is living in Muskego, Wis. Stauley B. Neal (MA '70) is a member of the Sierra Unified School District Board of Trustees. He resides in Auberry. Carl P. Rogers (ME '70) is working for Tri-Stem Engineering Inc., which specializes in HVAC consulting and provides due diligence surveys for large real estate transactions. He is living in Dallas. Ed Ryan (EL '70) was named manager of CertainTeed Corporation's new fiber-cement products plant in Valley Forge, Pa. Richard McLeod Young (EE ' 70) is an engineer for Northrup-Gruman, designing electric and hybrid-powered vehicles. He lives in Millersville, Md. 40 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

47 CLASS NOT S Matthew J. Gregory (ARCH (71) was appointed to the Kirkland, Wash., planning commission. He was a recipient of the 1998 Impact on Learning Award for the lobby category. Diane C. Peacock (HIST (71) is a school librarian for Boulder Creek Elementary School. She resides in Redding. David Matthews (ARCH' 72) has been promoted to principal at LMN Architects in Seattle. He also provides technical support for most of the architectural projects in the office as LMN's quality assurance coordinator, providing oversight and direction for their program. He lives in Seattle. Pamela D. Nepstead (BUS' 72) is working for GenCorp Aerojet. She lives in Sacramento with her husband, Ronald Nepstead (IT '72), and their children. Michael J. Brady (CRP ' 73) moved to the Sacramento CalTrans Office and is the statewide air quality coordinator for the environmental program. He lives in Folsom. Dennis Farley (CRP, 73) was named president-elect of the Kansas Association of County Planning and Zoning Officials in He is living in McPherson, Kan. John R. Garakian (ARCH '73) was promoted to architectural department manager at Fluor Daniel Inc. He is living in Laguna Beach. Michael R. Cappetti (IA '74, MA I and TS '94) is receiving a $250,000 grant to teach a course on engineering technology principles. The new class emphasizes electro-mechanical technology. He is living in Carmel Valley. David W. Rohinson (TREN '74) was promoted to deputy director of the Sonoma County Dept. of Transportation and Public Works. He lives in Santa Rosa with his wife and two children. Patrick M. Edwards (BIO (75) works with G.D. Searle & Co., which has created a drug to combat arthritis. He has also become a member of ToastMasters International, which meets in Grover Beach, where he resides. Michael McVey (ME '75) is a civil engineer with SUN Technical Services in Oswego, N.V. He is in charge of design and analysis of structural elements of a nuclear power plant. He resides in Martville, N.V. AlanJ. Ragan (BUS '75) is the president of McCormack Baron Management Services Inc., a diverse property management organization with expertise in inner-city rehabilitation. He lives in Creve Coeur, Mo. William W. Wills (SOCS '75) received an M.A. in art in curriculum and instruction from Chapman University. Julian F. Cano (ENVE '76) is chief of the Leaking Underground Tank Cleanup Unit for San Luis Obispo's Water Quality Control Board. Diane B. Conway OOUR '76) is a freelance writer for her home-based company, Booth Conway and Associates. Her husband, Mike Conway OOUR '77), was promoted to news editor of the Merced Sun-Star. They live in Merced with their three young children. Rodney L. Glover (POLS '76) is a planner II for the County of Tulare. When he is not traveling - this past year he went to the Middle East and Great Britain - he lives in Visalia. George W. Nervo (HIST '76) retired from teaching and is spending his free time fishing. He lives in Sebastopol. Steven R. Cooper (EL '77) is a manager of test architecture and test strategy for the test development engineering of enterprise servers group within the Intel Corporation. He is living in Portland. Mark Coudray (GRD '77) has been named first vice chairman of the board of directors for the Screenprinting & Graphic Imaging Association International. He also owns two companies in San Luis Obispo: Coudray Graphic Technologies and Serigraphic Designs Inc. Douglas L. Lockwood (ARCE '77) works for Verle A. Williams & Associates in San Diego and is research promotion chairman for ASH RAE's San Diego chapter. Wendy Moyer-Metzler (NRM '77) is a radiologic technologist for Kaiser Permanente. She lives in Sonoma. Wilfred K. Taylor (AERO '77) returned to the United States after 10 years in Korea and Japan, where he worked as an on-site field service engineer for the USAF. He is working for Boeing-Wichita on the KC-135 program. He resides in Andover, Kan. Lea C. Brooks OOUR '78) became, a public information officer for the California Dept. of Health Services. She was also re-elected chair of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates. She is living in Gold River..Jan Douglas (HE '78) has been hired as the director of catering for the Lafayette Park Hotel. She has been a member of the National Association of Catering Executives since Gary Felsman (EE '78) designs computers for Ziatech. He worked along with Ray Bnrnell (AG '62), president of the Rodeo Club in '61, to keep the trails of Bishop Peak open to the public. Barry L. Hills (CSC '78) has been named vice president of Ellipsys Technologies Inc., a Soquelbased developer of expert systemsbased telecommunications software and applications. Mark Kinsey (NRM '78) is the general manager of the Monte Vista Water District. He is responsible for the overall management of the district, which provides services to over 42,000 customers. Charles H. Moore (MET' 78) is participating in the semi-solid molding of aluminum alloys, primarily producing parts for the automotive industry. He resides in Arkadelphia, Ark. Vicki Y. Murashima (OH '78) is teaching floral design for the Riverside County Schools Regional Occupational Program. She also works as a 4-H leader and is chairperson for Desert Sands Unified School District Personnel Commission. She lives in Indio. David W. Reasoner (BUS '78) is a vice president with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in San Mateo. In his spare CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall '

48 CLASS NOT S time he serves on several nonprofit boards. He lives in San Francisco. William S. Rogers (LA '78) became a partner and owner of Hazard Construction Co. of San Diego in July Torgeir Norheim (ARCH '78, MAR '81), assistant professor at Kansas State, is one of two educators chosen to receive the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and the American Institute for Architecture Students organization's New Faculty Teaching Award for the school year. Debra D. Hull-Anton (IS '79) is teaching elementary school for the Riverside Unified School District. She is living in Riverside with her husband and daughter. Berkley J. Baker (BUS (79) and Dorian Rebell Baker aour '79) are living in Paso Robles with their two children. KevinJ. Blasingame (EE '79) works for the Naval Hospital in Twentynine Palms at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. He joined the Navy in Julie A. Leidolf (PE '79, MBA BUS '81) is a store manager for Nordstrom in Sierra Alta. Christie D. McCollom (BCHM '79) is working for Lynx, a genomics company. She lives in Foster City with her husband and two young children. Annemarie Mordkoff (CSC '79) married and moved to Pepperell, Mass. Kevin R. Phillips (BIO '79) is supply operations director, manufacturing services, Safeway Inc., and lives in Danville. Cheryl K. Stauffer aour ' 79) operates Movies To Go and Audio Video City, both of which have stores in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo. She resides in Santa Maria with her husband and two children. Paul Sterne (CSC '79) earned an MBA from San Francisco State and has been self-employed since He serves marketing information groups at Wells Fargo Bank, and operations and internal financial reporting groups at Charles Schwab. He resides in EI Cerrito. Dale). White (ARCE (79) is working as a general operations manager for Trane Co. He lives in Granite Bay with his children and his wife, Michelle Allan, who studied physical education at Cal Poly in '80..John C. Fullerton (ARCH '80) is a principal with Anderson Brule Architects. His leadership duties include project delivery, documentation, construction administration, and directing the firm's quality assurance program. Peter E. Nyarady (AGB (80) celebrated 10 years with Rio Farms as the manager of onion operations. He lives with his wife in Camarillo. Craig R. Wiley (ET (80) is the director of marketing for Oren Semiconductor in Santa Clara. He I develops chips for digital television and broadband communications. He resides in Portola Valley. Diana L. Burnall aour '81) is treasurer for the Friends and Alumni Network of Supporters of the Cal Poly Theatre. Morten Gjerde (ARCH '81) is teaching at Victoria University'S School of Architecture. He is living in Northland Wellington, New Zealand. Richard C. Habein, who studied animal science at Cal Poly in 1981, owns a 1200-acre ranch in Hawaii. He is also a half partner in Hawaii Natural Meats Co. Robert Y. Ikemiya (ARCH (81) is the planning and development director of ITO Packing Co. Inc., a licensed real estate agent, and the planning commissioner for the city of Reedley. He lives with his wife and daughter in homes in Reedley and Los Osos. Peggy C. Kelly, who studied industrial technology at Cal Poly in 1981, was in the top ten for sales for her company, Dynamic Property. She lives in Anchorage, where she is a certified residential specialist. Michael L. Silacci (BUS '81) is working as Pacific Bell's executive director of external affairs for Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. He has held assignments in accounting, information systems, regulatory, and external affairs in his nearly 17 years with Pacific Bell. He lives in Newbury Park with his wife and two young children. Eric D. Steger (CE '81) works with Unocal Geothermals as a resource technology supervisor. His wife, Donna Steger (GRC (81), works for Waller Press. They live in Novato with their three young children. Douglas C. Swisher (AERO '81) designs, develops, and tests software for commercial aircraft Flight Management Systems, which provides flight planning and performance management. He lives with his wife in Grand Rapids, Mich. Daniel B. Applebay (ET (82) returned to Vandenberg Air Force Base from White Sands Missile Range to work as an instrument manager in charge of the missile flight termination ground system. He is also responsible for the telemetry data processing system and was promoted to GS-3. He lives with his wife and two young sons. Vance I. Furukawa (CRP '82) is a director of real estate for Times Mirror in Los Angeles. His wife, Roberta Furukawa (MCRO '82), is a laboratory supervisor for Kaiser Permanante Medical Center in Riverside. They reside in Pomona. Bradford McNamee (ARCH (82) was promoted to senior associate of Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, Architects, Planners and Consultants. Ed Romano (ME (82) is the lead engineer at Boeing, in charge of structural dynamics analysis of space shuttle and space station components. He lives in Burbank. Sandra L. Smith (HE (82) is a licensed midwife in the state of California. She is in private practice attending homebirths in the San Francisco Bay Area. She resides in Walnut Creek with her husband and two young children. Frederick R. Aikins, who studied agricultural management at Cal Poly in 1983, was promoted to managing 42 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

49 CLA 5 NOT director at Hill and Knowlton in Irvine. John D. Horner (ARCH '83) was promoted to senior associate at TMP Associates Inc., a full-service architectural and engineering firm in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. RandalJ. Prout (ME '83) is the principal founder of Netsoft, a hightechnology executive search firm specializing in providing senior engineers, marketing, and sales professionals for early-stage technology companies. He lives in Los Altos. Steve Schiller (ARCE '83) was promoted to director of operations for the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. He is working with Martin &. Peltyn Inc. in Las Vegas. He lives in Boulder City, Nev. AlanJ. Sorkey (BCRM '83) is working as an emergency physician in Texas and Louisiana. He lives in Tyler, Texas, with his wife and three children. Gregory Triplett (El '83) started Communications Logic, an independent electronic design consulting business. He is specializing in digital circuit design for RF and data communications systems. He resides in Pleasanton. Michael G. Ansolabhere III (CRSC '84) was promoted to unit manager at the J.R. Simplot Co. in Buttonwillow. He resides in Bakersfield. Dale L. Ashby (AERO '84, MS ENGR '86) works as an experimental and computational aerodynamicist specializing in low-speed, high-lift aerodynamics for NASA's Ames Research Center. He is the project director on wind-tunnel tests, and develops and runs potential flow-panel codes for analyzing aircraft. He and his wife reside in San Jose. Lawrence Bello (BUS '84) has rejoined KPMG as an audit partner in the Dallas office. He lives in Paino, Texas. Susan G. Benjamin (CFD '84) is living in Palo Alto with her husband and two young sons. Andrew B. Fremier (CE '84) is a division chief for CaITrans. He is responsible for all CalTrans construction activities in the nine Bay Area counties, including policy development, contract administration, and materials testing. He resides in Fairfax. Brian Thomas Miller (BIO '84) is attending Penn State's School of Medicine and living in Hershey, Pa. Kellie D. Morgantini (NRM '84) graduated from Monterey College of Law in 1998 and is now working for a nonprofit organization, Legal Services for Seniors. She lives in Greenfield. Robert A. Bartell (EE '85) is a senior engineer for Raytheon Missile Systems, where he designs automated test systems and writes programs to control them. He is living in Tucson. Jessica Torbet Brown (ME '85) is an information communication technology specialist for Kellett School in Hong Kong, where she teaches children about computers. She lives in Wah Fu, Hong Kong, with her husband and two children. Kathleen Henderson Elwell (BUS '85) is a stay-at-home mom JiVing in Bakersfield. Suhil Y. Kandah (CE '85) manages the traffic engineering analysis unit for the County of Santa Clara, Roads and Airports Dept., and is a member of the congestion management agency Level of service committee. He is married, with four children, and lives in San Jose. Thomas Henry Ludeke (EE '85) is part of the imaging and entertainment core systems group design team at Motorola, where he is responsible for system design down to physical implementation. He is living in Poing, Germany. Yvonne Provaznik (NRM '85) was promoted to park supervisorof Ardenwood Regional Preserve and Historical Farm. She lives with her husband, David Schatzki (CM '83), in El Sobrante. James Settlemyer (BUS '85) is a manager for Complete Business Solutions Inc., a full-service provider of computer applications and technologies. He lives in Hillsboro, Ore. Randal R. Tsuda (CRP '85) is the director of the Smart Permit project for Joint Venture in the Silicon Valley area. He and his wife live in Palo Alto. Sandra D. Hernandez (GRC '86) gave birth to a daughter in September She lives with her husband in Campbell..JoniJ. Janecki (la '86) is president of her landscape architecture firm and the subject of a book, Paradise by Design. Her firm's work includes civic, institutional, and residential design, specializing in native habitats. She lives in Santa Cruz..Julia T. Miyaoka (IE '86) is participating in a program at Stanford which prepares future professors of manufacturing for academic careers. She lives in Los Altos with her two young children. Daniel B. Patterson (ARCH '86) attended the NAFSA regional conference in Oahu, Hawaii, with his wife, Sara Wagoner Patterson (CFD '78, MA ED '79), and their children. John S. Porlia (CSC '86) was promoted to director of engineering at Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego. He resides in San Diego. LisaJ. Quisito (BIO '86) is managing the QC microbiology department in biotechnology research and development. She lives in San Francisco. Bob Ray (ME '86) is the COE development department manager for Peterbilt Motors Co. He is responsible for cab-over-engine model development and is living in Highland Village, Texas..Jefferson G. Harrison (GRC '87) is working in the production planning department at Lithocraft. He lives in Healdsburg. Nancy Horton (MATH '87) is teaching math at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek. She lives with her husband in Concord. Todd E. Humes (EL '87) received TRW's chairman's award for innovation, and co-authored an article published in the IEEE Journal ofsolid State Circuits. He resides in Thousand Oaks. Brian G. Jenkins (ECON '87) is a director of network sales at Nortel Networks. His wife, Tamara Jenkins (HE '88), is an account manager at OP Contract in San Francisco. They live in CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall :5

50 CLAS NOT S Alamo with their golden retriever. James Ryan (MATH '87, MS (89) is a teacher and department chair in Clovis. He won teacher of the year in 1993 and He resides in Clovis with his wife, Amy E. Ryan (LS (88). Catherine Statley (CSC '87) was promoted to budgets product manager of PeopleSoft Inc. She lives in San Ramon. Eric C. Stovner (ARCE '87) is working for the architecture firm of LZA Technology I Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers. He has directed projects such as the Anaheim Stadium renovation for the Angels and the structural analysis of the U.S. capitol dome for the legislative branch. He lives in New York. William M. Stram (IT '87) is an associate director in western region operations for International Integration Inc., an information technology and consulting firm. He lives in Anaheim. Kevin Berry (ME (88) provides Catia consulting services to Dassault Systems customers aimed at optimizing their implementation of process-centric Catia solutions. He resides in Ventura. Sam Chuck (ABG (88) became a partner in the law firm of Liccardo, Rossi, Sturges &. McNeil in San Jose. He specializes in business and real estate litigation. Sonia D. Cuffe (CSC '88) has worked with Hewlett-Packard for eight years in positions such as professional services network project manager. In 1997 she founded and is now a practice director for Interactive Web Concepts. She lives with her husband and two children in Willow Glen. Jacquelin H. Dannemiller (AGSC '88, MS AGRI (92) is an agriculture education instructor at the Career Enrichment Park in Westminster, Colo. She lives in Lakewood with her husband. David Diamond (ARCH '88, MS ARCH '89) is an associate at the San Francisco office of Skidmore, OWings &. Merrill LLP. His current projects include the new state office building at the San Francisco Civic Center and the recently completed corporate headquarters for Electronic Arts in Redwood City. Harry Domicone (MA BUS '88) was elected to tenure at California Lutheran University's School of Business. Craig R. Gaevert (ARCH (88) was promoted to associate with TLCD Architecture in Santa Rosa, where he resides. Linnea S. Hall (BIO '88) was hired as an assistant professor of wildlife biology and avian ecology at CSU, Sacramento. She resides in Fiddletown. Daniel J. Nguyen (IE '88) manages the supply chain for system build products - including materials, costs, processes, delivery, and services - Solectron Corp. He lives in San Jose. LorettaJ. Reed (PE '88) is coaching track and cross-country at Pioneer High School. She lives in Whittier with her husband and three daughters. for Nancy C. Stanley (REC '88) is a licensed marriage and family therapist with private practices in both Carmel and Salinas. She lives in Carmel Valley. Craig Slavin (ME '88) is a patent attorney with Henricks, SJavin &. Holmes LLP. The majority of his practice is the preparation and prosecution of patent applications before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Ronald C. Thomas (EL '88) is working as a sales representative for J2. He and his wife welcomed triplets into their Los Gatos home in April Thomas S. Balbierz (CE '89) is working for Youngdahl &. Associates as a senior engineer. His wife, Maria paz Balbierz (CM '90), is working for Turner Construction Co. as a project manager. They live in Folsom with their two young daughters. Michael S. Carter (CM '89) works as a project manager for Ninteman Construction Co. in San Diego..James S. Hawkins (ME '89) has been awarded his M.D. degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He also has an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University. Kevin N. Hill (AERO '89) is the lead mechanical and structural engineer in the assembly of 777's for Boeing. He is living in Everett, Wash. Thomas F. Lebens (EL '89) is a partner with Fitch, Even, Tabin, and Flannery, an intellectual property law firm. He lives with his wife and two children in San Diego. Jim H. Lee (AERO '89) conducts research and development on fuel cell electric vehicles for General Motors. He lives in Rochester, N.Y. Anthony M. Planinac (EL '89) is working at Commquest, which was recently acquired by IBM. He lives in Nipomo and surfs every day. He traveled to Korea twice this past year. '.0. Doug Hancock (POLS '90) celebrated the birth of a second son in December He lives with his family in San Diego, where for the past five years he has been serving as the district chief of staff to California State Assemblyman Steve Baldwin (R). Paula Houston (ENGL '90) teaches at Cal Poly and still found time to write a novel, Daughters o(song, published by Random House in David Robbins (LARC '90) graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design with master's degrees in landscape architecture and urban planning. He works for RTKL as an urban planner and designer and lives in Dallas. Meghan Tiernan (LA (90) is a project manager and designer for Studio Green Landscape Architects in Mill Valley. She is responsible for commercial and planning projects as well as CAD design production. Jason C. Chiang (EL '91) joined LSJ Logis as a product marketing manager for MIPS microprocessors. He now resides in Redwood City. Shaun E. Cooper (LA '91) is working for the Albany, Ore., Parks and Recreation Dept. as the park development coordinator. David L. Hartman (EE '91) is a systems manager in the cable modem group at Broadcom. He lives in Laguna Hills with his wife, Tracy Hartman (SPC '89). 44 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

51 CLA 5 NOTES Gayle Hoch (IE '91) is a senior manager in KPMG's Oracle software implementation practice. She is living in San Carlos. Allene G. Kearney (ENGL '91) is the executive assistant to the president of ROM Group Inc., a marketing company. She lives in Long Beach. Alexandra O. Phillips (ARCE '91) is working for Structural Affiliates International in San Diego and lives in Solana Beach. Joseph "Pepe" Prud'homme (SOCS '91) is a correctional lieutenant with the California Dept. of Corrections in Tehachapi, where he lives with his wife and two children. Christopher Tracy (ECON '91) received his MBA in June from Harvard Business School. He is employed by Nextcard in San Ramon and lives with his Wife, Elizabeth (Andrews) Tracy (BIO '91), and their young son in Moraga. Christopher's father-in-law is M. Richard Andrews (SOCS '56), and his sister, Karen (Tracy) Reed (BUS '88), lives with her husband, Brian Reed (OH '89), in Tustin. Jose F. Arau (ARCH '92) is a project manager for Conversion Management Associates Inc., an owner representative company with backgrounds in land development, architecture, real estate law, and finance. He is living in San Frandsco. Perry K. Carter (ME '92) is the product manager for HART development in the instrument marketing department at Fisher Controls. He lives in Marshalltown, Iowa. Tran D. Cutherell (CRP '92) is a project manager of retail facuities for Cellular One. He also owns and operates Tran Cutherell Photography. He resides in San Mateo. Gregory M. Euston (CE '92) is a project manager for JE Dunn Construction Co., building Sprint's new world headquarters campus. He lives in Kansas City, Mo. David J. Hauxhurst (REC '92) is a third grade teacher at James Monroe School in Madera. His Wife, Kimberly Hauxhurst (REC '92), is a branch manager for Adecco Staffing Services in Fresno. They are living in Madera. Randall W. Husch (CM '92) is an estimator with OC Jones &: Sons in Berkeley. He lives with his wife, Karin Husch (GRC '92), and young daughter in Berkeley. J. Edward KiddJr. (AGB '92) lives with his wife and daughter in Modesto. Lorena Ruiz Nielsen (GRC '92) has been promoted to group manager of client services for Webcraft Direct Marketing, where she manages the print production and programming departments for the imaged products commercial division. She lives with her husband in Kendall Park, N.J. Christopher G. Pike (OH '92) has earned an MBA degree from the University of Redlands, Alfred North Whitehead College, San Diego. He is working for GDE Systems Inc. as an engineering administrator, and living in Poway. Kory Priestley (ME '92) is an instrument scientist for NASA's clouds and the Earth's radiant energy system instruments, which measure the Earth's radiation budget. He received his MS and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech in He resides in Hayes, Va. Kamal A. Rajan (IE '92) has been promoted to vice president and manager of customer information analysis. He performs statistical model development and marketing. He is living in San Francisco. Melissa L. Burnley (HIST '93) is the comedy booking coordinator for Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco, where she also lives. Derek S. Chang (EL '93) is working at ECTS Inc. and lives with his wife in Milpitas. Terry S. Dyksinski (MA ED '93) traveled to Washington, D.C., to represent the Paso Robles Public Education Union as co-president. The weeklong trip involved leadership training for only 20 individuals throughout the nation. Brian M. Fallman (HIST '93) received the CSEA Teacher of the Year Award for Special Education for the year. Roger A. Haring (casc '93) is attending the University of Florida and living in Gainesville. Alan R. Klenk (AERO '93) is working as a medical device engineer. He lives in Campbell with his wife. Steven J. Mueller (ART '93) is working for Rick Graves, an accomplished automotive photographer in Orange County. He resides in Huntington Beach. Scott R. Ruby (DSCI '93) and his wife, Gina L. Carinalli-Ruby (DSCI '93), are living in Scio, Ore. Scott works for World-Wide Sires Inc. as an area director of marketing for dairy genetics and on the family farm. Gina is a high school varsity volleyball coach and advisor for the yearbook. They have two young children..jennifer S. Stone (AGRI '93) is a natural resource specialist for the Navy, helping with technical support and program management for rare plants and agricultural leases on bases from Oxnard to Yuma. She is living in San Diego. Jane S. Young (MATH '93) is working for a start-up company, Amira Medical, as a software engineer. She lives in Milpitas with her husband, Stephen Lau (CE '90). Ryan E. Davis (AERO '94) works for Lockheed Management Data Systems as a technical lead engineer. He is living in San Jose. '!' Michael S. Engel (ARCH '94) is a project coordinator with Gresham Smith &: Partners. He lives with his wife and young child in Birmingham, Ala. Daniel R. Harrigan (MATE '94) is part-owner of Material Innovation Inc., a thermal management firm. He is JiVing in Huntington Beach. Suzanne M. Heckman (OH '94) is enjoying being a new mother and Jiving in Morro Bay. Chris Hohman (ME '94) is a mechanical engineer with Abbott Laboratories Diagnostics Division, which builds and designs hematology analyzers. He was the recipient of Abbott's chairman's award and is JiVing CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

52 CLASS NO'l'ES in Santa Clara..Joanne Sevilla McAllister (ARCH '94) was promoted to associate at the Austin Design Group in San Diego. She is working on projects for the Eisenhower Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente. She lives in San Diego with her husband. Stacey R. Stowe (AGB '94) was promoted to branch manager and certified escrow officer at Cuesta Title Company, Cambria branch. She lives in Cambria. Carrie M. Vaughn (NSCI '94) is the head tennis coach at Cypress High School. Both the boys' and girls' teams are ranked in the top 10 in Orange County. She is also the Home Economics Department head and the recipient of the Coach of the Year award for her 1998 boys' tennis team. R. Mike Arens (ESB '95) is working for the U.S. Forest Service and living in Jacksonville, Ore. Money Atawal (ME '95) manages the Oracle ERP implementation and information management leadership program for General Electric. He lives in Sunnyvale with his wife. Celeste A. Doyle (FDSC '95) is a product development supervisor for Kal Kan Foods Inc. She is living in North Hollywood. Christine Herman (FRSC '95) is teaching third grade at a small Catholic school in Orange. She resides in Santa Ana. Elijah G. Mowbray (CE '95) is a project manager for R.M. Harris Co. in Concord. He oversees all aspects of construction management and construction-related design. He resides in San Francisco. Lourdes G. Rivera (PSY '95) is a therapist for a community mental health clinic in Glendora. She is living in Diamond Bar with her husband, Eric Flodine (LA '96). Aline B. Anema (DSCI '96) lives in Corona with her husband. Jaqueline E. (Groom) Bassett (ARCE '96) and Will Bassett (BIO '96) are living in San Francisco..Jodi A. Clark (CRP '96) finished her internship with the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority and is now a planner II with the city of San Jose, where she resides. Danielle Dearing (REC '96) completed franchise owner training for Merry Maids. She is living in Oakley with her husband, William Dearing (CM '96). Brandy L. Egan (BCRM '96) was inducted into the Tau Kappa Omega honor society in 1998 and is a recipient of a California Dental Association scholarship. She lives in San Francisco. Marl Mizutani (MU '96) received her master's degree in violin performance from the University of New Mexico in May She is working as a stringed instrument teacher and freelance violinist in the Albuquerque area. She has performed with such groups as the Santa Fe Symphony, New Mexico Symphony, and the San Juan Symphony. She lives with her husband in Albuquerque. Steve Myers (ME '96) co-founded MindTribe Product Engineering Inc., which specializes in smart products, embedded systems, and mechatronics design. He is living in Portola Valley. Jared Pickering (BUS '96) is working for Metromedia International Telecommunications as finance director of various telecommunications jointventure operations in central and eastern Europe. He lives in Vienna, Austria, with his Wife. Shannon Ragsdale (AGB '96) is a residential appraiser with the Madera County Assessor's Office. She is living in Kerman. Ira Joseph Soreuseu (ME '96) has earned an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech. He is also working as a graduate researcher in the department. Mike Strasser (ME '96) works in the product design program at Stanford and part-time as a design engineer for IDEO Product Development. He resides in Stanford. Cindy M. Treichler (ARCH '96) is working as a job captain in the corporate architecture department at Gap Inc. She completed an Old Navy flagship store in downtown Seattle. She lives in Menlo Park. Ryan A. Branco (CRSC '97) is an assistant ranch supervisor for Bruce Church Inc., in charge of all plantings and the thinning and weeding crew for four ranches. He is living in Salinas. Chi Uyen Dang (BCRM '97) is a pharmaceutical sales representative for Janssen Pharmaceutica, a division of Johnson & Johnson. She is living in Santa Clara. Michael R. Dong (CSC '97) is working full-time at Adobe. He lives in Sunnyvale. David A. Harrington (EE '97) is an associate engineer with the Parsons Corp. He resides in Acadia..Joseph A. Hugh (HIST '97) was promoted to first lieutenant. He is stationed at Ft. Irwin. Lisa L. Stoddard (CM '97) works for a recreation development company as a project manager. She worked on building the wave pool at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, and on other attractions at the hotel. She lives with her husband, Mike Colety (CE '94, CEEN '96), in Henderson, Nev. Landon P. Tymochko (BUS '97) is stationed in Bosnia until October. Christine M. Wortley (BUS '97) is working in a management training program for Granite Construction Co. She resides in Lodi. Matthew E. Ballmer (SS '98) is working for Fugro West, a geotechnical firm. He is living in Oxnard Shores. Edward A. Borlenghi (ARCH '98) is a junior architect for the Luckman Partnership. He lives in Los Angeles. JoAnn C. Carotenuti (DSCI '98) is an appraiser for Pacific Coast Farm Credit in Salinas. Danielle Fabela (REC '98) is the recreation director for a private elementary school, Kids Connection Inc., in Foster City. She resides in San Bruno. ~.8 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

53 IN MORIAM Note: Because ofspace constraints, we publish limited biographical and survivors' information. Melvin Bakeman (CE '33),84, died in Salinas in February. He was the planning director for San Luis Obispo County, and assistant planning director in Monterey County until he retired in He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and a son. Donald Carranza (EE '47), 78, who established a scholarship for the electrical engineering program at Cal Poly, died in December He was part of a partnership that founded the Commercial Radio and Electronics Co., which pioneered two-way radio in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. He is survived by his wife, daughter, and son. A. Norman Cruikshanks (FAC), 90, died in Lake Isabella in October He taught at Cal Poly from 1947 to 1971 and was head of the Social Sciences Department for 11 years. He is survived by two sons and four grandchildren. Martha Bunce Desch (ED '62) died in Thousand Oaks in September She owned a typography business called The Alphabet Factory. She is survived by her husband, Mike Desch (IT '62), and two sons. Thomas Elsnab (OR '75), 40, died in Pleasanton in January He worked as a landscape designer. He is survived by his wife and two sons. Lew Lltzle (ARCH '50),73, died in Fresno in March. Amember of the first class of graduating architects at Cal Poly, he was a respected San Joaquin Valley architect whose leadership in the Cal Poly Alumni Association was instrumental in establishing a protocol for CSU alumni members to serve as CSU trustees. He entered private practice in Fresno in 1957, and for 42 years designed commercial buildings such as the 22-story Del Webb TowneHouse in downtown Fresno (now called Fresno County Plaza), medical and shopping centers, schools, churches, and residences. He served on the city's planning commission from 1965 to 1967 and was involved with the Chamber of Commerce. Rodney Eschenburg (AERO '55),69, died at his home in San Diego in March He worked for General Dynamics, as well as National Racing Products, and was a well-known motorcycle and car race announcer for more than 3S years. He was also working with Planet Electric, developing an electric commuter car. He is survived by his two daughters. David Fruedenberg, 47, who studied political science in 1975, died at his La Habra home in February. He worked in the banking industry in Arroyo litzle was a life member in the Cal Poly Alumni AsSOCiation, elected to the board in 1955, and president from 1969 to He was one of the original founders of the CSU Alumni Council, which has gone on to develop statewide programs like the annual CSU legislative Day in Sacramento, the Year of the Alumni, and the Year of Celebrating Teachers. "Without Lew Litzie," said former CSU board member and chairman R. James "Jim" Considine (BUS '68), "there wouldn't be an alumni council, a full-time alumni director at Cal Poly, or an alumni center concept." Donations may be made to the Cal Poly Foundation, c/o Lew Litzie Memorial Fund, Alumni Relations, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA Grande. He is survived by his Wife, two sons, and two daughters. Kempton Huehn (FAC), 63, died in San Luis Obispo in November He was a math professor at Cal Poly from 1972 until he retired in July He is survived by his wife, a son, and a daughter. CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall

54 M MORIAM Rebecca Gail Mattson Kritscher (ART '96),26, died at her family's home in Concord in March She is survived by her husband and son. James B. Morris III (AG '45), 71, died in September He was a meat inspector for the Department of Food and Agriculture. He is survived by his wife and five children. teven ' SMBA '77), 52, died in Reno, Nev., in May. In 1975 he became director of alumni affairs at Cal Poly and also served as alumni magazine editor. In 1983 he became the director of development for the University of Reno's foundation. During his time at Cal Poly, he earned his doctoral degree in administration at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. In 1990 Riddell became the associate director of advancement for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. He was a champion of Reno's downtown redevelopment campaign and former president of the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, and arranged the first Reno visit of Susan Niblett (ED '79),50, died in Palm Springs in December She was an elementary school teacher in Santa Maria. She is survived by her husband, son, and daughter..john Nicolaides (FAC), 76, died in April. He was a former NASA official and taught aeronautics at Cal Poly. He is survived by his wife, daughter, and grandson. William Phaklides (ACRE '56), 72, died in Atascadero in March. He was a respected Cal Poly engineering professor for 25 years. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, and a son. Ernest E. Rettey (GRC '52), 71, died in July He taught at St. Cloud Technical College for 21 years. He is survived by his wife and seven children. British Prime Minister ~t Thatcher. RIddell is survived by his wife, two sons, his parents, a brother, and a sister. Memorials have been established with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, University of Nevada, Reno 89557; the Reno High School Baseball Program, 395 Booth St., Reno 89509; and the American Cancer Society, 712 Mill St., Reno Note: On behalf of the Cal Poly Alumni Association, Don Morris (PE '53, MS PE '59) initiated a Steve Riddell Memorial Scholarship. For details, call the Alumni Relations Office at 805/ Valerie Kay Reynolds (AERO '99), 29, died in Lodi in January. She worked at her family's flower shop. She is survived by her mother and brother. Robert K. Sater (ENGR '92), 63, died in Paso Robles in November He was a Cal Poly. engineering lecturer. He is survived by his wife and four sons. Ellen Terry Stookey (FAC) died in April. She played an integral part in developing Cal Poly's home economics program, teaching in the Home Economics Department from 1961 until her retirement in 1978, by which time she had become a professor emerita..joe Tsuboi (CRSI '53), 74, died in Lindsay in June He was a citrus farmer and a member of the Navel Orange Administration. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. Elmer Kingsley Valentine (ASCI '52, AGRI '55), 78, died in March. He was a high school teacher in King City and Salinas. He is survived by his wife, two sons, and a daughter. William Verdugo (ASCI '47), 79, died in Clovis in December He worked at Fresno State as an agriculture program developer and teacher for 17 years. He is survived by his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. BertJ Zwaagstra (DSCI '67), 53, died in northern New Mexico in April He worked as a dairyman. He is survived by his Wife and six children. W 48 CAL POLY MAGAZINE Fall 1999

55 Two of Cal Poly's Best Teasn Players Richard (SOCS '56) and Joyce Andrews' move to San Luis Obispo seven years ago was a naturall outgrowth of their team spirit. They were strengthening ties to the university already developed in athletics. alumni activities. business, and the Cal Poly Foundation. her. the Andrewses have created two charitable remainder trusts and funded a basketball scholarship in memory of their son, Jon Robert. who studied history at Cal Poly in "A charitable rema'inder trust was a convenient vehicle for doing something for Cal Poly and at the same time enjoying tax advantages with respect to some substantially appreciated securities," says Richard. For more information about how a planned gift could work to your advantage. contact Mike McCall. J.D., Director of Planned Giving and Endowments. at 805n or toll-free at (fax 805n

56 "Mustang Flight" is a bronze sculpture approximately 7ainches tall by famed artisan and Cal Poly professor emeritus Roy M. Harris (see story in "Alumni News" section of this issue). Commissioned by the Alumni Association, the sculpture is being offered as a limited edition, with proceeds supporting student scholarships and the purchaser's name permanently displayed at the Albert B. Smith Alumni and Conference Center. The cost for this memorable piece of art is $ 7,300, of which $ 7, 000 is tax deductible. Call the Alumni Relations Office at 7/888/CAL-POLY to order. O\LPOLY Cal Poly Magazine Ca'l Poly San Luis Obispo, CA Change Service Requested Parents Please Note: If your son or daughter is no longer at this address, please send his or her current one to the address above.

The CSU Board of Trustees

The CSU Board of Trustees Cal Poly enters agreement ith E&J Gallo inery The CSU Board of Trustees approved an educational agreement allowing Cal Poly, in conjunction with E&] Gallo Winery} to establish a wine grape vineyard supporting

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Cal Poly EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Cal Poly Master Plan. In Fall 1999, the average GPA and SAT scores for incoming freshmen were 3.64 and 1162.

Cal Poly EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Cal Poly Master Plan. In Fall 1999, the average GPA and SAT scores for incoming freshmen were 3.64 and 1162. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cal Poly California Polytechnic State University, founded in 1901, is a predominately undergraduate, teaching university specializing in applied technical and professional fields. With

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Fire Protection Administration

Fire Protection Administration California State University, Los Angeles California State University, Los Angeles College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology 1999-2001 University Catalog Fire Protection Administration Bachelor

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Milton Academy Town-Academy Report

Milton Academy Town-Academy Report Milton Academy Town-Academy Report Issued November 2017 Since it was chartered in 1798, Milton Academy has enjoyed a mutually beneficial and supportive relationship with the Town of Milton. Milton Academy

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Community Giving. Our Approach ALWAYS DELIVERING.

Community Giving. Our Approach ALWAYS DELIVERING. Community Giving Our Approach Xcel Energy serves hundreds of cities and towns throughout our service territory. With our active and ongoing investment in their infrastructures through our poles, pipes

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University of Northern Iowa

University of Northern Iowa University of Northern Iowa 2012 September 8, 2012 Slife Ballroom Commons University of Northern Iowa Distinguished Awards 2012 Celebration Hosted by the UNI Alumni Association and UNI Foundation Welcome

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BENEFITS OF DIVISION II MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS OF DIVISION II MEMBERSHIP TALKING POINTS FOR FACULTY ATHLETICS REPRESENTATIVES Division II is a collection of more than 300 NCAA colleges and universities that provide thousands of student-athletes

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A Vision for the Future

A Vision for the Future 81 'We've established a good foundation for education here over the past 20 years, and the past century. The challenge before us in the next 20 years, and the next century, is building on that foundation

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WEEK 10~ March 13 th, 2018

WEEK 10~ March 13 th, 2018 Engineering and systems management support for agriculture THE BRAE WEEKLY The Weekly Newsletter for the BioResource & Agricultural Engineering Department 1 WEEK 10~ March 13 th, 2018 Aaron Turner will

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MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FUTURE ENGINEERS PREVIEW DAY - 1 - 110110111100100000011001110111001001100101011001010110111 0111100100000011101110110100001101001011101000 MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 0110001110110111100100000011101110110100 00111011101101000011010010111010001111

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BENEFITS OF DIVISION II MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS OF DIVISION II MEMBERSHIP TALKING POINTS FOR PRESIDENTS AND CHANCELLORS Division II is a collection of more than 300 NCAA colleges and universities that provide thousands of student-athletes the

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AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Meeting: 10:15 a.m., Tuesday, January 22, 2019 Glenn S. Dumke Auditorium Jean P. Firstenberg, Chair Rebecca D. Eisen, Vice Chair Debra S. Farar Wenda Fong

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THE PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER THE HOT LIST THE PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER SUMMER 2018 300 KENNEDY HALL. CORNELL UNIVERSITY 607.255.1148. cupsc@cornell.edu. www.psc.cornell.edu Browse these volunteer needs (one time and ongoing opportunities)!

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BARNARD COLLEGE ALUMNAE VOLUNTEER FUNDRAISING GUIDE BARNARD COLLEGE ALUMNAE VOLUNTEER FUNDRAISING GUIDE Barnard Alumnae Fundraising Volunteer Guide Mission Statement Barnard College aims to provide the highest quality liberal arts education to promising

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Community Giving. Our Approach OUR COMMITMENT

Community Giving. Our Approach OUR COMMITMENT We provided $72.9 million in total community giving through energy assistance, the Xcel Energy Foundation and other corporate giving in 2017. OUR COMMITMENT Community Giving Our Approach Xcel Energy serves

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College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences

College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences Retired Faculty and Staff Newsletter April 2015 Edition President: Rich Equinoa Newsletter Editor: Val Barboza College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences Please join your Cal Poly Retired Faculty

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Newsletter. parent cats meeting. includes JOIN US THIS ISSUE. get involved SUBSCRIBE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES. to our newsletter. January/February 2018

Newsletter. parent cats meeting. includes JOIN US THIS ISSUE. get involved SUBSCRIBE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES. to our newsletter. January/February 2018 January/February 2018 Newsletter The 2017-18 Parent Cats newsletter is available online every month during the school year so spread the word to family and friends. Go to: www.parentcats.org and click

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A/NT Gallery Proposal for Thomas St. Shop Space At Seattle Center

A/NT Gallery Proposal for Thomas St. Shop Space At Seattle Center A/NT Gallery Proposal for Thomas St. Shop Space At Seattle Center A. Overview of Our Organization Art/Not Terminal Gallery (also known as A/NT Gallery) is a Seattle artists' collective founded in October

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AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Meeting: 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Glenn S. Dumke Auditorium Silas H. Abrego, Chair Jean P. Firstenberg, Vice Chair Debra S. Farar Hugo N. Morales

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University of Pittsburgh Case for Support

University of Pittsburgh Case for Support University of Pittsburgh 2014 2015 Case for Support Celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Table of Contents OLLI at Pitt... 2 Opportunities for Enhancing our Program... 2 What is Required to Seize our Program

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Black Legacy Weekend 2017

Black Legacy Weekend 2017 Presents Black Legacy Weekend 2017 In conjunction with Black Faculty and Staff Association Letter from the President July 2017 Greetings fellow alumni and dear friends, On behalf of the hardworking people

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Steve Shiffrin: Master Debater

Steve Shiffrin: Master Debater Santa Clara Law Santa Clara Law Digital Commons Faculty Publications Faculty Scholarship 1-1-2007 Steve Shiffrin: Master Debater Gerald F. Uelmen Santa Clara University School of Law, guelmen@scu.edu Follow

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2019 NIRSEF Awards Script

2019 NIRSEF Awards Script 2019 NIRSEF Awards Script Good Afternoon and welcome to the 2019 Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair. On behalf of the NIRSEF committee, thank you to all participants, parents, teachers,

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Destination Success: Producing Nationally Recognized Scholars. Joseph E. Williams Professor Agricultural Economics Department

Destination Success: Producing Nationally Recognized Scholars. Joseph E. Williams Professor Agricultural Economics Department AEP - 0102 Destination Success: Producing Nationally Recognized Scholars Presented at: 2001 AAEA Annual Meetings Chicago, Illinois August 5-8, 2001 By: Joseph E. Williams Professor Agricultural Economics

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Economic. Impact. Central Washington University

Economic. Impact. Central Washington University Economic Impact Central Washington University Spring 2014 Serving Central Washington entral Washington University was founded in 1891 as a teachers college. Today, CWU is a comprehensive university that

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Central Coast Cal Alumni Chapter Newsletter

Central Coast Cal Alumni Chapter Newsletter Central Coast Cal Alumni Chapter Newsletter Winter 2016 Vol. 6, No. 1 In This Issue Visit our Website Mark your calendars! Spring Fling Spring Fling April 1, 2016 New Student Reception April 12, 2016 Summer

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Candice Galipo, Bob Downs, Michele Schnaare, Sarah Rother, Mary Perrine, Julie Myhr, Arlene Borner and Eric Songer.

Candice Galipo, Bob Downs, Michele Schnaare, Sarah Rother, Mary Perrine, Julie Myhr, Arlene Borner and Eric Songer. You help advance excellence and innovation in education. NOVEMBER 2017 Celebrate Eastern Carver County Schools 112th year. SEE INSIDE HOW ALL SCHOOLS BENEFIT ABOUT YOUR DISTRICT 112 FOUNDATION We are separate

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Basic Human Needs Grants

Basic Human Needs Grants Basic Human Needs Grants Catholic Charities: $5,000 for the rural food program. Children's Village of Sonoma County: $5,000 to provide food for foster children living at the Children's Village. Committee

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A Bounty of Homegrown Talent

A Bounty of Homegrown Talent 2018 Student Leadership Conference SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES A Bounty of Homegrown Talent The MESA Student Leadership Conference brings more than 200 hand-picked engineering and computer science students

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Dear Students and Parents:

Dear Students and Parents: Future Engineers Preview Day 2016 Dear Students and Parents: On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, we welcome you to the MSU College of Engineering. We hope your visit today will find you agreeing

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AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Meeting: 12:45 p.m., Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Glenn S. Dumke Auditorium Consent Item George G. Gowgani, Chair Peter G. Mehas, Vice Chair Carol R. Chandler Debra

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NCTA Newsletter. A message from Interim Dean Scott Mickelsen. voice for Nebraska. As we embark upon the planning and implementation

NCTA Newsletter. A message from Interim Dean Scott Mickelsen. voice for Nebraska. As we embark upon the planning and implementation Volume 9, Issue 1 Spring 2013 NCTA Newsletter A message from Interim Dean Scott Mickelsen Celebrating 100 Years! The future has never been brighter at NCTA than it is today. As we reflect back on years

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DEPARTMENT OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS FACULTY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY DEPARTMENT OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS Head Coach, Women s Basketball Temporary Faculty, Coach Classification, Full-Time Position (12 month) Starting July 1 st 2017 Refer

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AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT AGENDA Meeting: 1:45 p.m., Tuesday, November 16, 1999 Glenn S. Dumke Conference Center Martha C. Fallgatter, Chair Frederick W. Pierce IV, Vice Chair William D. Campbell Harold Goldwhite Laurence K. Gould,

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bulldog walkway at fresno state alma mater

bulldog walkway at fresno state alma mater bulldog walkway at fresno state alma mater Let us in song, our voices raise In Cloistered Courts, to sound thy praise. Each voice and heart that sings is true To thee, oh, Cardinal and Blue. For thee,

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OBTAINING STEM SUPPORT FROM PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS: A TEAM APPROACH New resources are always needed to help colleges and universities begin new science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) projects. As faculty and administrative leaders conceive and develop

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The Rise of the Innovation Commons: A Conversation with City University of Hong Kong's Candy Lau

The Rise of the Innovation Commons: A Conversation with City University of Hong Kong's Candy Lau Journal of East Asian Libraries Volume 2016 Number 163 Article 7 10-2016 The Rise of the Innovation Commons: A Conversation with City University of Hong Kong's Candy Lau Allan Cho University of British

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Time: Charter bus leaves the Performing Arts Center at 7 a.m. and returns at 7:30 p.m.

Time: Charter bus leaves the Performing Arts Center at 7 a.m. and returns at 7:30 p.m. Retired Faculty & Staff Newsletter September 2016 Edition President: Glen Casey Newsletter Editor: Val Barboza You are invited to join your fellow Cal Poly Retired Faculty and Staff members and their guests

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ENRICHING LIVES TOGETHER ENRICHING LIVES TOGETHER message from the master The strength of our wonderful community is in its people, and our willingness to partner together as we look to the past, the present, and build for the

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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Master Plan Enrollment: 17,500 FTE

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Master Plan Enrollment: 17,500 FTE California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Master Plan Enrollment: 17,500 FTE Master Plan approved by the Board of Trustees: May 1963 Master Plan Revision approved by the Board of Trustees:

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Annual EAF/Leadership Awards Nomination Hat s Off: Recognizing Our Pearls of Leadership Soror Ruscel Reader

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Annual EAF/Leadership Awards Nomination Hat s Off: Recognizing Our Pearls of Leadership Soror Ruscel Reader Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Annual EAF/Leadership Awards Nomination Hat s Off: Recognizing Our Pearls of Leadership Soror It is an honor and pleasure to nominate Soror for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

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Scholarship Information Entry

Scholarship Information Entry Scholarship Information 2019 Entry Scholarships This booklet will assist parents of candidates for our Year 3 (7+), Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) and Year 12 (16+) Scholarships for September 2019 entry.

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Welcome Rotary Club of Northglenn Thornton. An Information Packet for Prospective Members

Welcome Rotary Club of Northglenn Thornton. An Information Packet for Prospective Members Welcome 2018 Rotary Club of Northglenn Thornton An Information Packet for Prospective Members Greetings, We are really excited that you are interested in Rotary and becoming a prospective member! Rotary

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SEEDS Programs Empower Youth to Create Positive Change in Their Community

SEEDS Programs Empower Youth to Create Positive Change in Their Community Michigan Municipal League SEEDS Programs Empower Youth to Create Positive Change in Their Community Traverse City, Michigan SEEDS Programs PROJECT DETAILS: NAME: SEEDS Programs Empower Youth to Create

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The University of New Mexico Athletic Communications

The University of New Mexico Athletic Communications Larry Chavez Makes Largest philanthropic Agreement in UNM Athletics history: Dreamstyle Stadium, Dreamstyle Arena ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. --- As a young child, perhaps that s where the seeds of today lay. Larry

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Baker Field Agreement Activities Report Reporting Period: January 2017 December 2017

Baker Field Agreement Activities Report Reporting Period: January 2017 December 2017 TABLE OF CONTENTS Commitment Community Access Page(s) 3-5 Children s Activities 5-6 Event Traffic 6 Maintenance and Safety 6 Construction 7 Lighting 7 Information 8 Monitoring and Reporting 8 This is the

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IT S WHO WE ARE. IT S WHAT WE BELIEVE. AND IT LIVES IN THE HEARTS OF OUR STUDENT-ATHLETES. IT S WHO WE ARE. IT S WHAT WE BELIEVE. The Spirit of Indiana: 24 Sports, One Team is a creed that represents Indiana University Athletics core values, mission statement and strategic plan all rolled into

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2010 Grants American Heart Association Arts in Education Aid Council Inc. Association of Small Foundations Bright Prospect Scholar Support Program

2010 Grants American Heart Association Arts in Education Aid Council Inc. Association of Small Foundations Bright Prospect Scholar Support Program 2010 Grants The foundation has significantly increased its rate of giving during the economic downturn and recovery period, in response to the increased demand for children's services at a time of budget

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Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) President & Chief Executive Officer

Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) President & Chief Executive Officer POSITION DESCRIPTION April 2018 Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC) The Board seeks an experienced educator and institutional advancement professional with a passion for history and science, who

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Kingfisher County 4-H

Kingfisher County 4-H Kingfisher County 4-H Greenflash December 2015/January 2016 In this Issue 4-H Day at the Capital State Record Books Out of State Trip Kingfisher County Jr Livestock Show Oklahoma Science Museum Bright

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LTAC P.O. Box 1190 Ruston, LA 71273

LTAC P.O. Box 1190 Ruston, LA 71273 Postage LTAC P.O. Box 1190 Ruston, LA 71273 P.O. Box 1190 Ruston, LA 71273 Phone 318.255.7950 800.738.7950 Fax 318.251.8324 www.latechsports.com Your Support. Their Effort. Everyone s Victory! Dear TECH

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BEAR VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Whole Kids Foundation Submitted: October 20, 2013 Grant Size: $2,000 GRANTS SUBMITTED October 2013 A Whole Kids Foundation grant will support Fallsvale Elementary School s innovative horticulture program

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New and Transfer Student Orientation Get Connected. St. Thomas Campus

New and Transfer Student Orientation Get Connected. St. Thomas Campus New and Transfer Student Orientation Get Connected St. Thomas Campus Sunday, January 6, 2013 - Friday, January 11, 2013 Dear New Student: WELCOME! The members of the University community are looking forward

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The Tiger Family Enjoys Christmas on the Hill

The Tiger Family Enjoys Christmas on the Hill ETBU's Fall 2018 Commencement ceremony was held on Saturday, December 8 in Baker Chapel of the Ornelas Spiritual Life Center. ETBU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Thomas Sanders, assisted

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California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA Grants Development Office

California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA Grants Development Office State of California California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA 9307 Grants Development Office Annual Summary of Grant and Contract Activity Fiscal Year 00 Awards Federal State/Other CA

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Camp SEA Lab. Strategic Plan July June Adopted 7/17/2013 by the Friends of Camp SEA Lab Board of Directors

Camp SEA Lab. Strategic Plan July June Adopted 7/17/2013 by the Friends of Camp SEA Lab Board of Directors Camp SEA Lab Strategic Plan July 2013 - June 2018 Adopted 7/17/2013 by the Friends of Camp SEA Lab Board of Directors CSU Monterey Bay 100 Campus Center Building 42 Seaside, CA 93955 (831) 582-3681 phone

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Report to the Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics Cal Baseball Foundation, Inc. October 2016

Report to the Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics Cal Baseball Foundation, Inc. October 2016 The Case for Cal Baseball Report to the Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics Cal Baseball Foundation, Inc. October 2016 The Case for Cal Baseball Cal Baseball Foundation, Inc. October 2016 The Cal Baseball

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Big Fundraising, Little Land Trust

Big Fundraising, Little Land Trust Big Fundraising, Little Land Trust 1 Key Factors in Our Success Unique Property Owner Top Notch Brochure 50% Matching Grant to $500,000 The Conservation Fund Mortgage Dedicated Group of Volunteers 2 1

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Sample Résumé #1. Part 3: Stars and National Officer Candidates 57

Sample Résumé #1. Part 3: Stars and National Officer Candidates 57 Bob Van Morrison 4636 Havenwood Road Anytown, XX 00000 555-875-0527 Anytown FFA Chapter Career objective My short-term goal is to obtain work experience and a two-year degree in horticulture. My long-term

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New and Transfer Student Orientation Get Connected. St. Thomas Campus

New and Transfer Student Orientation Get Connected. St. Thomas Campus New and Transfer Student Orientation Get Connected St. Thomas Campus Sunday, August 12 - Friday, August 17, 2012 Dear New Student: WELCOME! The members of the University community are looking forward to

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ON THE FRASER. Parks, Recreation & Culture Memorandum. ITEM 2(a): Regular Council Meeting (Public Hearing) November 22, 2010

ON THE FRASER. Parks, Recreation & Culture Memorandum. ITEM 2(a): Regular Council Meeting (Public Hearing) November 22, 2010 ITEM 2(a): Regular Council Meeting (Public Hearing) November 22, 2010 MiDsISTsRiCoT OF ON THE FRASER Parks, Recreation & Culture Memorandum To: Chief Administrative Officer From: Director of Parks, Recreation

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Science Fair Projects: More Science Fairs and Opportunities

Science Fair Projects: More Science Fairs and Opportunities Science Fair Projects: More Science Fairs and Opportunities Competitions for Middle School Students Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge http://www.youngscientistchallenge.com/ This national

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Monday Friday. In the District. Board Meeting. Board Meeting. To view the Coastline President s Bulletin, please visit the following link:

Monday Friday. In the District. Board Meeting. Board Meeting. To view the Coastline President s Bulletin, please visit the following link: FLEX DAY SUCCESS Friday served as Flex Day for Coastline, GWC and OCC Faculty a day filled with professional development, updates about campus happenings, new initiatives, and what to expect in the Fall

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UCRAB Newsletter University of California Retirees Association at Berkeley

UCRAB Newsletter University of California Retirees Association at Berkeley UCRAB Newsletter University of California Retirees Association at Berkeley Harvey Smith, Project Advisor for The Living New Deal will speak At the Spring UCRAB Luncheon March 19th Harvey Smith Harvey Smith

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ASHESI UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION Educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa

ASHESI UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION Educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa ASHESI UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION Educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders in Africa HOW WILL TODAY'S YOUNG LEADERS SHAPE AFRICA'S FUTURE? By 2030, Africa s workforce is expected to expand by more than the

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Grants Approved May 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016

Grants Approved May 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 Grants Approved The Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation makes grants in Sarasota and beyond in the areas of education, humanitarian causes, arts and culture, the environment, and medical (research/resources).

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Summer Programs Available

Summer Programs Available Summer Programs Available Future Girls @ The Grades 8 th, 9 th and 10th Dates October 7 - May 12, Application 2017 Deadline No Cost (Responsible for transportation) May 27, Location Cal State Long Cost

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MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS OUR MISSION OUR CORE VALUES OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS MISSION STATEMENT The University of Memphis athletics program began in the fall of 1912 and has over the past century established itself as a competitive program

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Charles N. Kimball Awards Ceremony Special Award Descriptions April 7, 2018

Charles N. Kimball Awards Ceremony Special Award Descriptions April 7, 2018 Air and Waste Management Association Description of Award: The best projects in the senior, junior and intermediate division relating to 1) generation, control, effect, or illustration of air pollution

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Volume XII Mustang Moments for the Week of March 18, 2019

Volume XII Mustang Moments for the Week of March 18, 2019 Volume XII Mustang Moments for the Week of March 18, 2019 Monday, March 18: MESTER 4 BEGINS VIPizza Contest LA Valley College Representative - 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (On going) VAPA 9 TH Grade Artist Presentation

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Autodesk and FIRST Robotics

Autodesk and FIRST Robotics 12/1/2005-10:00 am - 11:30 am Room:Pelican 2 (Swan) Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort Orlando, Florida Autodesk and FIRST Robotics Daniel Ward - Ivy Tech State College ED43-1 Autodesk has been

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Annual Report. Community Futures Development Corporation of the North Fraser. Growing Communities One Idea at a Time

Annual Report. Community Futures Development Corporation of the North Fraser. Growing Communities One Idea at a Time Annual Report 2013-2014 Community Futures Development Corporation of the North Fraser Growing Communities One Idea at a Time Chair and Executive s Message In 2013-2014 Community Futures North Fraser worked

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Medicine Hat Social Responsibility Investment Program Summary Report. December 31, 2014

Medicine Hat Social Responsibility Investment Program Summary Report. December 31, 2014 Medicine Hat Social Responsibility Investment Program 2014 Summary Report December 31, 2014 1 Medicine Hat Social Responsibility Investment Program Overview Methanex s Social Responsibility Investment

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East Central FFA. June 2017 Vol. 9. No. 1

East Central FFA. June 2017 Vol. 9. No. 1 East Central FFA June 2017 Vol. 9. No. 1 Officer View Point Jr FFA Members Hello East Central FFA! This is Katie Kempen, and I m proud to serve as your 2017-2018 Chapter President as well as your Alamo

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Dean, Physical Education and Athletics ( ) Accomplishments (as Dean of Physical Education and Athletics)

Dean, Physical Education and Athletics ( ) Accomplishments (as Dean of Physical Education and Athletics) Dr. Richard F. Laskowski Stony Brook University Full Professor, the College of Business (2003-present) Dean, Physical Education and Athletics (1994-2003) Accomplishments (as Dean of Physical Education

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UIL Area One-Act Play Contest

UIL Area One-Act Play Contest Flower Mound High School presents UIL Area One-Act Play Contest General Information Packet Conference 5-A Region I Area 3 District 4,5,6 Rehearsal: April 10-11, 2014 Contest April 11, 2014 2 U.I.L. One-Act

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$100 Million for Students

$100 Million for Students OREGON STATE UNIVERSITy / Scholarship Initiative $100 Million for Students This is your chance to change someone s life. B y e s t a b l i s h i n g a s c h o l a r s h i p o r f e l l o w s h i p a t

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PAINTER EXECUTIVE SEARCH PAINTER EXECUTIVE SEARCH San Francisco Museum of Modern Art () Position Description Painter Executive Search is supporting in their search for a seasoned Director of Development to lead all aspects of

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YOU CAN BE ANYTHING. YOU CAN BE ANYTHING. BREAK THROUGH. BREAK GROUND. Here you question everything and don t just accept facts. You re an active participant in your own learning, working with professors and peers to shape

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2017 San Luis Obispo Community and Economic Profile

2017 San Luis Obispo Community and Economic Profile 2017 San Luis Obispo Community and Economic Profile Quick facts about San Luis Obispo 1 4 7 Downtown SLO is a humming, pedestrian friendly zone of shops, restaurants and galleries in turn-of-the-20th century

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IN THE KNOW. Table of Contents

IN THE KNOW. Table of Contents Table of Contents Student-Athlete Perspective 1 What Is Pioneer Movement? 2 One Day for DU 3 Parking/Ticket Information 4 Benefits Chart 5 Other Ways To Give 6 Once A Pioneer, Always A Pioneer 7 Frequently

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The CSU, Chico Research Foundation California State University, Chico

The CSU, Chico Research Foundation California State University, Chico The CSU, Chico Research Foundation California State University, Chico Minutes for the Meeting of the Board of Directors December 16, 2009: 9-11 a.m. Kendall Hall, Room 103 MEMBERS PRESENT: Sam Allen, Drew

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Reveille. Congratulations Class of 2015 Student Veterans! Look What s Inside... The Veterans Success Center hosted

Reveille. Congratulations Class of 2015 Student Veterans! Look What s Inside... The Veterans Success Center hosted Look What s Inside... Kenneth Jacobs Last Days Free Summer Movies! Year in Review VSC Open All Summer Vet Hunter What VSC Event Impacted You the Most? Transferring Military Leadership Skills Reveille Issue

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Annual Report. Person Soil and Water Conservation District Fiscal Year. Soil and Water...Yours for Life

Annual Report. Person Soil and Water Conservation District Fiscal Year. Soil and Water...Yours for Life Person Soil and Water Conservation District 2015 Fiscal Year Annual Report We at the Person Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) take pride in presenting our 2015 Fiscal Year Annual Report. The

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Overview of Festival Committee Chair Responsibilities

Overview of Festival Committee Chair Responsibilities C4 Publicity Overview of Festival Committee Chair Responsibilities MAIN GOAL: GET INFORMATION ABOUT FESTIVALS INTO NEWSPAPERS AND ON TV Pre-Festival: 1. Write news release; send it out 2 to 3 weeks before

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Awards. Award Descriptions. VEX Robotics Competition Sack Attack A P E N D I X

Awards. Award Descriptions. VEX Robotics Competition Sack Attack A P E N D I X E A P E N D I X Award Descriptions Awards Overview This section details the full list of awards presented in the VEX Robotics Competition. Most local and regional tournaments will offer a small subset

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PRESIDENT MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY The President of Mississippi State University is the chief executive officer of the University, reporting to the Commissioner of Higher Education, who is responsible

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2017 Vice Chancellor s Awards in Excellence Program Guidelines

2017 Vice Chancellor s Awards in Excellence Program Guidelines 2017 Vice Chancellor s Awards in Excellence Program Guidelines The Vice Chancellor s Awards in Excellence (VCAIE) Program recognizes outstanding achievements by personnel of Texas A&M AgriLife, comprised

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Business Enhancement Connection & Promotion Legislative Advocacy Community Involvement

Business Enhancement Connection & Promotion Legislative Advocacy Community Involvement Business Enhancement Connection & Promotion Legislative Advocacy Community Involvement 14174 Green Tree Blvd. Victorville CA 92395 (760) 245-6506 www.vvchamber.com Business Enhancement Members of your

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November To Friends of the Vermont State Colleges System,

November To Friends of the Vermont State Colleges System, Versions 2.0_November 2015 November 2017 Keith Chamberlin for To Friends of the Vermont State Colleges System, Several years ago, the Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees created the Vermont State

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Cal Poly Pomona Women in Engineering

Cal Poly Pomona Women in Engineering WINTER 2016 QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER VOLUME IV ISSUE 2 Cal Poly Pomona Women in Engineering We hope you had a wonderful break! Winter quarter has begun! It s time to let those New Year s Resolutions kick in

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UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING ~ SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS TEACHING CENTER. WSSF Quarter Note UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING ~ SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS TEACHING CENTER December 2015 Special Holiday Edition WSSF Quarter Note Special Awards Offered at the Wyoming State Science Fair 2016! While it is always a

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Awards. Award Descriptions. VEX Robotics Competition Toss Up

Awards. Award Descriptions. VEX Robotics Competition Toss Up D Awards Overview This section details the full list of awards presented in the VEX Robotics Competition. Most local and regional tournaments will offer a small subset of these awards, based on the number

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OCEAN COUNTY 4 H HONORS HANDBOOK OCEAN COUNTY 4 H HONORS HANDBOOK Awards are a means of recognizing achievement or service by members, leaders, and alumni. They also provide incentive for others to achieve and to serve. Rutgers Cooperative

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AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT. Consent Item Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of November 18, 2015

AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT. Consent Item Approval of Minutes of the Meeting of November 18, 2015 AGENDA COMMITTEE ON INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Meeting: 9:15 a.m., Wednesday, January 27, 2016 Glenn S. Dumke Auditorium Steven G. Stepanek, Vice Chair Silas H. Abrego, Vice Chair Douglas Faigin Debra S.

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UC California Naturalist Program

UC California Naturalist Program UC California Naturalist Program 1st Statewide Conference Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA Oct 17-19, 2014 Explore nature. Build community. Take action. An invitation to sponsor and advertise http://calnat.ucanr.edu/2014conference

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Dr. John L. Smith Jr. Visited Fisk as a Child

Dr. John L. Smith Jr. Visited Fisk as a Child Dr. John L. Smith Jr In March of 1999, John L. Smith became president of Fisk University, a predominantly African American institution in Nashville, Tennessee. Fisk is one of the oldest, and most prestigious,

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