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1 Former Presidents of the Association Lester F. Ward William G. Sumner Franklin H. Giddings Albion W. Small Edward A. Ross George E. Vincent George E. Howard Charles H. Cooley Frank W. Blackmar James Q. Dealey Edward C. Hayes James P. Lichtenberger Ulysses G. Weatherly Charles A. Ellwood Robert E. Park John L. Gillin William I. Thomas John M. Gillette William F. Ogburn Howard W. Odum Emory S. Bogardus Luther L. Bernard Edward B. Reuter Ernest W. Burgess F. Stuart Chapin Henry P. Fairchild Ellsworth Faris Frank H. Hankins Edwin H. Sutherland Robert M. Maciver Stuart A. Queen Dwight Sanderson George A. Lundberg Rupert B. Vance Kimball Young Carl C. Taylor Louis Wirth E. Franklin Frazier Talcott Parsons Leonard S. Cottrell, Jr. Robert C. Angell Dorothy Swaine Thomas Samuel A. Stouffer Florian Znaniecki Donald Young Herbert Blumer Robert K. Merton Robin M. Williams, Jr. Kingsley Davis Howard Becker Robert E.L. Faris Paul F. Lazarsfeld Everett C. Hughes George C. Homans Pitirim A. Sorokin Wilbert E. Moore Charles P. Loomis Philip M. Hauser Arnold M. Rose Ralph H. Turner Reinhard Bendix William H. Sewell William J. Goode Mirra Komarovsky Peter M. Blau Lewis A. Coser Alfred McClung Lee J. Milton Yinger Amos H. Hawley Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. Peter H. Rossi William Foote Whyte Erving Goffman Alice S. Rossi James F. Short, Jr. Kai T. Erikson Matilda White Riley Melvin L. Kohn American Sociological Association 1722 N Street, N.W. Washington, D.C ( 202) (Printed in the USA)

2 Program Sociology in America ~~ouh 50 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote the classic Democracy in America which examined the promise and problems ~f1h~ u.s, For the 1988 Annual Meeting we have borrowed part of de Tocqueville's title to examine the promise and problems of ~tojogy in the U.S. Specifically, the 1988 Thematic Sessions will use sociological and other analytic tools to ask what sociology's rof~ are lld have been, as well as what they should be. We wantto explore the result of our work as researchers, writers, teachers also as critics, commentators and policy analysts-in order to discover what sociology and sociologists have and to, society as a whole and some of its major sectors, from underdogs to top dogs.. we will look once more at a number of the traditional fields and topics of the discipline, as well as some new ones, but the prescript "sociology of," to learn whether and how we have affected the institutions, organizations and people is~sf~}qilatlt1(1oult:lse and topics. In addition, we shall ask what we have done, are doing, and should be doing for and to ourselves. nttna"snar.lal Sessions will examine our relations with several other social science disciplines.) The ultimate purpose of the Is to foster a disciplinary self analysis that will help us to enhance the Intellectual and social usefulness of thecyeats to come. Herbert J. Gans, President American Sociological Association' :Program Committee ' ments of Professor Niklas Luhmann and Pro... " '""''''"".. are made possible by a grant from the I Fund of the United States, for which' the - '. ' : <!156 are due to the French American Fou~dation Ihfematfonal Research and EXchanges Board for. s\jpgolt for Professors Alain Touraine and Igor COVER DESIGN by KALM Graphics Table of Contents Activities of Other Groups a Business Meeting Committee/Board Meetings... : Departmental Alumni Night (DAN) Didactic Seminars Exhibitor Directory General Information Governance Information Honorary Reception Orientation & Welcoming Party... 7 Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony Professional Workshops Program Wednesday, August 44..., Thursday, August Friday, August Saturday, August Sunday; August ; Regular Session Organizers, Resources for Attendees with Special Needs Roundtable Discussions Section Activities.... ; \, Special Sessions , Student Hospitality Room Teaching Workshops... :.. 5 Thematic Sessions.... ; Tours : Index of Organizers Index of Participants , Topic Index

3 2 Program Notes Plenaries Three plenary sessions in addition to the ASA Business Meeting have been planned for m~ting attendees in Atlanta Plenarles which reflect and address the theme of the 1988 ASA Annual Meeting will be held on the first and third nights of the convention, August 24 and August 26. These thematic pleriarles bracket the Presidential Plenary on Thursday, August 25, at 4:30 p.m. All three convention-wide sessions are a must for your meeting schedulel Seulon 80, Wed~, Augu t 24, 8:30p.m. The Future of Sociology Organizer and Presider: Ruth A Wa//aee, George Washington University Towards a New Model of the Discipline: Quasl-Sclence, Quasi-Hul'!lllllllies. Mayer N. Zald, University of Michigan Reflections of a Feminist Social Theorist Janet S. Chaletz, University of Houston Three Modes of Sociology: Scientific, Practical, and Ideological. Rancla/1 Collins. University of California-San Diego Discussion: Harrison White, University of Arizona Session 106, Thul'llday, Augut 25, 4:30 p.m. Presidential Address and ASA Awards Ceremony (see next section for details) Session 184, Friday, August 28,8:30 p.m. What Sociology Can and Should Tell the Next President of the United Slates Organizers: Herl:Jert J. Gans, Columbia University; Thelma McCormack, York University Preslder: Joseph Fichter, Loyola University-New Orleans Speakers: Samuel Bloom, City University of New York-Ml Sinal School of Medicine; Arlie Hochschlld, University of California-Berkeley; John D. Kasarda, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; William Kornblum, City University of New York-Graduate Center; Howard Taylor, Princeton University Discusslon: The Audience Presidential Addres!;i and ASA Awards Ceremony The Presidential Plenary features the tormal add~, of the ASA President and all convention attendees are invited to this session. The Awards Ceremony, which will begin at the conclusion of the Presidential Address, will feature the 1988 award recipients and lrflude an announcement about the 1987 Common Wealth award. All registrants are invited to a reception immediately following the cereitiony to honor the President and the award recipients. Session 106, Thul'llday, August 25, 4:30p.m. PruldenUal Addreu Preslder: Richard J. Hill, University of Oregon IntrOduction. Peter M. 8/au, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Columbia University Presidential Address. Herl:Jert J. Gans. Columbia University Aw8nls Ceremony PreSider: William J. Chambliss, Chair, ASA Commlllee on Awards Policy 1987 Common Wealth Award Announcement. Reclplerit: Robin M. WJU/ams, Jr., Cornell University Mlnprity Fellowship Program Special Awards:. Rec)pients: William H. Sewell, Sr., and Maurice Jackson PreSenter: Lionel A Maldonado for the Minority Fellowship Program DuBois-John5on-Frazier Aw&rd: Recjplent: Doris Y. Wilkinson; University of Kentucky Pre5ent8r. Ronald L Taylor for the DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award Selection bonirn1ttee Distinguished Career Award.for the Prectlce of Sociology: ReOlpieof: Paul C. Glick, Arizona State University Pre8eflt&r: Larry E. Sutarfor the Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Soc1ology AWard Selection Committee ~.Contributions to Tli8Chlrig Award:. ~pfent;qhartes A~ Claremont, CA; and Sharon M. McPhenon, St. Louis Community College Presenter: Hans 0, Mauksch for the Distinguished Contributions to Teaching AWard Sei8ction.Commlllee DIBting!Jished Scholarly Publlcaiion Await!: Recipient To be announced Presenter; Charles R. 71ttle for the Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Selectlori Committee Caieer Of DiStinguished SChOlarship Award: Recipient George C. Homans. PreSenter: Joan Aldous for the Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award seiecilon Committee ' Hoilorary Reception '. < Co-sponsored by the American Sociological Association and the Deparbnent of Sociology, Duke University; Department of Sociology, Emory Unl)lerslty; D8partment of Sociology, University of Georgia; Department of Sociology, Georgia State University; Department of Sociology, University of North Cerolina-Chapei Hll~ and The Southern Sociological Sooiety. Thematic Sessions The thirteen Thematic Sessions organized by President Gans and the Program Commit_tee are devoted to Investigating the meeting theme, "Sociology in America", and exploring what sociologists in various roles are and can be doing for the general public and society as a whole. Sea1on 38, Wednesdliy, August 24, 2:30 p.m. Sociology's Impacts on America Organizer: Kat Erikson, Yale University Preslder: Arlene S. Skolnick, University of California-Berkeley Sociological ideas and Amari~ Cultu~. Dennis Wnmg, New York University The Creallon and DestruCtion of Meaning. Joseph Gusfleld, University of California-San Diego Dlscusslon: Wendy Griswold, Un~ of Chicago Seulon 47, Wednelcllly, AugU8t :30p.m. Sociology and Its Constituents Organizer: Paul M. Hirsch, University of Chicago Preslder: R. Stephen Warner, University Of Illinois-Chicago ' Sociological Theories and Their ConstituencieS. Alan Sica, University of Kansas The Organizational Politics of Sociology. MiushafJ. Meyer, University of Pennsylvania, -, The Cultural Contradictions of Teaching Soclology.P~/ J. Baker and WIU/am Rau, Illinois State University Discussion: Ann Swldler, University of Calilomia-Berkaley Seulon 81, Thul'llday, August 25, 8:30 a.m. Foreign Sociologists Look at U.S. Sociology. Organizer and Preslder: Ivan Szele(ly/, University of qalifornla-los Angeles Social Actors vs. Social Systems: The Transatlantic Debate. Alain Touralf19, Ecole des Hautes Eludes en Science Sociales, Paris General Theory fn Sociology: A Talk to an American Audience. N/k/as Luhmann, Bleiafeld University American Sociology In the Context of the Development of Soviet Sc. logy: A Personal Vlew./gor Kon, USSR~ of Sciences. Discussion: Robert Cannel~ McOu8rle Urilveislty Seaion 72, 1hursclay, Augu8t25, 10:30 a.m.,. America's Impact on Sociology Organizers: Hemert J. Gans, Columbia'Unlversity; Robin M. W/U/ams, Jr., Cornell University,,, Presider:' Robin M. W/11/ains, Jr. Cornell University. Cultural, Scientific, Academic and Government Influences on Sociology. NeB Smelser, University of California-Berkilley The Curious Centrality of the Small Group In Ar!1.erlcan Sociology. ARan Silver, Columbia UniverSity. DiscusSion: Marvin Bressler, Princeton Unlv8rslty; Ernest Q. Campbell, Vander-, bill University Seaion 94, Thursday, August 25, 2:30 p.m. The Impact of Sociological Methodology on American Ufe Organizer and Preslder: John W. Riley, Jr., Consulting Sociologist Opinion Surveys. Eleanor Singer, Columbia University. Demographic Research. Mathew Greenwald, Malhew Greenwald Associates '

4 3 Market Research. Arthur J. Kover, N.W. Ayer, Inc. Health and Medical Surveys. David Mechanic, Rutgers University Discussion: Have Our Research Methods Made a Real Difference? John W. Riley, Jr., Consulting Sociologist SeSsion 107, Friday, August 26, 8:30a.m. Sociqlogy and the World Organizer: Victor Nee, Cornell University Presider: James M. Skelly, University of California-San Diego Sociology and Nuclear War. William A. Gamson, Boston College War, Warmakers, and Sociologists. Charles Ttlly, New School for Social Research Discussion: Susan Eckstein, Boston University; Louis W. Goodman, American University Session f'18, Friday, August 26, 10:30 a.m. The Underclass: Sociological Perspectives and Critiques Organizer and Presider: S. M. Miller, Boston University A Structural (Non-Racial) Explanation of the United States: lmplica. tions for the Contemporary Study of "Race". Richard Williams, State University of New York-Stony Brook Debunking the Underclass: The New Culture of Poverty. Walter Stafford, Community Service Society; Joyce Ladner, Howard University The'Underclass: Disaggregating Race, Class, and Culture. Stephen Steinberg, City University of New York-Queens College and the Graduate Centar Conceptualizing the Underclass: An Alternative Perspective. Robert Aponte, University of Chicago Session 142, Friday, August 26, 2:30p.m. Disseminating Sociology to the General Public: Working with Journalists and Non-Academic Publishers Organizers: Ronald Milavsky, National Broadcasting Company; Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University Presider: Ronald Mllavsky, National Broadcasting Company Panel: Patricia Horne; John Leo, Ttme Magazine; Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press; David Streitfeld, Washington Post; Martin Kessler, Basic Books Discussion: Eleanor Singer, Columbia University Ses.slon 154, Friday, August 26,4:30 p.m. S.QCfqlogy and Social Criticism Organizer: Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University Preaider: Bennett Berger, University of California-San Diego The Virtues of Dissent in Sociology. Lewis A. Coser, Boston College Sqei~logy for Whom? Criticism for Whom? Todd Gitlin, University of California- Berkeley Discussion: Joan Moore, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Peter H. Rossi, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Session 166, Saturday, August 27, 8:30a.m. Sociology, the Civil Rights Movements, and Race Relations Organizer and Presider: Hylan G. Lewis Sociological Foundations of the Civil Rights Movement. Lewis Ki/Uan, University of West Florida; Charles U. Smith, Florida A & M University A Sociology of the Civil Rights Movement A Participant-Observer's Perspective. Joyce Ladner, Howard University Discussion: Kenneth B. Clark, Kenneth B. Clark & Associates; Robert Moses Session 179, Saturday, August 27, 10:30 a.m. Sociology and U.S. Social Policy Organizer and Presider: Victor Nee, Comell University Sociologists as Engineers and Story Tellers. Peter Marris, University of CalifOrnia-Los Angeles Small Andings, Large Problems: Synthesis in Policy Research. Steven Caldwell,. Cornell University Qi8ct.lsslon: Ronnie Steinberg, Temple University ~ , Saturday, August 27, 2:30p.m. Socll)!ogy of Gende~ and Inequality Organizer: Elizabeth Long, Rice University Presider: Judith Lorber, City University of New York-Graduate Center and Brooklyn College The Response of Feminists to Social Inequality. Carole Joffe and David Karen, Bryn Mawr College Gender and Race. Bonnie Thornton Dill, Memphis State University; Maxine Beca-Zinn. University of Michigan-Flint. Gender as a Structure.of Power. Robert Connell, McQuarle University Discussion: Joan Huber, Ohio State Unjversity Session 215, Saturday, August.27~ 4:30p.m. Sociology and the Wealthy and Powerful Organizer and Presider: Michael Useem, Boston University Inside the Dominant Class. Maurice ZeiWn, University of California-Los Angeles Gender, Class and Career in the. Lives of PrMieged Women. Arlene Kaplan Daniels, Northwestern University Power, Control and Networks of Corporate Influence. Walter W. Powell, University of Arizona Discussion: Paul DIMaggio, Yale University Special Sessions Topics not directly related to the meeting theme, yet of particular interest to the Program Committee, are highlighted by the Special Sessions listed below. Session 16, Wednesday, August 24, 10:30 a.m. The Rhetoric of Sociology Organizer and Presider: Albert Hunter, Northwestern University The Rhetoric of Formal Modeling. Donald McCloskey, University of Iowa Rhetorics of Gender in the Social Sciences. Judith Long, Syracuse University Please Read My Article or I Will Shoot This Dog: The Rhetoric of Opening Sentences in Recent Quantitative Journal Articles. James A. Davis, Harvard University Discussion: Joseph Gusfie/d, University of California-San Diego Session 48, Wednesday, August 24, 4:30 p.m Social Attitudes Toward Sexual Practices Organizer and Presider: John H. Gagnon, Princeton University Reconstructing Gay Eroticism: Changing Patterns of Sexuality Among Clones. Martin P. Levine, Bloomfield College Pleasure and Danger Re-visited: Female Sexuality in the 1980s. Beth E. Schneider, University of California-Santa Barbara Deviance as History: The Future of Perversion. William Simon, University of Houston Discussion: John H. Gagnon, Princeton University Session 73, Thursday, August 25,.1 0:30 a.m. Instrumental versus Expressive Sociology: Rational Choice and Its Alternatives Organizer and Presider: Paul M. Hirsch, University of Chicago What Rational Choice Can Teach Macrosociologists. Michael Hechter, University of Arizona An Interpretive Reeding of Rational Choice Models. Norman Denzin, University of Illinois-Urbana Rationality Assumptions: Insights from Economic and Feminist Views. Paula England, University of Texas-Dallas Rhetoric of Passion and Rhetoric of Reason. Jonathan Rieder, Yale University Discussion: Art Stinchcombe, Northwestern University Session 95, Thursday, August 25, 2:30 p.m. Local Theater, Companies and Communities: A Sociological Performance The Players: HowardS. Becker, Northwestern University; Michal McCall, Macalester College; Lori V. Morris, Northwestern University The Reviewer: Judith Balle, City University of New York-College of Staten Island Session 108, Friday, August 26,8:30 a.m. Sociology and Psychotherapy Organizer: Eviatar Zerubaliel, Rutgers University Presider: Edith Kurzweil, Rutgers-The State University Sociology and Psychotherapy: Two Realities in Search of a Bridge. Suzanne Keller, Princeton University Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Social Mobility and Attainment Catherine B. Silver, City University of New York-Graduate Center and Brooklyn College Sociology and Psychotherapy: Where Do They Meet? UUian Rubin, University of California-Berkeley Discussion: Neil Smelser, University of California-Berkeley Session 129, Friday, August 26, 12:00.noon-1:30 p.m. Memorial Symposium for Herbert Blumer. (Co-sponsored by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction) Organizer and Presid8r. Heiman Blake, Swarthmore College Panel: Bob Blauner, University of California-Berkeley; Thomas J. Morrione, Colby College; Terry Arende/1, Hobart & William Smith College Session 143, Friday, August 26,2:30 p.m. Sociology and the Other Social Sciences: Cultural Studies Organizer and Presider: Elizabeth Long, Rice University The New Cultural Sociology. Gaye Tuchman, City University of New York Graduate Center and Queens College Symbolic Interaction and Cultural Studies. Howard Becker, Northwestern University; Michal McCall, Macalester College Discussion: Werner So/tors, Harvard University; George Marcus, Rice University Session 155, Friday, August 26,.4:30 p.m. The Job Market for Sociologists: Meeting the Challenges of the 1990s. Organizer: Bettina J. Huber, American Sociological Association Presider: Doris Y. Wilkinson, University of Kentucky Potential Expansion of the Academic Job Market Opportunity for Sociologists. Richard J. Hilt, University of Oregon Sociological Practice: Opportunities and Challenges. Ronald Manderscheid, National Institute of Mental Health Minorities in Sociology: Strategies for Recruiting Students and Faculty. jomilts Henry Braddock II, Johns Hopkins University. Discussion: Lois B. DeFieur, University of Missouri-Columbia

5 4' Special Sessions, continued Session 167, Saturday, August 27,8:30 a.m. Sociology and the ~er Social Sciences: Economics and History Organizer and Preslder: Robert Alford, University of California-Santa Cruz The Social Organization of Material Rationality: Sociology and the Economy. Harvey Molotch, University of California-Santa Barbara Sociology and History: Producing Comparative History. Jack Goldstone, Northwestern University Discussion: Thomas D. Boston, Georgia Institute oftechnology; Elizabeth Fox- Genovese, Emory University Session 180, Saturday, August 27, 10:30 a.m. Privacy, Law and the State Organizer and Preslder: Kim Lane Scheppele, University of Michigan The Social Foundations of Privacy, Part 1-Privacy, Civility, and the Common Law. Robert Post, University of California-Berkeley The Social Foundation of Privacy, Part 11-Autonomy and Tradition: A Sociological Analysis of Bowers v. Hardwick. Jerome Skolnick, University of California-Berkeley The Information Wars: The State's Struggle to Know; The Individual's Struggle to Withhold. James B. Rule, State University of New York-Stony Brook Discussion: Philip Selznick, University of California-Berkeley; Richard Sennett, New York University Didactic Seminars Didactic seminars are designed to keep sociologists abreast of recent scholarly trends and developments. Experts considered to be at the forefront of a given field are invited by the Program Committee to conduct these sessions. Seminar speakers will present materials to explain specialized developments within their topic areas. Seminars are scheduled for two or four hours. Please see the listing below for session details and brief seminar descriptions provided by the speakers. Attendance at each Didactic Seminar is limited to 50, and pre-paid registration is required. Seminar fees are $15 each, and all persons registering for seminars must also be paid registrants for the Annual Meeting. Those already enrolled should have received their tickets with their name badges. Those who did not reserve in advance but who wish to attend should check atthe Tickets Desk for possible openings. No one will be admitted without a paid reservation; tickets will be collected at the door. Session 38, Wednesday, August 24, 2:30 p.m.-4:20p.m. Teaching Sociology Through Film and Video. E. Barbara Phillips, San Francisco State University This session will cover four uses of film/video In undergraduate teaching: (1) to illustrate concepts, (2) to conduct research, (3) to offer ''acquaintance with" a topic, and (4) to encourage student creativity and Involvement Both commercial video and student/teacher-produced video/film will be discussed. Practical techniques (e;g., how to prepare students for what tl}ey'll he~ar and see, how to use video for oral histories and role-playing scenes) wilj be emphasized. Request to participants: bring current syllabi to.the session. Session 62, Thursday, August 25,8:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m. Logit Regression Analysis. John Fox, York University Unlike the broadly applicable and more familiar linear models for regression analysis and analysis of varlar\ce,linearlogitmodels are appropriate for analyzing data when the dependent variable is qualitative/categorical Uke linear models, however,logit models are capable of handling one or several independent variables, which may be both,qualitative and quantitapve; in fact, linear models and logit models are structurally similar. Loglt ritqdels, therefore, bring the power of linear models to the analysis of qualitative data This brief seminar will introduce logit analysis both' for two-category ("dichotomous") and severalcategory ("polytomous '1 data. Some familiarity with linear regression analysis Is assumed. Topics to be discussed include: (1) Why linear regression Is inappropriate for qualitative data; (2) Specifying, estimating, testing, and interpreting logit models for dichotomous data; (3) Extending the log it model to polytomous data; (4) Computer software for fitting loglt models to data Session 96, Thursday, August 25,2:30-4:20 p~rr\. Historical Methods. Larry Griffin, Indiana: University; Jill Quadagno, Florida State University. Sociology has become substantially more "historical" In recent years, but historical approaches to sociological phenomena have tended to split along quantitative/qualitative lines. We believe this division Impedes historical sociological Inquiry and suggest that many areas of "historical sociology" could benefit from a merging of the two analytic perspectives. This seminar will develop the essentials of qualitative and quantitative historical analysis and show how the two methodologies can and must be Integrated to analyze properly aspects of one historical case-the New Deal. We Intend to cover (a) the major descriptive statistics and causal techniques (e.g., time-series regression) used In quantitative historical research, (b) the techniques for accessing and using archival records, oral histories, government documents and other qualitative materials, (c) primary sources for both types of Information, and (d) useful computer software. A working knowledge of basic statistics Is assumed. Session 119, Friday, August 26, 10:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m. New Methods for Cultural Studies. Wendy Griswold, University of Chicago The sociology of culture's increasing methodological self-consciousness has promised research methods that move beyond the polarities of interpretative versus lnstimional analysis, thick description versus positivism, the search for meaning versus the uncovering of structure. This seminar will review recent programmatic statements and empirical work to see the extent to which that promise Is being fulfilled and along what lines. We shall propose a framework for cultural analysis that attempts to bridge the humanistic/scientific gap, and shall then develop the research Implications of such a framework. Session 144, Friday, August 26,2:30-4:20 p.m. Teaching Theory. R. Stephen Warner, University of Illinois-Chicago; Mary Jo Neitz, University of Missouri-Columbia. This seminar Is directed toward those currently or prospectively teaching survey courses in contemporary sociological theory for majors at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level. The focus will be on approaches and techniques oriented to theories (in the plural) as generators of substantive insights Into empirical social phenomena Stress will be placed more on teaqhir\g theories as tools for thinking than teaching theory as part of the culture of sociology. Representative figures from functionalist, conflict, lnteractlonist, and feminist schools of thought will be used as exemplars. A packet of 3-4 brief articles will be sent to pre-registrants in advance 61 the Annual Meeting. Session 181, Saturday, August 27,10:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m. Ethnographic Methods: Approaches to Data Gathering and Analy~:~ls. Jacqueline Wiseman, University of California-San Diego This seminar will start with the philosophy of science underpinning qualitative, ethnographic approaches to data collection from a sociological perspective. Strengths and problems of such approaches as observation, participant observation, depth Interviewing, the use of unobtrusive measures, and case studies will be examined. Gaining field access, maintaining rapport, taking notes, levels of data coding, and preliminary analysis and grounding of theory will be covered. Analytic tools for organizing data, the use and creation of generic concepts, and problems of reliability and validity will also be discussed. (No background necessary for this seminar.) Session 203, Saturday, August 27, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Event History Analysis. Nancy B. Tuma, Stanford University; Lawrence Wu, University of Wisconsin-Madison Workshops Professional and Teaching Workshops have become a standard component of the Annual Meeting. This year 14 professional workshops and 7 teaching workshops provide opportunities for attendees to update their skills and knowledge In a variety of professional and disciplinary areas. Workshops are generally open to all conventiol! registrants; however, please note that there are two pre-convention workshops (Sessions 1 and 2) which required advance registration and fee payment Professional Workshops Session 1, Monday-Tuesday, August 22 23, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, 1:30 5:30p.m. Job Clinic. Richard Irish, Transcentury Corporation Clinic fees: ASA Members, $185; non-members $260 Session 17, Wednesday, August 24, 10:30 a.m. Aids Research. John H. Gagnon, Princeton UniVersity Session 39, Wednesday, August 24, 2:30 p.m. Sociologists in Public Health Careers, Unda Saltzman, Centers for Disease Control

6 5 Presenters: Sevgi 0. Aral, CPS/Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Centers for Disease Control; Deborah Holtzman, AIDS Program, Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services; Katrina Johnson, National Health, Lung, Blood Institute, NIH; Richard Levinson, CHPEIDHE/Behavioral Epidemiology and Evaluation Branch, Centers for Disease Control Workshop presenters are sociologists currently employed In State and Federal public health agencies who will priefly review their careef histories and describe their present positions. All workshop attendees will be encouraged to participate in a discussion of the implications for sociologists and for the discipline of employment in such settings. Session 49, Wednesday, August 24, 4:30p.m. Strategies for Receiving Federal Funding. William V. D'Antonio, American Sociological Association Panel: Howard Garrison, Applied Management Sciences; John Hammer, National Humanities Alliance; Ronald Kessler, University of Michigan; Phyllis Moen, National Science Foundation Session 63, Thursday, August 25, 8:30 a.m. SITiall Group Intervention (co-sponsored by the Sociological Practice Association). Stanley Clawar, Sociological Practice Association Session 74, Thursday, August 25, 10:30 a.m. Getting Media Coverage for Your Sociological Work. Jack Levin, Northeastern University Session 109, Friday, August 26,8:30 a.m. Evaluating Undergraduate Sociology Programs. Charles Green, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater The workshop will stress basic principles of program evaluation: the importance of goal setting, continuous monitoring of the program, and peer program comparisons as a technique of measuring goal attainment Participants will receive a handbook on self-assessment and will be encouraged to share with one another their ideas for asl!essment Session 120, Friday, August 26, 10:30 a.m. The Use of Recent Research on Aging by Sociological Practitioners. George Maddox, Duke University Medical Center Resource persons include Unda K. George (Duke University), Charlene Harrington (University of California-San Francisco), and William J. McAuley (Virginia Polytachnic Institute), who will present exemplars and references. Session 145, Friday, August 26, 2:30p.m. Publishing Scholarly Books. Walter Powell, University of Arizona; Mar/ie Wasserman, Rutgers University Press What effect do recent changes in the environment and organization of publish Ing have on the kinds of books you can publish and your relations with a publisher? We approach this problem from two perspectives. Powell will focus on transformations in the publishing industry and Wasserman will discuss the effects at the level of the Individual publishing house. Session 156, Friday, August 26,4:30 p.m. International and Comparative Sociology: The Impact of Sociology World-Wide on Sociology In the United States 1-The Contemporary European Influence (co-sponsored by the ASA Committee on World Sociology). Yasmine Ergas, Social Science Research Council The Reception of Critical Theory and Political Sociology.Andrew Arsto, The New School for Social Research Discourse and Power: Interpretations of Michel Foucault Michael Donnelly, The European University Institute Gender, Dlllerance, and the Analysis of Sexual Inequalities. Yasmine Ergas, The Institute for Advanced Study and the Social Science Research Council Session 168, Saturday, August 27, 8:30a.m. International and Comparative Sociology: The Impact of Sociology World-Wide on Sociology in the United States II (co-sponsored by the ASA Committee on World Sociology). Louis W. Goodman, American University Session 182, Saturday, August 27, 10:30 a.m. NSF Organizational Data Based Initiative. Paul Reynolds, University of Minnesota A review of the development of the initiative, completion of pilot projects, coordination with efforts in other countries, and future planning. Discussion will focus on developing an inventory of scholarly objectives that would be facilitated by a national representative sample of organizations and employment relationships. Session 204, Saturday, August 27, 2:30 p.m. Sociologists as Expert Witnesses. Lynn Smith-Lovln and John Freeman, Cornell University; Dan Hoyt, Iowa State University The workshop will allow sociologists who have served as expert witnesses to share their reactions, and to provide information to those who may take the role in the future. Topics covered will include: the relationship between witness, lawyers, judges and other participants In the legal proceedings; conflict and support with other professional roles; record keeping, taxes and pay; data collection, quality and use; the relationship between research for litigation and basic research; kinds of work available; qualifying as an expert; levels of involvementcbnsultan~ consulting firm, lull time employment Session 216, Saturday, August 27, 4:30p.m. Sociologists Working In State and Local GovemiTients.Aian Marks, University of Arkansas-Little Rock; Larry Keeter, Mayor, Boone, NC, and Appalachian Stata University; H. Eugene Hodges, University of Alabama-HuntsVille; John S. Miller, University of Arkansas-Little Rock Teaching Workshops Session 2, Tuesday, August 23, 10:00 a.m.-4:00p.m. Academic leadership: Orientation for New ChairJ)ersohs. Lee H. Bowker, Humboldt State University; Hans 0. Mauksch, University of Georgia; Dennis McSeveney, University of New Orleans This workshop is sponsored by the ASATeachlng Services Program. Fees: ASA members, $35; non-members, $50. Session 18, Wednesday, August 24, 10:30 a.m. Teaching Political Sociology. Betty A. Dobratz, Iowa State University Panel: Richard Braungart, Syracuse University; Michael G. Burton, Loyola College of Maryland; Martin Merger, Michigan State University; Anthony Drum, University of Illinois-Chicago; Philo Wasburn, Purdue University. Session 50, Wednesday, August 24, 4:30 p.m. Teaching Medical Sociology: Teaching the "Hot" Topics-Substance and Technique (Co-sponsored by the ASA Teaching Services Program and the ASA Section on Medical Sociology). Barbara Katz Rothman, City University of New York-Graduate Cehtar and Ban.K:Ii College '. Teaching About AIDS. Rose Weitz, Arizona State University The Mock T~al as a Teaching Tool. Ann Hill Beuf, Cedar Crest College. Session 64, Thursday, August 25, 8:30 a.m. Teaching Urban Sociology. Philip Olson, University of Missouri-KansasGity Session 110, Friday, August 26, 8:30 a.m. Teaching the Sociology of Death and Dying. Gerry R. Cox and Ronald J. Fundis, Fort Hays State University The sociology of death and dying approaches the process of dying and death as a form of human behavior. The emphasis is upon the social processes that occur In the dying and death process and how those processes contribute to the understanding of sociology and social life In general. Specific worj<shop objectives: (1) to present the approach of sociology to dying and death; l?l to examine possible approaches to teaching the sociology of death and dying; (3) to provide practical suggestions for class activities and projects; (4) to address problems and Issues suggested by workshop participants; (5) to provide bibliographic assistance to workshop participants; and (6) to familiarize participants with ASA Teaching Resources Center Project and publications. Session 169, Saturday, August 27,8:30 a.m. Teaching Sexuality and Society. Lynn Atwater, Seton Hall University In this workshop we will focus on the sociology ofteaching sexuality as well as issues within the sociology of sexuality itself. There will be demonstrations of classroom exercises as well as Information on texts, supplementary readings, audiovisual aids, and other professional resources. A question and answer period will enable us all to share experiences and viewpoints. Session 217, Saturday, August 27,4:30 p.m. Effective Use o!teaching Assistants In Instruction. Edward L Kain, Southwestem University The selection, training, and use of teachirig assistants fs the topic of this workshop; Participants will be introduced to (1) the development and use of TA manuals, (2) techniques for training TA's, (3) the strengths and weaknesses of graduate versus undergraduate TA's, and (4) one model for working with TA's as an Instructional team. Roundtable Discussions This popular program component is designed to bring together small groups of people interested in discussing specific topics. The Roundtable Organizing Committee (chaired by Kirk Elifson, Georgia State University) reviewed proposals and selected topics and presenters to guide discussions. Since seyeral discussions are held simultaneously in one large meeting room, no audio-visual equipment or recording devices may be used and there are no formal paper presentations. The two types of roundtables, Lunpheon Roundtable Disc~ssions and Informal Discussion Roundtables, are similar except that one involves purchase of a luncheon ticket Informal Roundtable Discussions are open to all convention attendees; no tickets or reservations

7 6 R.oundt~bles, continu~d are needed. For details on Informal Roundtable Discussions, refer to Sessions 51, 65, 111, 157, and 183. Tickets for Luncheon Roundtables (Sessions 28, 130) are $16.00 per luncheon and are available to persons who have pre-registered for the Annual Meeting. A maximum of ten (1 OJ tickets are available for each luncheon. Tickets are still available for some luncheons; please check at the Tickets Desk in the Convention Level Lobby for availability of luncheon seats. Because of the advance guarantees required for the luncheons, ticket cancellations cannot be accepted. You may, however, sell your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend. Note: No one will be admitted to the luncheon room without a ticket; no observers are permitted. Tours An easy and enjoyable way to explore and learn about this year's host city is to participate in at least one or perhaps several of the special Atlanta tours planned by Charles Jaret, Georgia State University. Atlanta offers myriad opportunities for getting to know its history and viewing its change into a fast-rising metropolis. So don't leave town until you've had a first-hand look at this year's convention city. The schedule of tours is provided below. Reservations are mandatory. Please check atthe Tickets Desk in the ASA Registration Area for availability and any late cancellations. Those already enrolled for tours should have received their tickets with their name badges. All groups will depart from the Marriott Marquis following a brief orientation period. Please referto the information as listed below for exact location of the orientation room and plan to arrive promptly so that departure times are observed. Keep in mind that the arrival times back to the Marriott Marquis are estimates only and may vary somewhat due to traffic congestion. TOUR 1: Atlanta Historical Society Wednesday, August 24, 8:30 am.-12:30 p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leaders: Ruby Lewis, Dekalb Community College, and Atlanta Historical Society staff You can get a good overview of Atlanta history by making a trip to the Atlanta Historical Society. Indeed, for sociologists interested in how history is publicly interpreted, this tour will be of great interest, as what you will see is neither an "academic" history nor a "people's" history of AHanta; there's some of that, but it's more of a presentation of AHanta's past as seen by Atlanta's "establishment" In the Atlanta Historical Society museum there are two exhibits-one is on Atlanta in the Civil War, and the other, titled "Atlanta Resurgens," was created last year to celebrate Atlanta's 150th birthday and covers the growth of Atlanta from the Reconstruction era to the present The tour of the Historical Society also includes the Swan House, a luxurious Palladian-style mansion built in 1928, and the Tullie Smith House, which is an actual1840s plain-style Georgia plantation complex. (Bus/Walking Tour) TOUR 2: Herndon Home and the Atlanta University Area Wednesday, August 24, 12:00 Noon-3:00p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leaders: Hubert B. Ross, Atlanta University, and Gloria Padgett, Herndon Homestaff. Atlanta is home to a consortium of historically black institutions of higher learning-the Atlanta University center (consisting of Spelman, Morehouse, Clark, and Morris Brown College, the Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta University, and the Morehouse Medical School). Of special Interest to us is the fact that Atlanta University was one of the first institutions to establish a sociology program, and the department recently celebrated its 90th birthday. Scholars like W.EB. DuBois, E. Franklin Frazier, and many others spent parts of their careers at Atlanta University schools. Our trip to the Atlanta University area will begin with a tour through the Herndon Home, an exquisite fifteen room mansion completed in for Alonzo Herndon and his family. Although Herndon was born a slave, in the late 19th and early 20th century he became a very successful businessman and founded the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, one of the nation's leading black-owned insurance companies. After the Herndon Home we'll go on to see some of the Atlanta University campus areas, including an exhibit featuring DuBois' work, and look at some points of interest In the adjacent neighborhood. (Bus/Walking Tour) TOUR 3: Religion In Atlanta: A Tour of Area Churches Wednesday, August 24, 12:30 p.m.-5:00p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leader: Nancy T. Ammerman, Emory University Participants in this tour will experience the significance of religion in the New South. Beginning with a sampling of historic downtown churches-black and white-the tour will progress through the heart of the city's economic/religious establishment and around its sprawling perimeter, stopping at a variety of churches, from traditional to innovative; from liberal to conservative; and from politically active to politically uninvolved. You'll talk with ministers about their roles, congregations, and religious practices. (Bus/Walking Tour) TOUR 4: Auburn Avenue and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic District Thursday, August 25, 9:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leaders: Russell in. Irvine, Georgia State University and Dean Rowley, National Park Service No other street in the South, perhaps in the entire nation, has as many historically Important black.institutions on it as ~sweet" Auburn Avenue. On this excursion, you'll take a bus to ihe far end of the street and then walk back down it (about two miles) stopping off at several points of interest The trip will first take you through the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and Preservation District, which includes the birth home of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center For Nonviolent Social Change, and Ebenezer Baptist Church (all of which you will enter and visit). You'll then go on down Auburn Avenue and see many other significant black institutions, including the headquarters of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, some prominent churches, the nation's oldest black daily newspaper and the first black-owned radio station, a black arts center, the headquarters of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, and phase one of APEX (the African American Panoramic Experience), which is now a small black history museum but will eventually be a tremendous, unique multi-media exhibition of Afro-American culture and accomplishments. (Bus/Walking Tour Limited to 30 participants) TOUR 5: U.S. Centers for Disease Control Thursday, August 25, 8:30 am.-12:30 p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leader: Richard M. Levinson, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Emory University (Co~sponsored by the ASA Section on Medical Sociology) Sociologists and CDC administrators will present an overview of the agency's functions and activities; describe the roles played by sociologists at CDC and the kinds of sociological research taking place; and provide information about the potential for CDC funding of sociological research outside the agency. Visitors will have some opportunity to view parts of the CDC facility, and the bus will pass through the Druid Hills residential section of Atlanta and Emory University campus.(bus/walking Tour) TOUR 6: Cable News Network (CNN) Friday, August 26, 9:30 am.-12:00 Noon Fee:$7.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leaders: Jacqueline Boles, Georgia State University, and Cable News Network staff Close to our convention hotel is CNN Center, where Ted Turner's communications empire is based. For sociologists interested in the mass media or the social construction of "the news", this tour of CNN headquarters, where Cable News Network and Headline News are produced, should be fascinating. We will walk over to it from the hotel (about five or six blocks) and then be led on a tour of a working newsroom, technical support areas, other exhibits, and get a chance to learn about the process of shaping a day's news stories. (Walking Tour-Limited to 40 participants) TOUR 7: Downtown Atlanta Friday, August 26, 10:00 am.-12:30 p.m. Fee:$7.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leaders: Donald Reitzes, Georgia State University, and Atlanta Preservation Center staff (continued on next page)

8 7 For those who like the scene right at the center of a city, there's a walking tour just for You-a trip through Atlanta's new and old downtown districts. You'll get a feel for the street life here, learn about attempts to revitalize parts of the downtown, and get a close-up view of the most historic and imporlaflt buildings in downtown Atlanta. You'll learn some of our architectural history by seeing buildings of many styles, look at a downtown park where a few of William H. Whyte's principles of good urban "open space" design were applied, and yoy'lllearn of the key business leaders, families, and organizations that created Atlanta's early high-rise district and determined its later direction.(walking Tour-Limited to 20 participants) TOUR 8: Atlanta's Renovated Neighborhoods Saturday, August 27, 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leader: Charles Jaret, Georgia State University In Atlanta, like many other cities, a limited number of neighborhoods have experienced partial or complete renovation or gentrification. This development has attracted a great deal of attention, and because of its mixed blessings and costs, it has created community and controversy. For anyone interested in seeing how this issue has played out in Atlanta, there will be a tour of selected renovation neighborhoods. We'll combine bus and walking to go through several neighborhoods (Inman Park, West End, Cabbagetown, Grant Park) that exhibit interesting and very different patterns and degrees of renovation, and you'll see the problems and prospects they face. (Bus/Walking Tour-Limited to 15 participants) TOUR 9: Atlanta Social History Tour Saturday, AIJgust 27, 12:30 p.m.-3:30p.m. Fee:$15.00 Orientation Area: International Hall South Tour Leader: Cliff Kuhn, Georgia State University Perhaps the best way to get a broad overview of Atlanta, past and present, is by going on this social history bus tour. As you roll through the downtown and close-in neighborhoods, you'll obseive the impact of the railroads, the trolley, and the auto in the city's development; you'll see how residential areas reflect racial and class divisions, and learn about some important episodes In Atlanta labor history; you'll get a feel for Atlanta's popular and high culture, its race relations, politics, and its role in the regional economy.(bus Tour) Member Orientation and Welcoming Party All new members of the Association, and those who would like to know more about ASA's governance structure and how to become involved in ASA activities, are invited to the Member Orientation and Welcoming Party.on Wednesday, August 24, fror:n 6:30-8:15 p.m. in Marquis Ballroom Salon I. This welcome is sponsored by the ASA Committee on Membership. Members of ASA Committees and Sections and several ASA officers will be on hand to discuss avenues for formal and informal involvement in the Association. Refreshments will be provided along with the free informati9n. New members and first-time meeting participants are particularly encouraged to be present for this informative event! DAN The sixteenth annual Departmental Alumni Night (DAN) will be held on Wednesday atthe close ofthefirst evening plenary session, approximately 1 0:30 p.m., in the Imperial Ballroom Salon B. Just find the banner from the institution you attended, served, are serving, or hope to serve, and meet colleagues to reminisce about graduate school days, catch up on the latest gossip, and enter into the free-wheeling discussions on the future of sociology. Each graduate department of sociology in the United States and Canada was invited to fly its banner and wave its signpost to attract alumni and friends. A "home base" will also be provided for sociolo gists in business and industry as well as for international scholars and guests. Make sure your meeting plans include the social eventthat brings all your friends together in one place at one time! Honorary Reception Following the Presidential Plenary and Awards Ceremony (Session 106, Thursday, 4:30p.m.), all plenary attendees are cordially invited to an Honorary Reception for President Gans and the award recipients. ASA is pleased to announce the following co-sponsors for this special reception: Department of Sociology, Duke University; Department of Sociology, Emory University; Department of Sociology, University of Georgia; Department of Sociology, Georgia State University; Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; and The Southern Sociological Society. ASA Business Meeting The annual ASA Business Meeting will begin at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 27. All members of the ASA are encouraged to attend to hear Association officers present their reports to the membership and to consider resolutions from ASA members offered for discussion and action. Resolutions for the Business Meeting must be delivered to the ASA Headquarters Office (Bombay Room) in the Marriott Marquis before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 26. Each resolution must indicate the name and affiliation of the submitter and idemtify the person who will actually presentthe resolution atthe Business Meeting. Those received before the deadline will. be posted in the ASA Registration Area so that members may become familiar with upcoming business. Resolutions submitted to the Executive Office by the Friday deadline will be given preference on the Business Meeting agenda; unposted resolutions will be permitted, up to the limit of time available before the 1 0:20 p.m. adjournment Reminder.,. Only current voting members ofthe ASA may submit, present, discuss and vote on Business Meeting resolutions. Student Hospitality Room Provision has been made for a hospitality room for students attending the Annual Meeting. The Calgary room on the Convention Level will be open from 8:00am. to 8:00p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, and from 8:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, to provide a place for students to meet, caucus, make dinner arrangements, etc. Some refreshments will be provided occasionally each day. All students registered for the Annual Meeting are welcome to make use of this hospitality room.

9 8 Activities of Other Groups General information on activities of various groups meeting in conjunction with ASA is listed below and in the Program: In addition to the published meeting schedule, several organizations will have membership information and publications on display in the Table Space Area in the Convention Level lobby. Aging Section Reception-Saturday, August 27, 6:30-8:20 p.m. Imperial Ballroom Salon A Alpha Kappa Delta-Saturday, August 27, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-summit American Journal of Sociology Editorial Board-Friday, August 26, 12:30-2:20 p.m.-mckenzie, Cluster 4 "BORN AGAIN: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church" film presentation (James Au It)-'-Thursday, August 25,8:30-10:30 p.m.-marquis Ballroom Salon IV Chairs of Graduate Departments of Sociology-Friday, August 26, 2:30-4:20 p.m.-state, Cluster3 Christian Sociological Society-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-bonn, Cluster 3 Community Section Reception-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m. Yukon, Cluster 4 Comparative Historical Sociology Section Reception-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-marj:~uis Ballroom Salon Ill Emotions Section Reception-Saturday, August 27, 6:30-8:20 p.m. Marquis Ballroom Salon I Environment and Technology Section Reception-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m~-consulate Family Section Reception-Wednesday, August 24, 6:30-8:20 p.m. McKenzie, Cluster 4 Gerontological Society of America Fellowship Programs in Applied Gerontology Reception-Friday, August26; 6:30-8:20 p.m.-bonn, Cluster3 Honors Program-Tuesday, August 23, 2:00-5:00 p.m.-quebec, Cluster 1; Wednesday, August 24, 8:30-10:20 am.-bonn, Cluster 3; Thursday, August 25, 8:30-1 0:20 a.m.-amsterdam, Cluster 1; Friday, August 26, 10:30-12:20 p.m. and 6:30-8:20 p.m.-quebec, Cluster 1; Sunday, August 28,8:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.-bonn, Cluster 3 Indiana University Alumni-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m. McKenzie, Cluster 4 International Network for Social Network Analysis-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-amsterdam, Cluster 1 ISA Ad Hoc Committee on Housing and the Built Environment Wednesday, August 24, 4:30-6:20 p.m.-huttman suite ISA Research Committee on Disasters-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:20 p.m.-summit "Latinos and Latino Researchers in Sociology" (Clara' Rodriguez, Roberto Fernandez and Homer Garcia)-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-zurich/london, Cluster 3 Mal1(ist Section Reception: 20th Anniversary ofthe Sociology Liberation Movement~Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-imperial Ballroom Salon A "Medical Sociology and Sociological Practice" (Catherine McCaslin and Jan Fritz)-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:20 am.-yukon, Cluster4 "Medical Sociology and SWS: Emerging Issues in Women's Health" (Sheryl Ruzek, Ann Hohmann, Lynn Weber Cannon, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Nancy Marshall, Rosalind Barnett, Grace Baruch, Joseph Pleck, Herm Smith)-,Saturday, August 27, 12:30-2:20 p.m.-south Hampton, Cluster 5 "Medical Sociology Dissertations-in-Progress" (Jackie Litt)-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-amsterdam, Cluster 1 Medical Sociology Section Reception-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-marquis Ballroom Salon I "New Directions in Funding Opportunities for Research in the Sociol~ ogy of Science, Knowledge, Technology and the Environment: A Discussion with NSF Representatives" (Henry Etzkowitz and William Freudenburg)-Wednesday, August 24, 6:30-8:20 p.m. Amsterdam, Cluster 1 North American Chinese Sociologists Association-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-zurich/london, Cluster 3 Ohio State University Reception for ASA Honors Program-Tuesday, August 23, 5:30-7:00 p.m.-calgary, Cluster 1 Pennsylvania State University Reception for ASA Honors Program Thursday, August 25, 9:00-10:30 p.m.-yukon, Cluster 4 Racial and Ethnic Minorities Section 1Oth Anniversary Celebration Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m. Radical Caucus-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-1 0:30 p.m.-rio Grande, Cluster4 "Social Psychology and Emotions Joint Session" (Roberta Simmons and Peggy Thoits)-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-copenhagen/stockholm, Cluster 1 Social Psychology Section Reception-Wednesday, August24, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Society for Applied Sociology Open Business Meeting-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-quebec, Cluster 1 Society for the Study of Social Problems'-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction...,. Thursday and Friday, August Riviera, Cluster 5 Sociological Forum Editorial Board-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-1 0:20 am.-mckenzie, Cluster 4 Sociological Inquiry Editorial Board-Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-state, Cluster 3 Sociological Practice Association meeting, followed by ASA Section on Sociological Practice Reception-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-copenhagen/stockholm, Cluster 1 Sociological Practice Association Publications Planning Meeting for The Practicing Sociologist, Clinical Sociology Review and Sociological Practice-Wednesday, August 24, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-cabinet, Cluster 3 Sociological Practice Section Reception-Thursday, August25, 9:30-10:30 P:m.-Copenhagen/Stockholm, Cluster 1 Sociological Research Association-Thursday, August 25, 7:00-11 :00 p.m.-imperial Ballroom Salon A Sociologists' AIDS Network-Thursday, August 25, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Trinidad/Madrid, Cluster 1 Sociologists for Women in. Society-Wednesday tnrough Sunday, August South Hampton, Cluster 5 "Sociologists in Business Present Sociological Issues in Research" Friday, August 26, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-sydney, Cluster 3 Sociology Lesbian and Gay Caucus...:.:. business meeting, Wednesday, August 24, 6:30-8:20 p.m.-consulate; panel discussion, Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-consulate Sociology of Education Section Reception-Thursday, August 25, 7:00-8:30 p.m.-ballantine suite Theory and Society social gathering-thursday, August 25, 9:00p.m.- 12:00 midnight-state, Cluster 3 Theory Section Reception-Saturday, August 27, 6:30-8:20 p.m. Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill "Teaching the Sociology of Emotions: Student Diaries and the Use of Popular Film" (David D. Franks)-Thursday, Aug\Jst25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-sydney, Cluster 3 University of Chicago Reception-Thursday, August 25, 8:30-10:30 p.m.-yukon, Cluster 4

10 Section Activities Section activities are interspersed throughout the five-day schedule! of the l\llr1u81met sessions range In format from formal paper presentations~ mll'!l-coi'jfer~ the sec!lon; for the 26 active sections, there are a total of 118 separ~ program joins #18 roster 8S the newest section and there is a section-fn-furmation on Mil!MN'\J1'1n Sectfgn-sponsored Program Sessions are summarized below fur q!jicld efere~; fqr Section Day Council Aging, Sociology of Asia & Asian America Collective Behavior & Social Movements Community Comparative Historical Sociology Criminology Culture, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Emotions, Sociology of Environmental Sociology Family, Sociology of Marxist Sociology Medical Sociology Metl"!odology Mlcrot:omputers. Organizations & Occupations Peace and War, Sociology of Political Economy of the World-System Politlcal Sociology Population, Sociology of Racial & Ethnic Minorities Sclenee, Knowledge and Technology. Sex & Gender, Sociology of Social Psychology Socio(ogiC?J Practice Theoretical Sociology Undergraduate Education Saturday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday Wednesday Saturday Thursday Sunday Friday Thursday Wednesday Friday Friday Thursday Sunday Sunday Saturday Thursday Sunday Frlc:lay Thursday Sunday Wednesday Wednesday Saturday Saturday 7:00am. 12:30 p.m. 2:30p.m. 7:30am. Thursday, 12:30 p.m. 8:30am. 8:30am. 12:30 p.m. 7:30am. Tuesday, 8:00 p.m. Friday, 7:30 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 1 i':so~pm 3:30p.m.' 3:30p.m. 3:30 p.n'j. 9:30am, 3:30p.m. 3:30p.m. 11:30am. 12:30 p.m. 9:30am.. Friday, 4:30 p.m. 9:30am. 10:30am. 1:30 p.m. 23'1, 2-iSf~;g ~~ 1:30 p.m. 246, 255, ~ 11:30. am. 19o, ;!' ~.~ 9:30am. 1:11,92, 1.~,. 11:30 am. 238,?41,~1266' 1 :30 p.m. 117, 153, tea 9:30am. 71, 82, 1o4,. 9:30 am. 239i '248, 254, :30 p.m. 27, 35, 46, 59 Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. 15, 45 Saturday, 2:30 p.m. 177, 191, 214, 227 1:30 p.m. 178,192,213 ASA Executive Office Staff Janet L Astner, Conventions & Meetings Manager Barbara Bouquet, Bookkeeping Assistant Stephen A Buff, Assistant Executive Officer and Director, Professional Development Program Caroline Bugno, Administrative AsslstanVSectlon Coordinator William V. D:4ntonio, Executive Officer Karen Gray Edwards, Publications Manager Frances Foster, Administrative Assistant, Minority Fellowship Program Susan Frensilli, Publications Assistant Sharon K Gray, Office Manager Angela Grigsby, Subscriptions Secretary Juanita L Hampton, Secretary Carla B. Howery, Assistant Executive Officer and Director, Teaching Services Program Vickie Mcintyre, Administrative Assistant Lionel Maldonado, Assistant Executive Officer and Director, Minority Fellowship Program. William Martineau, Executive Associate/Governance Manager Jan L Suter, Meetings and Marketing Manager Nancy Sylvester, Receptionist Donald Stanley, Mall Room and Marketing Clerk Gassandra Twardowski, Business Manager Future Annual Meetings 1989 San Francisco Hilton & Towers San Francisco. CaiHornia August Washington HI/tor & Towers Washington, D.C. August 11~1s 1991 Cincinnati, Ohio

11 10 General Information The Atlanta Marriott Marquis is headquarters for the 1988 ASA Annual Meeting. All Annual!VIeeting sessions, services and activities are located at the Marriott Marquis. Meeting rooms are itemized below; refer to the map on pages in the Program for exact locations. Meeting Rooms Room, Cluster Level Amsterdam, Cluster Convention Bombay, Cluster Convention Bordeaux, Conference Center... Lobby Burgundy, Conference Center Lobby Bonn, Cluster Convention Cabine~ Cluster Convention Calgary, Cluster Convention Consulate......, Convention Copenhagen/Stockholm, Cluster Convention Danube/Tigris, Cluster Lobby Imperial Ballroom Salons A-B Convention International Hall North-South Exhibit London, Cluster Convention Marquis Ballroom Salons I-IV Convention McKenzie, Cluster Lobby Nile, Cluster 4... Lobby Press Room, Cluster 2...,.... Convention Quebec, Cluster Convention Rio Grande, Cluster Lobby Riviera, Cluster Garden South Hampton, Cluster 5, Garden Skyline i Oth Floor State, Cluster Convention Summit Convention Sydney, Cluster Convention Thames, Cluster 4... Lobby Trinidad/Madrid, Cluster Convention Yukon, Cluster 4... Lobby Zurich, Cluster Convention Location of Activities ASA Information-Convention Level Lobby ASA Office-Bombay, Clust~r 2 ASF Raffle Table~lnternatioruil Hall South Child Care-Danube/Tigris, Cluster 5 Didactic Seminar Information-Convention Level Lobby Employment Service-International Hall North Exhibits-International Hall South Locator File-Convention Level Lobby Luncheon Roundtable Information-Convention Level Lobby Media Registration-Press Room, Cluster 2 Message Exchange-Cluster 3 Lobby Minority Fellowship Program Raffle Table-International Hall South Paper Sales-International Hall South Registration-Convention Level Lobby Resources for Attendees with Special Needs..::..:convention Level Lobby Restaurant Reservation Service-Booth 127, International Hall South Student Hospitality Room-Calgary, Cluster 1 Teaching Endowment Raffle Table-lr~ternational Hall South Tickets Desk-Convention Level Lobby Tour> Information-Convention Level Lobby Ta:ble Space-Convention Level Lobby ASA Information-Convention Level Lobby The Information Desk is staffed with ASA Executive Office personnel who will be able to provide information on membership, subscriptions, and publications. Copies of the 1988 issues of the Guide to Graduate Departments, Directory of Departments, and Directory of Members, and the cumulative journal index will be available, as are other ASA publications. Samples copies of ASA journals are. available for inspection. ASA Office-Bombay, Cluster 2 The Headquarters Office will be staffed from Tuesday through Sunday by Executive Office personnel from Washington, DC. The demands on staff time and equipment are limited to official ASA functions; secretarial services are not available. Child Care-Danube/Tigris, Cluster 4 A child care program is being provided by Gloria Humphrey and her staff from Atlanta's Camp Kid. Care will be available during the daytime program sessions (8:00am. to 6:30p.m.) for infants and older children. Evening care must be arranged on an individual basis with babysitting personnel. We are pleased to announce that Wadsworth Publishing Company and the Sociologists for Women in Society have generously offered to help co-sponsor the 1988 Child Care Program, thus defraying some of its expenses. We thank Wadsworth and SWS for assisting ASA in providing another quality kinder-convention experience for your children. Lunch and snacks will be provided; however, parents may arrange to take tlieirchildren outfor lunch or bring a special bag lunch with them in the morning if they prefer. Charges for those who did not pre-register their children for the Child Care Service will be $45.00 per child for a half day (8:00 am.-1 :30 p.m.) and $65.00 per child for the entire day. (For children using the service for shorter periods, the half-day fee will apply in order to encourage more stable use, discourage frequent dropping in and out, and simplify payment) Children who have not pre-registered with the service will be accepted on a space-available, first-come first-served basis only. Reminder: All parents/gu~rdians using this service must also be paid registrants for the Annu~l. Meeting. Didactic Seminar Information-Convention Level Lobby Those already enrolled for seminars should have received their tickets with their meeting packets. Some tickets may still, be available for Didactic'Seminars; check at the Tickets Desk in the Convention Level Lobby for up-to-date information. Seminar tickets are non-refundable and cancellations cannot be accepted. You may, however, sell your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend. Employment Service-International Hall North The 1988 ASA Employment Service will be open from 1 :00-5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23; and from 8:30am. to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday through Saturday, August The service will not be open on, Sunday, August 28. ' ' Facilities will be available for reviewing employment listings, exchanging messages, and interviewing. If you have p~e-registered for

12 11 the Employment Service, report to International Hall North as soon as possible to activate your file. H you have not registered, you should do so as early as possible. All persons using this Service must register for the Annual Meeting as well as for use of the Employment Service. Once registered, you will be issued a pass permitting your entrance to the Service any time it is open. No one will be admitted without a pass. Fees for use of the Employment Service: ASA member applicants-$1 0; non-member applipants-$25; Employers-$50. During the Annual Meeting in Chicago last year, 54 employers listed 86 openings, including 25 positions outside academia, and 278 candidates registered with the Service. Over 600 interviews were scheduled. Exhibits-International Hall South All. Annual Meeting attendees are encouraged to browse through the Exhibits located in the International Hall South. Exhibits open on Wednesday, August 24, and close on Saturday, August 27. Exhibit hours are 9:00am. to 5:00p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, August 24-25; 1 0:00a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, August 26; and 9:00am. to 2:00p.m. on Saturday, August 27. Plan your schedule to include several visits to the 1988 ASA Exhibits to browse through the latest publications, explore current computer hardware and software, chat with representatives of statistical and informational literature, enjoy the local art and sculpture display, and lunch with colleagues to the sounds of live harp music in the lounge/ food area at the back of the hail See the Directory of Exhibitors listed elsewhere in this Program for names and booth numbers for all exhibitors. Look through the Program for special ads tool Luncheon Roundtable Information-Convention Level Lobby Those already enrolled for luncheons should have received their tickets with their meeting packets. Some tickets may still be available for luncheon discussions; check at the Tickets Desk in the Convention Level Lobby for up-to-date information. Luncheon tickets are non-refundable and cancellations cannot be accepted. You may, however, sell your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend. Locator File-Convention Level Lobby Locator cards will be filled out by convention attendees as they pick up tl]eir registration packets. These cards will then be available for reference at the ASA Information Desk during the meeting to help colleagues contact each other while in Atlanta Message Exchange boxe,s will be provided in the lobby area at the entrance to Meeting Cluster3. Media-Press Room, Cluster 2 M~ia representatives are invited to stop by for registration packets and i.nterview assistance. Paper Sal-~-lnternational Hall South The 1988 Paper Sales Room will be open from 1 :00-5:00 p.m. on Tuesday~'August 23; 8:00 am.-5:30 p.m. on Wednesday through Saturday, August 24-27; and 8:00 am.-1 :00 p.m. on Sunday, August 28. Papers will ~ available at the price of $2.00 each. All eligible papers whicll were submitted to the Executive Office for duplication and/or distribution at the Annual Meeting appear on the list of "Available Paper$" (copy included in your registration packet). Authors who indicated that they would bring copies with them to the Annual Meeting are urged to deliver them to the Paper Sales room as soon as possible upon arrival. Papers may be purchased as long as supplies last; orders for future delivery cannot be accepted. Requests for papers which have sold out or were not supplied may be sent directly to the author(s). In order to facilitate this procedure, a "Roster of Authors" which includes names and addresses of authors may be purchased for $2.00. Papers may also be available through Sociological Abstracts, Inc.; check the abstracts booklet for information. The ASA Office is not able to return unsold copies of papers to individual authors after the Annual Meeting. However, authors may pick up remaining copies of their own papers on Sunday, August 28, after 11 :00 am. Note: All persons wishing access to the Paper Sales Room must be paid registrants for the Annual Meeting; badges are required for entrance into this area Resources for Attendees with Special Needs Convention Level Lobby The ASA Information Desk will coordinate resources during the convention week for registrants with physical disabilities who are attending the Annual Meeting. H you sent in a special services request prior to the meeting, please check in at the ASA Information Desk on your arrival to ensure that you receive the assistance you need. Restaurant Reservation Service-International Hall South Georgia Hospitality and Travel is sponsoring this year's restaurant reservation service. Stop by Booth 127 for information on area restaurants and assistance in making reservations. This service will be available from 11 :00 am. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesday through Friday, August 24-26; and 11:00 am. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 27. Section Information Table-Convention Level Lobby Information on the 26 ASA Sections, including copies of 1988 Section newsletters, will be available in the ASA Information area. The Section table will be staffed by representatives ofthe various sections. Attendees interested in starting a new Section on Microcomputers should attend the organizational meeting at 1 0:30 am. on Thursday, August 25, in Sydney, Cluster 3. Tours-International Hall South Those already enrolled for tours should have received their tickets with their meeting packets. Please check at the Tickets Desk in the Convention Level Lobby for any cancellations or changes in site schedules. Orientation sessions for tour groups will be held in the Tour Orientation area in International Hall South. All groups will depart from the Exhibit Level of the Marriott Marquis. Tickets are required for access to the orientation and departure areas. Tour tickets are non-refundable and cancellations cannot be accepted. You may, however, sell your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend.

13 AMERICAN SOCIOlOGICAL AI..GU5T 241-2a,t988'- l HOTEL >t IIV!!: S ATLANTi\.Marriott MAB.QUIS I bbl. I [:1:J I I 6bll r_:r::r I!!!1!!...~1... ~ ~~:~~-~~ I ~~,---I 5CALATORS~ I o "!::!":. ~-". j ~--.I 'P-I! q cfj 1:,:1 I ENTRAHI:E INTERN_ATIONAL HALL -, J 'ifrvke CORRIDOR - ~ - I ~cc ~--:- c ---i ~... lioa'xkj'aoontl PREPARED BY : UNITED EXPOSITION SERVICE CO. CI33A LEE STRF.ET s.w.- ATLANTA. OEOflOIA (404),_7,

14 Directory of Exhibitors (Listed alphabetically with booth numbers) Academic Press, Inc. (226) A/dine de Gruyter (329) Altyn and Bacon, Inc. (124) ASA Electronic Sociological Network Committee (126) Association of American University Presses {418, 420) Georgia Hospitality & Travel/Atlanta Restaurant Reservations (127) Auburn House Publishing Company (432) Basic Books {323) l3asil Blackwell, Inc. {217) Bureau of the Census (406) Cambridge University Press {1 09, 111) Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association {22~) c:;nadwyck-healey Inc. (122) Cognitive Development, Inc. (414, 416) Columbia University Press (128) Conference Book Service,lnc. (440) Walter de Gruyter, Inc. (329) The Dorsey Press (121) The Edwin Mellen Press (402, 404) Encyclopedia Britannica USA {1 04) F. E. Peacock Publishers, Inc. (218) The Free Press (206) The Fulbright Program (C/ES) (209) General Hall, Inc. (203) Gralan Distributors, Inc. (207) Greenwood Press/Praeger Publishers (108) Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (226) Harper & Row, Trade (325) Harper & Row, College (132, 134) Harvard University Press (233) Holt, Rinehart and Winston (327) Humanities Press International (219) ILR Press (408) Imported Publications, lnc.(412) Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (430) JAI Press Inc. (41 0) Justice Statistics Clearing House (116) Lexington Books (1 02) Macmillan Publishing Company (208) Mayfield Publishing Company (232) McGraw-Hill Book Company (1 01, 1 03) Mouton de Gruyter (329) Nelson-Hall Publishers {426) New American Library (216) NewsBank, Inc. (235) Oxford University Press {313) Plenum Publishing Corporation {438) Prentice-Hall (228) Princeton University Press (315) The Publishers Book Exhibit,.Inc. (428) Random House, Inc. (422) The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research {118) Rose Monograph Series {113) Routledge (223, 225) Rutgers University Press (319) Sage Publications, Inc. {434, 436) Scott, Foresman!Little, Brown College Division (328) Sociological Abstracts, Inc. (112) Sociometries Corporation (333) St. Martin's Press (115) SUNY Press (117) Temple University Press {222, 224) University of California Press (212, 214) University of Chicago Press (213, 215) University of Colorado Press (119) University of Illinois Press (119) University of North Carolina Press (114) University Press of America (123,.125) University Press of Kansas (114) Unwin Hyman, Inc. (317) US Department of Education, Office of Educational Research & Improvement, Information Services (335) Vintage!Pantheon/Schocken Books (424) Wadsworth Publishing Company (307,309) Westview Press (227) The World Bank (1 06) Worth Publishers, Inc. (332, 334) Yale University Press (~15)

15 14 Committee/Board Meeti11g Schedule COMMmEE MEETINGS (NOTE: Attendance at these meetings is limited to the members of each committee, except where designated as "OPEN".} American Sociological Foundation Trustees Saturday, August 27, 2:30-6:20 p.m. ASA/ AAAS Ualson Committee Friday, August 26, 2:30-4:20 p.m. ASA Business Meeting-OPEN Saturday, August 27, 8:30-10:30 p.m. Awards Polley, Committee on Sunday, August 28, 10:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award Selection Committee Friday, August 26, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Certification, Oversight Committee on Saturday, August 27, 2:30-6:20 p.m. Certification in Demography, Committee on Saturday, August 27, 8:30-1 0:20 am. Certification in Law and Social Control, Committee on Friday, August 26, 8:30-10:20 am. Certification In Medical Sociology, Committee on Thursday, August 25, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Certification in Organizational Analysis, Committee on Saturday, August 27,8:30-10:20 am., Certification in Social Policy and Evaluation Research, Committee on Thursday, August 25, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Certification in Social Psychology, Committee on Thursday, August 25, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Committees, Committee on Sunday, August 28, 8:30 am.-6:20 p.m. Consortium of Sociological Associations Wednesday, August 24, 8:30-1 0'.20 am Council Saturday, August 27, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m Council Members-at-Large Friday, August 26,8:30 am.-12:20 p.m Council Sunday, August 28, 2:30-6:30 p.m. Monday, August 28, 8:30 all].-6:30 p.m. Dissertation Award Selection Committee Friday, August 26,8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Distinguished Career Award for the Practice' of Sociology Selection Committee Friday, August 26, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award Selectiqn Committee Thursday, August 25, 12:30-4:20 p.m. Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Selection Committee Wednesday, August 24, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Friday, August 26, 2:30-6:20 p.m. DuBOls-Johnson-FiliZler Award Selection Committee Thursday, August 25, 8:30 11.m,-12:20 pm. Dues Structure, Committee on New Wednesday, August 24, 2:3o-4:20 p.m. Electronic Sociological Network Committee Sunday, August 28, 8:30-1 0:20 am. Endowment Fund Committee Thursday, August 25, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Executive Office and Budget, Committee on the Tuesday, August 23, 9:00 am.-4:00 p.m. Freedom of Research and Teaching, Committee on Thursday, August 25; 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m.; 2:30-4:20 p.m. Jessie Bemard Award Selection Committee Saturday, August 27, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Master's Laval Certificetlon Program, Committee on Friday, August 26, 8:30 am.-6:20 p.m. Membership, Committee on Tuesday, August 23, 7:00-10:00 p.m. Wednesday, August 24,8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Thursday, August 25, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Membership Area Representatives Wednesday, August 24, 2:30-4:20 p.m. (worl<shop) Minority Fellowship Program, Committee on the Thursday, August 25, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Minority Fellowship Program, Task Force on the Wednesday, August 24, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. National Statistics, Committee on Saturday, August 27, 8:30-10:20 am. Nominations, Committee on Wednesday, August 24, 8:30 am.-6:20 p.m. Problems ofthe'disclpline, Council Subcommittee on Sunday, August 28, 8:30-10:20 am. Professional Development Program Advisory Committee Thursday, August 25, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Professional Ethics, Committee on Wednesday, August 24, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m., 2:30-6:20 p.m Program Committee Saturday, August 27, 12:30-2:20 p.m Program Committee... Wednesday, August 24,12:30-2:20 p.m Program Committee Thursday, August 25, 12:30-2:20 pm. Public Information, Committee on Friday, August 26, 4:30-6:20 p.m. Publications, Committee on Tuesday, August 23, 1 :30-6:00 p.m. (elected members) Friday, August 26, 8:30 am.-6:20 p.m. Regional and State Sociological Association Officers Meeting Friday, August 26, 4:30-6:20 p.m. Regulation of Research, Committee on Friday, August 26, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Section BOard Friday, August 26, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Sections, Committee on. Friday, August 26, 3:30-4:20 p.m. (with Section Board) Friday, August 26, 4:30-6:20 p.m. Society and Persons with Disabilities, Committee on Friday, August 26, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. Sociological Practice, Committee on Saturday, August 27, 2:30-6:20 p.m. Status of Homosexuals In Sociology, Committee on Friday, August 26, 2:30-4:20 p.m. Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Sociology, Committee on Thursday, August 25, 2:30-4:2o p.m. Status of Women In Sociology, Committee on Saturday, August 27, 2:30-6:20 p.m. Teacher-Scholar Sabbatical Proposal Committee Sunday, August 28, 8:30-10:20 am. Teaching, Committee on Wednesday, August 24, 2:30-6~ p.m. Teaching ResourceS Group Friday, August 26, 4:30-6:20 pm. Sunday, August 28, 10:30 am.-12:20 p.m. (training clinic) Unemployment and Underemployment In the Discipline, Committee on Wednesday, August 24, 2:30-6:20 p.m. Work Distribution, Task Force on Friday, August 26, 4:30-6:20 p.m. World Sociology, Committee on Thursday, August 25, 8:30 am.-12:20 p.m. World Sociology Ualson Representatives Thursday, August25, 11:30 am.-12:20 p.m. EDITORIAL BOARD MEETINGS American Sociological Review Editorial Board Saturday, August 27, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Contemporary Sociology Ediiorial Board Wednesday, August 24, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Journal of Health and Socia/ Behavior Editorial Board Saturday, August 27, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Rose Monograph Series Editorial Board Saturday, August 27, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Socia/ Psychology QuBJterly Editorial Board Wednesday, August 24, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Sociological Methodology Editorial Board Saturday, August 27, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Sociological Theory Editorial Board Thursday, August 25, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Sociology of Education Editorial Board Thursday, August 25, 12:30-2:20 p.m. Teaching Sociology Editorial Board Wednesday, August 24, 12:30-2:20 pm.

16 15 Monday, August 22 9:00a.m. Sessions 1. Professional Workshop. Job Clinic Summit (to 12:00 noon; 1 :30-5:30 p.m.) Richard Irish, Transcentury Corporation Tuesday,August23 9:00a.m. Meetings Committee on the Executive Office and Budget (to 4:00p.m.)- Ciuster 3: State 9:00a.m. Sessions 1. Professional Workshop. Job Clinic Summit (to 12:00 noon; 1 :30-5:30 p.m.) Richard Irish, Transcentury Corporation 10:00 a.m. Sessions 2. Teaching Workshop. Academic Leadership: Orientation for New Chairpersons Cluster 4: Thames Lee H Bowker, Humboldt State University; Hans 0. Mauksch, l!niversity of Georgia; Dennis R. McSeveney, University of New Orleans 1:.30 p.m. Meetings CQr:J!mlttee on Publications, elected memb~rs (to 6:00 p.m.) Ciuster 3: Cabinet 2:00p.m. Other Group Activities Honors Program (to 5:00 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Quebec 5:30p.m. Other Group Activities Ohio State University Reception for ASA Honqrs Prbgram- Ciust~r 1 : Calgary.. 7:00p.m. Meetings Committee on M4;lmbership (to 1 o:oo p.m.)-ciuster 3: State 8:00p.m. Meetings Section on Sociological Practice Council Meeting-Bordeaux (to 1 0:00 p.m.).. VVednesday,August24 8:30a.m. Meetings Consortium of Sociological Associations-Cluster 4: Nile Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Selection Committee (to 12:20 p.m.)-burgundy Committee on Membership (to 12:20 p.m.)---,ciuster 3: State Task Force on the Minority Fellowship Program (to 12:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet Committee on Nominations (to 6:20 p.m.)-bordeaux Committee on Professional Ethics (to 12:20 p.m., 2:30-6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Quebec 8:30a.m. Honors Program-Cluster 3: Bonn 8:30a.m. Other Gro~p Activities Sessions 3. Religion and Sociological Theory (co-sponsored by the Association for the Sociology of Religion) Marquis Ballro~m Salon II Presider and Organizer: Frank J. Lechner, Emory University The Evolution of World Religious System: 'Some Research Design Ideas~ John W. Meyer, Stanford University Gender and Religious Experience. Lynn Davidman, University of Pittsburgh Religion and the Political Mobilization of Populations in the Post-Modern Era. John Simpson, University oftoronto Discussion: Roland Robertson, UniVersity of Pittsburgh 4. Sociological Approaches to the Study of AIDS Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: William W. Darrow, Centers for Disease Control AIDS Knowledge, Misinformation, ~nd Perceived Risk. Deborah A. Dawson and Marcie Cymimon, National Center for Health Statistics AIDS-Related Risk Behavior and Self-Reported Behavior Change. RickS. Zimmerman, University of Miami (continued on next page)

17 Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. 16 Session 4, continued AIDS among Blacks and Hispanics. Samuel R. Friedman, Narcotic and Drug Research, Inc. Facing an Uncertain Future: Management Strategies of Persons with AIDS. Rose Weitz, Arizona State University 5. Cultural Sociology of Childhood Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer and Presider: Viviana A. Zelizer, Princeton University The Times They Are A-Changin': Qualities Valued in Children, 1964 to Duane F. Alwin, University of Michigan Childhood and Public Life: Reaffirming Biographical Divisions. Spencer E. Cahill, Skidmore College Children in Wartime: The Second World War in the Lives of America's Home-Front Children. William M. Tuttle, Jr., University of Kansas Changing Perceptions of Childhood: Some Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Sarane S. Boocock, Rutgers University Discussion: Arlene Skolnick, University of California-Berkeley 6. Sociology of Communications Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer and Presider: Ella Taylor, University of Washington Television and the American Dream: Representations of Black American Arrival and Failure. Herman Gray, Northeastern University Depiction of Heavy Drinking by Women on Prime Time. Lisa M. Heilbronn, University of California-Berkeley Inside the World of TV Shrinks: Exploring the Popularity of TV Therapy. Andrea S. Walsh, Clark University The Impact of Hyper Media Coverage on Suicide: New York City, James H. Gundlach and Steven Stack, Auburn University Discussion: Ella Taylor, University of Washington 7. Crime and Deterrence Consulate Organizer and Presider: Lawrence E. Cohen, Indiana University Youth, Underemployment, and Property Crime: Effects of Job Availability and Job Quality on Juvenile and Young,A.dult Arrest Rates. Emilie Andersen Allan, St. Francis College; DarrellJ. Steffensmeier, The Pennsylvania State University Neighborhood Revitalization and Crime. Jeanette Cc;wington, Rutgers University; Ralph B. Taylor, Temple University The Artifact Issue in Deterrence. Research. Jack P. Gibbs and Glenn Firebaugh, Vanderbilt University Changes in Homicide Rate Structural Correlates for U.S. Cities: 1960, 1970, and Patricia L. McCall, Duke University Discussion: Kenneth C. Land, Duke University 8. Sociological Approaches to Human Rights Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Gideon Sjoberg, University oftexas Austin Human Rights, Civil Rights and Crime Control in Michigan: The Continuing Death Penalty Abolition Debate. Larry W. Koch, Ball State University; John Galliher, University of Missouri~ Columbia Human Rights Violations in the World-System: A Cross National Analysis. Albert Bergesen and Fu-Chang Wang, University of Arizona Discriminating States of Horror Through Life Integrity Violation Analysis. Helen Fein, Institute for the Study of Genocide New York City Human Rights and Social Theory: Contributions from Hegel. Stephen G. Lyng, Virginia Commonwealth University The Ethical Commitment of Sociologists to Utilitarianism: A Human Rights Critique. Ted R. Vaughan, University of Missouri-Columbia; Gideon Sjoberg, University of Texas Austin 9. Political Sociology: Labor and Comparative Political Sociology Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Presider: George Ross, Brandeis University Workplace Stratification and Political Orientation: The Effects of Job Power on Leftist Beliefs. David Jaffee, State University of New York-New Paltz Modeling the Polity: Unions and Autoriduzione in Italy. Ted Perlmutter, New York University Working-Class Organization and Political Alliances in South Africa. Gay Seidman, University of California-Berkeley Disposition is Not Action: The Rise and Demise of the Knights of Labor. Kim Voss, University of California~ Berkeley Discussion: George Ross, Brandeis University 10. The Sociology of Poverty Summit Organizer and Presider: ~Leonard Beeghley, University of Florida Poverty, Work, and Social Change in the Appalachian Coal Fields. Cynthia M. Duncan, Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies PovertY and Death: A Life Table Approach to Measuring Gender Differentials in Poverty. Arthur Sakamoto, University of Wisconsin The Poverty Estimates: What They Mean, the Trends, and the Issues. Robert Sheak, Ohio University Welfare and Work: The Institutionalization of Moral Ambiguity. Yeheske/ Hasenfeld, University of California-Los Angeles A Rural/Urban Comparison of Welfare Use: The Importance of Population Density. Mark R. Rank, Washington University; Thomas A. Hirsch/, Cornell University Discussion: Leonard Beeghley, University of Florida 11. Race, Ethniclty and Class: Interaction Effects Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: Bart Landry, University of Maryland- College Park. Social Structure and Party Alignments. Robert B. Smith, Aetna Life ctnd Casualty, Inc. Race, Ethnicity, and Social Control: 1970 vs Pamela Irving Jackson, Rhode Island College

18 17 Integration and Isolation: The Black Experience at Elite Boarding Schools. Peter W. Cookson, Jr, University of MassachusE)tts-Amherst; Caroline Hodges Persell, New York University Black and White Women in the Professions: How Far Have We Come? How Far Must We Go to Reach Equality with White Men? Natalie J. Sokoloff, City University of New York-John Jay College 12. Gender and Social Interaction Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Deirdre Boden, Washington University-St. Louis Gender and Conversational Power: The Determinants of Assertiveness in Self-Presentation and Identity Negotiation. J. William Spencer, University of New Orleans; Kriss A. Drass, Southern Methodist University Making Propositions: The Emotions Involved in Asking for a Date. C. Lee Harrington, University of California-Santa Barbara Mothers and Daughters: Negotiation for Control Over Their Lives. Jennifer Friedman, University of South Florida Gossip as a Means for Strengthening Social Bonds: A Sociolinguistic Approach. Donna Eder and Janet Enke,' Indiana University-Bloomington Discussion: Doni/een Loseke, Skidmore College 13. Social Psychology: Attitudes, Attributions, and Influence Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: Neil J. MacKinnon, University of Guelph A Dynamic, Spatial Model of Cognition and Attitude Change. Stan A. Kaplowitz, Michigan State University; Edward L. Fink, University of Maryland Making Meaning: Revealing Attributions Through Analysis of R.eader Responses. Judith A. Howard and Carolyn Allen, University of Washington Coerced Confessions: Case Studies in the Tactics of Persuasion. Richard Ofshe, University of California-Berkeley Discussion: James Moore, York University 14.'Section on Marxist Sociology. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B (to 9:20 a.m.) Organizers: Frank T. Fitzgerald, College of Saint Rose; Lauren Langman, Loyola Unive~ity; Peter Whalley, Loyola University Chicago 1. Bureaucracy and Socialism: Bureaucratic Centralism in Democratic Centralist Cuba: Organizational Structures, Incentives and Patterns of Group Interaction in the Cuban Economy, Frank T. Fitzgeralq, College of Saint Rose Max Weber on the Problems of Socialism: A Critique of the Communist Manifesto. Brad Rose,. Brandeis University 2. Class and Social Movements: Class and Social Movements. Scott McNall, Kansas University 3. Classical Marxist Theory: Historical Subject and Democracy. George Katsiaficas, Wentworth Institute of Technology Marx's Intellectual Conversion of Charles McKelvey, Clemson University 4. Nee-Marxist Theory: A Nonreductionist Structural Marxist Theory. Ira Gerstein, Wheaton College The Productivity Problem. Michael W. Macy, Brandeis University The Grarnscian Problematic. Basil P. Kardaras, American UniVersity 5. Nicaraguan Sociology: Nicaragua's Escuela de Sociologia: The Emerging Agenda for Cooperation between Nica-U.S. Sociologists. Richard Delio Buono, Rosary College Researching Socialist Legality In Cuba and Nicaragua. Marjorie S. Zatz, Arizona State University 6. Perspectives on the Current Capitalist Crisis: The Struggle for Women's Equality in an Era of Economic Crisif?: From the Morality of Reform to the Science of Revolution. Walda Katz Fishman, Howard University Jesse Jackson and the Democrats: A Class Analysis. Jerome Scott, Project South Out on a Limb: Reassessing the Political-Economic Conse-. quences of the Consumer Revolution. Lloyd Klein, City University of New York-Brooklyn College 7. Power Structures and Labor Markets: State Comparisons of Labor Segmentation by Race/Ethnicity, Nativity and Gender: California, Illinois and New York. Gary Kawaguchi and Amado Cabezas, University of California Berkeley Urban Power Structure Research since Floyd Hunter. Nancy Kleniewski, State University of New York-Geneseo 8. Radical Sociological Theory in the Mid and Late 60's: Organizer's Introductory Remarks-Radical Sociology: Relevant for Whom? Martin Oppenheimer, Rutgers University The Irrelevance of Radical Sociology to the Women's Movement. Carol Brown, University of Lowell The Increasing Relevance of Class Analysis. Robert G. Newby, Central Michigan University and Wayne State University 9. Reproductive Technology: Reproductive Technology: A Historical Materialist Analysis. Martha E. Gimenez, University of Colorado-Boulder 10. Teaching for Social Change: Reflections on Prison Teaching: Applications to the Elite Institutions? Carolyn Howe, College of the Holy Cross Teaching Central America. Jerry Lembcke, College of the Holy Cross 11. Tests and Applications of Class Paradigms: Class Structure and Indicators of Class Formation: A Comparative Analysis of Data from Four Countries. Michael D. Grimes, Louisiana State University; Monika Zechetmayr, Pennsylvania State University An Empirical Test of Wright's Competing Class Paradigms. Mike Sweat, Emory University 12. Marxist Theories of Power and the State: The Concept of Power in Marxist Theory. Donald McQuarie, Bowling Green State University; Marc L. Spaulding, Organizational Dynamics, Inc. The Relative Decline of Relative Autonomy: Global Capitalism and the Political Power. Robert Ross, Clark,University Privately Funded Research Disguised as Public.Interest: Implications for Theories of the State. Jonathan F. Lewis, University of Cincinnati (continued on next page}

19 Wednesda. 8:30a.m. Session 14, continued 13. Political Consciousness and Unemployment Breaking the Ice: Unemployment and the Transformation Qf Political ConsciousneSs in Rece8sionary Times. John T. Hartman, Union College; WilliamB. Erskine, Indiana University..,,,.... :r Section on Sociological Practice. Informal Roundtable Discussions Imperial Ballroom Salon A Organizer. Elizabeth J. Clark, Montclair State College Part I (8:30-9:20 am.) 1. The Ethics of Practices. Ross Koppel,' Social Re5earch Corporation; Martin Oppenheimer, Rutgers University 2. Setting Up Training Fellowships in Clinical Sociology. Julia Mayo, St Vincent's Hospital, New York 3. Doing Systems Analysis as a Sociologist Natalie Hannon, New York City Department of Correction 4. Policy Implications cif. Medicaid for the Elderly. Mehdi Nassirpour, Illinois Department of Public Aid 5. Opportunities forsoc:iologists in Business Schools. Wayne Baker, University of Chicago 6. University Based Sociological Practice. George Beat, East- West Center, Honolulu Part 11 (9:30-1 0:20 am.) 1. Cross Cultural Consulting. Neal Goodman, Saiht Peter's College 2. Trends in Family Therapy. Anne McCarrick, Medical College of Virginia: and Private Practice 1 3. Sociological 'Concerns of Organ Transplantation. Nancy Kutner, Emory University School of Medicine 4. Special Issues in Training: Facing the Problems of Fellows. and Mentors;'Belierly Cuthbertson, St Vincent's Hospital, New York City; RonniBiaun, Yale University 5. Cancelled 6. Ethical Issues in Disputes: Labor and the Environment Art Shostak, Drexel UniVersity; Elaine Draper, Stanford University and University of California-Berkeley 9:30 a.m.., Meetings. Section on Marxist Sociology Business Meeting. (to 10:20 am.)-lmperiai,ballroom Salon B. 10:30 a.m.. Sessions 1&. Special SeU~9n.,. Rhetoric of Socioam '. Marquis Ballroom Salon I. Organizer and Presider. Albert Hunter, Northwestern University The Rhetotic offonfuii MOdeling. Donald McCloskey, Dniver.:. sity of Iowa ' _., " Rhetorics of Gender in the Social Sciences. Judith Long, Syr-. clause UniVerSity..... ' ' '... Please Read My Articte or 1 Will Shoot This Dog: The Rhetoric of Opening Sentences in Recent Quantitative Journal Arti-. etas. James A Qavls, Harvar~ UnlversitY. ' DiscUssion: 'dqs'fiph Giisfield, University ot c auromia-san... Dl~o " l;r. '.. :....,.,.., '.. 1 ~) j-.j ~ - r t,,.f.':,.! : 17. Professional Workshop. AIDS Research Marquis Ballroom Salon IV John H. Gagnon, State University of New York-Stony B~k, 18. T~hlng Workshop. Teaching Polltl~l Soc:loh~,,) ' Cluster 3: Bonn Leader. Betty A. Dobratz, Iowa State University Panel: Richard Braungart, Syracuse University; Michael Burton, Loyola College of Maryland; Martin Marger, gan State University; Anthony M. Orum, University Illinois-Chicago; Philo C. Wasburn, Purdue University. '! '"'I 19. The Sociology of W.E.B. DuBois eonsu.late Organizer and Presider. G. Franklin Edwards, Howard..,,,,.,..,.,.. sity The Margin as the Center of a Theory of History: Social Change and the Sociology of W.E.B. DuBois. Townsend Gilkes, Colby College The Employment.of Demograpt:ty in Studies of Stru.cture and. Change. Everett Lee, University of Geor,gia Early Sociology at Atlanta University: A Missing Chapter in tm' History of the Discipline. Wilbur Watson and Hubert Ros_sf Atlanta University Race and Marginality as Contributors to DuBois' Conce111~ With Protest and Social Change. G. Franklin Edwards, Howard Unive.rsity 20. Sociology of Housing ( co-spg,nsored by ISA Ad Hoc; Committee on Housing and the Built Environment) Cluster 1: COpenhagen/Stockholm ;~ ' Organizer an~. J:'resider. Elizabeth Huttman, California,Sta~ University,flayward.. Robert Merton and the Sociology of Housing. John Goering, U,S. Department of Hpusing and Urban Development,?. Environmentand Behavior. Intention and Outcome in Swedish Experimental Hous-ing Areas.,William Michelson, uriiver-. sity of Toronto... The Cost.and Quality at Housing by Income Level of Anglos, Blacks, and Hisp~nics: The Case of Phoenix. Leonard Gar, don, Arizona State University Trends in Urban and Rural Housing in the U.S. Wi/lem Vcm. Vliet,' University of Colora~9 21. Sociology of Lesbianism and Male Homosexuality l... Summit ' I 1 Organizer and Presider. Philip M. Kayal, Setciri Hall University The Role of Friendship in the Lives.of GayJVIen and Lesbians, Peter M. Nardi, Pitzer College; Drury Sh~frod, Tt)e Clar~. mont Graduate Scho61. The Functions of the Gay Bar.kevin P. Mulvey and Usa Sterlti, North~astem u~iversity ',... Panmtal ~hysical Abys!!l and_ $ Onentation in.males, ~. ' ' J()seph' HB.rry, No.rthemlllinois Un,iv~rsity... A Study Of' Political Campaigns of Discrimination Against ~ay People in. ttje" United States, Gerard Sullivan, Monash University, Australia ':. ' " )

20 1P Out of the Closet and Into Her Arms: Constructions of Romantic ~ Love for the Novice Lesbian. Cathy Reback, Whittier College; JoAnn Lou/an, Palo Alto, CA Discussion: John Wood, University of California-Los Angeles 22. Social Impacts of Science and Technology Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Qrg~izer and Presider: John A. Sonquist, University of Califomia.SanJa Barbara paths to Technological Development According to the Contingency Theory of Organizations. Kurt Finsterbusch University of Maryland-College Park Looking Forward Again: Occupational Variation in Worker Response to Employment Within an Ultra-High-Technology Firm. T91:JY L Parcel, Michael Wallace, Robert L. Kaufman and Donald Grant, The Ohio State University O~erminants of Job Satisfaction: A Comparison of Alienating Work Conditions, Blocked Opportunity Structures, and Deskilling. Monika Reuter-Echols, State University of New York..:Aibany The Rise in the USA of a Voluntary Computer Technological Community and Its Contribution to Technological lnstituljonalization. Amichai Silberman, The Hebrew University Discussion: John A. Sonquist, University of California-Santa Barbara 23 Visual Sociology Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Presider: Douglas Harper, State University of New York-Potsdam Depicting Well ness: The Presentation of Self in a Stroke Rehabilitation Center. Steven J. Gold and Thelma L. Easton, Whittier College The Normalization of Sport Injury: A Little Pain Never Hurt Anybody. Timothy Jon Curry, Ohio State University Brasilia: A Visual Study of a Planned City. Samuel E. Wallace, University of Tennessee ViSual Onomatopoeia. Steven C. Dubin, State University of New York-Purchase IDiscUssion: Jon Rieger, University of Louisville 24. Section on Asia and Asian America. Graduate Student Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer: Susan R. Takata, University ofwisconsin-parkside 1. Cancelled. 2. Coal Industry Decline il1 Japan: Community and Household Response. Suzanne Culter, East-West Center DiscUssion: Stanford Lyman, Florida Atlantic University 8, T.~e Capitalist Class Ideology in Korea: Dynamics of.tfe!}eliiony. and Opposition. Jae Jean Suh and Sooyeon Clio Suh, University of Hawaii-Manoa Dis9.l!Ssion: Tai Shick Kang, State University of New York- Amherst,,t ~he Erriergence of Panethnicity Among Asian Americans.. Y:en Le Espiritu, University of Califomia-Lqs Angeles Dl~~ussion: S. Parvez Wakil, University of Saskatchewan 25. Section on Criminology. Contributions to. Criminology: Major and Minor Directions Affected by the Work of Don Cressey Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer: Malcolm W. Klein, University of Southern California Presider: David A. Ward, University of Minnesota Panel: James F. Short, Washington State University; Daniel Gla$er, University of Southern California; Ronald L. Akers, University of Florida 26. Section on Marxist Sociology. How Autonomous is the State? Developments In State Theory Since the Poulantzas-Miliband Debate Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: Barry Truchil, Rider College "State Centered" and "Class Struggle'' Theories of the State: The Case of New Deal Agricultural Policies. Carolyn Howe, College of the' Holy Cross; Jess Gilbert, University of Wisconsin-Madison State Autonomy and Industrial Development in Early 20th Century Peru. Doug Friedman, College of Charleston Theoretical Developments on the Question of State Autonomy: The Case of the New Deal Industrial Policies. Rhonda F. Levine, Colgate University Untangling the Question of State Autonomy. Fred Block, University of Pennsylvania 27. Section on Social Psychology. Self and Role: A Session in Honor of Louis A. Zurcher (co-sponsored by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction) Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizers:.Patricia A. Adler,. University of Colorado; Peter Adler, University of Denver; and Cecilia Ridgeway, Universityof Iowa Presider: David A. Snow, University of Arizona The Gloried Selt Integrating Impulse and Rationalization in College Athletics. Peter Adler, University of Denver; Patricia A. Adler, University of Colorado Past Lives and Present Performances: Reconstruction Therapy among California Flying Saucerians. R. George Kirkpatrick, San Diego State University; Sheila Sohn, University of California-San Diego Role-Taking and Role-Making among Married Mexican-American Women. Norma Williams, Texas A & M University The Bureaucratizing of Impulse and the. Post-Modern Self. Michael Wood, City University ofnew York-Hunter College Discussion: Ralph H. Turner, University of California-Los Angeles 11:30 a.m. Meetings Section on Asia and Asian America Business Meeting (to 12:20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 12:30 p.m. Meetings 1989 Program Committee-Cluster 4: Thames Contemporary Sociology Editorial Board-Cluster 4: McKenzie (continued on next page)

21 Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. Meetings, continued Social Psychology Quarterly Editorial Board-Cluster 4: Rio Grande Teaching Sociology Editorial Board-Ciuster4: Yukon Section on Sociological Practice Business Meeting-Cluster 1: Amsterdam 12:30 p.m. Sessions 28. Luncheon Roundtable Discussions (1-14) Imperial Ballroom Salon A Ticket required for admission 1. The Deprofessionalization of Medicine. James Anderson, Purdue University 2. Organized Philanthropy and Foundations. Helmut Anheier, Rutgers University; John Lammers, University of Louisville 3. Flecent Research on Civilian Firearms Ownership: Balancing Lives Saved and Lives Lost David Bordua, University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign 4. Reconstructing Our Past: Developing a More Inclusive History of the Discipline. Kay Brosch art, Hollins College 5. Current Trends in Higher Education. Rosalie Cohen, Temple University 6. The Sociology of Ethnic-Minority Business. Frank Fratoe, U.S. Department of Commerce, Research Division 7. Family as Community Metaphor: Kinship, Political Ideology, and Afro American Churches. Chf3ry/ Townsend Gilkes, Colby College 8. The Interface o.f Mental Health and Criminal Justic~ Systems. Virginia Hiday, North Carolina State University Raleigh; Carol Warren, University of Southern California 9. Fatherhood and Social Change: Theoretical and Methodological Issues. Ralph LaRossa, Georgia State University 10. Sociology of Late-blooming. Jack Levin, Northeastern University; William Levin, Bridgewater State College 11. Integrating Deviance Theory. Ronald Farrell, New Mexico State University 12.cancelled 13. AIDS and Prostitution. Claire Sterk, City University of New York 14. The Impact of Divorce on Violent Behavior. Steven Stack, Auburn University 29. Ethnographic Methods Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer and Presider: Elijah Anderson, University of Pennsylvania The Rainbow People: Puerto Rican Ethnicity in New York City. Clara E. Rodriquez, Fordham University Ethnographic Approaches to Poverty. Robin L Jarrett, University of Chicago Analyzing Gender in the Field: Participant Observation, Sociological Theory, and the Compromises of Method. Carol Brooks Gardner and William P. Gronfein, Indiana University Indianapolis Ethnographic Research and the Policy Formulation Process. Bill Hanson, Mary Washington College; James M. Walters, Spectaguard 30. Political Sociology: Debates on Theories of the Stat&, The Shaping of the Modern Stat& ~- -, Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer: George Ross, Brandeis University Presider and Discussion: Jane Jenson, H~rv~rd UnjV,ersity. Honor or Order? The Changing St<lte ~nd the Problem of Samurai Discipline. Eiko lkegami, Hatvard University Discourse, Power and the Formation of Political Space: The Mexican Case, Carlos Formant, Hal'iard University Democracy and Social Democracy: Unionism, Social Demo cracy and the Representation of Economic Interests. Alexander Hicks, Emory University 31. Sociology of Religion (co-sponsored by the Association for the Sociology of Religion) Consulate Organizer: Joseph H. Fichter, Loyqla University-Ne~ Orleans Presider: Loretta Morris, Loyola Marymount University Identity Dilemma of Reform and Cons~rV,ative Judaism in Israel. Ephraim Tabory, Bar-llan Univetsity. Guatemalan Upper Classes Join the Evangelicals. Susan D. Rose and Stephen W. Brouwer, DickinsQn College Quandry of Dissent on the Catholic Right. William D. Dinges, Catholic University of America An Analytic Approach to the Sources and S~ges of Ecumenism. James Kelly, Fordham University Discussion : Edward C. Lehman, State University College-Brockport 32. Social Construction of Sexuality Summit Organizer and Presider: Chad Gordon, Rice University Intimate Relationships and the Creation of Sexuality. Philip Blumstein and Pepper Schwartz, University of Washington Biological Predispositions and Social Control in Adolescent Sexual Behavior. J. Richard Udry, University. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Libido, Difference, and Language: A Critique of the Political Economy of Desire. Stephen Karatheodoris, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa The Sociology of Sadomasochism. Lynn S. Chancer, City University of New York-Hunter College Discussion : Rikki Abzug, Yale University 33. Sources of Inequality Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer and Presider: Paula England, University of Texas Dallas ln~quality, Legitimation, and Just Deserts. Norma J. Shepelak, WrigntState University; Marcella De Peters, Indiana University Growth in Service Sector Employment and MSA Gender Earnings Inequality. Jon Lorence, University of Houston Compensating Differentials and the Male-Female Wage Gap: Evidence from the New York Comparable W()rth Study. Ronnie J. Steinberg, Temple University; Jerry A Jacobs, University of Pennsylvania

22 21 Markets in Hierarchies: Organizational and Market Influences on Gender Inequality in a State Pay System. William P. Bridges, University of Illinois-Chicago; Robert L. Nelson, American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University Discussion : Jennifer Glass, University of Notre Dame 34. Section on Criminology. Forms and Targets of VIolence Cl~ster 3: Zurich/London Organizer: Malcolm W. Klein, University of Southem.Califomia!?resider: Paul J. Goldstein Homicide.of Family Members, Acquaintances, and Strangers and State-to-State Differences in Social Stress, Social Control,, and Social Norms. Ronet Bachman-Prehn, Arnold S. Unsky and Murray A. Straus, University of New Hampshire Escalation and Desistance of Violence in Marriage. Scott L. Feld, State University of New York-Stony Br90k Homicide and the Age Structure of the Population: Cross N~~onal Evidence. Rosemary. Gartner and Robert Nash Parlcer. University of Iowa Organizing to Prevel)tViolence Against Women. Susan Caringe/1~-MacDonald, Western Michigan University; Diew Humphries, Rutgers University-Camden ~5. Section on Social Psychology. Informal Roundtable Presentations hnperlal Ballroom Salon B Org~izer: Ronald C. Kessler, University of Michigan '~Jif:lqate Student Presentations (to 1 :20 p.m.) 1. Self-Evaluations and Perceived Evaluations of Occupational Prestige: A Study of Podiatrists. Piwla DuPrey, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ~ A Social Psychological Examination of Marijuana Use ':~ Among Youth. Lana Harrison: University of Michigan ~~ Self"'consciousness of Chinese Youth: A Preliminary Study..... Kevin Chen, Pennsylvania State University ~ COmputing and Social Relationships in the University. Mar. tha Copp, University of North Carolina ()pen Presentations (1 :30-2:20 p.m.) 1'. Cancelled ~~If-perceptions of Black Americans. Michael Hughes and ;~ Davlq.H. Demo, VIrginia Polytechnic InStitute and' State ;;" UniVersity ~~slbltng Effects as Social Comparisons: A Longitudinal Anai- }'Sis. William Morgan, Ohio State University ' 4t Family Conflict Dimensions, Differential Reporting, and /,. D~velopmental Differences. Steven Carlton-Ford and An- <i. drew Collins, University of Minnesota...:: ~Itly Will Be Business Foundations and Morai.Self ;{. Development among Entrepreneurs. Paul G. Scheivish ~d Andrew Hermt:m, Bo~ton College... < -,~:_. ~~ao p.:m~ Meetings,(l!lJilmittee on New Dues Structure-Burgundy J~mbership Area. Representatives-Summit i9onimittee on Teaching (to 6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: State!Cb~!Jlittee on Unemployment and Underemployment, in the ~ ~ 'O~iplirie (to 6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet eetlon bn Criminology Council Meeting (to 3:20 p.m.) Ciuster 3: Zurich/London 2:30p.m. Sessions 36. lllematic Session. Sociology's Impact on America Marquis Ballroom Salon. II Organizer: Kal Erikson, Yale University Presider: Arlene S. Skolnick, University of California- Berkeley. Sociological Ideas and American Culture. Dennis Wrong, New York University ' The Creation and Destruction of Meaning. Joseph Gusfield, University of California-San Diego Discussion: Wendy Griswold, University of Chicago 37.Cancelled 38. Didactic Seminar~ Teaching Sociology Through Film Cluster 3: Bonn Ticket requited for admission E. BarbaraPhillips, San Francisco State University 39. Professional Workshop. Sociologists In Public Health Careers Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Leader: Unda E. Saltzman, Centers for Disease Control Panel: Sevgi 0. Aral, Centers for Disease Control-CPS/Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Deborah Holtzman, AIDS Program, Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services; Katrina W. Johnson, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; NIH; Richard Levinson, Centers for Disease Controi-CHPE/DHE Behavioral Epidemiology and Evaluation Branch 40. Computer& and Ethnographic Research Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizers: Patricia A. Adler, :university of Colorado; Peter Adler, University of Denver Presider: Patricia A. Adler, University of Color:ado Method and Madness in the Application of Computer Technology to Qualitative Data Analysis. John v. Seidel, Qualis Research ASsociates The Correspondence Between Different Types.of Qualitative Analysis and. Different Types of SoftWare.. Renata Tesch, Qualitative Research Management Analytic Strategies and Computer Assistance as Tools of Qual Itative Researchers. Anne L. Shelly, Syracuse University Discussion: Jeffrey Nash, Macalester College 41. Educational Transitions Cluster 3: sydney Organizer: f!~bert Dreeben, University of ChicagO Presider and Discussion : Maureen T. Hallinan, University of Notre Dame A Multi-Level Analysi~ of the Effects of Tracking. Adam Gamoran, University of Wisconsin-Madison (continued on next page}

23 Session 41, continued School Incentives for Work-Bound Youths in the High-School to Work Transition: Comparison of High School and Beyond in the U.S. and Japan. Takehiko Kariya, Japanese National Institute of Education, Tol(yo; James E. Rosenbaum, Northwestern University Educational Opportunities and Occupational Aspirations: A Two-Dimensional Approach. Hanna Ayalon.and Ephraim Yuchtman- Yaar, Tel Avjv University Shadow Education and the Transition to Japan. David L. Stev~nson, U.S. Department of Education; David P. Baker, Catholic University 42. Family and Kinship: Kin Support and Living Arrangements Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer ~nd Presider: Sandra L. l:lofferth, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Race, Kin Networks, and Assistance to Mother-Headed Families. Dennis P. Hogan, Pennsylvania State University;Lingxin Hao and William Parish, University of Chicago Coming Home Again: Returns to the Nest in Young Adulthood. Julie DaVanzo, The RAND Corporation; Frances Kobrin Goldscheider, Brown University The Judgment of Equity in Intimate Relationships. Peter Kollock, Philip Blumstein and Pepper $chwartz, University of Washington The Determinants of Child Care Ideals among Mothers of Preschool-Aged Children. Karen Oppenheim Mason and Karen Kuhlthau, University of Michigan Discussion: Gary Lee, University of Florida 43. Section on Asia and Asian America. Informal Roundtable Discussions Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer: Susan R. Takata, University ofwisconsin-parkside 1. Crime, Delinquency and Social Control: Presider: Susan R. Takata, University of Wisconsin-Parkside Sociopathy and Violence: An Empirical Study of Violent Juvenile Offenders in the Republic of China. Henry Hwaibao Chang, Tunghai University; Lin Yung-yao, Supreme Court of the Republic of China; Ma Chuan-chen and Lin Yung~ mou, Central Police College Gender Differences in Beliefs in a Just World and Attitudes Toward Rape Victims: The Case of Taiwan. Jeaw-Mei Chen, National Cheng-chi University; Phylis Lan Lin, Indianapolis University 2. Economic Development in Asia: Presidei': Wen Kud, University of Utah Chinese Managers Under the New Responsibility System. Wen Kuo, University of Utah Political Liberation and Economic Bevelopment in South Korea Sook-jong Lee, Harvard University Confucianism and Economic Bevelopment in East Asia: An E,valuation and Synthesis of Culturalist Interpretations. Li- Chen Ma, Lamar Univei'Sity 3. Southeast Asian Refugees: 'Presider: SHaron M. L~e, University of Richmond I. Social Mobility and Psychqlogical Distress Among mese Refugees. Alden Roberts, Texas Tech University The Adaptation of Southeast Asian Refugee Youth: A Go1mn:~r". ative Study. Kenji lma and Ruben G. Rumbaut, San Diego State University s 4. Race, Class, Gender: Presider: Morrison Wong, T~xas Christian University.,:\;'. Structural Factors and Economic Well-Being of Asian Ameri'- can Households in California. Amado Cabezas, Universi!}t of California-Berkeley.~ The Wagework of Vietnamese Refugee Women and Its sequences for Gender Roles in the Family. Naz/i Wellesley College Race and Class in Contemporary American Chinatowns. M. Liu, University of California-Irvine; Paul M. Ong, University of California-Los Angeles :. 5. Status Attainment Presider: Keiko Yamanaka, Ithaca College : Social Resources and Status Attainment in Urban China. Nan Lin and Yan-jie Bian, State University of New York-Aibar)y Language and the Occupational Attainment of Asian AmeriL cans. Gloria Luz R. Martinez and Calvin Goldscheidei: Brown University ' 6. Women of Asia and Asian America: Presider: Eiko lkegami, Harvard University Liberation of Asian American Women: An Uncertain Quest. Proshanta K. Nandi, Sangamon State University; Marilyn Fernandez, Universi~ of.illinois-chicago Comparative Influences of Indigenous and Colonial Cultural Traditions on Women's Status in the Phillipines. Gloria foalt. leo, University of South Alabama 7. Asian Children: Presider: Kant Nimbark, Dowling College Promotion of Ethnicity among Asian Indian Children in the United States. V. Nandini Rao andv. V. Prakasa Rao, Jac~.. son State University Socialization. of.1111rnigrant Children: Strategies, Adaptation and Conflicts m th~ Case of Pakistani Canadians. S. Parvez Wakil, University of Saskatchewan 44. Section on Marxist Sociology. The Truly Disadvan.. taged: Structuring an Agenda for Change ( co-spon~ sored by the ASA Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender and ASA Section on Racial and Ethnic Minor!,. ties) Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer: James A. Geschwender, State. University of New York-Binghamton Presider: Martin J. Murray, State University of New York' Binghamton William Julius Wilson, University of Chicago; Robert Newby, Central Michigan University; Richard A. Cloward, Columbia University; James A, State University of New York-Binghamton 45. Section on Sociological Practice. Linkages of Policy and Practice Cluster 1 1: Amilterdam Organizer and Presider: Elizabeth J. Clark, Montclair.State College

24 $0chll Psychology and Three Faees of SOcial by the ASA Section on S. House, University of Contributions. Leonard Pear. ~r'alicisco Renee Anspach, Uni California State Univer- 48. Special Session. After Doctors and Deviance: Con~ structlng Sexuality In the 1980s. Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: John H. Gagnon, PrinoetonUn1ver5itY Reconstructh'ig Gay Eroticism: Changing Patterns of Sexuality Among Clones. Martin P. Levine, Bloomfield College Pleasure arid Danger He-visited: Female Sexuality in the 1980s. Beth E. Schneider, University of California-Santa Barbara Deviance as History: The Future of Perversion. William Simon, University of Houston Discussion: John H. Gagnon, Princeton University 49: Professional Workshop. Strategies for Receiving Federal Funding Cluster 3: Bonn Leader: William V. D'Antonio, American Sociological Association Panel: Howard Garrison, Applied Management Sciences; John Hammer, National Humanities Alliance; Ronald Kessler, University of Michigan; Phyllis Moen, National Science Foundation 50. Teaching Workshop. Teaching Medical Sociology: Teaching the '' 1 Hot" Topics...;..Substance and Technique (co-sponsored by the ASA Teaching Services Program and the ASA Section on Medical Sociology) Cluster 3: 'sydney Leader: Barbara Katz Rothman, City University of New York- Graduate CE!nter and Baruch Collegl;l Teaching About AIDS. Rose Weitz, Arizona State University The Mock Trial as a Teaching Tool. Ann Hill Beuf, Cedar Crest College Activities nf;r;a.,,,.,,,,;.;sdciology.paul J.. State University of California-Berkeley 51. Informal Discussion Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B 1. The Guardian Angels and Problems of Citizen Participe~.tion in Crime Prevention. Joseph Albini, Wayne State University 2. Government Involvement in' the Economy and Income Inequality. Robert Boyd, University.of North Carolina- Chapel Hill '" 3. Law and Politics: Theories of Overlap v. Theories of Distinction. Penelope Canan, University of Depyer 4. Separation-Divorce.Adjust~:nentand the New Zealand Family Law Reforms. L,eonard Cargan, Wright State University; David,Swain and Jane. Hudson, University ot Waikato 5. Collective Actors and Organizations: The Origin and Institutionalization of Policy and VaLues. Richard'Colignon, Washington Unive~ity, :.,.. i; The Changing Role ot Labor Unions in the Global Economy. Gloria Jones-Johnson, Iowa State University '.. 7. Effects.oU7amily lovolvement on Adolescent, family Life. Program Clients: Sandra HansoQ, Catholic University : s. The Dynamics of Disirwestment Le.nding.Institutions and Community Decline. Barry Johnston, Indiana University Northwest; Rod Ganey, University of Notre Dame (continued on next page)

25 Wednesday, 4:30p.m. 24 Session 51, continued 9. Elderly Parents Living With Their Adult Children. Gary Mayfield, Mississippi College 1 0. Perspectives on Street People: Down But Not Out on the Streets of America. Dan McMurry, Middle Tennessee State University 11. Sociologists in the Courtroom. G. Melton Mobley and Kirk Elifson, Georgia State University 12. Defending Battered Women Who Kill Their Abuser. Frank Osanka, Behavioral Consultant; Sara Johann, Attorney 13. Current Issues in Premarital Sexual Permissiveness. Daniel K. Quinn and Clyde W. Franklin II, Ohio State University 14. The Institutionalization of the Labor Movement i.n the United States. Beth Rubin, Cornell University 15. Social and Emotional Consequences of Infertility. Alma Berson 52. Transforming the Discipline: Contributions of the Minority Fellowship Program Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizers: Patricia Hill Collins, University of Cincinnati; Lionel Maldonado, American Sociological Association Historical Development of the Minority Fellowship Program. James E. Blackvye/1, University of Massachusetts-Boston Who Benefits from the Minority Fellowship Program? C. Matthew Snipp, University of Maryland-College Park Mother-Daughter Relations and Nisei Women. Dana Y. Takagi, University of California-Santa Cruz Impact of English Origin and English Language Media in Mexico: Implications for Future Research. Diana Bustamante, New Mexico State University Monitoring the Monitors: The Study of Racially Based Changes in Political Alienation. Cedric Herring, Texas A & M University Innovations in the Minority Fellowship Program. Lionel Maldonado, American Sociological Association 53. Clinical Sociology Cluster 3: ~urich/london Organizer and Presider: Julia A. Mayo, St Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center of New York Screening for Pedophiles: The Development of a Screening Device for Youth-Oriented Community Agencies. Arlene McCormack and Maria Selvaggio, University of Lowell Writing the History of Clinical Sociology: Notes on Charles Goode Gomillion, Civil Rights Activist. Jan Fritz, National Cancer Institute Gender Differences in Narcissistic Traits in Medical Students: Psychoanalytic and Sociocultural Influences. Judith A. Richman and Joseph A. Flaherty, University of Illinois Chicago Sociology and Behavior Change: Four Concepts that Contribute to Successfui.Program Design. Robert F. Kronick and Lenahan O'Connell, University of Tennessee 54. Rural Sociology Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: Cynthia M. Duncan, The Aspen Institute Resource Partitioning and Rural Development Strategies in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Thomas K. Rudel, Rutgers University Proprietary Family Orientations of Black and White Farm Couples. Ida Harper Simpson, John Wilson and Robert A. Jackson, Duke University Sex Inequality and Uni:leremployment in the Nonmetropolitan Labor Force, Daniel T. Lichter, Pennsylvania State University The Working Poor in Rural Labor Markets in the Southeastern United States. Ann R. Tickamyer, University of Kentucky Agrarianism, Family Farming, and Support for State lnterven~ tion in Agriculture. Joseph J. Molnar and Litchi S. Wu, Auburn University Discussion: Cynthia M. Duncan, The Aspen Institute 55. Section on Asia and Asian America. Asian Families Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer: Susan R. Takata, University ofwisconsin-parkside Presider: Rita S. Gal/in, Michigan State University Marrying a Green Card: Motivations Underlying Marriage Among South Asian Immigrants. Ramdas Menon, Texas A & M University Childlessness Patterns in Taiwan. Dudley L. Poston, Jr., Cornell University Care Work and Family in an Urban Chinese Hospital. Joseph W. Schneider, Drake University Marriages of the Business Elite Families in Korea: Homogamy or Marriage of Convenience. Eui-Hang Shin, University of South Carolina Marital Status, Living Arrangements and Social Connected ness: The Chinese in Urban Taiwan. Hu Yow-Hwey and Ma Su-Jung, National Yang-ming Medical College Discussion: William T. Liu, University of Illinois-Chicago 56. Section on Marxist Sociology. Marxist Sociology Consulate Organizers: Samuel R. Friedman, Highwood Park, NJ; Fred L Pincus, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Presider: Fred L. Pincus, University of Maryland-Baltimor County Giving Voice, Giving Vision: Theory, Process, and Standp. in Feminist and Marxist Methodology. Sherry Gorefic Rutgers University Marxist Sociology or Sociologized Marxism? Strategic lmpli~ tions for Marxist Class Analysis. Paul Kamolnick, Flori State University Politics, Race and Employment A Conceptual Reconsider tion of William Wilson's Model of Racial Antagonizm Acr. Historical Eras. Eric Moskowitz, College of Wooster Discussion:,Marian Swerdlow, Buffalo State College

26 .$,7, $eet1qn on Crimlnology.lnfonnal Roundtable l)lscuss fons S llflperlai.ballroom Salon A... Organizer: Malcolm W. Klein, l.jnlversity of Southern California 1t ~~-Report Methods for Comparative Research. Malcolm.'., W, Klein, University of Southern California ij,ptl~n Research. ;.~PYnlshm~fll Lewis Rhodes, Florida State University cc 4, $Qdal. Construction and Definitions. James R. Davis, New " Q~ City D~partment of Probation.. ~ ~ ~cret Societies. Vickie Jensen, Ohio State University ~; ;'8~Minqrlties in Crime. Julius Debra, Atlanta University :"i '7~M13.rljUii!la in Context John Galliher, University of Missouri,..~ FmruJy and Crime. George W. Knox. Jl $Ja,t~nt Session. Sociology In America: The Stu.. dtht's Perspective SJJmmlt anlzer arid Presider: Trudie F. Milner, University of Alberta 'Qades, Trends and the Undergraduate Perception of the : '/Status of Sociology. Cainllle Wright Miner, Hollins College Yvonne Downes, State University of New Yorkale Harbor: Project for the Homeless. Jonathan B. Van + '"'""" "' Michigan State University Kate Miller, State University of New York-Buffalo In Traditionally Male Occupations: An Exploratory ofgender-workassimiuation. Donna I. Winsor, Yale Lama Lueker, University of California-San Diego Measurement of Deviance in Cross-Sectional 'He:searcn:A Question of Validity. ThomasA. Petee, Univer- Notre Dame ~Q~:sslon: Rose Marie Ohm, National Conference of Chris. and Jews, Inc. 6:30p.m. Other Group Acthdtie.s New Directions in Funding Opportunities for Resea~chJn,!he Sociology of Science, Knowledge, Technology and: 1he Environment A Discussion. with NSF Representativ~a5" (Henry Etzkowitz and William Freudenburg)-Ciuster 1: Amsterdam Sociological Practice Association Publications Planning Meeting for the The Practicing Sociologist, Clinical Sociology Review and Sociological Practice-Cluster 3: Cabinet Sociology Lesbian and Gay Caucus business meeting Consulate 8:30p.m. Sessions 60. Plenary Session. The Future of Sociology Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer and Presider: Ruth A. Wallace, George Washington University Towards a New Model of the Discipline: Quasi-Science, Quasi-Humanities. Mayer N. Zald, University of Michigan ~. Reflections of a Feminist Social Theorist Janet S. Chafetz, University of Houston Three Modes of Sociology: Scientific, Practical, and Ideological. Randall Collins, University of California-Riverside Discussion: Harrison White, University of Arizona 10:30 p.m. General Activities Departmental Alumni Night-Imperial Ballroom Salon B S~ssions on Social Psychology. Cooley-Mead Award Ballroom Salon Ill p:m.) Quane F. Alwin, University of Michigan Henry A. Walker, Stanford Uniyersity William H. Sewell, Sr., University of Wisconsin Receptions Orien.tation and Welcoming Party-:-Marquis Ballroom I.... Qii Criminology Reception-( outside the hotel) on Sociology of the Family R99eption-Ciuster 4: On Social Psychology Reception-Marquis Ballroom lit... '.Thursday, August 25.. ' 7:30a.m. :Meeting~ Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology Council Meeting (to 8:20 am.)-ciuster 4: Rio Grani:le Section on Sociology of Education Council Meeting (to 8:20 am.)-ciuster 4: Nile 8:30a.m. Meetings DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award Selection Committee (to 12:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet Endowment Fund Committ~e (to 12:2Q p.m.)-bordeaux Committee on Freedom of Research and Teaching (to 12:20 p.m.; 2:30-6:20 p.m.)-'suminit :- Committee on Membership (to 12:20 1 p.m.)-""ciuster 3: State

27 Thursday, 8:30 a.m. 26 Meetings, continued Committee on the Minority Fellowship Program (to 12:20 p.m.)-burgundy Committee on World Sociology (to 12:20 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Quebec Section on Political Sociology Council Meeting (to 9:20a.m.) Ciuster 3: Zurich/London 8:30a.m. Other Group Activities Honors Program-Cluster 1: Amsterdam Sociological Forum Editorial Board-Cluster 4: McKenzie "Medical Sociology and Sociological Practice" (Catherine McCaslin and Jan Fritz)-Ciuster 4: Yukon '8:30a.m. Sessions 61. Thematic Session. Foreign Sociologists Look at U.S. Sociology Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer and Presider: Ivan Sze/enyi, University of California-Los Angeles Social Actorsvs. Social Systems: The Transatlantic Debate. Alain Touraine, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris General Theory in Sociology: A Talk to an American Audience. Niklas Luhmann, Bielefeld University American Sociology in the Context of the Development of Soviet Sociology: A Personal View. Igor Kon, USSR Academy of Sciences Discussion: Robert Connell, McQuarie University 62. Didactic Seminar. Logit Regression Analysis Cluster 3: Bonn (to 12:20 p.m.) Ticket required tor admis,sion John Fox, York University 63. Professional Workshop. Small Group Intervention (co-sponsored by the Sociological Practice Association} Consulate Stanley Clawar, Sociological Practice Association 64. Teaching Workshop. Teaching Urban Sociology Cluster 3: Sydney Philip Olson, University of Missouri-Kansas City 65. Informal Discussion Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A 1. Explaining the "Crash" of '87: Sociological Perspectives. Mitch Abo/afia, Cornell University; Nancy Reichman, University of Denver 2. Critical Theory, Feminist Theory, Poststructuralism: An Emerging Synthesis. Ben Agger, State University of New York-Buffalo 3. Human-Animal Bonds in Biomedical Research Liibs.Amofq Arluke, Northeastern University, 4. Research Issues in Child Sexual Abuse. Lynn Atwater, Seton Hall University 5. Crossing International Borders: Asian Countries and th~. Feminization of Immigration. Katharine Donato, State Uni. versity of New York-Stony Broqk 6. Strategic Incompetence: Gaming Strategies in Social Set: tings. Nancy Durbin, Pennsylvania State University; Debt~ Friedman, University of Arizona 7. Is Contemporary American Emigration Unprecedented.? Historical Excursions to Unsuspected Terrain. Bernard Firi~ ifter, Michigan State University 8. Recent Developments in Interlocking Corporate Directorate Research. Thomas Koenig, Northeastern University 9. Social Pressures: Effect on Interracial Marriages-(Biack and White). Clayton Majete, City University of New York-Baruch College 1 0. Inequality in Nonmonetary Job Characteristics. Lauri Perman, Pennsylvania State University 11. Issues and Challenges of a Visiting Lecture Program in Asian Countries. Chang Shub Roh, Bloomburg UniversiJ;y 12. Interactive Planning for Family Futures. Barbara Settles, University of Delaware 13. Sociology of Labor Management Relations. Morris Frieq, University of Connecticut 14. Helping the Community: The Ups and Downs of Evaluation Research. Susan Takata, University ofwisconsin-parksjde 15. Jqb and Organizational Data: Comparing the Quality of lnfqrmation Gathered From Workers vs. Employers. Wayne Villemez, Louisiana State University; William Bridges, University of Illinois-Chicago 66. Changes in Capitalism Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Nicole Woolsey Biggart, University of California-Davis The Formation of American Industrial Corporations: Variation by State and Industry, William G. Roy, University of California-Los Angeles. Systemic Crisis and the Non-Profit Sector: Toward a Political Economy of the Non-profit Service Sector. Carroll L. Estes, University of California-San Francisco.. Beyond Mass Production: The Social Organization of Produc', tion and Innovation in Japan. Martin Kenney, Ohio State University; Richard Florida, Carnegie-Mellon University Is There a Post-Modern Culture? Class Restructuring and. Pre-modern Survival in Late Capitalism. Michael Pet~r Smith, University of California-Davis Discussion: John T. Walton, University of California-Davis 67. Micro-Macro Linkages Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: George Ritzer, University of Maryland' On the Macrofoundations of Microsociology: Meaning, Order, and Comparative Context. Gary Alan Fine, University of. Minnesota

28 I, 1 ;) tf n - jj d " s~ssion 67, continued p~cifying the Mi<;:ro-Macro Link: An Application of General,.- JMPfY to the Study of Structural Differentiation. Paul Colamy, University of Denver; Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona Society in its Form of Life. Karin Knorr-Cetina, University of ei~l~feld The Micro-Macro Problem in Social Theory. Norbert Wiley, University of Illinois-Urbana pif;ci,jssion: Richard A. Hilbert, Gustavus Adolphus College 68. Multiple Perspectives on Social Interaction Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Qfgiifl!zer and Presider: Deirdre Boden, Washington University '- StLouis_ Se2C and Race Effects on the Resolution of Intransitivity in SQC::i~l Networks. Maureen T. Hallinan and Warren Kubit <,_~chekt Notre Dame University lil!:!fng Bu_siness: Knowledge and the Professional Client Rela -- tionship. John Flood, Indiana University-Bloomington ~ppt aching Interaction from a Justice Perspective: General flcf_ijnique Elements. Karen Hegtvedt, Emory University ~C!nalization of Life Time: The Changing Interplay Between Social Time Structures and Individual Time Consciousness jn Contemporary Society. Mar/is Buchmann, Zurich University OC!rrnTion Regard: Patterns of Visual Screening in the Urban En~ironment Carol Brooks Gardner, Indiana University Indianapolis Discussion: Douglas W. Maynard, University of Wisconsin.<;;_ Madison ~. $ection on Sociology of Education. World Education Systems Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm ~l'g~niter: Jeanne Ballantine, Wright State University f!resider: Edith King, University of Denver 1/Q!lcf CIJ_Iture and the Curricular Content of National Education rs:sy$tems: Aaron Benavot, University of Georgia; David Kamens, Northern Illinois University; Suk-Ying : Wt:mf:! and Yun-Kyung Cha, Stanford University 'Fn~ Active State, the Coupling of Education and Economic Growth: France Jerald Hage, University of ~aryland; Maurice Garnier, Indiana University; Bruce Fuller, The World Bank ggqcational Expansion and Economic Output in Taiwan, ) J. Michael Armer and Richard Rubinson, Flor :. ~da State University Th~_ ~ffects of Socio~Economic Development on Academic Performance and Life Plans: A Cross-National Analysis. : ~awr~nce J. Saha, The Australian National University D1scuss1on: Robert Fiala, University of New Mexico fo ~eetion. on Sociology of the Family. Family, Migration and Soc1al Change (co-sponsored by the ASA Section on Sociology of Population), Marquis Ballroom Salon IV 7 Qtganj;zer and Presider: Andrew Cherlin, Johns Hopkins University Women's Position in the Process of Migration: Individual and Familial Perspectives on Changing Social Roles. Marta Ttenda and Karen Booth, University of Chicago The Family Context of Migration in Malaysia. Antonio McDaniel, University of Chicago Husband-Wife Measures of Family Migration in a Developing Country. Brenda Davis Root and Gordon DeJong, Pennsylvania State University Family Strategies and Small Business in Industrializing Detroit, Melanie Archer, University of California-Berkeley Discussion: Arland Thornton, University of Michigan 71. Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology. Refereed floundtable Discussions Imperial Ballroom Salon B (to 9:20 a.m.) Organizer: James R. Beniger, University of Southern California 1. Women and Technology-The Role of Technology in Undergraduate Success. David W. Adams, University of Pennsylvania 2. Globalization of Technology: A New Paradigm for International DevelopmentAqueiiAhmad, Northwestern University 3. The Challging Museum-Impacts of New Technologies. Howard Besser, University of California-Berkeley 4. Clinical and Lay Understandings of Sex Preselection Technology. Nan Paulsen Chico, University of California-San Francisco 5. Pseudoscientific Beliefs of High School Science Teachers. Raymond A. Eve, University of Texas-Arlington 6. What Is A High Tech Firm? Are They Innovative? Ruth Young, Cornell University 7. Risk Analysis versus Technological Choice. James M. Jasper, New York University; Lee Clarke, Russell Sage Foundation 8. Microcomputers in Organizations: The Switch from Mainframes to Micros. Clark Molstad and Patricia V. D'Souza, California State University-San Bernardino 9. Waiting for Godot: Computer Use and the "New Information Society." Kevin Leicht, Ohio State University 1 0. Experts in Court: Law, Science and ihe Professions. Marvin Prosono, University of California-San Francisco James Geagan, Hoberg, Finger & Baron ' Labor Union Perspectives on Technological Change. Arthur B. Shostak, Drexel University 12. Forms of Patronage-Science as Social Capital? Stephen Turner, University of South Florida; George M. Bevins, Indiana University 13. The Social World of Independent Inventors. Peter Whalley, Loyola University-Chicago 14. Attitudes Toward Controversial Technologies: The Case of Nuclear Energy. John Wilkes, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 15. The Social Origins of American Scientists. Yu Xie, University of Wisconsin-Madison

29 Thursda 9:30a.m. Meetings Section on Political Sociology Business Meeting (to 1 0:20 am.)-ciuster 3: Zurich/London Section on Science, Knowledge and Technology Business Meeting (to 1 0:20 am.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 10:30 a.m. Meetings Microcomputers Organizational Meeting (Section-in-formation)-Ciuster 3: Sydney 10:30 a.m. Sessions_ 72. Thematic Session. America's Impact on Sociology Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizers: Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University; Robin M. Williams, Jr., Cornell University Presider: Robin M. Williams, Jr., Cornell UniversitY Cultural, Scientific, Academic and Government _l.nflu~nce on Sociology. Neil Smelser, University of California- Berkeley.... The Curious Centrality ofthe Small Group in America Sociology. Allan Silver, Columbia University... Discussion: Marvin Bressler, Princeton University; Ernest Q. Campbell, Vanderbilt University 73. Special SeSsion. Instrumental Ve~us Expressive Sociology: Rational Choice and Its Alternatives Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: Paul M. Hirsch, University of Chicago What Rational Choice Can Teach Macrosociologists. Michael He'chter, University of Arizona An Interpretive Reading of Rational Choice Models. Norman Denzin, University of Illinois-Urbana Rationality Assu mptions: InsightS From Economic and Feminist Views. Paula England, University of Texas-Dallas Rhetoric of Passion and Rhetoric of Reason. Jonathan Rieder, Yale University Discussion: Art Stinchcombe, Northwestern University 74. Professional Workshop:' Getting Media Coverage for Your Sociological Work Consulate Jack Levin, Northeastern University 75. Presuppositions and Sociological Theory Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: Jeffrey C. Alexander, University of California-Los Angeles Base into Superstructure: Subjectivizing the Social. Albert Bergesen, University of Arizona The Weakening of Tensions: Parsons on the Individual and Society. Gerald Turkel, University of Delaware The Process World View and General Theoretical SO::Iol1~~ Thomas J. Fararo, University of Pittsburgh Does GEmeral Theory Have a Future? Adrian Hayes, Australian National University and State University York~Aibany Discussion: Paul Colomy, University of Denver 76. Marriage, Family and Fertility: Cross-National spectlves Cluster 1: Tr:lnldad/Madrld Organizer and Presider: Franklin D. Wisconsin-Madison Marriage and Decision-Making: Inter-Generational in Indonesia Lindy Williams, Brown University China's Family Planning Policy: Precipitating Factors,.. ing Tactics, and Prospects. Mary Jo Huth, University Dayton. Post-War Patterns of Family Formation in the Federal of Germany: An lntercohort Comparison. Johannes, nink, Max~Pianck-lnstitute for Human Development Education; Nancy Brandon Tuma, Stanford. Fertility Transitions. in Southeast Asia, Hirschman and Philip Guest, University of Washington Discussion: Judifh A. Seltzer, University ofwl!;co1nsir1-miadis< n. Section on Collective Behavior and Social ments. Unruly Events ~luster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Pamela Wisconsin-Madison The Benefits of Aggressiveness: Optimizing the Effect of trial Conflict on the Wages of Early 20th Century Coal Miners. Samuel Cohn and K. Kelley University of Wisconsin-Madison Peasant Grievances and Peas_ant Insurrection: France John Markoff, University of Pittsburgh The Sources of Rural Violence: Southern Brazil, Silvio R. Duncan-Baretta, University of Pittsburgh Were the Causes of Racial Conflicts arid Lynchings in 19th and Earfy 20th Centtiiy America the Same? Olzak, Cornell University Discussion: Charles Tilly, New School for Social Research 78. Section on Community. Refereed RoundtableS Imperial Ballroom Salon A Organizer: James R. Hudson, Pennsylvania State 1. Urban Homelessness: Presider: Mark E. La Gory, University of Alabama Surviving Homelessness in New York City. Eric L Hirsch Mark Stamey, Columbia University The Epidemiology of Depression Among the Homeless. frey Mullis, University of Alabama-Birmingham Sex Differentials in Physical Symptomatology Among Homeless: A Test of the Disaffiliation Hypothesis. Ritchey, University of Alabama~Birmingham 2. Urban Communities: Presider: Kirsten Gronbjerg, Loyola University-Chicago The Need for Comparative Analysis in Studies of Citizenship Local Societies. Anna Di Lellio, Columbia University

30 Thursda; 78, continued from the Nashville Neighborhood Organization Study. S. Breda, Vanderbilt University Perception of Neighborhood Prestige, Perceived Threat, and Resident Characteristics: A Comparative Analysis. iidwa,rd Crenshaw, University of North Carolina-Chapel Context in Network Building: Does Place Matter? Lewis, University of California-Los Angeles Economy 1: JohnR. Logan, State University of New York-Albany Economic Development Gary P. Green, University ity: Methods for Assessing Credit Dispariti~. Market Barriers and Institutional Reinvestment Perfortliince lri the Metropolis. Anne B. Shlay, Johns Hopkins fl)niversity Urban Economy II: M. Wlin Wiewel, University of Illinois-Chicago ' Perceptions of the Growth Machine In a Southern Barrett A. Lee, Vanderbilt University Local Labor Markets and Individual Income. Semyonov, Tel Aviv University - f"mlm Market and Its Impact on the Korean-American GHE, as a Source of Capital Expansion and the FUnding of Small Entrepreneurial Activity. Moon-Jee Yoo, University of California-Davis Response to Disaster:. Pres1Cielr. Shirley B. Laska, University of New Orleans. ''''" ;Jll~!IV!Cil,lal and Community Risk Perception and Response: ~oastal Erosion In South Louisiana Jo Anne Darlington. ooct Shirley Bradway Laska, University of New Orleans "';;r~6,symoollc Ecology: <0;'flr~~ld~r; Albert D. Hunter, Northwestern University Jf Tit~ Ecology of Urban Art Worlds: Galleries and Theatres.,~~;.~,~ "N'fJatfler L. Fitz Gibbon and Lori Morris, Northwestern.:.i...lJnlversity. ;5 'th~ $mall Town as a Symbolic Asylum: Bus Therapy as the ~., Ftural Solution to an Urban Problem. Carl Milofsky, Bucknell ;~' ; Uf:l1versity.;~. 'The Concept of Control: Cultural Hegemony, Social Power, ~~. :~v;:~gical Dominance. Albert D. Hunter, Northwestern $. 7~ The Small and Rural Community:,.;; {.;)fi$ Region-Two Worlds: The Growing Divergence between ~Jb ~e ~U.:,.al and ULrban Socuth. wilu1iar:' Falityk, University of Mary- as yson. orne 11 mvers. ;.' ~ The Status of Rural Localities in Iowa Gerald Klonglan and Will )'!: Goucly, Iowa State University fi~nning, Development, and Money. Judith J. Friedman, ', Rl!fgers University. Fl~ J Conditions and Responses In Rural New York Counties. _ Paui Eberts and Marwan Khawaja, Cornell University 8, Pi~er,tatlons in Community Sociology: Getting to Closure: Th~ :l;nclave Economy and Its Social Impacts on NYC's Cl'\inat6wn. Min Zhou, State University of New York-Albany N~;~!9h!:>orhood Associations (in Albany area) as Political Actors. Gordana Rabrenovic, State University of New York-Albany The Eideriy in the Jersey City Filipino Community. Maria V. Albarracin, Bell Communications Research and Rutgers University Post War Jewish Community in the Federal Republic of Germany. Lynn Rapaport, Columbia University.,. 79. Section on Sociology of Edueatlon. Refeiited Dialogues: Contemporary Issues In the Sociology of Education Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer: Jeanne Ballantine, Wright State University 1. Community Colleges: Minority Attendance and Attainment Presider and Discussion: David Levinson, Merrimack College Minority Community College Students who Transfer to Four- Year Colleges: A Study of a Matched Sample of BARecipients and Non-recipients. Fred L. Pincus, Academy tor Educational Development and University of Maryland Baltimore County; Suzanne DeCamp, Academy for i;ducational Development Occupational Effects of Community College Attendance Among Young Men: Differences by Race. Eliza th Monk-Turner, Old Dominion University 2. Classroom Organization and Behavior of Teacher~: Presider and Discussion: Sharon Kantorowskl Davis, University of LaVerne Parent Involvement in Inner City Schools: The Prospects for Partnerships in Education. Joyce L. Epstein, Johns Hopkins University Determinants of Teaching Behavior. Lawrence Hotchkiss, Ohio State University; Kathryn Borman and Elaine Mueninghoff, University of Cincinnati 3. Desegregation/Resegregation: Presider: Reynolds Farley, University of Michigan When Busing for Integration Ends: The First Years of the Norfolk Experlmeht Leslie G. Carr and Donald Zeigler, Old Dominion University Discussion: David J. Armor, U. S. Department of Defense; Robert L. Crain, Teachers College, Columbia University 4. Student Friendship and Sociability Patterns: Effects of Race and Extracurricular Activities: Presider and Discussion: Beverly Elmyra Johnson,.Long Island University The Effect of Extracurricular Activities in Middle School on Adolescents' Status and Sociability. Donna Eder and David A. Kinney, Indiana University School and Classroom Effects on Interracial Friendship Choices in Secondary Schools. Richard Wilfl~ms, University of Notre Dame 5. Theory and Pedagogy: Presider and Discussion: Philip Wexler, University 9f Roch~er Pedagogic Practice and Educational Reform: An Application of a Theory of Pedagogic Discourse. Basil Bern,steln,, University of London Institute of Education; A/ari R. Sadovriik, Adelphi university 6. Gender lnequaiity in Education:. Presider and Discussion: Unda Grant, University of Georgia The Represen~tioli of Women in Tbp R~k~ Socjology Departme~ts: Stephen Kulis, Arizona State University GenderDifferEmces in the Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Grades. William A. Busching and Michael Farrell, State University of New York-Buffalo 7. Immigrant Education: The Case of Asians: Presider and Discussion: David P. Baker, Catholic University (continued on next page)

31 ~T~h~ur~;s~d_aLy~,1~0_:_3_0_a_.m ~' S~ion. 79, continued Determinants of Educational Attainment among Indochinese Refugee Students. Ruben G. Rumbaut and Kanji lma, San Diego State University. Blind Obedience of Immigrant Korean Children and their Invisible Schooling. Zunsang Han, Yonsei University-Seoul 80. Section on Sociology of the Famlly.Jmpllcatlons of an Aging Populatlo., for the Family Marquis Ballroom &tlon IV. Organizer: Vern/_ E)engtspfJ, l:jniversity of &;>~erri Califomia Presider : Bert Adwns, University of Wi~onsin- adison Retirement and Marital Satisfaction. Gary R. Lee and ConstBn,ce L Shehan, University of Florida.. Chan~es irl Family Strubture and Family Interaction Among Ol~~r Arr)ericans: ~84. Eileen. M. Crimmins and Dominiqtie G. lngegrieri, University of SoUtham Califomia lntergenerational Influences between Parents and Adult Children. Allee S. Rossi, University of MassachuSetts Values, Generational Transmission, and Social Ch!lnge: A Comparison Between Vern L Bengtson and Robert E. L Roberts, University of Southam Califomia Discussion: Edgar E Borgatta, University of Washington 81. Section on Political Sociology. The Role of Elections In Social Change Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Marvin Olsen, Michigan State University.., Panel:. Richard Hamilton, Ohio State University; Paul Luebke, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Katherine Meyer, Ohio State University; Joel Smith, Duke University; John Zipp, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 82. Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology. Toward a New Sociology of Science Cluster 1: Copenhageii/Stockholm Organizer. James R. Beniger, University of South em Califomia Presid~r: Robert McGinnis, Com ell University Discipline Formation: The Interdisciplinary Origins of Computer Science. Henry Etzkowitz, State University of New York Purchase; Lois Peters, Rensselaer Polytechnic in~e Creation and Surveillance of Scientific Expertise. Chandra Mukerji, University of Califomia-San Diego Textual and Non Textual Characteristics of Scientific Papers: Neglected Science Indicators. William E. Snizek, Kay Oehler and Nicholas C. Mullins, Virginia Polytec~nic InstitUte and State University r.. i Universalism in Science: An Empirical lnve~jgation of Attitudes Toward Women in Science. Lynn.Mulkey, City Uniyer~ity of New York-Hunter College ;.... :, Is Science Universalistic?-A Reexaminatiqn. Stephen Cole, Sta,te University of New York-Stony Brook. Discu~sion: Susa.n E. Cozzens, Rensselaer PolYtechnic InstitUte 11 :30 a.m. Meetings.~L. World Sociology Liaison Representatives (to 12:20 p.m,)~~ [ Cluster 1: Quebec t'''' 12:30 p.m. Meetings Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award Selection, Committee (to 4:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet Professional Development Program Advisory Committee :. ~A~~ 1990 Program Committee-Cluster 4:. Thames Sociological Theory Editorial Board-Cluster 4: Rio Grande.., Sociology of Education Editorial Board-Cluster 4: McKenzie. Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements Council, Meeting (to 1 :20 p.m.):.._ciuster 3: Zurich/London..'', Section on Sociology of the Family Business Meeting (to 1 :20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B. ::; Section on Medical Sociology Council Meeting (to 4:20 p.m.)...f Cluster 4: Yukon ~ '' 12:30 p.m. Sessions 83. Development,. [)ependency and International Rela "t tlons: ~!.stance to Westernization Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Pre ider. Susan Eckstein, Boston University : Religious Fundainen~llsm as a Response to Foreign Dependem~y: The Case of the Iranian Revolution. Shahin Gerami, Southwest Missouri State University Social Change, Class Line-Ups, and Revolution in Iran. Shah. ~. rokh Azedi, Washbum University lndigenization Pollqie$ and Codpt8tion Strategies of Multin~tionals: Cases Ot Indonesia and the Philippines. Yoshitaka Okada, International University of Japan Global and National Sources of Political Pr()test Third World. Responses to the Debt Crisis. John Walton, University of Califomla-Davis; Charles Ragin, Northwestern University Discussion: Diane Davis, New School for Social Research 84. Devlanee and Social Control Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer: Ross L. Matsueda, University of Wisconsin- Madison Presider. Stanley Cohen, Hebrew University-Jerusalem and University ofcalifomia-santa Barbara A Modified Labeling Theory Approach to Mental Disorders: An Empirical Assessment Bruce G. Link, Columbia University;. Francis T. Cullen, University of Cincinnati; Elmer Struening, Patrick E. ShroUt and Bruce P. Dohrenwend, Columbia UniverSity The Enduring Asylum: Expansion of Mental Hospital Popula- tions in ProgreSsive America John R. Sutton, University of Califomia-Santa Barbara Functions of Crime: A Paradoxical Process. Allen 'E. Liska and Barbara Warner, State University of New York-Aibclny

32 Th-qrs Mooel of Reflected Appraisals, Peer Influence, and Use. Karen Heimer and Ross L. Matsueda, Uni Wisconsin-Madison Chatles R. Tittle, Washington State University presider: George Ritzer, University of Maryland Physics and lnteractionist Sociology. Dmitri N. Illinois University-Carbondale of Rational Choice Theory to Macro-socio Research. Debra Friedman, University of Arizona Motivation, and Structural Emergence: A New The- Micro-Macro Linkages in Sociology. Michael Ham University of Toronto ui, rn..m<>,,...rn Connection. Ellsworth Fuhrman, Virginia Institute and State University; Louis A. Zurcher,,, ' Karen Cook, University of Washington and Presider: Sal/yr. Hillsman, Vera Institute of an Applied Sociology of Social Problems. Robert A. Marotl.'o. University of Dayton 'Yf:'?'M!jaelina Care Alternatives: An Analysis of Social Poli- Lubeck and Patricia Garrett, University of North tl,.,,.,.,ll,n<>-l Hill ~';'rlll-i s<>~.. Informing Policy: State Catastrophic Health Programs. Susan Labin, U.S. General Accounting Office,. Washington, DC..;Ji>Jsaussion: Corinne Kirchner, American Foundation for the ''t~'i ;a:ilnd Q7. O~patlons: lnequanw. Mobility, Segregation, and Change "~rquls Ballroom Salon I ~tgafiizer: Paula England,.University of Texas-Dallas RF~ider and Discussion: Dana Dunn, University of Texas- AHington c;:;lrganizational and Environmental Sources of Change in Sex Segregation within the California Civil Service. James N. Baron, Stanford University; Brian S. Mittman, RAND Corpo,, ration; Andrew E. Newman, Stanford University., Women In Engineering: A Promise Unfulfilled? Judith S. Mc/1- wee and J. Gregg Robinson,. University of Texas-San ' Antonio intergenerational Class Mobility in; Comparative Perspective. Harry B. G. Gaf'lzeboom, State University of Utrecht; Ruud Luijloc, Tilburg University the Stability of Rank: On an Alternative Statistical Interpretation of Quantity of Mobility over the Life Cycle. Steven Rytina, Harvard University.88.Soclology of the Women's Movement In America Consulate Organizer and Presider: Rose M: Brewer, University of Minnesota The Women's Movement A Chicana Perspecti\ie. Denise<A Segura, University of California-Santa Barbara; Beatrf~ f11, Pesqi.Jera, UnivE!rsity of California-Davis..,' Achieving Ethnic Diversity Within the Anti-Rape Moverri.ent Nancy A. Mattflews, UniversitY of California-Los Apg'~les Gender in Black Belt Politics. Judy Aulette, University of North Carolina-Charlotte; Wald,a Katz Fishman, Howard University The Women's Movement through the Prism of Gender', Race~ and Class. Rose. M. Brewer, University of Minnes9ta- Minneapolis Discussion: Use Vogel, Rider College 89. Sociology of Work and Unemployment 1 ', ', ', ', ' - Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Pr~:~sider: Paula M. Rayman, Wellesley College Impacts of Plant Closings: Wave One of a Study of Autoworkers and Their Families. William S. Hoffrrlan, United ' Auto Workeirs~detroit; Clifford L. Broman, Michigan State University; Lee Hamilton, Wayne State University; Deborah s. Renner, United Auto Workers-Detroit Unemployment and Retirement Where Do You Draw the Line? Melissa A. Hardy, Florida State University Job Displacement, Labor Mar:ket Recomposition and the Structure of Inequality. Cynthia Deitch, Franklin arid Marshall College Discussion: Kay Snyder and Tom Nowak, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 90. Section on Community. Paper SeSsion ' ' I ' Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Gerald D. Suttles, University of Chicago ' Fifty Year's Later. An Historical and Contextual Reappraisal of Wirth's Urbanism Thesis. Roger A. Salerno, Pace University The Dynamics of F:inancial Control and Coordination in a Regional System of Cities: Colorado. George Cassidy and David'R. Meyer, Brown University The Community Question Revisited: The Social Networks of American Urbanites, Suburbanites and Ruralites. Yung,; mei Tsai, Texas Tech University; Che-han Lai and Kuan chang Chen, Academia Sinica-"Taipei Perceptions of Neighborhood.Integration and Neighborhood Quality: Homeowners and Renters. Philip.Nyden,,Jesusa Marco and Peggy Crane-Soetanga, Loyola University- ChicaQO ' Discussion: Harvey M. Choldin, University of Illinois-Urbana 91. Section on Sociology of Education. Aspirations and Achievement of Minorities In Education 'Marquis Ballroom S81on II Organizer. Jeanne Ballantine, Wright State University Presider:. Peter W. Cookson, Jr., University of Massach4setts Changes in Educational Atlail')men~ Fin~ings tj:om the National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972 and "High School and Beyond." Carl M. Schmitt, U.$. qepartment of Education The Changing Nature of the Disadvantageq PopulaUon:. Implications for American Education. Edward L. MeDii/,. Johns (continued on next page)

33 Thursday, 12:30 p.m. Session 91, continued Hopkins University; Gary Natriello, Columbia University; Aaron 1\,f. Pallas, Columbia University-Teachers College Family, Cu!ture, and Society: Educational Policy I1T]pli6ations for Mex1can Americans. Anthony J. Cortese, Illinois State University Proximity to College Campuses: Impacts on the. Educational Aspirations and Attainments of Males and Females. Vaughn R.A. Call, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Luther B. Otto, North Carolina State University Discussion: William Velez, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 92. Section on Political Sociology. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A Organizers: Deborah A. Abowitz, Buckneli University; Richard K. Scotch, University of Texas-Dallas 1. Culture or Development: The Roots of Politipal Democracy: Political Culture and the Transition to Democracy in Spain. Laura Desfor Edles, Uniyersity of California-Los Angeles Economic Development and Political Democracy. Frank Lindenfeld, Cheyney University Modes of Political Incorporation and Prospects for Democratization in Brazil. Robert Gay, Brown University 2. Public Policy and the Welfare State: The Role of Labor, Management and Legislation: Industrial Structure, Political Power and Unionization: A Two Stage Theory of Union Growth. R. Berkeley Miller, University of South Florida The Passage of Active Labor Market Policy Legislation in West Germany and the U.S. from 1950 to Thomas Janoski Duke University ' Who is in Control? Labour, Management and the State in Contemporary Capitalism. fan M. Taplin, Wake Forest University The Politics of Basic Versus Supplementary Pensions. Kathleen Young, Gettysburg College 3. Statehood and Citizenship: Old Issues, New Challenges: The Determination of Statehood in the United Nations. Connie McNeely, Stanford University Limits of Citizenship: Guestworkers as Challenge to Nation State System. Yasemin Soysal, Stanford University 4. Determinants.of Voting, Ideology, and Activism: Comparative Perspectives: Socio-Political Participation and Gender Roles: A Problem of Competing Obligations. Deborah A. Abowitz, Bucknell University Personality, Government Record, and Foreign Policy Issues Shaping Voting in Athens, Greece. Betty A. Dobratz, Iowa State University The Socio-Cultural Bases of Racial Differences in Anti Feminism. Karen Dugger, Bucknell University Supporting Equality for Women: A Quantitative Analysis of Support for the ERA. Sandra Gill, Gettysburg College 5.1nterestGroup Politics and the Welfare State: Smoke and Mirrors: Business, The State of Massachusetts and Health Policy Change. Linda Bergthold, University of California-San Francisco Advocacy Politics and Disability Rights: Sources of Competition ahd Coalition. Richard K. Scotch, University of Texas Dallas Educators as Politicians: Toward a Fuller Understanding of Their Role. Kevin Dougherty, Manhattan College Power, Community, and Organization: A Case Study in Local Educational Politics. Marcene E. Root, University of Michigan 6. Class Structure, Relations, and Origins: New Directions in Political Research: Research on the Structure of the Capitalist Class: Current Trends and Future Directions. Beth Mintz, University of Vermont The Political Reproduction of Class Relations: Provincial Development Policies and Income Inequality in Canada. Rudy Fenwick, University of Akron New Class Theory: Towards a "Dual-Class" Model. Charles W. Ogg, Boston College Social Class Origins and Presidential Greatness: A Sociological Analysis. Howard G. Sch11eiderman, Lafayette College 7. Political Change in Eastern and Western Nations: Causes of Pluralization: Czechoslovakia, Poland, China. Jan Hajda, Portland State University The Political Economy of the Welfare State in the Small Democracies: An Assessment on the Problems of Fulfilling Commitments in an Era of Economic Stagnation and Demographic Chang~. Philip K. Armour, University of Texas-Dallas; Richard M. Coughlin, University of New Mexico 1:30 p.m. Meetings Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements Business Meeting (to 2:20 p.m.)..,-ciuster 3: Zurich/London 1:30 p.m. Sessions 93. Section on Sociology of the. Family. Informal Rou~dtable Discussions Imperial Ballroom Salon B (to 2:20 p.m.) Organizer: Gary R. Lee, University of Florida 1. Is It Family Structure or Socioeconomic Status? Family Structure During Adolescence and Adult Adjustment Alah C. Acock and K. Jill Kiecolt, Louisiana State University 2. Trends in Marital Instability. Alan Booth, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 3. Applying an Inter-Institutional Approach: Family and School Connections. Joyce L. Epstein, Johns Hopkins University 4. Recent Changes in American Marriage: Adaptation or Decline? Norval D. Glenn, University of Texas-Austin 5. Problem Solving in Family Relationships. Louis N. Gray and Irving Tallman, Washington State University 6. Sterilization Anxiety and Fertility Control: A Study of Couples in the Later Years of Childbearing. H. Theodore Gfoat, Arthur G. Neal and Jerry Wicks, Bowling Green State University 7. Social Class Differences in Children's Lives Outside the Home. Annette Lareau, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 8. Family Gerontology: Content in Search of Theory. Jay A. Mancini and Janie K. Long, Virginia Polytechnic lnstitut~ and State University 32

34 Thursda... ~... and Mental Health: An Evaluation of the Selec Ai:f<apt<atJc n and Permanent Strain Hypotheses. Arne Institute for Social Research, Norway and Family Linkages: Mothers' Employment Condi Mother-Child l'nteraction. Elizabeth G. Menaghan teliy LParcel, Ohio State University Networks and Women's Employment William L. ahd Lingxin Hao, University of Chicago; Dennis P. Pennsylvania State University Two of Us: Parent-Child Relationships in Single Homes. Barbara J. Risman, North Carolina State Kyung Park, Chonbuk National University-Korea Issues. in Adult lntergenerational Family Relations. D. Spitze and John Logan, State University of New Integration and Sucide: Within-Columns TeSts of Integration Theory. Mark C. Stafford, Washing University; WalterT. Martin, University of Oregon; P. Gibbs, VanderbiltUniversity License as a Hitting License: A Comparison of in Dating, Cohabiting, and Married Couples. Jan E. Washington State University Meeti on Certification in Medical Sociology-Bordeaux on Certification in Social Policy and Evaluation uster 3: State,mn1itt~!A on Certification in Social Psycl)ology-Bufg!Jndy mn'itt"'"' on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in ~(}c:lolc>gy--(.;luster 1: Quebec, Sessions 94, Thematic S9ssion. The Impact of Sociological,,, M~thods on American Life ' 'Marquis Ballroom Salon I izer and Presider: John W. Riley, Jr., Consulting Eleanor Singer, Columbia University.lcimnnr< nn,i,.. Research. Mathew Greenwald, Mathew r.:r''"'nw~rrt Associates Research. Arthur J. Kover, N. W. Ayer, Inc. Health and Medical Surveys. pavid Mechanic, Rutgers University t>lscussion: Have Our Research Methods Made a Real. Dltter~nce? John W. Riley, Jr., Co11sulting Sociologist 9~, Special Session. Local Theater, Companies and Comm " unities: A Sociological Performance Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid The Players: Howard S. Becker, Northwestern University; Michal McCall, Macalester College; Lori V: Morris, Northwestern University Fieviewer: Judith Balfe, City University of New York-College of Staten Island ' 96. Didactic Seminar. Historical Methods Cluster 3: Bonn 7}cket required for admission Larry J. Griffin, Indiana University; Jill Quadagno, Florida State University 97. Jensen Lecture Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Alan Kerckhoff, Duke University First Out, Last In: The Social Roots of Homelessness. Peter H. Rossi, Social and Demographic Research Institute ' Discussion: Irving Piliavin, University of Wisconsin-Madiso11; Russell K. Schutt, University of Massachusetts-Boston 98. Race, Class, and Gender in ttie American South' Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Presider: Caroline M. Dillman, Reinhardt College Class Relations, Racial Inequalities, and Educational Opportunity Structures in the Early 20th-Century South. Holly J. McCammon, Pamela Barnhouse Walters and David R. James, Indiana University Regional Differences in Views on Women's Work-Family Roles. Myrna M. Courage, University of Florida Early and Late Abortion Decisions: Southernness, Race, and Class. Michele Wilson and John Lynxwi/er, University of Alabama~ Birmingham Discussion: Jacqueline Boles, Georgia State University 99. Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer: Pamela E. Oliver, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1: Micro-macro Levels and Units of Analysis in the Study of Collective Action. Clark McPhail, University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign Micro-Structure and Panic: The Impact of Social Bol")ds on Collective Flight Norris R. Johnson and Drue M. Johnston, University of Cincinnati A Micro Model of Activism in a Social MovementOrganization: Differenijal Activism in a Women's Center. Roberto M. Fernandez and Usa Rowe, University of Arizona 2: Specifying the Behaviors_1l Parameters of Social Movement Organizations. Nelson A. Pichardo; University of Michigan The PetitionnementAgainstthe Deployment of Cruise Missiles In The Netherlands: Activating Sympathizers. 'Dirk Oegema and Bert Klandermans, Vrije Universiteit The Development of the Waldensian Sect Changes Over Time in Organizational Strength and in the Role of Women. Rebecca Jean Emigh, University of Chicago 3: Bureaucratization and Revolutionary Change: A Cross-National Study. Atef A. Odibat 1 Yarmolik University, Jordan The _lrgun Zvai Letimi of Ereti' Israel: A Case History on the Religious Nature of a Terrorist Movement David Ayefs, The King's College (continued on next page)

35 Thursday, 2:30 p.m. Session 99, continued 4: New Social Movements and Non-Party Political Formations: Comparable Phenomena? Manisha Desai An Agenda for the Comparative Study of New Social Movements. Christian Joppke, University of California-Berkeley New Social Movements, Self-Limiting Radicalism and the Green Party in West Germany. Elim Papadakis, University of New England~Australia The New Left and Emerging Social Movements. George Katsiaficas, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Rodolfo D. Torres, California State University-Hayward 5: Pervasive Forms of Domination: Barriers to Social Movement Success. Pat Lauderdale and Annamarie Oliverio, Stanford University Organizational Structure and the Formation of Collective Identities: The Origins of Participatory Democracy. Carol Mueller, Arizona State University The Home Education Movement: Towards Theoretical Understandings. Maralee Mayberry, University of Oregon 6: An Analysis of 1985 Soccer Riot in Beijing, China: A Case Study Using Smelser's Model. Gary Huang and Jerry M. Lewis, Kent State University Immigration Law and the Temporary Mexican Worker: Structural Conduciveness for Extra-Institutional Action. Lynne L. Snowden, University of Delaware From the Titanic to Astronomy: Canada's Pioneer in Collective Behavior. T. Joseph Scanlon, Carleton University 7: Natural History of the POW /MIA Movement. Janet Koenigsamen, West Virginia University Network-Building and Maintenance in the Citizen Diplomacy Movement. Earl Molander, Portland State University; John Parachini, Johns Hopkins University; Theo Brown, University of Southern California Disaster-Related Emergent Citizen Groups: Their Relationships to Other Organizations. Kenneth E. Green, Woodbridge, VA; David M. Neal, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; E.L. Quarantelli, University of Delaware Individual and Structural Sources of Commitment and Participation in a National Hunger Organization. Steven Barkan, Steven F. Cohn and William H. Whitaker, University of Maine 100. Section on Community. Awards Ceremony Consulate (to 3:20 p.m.) Organizer and Presider: Lyn H. Lofland, University of California- Davis Robert E. Park Award Presentation Presenter: Kirsten Gronbjerg, Loyola University-Chicago Recipient: to be announced Robert and Helen. Lynd Award Presentation Presenter: Jacqueline Scherer, Oakland University Recipient: William Foote Whyte, Cornell University 101. Section on Sociology of Education. Federal Funding of Education Research Cluster 1: Amsterdam (to 3:20 p.m.) Organizer and Presider: Aaron Pallas, Teachers College, Columbia University Presenter: Sally Kilgore, Department of Education 102. Section on Sociology of the Family. Inter-Institutional Perspectives on the Family Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer: Sharon K. Houseknecht, Ohio State University Presider and Discussion: Eugene Litwak, Columbia University Historical Development ofthe Inter-Institutional Perspective. J. Milton Yinger, Oberlin College How Institutions Are Interrelated: Linkages and Processes. Robin M. Williams, Jr., Cornell University Application of an Inter-Institutional Perspective in Family Research. Sharon K. Houseknecht, Ohio State UniversitY 103. Section on Political Sociology.lntellectuals, Universities and the Public: A Panel on Russell Jacoby's The Last Intellectuals: American Culture in the Age qf Academe Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizers: Richard Flacl<s, University of California-Santa Barbara; William A. Gamson, Boston College Presider: William A. Gamson, Boston College Panel: Lewis Coser, Boston College; Richard Flacks, Univel' sity of California-Santa Barbara; Russell Jacoby, Venice, CA; Kay Trimberger, Sonoma State University 104. Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology. Empirical Studies of Computers in Society. Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer: James R. Beniger, University of Southern Californi~ Presider: Daryl E. Chubin, Office of Technology AssessmenL,, Spcial Values in Software Design: An Empirical Study. Harold' Salzman, Boston University Some Problems Raised by Computer-Assisted Design in th~ Visual Practit<es of Industrial Design Engineering. Kathry/1 Henderson, UniversitY of California-San Diego Office Automation, Gender, and Change: An Analysis of th~ Management Literature. Joan F. Kraft and Jurg Seigenth't aler, American University ' Electronic Mail and the Diffusion of Scientific Information: Study of SOAR and Its Dominant Users. Kathleen and Kira Wendt, Carnegie-Mellon University Discussion: Judith A. Perrolle, Northeastern University 105. Student Ses5ion. Roundtable Discussions (co-sponl sored by the Honors Program Student Association) Imperial Ballroom Salon A Organizer: Karren Baird-Olson 1. Women and Elderly as Minorities in America: Organizer: Maria DePaul, American University.... Preliminary Findings on Census Analysis of Families wliti Wives as Primary Earners. Ann Kuntze 34

36 Thursd 2:3Cl Situated, Social Identity of an Alzheimer's Patient. Chris~ topher We/lin, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Technology and Its Impact on Organizations: Thomas A. Doering, University of North Texas... h.nnl "'nv and Its Implications on Organizational Structure. A. Doering, University of North Texas Impact of Robotics in the Workplace. Ann S. Oakes, Uniof North Texas ""'''~"~''" <>nl1 Black Unemployment Tom Crow, University Texas and. Social Status:. Questioning the Viability of 'l"o,nhr,nlr,nv as a Sociological Variable. David H. Malone, UnlvAr!':ltv of North Texas Socialization in America or Modernization and Social ~hange:, Yvonne Downes, State University of New York- of Gender in Magazine Advertising. Karin University of Calgary Roles of Women in the U.S. Military. Kate Mfl/er, University of New York-Buffalo """"'"'''m,...., and Role Theory Perspective. Janina Berger, University of New York-Buffalo Way of Life": Women's Search for Space in 80's Dilek, Cinr;Joglu, State University of New Yorkitw~lizatic>n Adult and Juvenile Justice Systems: F. Milner, University of Alberta; Thomas A. University of Notre Dame ;:,u L;~.;t,:>sJul Outcomes:.Analysis of Victim Offender Programs. John Gehm and Tom Petee, Uniof Notre Dame Systems. Leslie Starr Heimov, George Washing- Upiversity dicalization of Deviant Behavior: Transition of Alcohofrom the Criminal Justice System to the Health Care Fred 0. Rasmussen, University of California-San ~'~"' ~'~nn,,..ili<>tirm Robert Agnew, Emory. University; Dean Rojek, of Georgia of Sociopolitical Participation: Debra Harvey, Catholic University and Political Participation: Have 20 Years Made a Thomas M. Guterbock, University of Virginia towards National. Independence and Gender The Case of Zimbabwe. Lorna Lueker, University D~~. of Participation in Voluntary Associations, J.,,n Cornell University of Participation involuntary Associations. Elvis State University Psychological and Gender ISsues of Crime and Daniel K. Quinn, Ohio State University Deterrence Research: Comparison of Cross-Sect. d Longitudinal Models.' RichardJ. Lundmah,.Onio University. Men from Deviance. Clyde W. Franklin II, Ohio 8. Sociology in America-Diversity in Research and Prcictice Organizer: Jeff Deneen 3:30p.m. Meetings Section on Community Business Meeting (to 4:20 p.m.) Consulate Section on Sociology of Education Business Meeting (to 4:20 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Amsterdam 4:30p.m. Sessions 106. Plenary Session. Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony Marquis Ballroom Salon II Presidential Address Presider: Richard J. Hill, University of Oregon Introduction: Peter M. Blau, University of North Carolina.- ' Chapel Hill and Columbia University Presidential Address. Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University Awards Ceremony Presider: William J. Chambliss, Chair, ASA Committee on Awards Policy 1987 Common Wealth Award Announcement Minority Fellowship Program Special Awards Recipients: William H. Sewell, Sr., and Maurice Jackson Presenter: Lionel A. Maldonado for the Minority Fellowship Program DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award Recipient Doris Y. Wilkinson, University of Kentucky Presenter: Ronald L Taylorforthe DuBois-Johnson Frazier Award Selection Committee 1988 Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology Recipient Paul C. Glick, Arizona State University Presenter: Larry E. Suter for the Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology Award Selection Committee 1988 Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award Recipient Charles A. Goldsmid, Claremont, CA; and Sharon M. McPherron, St Louis Community College Presenter: Hans 0. Mauksch for the Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award Sel~:~ction Committee 1988 Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Recipient to be announced., Presenter: Charles R. Tittle for the Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Selection Committee 1988 Career of Disinguis~ed Scholarship Award Recipient George c. Homans Presenter: Joan Aldous for the Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award Selection Committee

37 Thursday, 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Receptions Honorary Reception (co-sponsored by the American Sociological Association and the Department of Sociology, Duke University; Department of Sociology, Emory University; Department of Sociology, University of Georgia; Department of Sociology, Georgia State University; Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; and the Southern Sociological Society)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 7:00p.m. Other Group Activities Sociological Research Association (to 11 :00 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon A Section on Sociology of Education Reception-Ballantine Suite Sociologists AIDS Network (to 9:00 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Trinidad/Madrid 8:30p.m. Other Group Activities»Born Again: Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church" film presentation (James Ault)-Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Christian Sociological Society-Cluster 3: Bonn ISA Research Committee on Disasters-Summit "Medical Sociology Dissertations-in-Progress" (Jackie Litt) Cluster 1: Amsterdam North American Chinese Sociologists Association-Cluster 3: Zurich/London Radical Caucus-Cluster 4: Rio Grande Society for Applied Sm:lology Open Business Meeting Cluster 1: Quebec Society for the Study of Social Problems-Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Sociological Practice Association membership meeting, followed by ASA Section on Sociological Practice reception Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Sociology Lesbian and Gay Caucus panel discussion Consulate "Teaching the Sociology of Emotions: Student Diaries and the. use?f Popul~r Film" (David D. Franks)-Cluster 3: Sydney University of Gh1cago Reception-Cluster 4: Yukon 9:00p.m. Other Group Activities Pennsylvania State University Reception for ASA 'Honors Program-Cluster 4: McKenzie Theory and Society Social Gathering-Cluster 3: State 9:30p.m. Receptions Section on SociOlogical Practice 'Reception-Cluster 1 : Copenhagen/Stockholm Friday, August 26 8:30a.m. Meetings Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award Selection Committee (to 12:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet Committee on Certification in Law and Social Control-Cluster 4:Nile Council Members-at-Large (to 12:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: State Dissertation Award Selection Committee (to 12:20 p.m.) Ciuster 4: Rio Grande Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology Selection Committee (to 12:20 p.m.)-burgundy Committee on Master's Level Certification Program (to 6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 4: Thames Committee on Publications (to 5:30 p.m.)-summit Committee on Society and Persons with Disabilities (to 12:20 p.m.)-bordeaux Section on Methodology Council Meeting (to 9:20 a.m.) Ciuster 1 : Quebec 8:30a.m. Sessions 107. Thematic Session. Sociology and Warfare Marquis Ballroom Sillon I Organizer: Victor Nee, Cornell University Presider: James M. Skelly, University of California-San Diego Sociology and Nuclear War. William A. Gamson, Boston College War, Warmal<ers, and Sociologists. Charles Tilly, New School for Social Research Discussion: Susan "Ecksteih, Boston University; Louis W. Goodman, American University 108. Special Session. Sociology and Psycholherapy Marquis Ballroom Salo!llll, Organizer: Eviatar Zerubavel, Rutgers University Presider: Edith Kurzweil, Rutgers-The State University. Sociology and Psychotherapy: Two Realities in Search of a Bridge. Suzanne Keller, Princeton University Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Social Mobilty and Attainment. Gatherine B. Silver, City University of New York Graduate Center and Brooklyn College Discussion: Neil Srnelser, University of California-Berkeley 36, 109. Professional Workshop. Evaluating Undergraduate Sociology Programs Cluster 1: Amsterdam Charles Green, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

38 teaching Workshop. Teaching the Sociology of Death and Dying i Ciuster 3: Zurich/London R.. Cox, Fort Hays State University lrif9nnal Discussion Roundtables lrnperlal Ballroom Salon A Structure and the Divorce Rate. Leonard Beeghley Jeffrey Dwyer, University of Florida Social and Legal Implications of Child Sexual Abuse: (jurrent Trends. Dean Champion, University of Tennessee Knoxville Assistance to Premature Mothers. James Cramer, tniutm:::ttv of California-Da~is Primary Information: Control of Clientele in Human Organizations. Russell Curtis, University of Houston Social Construction of Family: The Alzheimer's Disease Jaber Gubrium, University of Florida Associations and Social Networks: Some New Miller McPherson, Cornell University Century Old Age Policies: Social Reform or Sym Reassurance? Lawrence Powell, Purdue University; J. Branco; Boston College and Stonehill College A Minority Group in the United States? Rosemary University of Michigan; Josefina Figueira-McDon- Michigan State University and Social Analysis. Richard Sennett, New York, Kim Lane Scheppele, University of Michigan Breeding in America: Its Consequences and the,t.. r,nr<>il::.tirm of Black American History and Sociology. s.. Norde, University of the District of Columbia Qomestic Code: The Reality and Myth of Female Labor Participation. Suzanne Steinmetz and Karen Stein, of Delaware in the Liberal Arts College. Brad Stone, Ogle-..,arkets In National Context 1: Trinidad/Madrid and Presider: Rachel A. Rosenfeld, University of Garo!ina-Chapei Hill Cross-National Patterns of Labor Market Segmen L Ka/leberg, University of North Carolina Hill; Tom Colbjornsen, Norwegian School of Ecoand Business Administration or Exposure?: Some Evidence of the Effects of Market Policies on Workers' Attitudes Towards {n Canada and Sweden. Axel van den ~erg, McGill Joseph Smucker, Concordia Unive.rsity r<inciltl.,.., out of First Job in Great Britain. Kenneth Alan Kerckhoffand Thomas Glass, Duke Univer- Labor Market Organization in Japan. Mary Brinl)niversity of Chicago Beyond "Smoking Gun" Type of Discrimination: A Firm Level Analysis of Rewards and Opportunities. YitchakHaberfeld and Yehouda Shenhav, Tel Aviv University Discussion: Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development and Education 113. Natural Resources and Environment Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer: William R. Catton, Jr., Washington State University Presider: Riley E. Dunlap, Washington State University Social and Economic Interpretations of Resource Consumption: An Empirical Assessment Bruce Hackett and Loren Lutzenhiser, University of California-Davis Environmental Concern Through Boom and Bust Seven Years of Survey Research In Houston, Texas. Stephen L. Klineberg, Rice University The Very Thought of Resources. Lee Freese, Washington State University Exxon Minerals in Wisconsin: New Patterns of Rural Environmental Conflict AI Gedicks, University of Wlsconsin-La Crosse Discussion: William R. Catton, Jr., Washington State University 114. Organizational Economics Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer and Presider: Johannes M. Pennings, University of Pennsylvania The Organization-Market Interface: Corporations' Relations with Investment Banks. Wayne E. Baker, University of Chicago Job Quits From an Internal Labor Market Trond Petersen, Harvard University; Seymour Spilerman, Columbia University Inter-organizational Exchange Structures: Market or Hierarchy? Andrea Larson, Harvatd University Alternative Responses to Financial Dependence. Donald Palmer, Stanford University; P. Devereaux Jennings, University of British Columbia; Jerald Herting, Stanford University Discussion: Marshall W. Meyer, University of Pennsylvania 115. Section on Comparative Historical SociOlogy. Fam Ily, Gender and Social Change Consulate Organizer and Presider: Micha~l Kjmmel 1 State l)niversity of New York-Stony Brook Power, tnstitutional Logic and. Gencler SYmbolism In a Progressive-Era Asylum Commitment A life History Study. Bruce Bellingham and Mary Mathis,!=lorida State University From "Consclel'lce and Common Sense" to "Feminism tor Men": Profeminist Men in Anwrica, Michael Kimmel, State University of New York-Stb'ny Brook Family Ideology and tile Suppression ofc.~;>ntrac~tion in Nineteenth Century New York. Nicola B&isel, University of Michig~. Legal and Economic Equality,.A Social Movement Analysis: Sweden and the Un~ed St~tes 1835' Marika Undholm, State University qf N~.w York-Stony Brook Discussion: Sonya Rose, Colby CoHege

39 Friday, 8:30 a.m Section on Medical Sociology. Sociology of Health in America: The State of the Field Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Peter Conrad, Brandeis Univ~rsity Can the Medical Profession be a Company of Equals? Judith Lorber, City University of New York-Brooklyn College and Graduate Center The Micropolitics of Medical Language. Renee Anspach, University of Michigan From Sick Role to Illness Experience. Peter Conrad, Brandeis University Medical Sociology and Epidemiology: The Threat of Cooptation and the Promise of Coalition. John B. McKinlay, New England Research Institute and Boston University; Sonja McKinlay, New England Research Institute and Brown University Discussion: Andrew Twaddle, University of Missouri-Columbia 117. Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B 1. Hispanics and Asians in the United States: Social Problems and Social Issues: Presider and Discussion: Silvia Pedraza-Bailey, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Partners in Work and Family: The Role of Wives in Self Employment and Income Attainment among Asian-Americans. Keiko Yamanaka, Ithaca College Two Dimensions of Korean Immigrants' Socio-Cultural Adaptation: Americanization and Ethnic Attachment Kwang Chung Kim and Won Moo Hurh, Western Illinois University Predictors of College Attendance and Retention among Anglo and Hispanic High School Students. Homer Garcia, Pitzer College; Desdemona Cardosa, California State University Los Angeles Impact of Acculturation on the Health Behavior of Mexican American Clinic Patients. G. Nanjundappa, California State University-Fullerton; Robert Friis, University of California Irvine 2. Ethnicity and Social Class: Presider: Earl Smith, Washington State University Black Entrepreneurs: A Sociodemographic Analysis. Ha'fward D. Horton, University of Central Arkansas; Gordon F. DeJong, Pennsylvania State University Ethnic Business and Economic Mobility: Korean Immigrants in Los Angeles. Pyong Gap Min, City University of New York Queens College South Africa's Black Victorians: Sport, Race, and Class in South Africa Before Union. Andre Odendaal, London University and Warwick University 3. Gender and Maintenance of Cultural Values: Ethnicity and Gender in Two Greek-American Communities. Vasilikie Demos, University of Minnesota-Morris 4. The New Black Middle Class: Still Chasing the American Dream? Presider: Joseph W. Scott, University of Washington The New Black Middle Class: Still Chasing the American Dream? Bart Landry, University of Maryland Discussion: K. Sue Jewell, Ohio State University; Joseph W. Scott, University of Washington 5. Work in Progress: Organizer and Presider: Mareyjoyce Green, Cleveland State University Racism and the English Only Movement. Jose Calderon and John Horton, University of California-Los Angeles Ethnic Older Women of Non-English Background: Their Adaption and Contribution to South Australia. Karobi Mukherjee, South Australian College of Advanced Education Israel and South Africa: A Comparison of Their Ethnic Structures and Dynamics. Sammy Smooha, Brown University Slavery in Brazil: Does It Still Exist Today? R.S. Rose 9:30a.m. Meetings Section on Methodology Business Meeting (to 1 0:20 a.m.) Ciuster 1 : Quebec 10:30 a.m. Meetings Honors Program-Cluster 1: Quebec 10:30 a.m. Sessions 118. Thematic Session. The Underclass: Sociological Per~pectives and Critiques Marquis Ball~oom Salon I Organizer and Presider. S. M. Miller, Boston University A Structural (Non-Racial) Explanation of Slavery in the United States: Implications for the Contemporary Study of "Race." Richard Williams, State University of New York Stony Brook Debunking the Underclass: The New Culture of Poverty. Walter Stafford, Community Service Society; Joyce Ladner, Howard University The Underclass: Disaggregating Race, Class, and Culture. Stephen Steinberg, City University of New York:..Queens College and Graduate Center Conceptualizing the Underclass: An Alternative Perspective. Robert Aponte, University of Chicago 119. [)idactic Seminar. New Methods for Cultural Studie~ Cluster 3: Bonn Ticket required for admission Wendy Griswold, University of Chicago 120. Professional Workshop. The Use of Recent Research on Aging by Sociological Practitioners Cluster 3: Zurich/London Leader: George Maddox, Duke University Medical Center Panel: Linda K. George, Duke University; Charlene Harrington, University of California-San Francisco; William J. McAuley, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 31l

40 Prid Stephen A. Buff, American Sociological Associaau/ M. Hirsch, University of Chicago and Discussion: Theodore Cap/ow, University of w. Darrow, Centers for Disease Control; Ira 0. Ira Glick & Associates, Inc~; Sally B. Kilgore, U.S. "'"'rt maint of Education.t()IOQIIca Versus Institutional Models In Organlza Tfteory: A Synthesis? su,cce,ssiidn and Structuration: Constructing an lnsti Ecology of Organizational Communities. Mark C. Stanford University and Yale Law School Qependence in the Evolution of Populations of News R. Carroll, University of California-Berkeley; T. Hannan, Cornell University Foundings: Schisms in American Protestant lffiu~ati1ons John R. Sutton, University of nml::~-~~::~n ::~ Barbara; Robert Wuthnow, Princeton Uni Robert C. Liebman, Portland State.University Institutional and Task Environment Change: Period ohort Effects on Innovation in Hospital Organizations. G. Zucker, University of California-Los Angeles W. Graham Astley, Pennsylvania State University Michael Hammond,' University of Toronto. Sev /sflj!w, University of Toronto of Charismatic Change: Transcending Weberian Raymond Bradley, University of California Cruz; Nancy Roberts, Naval Postgraduate School,,,.,... u... as Sublimation in the Theories of Weber and Howard Kaye, Franklin and Marshall College and the Dialectic of the Double Boundary: The Case of "The Metropolis and Mental Life." Deena Weinstein, University; Michael Weinstein, Pu'rdue University ~volutionary Theories of Marx and Engels; Stephen iam1en;on. Indiana University of Pennsylvania rrf::int7oi:>r anq Presider: Manuel Caste/Is, University of Call Gender Question in Urban Sociology. Sylvia Fava, City University of New York-Graduate Center lmrnln,r::~nt<> and the American City.,A/ejandro. Partes, Johns Hn1n1ttr,., University. l!lcal Community in Modem Society: Conceptual and Research.l~ues. Claude Fischer, University of California-Berkeley Sociology of Public Housing:. A Comparative Perspective. Chua Beng Huat, National University of Singapore Social Area Analysis of Lyon, France. Josephine Hawke; Oh1o State University ' Toyota's City: Corporation and Community In Japan. Kuniko Fujita and Richard Child Hill, Michigan State University The Social and Political Foundations of Effective Neighbor: hood Improvement Associations. R. S. Oropesa, DDB Needham Worldwide, Inc Section on Comparative Historical Sociology. Historical Perspectives on International Development Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Joane Nagel, University of Kansas The Origin and the Development of Modern Welfare States Among 63 Countries, Chikako Usui, Tulane University Agricultural Policy in Industrializing Societies: The Collectivization Process in Eastern Europe. Joan Sokolovsky, Johns Hopkins University Obstacles to Collectivization among Venezuela's lndigeneous Groups: "Traditional Economies" or State Legitimacy? Lourdes Gouveia, University of Kansas Political Competition and the Rise of Universities, : A Dynamic Analysis. Phyllis Riddle, Stanford University. Institutional Constraints on Technological Developments: Nuclear Energy Commissions in Argentina and Brazil. Mauricio Contreras, Harvard University Discussion: Mehrangiz Najafizadeh, Mount St Mary's College 126. Section on Environment and Technology. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B (to 11 :20 a.m.) Organizer. William R. Freudenburg, University of Wisconsin Madison 1. Oil Development and Employment Policies: Accommodating the Bears: Employment in the Construction Phases of the Shetland and Orkney (Scotland) Oil Terminals. Carole L Seyfrit, University of Wisconsin Concentrated Work Scheduling: E:nabling and Constraining Aspects. Robert Gramling, University of Southwestern Louisiana 2. New Directions in Social Impact Assessment Is It Time to Establish Professional Standards for Appropriate Social Impact Assessment Work? Gary Williams, Argonne National Laboratory 3. New Directions in Community Studies:, Environmental Degradation and Political Efficacy. Joan Goldstein, City University of New York-Hunter College; Jon S. Kerner, College of William and Mary 4. Community Responses to Environrr.ental Challenges: From Ytterby to Yttrium: Sketches of the Past,. Present and Future of Rare Earth Mining In Sweden and the U.S. Evert Tornfelt, U.S. Minerals Management Service Victim Self-Help Behavior. in the Mitigation Phase of Disaster Response. Shirley B. Laska, University of New Orleans 5. The Broader Policy Context The Public Confidence Crisis and Environmental Policy Formation: Theodore H. Tsoukalas, University of Illinois-Urbana Systems of Food Distribution and Environmental Consequences. Claire W. Gilbert, Consultant, New York City.

41 Frida 10:30 a.,m Section on Medical Sociology. The Sociology of Health in Developed Countries and Empirical Studies and Theoretical Perspectives Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer: Derek Gill, University of Maryland-Baltimore County Medical Sociology: A Critical Perspective. Vicente Navarro, Johns Hopkins University Professionalism: A Critique of Marxist Explanations of the Health Care System. Donald Light, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey & Rutgers University The Sociology of Health/Medical Sociology in Western Germany. Uta Gerhardt, University of Giessen Medical School The Sociology of Health/Medical Sociology in Poland. Darek Nicklas Discussion: Derek Gill, University of Maryland-Baltimore County 128. Section on Methodology. Controversies in Social Science and Statistics Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizers: Ronald Schoenberg, National Institute of Mental Health; Richard A. Berk, University of California-Los Angeles Presider: Richard A. Berk, University of California-Los Angeles Are There Some Kinds of Sociological Observations That Cannot Be Analyzed Statistically?, Domi.ld B. Rubin, Harvard University Discussion: William Sewell, Jr., University of Michigan 11:30 a.m. Meetings Section on Environment and Technology Business Meeting (to 12:20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 12:00 noon Sessions Special Session. r.,emorial Symposium for Herbert Blumer (co-sponsored by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction) Cluster 5: Riviera (to 1 :30 p.m.) Organizer and Presider: Herman Blake, Swarthmore CoiiE!ge Panel: Bob Blauner, University of California-Berkeley; Thomas J. Morrione, Colby College; Terry Arendell, Hobart and William Smith Cqllege 1.2:30-p.m.., Meetings American Journal of Sociology Editorial Board-Cluster 4: McKenzie Section on Ra~ial and Ethnic Minorities Council Meeting (to i :20 p.m.)--ciuster 1: Amsterdam 12:30 p.m. Sessions 130. Luncheon Roundtable Discussions (16-30) Imperial Ballroom Salon A Ticket required for admission 16. A Sociology of Popular Speech and Slang? Irving Allen 1 University of Connecticut 17. Studying Lives in a Changing Society. Glen H. Elder, Jr. 1, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 18. Why Fewer Women Become Physicians: Structural, Cultu., ral, and Cognitive Influences. Robert Fiorentine, Univer~ity of California-Los Angeles 19. Cancelled Do Children Have an Impact on the Well-Being of Parents?; Walter Gove, Vanderbilt University; Debra Umberson, Unt,;;t varsity of Michigan 21. Strategies for Integrating Writing with Discussions an~ Debates in Sociology Classes. Barbara Hey/, Illinois State: University; Charles Green, University of Wisconsin-White- water 22. Dating Violence. Barbara Keating, Mankato State University 23. cancelled 24. Trends in Unwed Female-Headed Families by EthniG>' Groups: Phyllis Martinelli and Albert Mayer, Arizona State University 25. Family Violence: Legal, Medical, and Social ServiGE! Responses. JoAnn Miller and Dean Knudsen, Purdue' University 26. The Social Construction of Inequality. Jon Miller, University of Southern California 27. Theorizing about Sentencing Reform. S. Henry Monsen and Donald Anspach, University of Southern Maine 28. The Linking of Organizational and Occupational Theory through the Concept of Culture. William Sonnenstuh/ anc[ Harrison Trice, Cornell University The Student Journal. Catherine Valentine; Nazareth College of Rochester, ' 30. Lucky Cops: Organizationataedundancy as a RE!sponse to Uncertainty. John Walsh and Andrew Gordon, Northwestern University 131. Cognitive Sociology Consulate Organizer and Presider: Eviatar Zerubavel, Rutgers University Cognitive Sociology and Brain Science. Stanford W. Gregory Jr., Kent State University Structure and Transition: The Case of Commuting. Christena Nippert-Eng, State University of New York-Stony Brook Nationalism as a Style of Thought Liah Greenfeld, Harvard University Strategies Children Use tocognitively Construct Kinship. Julie M. Gricar, Columbia University Discussion: Barry Schwartz, University of Georgia 132. Developml:mt, Dependency, and International Relations: Economic St~tegies and Outcomes Cluster 1: Quebec... Organizer: Susan Eckstein, Boston University

42 Frida Discussion: Paul Lubeck, University of California Cruz Dil:;articulation and Fertility in the Periphery. Sally University of Massachusetts-Amherst,...,;;"""''('"' to Symbiosis: Policy Analysis of State and in Korea Eun Mee Kim, University of Southern Economic Dependency and Uneven Develop The Kenyan Experience. York W. Bradshaw, Ohio University Restructuring in Latin America and East Asia Gary Duke University Jeffrey C. Alexander, University of California-Los Charles Lemert, Wesleyan University In the Social Sciences. Margaret Mooney Marini, of Minnesota; Burton Singer, Yale University. Prediction in Futures Research: Some Epistemo Supposltions about "Knowing" the Future. Wendell ~d Jeffrey K. 0/ick, Yale University and Field Research. Consuela Co"adi, Univer Rome of Athenticity in Social Science Research and the tor New Ways of Knowing. Edna Bonacich, Univer California-Riverside A,.drlan C. Hayes, The Australian National Univer ;md State University of New York-Albany and Presider: Craig Calhoun, University of North Hill and Historicism: Toward a Theory-Driven ~tlin.nnl.nnu for Comparative-Historical Sociology. Edgar University of Iowa; Michael Hechter, University of and Identity from Category and Connection: ExplanatfO!i In Historical Sociology. PeterS. Bearman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill ' Comparativism from a Non-Positivist World- :,, Perspective: A Fou.rth "Research Strategy in His- :~ Sociology." Philip McMichael, University of Georgia PlscUsslon: Margaret Somers, University of Michigan ' Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizers: Rose Laub Coser, Boston College and Radcliffe ". gollege; Andrea Tyree, State University of New York-Stony Brook Btli~tc Identity Among Immigrant Women and Their Daughters. ";"Deborah Merrill and Frances Kobrin Goldscheider, Brown IJnlversity Crossing International Borders: Female Immigrants trom'1ne Philippines. Katharine M. Donato, State University of New York-Stony Brook Immigrant Women, Labor Force Participation, and h1come Attainment Asian Americans in Sharon M. Lee, University of Richmond Entry Status and Disadvantage: Immigrant Women in Canada. Monica Boyd, Carleton University Discussion: Andrea Tyree, State University of New York-Stony Brook 136. Labor Markets and Social Stratification Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer: Rachel A. Rosenfeld, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Presider: David Grusky, University of Chicago Industrial Characteristics and Job Mobility Rates. David Hachen, University of Notre Dame Blockmodeling Approaches to Identifying Occupational Structure and Labor Market Sectors. Roderick Harrison, Harvard University Black Male Employment in the Manufacturing Sector: A Structural-Competitive Model. Unda Brewster Stearns, Louisiana State University Labor Market Dimensions and Salary Variation: Is There a "Market Wage"? Nancy Langton, University of British Columbia; Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford University Employers and Overeducation: When is a Lot Too Much? David B. Bills, University of Iowa Discussion: Robert L Kaufman, Ohio State University 137. Public Opinion Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer and Presider: David Gold, University of California Santa Barbara Public Opinion and Mass Communication. James Beniger, University of Southern California Explaining the Gender Gap: The Relevance of Women's Different Voice. Barbara Finlay and Gayle Dienberg Love, Texas A & M University The Selling of Social Security: Construction of a Political Culture. Cheryl L. Zollars and Theda Skocpol, Harvard University Attitude Strength and Social ActiOn In the Abortion Dispute. Jacqueline Scott and Howard Sch1,1man, University of Michigan Discussion: Kurt Lang and Gladys Engel Lang, University of Washington 138. Social Impacts of Science and Technology on.women Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Mary C. Murphree, u.s. Department of Labor Women and Computers in the Information Sector. Joan F. Kraft, The American University At Work at Home: Technology and Women's Paid <md Unpaid Labor in American Home Health Services. Nona Y. Glazer, Portland State University

43 Affecting Distress and Disability: and Disability in Fibromyalgia Syndrome. James f,lobbins, McGill University; Laurence J. Kirmayer and A. Kapusta, Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Montreal Differences in Medical Student Distress: Contributions,0f Prior Socialization and Current Role-Related: Stress. Judith A. Richman and Joseph A. Flaherty, University of Illinois-Chicago and Well-Being: Differences in the Impact of Social 'fioles. Karen Pug/iesi, State University of New York Plattsburgh Jnstitutional Issues of Health Care: Kathleen Montgomery, University of California-Los 'h"''"'v<=ma!::..c: Centrality and Influence in lnterorganizational t.totlwnr~<c: A Comparison of Eight Community Support Kathleen Montgomery, Kathleen J. Tierney and Grusky, University of California-Los Angeles 'Anrlolir1n the Effects of Institutional Factors on the Birth of Health and Human Service Organizations. John Mohr, Yale University. the Organization of Health Care:!?resider: Sydney A. Halpern, University of Illinois-Chicago Market Dynamics and the March of Technology: Neonatal Intensive Care. Sydney A. Halpern, University of Illinois Chicago Correlates of the Quality of Antipsychotic Medication Use in Nursing Homes: A Preliminary Study. David McKee and Bonnie L Svarstad, University of Wisconsin-Madison 12. New Directions in Medical Sociology: Presider: Jacquelyn Utt, Allegheny College Sociological Research in Nursing. Unda Aiken, University of Pennsylvania Race, Class and Gender Issues in Reproductive Health. Sheryl Ruzek, Temple University i 3. Publishing in Annual Reviews and Research Advances in Medical Sociology: 'Frederic W. Hafferty, University of Minnesota; Fredric Wolinsky, Texas A & M University; Gary Albrecht, University of Illinois-Chicago 1:30. p.m. Meetings Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Business Meeting (to 2:20 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Amsterdam 2:30p.m. Meetings ASA-AAAS Liaison Committee-Bordeaux Chairs of Graduate Departments of Sociology-Cluster 3: State Distinguished Scholarly Publication Award Selection Committee (to 6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet Committee on Regulation of Reseach-Ciuster 4: Rio Grande Committee on the Status of Hon:tosexuals in Sociology-Burgundy Section Board~Ciuster 1: Quebec 2:30p.m. Sessions 142. Thematic Session. Disseminating Sociology to the General Public: Working with Journalists and Non-Academic Publishers Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizers: Ronald Milavsky, National Broadcasting Company; Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University Presider: Ronald Milavsky, National Broadcasting Company Panel: Patricia Horne; John Leo, Time magazine; Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press; David Streitfeld, Washington Post; Martin Kessler, Basic Books Discussion: Eleanor Singer, Columbia University 143. Special Session. Sociology and the Other Social Sciences: Cultural Studies Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: Elizabeth Long, Rice University The New Cultural Sociology. Gaye Tuchman, City University of New York-Graduate Center and Queens College Symbolic Interaction and Cultural Studies. Howard Becker, Northwestern University; Michal McCall, MacalesterCollege Discussion: Werner Sollars, Harvard University; George Marcus, Rice University 144. Didactic Seminar. Teaching Theory Cluster 3: Bonn Ticket required for admission R. Stephen Warner, University of Illinois-Chicago; Mary Jo Neitz, University of Missouri-Columbia 145. Professional Workshop. Publishing Scholarly Books Consulate Walter Powell, University of Arizona; MarJie Wasserman, Rutgers University Press 146. Cognitive Science Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer: John Skvoretz, Univ~~ity of South Carolina Presider: Robert Philip Weber, Harvard UniversitY Sociological Reasoning with a Computer. Edward Brent and Keith. Jamtgaard, University of Missourl-Golumbia Social and eognitive Stability. Kathleen Carley, Carnegie- Mellon University~ The Economics of Thinking: Cognitive Science and Models of Social Action and Order,. Peter Kollook,. UniverSity of Washington ' I The Use of Knowledge-Base Systems for Representing Qualitative Research Processes. Anne L Shelly and Ernest Sibert, Syracuse University Discussion: Lynn Smith-Lovin, Cornell University ' J,,

44 Frida, 2:30.m Economy and Society Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: S. M. Miller, Boston University Wealth of a Nation: Asset Inequality In America Melvin L Oliver, University of California-Los Angeles; Thomas A. Shapiro, Northeastern University Economic Changes and Poverty, Donald Tomaskovic Devey, North Carolina State University Underdevelopment and Structural Blockage: Southern Illinois as a Peripheral Region in a Core Country. Davita Siffen Glasberg, University of Connecticut-Storrs Intercorporate Power and the Decline of the Steel Industry. PeterS. Brantley and Michael Schwartz, State University of New York-Stony Brook Discussion: Thomas Moore, Denison University 148. Comparative and Macro-Sociological Studies of Education Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Robert Dreeben, University of Chicago Race, Caste, and Higher Education: The Emergence of Preferential Policies in the United States and India. Sunita A. Parikh, University of Chicago Educational Transitions in Israel: A Cohort Analysis of Change In the Educational Attainment Process. Yossi Shavit and Vered Kraus, University of Haifa On the Shoulders of Children: Building a National Community via the Primary School in the 19th and 20th Century. David H. Kamens, Northern Illinois University; Yun Kyung Cha and Suk Ying Wong, Stanford University Education Policy in Comparative Perspective: Similarities in the Underlying Issues in Debate Among Educational Elites in the U.S., Britain, and the Federal Republic of Germany. Henry A. Landsberger, University of North Carolina; Richard T. Campbell, University of Illinois-Chicago Discussion: Arthur L Stinchcombe, Northwestern University 149. Section on Comparative Historical Sociology. Informal Roundtable Discussions Imperial Ballroom Salon B (to 3:20 p.m.) Organizers: Sydney Halpern, University of Illinois-Chicago Circle; Pamela Walters, Indiana University 1. Land and Labor in the Shaping of Israeli Nationalism. Gershon Shafir, UQiversity of California-San Diego 2. American Labor History: The Adoption of Workman's Compensation in the United States, Eliza K. Pavalko, University o~ North Carolina-Chapel Hill Production Politics.: A Comparative History of Union Work Rules in Metal and Coal Mining, Sharon L. Reitman, l,jniversity of Michigan 3. Historical Coromunities: What. To Study and How. 'Ewa Morawska, University'of Pennsylvania 4. Missing a "Leg-up": Coolies, Peons, and Servants: Debt Bondage and Social Stratification. Thomas Ralph Peters, Jr., Emory University 5. The State and Production Politics in 19th Century Prisons. William Staples, University of California-Los Angeles 6. Structure and Strategy in the Production of Culture: tions of a Poststructuralist Perspective for an Sociology of Culture. David Brain, Indiana University 7. The Historical Constitution of Professions: Notes on Physicians in Mexico and Poland in Century. Luis Duran-Arenas and Michael D. Kennedy, varsity of Michigan. 8. Historical Sociology of Education: The Political Economy of Educational Expenditures: France, Germany and Italy. Maurice Garnier, Indiana varsity; Jerald Hage, University of Maryland; Bruce The World Bank Nineteenth Century Education Development Western and the United States. Francisco 0. Ramirez, University 150. Section on Environment and Technology. Community Responses to Chronic Technological asters Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizers: Stephen Robert Couch, Pennsylvania State varsity-schuylkill; Steve Kroii-Smith, Pennsylvania University-Hazelton Presider: Joanne Nigg, Arizona State University Placing Hazards on the Public Agenda Allan Mazur, University Local Mobilization in Response to Toxic,Waste Craig Humphrey, Pennsylvania State University The Political Ecology of Local Protest Groups. Lee Clarkf1t Russell Sage Foudation Community Injury in Cases of Radon Gas Exposure. Edelstein, Ramapo College.... Discussion: Adeline Levine, State University of New YorJt., Buffalo 151. Section on Medical Sociology. The Social Context of AIDS Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer: John Colombotos, Columbia University Presider and Discussion: Theresa F. Rogers, Columbia University Estimating Theoretical Models of the Psychosocial Antec~l"' dents and Consequences of AIDS. Howard B. Kaplan anti Robert J. Johnson, Texas A & M University Structural Contingency Theory and the Prevention of AIDS: Directions for Sociological Research. Peter Messeri, Col. umbia University The Effects of Caring for AIDS Patients on Health C.are Workers. John Co/ombotos and Sheila Gorman, Columblii University; Lois.Grau, Fordham University AIDS and the State: Comparative Dimensions of Definition i:lnq Control. Vladimir Sh/apentokh, John /shiyama, Peter K. Manning and Robert Solo, Michigan State University 152. Section on Methodology. Applications Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizers: Ronald Schoenberg, National Institute of Mental Health; Manfred Kuechler, Florida State University Presider: Manfred Kuechler, Florida State University

45 Differences in Survey Validity? Allan L McCutcheon, ~ of Delaware... on:o>tiron Individual-Level Survey Data for Macro Research using U.S. States. Murray A Straus, of New Hampshire Relationship Between Observed and Unobin Latent Class Analysis. James W. University of Arizona for the Analysis of Association in Cross Data of One-to-Many Correspondences. Kazuo University of California-Los Angeles Bohrnstedt, Indiana University; J. Scott IAf.:.,chiinnifnn State University S~ction on Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Race, and American Education 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Mareyjoyce Green, Cleveland State University School Plans of Black High School Graduates: Has Changed Since the Mid-1970's? Robert M. University of Wisconsin-Madison Attainment of Black Males: The Interaction of ancl Gender. Jo;:Jn Z Spade, Lehigh University /Urban of Rochester and Social Integration of Black and White Freshman Students: A Four Year Analysis. Dean A Purdy and Taylor, Bowling Green State University Patricia Hill Collins, University of Cincinnati Meetings on Sections, with the Section Board (to 4:20p.m.)- 1: Quebec on Comparative Historical Sociology Business Meet (to 4:20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B Meet on Public Information-Burgundy on Sections-Cluster 3: State Force on Work Distribution-Cluster 4: Rio Grande and State Sociological Association Officers Meeting- 1: Quebec on Medical Soc;iology Business Meeting and Award CElirerr onv-matrmjis Ballroom Salon I Resources Group-Imperial Ballroom Salon B s 4:30p.m. Sessions 154. Thematic Session. Sociology and Social Criticism Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer: Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University Presider: Bennett Berger, University of California-San Diego The Virtues of Dissent in Sociology. Lewis Coser, Boston College Sociology for Whom? Criticism for Whom? Todd Gitlin, University of California-Berkeley Discussion: Joan Moore, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee; Peter H. Rossi, University of Massachusetts Amherst 155. Special Se5sion. The Job Market for Sociologists: Meeting the Challenges of the 1990s Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer: Bettina J. Huber, American Sociological Association Presider: Doris Wilkinson, University of Kentucky Potential Expansion of the Academic Job Market Opportunity for Sociologists. Richard J. Hill, University of Oregon Sociological Practice: Opportunities and Challenges. Ronald Manderscheid, National Institute of Mental Health Minorities in Sociology: Strategies for Recruiting Students and Faculty. Jomills Henry Braddock II, Johns Hopkins University ' Discussion: Lois B. DeFieur, University of Missouri-Columbia 156. Professional Workshop. International and Comparative Sociology: The Impact of Sociology World-Wide on Sociology in the United States 1-The Contemporary European Influence Cluster 1: Amsterdam The Reception of Critical Theory and Political Sociology. Andrew Arsto, The New School for Social Research Discourse and Power: Interpretations of Michel Foucault Michael Donnelly, The European University Institute Gender, Difference, and the Analysis of Sexual Inequalities. Yasmine Ergas, The Institute for Advanced Study and the Social Science Research Council 157. Informal Discussion Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A ' 1. Social Aspects of International Development The Case of Nutrition. Brad Bullock, Randolph-Macon Women's College; Glenn Firebaugh,. Vanderbilt University 2. Gender and Technological Change. Beverly Burris, University of New Mexico. 3. Implications of Feminist Literary and Cinematic Studies for,sociology and Literature. Patricia Clough, Fordham University (continued on next page)

46 Frida 4:30.m. Session 157, continued 4. Agribusiness and the Transformation of the Countryside: Current Trends in the United States and the Third World. Lourdes Gouveia, University of Kansas; Kathleen Stanley, State University of New York-Binghamton 5. Implications of the Classifying-Modeling Analytical Strategies for the lntl:)gration of Organizations and Occupations. Charles A. Watson. Sr., Troy State University; Albeno P. Garbin, University of Georgia 6. Postmodernism and Social Theory. Stephen Karatheodoris, University of Alabama 7. Careers and Aging: Some Observations on Professionals Between 50 and 60 Years Old. David Karp, Boston College 8. Teaching War and Peace:' The Vietnam Experience. Roberta Lessor, Chapman College 9. Changes in Aspirations and Changes in Objective Probabilities: The Impact of Social Movements on Occupational Aspirations. Katherine McClelland, Fr(inklin and Marshall College 1 0. Theorising the International State System. Peter Burnham, University of Warwick-Coventry 11. Critical Thinking, Value Analysis,, and Gender. Christa Reiser, East Carolina University 12. Pierre Bourdieu and Contemporary French Sociology., David Swartz, Wesleyan University 13. Teaching Sociological Imagery Using Song Lyrics as Text David Walczak, Union College 14. Race and Support for the Death Penalty. Robert Young, University of Southern Mississippi 15. Educational Organizations as Tightly Coupled Systems. Richard Ingersoll, University of Pennsylvania 16. Cities, Communities, and Sports Complexes since World War II: The Case of Major League Baseball Stadiums, F,. Harold Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 158. Computer Simulations and Data Banks Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Presider: Norman P.. Hummon, University of Pittsburgh A Strategy for Testing the Empirical Adequacy of Macrosociological Theories. Chanoch Jacobsen, Israel Institute of Technology; Richard Bronson, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Daniel Vekstein 1 Israel Institute of Technology The Ecology of Organizational Size Distribution: A Microsimulation Approach. Michael T. Hannan and James Ranger Moore, Cornell University Radical Leaders, Moderate Followers: Effects of Alternative Strategies on Achieving Consensus for Action in Simulated Crowds. William E Feinberg and Norris R. Johnson, University of Cincinnati Algorithms Investigating Larger Sample Size and the Estima. tion and Correction of Spuriousness in Ratio Variable Correlations. Brian F. Pendleton and Rodney S. Marshall, University of Akron Content Analysis System (CAS) for the IBM PC. Mark Jusko, Gary Williams and S. Jay Olshansky, Argonne National Labora,tory 159. Sociology of Labor Unions: I Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Pamela A. Roby, University of nia-santa Cruz... Unions, Technology and Computer Aided Design. Eric...,..,."''"''" Long Island University; William DiFazio, St Johns Jni\ll!lr(>if\lc Household, Work, and Labor Activism: Gender the Determinants of Union Membership Participation. B. Cornfield, Hilquias B. Cavalcanti Filho and Chun, Vanderbi~University The Economic Consequences of Unionization: ~c::tim'~iti Union Threat Effects, Kevin T. Leicht, Ohio State Un.. Larry J. Griffin, Indiana University A De Facto Abridgement of the Right to Strike. Holly 'v'"''"'a"'''" mon, Indiana University Communist Leadership and Shop Floor Control in CIO Judith Stepan-Norris, University of ~os Angeles 160. Section on Comparative Historical Sociology. ClaS$i. Politics and Democracy In the U.S. Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer: Jill Quadagno,'Fiorida State University Presider: Barbara Brents, University of Nevada-Las Vega~... World War Two and the Deradicali:Zation of American Labor. A Case Study. Howard Kime/dorf, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor :.. The Privatization of American Social Insurance: OrganiZ.k~. tions, Fringe Benefits, and the State, FrankR Dobbin, Indiana University, ifr What Goes Around Comes Around: The Strange Career American Taxation and Social Spending Policies in the. La,~t Century. Edwin Amenta, University of Chicago and New York University Economic Policy in a Capitalist State: The Humphrey-Hawki~-JS Bill and the Revenue Act of Patrick Akard, University' of Kansas Discussion: Rhonda F. Levine, Colgate University, 161. Section on Environment and Technology. Construction and Control of Environmental Debates. Consulate Organizer and Presider: William R. Freudenburg, University of Wisconsin-Madison Risk Analysis an'd Modern Social Theory. Andrew Szasz, Uni~ varsity of Califqrnia-Santa Cruz,..., ' The Controversy of Health Studies: Risk Acceptance in Com-c munities Affected by Hazardous Waste. Maria L Santa Barbara, George Mason University The Control of Knowledge as a Factor in Grass Roots Mobilization. Mark Diffenderfer, St Lawrence University Risk and Responsibility in a Computerized Environment Judith A. Perrolle, Northeastern University Discussion: Allan Schnaiberg, Northwestern University

47 Frida c"".:'i~ii:~.,,.~.,.,.tlnn on Methodology. Theory Cll.l~ter 1: Trinidad/Madrid Ronald Schoenberg, National Institute of Mental Kazuo Yamaguchi, University of California-Los. Kazuo Yamaguchi, University of California-Los An- Hazard Models: Models and Estimation. Lawrence L. University of Wisconsin-Madison Class Models for Censored, Missing, and Other Types ncbmplete Data Christopher Winship, Northwestern Robert Mare, University of Wisconsin-Madison Structural Equation Models: Variability of lndiand Goodness of Fit Measures. Kenneth A. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,,.""''"'"\'"'Study oftests for Detecting Heteroskedasticity Regression wlth Applications to Social Science J. Kintner and D. A. Sabourin, General Motors '"'"''""',.''" Laboratories Clifford C. Clogg, Pennsylvania State University section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Racial and Minorities In Higher Education: How Tenous the and Preslder: Mareyjoyce Green, Cleveland State harles V. Willie, Harvard University; Harry H. L. Kitano, of California-Los Angeles; Russell Thornton, of Minnesota; Rodolfo Alvarez, University of Angeles; Lionel A. Maldonado, American :lcfclloaical Association '"lie'"'""' Anna Grant, Morehouse College on Community Reception-Cluster 4: Yukon on Comparative Historical Sociology Reception v'"''"""" Ballroom Salon Ill on Environment and Technology Reception-Consuon Marxist Sociology Reception: 20th Anniversary of Sociology Liberation Movement-Imperial Ballroom ona on Medical Sociology Reception-Marquis Ballroom alon I on Racial and Ethnic Minorities 1Oth Anniversary Celebration-Downtown Holiday Inn Other Group Activities ~~ron1tolo, Society of America Fellowship Programs in Applied Gerontology Reception-Cluster 3: Bonn M.~110rs Program-Cluster 1 : Quebec ' 111Qlana University Alumni-Cluster 4: McKenzie lnt~ma~onal Network for Social Network Analysis...;.Ciuster 1 : Amsterdam "Latinos and Latino Researchers in Sociology" (Clara Rodrl guez, Roberto Fernandez and Homer Garcia): Ciuster 3: Zurich/ London "Social Psychology and Emotions Joint Session" (Roberta Simmons and Peggy Thoits)-Ciuster 1: Copenhagen/ Stockholm Sociological Inquiry Editorial Board-Cluster 3: State "Sociologists in Business Present Sociological Issues In Research"-Ciuster 3: Sydney 8:30p.m. Sessions 164. Plenary Session. What Sociology Can and Should Tell the Next President of the U.S. Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizers: Herbert J. Gans; Columbia University; Thelma McCormack, York University Presider: Joseph Fichter, Loyola University-New Orleans Samuel Bloom, Mt Sinai School of Medicine and City Uni-. varsity of New York Arlie Hochschild, Uniyersity of California-Berkeley John D. Kasarda, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill William Kornblum, City University of New York-Graduate Center Howard Taylor, Princeton University Discussion: The Audience 10:30 p.m. Sessions 165. Film Session. Missile ( Zipporah Films) Cluster 3: Sydney Saturday, A~gust 27 7:00a.m. Meetings Section on Sociology of Aging Council Meeting (to 8:00am.) Ciuster 3: Cabinet 8:30a.m.. Meetings Committee on Certification in Demography-Bor,deaux, Committee 011 Certificaljon in Organizational Analysis-;-Burgun.dy,..,., Jessie Bernard Award Selection Committee (to 12:20 p.m.)- Ciuster 3: Cabinet...,. Committee on National Statistics-Cluster 3: State Council (to 12:20 p.m.)-summit

48 Saturda a:30 a.m. 8:30a.m. Sessions 166. Thematic Session. Sociology, The Civil Rights Movement, and Race Relations Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer and Presider: Hy/an G. Lewis Sociological Foundations of the Civil Rights Movement Lewis Killian, University of West Florida; Charles U. Smith, Florida A & M University A Sociology of the Civil Rights Movement: A Participant Observer's Perspective. Joyce Ladner, Howard University Discussjqn: Kenneth B. Clark, Kenneth B. Clark and Associates; Robert Moses ' 167:. ~pec.ial Session. Sociology and the Other Social Sciences: Economics and Hi~tory Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: Robert Alford, University of Calffornia Santa Cruz The Social Organization of Material Rationality: Sociology and the Economy. Harvey Molotch, University of California Santa Barbara Sociology and History: Producing Comparative History. Jack Goldstone, Northwestern University. Discussion: Thomas D. Boston, Georgia Institute oftechnol- ogy; Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Emory University 168. Professional Workshop. International and Comparative Sociology: The Impact of Sociology World-Wide on Sociology In the United States II (co-sponsored by the ASA Committee on World Sociology) Cluster 1: Quebec Louis W. Goodman, American University 169. Teaching Workshop. Teact'Jing Sexuality and Society Cluster 3: Sydney Lynn Atwat~r, Seton Hall University 170. Family and Kinship: Threats to Family Integrity Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: Sandra L Hoffarth, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Explaining Divorce among Married and Remarried Couples: A Test of Three Hypotheses. Marilyn lhinger-tallman, Washington State University; Masako Ishii-Kuntz, University of California-Riverside The Family Environment of Sexual Abuse: A Comparison of Natal and Stepfather Abuse. Michael Gordon, University of Connecticut Illegitimacy and Inequality in the Social Structure: A Cross Cultural Study. Lewellyn Hendrix, Southern Illinois University The Antepedents of Out-of-Wedlock Fatherhood among Young Men. Sandra L Hanson, Catholic University of America; Donna Ruane Morrison, Decision Resources Alan Ginsburg, U.S. Department of Education Discussion: Arland Thornton, University of Michigan 171. Sociology of Gender Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer and Presider: Cookie White Stephan, New Mexicq State Uf}iversity, Gender Differences in Social Integration. Debra Umberson, and James S. House, University of Michigan Estimating Change in Husbands' Domestic Labor Time. Beth Anne Shelton, State University of New York-Buffalo; She/~ ley Coverman, Tulane Uniyersity Gender and University Teaching. Judith A. Cook, University of Chicago and Thresholds Research Institute; Anne. Stq, tham, University of Wisconsin-Parkside; Laurel Richard... son, Ohio State University Social Support and Short-Term Trauma in Victims of Sexual Assault Libby 0. Ruch, University of Hawaii; John W. Gartrell, University of Alberta; Stephanie Amedeo, University of: Hawaii-Manoa Discussion: Judith A. Howard, University of Washington 172. Quantitative Methods Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer: Michael Sobel, University of Arizona In Defense of Change Scores. Paul Allison, University of Pennsylvania Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Mean and Covariance Structures with Measurements from Different Datg Sources: Research Implications of Some Missing Data Procedures. Gerhard Arminger, Bergische Universitat Wuppertal; Michae/E Sobel, University of Arizona A Simple Latent Class Model for Item Analysis. Clifford C. Clogg, Bruce Lindsay and John Grego, Pennsylvania State University The Multilevel Analysis of Trends with Repeated Cross"' Sectional Data. Thomas A. DiPrete and David B. Grusky 1. University of Chicago Discussion: Trond Petersen, Harvard University 173. Small Groups and Group Processes Consulate Organizer and Presider: Gary Alan Fine, University of Minnesota Rates of Interruption Within the Family: An Inverse Measure of Power. Roseann Giarrusso, University of California-Los Angeles What is the Relationship Between Socioemotional Behavior and Status in Task Groups? Cecilia Ridgeway and Cathryn Johnson, University of Iowa Legitimacy and the Support of Revolutionary Coalitions. Henry' A. Walker, Larry Rogers, Katherine Lyman and Morris Zet~ ditch, Jr., Stanford University The Interactive Elaboration of Information in Workgroups: An Exploratory Study. Emmanuel Lazega, Oxford.University Sources and Consequences of Group Solidarity. Barry Mar"' kovsky and Edward J. Lawler, University of Iowa

49 Sa:turda Ql$.!i!JSSion: John Stolte, Northern Illinois University # Section on Sociology of Aging. Political and Economic Perspectives on Aging Societies - Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stoekholm Organizer and Presider: John B. Williamson, Boston College Generational Equity and the Politics of Class. Jill Quadagno, Florida State University ~ross-national Analysis of Determinants of Retirement Chikako Usui, Tulane University; Alex lnkeles, Stanford University politics, Pensions and Welfare: Left Corporatism, Stateism, and Old Age. Alexander Hicks, Emory University; Duane Swank, Marquette University Changes in Private Pension Policy, Stanley De Vi~, nay, University of Kansas.!Discussion: George Steinmetz, University of Chicago 175. Section on Sociology of Culture. Informal Roundtables Imperial Ball,room Salon B ( o 9:25 a.m.). Organizer: Vera L. Zolberg, New School for Social Research 1. Change and Resistance to Change In the Arts. Yaffa Schlesinger, City University of New York-Hunter College 2. Youth, Religious and Ethnic Subcultures: Presider: Michele Lamont, Princeton University Orthodox Jewish Youth. Gene N. Levine, University of California Los Angeles Y quth Culture in Ireland. Micl)ele Dillon, University of California Berkeley Women in Greek ComiT)unities. Caterina Pizanias, University of Alberta 3. Organizational Structure as Determinant of the Artistic Style of Corporate Art Collections. Rosanne Martorella, William Patterson College. 4. The Right to Challenge: Artistic Truth and Symbols of Dissidence in Eastern Europe. Donna Polisar, University of Southam California 5. A Sociological Consideration of Outsider Art The Madman as Genius? Anne E. Bowler, New School for Social Research 6. Changes in Musical Languages in Unsettled Culture. Clemens Sandresky, Salem College; Catherine T. Harris, Wake Forest University 7. Autonomous Culture in Modern Society. Liah Greenfeld, Harvard University 8. Aesthetic Form in Non-aesthetic Activities: Social Significance of Cultural Forrr1: Art, Science, Religion. Judith Balfe, City University of New York-College of Staten Island Social Change as an Art Form: Improving Race Relations in a Small Southern City. Helen Beckstrom, Charlottesville, VA 9. Cowboys and Indians: The Perception of Western Filtns in Two Cultures. JoEl/en Shively, Stanford University 10, Political Discourse and the Political Subject Robin Wagner Pacific/, Swarthmore.College 11. Rethinking Media Sociology in Relation to the SociolOgy of Culture. Cheryl Zollars, Harvard University 12. Reflections on Collective Memory: The Work of. MauricE;! Halbwachs. Suzanne Vroman, Bard College 13. Gender Roles and Anomie In the Cinema Farshad Malekahmadi, State University of New York-Stony Brook 14. Program Development In the Sociology of Culture. Jeffrey A. Halley, State University of New York-Purchase 176. Section on Medical Sociology. Disability and Reha.. bllftatlon: The Intersection of Epidemiology and Polley. Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Barbara M. Altman, Univetsity of Maryland Secular Changes in Coronary Heart Disease Epidemiology and Their Consequences for Cardiac Rehabilitation-The Case of the Federal Republic of Germany. Klaus U. Kirchgassler, University of Giessen Medical School... Age, Race and Gender as Risk Factors for Rehabilitation: Evidence f.rom Kidney Dialysis and Transplantation Data. Nancy G. Kutner and Donna R. Brogan, Emory University School of Medicine Disability Among U.S. Adults with Arthritis: Social and Morbidity Predictors. Lois M. Verbrugge and James M. Lepkowski, University of Michigan Social Epidemiology and Policy Implications. Richard T. Smith, University of Maryland-Baltimore; Barbara M. Altman, University of Maryland-College Park ' Discussion: R. Jay Turner, University of British Columbia 177. Section on Theoretical Sociology. Social Theory and the Individual Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Stephen. P. Turner, University of South Florida-St Petersburg Life, Meaning, and Contemporary Social Theory: Eugene Rochberg-Halton, University of Notre Dame Postrnodernism" and the End of the Individual: From Repressive Self-mastery to Ecstatic Communication. David Ashley, University of Wyoming '. Enlightenment and Suspicion: The Fundamental Antinomy in Modem Social Theory. Braulio Munoz, Swarthmore College Autor;Jomy and Responsibility in Social Theory. Keith Doubt, Eastern Oregon State College Discussion: Victor Meyer Lidz 178. Section on Undergraduate Education. Informal Roundtable Qlscusslons Imperial Ballroom Salon A Organizer: Caroline Hodges Parsell, New York University 1. Using Computers in Teaching Sociology: Presenting Social Facts Graphically: Computer Analyzed Student Investigations for Introductory Sociology. J. Daniel Cover, FurmS!l University. 1 MicroLab: A Social-Science Research Tool for Non-Quantitative Undergraduates. Michael W. Macy, Brandeis University A Data Based PC Approach to Teaching Introductory Sociology. Cornelius Riordan, Providence.College 2. Critical Thinking about Social Problems. J\lbert E.. Chabot, Macomb Community College; Paul Baker, Illinois State (continued on next page)

50 SaturdayL8:30 a.m. Session 178, continued University; Louis Anderson, Kankakee Community College; Nancy Wendlandt Stein, Normandale Community College; Dean Dorn, California State University-Sacramento 3. Popular and Community Based Education. William Ewens, Michigan State University; Linda Yanz, Participatory Researc:h Group; Peter Park, University of Massachusetts; John Gaventa, Unive~sity of Tennessee 4: New Approaches to Teaching Sociology: The Case Method in Teaching Sociology. JohnS. Miller, University of Arkansas-Little Rock Critical Thinking at the Introductory Level: Beginning with the Basic Elements. Elizabeth R. Morrisey, Old Dominion University 9:30a.m. Meetings SeCtion on Sociology of Culture Business Meeting (to 1 0:20 a.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 10:30 a.m. Sessions 179. Thematic Session. Sociology and U.S. Social Policy Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer and Presider: Victor Nee, Cornell University Sociologists as Engineers and Story Tellers. Peter Marris, University of California-Los Angeles Small Findings, Large Problems: Synthesis in Policy Research. Steven Caldwell, Cornell University Discussion: Ronnie Steinberg, Temple University 180. Special Session. P~ivacy,. Law and the State Cluster.1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider: Kim Lane Scheppele, University of. Michigan The Social Foundations of Privacy, Part 1-Privacy, Civility, and the Common Law. Robert Post, University of California Berkeley The Social Foundations of Privacy, Part 11-Autonomy and Tradition: A Sociological Analysis of Bowers v. Hardwick. Jerome Skolnick, University of California-Berkeley The Information Wars: The State's Struggle to Know; The lndivlclual's Struggle to Withhold. James B. Rule, State University of New York-Stony Brook Discus~ion: Philip Selznick,. University of California: Berkeley; Richard Sennett, New York University 1.!:11. Didactic Seminar. Ethnographic Methods: Approacha!; tp l)ata Gathering and Analysis Cluster 3: Bonn Ticket required for admission Jacqueline Wiseman, University of California.:san Diego 182. Professional Workshop. NSF Organizational Data Based Initiative Consulate Paul Reynolds, University of Minnesota 183. Informal Discussion Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A 1. Determinants of Change in Traditional Family Roles. lsi~ Aytac, University of Maryland 2. Expanding Feminine Virtue: Domesticity and the Victorian "Lady." Patricia Robinson, University of California-Davis 3. Occupations With Changing Sex Compositions. Karen Campbell, Vanderbilt University 4. Research and Theoretical Developments in the Sociology of Humor. Joseph Faulkner, Pennsylvania State University 5.1nterorganizational Response to AIDS: The Politics of Policy Setting. Melinda Cuthbert, Yale University 6. Early Retirement Incentives: Implications for an Aging Work'" force. Roma Hanks, University of Delaware 7. The Role of Sociology in Injury Research. Yossi Hare/ and James Mercy, Centers for Disease Control 8. Explaining Friendship Style: Identifying and Testing a Model.i Sarah Matthews, Case Western Reserve University; Yair Yan, Princeton University 9. West European Transitions to Mass Higher Education: A Comparative Historical Model. Robert H. Ross, Wellesley College 10. Changes in the Household Division of Labor? Research on Men and Women's Domestic Labor Time. Beth Anne Shelton and Sandy Welsh, State University of New York-Buffalo 11. Voluntary Associations and Selective Incentives: Union Issued Credit Cards. Robert Stern, Cornell University 12. Sociological Methods of Comparative and Historical Research. Mary Vogel, State University of New York-Stony. Brook 13. Changes in Degree Attainment Among High School Seniors Over the Past Two Decades. Carl Schmitt, Center for Ei:lucation Statistics 14. The Nuclear Arms: Sociological Perspectives on How to End lt. Richard Yinger, Palm Beach Junior College 15. Attitudes of Minorities in New York City Toward a College Education. James R. Davis, New York City Department of Probation 16. Surveying Rare Populations. A. Wade Smith, Arizona State University 184. Homelessness Cluster 1: Trinidaci/Madrid Organizer and Presider: William J. Chambliss, George Washington University 300 Homeless Men and Women. Irving PiliavJn and Mik~ : Sosin, University of Wisconsin-Madison Criminality and Homelessness: An Empirical Assessment., David A. Snow, University of Arizona-Tucson; Susan G. Baker, University of Texas-Austin; Leon Anderson, Ohio University-Athens; Michael Martin, Adams State College Public Beliefs About the Causes of Homelessness. Barrett A~. Lee, Sue Hinze Jones and David W. Lewis, Vanderbilt University

51 Saturda' of the Homeless or The Crime of Homeiessness. Gregg Barak, Alabama State University tscussion: Richard Appelbaum, University of California Santa Barbara Race, Ethnlclty and Class: Ethnicity and Economic Competition C'uster 3: Zurich/London Organizer: Bart Landry, University of Maryland-College Park o oc!it11:>r and Discussion: Sock-Foon MacDougall, University of Maryland-College Park 1he Changing Job Queue: Causes of Shifts in Ethnic Job Segregation in American Cities; Susan Olzak, JohanOiivier and Elizabeth West, Cornell University Asians in Northern Ireland as Middleman Minorities: A Preliminary Analysis. Martin N. Marger, Michigan State University ~abor Market Position and Antagonism Toward Arabs in Israel. Noah Lewin-Epstein, Tel Aviv University Intra-Group Differences in Business Participation: A Comparative Analysis of Three Asian Immigrant Groups. Kwang Chung Kim, Western Illinois University; Marilyn Fernandez, University of Illinois-Chicago; Won Moo Hurh, Western Illinois University 186. Work, Occupations, and Professions Cluster 1: Quebec Qrganizers ar;~d Presiders: Carolyn C. Perrucci, Purdue University; Rober Perrucci, Purdue University The Organlzation.of Professional Work: Job Defir:Jitions in California Governn;tent Agencies. David G. Strang and James N. Baron, Stanford University Organizational Change and the Division of Labor: The Effects of "Supermarketism" on the Organization of Work. John P. Walsh, Northwestern University. Organizational, Managerial, and Employee Constraints on the Reorganization of Work: The Case of Telecommuting. Donald Tomaskovic-Devey and Barbara J. Risman, North Carolina State University Discussion: John Lammers, University of Louisvil!~ 187. Seetion on Sociology of Aging. Frontiers of the Life Cycle: Social Consequences of the Mortality Revolution (co-sponsored by the ASA Section on Sociology of Population). Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Eileen M. Crimmins, University of Southern California. Recent Changes in Mortality and Labor Force Behavior Among Qlder Americans: Consequences fqr Nonworking Life Expectancy. Mark D: Hayward, William H. Grady and Steven D. McLaugh{ifl, Battelle Memorial institute. " " The Impact of Increased Longevity on Older Adults' Health and Di~ability: Models, Data arid Forecasts. Lois M. Verbrugge, University of Michigan. Predicth1g Mortality Among the Independently-Living Rural Elderly: A 20. Year Longitudinal Study..Richard M. Hessler, S. Hooshang Pazaki, Robeit Blake and Richard Madsen, University of Missouri-Columbia. Discussion: S. Jay Olshansky, Argonne National Laboratory 188. Section on SoclologyofCulture.Aitemative Approach es and Methods In the Sociology of Culture. ",. Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Presider: Ann Swidler, University of California7 Berkeley When Critters Act Like People: Anthropomorphism in Greeting Cards. Sarah Brabant, University of Southwestern Louisiana; Linda A. Mooney, East Carolina University Gender, Chance, and Circumstance in.the Survival of Artistic Reputations. Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang, University. of Washington Elites and Culture Construction: The Americanization of Women's Dress, Victoria Billings, University of California-Los Angeles The Influence of Political Culture Upon the Formation of Foreign Policy: A Comparison of the West German and American Perceptions of the USSR, Stephen Kalberg, Harvard University 189. Section on Medical Sociology. The Restructuring of American Health Care Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: Donald W. Light, UMDNJ and Rutgers University Restructuring Patterns of Elite Dominance and the Formation of State Policy in Health Care. Allen W. lmershein, Philip C. Rond /II and Mary Mathis, Florida State University The Changing Nature of State lnvervention in the American Health Care System. Mary Ruggie, University of California San Diego Organizational Changes and Access in Home Health Care. Linda Bergthold, Carroll Estes, James Swan and Pamela Hanes Spohn, University of. California-San Francisco The Threat of Corporatizatlon and lts'recapture by the Medical Profession. Kathleen Montgomery, University of California, Los Angeles 190. Section on Political Economy of the World System. Informal Roundtabl~ Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer: Jeffery M. Paige, University of Michigan 1. Issues in the Quantitative Study of Inequality In the World System. Heather-Jo Hammer, University of Hawaii-Manoa; Walter Gillis Peacock, University of Alabama-Huntsville 2. State, Class and Development in the World System. Miguel Korzeniewicz, Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad, Buel')os Aires; Bruce Rankin, University of Maryland- College Park 3. Revolution and the World System. Douglas Kincaid, Florida International University-Tamlami 4. Market Socialism and the Capitalist World Economy.Aivin Y. So ~nd SungnM1 Cho, University of Hawaii..,Manoa; David Stark, UniversitY of Wisconsin-Madison 5. Colonial Empires and the Cap~ist World. System. Terry Boswell, Emory Liniv~rsity 6, World Cities and UrbanHierarchies. Joe Feagin, University oftexas-austin; Sharon Zukin, City Ur:Jiversity of New York Brooklyn College and Graduate, Center

52 Saturday, 10:30 a.m Section on Theoretical Sociology. Mini-Conference: Feminism and Sociological Theory Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer and Presider: Ruth A. Wallace, George Washington University - Sociological Theory as Methods of Writing Patriarchy into Feminist Texts. Dorothy E. Smith, University of Toronto What Happened to Paradigm Change? Making Gender Visible. Joan R. Acker, University of Oregon and Swedish Center for Working Life Implications for Sociological Theory of Psychoanalytic Feminism. Edith Kurzweil, Rutgers University Self and Gender in Lacan. Norbert Wiley and Christine Chambers, University of Illinois-Urbana Discussion: Jessie S. Bernard 192. Section on Undergraduate Education. Institutionalizing Strong Undergraduate Programs Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer: Caroline Hodges Persell, New York University Presider: Royce Singleton, Jr., Holy Cross College Building Undergraduate Sociology Programs. Michael Brooks, Texas Christian University What Chairs Can Do to Support Undergraduate Education. Norman Goodman, State University of New York'.:stony Brook What a Sociology Club and Other Special Programs Can Do. William Brown, University of Central Florida Discussion: Sharon M. McPherron, St Louis Community College 11:30 a.m. Meetings Section on Political Economy of the World-System Business Meeting (to 12:20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 12:30 p.m. Meetings 1988 Program Committee-Cluster 4: Thames American flociologica/ Review Editorial Board-Cluster 4: Yukon Journal of Health and Social Behavior Editorial Board Cluster 4: McKenzie Rose Monograph Series Editqrial Board-Cluster 4: Rio Grande Sociological Methodology Editorial Board-Cluster 4: Nile Section on Undergraduate Education Council Meeting (to 1 :20 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Amsterdam 12:30 p.m. Other Group Activities "Medical Sociology Section and 'sws-emerging Issues in Women's Health" (Sheryl Ruzek, Ann Hohmann, Lynn Weber Cannon, Elizabeth Higginbotham, Nancy Marshall, Rosalind Barnett, Grace Baruch, Joseph Pleck, Herm Smith)-Ciuster 5: South Hampton 12:30 p.m. Sessions 193. Age Stratification and the Life Course Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer and Presider: Jacquelyne Johnson Jackson, Dul<~ University Creating Pathways and Timetables: The Cultural Construction of the lntergenerational Family Life Course. Linda M. But~ ton, Pennsylvania State University Residents' Power in Retirement Homes. Charles H. H::o wld'"" Central Washington University Health and Labor Force Participation: A Cohort i'>f Older Male Workers. Elizabeth Mutran, University of Carolina-Chapel Hill; Donald C. Reitzes, Georgia University The Effects of Race Differences in Work History, Work tudes, Health, and Economic Resources on' w,.,.m.,,.,,., Retirement Linda Liska Belgrave, Case Western 1-!F!!~Ar\J,A University Race and Cohort Differences in Life Patterns of Women, Janet Zollinger Giele, Margie E. Lachman and Gilfus, Brandeis University Discussion: Frank Whittington, Georgia State University, 194. Historical Sociology and Its Methods II Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer. Craig Calhoun, University of North Hill Presider. Moishe Postone, University of CHicago The Decline of Christendom in the Middle Ages: Contribution to the Weberian Thesis. Cat/ W. Roberts, State University; Andre Goddu, University of Notre The Selective Transmission of Historical Documents: Case of the Parish Cahiers of Gilbert Shapiro, Markoff and Silvio R. Duncan Baratta, University of burgh The Evolution of Moral Education in U.S. Public Schools: cational Progressivism and the Search for a New Order. Mustafa Emirbayer, Harvard University Redefining the Public Realm: Progressive Coalitions Social Policy in Wisconsin and Washington, 1 Elisabeth Clemens, University of Chicago Discussion: William Roy, University of California-Los 195. Sociology of Leisure and Popular Culture Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer and Presider: George H. Lewis, University of Pacific Eating 'Utopia: What McDonalds Has Done. Allen University of Georgia Screen Images and Youth: A Sociological View of Movi~ dom. Emanuel Levy, Wellesley College Protest and Rebellion: Fantasy Themes in Japanese Kenneth Alan Adams and Lester Hill, Jr., Jac~ksomtille University Discus!:)ion: Steven Ortiz, University of

53 Saturda.m. ;ocllolc1gy of Love and Friendship is Ballroom Salon I St John~s. Friendships:; Basic Challenges of a "Scriptless" Donald O'Meara, University of Cincinnati of Modern Love: Representations of Romance 980s. C. Lee Harrington and Denise D. Bielby, of California-Santa Barbara and Power in Intimate Relationships. Paul L. Jane. Barnhardt and Carolyn Pepper, Western University. its Disintegration: Patterns of Transference in Social Thomas S. Smith, University of Rochester Dnlltl.-,., Sociology: Analyzing Structures of Power 1: Trinidad/Madrid George Ross, Brandeis University,...,..,.-~.,.,n,..;.~., Within and Between Conservative Social Political Networks, A Longitudinal Ex<,imination. Lor Majka, U.S. Refugee Program mltal-::-ita te Relations, State Policy, and the Accumula Harland Prechel, University of,,..,..,,.._.,.,.,more County With The State: The Fortune 500, Rational Self Interand the Size of Political Action Committees. John University of Michigan in Campaign Finance? PAC Groupings in the Election. Denise Scott, University of Massachusetts A/an Neustadt/, University of Maryland-College Dan Clawson, University of Massachusetts-Amherst llet:>re.tical Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender uis Ballroom Salon Ill and Presider: Delores P. Aldridge, Emory University on the Interrelationship of Race, Class and Gender. Osmond, Florida State University. Women's Ways of Knowing: Integrating Gender, and Class Identities and Consciousness. Wendy Lut Duke University Underclass in Weberian/Ecological Perspectives: and Sexual Dimensions. Fred D. Hall, University of Carolina-Chapel Hill Sex Differences in the Role of Education for Occupa Success. Jomills Henry Braddock, II aric! James M. Johns Hopkins University; Marylee C. Taylor, ia State University Lena Wright Myers, Jackson State University p,.,..,..,,-~ and Perfect Babies: Risk and the Work of Genetic Charles L. Bask, University of Pennsylvania Lag: Crisis in Confidence. Nancy Reichman, Uniof Denver Power, Intercorporate Networks and "Strategic Bankruptcy". Kevin Delaney, State University of New York-Stony Brook Risk and Polley in the British Nuclear Installations Inspectorate. Peter K. Manning, Michigan State University Raise the Alarm: The Effects of Accidents on the Reporting of Near Midair Collisions. Michal Tamuz, Rutgers University Discussion: Carol A. Heimer, Northwestern University 200. Talk and Interaction Cluster 1: Quebec Organizer: Deirdre Boden, Washington University-St. Louis Presider: Steven E. Clayman, University of Wisconsin-Madison Neutrality as an Interactional Achievement Steven E. Clayman, University of Wisconsin-Madison Social Problems Work as Rhetoric. Gale Miller, Marquette University What's Meant by Partying to People Your Age?: The Sequential Unfolding of Meaning in Rape Trials. Greg Matoesian, University of Missouri-Columbia The Interaction of Gaze and Talk in a Congressional Inquiry: The Social Accomplishment of Answers. Timothy Halkowski, University of California-Santa Barbara Discussion: Candace West, University of California-Santa Cruz 201. Teaching Sociology Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Michael A. Malec, Boston College Cosmopolitan or Locals: International Knowledge in the Undergraduate Sociology Curriculum. David Wiley, Miqhigan State University Sociology for Undergraduates: Social Systems as World Systems and World Systems as Social Systems. Immanuel Wallerstein, State University of New York-Binghamton The Deparochialization of American Sociology. J. Michael Armer, Florida State University Can American Undergraduate Students 'Acquire a Sense of International Relativity? Remi Clignet, University of Maryland Discussion: Joseph W. Elder, University. of Wisconsin-Madison 201 x. Sociolinguistics: Analysis of Language Us.e in Everyday Settings Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Stanford W. Gregory, Jr., Kent State University Change and Diffusion of First Names: California in the Twentieth Century. Stanley Lieberson, Harvard University; Eleanor 0. Bell, University of California-Berkeley Daily Addressing Ritual: A Cross Cultural Study. Ga(}' Huang, Kent State University Signalling Status Through Conversation. Allan Mazur and Mimi Cataldo, Syracuse University Social Alignments: Pragmatic Aspects of Personal Pronouns. Chantale Hetu, University ofcalifornia-san Diego Claims Making in Mediation H~arings. Angela Garcia, Univer-. sity of California-Santa' Cruz

54 Saturda 1:30.m.! 1:30 p.m. Meetings Business Meeting with Presentation of the 1987 Hans 0. Mauksch Award Address: "Teaching and Learning One Co~rse-at-a-Time" (Charlotte Vaughn), and announcement of the 1988 Hans 0. Maul<sch Award (to 2:20 p.m.) Ciuster 1: Amsterdam 2:30p.m. Meetings American Sociological Foundation Trustees (to 6:20 p.m.)':"'" Bordeau)( Oversight Certification Committee (to 6:20 p.m.)-burgundy Committee. on Sociological Practice (to 6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Cabinet Committee on the Status of Women in Sociology (to 6:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: State Section on Theoretical Sociology Business Meeting (to 3:20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon B 2:30p.m. Sessions 202. Thematic Session. Sociology of Gende~ and Inequality Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer: Elizabeth Long, Rice University Presider: Judith Lorber, City University of New York Brooklyn College and Graduate Center The.Response of Feminists to Social Inequality. Carole Joffe and David Karen, Bryn Mawr College Gender and Race. Bonnie Thornton Dill, Memphis State University; Maxine Baca-Zinn, University of Michigan Flint Gender as a Structure of Power. Robert Connell; McQuarie University Discussion: Joan Huber, Ohio State University 203. Didactic Seminar. Event History Analysis Cluster 3: Bonn Ticket required for 'admission Nancy B. Tuma, Stanford University; Lawrence L Wu, University of Wisconsin-Madison 204. Professional Workshop. Sociologists as Expert Witnesses Cluster 1: Quebec Lynn Srnith-Lovin and John Freeman, Cornell University; Dan Hoyt; Iowa State UniversitY 205. The Community: Local and Transcultural Pel'specbu ' 1- ': Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer: James E. Blackwell, University of Massachusetts- Boston ' Presider: Wilbur H. Watson, Atlanta University Integrative Ritual in an Occupational Community. Carole State University of New York-Albany Church, State, and Community: A Case Study of Patterns of Religion and Power. N. J. Demerath Ill H. Williams, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Community Development and Local Autonomy: Opponent for Taiwan's Development Hsiao-hung Chen, National Chengchi University-Taiwan Local Action on Behalf of Local Collectives in the U.Sf Israel: How Different are 'Leaders and Members in tary Associations. Robert R. Friedman, Georgia varsity; Paul Florin, University of Rhode Island; Wandersmat1, University of South Carolina; Ron United Jewish Federation of MetroWest, New Discussion: Ida Rousseau Mukenge, Morehouse vullt:!-lle, 206. Evaluation Research Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Andy B. Anderson, Un MassachusettS-Amherst Evaluating Service System Effectiveness. Oscar Kathleen Tierney, University of California-Los An,"' 1 's" Beyond the Quantitative-Qualitative Debate: Current opments and Their Future Implications for Program tion. Huey-tsyh Chen, University of Akron Comparisons between Proposed AI.D. Projects and mented Projects. Kurt Finsterbusch, University of College Park Issues In Evaluating Server Intervention Programs. Saltz, Prevention Research Center 207. Sociology of Hispanic Americans Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizers: Clara Rodriguez, Fordham University; Fernandez, University of Arizona Presider: Miren Uriarte-Gaston, University of Massc:tchl Boston The Occupational Attainment of Male and Female Black, and White High School Graduates. Manuel Puente, U.S. Department of Agriculture Factors As5ociated with Female Headship among Rican Families on the Mainland. LuisM. Falcon, and G. Powers, Fordham University Mexican Descent and Ethnic Identity. Rogelio Saenz and a, Aguirre, Texas A & M University Dropping Out among Hispanic Youth. Ronnel/a Paulsen, varsity of Arizona; Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi, State Univefsity-Northridge Discussion: Vilma Ortiz, Manpower Demonstration Corporation 208. Soci~logy of Labor Unions, II Consulate Organizer: Pamela A. Roby, University of Cruz Presider: Carole Turbin, State University of New State College

55 Saturd:a Political Quilting: The Social Fiber of Democratic Among San Francisco Longshoremen. David University of California-Santa Cruz Analysis of Public Sector Strike Duration in States, Brian T. Smith, Cornell Stewards, Class and Class Identity. Pamela A. and Michael Webber, University of California-Santa Technological Change? Three Case Studies of nn,-m:~k r n Around New Technology. Robert J. Tho Institute of Technology Under Corporatist Regimes: Recent Trends in Relations in Western Europe. Paul Windolf, Uni Qf Heidelberg and Presider: Linda. H. Aiken, University of Pennsyl- Work and Family Meet Stress Across Social Roles. Wheaton, McGill University Theory, Social Supports, and Mortality Rates, A Convergence. Eugene Litwak and Peter Mas Columbia University lter.-sp,ecialty Mobility of Physicians. Jerry A Jacobs and.. Messikomer, University of Pennsylvania Interest Among MEDICARE Beneficiaries. Marjorie C. and Stephen Hansell, Rutgers University Leonard Pear/In, University of California-San,,n,,l.,,.n. John Colombotos, Columbia University I~S,.,ctlon on Sociology of Aging. The Blomedlcallzaof American Social Gerontology Clu ter 3: Sydney Dale Dannefer, University of Rochester; George Duke University Dale Dannefer, University of Rochester the Social Back in: A Critique ofttie Biomedicalization Karen Lyman, University of Southern Cali- Gary Albrecht, University of Illinois-Chicago fdicaliz:ati<>n of Aging: Dilemmas and Dangers. A Position So/ Levine, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundaand Boston University Section on Sociology of Culture. The Old Masters 1ind the Sociology ofculture lll~rquls Elallroom Salon I',. 1, :-,..", r. n,:..,;...,,p and Presider: Robert R. Alford, University otcali- nr:r""-"'"'"'"" Cruz. and the Sociology of Culture. Jeffrey Alexander,.Hnlv<>r'"m' of California-Los Angeles and Individualism. Robf:lr:ta Satow and Laura Kitch, City of New York-BrQOklyn College a,tio i1aliza1~on Specialization and Culture: The Weberian Problematic. Blaine McBurney, New School for Social Research Infrastructure and Superstructure: The Marxist Soct616gy bf Culture. Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University 212. Section on Political Economy of the World-System. Commodities, Class, and the World System Marquis Balll'()()m Salon II Organizers and Presiders: Stephen G~ Bunker, Johns Hopkins University; David A. Smith, University of California-Irvine Foreign Investment in Agriculture, Economic Growth, and Export Industrialization. Jacques De/acroix, Santa Clara University; Charles Ragin, Northwestern University Structures and Dynamics of the Global Economy: NetWork Analysis of International Trade, David A Smith, University of California-Irvine The Transformation of Teak' Production in Java: The Contradictions of Forest Access Control and Development Nancy L~e Peluso, University of California-Berkeley. World Marke~ Class Cantlie~ and Rural Coercion in Post Coloniai.Bue~os Aires. Karl Monsma, 4niversity of Michigan-Ann ArbOr.. Discussion: Jeffery M. Paige, University of Michigan-Ann.. Arbor 213. Section on Undergraduate Education. WhOse Mind Is Closed? Beyond Bloom, What Should the Content of Liberal Education Be? Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill,. Organizer: Caroline Hodges Persall, New York University Preslder: Bryce Johnson, Southern Oregon' State College Panel: Hubert M. Blalock, Jr., University of Washington; Reece McGee, Purdue University' Ann Sundgren, Tacoma Community College; Zelda F. Gamson, University of Massachusetts-Boston 214. Section on Theoretical Sociology. Refereed Roundtables lmperl~l Ballroo.J;n ~ion B Organizer: Miriam M. Johnson, University of Oregon 1. Getting Theory Papers Published: Presider and Discussion: John Wilson, Duke University Panel: Cha'rles C. Lemert, Wesleyan University; Charles W. Smith, City l!jniversity of New York-Queens Coll~e and Graduate School ; ' 2. The Division' of Labor. Further Implications: ' The Division of Labor and the Market Areas of Manufacturing. Fii'JTIS. Davie! R. Meyer, Brown University.. Division of LabOr, School Size and SttJdenf ReSiStance. Jean Stockard and Maralee Mayberry, 'Univei~ity of Oregon 3. Feminist Reconceptualizations: ' Reconceptualizing -Social Change: A Feminist Perspective.. Celene Krauss, Cook College-Rutgers University 4.The New Utilitarianism. Frank J. Lechner, Emory University Economic Action and Culture-Level Analysis. Eric Hans Rambo, University of California-Los Angeles 5. Network Analysis: A Theoretical Reconstruction with Practi -" cal intent Mustafa Emirbayer and Jeff:GOOctwin; Harvard University (continued on ne.xt p;jge)

56 Saturda 2:30.m. Session 214, continued 6. Means, Goals and Anomie in Durkheim: The Bright Side of Anomie. Marco Orru, University of South Florida ' Durkheim, Schopenhauer and the Relationship Betweeh Goals and Means: Reversing the Assumptions in the Parsonian Theory of Rational Action. Stjepan G. Mestrovic, Lander College 7. Time, Space, and Scale: Planning and Time and Space Phenomena Jiri Kolaja, West Virginia University Scale as a'f:ocus of Social Organization. Alvin Boskoff, Emory University 8. The Micro-Macro Linl<: Globals, Mutables, and lmmutables: A New Look at the Micro Macro Link. Kenneth D. Bailey, University of California-Los Angeles A Dialectic Resolution ofthe Micro-Macro Sociological Dichotomy. /no Rossi, Sl John's University 9. Toward a Theory of Status and Sacral Relationships: The Case of Worship. Murray Milner, Jr., University of Virginia 1 0. A Critique of Wilson's Morality in the Evolution of the Modern Social System. Joseph B. Tamney, Ball State University 11. Cancelled, 12. The Mediations Between Sociology and its ConteXt in the Career of Robert Park: A Study in Pierre Bourdieu's Sociology of Science. Daniel Breslau, University of Chicago 13. Constructing a Theory of the Family: From Malinowski Through the Modern Nuclear Family to Production and Reproduction. LL Cornell, Indiana University-Bloomington 4:30p.m. Sessions 215. Thematic Session. Sociology and the Wealthy and Powerful Marquis Ballroom Salon II Organizer and Presider: Michael Use im, Boston University Inside the Dominant Class. Maurice Zeitlin, University of California-Los Angeles Gender, Class and Career in the Lives of Privileged Women. Arlene Kaplan Daniels, Northwestern University Power, Control and Networks of Corporate Influence. Walter W. Powell, University of Arizona Discussion: Paul J. DiMaggio, Yale University 216. Professional Workshop. Sociologists Working In State and Local Governments Cluster 3: Bonn Alan Marks, University of Arkansas-Little Rock; Larry Keeter, Mayor, Boone, NG and Appalachian State University; H. Eugene Hodges, University of Alabama-Huntsville; JohnS. Mi//er, University of Arkansas-Little Rock 217. Teaching Workshop. Effective Use of Teaching Assistants In Instruction Consulate Edward L Kain, Southwestern University 218. Immigration and the New Immigrants Marquis Ballroom Salon IV Organizer and Presider: Ellen Percy Kraly, Colgate New Immigrant Organizations and Old Country Links: Case of Soviet Jews in the U.S. Steven Gold, College Neighborhood Evolution and Ethnic Change. Michael J. The Urban Institute Politics of Labor Market Immigrant Nurses from the pines. Tomoji /shi, University of California-Berkeley Women's Employment and Household Composition: Post Migration Effects Among Dominicans and ans. Douglas T. Gurak, Fordham University; Mary M: The Rockefeller Foundation The Social Construction of the Illegal Mexican Alien lssu e the Press. Judith Ann Warner, Laredo State Un Celestino Fernandez, University of Arizona Discussion: Charles B. Keely, Georgetown University 219. Sociology of Law arid Regulation Cluster 1: Quebec Organizer and Presider: Michael Powell, University of Carolina-Chapel Hill Scientific-Technical Expertise in Regulatory Rationalization, Delegitimation and the Case of the. Labor Relations Board. Robin Stryker, University of Sociological Contributions to Rationality in Criminal Law ing Processes: An Internationally Comparative tive. Joachim J. Savelsberg, Harvard University Law and the Impact of Rationalization: A Focus Upon Rica. Pat Lauderdale, Stanford University Rational Capitalism and Municipal Government The siva Era Joseph L Tropea, George Washington Un Plea Bargaining in the Federal Courts: Johfl Padgett, University of Chicago Discussion: Charles L Cappel/, University of Virginia 220. Organizations Cluster 1: Copenhagen/Stockholm Organizer: Johannes M. Pennings, University of P'"'""''"."''" Presider: John Freeman, Cornell University Comparing Organizational Sampling Frames. Arne L. berg, Howard E. Aldrich and James W, Cassell, of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Peter V. Marsden, University_ Organizational Births: Perspectives on the Emergence of Firms. Paul D. Reynolds, University of Minnesota Buying Bloo.d ~d Selling Truth;.Organizational Theory Cultural Analysis. Wendy Espeland and Elisabeth mens, University of Chicago. Founding Conditions, Environmental Selection and tional Mortality. David J. Tucker, McMaster Jitendra V. Singh, University of Pennsylvania; Agne ' Meinhard, Brock University ' Defining Corporate Culture: Exploring the Relations Values, Decision-Making and Cultural Diversity. P. Bowser, California State University-Hayward

57 Saturda 4.rzo..., ~,c,. Soclai Contexts of Scle~ce and Knowiedge Cluster 1: Amsterdam '""'""'7'~r and Presider: Susan E. Bell, Bowdoin College ~nc:an:o;u:s Formation in the Laboratory. Karin Knorr-.Cetina and Klaus Amann, University of Biel~feld... Between Lay and Professional Approaches to Environmental Health Risks. Phil Brown, Br!Jwn University and Harvard Medical School... Influences on the Emergence of a New Res~~ch Spec;ialty: The Case of IVF. Caroline Hodges P~rsel!, Nancy Harris and Makis Antzoulatos, New York Umversity '"""J""''u' Michael Lynch, Boston University lrn<mi7 Ar:. Gary G. Hamilton, University of California-Davis and Discussion: John W. Meyer, Stanford University - ~ 1 ~ 1 " Historical Changes in Social Policy,: l;he Case of Unemployment PoliC:ies.and Public Assistance in Imperial Germany. George Steinmetz, University of Chicago in the Welfare State: A Comparative Approach. Ann Shola Orloff, University of Wisconsin-Madison Rise of Compulsory Schooling in the Western Cultural Context Common Frame and Varying Obstacles; John f3oli, University of Lund; Francisco 0. Ramirez, Stanford University. and Revolution in Southeast Asia, : A Com par, a~ve Analysis. Jeff Goodwin, Harvard University Family, Racial, and State :VIolence Cluster 3: Sydney and Presider: Sarah Fenstermaker, UniversitY of Barbara.... \trnlln~''"' in 'slack Families Increasing? A Comparison of 1975 and 1985 National Survey Rates. Robert L Hampton, 'Connecticut College; Riq,hardJ. Gelles, University of Rhode Jsland., e"lrt..., of Marital Homicide: A Comparison of Husbands and Ann Goetting, Westem Kentucky University.Adole:sce nt Violence Toward Parents: An Examination of the Extent, Correl~tes, and Causes of Parental Assault Robert, Agnew and Sandra Huguley, Emory University bt cussion: Margaret Smith, Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence Section on Sociology of Aging. Informal Roundtable Discussions Imperial Ballroom Sillon A Qr,gariizei: Jaber F.' GubriUf11, 'l,jni\lersity of Flo~ida... i. Social Movement Theory.and u.s. AglnQ ~.oli~ies,,kenneth J. Branco, Boston College and Stonehill ~qllege; Lawrenpe A Pqwell, Purdue Lh'liversity..,. g, Re~tructurtllg the ASA Aging S~ction. Jo(m WilliC nson,. Boston College ,.a. Job Satisfaction and Work Values Among M~ture '('/qrkers., James H. Frey and An9r.e.a ~on tan a, yniversity of Nevada. Las Vegas 4. Funding in Aging. David M. Weiss, Long Island University Center on Aging 5. Psychological Well-Being and Home Sharing with an Adult Child. Karl Pillemer and Jill Suitor, University of Ne~ Hampshire. 6. Marital Complaints Before and After Retirement. David J. Ekerdt, Veterans Administration, Boston; Barbara H. Vinlck, Boston University 7. Social Support Systems for the Aged in Bophuthatswana. Dominic Milazi, University of Bophuthatswana 8. Professional-Client Relations in Geriatric Assessment Janet Feldgaier, Northweste'rn University 9. Widowhood: Twenty Years of Research. Felix M. Berardo, University of Florida.. 1 o. Roles and Self: Factors in Development and Retirement Donald C. Reitzes, Georgia State University; Elizabeth Mutran, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 11. Satisfaction and Stress of Parenta19aregivers. Balla Miller, University of Illinois-Chicago' 12. The Familyless Elderly: Post-Hospital Care. Lucy Rose Fischer, St Olaf College; Leah Rogne, University of Minnesota. 13. Alternate Theoretical Approaches to Later Life Families. J. Brandon Wallace, University of Florida 14. Aging: Perspectives of Older Military Personnel. Dean F.. Johnson, Carol M. Wells and RoPert Breckenridge, t-jorth 'western State University ' Section on Sociology of Culture. Emerging Problematlcs In Culture Studies,, Marquis Ballroom Salon I Organizer and Presider: Richard A. Peterson, Vanderbilt University..... Bringing Culture Back in By Keeping It Out Jeffrey. C. Goldfarb, New School for Social Research Culture as a Tool for Political Analysis. James M. Jasper, New York University Triangulation: A Problem-Finding Machine for C,ulture Studies. Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Ethnography as Fiction: Fiction as Social Science. Avery Gordon, Boston College.... '88 Model c'ulture Studies. Richard A. Peterson, Vanderbilt University 226. Section on Political Economy of the World-System. Gender In the World-Syste.m Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizers: Karen Hossfeld, San Francisco State University; Kathryn R Ward, South~rn Illinois University Presider: Karen Hossfeld, San.Francisco State University Gender, Development, and High Tech.Centers. Kunifw Fujita, Michigan State University... Women, Consciousness, and the. New International Division of Labor in Northern Mexico. Susan Tiano and Robert Fiala, University of New Mexico Factories in the Fields of Plenty: Gender, Agrarian Transformation and Industrial Restructuring in Columbia Cynthia Truelove, Johns Hopkins University Discussion: Rita S. Gaffin, Michigan State University

58 <, I Saturda 4:30.m Section on Theoretical Sociology. Mini-Conference: Feminism and Sociological Theory Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill Organizer: Ruth A. Wallace, George Washington University Presider: Janet S. Chafetz, University of Houston From the African Food Crisis to the Israeli Kibbutz: Toward a FeminiSt Theory of Development Rae Lesser Blumberg, University of California-San Diego Feminism and the Theories of Talcott Parsons. Miriam M. Johnson, University of Oregon. Habermas and Feminism: The Futur.e of Critical Theory. ThomasMeisenhelder, California State University-San Bernardino Feminist Theory or Theory of Feminism? Rose Laub Coser, Boston College 5:30p.m. Meetings Section on Sqciology of Aging Business Meeting (to 6:20 p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon A 6:30p.m. Receptions Section on Sociology of Aging Reception-Imperial Ballroom Salon A Section on Sociology of Emotions Reception-Marquis Ballroom Salon I Section on Theoretical Sociology Reception-Marquis Ballroom Salon Ill 6:30 P l!l, Other Group Activities Alpha Kappa Delta-Summit 8:30p.m. Sessions PLENARY SESSION. ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING OF. THE AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIO,N Marquis Ballroom Salon II Preslder: Herbert J. Gans, ASA President Report of the President Herbert J. Gans, Columbia University Report of the Secretary. Michael Aiken, University of PennsylVania.. Report of the Executive Officer~ William V. D'Antonio, American.Sociological Association ' Members' Resolutidris' Installation of 1989 President Joan Huber \ '; Sunday,August28 ', 8:30a.m. Meetings Committee' on Committees (to 6:20 p.m.)...:ciuster 3: Electronic Sociological Network Committee-Cluster 4:. Council $ubcommittee on Problems of the -a: Cabinet Teacher-Scholar Sabbatic~! Proposal Cotmm,itte1e...:.c1 Thames 8:30a.m. Other Group Activit Honors Program (to 12:20 p.m.)-ciuster3: Bonn 8:30a.m. Sessions 228. Sociology of Conflict and Dissent Cluster 1: O!Jebec Organizer and Presider: Sethard Fisher, University of. fornia-santa Barbara Conflict in Social Relations at Work: A Chicana Persoetctl\1 Denise Segura, University of California-Santa Rar'bara Elite Control and Citizen Mobilization: Dimensions a Small Midwestern Town. Eugene Hynes, GMI ing and Management Institute-Flint; Vema IIA. rrwlp.v. sas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Winfield Recent Elections in Poland and Hungary: The Coming Ritualized Politics. Grzegorz Ekiert, Harvard.,. Interethnic Conflict in Urban America: The Effects of Sociai and Economic Dislocation. Melvin L. James H. Johnson, University of California-Los East-European Intellectuals on the Road of Dissent Prophecy of a New Class Reexamined. Janina Zagorska and Kfzysztof Zagorski, The Australian University-Canberra Discussion: Arthur Upow, London University 229. Studying the Audience. for Culture and the " ' Media Cluster 1: Copenhagen Organizers: Andrea L. Press, University of Michigan;. ~ Strathman, University of California-Berkeley Presider: Andrea L. Press, Unive~ity of Kentucky From Audience Movement Black Music as Segmentation and a8 Identity Formation. Jon D. Cruz, varsity of Massachusetts-Amherst Personal Views of Cultural Reproduction: The Role of and "Hard Work." Susan Klppax, Macquarie. Viewirig Relations in Television Culture: Toward an graphy of the Audience. Ron Lembo, University fornia-berkeley.. Reading at the Grassroots: Local Book Discussion. Social Interaction, and Cultural Change. Elizabeth

59 Sunda'' University Terry Strathman, UniversitY of California-Berkeley; Andrea L Press, University of Michigan Cluster 1: Amsterdam "'"''"'7.,_ Caroline L. Kaufmann, University of Pittsburgh eha1biih:aticm for People with Psychiatric Pisabilities: A Comparison of Two Residential Models. Michael Nagy, Holyoke/Chicopee Research Project an~ Sexual Display: Empirical Evidence of Public Advocacy for Disabled People and the Disabled Person's "Right to be Sexy." Howard D. Schwartz, Radford University; Robert Kelleher; University of Virginia Stigma of Chronic Facial Pain and Its lr:npact on SQCial Relationships. Mary Clare Lennon, Bruce G. Link, Bruce P. Dohrenwend and Joseph J. Marbach, Columbia University '}. Comparative Assessment of the Social Networks of Elderly Disabled and Nondisabled. William Alex Mcintosh; Karen Kubena, Wendell Landmann and Suzanne Dvorak, Texas A & M University Discussion: Paul Higgins, University of South Carolina 231. Sociology of Emotions Cluster 3: Zurich/London Qrganizer and. Presider: Peggy A. Thoits, Indiana University Beautiful Souls and Political Brains: On the Civilization of the Affects and their Boaily Display. Gerhard Vowinckel, Universitaet dar Bundeswehr Hamburg The Rise of Sibling Jealousy in the 20th Century. Peter N.. Stearns, Carnegie-Mellon University The Language of Feelings: A Moral Rhetoric in a Therapeutic Community. Juniper Wiley, University of California-Los Angeles Managing Emotions in Medical School: Students' Contacts with the Living and the Dea~. Allen C. Smith Ill ~fld Sherry/ Kleinman, University of North Carolina~Chapei 1 Hill Discussion: Steven Gordon, California State University-Los Angeles 232. Capitalist and Socialist Markets Consulate Organizer and Presider: lvar ~erg, University of Pennsylvania Capitalist and Socialist Systems in ~e Perspectives of Transaction Cost Economics. Oliver Williamson, Yale University Pumps and Arenas. Harrison White, Columbia University Limitations of.transaction Cost Analysis; The Case.of Ca,pitalist Economies.. Rogers Hollingsworth and Marc Schneiberg,!Jniversity of Wisconsin.~ Madison 2~:J. Coll~tive Memory and Traclltlon Marquis Ballroom Salon IV,..._.. Organizer an~ ~resider: Barry Schw~rtz, University ofg~rgia Collective Memories of Wartime Experience.'G/en ft.. Eider, Jr., Cynthia Gimbel and Fiachel Sweat, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Collective Memories of Important Events Over the Past Half Century. Howard Schuman and Jacqueline Scott, University of Michigan., Neglect and Protection of Architectural Monuments in th!=! Soviet Union: Changing Attitudes towa:rd the Past Albert J. Schmidt, University of Bridgeport Discussion: Jeffrey C. Goldfarb, New School for Social Research 234. Social and Political Networks Cluster 3: Sydney Organizer: Lawrence L Wu, University of Wisconsin:- Madison Information Brokerage in the National Health Policy Domain. Roberto M. Fernandez, University of Arizona; Roger V. Gould, Harvard University; David Prensky, N. W. Ayre The Social Organization of Party Politics, Ideological Orienta~ tions, and Elite Linkages Within the Washington Representative Establishment During the First Reagan Administration: A Network Analysis. Edward 0. Laumann and Tony Tam, University of Chicago; John P. Heinz, Northwestern University Organizational Networks and Political Influence: Passage and Implementation of the "Clean Water Act" Harry R. Potter and Harlan M. Schweer, Purdue University A Dynamic Analysis of Corporate PAC Groupings Tie-Ting Su and Dan Clawson, University of Massachusetts. Amherst; Alan Neustadt/, UniversitY of Maryland-College Park. Discussion: Peter V. Marsden, Harvard University Morals and Social Theory Summit Organizer: Michael Hammond,!Jpiversity of Toront~ Legitimation and Justification: The Logic of Moral and Contractual Solidarity in Weber and Durkheim. Mark Gould, Haverford College The Paradox of.individualism: Durkheim and. Kohlberg on Promoting Postconventional Morality in the Context of the Fin de Siecle Rebellion Againstthe Enlightenment Stjepan G..,Mestr:ov;c, Lander College; Anthony J. Cortese, Illinois State University MQ!:!ern Society as a M()ral Community (Back to Aristotle). Jan Ajzner, University of Toronto.. Gemeinschaft or Gesellschaft?. T~o Competing Visions of Society in Werner Stark's and Max Weber's Sociology of Religion. Hermann Strasser and Gunther Schiegl, Univer. sity of Pl!is~urg, F.R.G ~lology of Time and Space Cluster 1: Stockholm Organizer.and Presider: Murray Melbin, Boston, University Time Deviance. Noel t Byrne, Sonoma S.tate University Modes of Transaction: Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Orga_nizati~ps. Martha A. O'Mara, Harvard\Jniversity. The S~~ In the. Present ~attw Charniaz, Sonoma $tafe University Egoism pnthe Road: A View of H~ctihiking from the Theor~tical Windshield of Emile Durkheim. Todd Greene, State UniversitY of New York-Stohy Brook 1

60 Sunda 8:30a.m. i; 237. Section on Organizations and Occupations. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer. Cora Marrett, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1. Education and Organizations: Presider. William Velez, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Faculty Compliance in a Large Research University. Te~esa Stallings and Mary Zey-Ferrell, Texas A & M University Corporate Leaders and Secondary School Reform. Roslyn Arlin Mickelson and Carol Axtell Ray, University of North Carolina-Charlotte Schoolwork: A Comparison of U.S. and Japanese Colleges. Takeshi Ken Matsuda and Curt Tausky, University of Massachusetts-Amherst 2. Ethnicity, Gender, and Organizations: Presider: Deborah King, Dartmouth College Making It in Corporate Management Perspectives of Successful Minority Managers. and Current Minority MBA Students. Nancy D1Tomaso and Donna E. Thompson, Rutgers Graduate School of Management Emerging Leadership Groups in Changing Organizations. Daniel Cornfield, Vanderbilt University Gender Composition and Well-Being in the Workplace. Amy Wharton, Washington State University 3. Weberlan Theory Revisted: Presider. David Stark, University of Wisconsin-Madison The Extent of Authority in Hierarchical Relations of the Firm. Joanne Miller, Queens College; Joe L Spaeth, University of Illinois Sources of Structural Diversity in Organizations: Reconsidering Weber's Contributions to Organizational Sociology. Heinz-Dieter Meyer and Frederick H. Butte/, Cornell University The Degree of Bureaucratization in Promotions. Richard Clarke, Emory University 4. Work Roles in Conflict Presider. Paul L Wienir, Western Michigan University Modeling and Measuring for the Influence of Salesforce Role- Related Difficulty: Perspectives on the 1 'State of the Art" in Contemporary Marketing Management Eliot R. Hammer The Kid and the Professional. Mario Brajuha, State University of New York-Stony Brook ' The Labor Conflict of the TWA Flight Attendants. Sandra L. Albrecht, University of Kansas 5. Technology and Organizations: Preslder: George S. George, Syracuse University 6. ProfeSsionals and Professionalism: Rhetoric and Professional Mandate In American Architecture, Adam Bickford, University of Chicago Organizations Between Market and State: The Appropriation of State Powers by Bar Associations. Michael Powell, University of North Qarolina-Chapel Hill; Ter.ence Halliday, American Ba~,Foundation and University of Chicago; Mark Grantors, American Bar Foundation 7. The Weii-Beihg of Workers:. Strw;:tl!ral versus Sybjective ;redjctors of Role_ Strain in Or~ariiations. Yvette' R. Schlussel, T.G. Pickering and P.L. Schnall, Cornell Univer~ity Medical College. Repetitive Work, Boredom, and Worker Dissatisfaction. Clark Molstad, California State Univer5,ity-San... Bernardino Life Events Associated with White Collar Unemployment Re-Employment Kathleen Piker King and Dennis E. son, University of Northern Iowa 8. The Lite Cycle of Organizations: Presider. Cora B. Marrett, University of woe,,..,.,,"'" n MSidiSt:>r The Effects of the Contemporary Women's Movement Development of Women's Occupational Dar/anne Hoctor, University of Arizona 9. Embeddedness and Organizations: The Embeddedness of Executive Conflict Management vin Morrill, University of Arizona Socially-Embedded Industry. Patrick McGuire, University Toledo 238. Section on Sociology of Population. ""''mnortn~orih\l and American Social Change Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer and Presider. S. Philip Pennsylvania Opportunity, Movement, and Marriage: U.S. Farm Sons at Turn of the Century. Nancy S. Landale, University Chicago. Child Fosterage in America, Andrew Miller, University Pennsylvania The Effect of Sex Composition of Occupations and Occupational Characteristics on Return to Work l=nllnwiri'n Pregnancy. Sonalde Desai, Arleen Leibowitz and Waite, The RAND Corporation Recent Changes In Household Headship: The Effect of lng Population Composition. Lawrence Santi, University Wisconsin-Madison Kids, Jobs and Happiness in General: Changes Among Mom~ and Dads, Douglas Sloane, Catholic UniversitY 239. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender: Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A (to 9:20 am.) 1. Changing Attitudes About Gender. Presider and Discussion: Kay Ttblier, San Francisco State University Cohort and Gender Attitude Change: Further Shifts in Public Opinion. Susan Losh-Hesselbart, Florida State UniversitY' Abortion: In Search of Pluralistic Criteria of Social Justice, Josefina Flgueira-McDonough, Michigan State University 2.Women in Academia: Preslder and Discussion: Mary Frank Fox, Pennsylvania State University Funding and Sociological Publication: EffectS of Author Gendef- 1 Article Topic and Methods. Xue Lan Rong and Unda Grant University of Georgia; Kathryn B. Ward, Southern Illinois University Men and Women of Academe: An Examination ofthe Competition and Tokenism Hypothesis. Pamela S. Tolbert a.j1d Jeffrey B. Arthur, Cornell University 3. Men's Family Role: Nineteenth Century America:. The Division of Lal:>or and Gendered Intimacy In Antebellum New England. Karen V. Hansen, University of California- Berkeley

61 Sunda the Men Go? Changes in the Intra-familial Division. Sue Hinze Jones; Vanderbilt University, Race, and Social Policy: ~nd Discussion: Myra Marx Ferree, University of niff'"<>c! in Subjective Knowledge: A Phenomena Approach. Louise Levesque Lopman, Regis College' of Development on Women: In Quest of a Development Synthesis. Emilda Tabao Driscoll, Syracuse Uni- Construction of Women: the Bad and the Psychotic: Hollywood's Cultural li:>firlmnl'l!': of Gender and Sexuality. J. Lee Meihls, National Meet in on Sociology of Sex and Gender Business Meeting (to ~0:20 a.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salon A Meetings on Awards Policy-Cluster 4: Thames Resources Group Training Clinic-Cluster 4: McKen- Sessions and Presider: Henrika Kuklick, University of Pennsyland Scientism, the Case of William Fielding Ogburn. Bannistei; SwartHmore College. Spencer's Philosophy of Science. Valerie Haines, JnivArC>iitv of Calgary History Revisited: An Analysis of Tocquevllle's ut=~tnnr rt:>r vin America. Leonard Hochberg, Stanford Uni- 111n ~>~'~n.hi""' Class Bases of Ethnic Boundary Formation: The Case of Alaska Natives. Alfred Darnell, University of Chicago Economic Development and Opportunities for American Indians. Gary D. Sandefur, University of Wisconsin-Madison.Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Processes of Incorporation of Indians into the American State. Thomas D. Hall, University of Oklahoma. Discussion: C. Matthew Snipp, University of Maryland-College Park 242. Neglected Topics and Areas Cluster 1: Stockholm Organizer and Presider: Eviatar Zerubavel, Rutgers University Children's First Names: An Empirical Study of Social Taste. Stanley Lieberson, Harvard University; Eleanor 0. Bell, University of California-Berkeley Erving Goffman and the Study of Domestic Objects. Stephen Riggins, University of Alberta Culinary Pluralism or Culinary Hegemony: The Case of Ethnic Dishes. Liora Gvion-Rosenberg, State University of New York-Stony Brook Fitness as Postmodern Practice. Barry Glassner, City University of New York-Hunter College and Syracuse University Discussion: Paul DiMaggio, Yale University 243. Phenomenological and Symbolic Sociology Cluster 1: Quebec Organizer and Preslder: Robin Wagner-Pacific/, Swarthmore College Capturing the Story: Newspaper Coverage of Terrorist Activity in the United States and Italy. Mabel Berezln, Harvard University Tragic Casework Narratives and the Non-Valuative Polity. Mark D, Jacobs, George Mason University Deep Symbols, Symbolizing Action, and Institutions: Some Examples from the Development of American Kinship. Bruce Bellingham, Florida State University Discussion: Lawrence Hazelrigg, Florida State University 244. Section on the Sociology of Emotions. Subcultural Differences In Emotions: Ethnlclty, Social Class, Gen 'dei'and Age Cluster 3: Zurlctt/London Organizer and Presider: Randall Collins, University of California-Riverside Class Differences in Emotional Experience: Implications of Schachter's Theory, Steven F. Cohn, University of Maine The Division of Labor and Emotions. Theodore D. Kemper, St John's University Organizing Feelings Toward Authority: Two Case Studies of Work Groups; Lacy Hirschhorn, Wharton Center for Applied Research The Social Organization of Sentiment In Meditative Settings: THe case of Zen. David Preston, San Diego State University The American Slave "Shout": Ritual of Power and Community Formation. Robert Simpson, UniVersity of Nebraska-Omaha

62 Sunda 10:30 a.m Section on Organizations and Occupations. Cultl!ral and Institutional Perspectives on Organizations and Occupations. Consulate Organizer and Presider. Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina-Chapel HiU Networks for Evaluation: On Reputation In Economic Life. Lynne G. Zucker, University of California-Los Angeles Workers' Responses to the Labor Process: The Limits of Job Centered, Analysis. Steyen Peter Vallas, Russell Sage Foundation; Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, Russell SaQe Foundation and City University of New York-Graduate Center The Institutional Foundations of Chinese Business: The Family Firm In Taiwan. Gary G. Hamilton, University of California, Davis; Kao Cheng Shu, Tunghai University Patterns of Domination in Japanese Business. Marco Orru, University of South Florida; Gary G. Hamilton, University of California-Davis Discussion: Koya Azumi, Rutgers University-Newark 246. Section on Sociology of Peace and War. The Emergence of Civil Saciety in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union: Promise for Peace Cluster 1: Copenhagen' Organizer. Artflur Upow, University of London Presider. James M. Skelly, University of California-San Diego Eastern Europe and the Emergence of Civil Society: Starting Point of a Long Process. Wojtek Lamentdwicz, University of Warsaw Civil Society and Democracy: Funqamental Requirements for a Peaceful World Order. Arthur Lipow, Birkbeck College University of London Civil Society and Alternative Social Movements in East Central Europe. Ferenc Mislivetz, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Civil Society in the Soviet Union. Tair Tairov, Institute of World Economy and International Relations 247. Section. on Sociology of Population. Informal Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon B Organizer and Presider: Larry Long, U.S. Bureau of the Census 1. The Political Consequences of Low Fertility. Ken Chew, University of California-Irvine 2. Comparative Historical Demography. Dennis Willigan, University of Utah-Salt Lake City 3. Social and Demographic Consequences of the Marriage Squeeze. Scott South, University of New York-Albany 4. The Sociology of Urban Demographic Processes. Craig St. John, University of Oklahoma 5. The Survey of.lncome and Program Participation. David McMillen, U.S. Bureau of the Census 6. Mortality as an Indicator of Inequality. Dan McMurry, Middle Tennessee State University?.Industrial Structure, Stratification and lnfantmortality.. Unda Lobao Reif, Ohio State University; Michael J; Belyea, Duke University 248. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Experl~nce, Feminist Theory, and Sociological Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer. Rachel Kahn-Hut, San Francisco State U Presider. Margaret Andersen, University of Delaware, Theoretical Logic in Feminist Theory. Hannah Kully, of California-Los Angeles Considering Women's Experience: A Reformulation Theory. Diane RothQar,d Margolis, University of ticut-stamford Freud, Weber and Nazism: A Crisis of Masculinity and nity. Roslyn Wallach Bologh,.City University of New College of Staten Island and Graduate Center Discussion: Sondra Farganis, New School for Social 11:30 a. Meetings Section on Sociology of Population Business Meeting (to p.m.)-lmperial Ballroom Salori B 12:30 p.m. Meetings Section on Sociology of Peace and War Business MA1~tin1nh 1 :20 p.m.)-ciuster 1: Stockholm 12:30 p.m. Sessions 249. Culture and the Arts Summit Organizer and Presider. William Gibson, Southam MAthnirn University Of Maids' Uniforms and Blue Jeans, The Discourse of Ambivalence in Clothing and Fashion. Fred Davis, sity of California-San Diego Creating Television: Do Women Make a Difference? Cantor, American UniversitY Pictures at an.exhlbition: Does Funding Affect Content? ' ria D. Alexander, Stanford University The Postmodern Debate Over Urban Form. Sharon University of NeW York-Graduate Center and College Discussion: Jeffrey K. 0/ick, Yale University 250. Sociology of the South Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer and Presider. Charles Jaret, Georgia State The Incredible Shrinking South. Carol Hanchette and Shelton Reed, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill',.. I. Blacks and the New South: The Struggle for Parity. Robert[), Bullard, University oftennessee The Southern Violence Construct A New View of l=thnn~~an''" trism in the Social SCiences. F. Frederick Hawley, ana State University-Shreveport The Leo Frank Case and His Posthumous Pardon. Kolack, University of Lowell

63 Sun Values and Ethics in Sociological Research and Practice and Presider: Kenneth D. Bailey, University of Angeles and Ethics in Criminology. Joseph F. Sheley, Tulane l"'<>llitnrnoa-o Postures in Sociological Research. Anthony Hay nor, St University Parsons and the German Summer of 1948: The Sub Rosa Professional Affairs of a Sociological Theorist. Charles T. O'Connell, University of California-Los Angeles ~iscussion: Kenneth D. Bailey, University of California-Los Angeles 252. Section on Sociology of Emotions. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A. Organizer: Candace Clark, Montclair State College t. Organizations: Contributions to the Sociology of Emotions: f'resider: Larry Hirschhorn, Wharton Center for Applied The Splitting of Leadership and Management as a Societal Defense. Thomas N. Gilmore, Wharton Center for Applied Research; James Krantz, Yale School of Organization and Management The Symbol of the Space Shuttle and the Degeneration of the American Dream. HowardS. Schwartz, Oakland University ' 2. Emotion Work, Front Stage: Preslder: Lyn H. Lofland, University of California-Davis 1 Killed 'Em": Comedians' Emotional Labor. Patricia Potter, University of Chicago. Game Face: Emotion and Display Work of the Mi:ile Athlete. Steven M. Ortiz, University of California-Berkeley 3. George Herbert Mead on Emotions: Presider: David D. FranRs, Virginia Commonwealth University Emotions from the Stand paint of a Social Behaviorist Reclaim Ing Mead's Work on Emotions. L,Joyd Gordon Ward, Brock University; Robert Throop, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry 4. The Social Construction of Feeling Rules: Presider: Arlie Russei/.Hochschlld, University of California Berkeley Work and Shadow Work: ParentS, Children, and Emotions. Dem/e Kurz, Philadelphia Health Management Corporation Organized Intimacy: Appreciation Ceremonies and Mutual Self-Criticism in an Alternative Health Center. Sherry/ Kleinman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Front and Soul: The Structure of Affect 'in Black Urban America David J. Dodd, Montclair State College 5. Situated Emotions: Presider: Pet~r Adler, University of Denver Ambivalence ahd American CultUre: The Case of Adolescent Rebellion. John P. Hewitt, University of Massachusetts Amherst Fun and Work at a Sales Party: Commercial Uses of Sociability at "Naughty. Lady Partie~." Eleen A Baumann, Oregon State University.. 6. Working on Our Feelings: Exploring Sex and Grief through Introspective Narrative: Presider: Howard Robboy, Trenton State Colleg~ '.. Accepting and Denying Death in the Doctor's 9ffice,. Cf!J'Ol:fiJ S. Ellis, University of South Florida.. A Night In the Life of a Dancer. Carol Rambo, Tampa, FL : 7. Macro-Theoretical Perspectives on Emotions: ' Presider: Gordon Clanton, San Diego State UniversitY Affective Maximization: A New Macro-Theo'retica:l Model in the Sociology of Emotions. Michael Hammond and Susan J. Murray, University of Toronto.... Affect The Missing Dimension of Capitalist Reproduction. Lauren Langman and Wanda Harold, Loyola University Chicago 253. Section on Organizations and Occupations~ Autl'!or Meets-Crltlc: Woody Poweli, The Non-Profit Sector Consulate (to 1 :20 p.m.) Organizers: Wolf Heydebrand, New York University; Judith R. B/au, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Presider: Wolf Heydebrand, New York University Critics: Craig Calhoun, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; James R. Wood, Indiana University 254. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Household and the International Division of Labor Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer: Rachel kt: m-hui, San Francisco State University Presider: Rae Lesser Blumberg, University of California-San Diego The Triple Shift Immigrant Women Workers and the Household Division of Labor In Silicon Valley. Karen J. Hossfeld, San Francisco State University. Are Women In the World-System? Kathryn B. Ward, Southern Illinois University, Father Knows Best About Allin the Family: A Feminist Critique of Household Strategies. Diane L Wolf, University of Washington The Status of Female-Headed Small-Holder Households in Malawi. Catherine White Berheide, Skidmore College; Marcia Texler Segal, Indiana University Southeast Discussion: Shelley Feldman, Cornell University: 1:30 p.m. Meetings Section on Organization and Occupations Business Meeting (to 2:20 p.m.)-consulate 1:30 p.m. Sessions 255. Section on Sociology of Peace and War. Researching the American Peace Movement: Discussion Cluater 1: StOCkholm (to 2:20 p,m.) Organizers: John Lofland, University of California-D~.vis; S{irn Marullo, Georgetown University Presider: Mary Anna Colwell, Catholic University (continued on next page)

64 Sunda Session 255, continued Segments of the American Peace Movement John Lofland, University of California-Davis; Sam Marullo, Georgetown University Networks and theamerican Peace Movement Earl Molander, Portland State University 2:30p.m. M~tings Council Meeting (to 6:30 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Sydney 2:30p.m. Sessions 256. Comparative Views on Gender, Caste, and Inequality Cluster 1: Amsterdam Organizer: Gary G. Hamilton, University of California-Davis Presider: James C. Cramer, University of California-Davis Status Characteristics and Perceptions of Women's Opportunities in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom. Marina A. Adler and April A. Brayfield, University of Maryland Women at the Top: Insiders or Outsiders? Gwen Moore, Russell Sage College Divergence and Convergence in lnte111ational Development A Decomposition Analysis of Inequality in the World System. Walter Gillis Peacock University of Alabama-Huntsville; Greg A. Hoover, Cars~n-Newman Coilege 257. Immigrant Women II Summit Organizers: Rose Laub Coser, Boston College and Radcliffe College; Andrea Tyree, State University of New York-Stony Brook. Presider: Andrea Tyree, State University of New York-Stony Brook Cuban-Jewish Women in Miami: A Triple Identity. Hannah R. Wartenberg, University of Miami. The Aesthetics of Assimilation: The Jewish Mother in the Twentieth Century. Gladys Rothbell, State University of New York-Stony Brook. Familial Roles in the Experience of Immigrant Israeli Women. Nira Lipner, McGann-Erikson '.. Southern Italian and Eastern European Immigrant Women in Connecticut Laura Anker, State University of New York College-Old Westbury Discussion: Rose Laub Coser, Boston College and Radcliffe College v 258. The Sociology of Georg Sim~el Cluster 1: Organizer and Presider: Suzanne Vroman, Bard College The Construction of the Social World According to Simmel. Michael Kaern Boston University Dimensions of Conflict Gearg slmrriel on,f.,aoc;l~m Life: Deena Weinstein, DePaul Un!versity; Michael A. W.efnstein, Purdue University ' ' Autonomous Dynamics and Modernity. Birgitta Ne aej'ma European University Institute, Florence Simmel's New "Storey" Beneath Historical Materialisro; frey Shad, Jr., University of Pittsburgh Discussion: Lawrence A. Scaff, University of Arizona 259. See Session 201x 260. Section on Sociology of Emotions. Emotlonjc Dramatic Depletion: Insights for Sociological Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer and Presider: Jacqueline P. Wiseman, UnivE~rsi1Yl California-San Diego Anhedonia: Gender and the Decline of Emotions in the can Film, Stanford M. Lyman, Florida University. Retail Feelings: How Actors Construct Emotions. Beck, Northwestern University Discussion: Bernard Beck, Northwestern University; M. Lyman, Florida Atlantic University 261. Section on Organizations and Occupations. troversles In the Analysis of Organizations and pat Ions: A Panel Discussion Consulate Organizer: Wolf Heydebrand, New York University Presider: Peter M. Blau, University of North Hill and Columbia University Panel: Glenn R. Carroll, University of r.<=~llifnr ni<=~-rf!rkl'lll' Huseyin Leblebici, University of Illinois-Urbana; ruchi, Columbia University; Gerald Salancik, Illinois-Urbana; W. Richard Scott, Stanford Michael Useem, Boston University; Oliver Williamson/ University; Mayer Zald, University of Michigan-Ann 262. Section on Sociology of Peace and War. ujlli>cu n~., Peace, Security, and International Society Cluster 1: Copenhagen Organizer and 'Rresider: John Wills, University of.gautoltnl~ San Diego Nuclear Discourse in Japan and the U.S.: A Comparative ysis. Glenn Hook,. University of Sheffield The Shifting Lessons of World W~ 1: A Study in the Stock of Kn6wledge. Elliott King, University of Califo1 n1a San Diego, Attitudes Toward Surviving Nuclear War. patricia,.,~.~.,''"" Gibbs,.University of Oregon Peace and the Idea of Security. Charles Nathanson, Un of California-San Diego 263.,Section on Sociology of Population. Studies in 'tality and Family Demography Cluster 1 : Trinidad/Madrid Organizer: Larry Long, U.S. Census Bureau Presider: Calvin Goldscheider, Brown University The Effects of Weather on Mortality in the United States 19'27to Ulla Larsen, University of

65 Sun:d a '"'" ~"~';"n Patterns of Remarriage in the United States. Larry Bumpass, Jim Sweet and Teresa Castro; University of Wisconsin-Madison Parent or Two: The Intertwining of American Marriage and Fertility Patterns. Rona.Jd R. Rindfuss and Jo Ann Jones, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill SoCioeconomic Status and Maternal Characteristics Related ~ to Birth Weight and Infant Mortality in Puerto Rico and Among Puerto Ricans Living in New York City. Luis M. Falcon, and Douglas T. Gurak, Fordham University; Katherine L. Tucker, McGill University!)iscussion: Jay Teachman, Old Dominion University 264. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Refereed Roundtables Imperial Ballroom Salon A ~rganizer. Rachel Kahn-Hut, San Francisco State University 1. Social Construction of Gender. Ptesider and Discussion: Dana Vannoy-Hiller, University of Cincinnati Masculine, Feminine, Desirable: Current Appraisal of Gender Related Traits. Mary Glenn Wiley and Kathleen S. Crittenden, University of Illinois-Chicago Sex-Role Attitudes and Gender Consciousness. Emily Wright Kane, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Reversing Spousal Roles: A Study of High School Senior's Preferences. Penelope Hanke, Montana State University 2. Women in Occupations and Professions: Presider and Discussion: Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, Boston College Professionalizing Private Tasks: Status Building Strategies in Nursing and Home Economics. Christine Williams, University of Texas-Austin; Terry Stratham, University of California-Berkeley Sex-Typing and Occupational Attainment Examining the Relevance of the Socialization Perspective. Rosemary Santana Cooney, Fordham University; Meritta B. Cullinan, Molloy College 1 Technology, Feminization and Wages: Changes in Male and Female Earnings in the Insurance Industry, Polly A. Phipps, University of Michigan 3. Gender and Decision-Making in the Household: Presider and Discussion: Sarah Fenstermaker, University of California-Santa Barbara self-exploitation" Reconsidered: Gender Asymmetry In Rural Household Production. Ni/ufer lsvan-hayat, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Gender Identity and the Negotiation of the Conjugal Contract in the Turkish Blue-Collar Marriage. Hale Bolak, University of California-Santa Cruz The Role of Women in Household Decision-Making: Gender Equality in the Philippines. Adelemar N. Alcantara, University of Hawaii 4. Social Change and Women's Family Role: Presider and Discussion: Karen Seccombe, University of Florida Social Development and the Work of Widows: The Case of Modem Urban India. Helena Z. Lopata, Loyola University Chicago Occupatio'nal Adjustment of Laotian Women in the United States Labor Force. Zakir Hossain and Punnipa Hossain, Southern Illinois University Gender, Ethnicity,' Household and Class Formation: The Case of Asian-Americans in Hawaii. Emma Porio, University of Hawaii 5. Women's Employment The Impact of Race: Preslder and Discussion: Maxine Baca-Zinn, University of Michigan-Flint Determinants of Hours of Work for Women: Analyzing the Impact of Headship and Race. Irene Browne, University of Arizona The Dynamics of Race-Gender Segregation in Occupations. Lisa M. Catanzarite, Stanford University Class, Culture, and Self: Race and Gender in the Adult-Role Plans of Black and White Adolescent Girls~ Mary Margaret Wilkes Karraker, The College of St Catherfne~St Paul 6. Working Women and Child Care Policy: Presider and Discussion: Lynet Uttal, University of California Santa Cruz Working Mothers and Child Care: Backdrop for Decision Mak. ing. Patricia Garrett and Sally Lubeck; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill The Privatiz'ation of Family Support: The Case of Child Care. -:Judith D. Auerbach, University of California~Los Angeles Child Support in th~ Welfare State: Policy-Makl~g for Women. and Children in the Contemporary United States. Ann Shola Orloff and Robert Blggert, University of Wisconsin-Madi- 'p '' ' I son 7. Feminist Organizing:. Presider and Discussion: Betty Kirschner, Kent State University. Feminist Organizations: What Are They Like? Patricia Yancey Marlin; Florida State University A Clear and Dangerous Enemy: How Feminist Social Movement Organizations Respond to the New Right Cheryl Hyde, University of Michigan..... Gender, Clas5, and Political Thinking. Joey Sprague, Univer~ 1 sity of KanSas ~ 8. Women and Men in Nontraditional Occupations: 1 Pr9$.ider and Discussion: Robin Leidner, Univ.ersity <;>f Bennsylvania ' '' ' ',., ',. ' ' An Exploration of M1.Jitiple f.jiargil)ality in WprK.apd Family: The Case of Women Part-timers in Male Professions. Elaine.. Stahl Le() 'and Esth~rNg~n,ung Chow, Ame~qan!Jniversity Solos and Innovators: Women and Men in Non-,traditional Qccupations. Kaisa KaL!Ppinen-Toropairlfiry, university of Michigan ".,e, ~ 1 3:30p.m. Meetings Section on Sociology of Emotions Business Meeting (to 4:20 p.m.)-ciuster 3: Zurich/London 4:30p.m. Sessions 265. Section on Organizations and Occupations. New Forms of Organizational and Occupational Control and Coordination Cluster 1: Quebec (continued on next page)

66 Sunday, 4:30 p.m. Organizer and Presider: Robert N. Stern, Cornell University Technocractic Organization and Control. Beverly Burris, University of New Mexico Designing Devotion: Corporate Culture and New Ideologies of Workplace Control. Gideon Kunda, Tel Aviv University; Stephen R. Barley, Cornell University Aesculpian Control in the Workplace. Terry C. Blum, Georgia Institute of Technology; Paul M. Roman, University of Georgia Changing Organizational Patterns: A Case Study ofthe Use of Temporary Workers at AT&T. Joy Gaines, Emory University Discussion: Pamela S. Tolbert, Cornell University Monday, August 29 8:30a.m. Meetings Council (to 6:30 p.m.)-champagne 266. Section on Sociology of Population. Migration and Community Cluster 1: Trinidad/Madrid Organizer: Larry Long, U.S. Census Bureau Presider: Jack Tucker Migration and Population Momentum: An Analysis of Age Specific Net Migration for U.S. Counties, Michael White, The Urban Institute; Peter Muser, University of Missouri-Columbia Where They Come From and Where They Go: A Geostatistical Extension to Racial Dissimilarity. Vivian Z. Klatt, University of Delawarec Is the Response to Residential Stress Multiphasic? Glen Deane, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Economic and Quality of Life Decisions in Migration to a High Natural Amenity Area. Patrick C. Jobes, Montana State University Migration Exp~ctations and Behavior. Margaret Mooney Mar~ ini, University of Minnesota; William Chan, Vanderbilt University Discussion: Eui~Hang Shin, University of South Carolina 267. Section on Sociology of Sex and Gender. Social Construction of Sexual and Gender Identity Cluster 3: Zurich/London Organizer: Rachel Kahn-Hilt, San Francisco State University Presider: Arlene Kaplan Daniels, Northwestern University The Social Construction of the Female Orgasm: Darlaine C. Gardetto, University of Missouri-Columbia Lesbian Virgins: A Study of Redefining Identities. Cathy Reback, Whittier College Gender and Social Change: 1950's Mothers and Their Daughters. WinifredBreines, Northeastern University Discussion: Laurel Richardson, Ohio State University

67 67 Members of the 1988 c ouncil Officers of the Association Herbert J. Gans, President, Columbia University Richard J. Hill, Vice-President, University of Oregon Michael Aiken, Secretary, University of Pennsylvania Melvin L. Kohn, Past President, Johns Hopkins University Mayer N. Zald, Past Vice-President, University of Michigan Joan Huber, President-Elect, Ohio State University Glen H. Elder, Jr., Vice President-Elect, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill William V. D'Antonio, Executive Officer Elected-at-Large Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Cha,rles M. Bonjean, University of Texas, Austin Richard T. Campbell, University of Illinois, Chicago Randall Collins, University of California, Riverside Lois B. DeFieur, University of Missouri, Columbia Nancy DiTomaso, Rutgers University Richard H. Hall, State University of New York, Albany Marie R. Haug, Case Western Reserve University Joseph S. Himes, University of North Carolina, Greensboro Joanne Miller, City University of New York Valerie K. Oppenheimer, University otcalifornia, Los Angeles Nancy Brandon Tuma, Stanford University Members of the 1989 Council Officers of the Association Joan Huber, President, Ohio State University Glen H. Elder, Jr., Vice President, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Michael Aiken, Secretary, University of Pennsylvania Herbert J. Gans, Past President, Columbia University Richard J. Hill, Past Vice-President, University of Oregon William Julius Wilson, President-Elect, University of Chicago Edna Bonacich, Vice President-Elect, University of California, Riverside Beth B. Hess, Secretary-Elect, County College of Morris, New Jersey William V. D'Antonio, Executive Officer Elected-at-Large Robert R. Alford, University of California, Santa Cruz fvar Berg, University of Pennsylvania Judith R. Blau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Richard T. Campbell, University of Illinois, Chicago Randall Collins, University of California, Riverside Lois DeFieur, University of Missouri, Columbia Troy Duster, University of California, Berkeley Richard H. Hall, State University of New York, Albany Joseph S. Himes, University of North Carolina, Greensboro Joanne Miller, City University of New York Jill Quadagno, Florida State University Nancy B. Tuma, Stanford University

68 Committees and Representatives of the American Sociological Association Constitutional Committees COMMmEE ON COMMinEES Co-Chairs: Patricia Y. Martin and Murray A. Strauss Rhoda Lois Blumberg, Wendy Griswold, Jennie Kronenfeld, S.M. Miller, Francisco 0. Ramirez, Patricia A. Roos, Barbara Katz Rothman, Mildren A. Schwartz, Joseph W. Scott, Ruth A. Wallace. COMMinEE ON THE EXECUTIVE OFFICE AND BUDGET Chair: Michael Aiken William V D'Antonio, Reynolds Farley, Herbert J. Gans, Joan Huber, Melvin L. Kohn, W. Richard Scott, Doris Wilkinson COMMinEE ON MEMBERSHIP Chair: H. Paul Chalfant Michael Aiken, Earl R. Babbie, Jeanne H. Ballantine, Kathleen P. King, Judith A. Levy, Lorna L. Lueker, Trudie F. Milner, Joy B. Reeves, Terrence R. Russell, Stephen F. Steele, Ann Sundgren COMMinEE ON NOMINATIONS Chair: Richard J. Hill Joan Aldous, Carroll L. Estes, Sally T. Hillsman, Katrina W. Johnson, Arne L. Kalleberg, Sally B. Kilgore, Judith Lorber, Karen Oppenheim Mason, Robert Perrucci, Cookie White Stephen, Marta Tienda, Linda J. Waite 1988 PROGRAM COMMinEE Chair: Herbert J. Gans Michael Aiken, David R. Heise, Richard J. Hill, Paul M. Hirsch, Hylan G. Lewis, Elizabeth Long, S. M. Miller, Victor G. Nee, Ruth A. Wallace, Eviatar Zerubavel 1989 PROGRAM COMMllTEE Chair: Joan Huber Michael Aiken, Jeffrey C. Alexander, Donna J. Eder, Glen H. Elder, Jr., John L. Hagan, Elizabeth Long, Victor G. Nee, Samuel H. Preston, Beth E. Schneider, A. Wade Smith COMMinEE ON PUBLICATIONS Chair: Caroline H. Persall Michael Aiken, Janet Chafelz, Clifford Q. Clagg, Karen S. Cpok, Paul J. DiMaggio, William H. Form, Eugene B. G,allagher, HerbertJ. Gans, Jeylan T. Mortimer, Barbara F. Reskin,ldaHarper Simpson, Teresa A. Sullivan, Theodore C. Wagenaar, Philip Wexler, Norbert Wiley, Mary K. Zimmerman Standing Committees (CL = Council Liaison) COMMinEEON FREEDOM OF RESEARCH AND TEACHING Co-Chaif's: Catherine W. Berheide and John D. McCarthy Carol A. Brown, Rutledge M. Dennis, Herbert J. Gans, Richard J. Gelles, Wolf V. Heydebrand, Richard J. Hill, Paul T. Murray, Karen K. Petersen, Cecilia L. Ridgeway COMMinEE ON WORLD SOCIOLOGY Chair: Yasmine Ergas Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Judith Buber Agassi, Sarah C. Brabant, Craig J. Calhoun, Randall Collins (CL), Gary Gereffi, Ewa T. Morawska, Victor G. Nee, Pamela A. Roby COMMinEE FOR THE AWARD FOR A DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARLY PUBLICATION Chair: Charles R. Tittle Bennett M. Berger, Gary A. Fine, Maureen T. Hallinan, Lyn H. Lofland, Judy H. Rothschild, Glenna D. Spitze, John Useem COMMinEE ON NATIONAL STATISTICS Chair: Diana Pearce Rosemary Santana Cooney, Charles B. Nam, A. Wade Smith, C. Matthew Snipp, William T. Trent COMMinEE ON PROFESSIONAL ETHICS Chair: Benigno E. Aguirre Barbara Walters Altizer, J. Michael Armer, John Peter Farnan'" dez, Kathleen Gerson, Darnell F. Hawkins, James H. Laue, Susan E. Martin, Joanne Miller (CL), COMMilTEE ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN IN SOCIOLOGY Go-chairs: Mareyjoyce Green and Sandra E. Taylor Margaret Andersen, Leonard Beeghley, Lois B. DeFieur (CL), Gwendolyn L. Lewis, Denise A. Segura DUBOIS-JOHNSON-FRAZIER AWARD SELECTION COMMI'ITEE Chair: Ronald L. Taylor Lawrence D. Bobo, Russell K. Endo, James A. Geschwender;, Cheryl Townsen<il Gilkes, Carole C. Marks, Judith Rollins; Marylee C. Taylor COMNIInEI: ON 'fh~ STATUS o r= RACIAL AND ETHNIC MINORITIES IN SOCIOLOGY Chair: Ruth Horowitz Rhoda L. Blumbetg, Florence B. Bonner, Duane W. Champagne, Julius Oebro, Celestino Fernandez, Marie R. Haug (CL), Tahi l. Mottl, Martin l. Sanchez-Jankowski, John H. Stanfield II CAREER OF DISTlNGUISliED SCHOlARSHIP AWARD, SELECTION COMIIIIlnEE, Chair: Joan Al.dous Phillip F. Bonacich, Reyno1ds Farley, Da~rid Fealherman, Joseph J. Galaskiewicz, Lewis M. Killian, Carolyn C. Perrucci, Ralph H. Turner, Irving M. leitlin

69 COMMITTEE ON SOCIETY AND PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Chair: Nancy G. Kutner Sharon N. Bamartt, Mary Jo Deegan, R. Greg Emerton, Yeheskel Hasenfeld, Jeffrey E. Nash, Thomas E. Smith ASAIAAAS LIAISON COMMITIEE Chair: Susan E. Cozzens Charles E. Bidwell, Eugene P. Ericksen, Nancy Howell, John D. Kasarda, Willie Pearson,Jr. n, IT'1r~:~: ON AWARDS POLICY William J. Chambliss V. D'Antonio (ex officio), JosephS. Himes, Janet G. Sherry! Kleinman, Nancy Tuma BERNARD AWARD SELECTION COMMITIEE Lorraine P. Mayfield Burstein, Noel A. Cazenave, Bonnie Thornton Dill, Nona, Phyllis Moen, Joan W. Moore, Diana H. Scully ON REGULATION OF RESEARCH OVERSIGHT CERTIFICATION 'COMMITTEE Chair: John P. Clark Judith K. Barr, Herbert L. Costner, Gordon J. DiRenzo, Richard H. Hall, Joseph P. Morrissey, Dudley L Poston, James D. Wright COMMITTEE ON CERTIFICATION IN DEMOGRAPHY Chair: Dudley Poston Wendy H. Baldwin, Gordon F. DeJong, Robert Schoen, Linda J. Waite ' COMMmEE ON CERTIFJCAnoN IN LAW AND SOCIAL CONTROL Chair: John P. Clark Peggy C. Giordano, Pamela Richards, Mark C. Stafford, Patricia E. White COMMITTEE ON CERTIFICATION IN MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY Chair: Judith K. Barr ' Gail Lee Cafferata, Rosalind J. Dworkin, Clyde R. Pope, Frederic D. Wolinsky ON SOCIOLOGICAL PRACncE Katrina r Grzelko~ki,.,,. J. Clark, Stanley S. Clawar, Jastph F. DeMartini, DITomaso (CL), Barbara Farhar-PIIgrim, Peyton R. Joseph P.. Morrissey, Nov.ella Perrin, Jeffrey q.. Reitz, Steinberg COMMITTEE ON CERTIFICATION IN ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS Chair: Joseph P. Morrissey Mary L. Fennell, Richard H. Hall, Arne L. Kalleberg, Mary Zey-Ferrell COMMITTEE ON CERtiFICATION IN SOCIAL POLICY AND EVALUATION A~SEARCH Chair: James D. Wright M. Elizabeth Darrough, Stephen A. Hart, Harty Perlstadt COMMITI'EE ON CERTIFICATION IN $0CIAL PSYCHOLOGY Chair: Gordon J. DIRenzo Carmi Schooler, Marijean Suelzle, JoS$ph C. Ventimiglia ON TtiE STATUS OF HOMOSEXUALS IN J. Ron Mllavsky R. Blau (CL), Muriel G. Cantor, Fredrick Koenig, F=lichard Moran, Chandra Mukerji, La,urel Walum Richardson, Ber Roscno, SuzanM K. Steinmetz ASA DISTINGUISHEO CAREER AWARD FOR THE PAACtiCE OF SOClOLOGY SELECTION COMMITTSE Chair: Larry E. Suter Manuel de La Puente, carroll L. Estes, Katrina W: JohllSon, Linda J. Waite COMMmEE ON I>ISSERTATION AWARDS Chair: Alan M. Sica Lewis A. Coser, Anne Foner, Ronald C. Kessler, Joseph Schwartz, Bruee e. Williams

70 COMMmEE ON MASTER'S LEVEL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. Chair: Herbert L Costner Kathleen S. Crittenden, John Peter Fernandez, Michael A. Malec, David B. McMiilen, Alan Orenstein, Russell K. Schutt, C. Matthew Snipp, Harold C. Wallach, David Wellman Ad Hoc Committees COMMmEE ON FEDERAL STANDARDS FOR THE EMPLOYMENT OF SOCIOLOGISTS Chair: Ronald W. Manderscheid Manuel de Ia Puente, Sara Fix, Frank A. Fratoe, Howard M. lams, Judith D. Miller, Karen A Schwab, Larry A Suter TASK FORCE FOR THE MINORITY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM. Chair: Charles V. Willie Margaret L Andersen, James E. Blackwell, Charles M. Bonjean (CL), Marion T. Coleman, Patricia Hill Collins, Richard 0. Hope, Cheryl Leggon, Clarence Y. H. La, Uonel A Maldonado (MFP Director), Lloyd H. Rogier, William H. Sewell, Sr.,Howard F. Taylor ENDOWMENT FUND CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE Chair: N. Jay Demerath William V. D'Antonio (ex officio), Beth B. Hess, John W. Riley, William H. Sewell, Sr., David L Sills, Charles V. Willie ELECTRONIC SOCIOLOGICAL NETWORK COMMmEE Chair: Donald R. Ploch Joan McCord, Russell K. Schutt COMMilji'EE,FOR SPECIAL AWARD AND PRIZE NOMINATIONS Chair: vacant Morris Rosenberg, Carmi Schooler, Ruth A Wallace COMMmEE ON ASA INITIATIVES Chair: Herbert J. Gans COMMmEE ON NEW DUES STRUCTURE Chair: Mayer N. Zald William V. D'Antonio (ex officio), Richard H. Hall, Marie R. Haug, John F. Schnabel, Doris Y. Wilkinson COMMmEE ON REDISTRICTING ~E ASA Chair: Richard H. -Hall COMMmEE ON UNEMPLOYMENT AND UNDEREMPLOYMENT IN THE DISCIPLINE Chair: Glen H. Elder, Jr. Joan Burrem, DO(lald J. Hernandez, Thomas A Lyson :r.r COMMmEE.ON REPRESENTATIVENESS AND ASAt, ELECTIONS.. Chair: Richard J. Hill COMMmEE ON SECTION ISSUES Chair: Joanne Miller COMMITTEE ON FUTURE TRENDS Chair: Randall Collins Official Representatives ~ERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE AD,IAN,CEJIIENit SCIENCE Section K: John D. Kasarda Section U: Eugene P. Ericksen Section 0: Charles E. Bidwell Affilitates for International Programs: David S. Wiley AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANICBIENIT SLAVIC STUDIES Louise I. Shelley, - I AMERICAN COUNCIL OF LEARNED SOCIETIES Kai T. Erikson COMMITTEE ON PROBLEMS OF DRUG DEF»ENIDEI'IICE vacant COUNCIL OF PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS ON. FEDERAL STATISTICS Diana M. Pearce INTERNATIONAL SOCIOLOGICA_L ASSOCIATION Melvin L Kahn, Bennetta Jules-Rosette (alternate) JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH POLICY BOJ,RD Steward E. Perry social science REsEARCH council Richard A Berk COMMmEE TO WRITE A GRANT PROPOSAL FOR TEACHER-SCHOLAR.SABBATICALS. Chair: John Schnabel Paul J. Baker, Hubert M. Blalock, Hans 0. Mauksch, Ann S.. Sundgren, Theodore c. Wagenaar TASK FORCE ON WORK DISTRIBUTION Chair: Richard H. Hall

71 1 988 Membership Area Representatives ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, Darden, Department of Sociology, University of Fayetteville, AR HAWAII, IDAHO, MONTANA, NEVADA, WASHINGTON, WYOMING [); Hampe, Box 3298, University Station, Department of, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY COLORADO, NEW MEXICO, UTAH. R. Brouillette, Department of Sociology, Colorado State, Ft Collins, CO 80523,.,.UICDr.J CALIFORNIA E. Nathan, Department of SocioiOgy and.-nnll"'lru,v, Mills College, 5000 MacArthur, Oakland, CA Tu =cr.~ CALIFORNIA-Area A Clair, Gerontology Research Institute, University California, UniverSity Park, Los Angeles, CA,..,..,~c:cr.~ CALIFORNIA-Area B C[ark,. 1 bso North College_ Avenue, Claremont, CA c:::...,.,n~.n~ NEW JERSEY Frankl, 536 Moreno Road, Wynnewood, PA nic!'tdiii"t OF COLUMBIA L Redfoot, American Association of Retired p,.,..,""" 1909 K Street, NW, Washington, DC "1.1UftiLI.R. GEORGIA '~"~RrnR,rR Karcher, 410 Arbor Trail, Marietta, GA ~ily Dunn Dale, Department of Sociology, Illinois Wesleyan, Vniversity, Bloomington, IL INDIANA, KENTUCKY James G. Houghland, Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY IOWA, KANSAS, MISSOURI, NEBRASKA David Brinkerhoff, Department of Sociology, UniversitY of.. Nebraska, Lincoln, NE MARYLAND Curt Raney, Department of Sociology, Sl Mary's College, St Mary's City, MD MASSACHUSETTS vacant ' MICHIGAN Janet Hankin, Wayne State Medical Center, Matt Center, 275 E. Hancock Avenue, Detroit, Ml MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, WISCONSIN Frederic W. Hafferty, Department of Behavioral Science, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN NEW YORK/METRO AREA Ruth Rubenstein, 280 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10001, and Harold Takooshian, Social Science Division, Fordham University, NewYork, NY NEW YORK/UPSTATE Beth Vanfossen, 303 San Gabriel Drive, Rochester, NY NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA Daniel J. Cover, Department of Sociology, Furman University, Greenville, SC OHIO Margaret Brooks Terry, Department of Sociology, Balwin Wallace College, Berea, OH OKLAHOMA, TEXAS J. Steven Picou, 1821 Nueces, College Station, TX PENNSYLVANIA Roger t. Wolcott, Sociology Department, Westrninister College, New Wilmington, PA VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA Greg Weiss, Department of Sociology, Roanoke College, Salem, VA 24153

72 I L i State Licensing Monitors ALABAMA: William D. Lawson, Chair, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL ARIZONA: Florence Karlstrom, Department of Sociology, Box 15300, Northern Arizona State University, Flagstaff, AZ, ARKANSAS: John S. Miller, Associate Dean, College of. Liberal Arts, University of Arkansas, 33rd and University, Little Rock, AR CALIFORNIA: Lucy W. Sells, Vice President tor Legislation, California Women in Higher Education, 1181 Euc.lic::l Avenue, Berkeley, CA CONNECTICUT: Judith B. Gordon, Gerontology Program;, 300 Orange Avenue, University of New Haven, West Haven, CT DELAWARE: Gordon J. DiRenzo, Department of Sociology, University of Delaware, Newark, DE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Glenn H. Carlson, Kennedy, Carlson & Warren, P.C., Suite 209, 2600 Virginia Avenue NW, Washington, DC FLORIDA: Michael Capece, Suite 403, 1321 U.S. 19th South, Clearwater, FL ILLINOIS: William M. Cross; Department.of Sociology, Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL IOWA: R. Dean Wright, Department of Sociology, Drake University, Des Moines, LOUISIANA: Robert B. Gramling, pepartment of $ociology & Anthropology, University of Southwestern Louisiana, PO Box 40198, Lafayette, LA70504 MASSACHUSETTS: Richard P. Devine, 143 Ricketson Street, New Bedford, MA MAINE: P. David Vachon, 7A Lewis Street, Portland, ME MICHIGAN: Ann G. Olmsted, Office of Medical Education Research and Development, Michigan State; University, Fee Hall, East Lansing, Ml MINNESOTA: Roy Cook, Department of Sociology, Mankato State University, Mankato, MN56001 NEW YORK: Joseph V. See/sa, 1806 Hering NY NORTH CAROLINA: Nelson Reid, Department of North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC NORTH DAKOTA: Thomas McDonald, Department qf Sociology & Anthropology, North Dakota State Fargo, ND OHIO: Jay L. Gibson, 563 Howell Avenue, 4!;i220 OKLAHOMA: Howard A. Kurtz, Department of Soc~ioi,DQV Oklahoma City University, Northwest 23rd at North. Blackwelder, Oklahoma City, OK SOUTH CAROLINA: Charles W. Tucker, Department Qf Sociology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC SOUTH.DAKO,TA: Jerry Rosorykek, Faculty of Socia,l Natural Science, Northern State College, Aberde;en; TENNESSEE: Richard K. Thomas, Baptist Me.moria,l Care Systems Inc., 899 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN TEXAS: Clifford M. I;Jiack, Department of Sociology a!i)g, Anthropology, North Texas State University, Denton, TX VERMONT: R. A. Steffenhagen, Department of Soc~lolo!l~ University of Vermont, 31 South Prospect Street, ,,,.. VT05405 ( VIRGINIA: Barbara W. Berry, PO Box ~~2758, Norfolk, ,, WASHINGTON: Larry A. Jones, th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98109,I; WISCONSIN: Robert Bendiksen, Department of Soc:iolclg' University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, Wl54601 '. NEBRASKA: John Cullen, Department of Management, College of Business Administration, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588

73 Editors of ASA Publications Sociological Review: William H. Form ( ), of Sociology, The Ohio State University, North Oval Mall, Columbus, OH Sociology: Ida Harper Simpson ( ), of Sociology, Duke University, Durham, NC William V. D'Antonio ( ), American Soci AsSociation, 1722 N Street, NW, Washington, DC Health & Social Behavior: Eugene Gallagher Department of Behavioral Science, University of Medical Center, Lexington, KY lln tnllrrallth Series: Teresa A. Sullivan ( ), of Sociology, University of Texas, Burdine Hall TX78712 Sociological Practice Review: (to be named) Sociologlcalltfethodology: Clifford C. Clagg ( ), Department of Sociology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA Sociological Theory: Norbert Wiley ( ), Department of Sociology, 326 Lincoln Hall, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL Sociology of Education: Philip Wexler ( ), Graduate School of Education, 309 Lattimore Hall, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY Teaching Sociology: Theodore C. Wagenaar ( ), Department of Sociology, Miami University, 345 Hoyt, Oxford, Ohio Psychology Quarterly: Karen S. Cook ( ), of Sociology, University of Washington, Seattle, 1988 Section Officers ~ASIAN AMERICA ~san Takata William L Parish 1 rea,sur~~~ Nan Lin MARXIST SOCIOLOGY Co-Chairs: Samuel R. Friedman, Fred L Pincus Chair-Elect Martin J. Murray Secretary-Treasurer: Rhonda Levine MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY Chair: Gary Albrecht Chair-Elect: Peter F. Conrad Secretary-Treasurer: Jennie J. Kronenfeld METHODOLOGY Chair: Richard A Berk Chair-Elect: vacant Secretary-Treasurer: William T. Bielby MICROCOMPUTING (Section-In-Formation) Contact: Ronald E. Anderson ORGANIZATIONS & OCCUPATIONS Chair: Wolf Heydebrand Chair-Elect lvar Berg Secretary-Treasurer: Paul J. DiMaggio POLmCAL ECONOMY OF THE WORLD-SYSTEM Chair: Jeffrey Paige Chair-Elect John T. Walton Secretary-Treasurer: Michael Timberlake (continued on next page)

74 I II tl 1. j; Section Officers, continued POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY Chair: William A Gamson Chair-Elect Richard Flacks Secretary-Treasurer: Richard E. Ratcliff RACIAL & ETHNIC MINORITIES Chair: Harry H.L Kitano Chair-Elect: Mareyjoyce Green Secretary-Treasurer: Deborah K. King SCIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY Acting Chair: Henry Etzkowitz SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Chair: James S. House Chair-Elect: Jeylan T. Mortimer. Secretary-Treasurer: Murray Webster, Jr. SOCIOLOGICAL PRACTICE Chair: Jan M. Fritz Chair-Elect: Elizabeth J. Clark Secretary-Treasurer: Terrence R. Russell SOCIOLOGY OF AGING Chair: Anne Foner Chair-Elect: Judith K. Treas Secretary-Treasurer: Beth Hess SOCIOLOGY OF CULTURE Chair: Richard A. Peterson Chair-Elect: Vera.L. Zolberg Secretary-Treasurer: Judith H. Balfe SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION Chair: Jeanne Ballantine Chair-Elect: Dan C. Lortie Secretary-Treasurer: Maureen Hallinan SOCIOLOGY OF EMOTIONS Chair: Arlie Russell Hochschild Chair-Elect: Thomas J. Scheff Secretary-Treasurer: Carolyn S. Ellis SOCIOLOGY OF PEACE AND WAR Chair: James. M. Skelly Chair-Elect Kai Erikson Secretary-Treasurer: Sam Marullo SOCIOLOGY OF POPULATION Chair: Frances K. Goldscheider Chair-Elect: Larry H. Long Secretary-Treasurer: Clifford C. Clagg SOCIOLOGY OF SEX & GENDER Chair: Rachel Kahn-Hut Chair-Elect: Margaret L Andersen Secretary-Treasurer: ~oan Z. Spade SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY Chair: Sharon K. Houseknecht Chair-Elect: Alice S. Rossi Secretary-Treasurer: Patricia G. Voydanoff THEORETICAL SOCIOLOGY Chair: Ruth A Wallace Chair-Elect: Charles C. Lemert Secretary-Treasurer: Gisela J. Hinkle UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION Chair: Michael S. Bassis Chair-Elect Caroline H. Parsell Secretary-Treasurer: Jack Harkins

75 1 988 Regular Session Organizers (Numbers in italics refer to Session numbers; see body of Program for details) A. {with Adler, Peter), Computers and Ethnographic (40) (With Adler, Patricia A.), Computers and Ethnographic (40} H., Medical Sociology (209) Delores P., Theoretical Perspectives on Race, Class, and (198) Jeffrey C., Presuppositions and Sociological Theory (75); and Social Research (133) Andy B., Evaluation Research (206) Elijah, Ethnographic Methods (29) D., Values and Ethics In Sociological Research and (251} Leonard, Sociology of Poverty (10) E., Social Contexts of Science and Knowledge (221) Ca~1italist and Socialist Markets (232) Woolsey, Changes in Capitalism {66) James E., The Community: Local and Transcultural Pers (205} Gender and Social Interaction (12); Multiple Perspeclnteraction (68); Talk and Interaction (200) M., Sociology of the Women's Movement in America Craig, Historical Sociology and Its Methods, I (134); Historiand Its Methods, II (194) Urban Sociology (124) R., Jr., Natural Resources and Environment (113) William J., Homelessness (184) E., Crime and Deterrence (7) Laub {with Andrea Tyree),lmmigrant Women I (135); Women II (257} W., Sociological Approaches to the Study of AIDS (4) M., Race, Class, and Gender in the American South Robert, Educational Transitions (41); Comparative and ~IOI!lQic:a1 Studies of Education (148} M., Rural Sociology (54) Development, Dependency and International Relate Westernization (83}; Development, Depenlntemational Relations: Economic Strategies and Out- 132) Franklin, The Sociology of W.E.B. DuBois (19) Sources of Inequality {33}; Occupations: Inequality,!=:ArlrA11r::~tir n and Changes (87} Family, Racial, and State Violence (223} Rol~rt~n{wlth Clara Rodriguez), Sociology of Hispanic H., Sociology of Religion (31) Small Groups and Group Processes (173) Sociology of Conflict and Dissent (228) Culture and the Arts (249} Public Opinion (137) Social Construction of Sexuality (32) W., Jr., Sociolinguistics: Analysis of Language Settings (201x) G., The State In Comparative Perspective (222); Views and Gender, Caste, and Inequality (2,56} mn """ Social Theory (123); Morals and Social Theory Hillsman, Sally T., Sociological Implications of Practice {86) " ', 1 Hoffarth, Sandra L., Family and Kinship: Kin Support and living Arrangements (42); Family and Kinship: Threats to FamirY lnti:!grity (170) Hummon, Norman P., Computer Simulations and Data Banks (158) Huttman, Elizabeth, Sociology of Housing (20) Jackson, Jacquelyne Johnson, Age Stratification and the Life Course (193) Jaret, Charles, Sociology of the South (250) Kaufmann, Caroline L, Sociology of Disability (230) Kayal, Philip M., Sociology of Lesbianism and Male Homosexuality (21) Kemper, Theodore D., Sociology of Love and Friendship {196} Kraly, Ellen Percy, Immigration and the New Immigrants (218) Kukllck, Henrika, History of Social Thought and Sociology (240}. Landry, Bart, Race, Ethnlcity and Class: Interaction Effects (11 ); Race, Ethnicity and Class: Ethnicity and Economic Competition (185) Lewis, George H., Sociology of Leisure and Popular Culture (195} Lo, Clarence Y.H., Political Actiyists and Local Structures of Movements (139) MacKinnon, Nell J., Social Psychology: Attitudes, Attributions, and Influence (13); Social Psychology: The Self-Measurement and Research (140) Malec, Michael A., Teaching Sociology (201) Matsueda, Ross, Deviance and Social Control {84) Mayo, Julia A., Clinical Sociology (53) Melbln, Murray, Sociology of Time and Space (236) Miller, S.M., Economy and Society (147) Murphree, Mary C., Social Impacts of Science and Technology on Women (138) Pennings, Johannes M., Organizational Economics {114); Ecological versus Institutional Models In Organization Theory: A Synthesis? (122); Organizations (220) Perruccl, Carolyn C. {with Robert Perruccl), Work, Occupations, and Professions (186) Perruccl, Robert {with Carolyn C. Perruccl), Work, Occupations, and Professions (186) Powell, Michael, Sociology of Law and Regulation (219) Press, Andrea L {with Terry Strathman), Studying the Audience for Culture and the Mass Media (229) Rayman, Paula M., Sociology of Work and Unemployment (89} Ritzer, George, Micro-Macro Unkages (67); Micro-Macro Unkages II (85) Roby, Pamela A., Sociology of Labor Unions I (159}; Sociology of Labor Unions II (208) Rodriguez, Clara {with Roberto Fernandez), Sociology of Hispanic Americans {207) Rosenfeld, Rachel A., Labor Markets In National Context(112); Labor Markets and Social Stratification (136) Ross, George, Political Sociology: Labor and Comparative Political Sociology (9); Political Sociology: Debates on Theories of the State, The Shaping of the Modem State {30); Political Sociology: Analyzing Structures of Power (197) Schwartz, Barry, Collective Memory and Tradition (233) Sjoberg, Gideon, Sociological Approaches to Human Rights (B) Skvoretz, John, Cognitive Science {146} Sobel, Michael, Quantitative Methods (172) Sonqulst, John A., Social Impacts of Science and Technology (22) Stephan, Cookie White, Sociology of Gender (171) (continued on next page)

76 Regular Session Organizers, continued Strathman, Terry (with Andrea L. Press), Studying the Audience for Culture and the Mass Media (229) Taylor, Ella, Sociology of Communications (6) Thoits, Peggy A., Sociology of Emotions (231) ThoiT!ton, Russell, Sociology of Native Americans (241) Tyree, Andrea (with Rose Laub Coser), Immigrant Women I (135); Immigrant Women II (257). Vroman, Suzanne, The Sociology of Georg Simmel (258) Wagner-Paclflci, Robin, Phenomenological and Symbolic (243) Wilson, Franklin D., Marriage, Family and Fertility: Perspectives (76). Wu, Lawrence L., Social and Political Networks (234) Zelizer, Viviana A., Cultural Sociology of Childhood (5) Zerubavel, Evlatar, Cognitive Sociology (131 ); Neglected Areas (242)

77 Original and ~ ' Important Soci:ology from Sage. SAGE PUBLICATIONS, INC. The Publishers of Professional Social Science 2111 West Hillcrest Drive Newbu,Y Park, CA member discount available on these volumes royalties go to ASA} 1. SOCIOLOGY DEFINED Handbook of Sociology ~ edited by Nell J. Smelser Department of Sociology, University of CaHfomia, Berkeley A landmark publishing event Not since Talcott Parsons has a sociological voice spoken with such clarity and power. Discusses a comprehensive list of problems and issues. Takes a hard look at current, trends and a compelling look at the future. An Instant clas ic In the field. ~ 1988 (Summer)/832 p8qell$ (26650)(cl *2. SOCIAL CHANGE AND THE LIFE COURSE ASA PrHklentlal Series A i' ~ ' I A Benchmarld I I Fascinating! I Volume 1: Social Structures & Human Lives edited by Matilda White Riley Department of Health & Human Seivlces, National Institutes of Health-Beth~fl, MD BeHina J. Huber, ASA, Deputy Executive Officer Beth B. Haas, County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ Leading sociologists and researchers show how social structures and human lives are lne:dricably linked, each Influencing the other (Summer)/368 paghi$45.00 (32B71)(cll$19.95 (3288X)(p) Volume 2: Sociological Uves edited by Matilda White Riley A feast tor SOGiologlsts. Sociological autobiographies which Investigate the experience of doing sociology on social structures which In tum Influence the sociologist 1988 (Summer)/184 pages/$29._115 (32855)(c)!$14.95 (32883)(p) Two volume set prepaid prlce-~.40 (c); $32.20 (p) *3. THE SOCIAL FABRIC I Stimulating! I <The Social F;abrl9: Dimensions & Issues edited by James F. Short,.Jr., Washington State University, 24 dls!lnguished sociologists address fundamental questlons:"how order pqsslble?" "What holds society together?" Includes bolct,propqsals for Improving social life and appli~s them to questions of nuclear arms, nuclear war, nuclear pe~ce. ASA Preeldentllll Series ~.00 (27888)(c)I$1S.H (27894)(p) 4. SOCIOLOGY'S FUTURE I State-of-the-art! I Tile Future of Sociology edited by Edgar F. Borgatta ~nd,karen S. Cook, both at University of Washington Thoughtful essays by leading sociologists about the future of the profession. The editors react favorably to ; Increased concern with methodology of research and, application of knowledge, and suggest that sociology must become more responsive to change. Provocative reading for professionals and students (Summer)/800 pages (tent.)l$39.95 (30240)(c) 77

78 llbj For Selection, Scholarship, and Currency Con1 iug This Fall AL ailable Soll'.IIUML\N ARRANGEMENTS 1\n.Introduction to Sociology Secbnd fliittion ALLAN G. JOHNSON Hardcover, 784 pages (tentative). AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 1988 Uniquely practical, this comprehensive and coherent jntroduction features a new chapter and a wealth of new material in an updated and refined Second Edition. THEORETICAL SOCIOLOGY RANI)ALL COLLINS Hardcover, 576 pages STATISTICS ALLAN G. JOHNSON Hardcover, 433 pages MARRIAGE AND FAMILY Traditions and Transitions JEFFREY S. TURNER DONALD B. HEIMS Hardcover, 582 pages SOCIAL DIFFERENCES IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICA JAMES A. DAVIS Paperbound, 233 pages HARCOURI' BRACE JOVANOVICH, Inc. Coll~ge Sales Office i7555. Caldwell Avenue, Chicago, IL (312)

79 ~-Catnbridge University Press---, Theorie$ of Race and Ethnic Relations tdllors: John Rex and David Mason Black Youth, Racism and the State The Politics of Ideology and PIM'ef John Solomos Crime, Shame and Reintegration John Braithwaite Putting Asunder A History of Diwrce in Western Society Roderick Phillips Worse Than The Disease Pitfalls of Medical Progress Diana B. DutiDn Social Structure and Personality Development The lndmdual as a Productive Processor of Reality Klaus Hurrelmann The African Worker 811/Freund A Treatise on Social Theory Volume II: Substantive Social Theory W.G. Runciman Social Action and Human Nature Axel Honneth and Hans Joas Children, Parents, and Politics Geoffrey Scaire, tdiidr Drug Control in a free Society James B. Bakalar and Lester Grinspoon Social Structures A Network Approach Editors: Barty ~/man and S.D. Berku.vitz Intercorporate Relations The Structural Analysis of Business Ediwrs: MarkS. Mizruchi and Michael Schwartz Between Uterature and Science The Rise of Sociology l*1lf Lepenies Translated by RJ. Ho//ingdale The Mobility of LabOr and Capital ' A Study in lntemationallrm!stment and Labor FilM' Saskia Sassen Durkheimian Sociology: Cultural Studies Jeffrey c.4lekandet; EdiiDr The Japanese Trajectory Modernization and Beo,und tdilors: Gavan McCotmack and \bshlo SugimolD States and Collective Action The European Experience Pierre Birnbaum Black, White or Brindle Race in Rural Australia ~ Gillian K Cowlisha Woman power The Arab Debate on Women at Work NadiaHI]ab Structural Modelling By Example Applications in Educational, Sociological and Behavioural Research Editors: Peter Cuttance and Russell Ecob The field of Social Investment Sevetyn I Bruyn Ego Defenses and the Legitimization of Behavior Guy E. Swanson Professional Judgment A Reader in Oinical Decision Making. Edilors: 1 Dowie and Aithur S. Elstein Human Motivation David C McOe/land Individuals, Relationships and Culture ~ Unks Between Ethology and the Social Sciences RobeJt A Hinde Piaget's Construction of the Child's Reality Susan Sugarman Plans and Situated Actions The Problem of Human-Machine Communication Lucy A Suchman. Doing Social Psychology Laboratory and field Exercises EdiiDrs: Glynis M. Breakwe/1, Hugh foot, and Robin Gilmour Rethinking Democracy Freedom and Social Cooperation in Politics, Economy and Society Carol Gould Culture and Agency The Place of Culture in Social Theory Margaret S. Archer Religious Diversity and Social Change: American Oties, Kevin 1. Christiano Now in paperback The Multiple Self Jon E1steJ; EdiiDr Journal Journal of Social Policy Alan Deacon, EdiiDr See these and other titles at Cambridge University Press Booth <:ambridge Universicy Press 32 Easfs7ih Street, New )b,k, NY ' '

80 0 VAUGHAN 0 JUDSON 0 Eighty-five 0 ORIGINAL AUTHORSHIP Introductory New in '89 RODNEY STARK Sociology, Third Edition New in '89 R. LANDIS Sociology: Concepts and Characteristics, Seventh Edition SHELDON GOLDENBERG. Thinking Sociologically RICHARD J. PETERSON/CHARLOITE A. Structure and Process: Readings in Introductory Sociology LEONARD CARGAN/JEANNE H. J,JALLANTINE Sociological Footprints: Introductory Readings in Sociology, Fourth Edition, WILLIAM C LEVIN Sociological Ideas: Concepts and Applications, Second Edition EARL BABBlE The Sociological Spirit Critical Essays in a Critical Science PAUL J. BAKER/LOUIS ANDERSON Social Problems: A Critical Thinking Approach Research Methods and Statistics New in '89 EARL BABBlE The Practice of Social ResearCh, Fifth Edition New in '89 WILLIAM SIMS BAINBRIDGE Survey Research: A Computer-Assisted Introduction Newin'89 JUNE A. TRUE Finding Out Conducting and Evaluating Social Research, Second Edition w NATIONAL New in '89 EARL BABBlE/ ALLEN RUBIN The Practice of Social Work Research EARL BABBlE Observing Ourselves: Essays in Social Research J. ANTHONY CAPON Elementary Statistics for the Social Sciences ' JOHN HEDDERSON SPSsx Made Simple MARGARET PLATT JENDREK Through The Maze: Statistics with Computer Applications JOHN LOFLAND/L YN H. LOFLAND Analyzing Social Settings: A Guide to Qualitative Observation and Analysis, Second Edition Marriage and the. Family New in '89 BARBARA J. RISMAN/PEPPER SCHWARTZ Gender in Intimate Relationships: A Microstructural Approach MARY ANN LAMANNA/ AGNES RIEDMANN Marriages and Families: Making Choices and Facing Change, Third Edition MARCIA LASSWELL/THOMAS E. LASSWELL Marriage and the Family, Second Edition LLOYD SAXTON The Individual, Marriage, and the Family, Sixth Edition ROBERT STAPLES The Black Family: Essays and Studi~s,, Third Edition CHARLOTTE G. O'KELLY /LARRY S. CARNEY Women and Men in Society: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gender Stratification, Second Edition Gerontology Newin'89 SALLYBOULD/BEVERLYSANBORN/ LAURAREIF Plus: The Oldest Old ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE 80

81 AUTHENTIC PUBLISHING ROBERT C. ATCHLEY Social Forces and Aging: An Introduction to Social Gerontology, Fifth Edition ~OBERT C. ATCHLEY Aging: Continuity and Change, Second Edition DoNALD 0. COWGILL. Aging Around the World: An Examination of ModernizatiQn and Aging.O;iminology and Deviance ionald,a FARRELL/ VICIORIA LYNN SWIGERT Social Deviance, Thii-d Edition NEAL SHOVER/WERNER J. EINSTADTER Analyzing American Corrections JOSEPH SHELEY America's 11 Crime Problem": An Introduction to Criminology JOSEPH SHELEY Exploring Crime: Readings in Criminology and Criminal Justice ERDWIN PFUHL The Deviance Process, Second Edition RONALD AKERS, Deviant Behavior: A Social Learning Approach, Third Edition Specialized Texts New in '89 JOHNR WEEKS Population: An Introduction to Concepts and Issues, Fourth Edition New in '89 DARYL E. CHUBIN/ELLEN W. CHU Science off the Pedestal: Social Perspectives on Science and Technology ~HEARN The Transformation of Industrial Organization: Management, Labor, and Society in the United States BRUCE S. JANSSON The Reluctant Welfare State: A History of American. $ocia1 Welfare Policies WILUAM LEVIN/JACK LEVIN. The Human Puzzle: An Introduction to Social Psychology MARTINN.MARGER Elites and Masses: An Introduction to Political Sociology, Second Edition MARTINN. MARGER Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives., MEREDITH B. McGUIRE Religion: The Social Context, SecoildEdition JUDITH A. PERROLLE Computers and Social Change: Information, Property, and Power ARNOLD K. SHERMAN/ ALIZA KOLKER The Social Bases of Politics JAMES L. SPATES/JOHN J. MAOONIS The Sociology of Cities, Second Edition FREDRIC D. WOLINSKY The Sociology of Health: Principles, Practitioners, and Issues, Second Edition Come view our texts at Booths 307 and 309 or write (on your school letterhead) to: Serina Beauparlant, Sociology Editor, WADSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY Ten Davis Drive. Belmont, CA WADSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY w

82 For established, respected coverage, depend, Qn Scott, Foresman Sociology An Introduction Third Edition J, Ross Eshleman, Appalachian State University Barbara G. Cashion, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania laurencea. Basirico, Elon College Acclaimed for its balanced presentation of theory and applications, this popular introductory text integrates an applied sociological perspective into each chapter, showing students the relationship between sociological theory and practice at the career level. Accessible to students, it offers a direct, clear, and jargon-free style and interesting, relevant examples, plus "Sociology at Work" boxes and "Readings in Applied Sociology : 1988, 752 pp., illus., hardbnd., Instructor's Manual, Study Guide, and Test Bank. " NEW! Family in Transition Rethinking Marriage, Sexuality, Child Rearing, and Family Organization Sixth Edition Arlene S. Skolnick I Jerome H. Skolnick University of California, Berkeley This thought-provoking reader examines the evolution of American family life over the past two decades and analyzes key issues from historical and theoretical perspectives. Twenty of the 42 articles are new to the Sixth Edition, including such topics as current trends in marriage and divorce among American women, the diyision of labor in contemporary marriage, conflicts between and within genders, AIDS, ~ohabitation i~ the 1980s, wo~en and men in dual career marriages, and mvoluntary childlessness. Available November 1988, 624 pp., softbnd. Crisis in American Institutions Seventh Edition Jerome H. Skolnick I Elliott Currie University of California, Berkeley Highly successful through six editions, this anthology presents penetrating discussions of the,most pressing social issues of our time, providing a coherent and critical framework for understanding the nature of social problems. 1988, 608 pp., softbnd:, Instructor's Manual. America's Problems Social Issues and Public Policy Second Edition Elliott Currie I Jerome H. Skolnick University of California, Berkeley Taking a critical theoretical perspective, this exceptional. text provides a coherent framework for exploring the oroa:d, social and economic structures and forces that shape ' current social problems. 1988, 608 pp., illus., hardbnd., Instructor's Manual., Racial and Ethnic Groups Third Edition Richard T. Schaefer, Western Illinois University Now revised and updated, this comprehensive text examines race relations in the U.S. and abroad from a balanced sociological perspective that also considers economic and psychological theories of discrimination. 1988, 576 pp., hardbnd., Instructor's Manual. Human Sexuality Third Edition William H. Masters I Virginia E. Johnson Robert C. Kolodny This revised and updated classic includes the most recent information on AIDS, as well as the latest material on chlamydia and other STDs. 1988, 736 pp., illus., hardbnd., Instructor's Manual. A Short Guide to Writing About Social Science lee Cuba, Wellesley College Designed to help sociology and anthropology students present final research results from empirical data they hav~ collected, this brief guide emphasizes writing as an integral part.of the research process. 1988, 128 pp., softbnd. For further information write Meredith Hellestrae, Department SAP-ASA 1900 East lake Avenue Glenview, Illinois Scott, Foresman ar,d Compan 82

83 SOCIO... ' Social Problems:. Issues and Solutions, Second Edition. Charles Zastrow, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Most introductory social problems texts have described and analyzed social prob-,,.~, Ieins without offering much reason for optimism. This useful introductory text, newly revised, not only explores the nature and causes of our most urgent contemporary social problems, but also explores ways they can be reduced or eliminated. Written from an applied sociology perspective in easy-to-read, jargonfree language, Socia/ Problems uses case histories and 'the findings of recent research to bring discussion and understanding out of the realm of pure theory. Instructor's resot1 rce manual. ISBN cloth... Men and Society ~ Clyde Franklin, Ohio State University An excellent introduction to the male side of gende~ studies. An overview of male cui-, ture, socialization, ~exuality, deviance, and social institutions. The author explores the various methodologies and theories related to men 1 s studies a,r:)d provides a sociological framework for unde'rstanding the subject. ISBN paper Criminology Frank E. Hogan, Mercyhurst College lnstructor~s resource manual available. ISBN cloth Oppression: A Socio Hisfory of Black-White Relations in America <.;. Jonathan H. Turner, Royce R~ Singleton, Jr., and David Musick A sociological and historical analysis of the black experience in America. ISBN B paper G 'T ri Sociology of M~rriage.. and the Family: Gender, Love, Cl.nd Property Second Edition Randall Collins, University of California at Riverside Adopted for use at over 200 colleges and universities, this text is the undisputed leader in its field, called "first-rate and highly recommended" by Contemporary Sociology. The new edition makes it the most up-to-date and satisfying book on the market. Collins presents the sociology of the family in al.l its aspects-as o social institution that operates according to certain identifiable principles; 9s a product of specific historical conditions, among them the conditions that have favored to varying degrees male or female power; and as on economic entity in which. property, work, and wealth are divided in var- ' ious ways. Comprehensive computerized learning ond teaching packages. ISBN /98-4 clqth Other recent texts r, ' Nelson-Half series in Sociology, consulting editor: Jonathan H. Turner, University of California at Riverside.. booth 426 Socio~Qgy:.The Science of Hu111an Organization Jonathan H. Turner, University of California at Riverside Comprehensive computerized learning and teaching packag!=!s available. ISBN cloth Future Textbooks Bernard P. Cohen, Stanford University, Developing Sociological Knowledge, Second Edition. David Musick, University of Northern Colorado: Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency. IDtiJ Nelson-Hall Publishers, 111 N. Canal, Chicago

84 NIW FROM LAN Saying It Ain't So American Values as Revealed In Children's Baseball Stories is8o-t950 Debra A. Davagarian American University Studies, Anthropology & Sociology Vol.16 Reveals unique qualities of baseball hi reinforcing values of supportiveness, responsibility 11nd fairness pp. $32.50 Women, Culture and Morality Selected Essays Edited by Joseph L DeVitis American University Studies. Anthropology & Sociology Vol. 10 Challenges the reader to Investigate and re-evaluate long established "maps" of history, philosophy, psychology and sociology pp. $49.50 PETER LANG PUIILIIHINe 62 West45 St., New York NY (212) The Destroyers The Underside of Human Nature James Kern Felbleman American University Studies. Anthropology & Sociology Vol. 7 Aggressive behavior will destroy humanity unless It Is acknowledged as preva lent 11nd studied to find an antidote pp. $26.00 Residential Treatment of Felon Drug Addicts State Agents as Therapists' Sethard Fisher American University Studies, Anthropology & Sociology Vol. 13 Analyzes an attempt by the California Dept. of Corrections, with federal support, to blaze a new trail in returning addicts to a drug-free life pp. $32.90 The Dissenthig Feminist Academy A History of the B!lrrlers to Feminist Scholarship Gisele Marie Thibault American University Studies. Anthropology & Sociology Vol.9 A probing account of feminism and its Interaction with the academy pp. $36.50 John Dewey's Theory of Community Feodor F. Cruz American University Studies, Philosophy Vol. 40 Shows that the theory of community Is the key to understanding the entire scope of Dewey's thought and writing pp. $33.50 The Social Context of the New Information and Communication Technologies A Bibliography Ell11 Zureik & Dianne f:lartllng More than 6000 references on the social impact of these new technologies pp. $35.00 Puritan Race Virtue, Vice and Values Original Calvinist True Believers' Enduring Faith and Ethics Race Claims Joseph R. Washington, Jr. American University Studies, History Vol. 33 An analysis of the Calvinist beliefs as exemplified In racial attitudes pp. $57.90 Inquiries from authors welcome 50th Annual Conference National Council o0n Family Relations November 12-16, 1988 Wyndham Franklin Plaia Hotel, P.hlladelphia, Pennsylvania FAMILIESAND ADDICTIONS Robert'Lewis, Purdue University, Program Vice President Plellaly Speakers: John Bradshaw Counselor, Educator; Philosopher, Theologian; Houston; TX M. Duncan Stanton Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester, School of Medicine Pabick Carnes Sexual Dependency Unit, (3oldefl Valley Health Service, Minneapolis, MN Jo.Am Krestan. Family Therapy Associates, Fair Haven, NJ.. ' Carousel Seminars. Exbibits ;e PoSter' Sessions VIdeo Show Special Golden Amiversary Commemorative Events NCFR Contact Cynthia Winter National Council on Family Relations 1910 \/\est County Road B, Suite 147 St. Paul, MN (612) YEARS OF SERVICE

85 PEACOCK RECENTLY PUBLISHED STATISTICS FOR SOCIAL DATA ANALYSIS Second Edition By George Bohmstedt, Indiana University and David Knoke, University of Minnesota The most important departure from tradition in this book, as was true in the First Edition as well, is its requirement that students constantly are confronted with actual social data and questions drawn from actual social research contexts. A hands-on approach to statistics through actual data analysis, the authors believe, is the only way for the students to acquire a feel for what social research is all about. 550 pages I hardbound SOCIOLOGY OF OCCUPATIONS AND PROFESSIONS Second Edition By Ronald M. Pavalko, University of Wisconsin/Parkside This new edition gives considerable attention to the topic of occupational choice as well as to minorities and work. Labor force trends also are discussed in detail. 300 pages I paper FEMINIST SOCIOLOGY By Janet Saltzman Chafetz, University of Houston/University Park The goal of this book is to introduce the variety of theoretical approaches employed (since about 1970) by feminist scholars in the social and behavioral sciences to explain gender-related phenomena, especially gender stratification. 350 pages I paper 85

86 LEADING THE WAY IN INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY.:' NEWIN1989! SOCIOLOGY, Fifth Edition RANDOM HOUSE ALFRED A. KNOPF For an examination copy, please contact your local Random House Sales Representative, l)r write on your college stationery to: Random House College Review Desk, Random House, Inc., 400 Hahn Road, Westminster, MD from DONALD LIGHT, Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey SUZANNE KELLER, Princeton University and CRAIG CALHOUN University of North Ca~olina Available This Spring! 88

87 THINGS TO DO TODAY I. Visif Booth 203-Macrl'uilan 1. Ask ahouf the new!!)!!) titles A. Sociology-Kerho B. Confentporary Social Prohtents/2e-Parrillo, StintSon, Sfintson C. Men's Lives-Kintntel, Messner D; Fantify lnferacfion-bahr E. Crintinology/3e-Conklin F. Research Meflu~ds in Crintinal Jusfice/2e~Hagen G. Correcfions in Anterica/Se-AUen, Siinonsen H. juvenile Jusfice/3e-Sintonsen I. Crintinal Law-Reid 2. Review the A dive. Sociology Teaching Program, A. Sociology, 3/e-Hess, Markson, Stein B. Video C. Software D. Sfudenf Sfudy Guide E. lnsfrudor's Manual F. TesfBank G. Sfafisfical Supplentenf - 3.See the!!)!! BesfseUers A. Thinking Ahouf _Wonten/2e---Anderson. B. lnfimafe Relationships in Marriage tilldfantify, 2/e-Cofentan C. _lnfroducfion fo Social Prohlents...,-Sutlivan 1 Thontpson D. Anterican Crintinal Jusfice-Bqrfollas E. Juvenile Delin'luency-Binder 1 'Geis, Bruce F. Exploring ll. Call in Book Orders! COMPLETED

88 Westview ~ Announcing Westview Series on Social Inequality Marta Tienda and David Grusky, University of Chicago, Series Editors Editorial Board Members: William T. Bielby Dennis P. Hogan Robert M. Hauser Judah Matras John C. Henretta Unda J. Waite Charles Hirschman William Julius Wilson This new series will encompass work addressing comparative, historical, and contemporary patterns of social inequality. It will incorporate monographs as well as books with a broader classroom appeal that contribute to the intellectual debate on such issues as class, gender, race, ethnicity, age, education, mobility, poverty, and income. Ain't No Makin' It Leveled Aspirations in a Low-Income Neighborhood Jay MacLeod "A wonderfully vigorous narrative.... This is a sociology of the heart, mind and soul." -Robert Coles, Harvard University pp. $29 (he) $12.95 (pb) The New Era of Home-Based Work Directions and Policies Kathleen E. Christensen, ed. "This wide-ranging volume probes the cultural, technical, and legal issues surrounding work at home. Informative for the specialist and eye-opening for the general reader." -Faye Duchin, New York University Aug ca. 228 pp. $32 (he) Forthcoming Texts: Feminist Research Methods Readings From the Social Sciences Joyce McCarl Nielsen, ed. Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements James DeFronzo World System. Theory An JntrC>Quction :~.SmM R. Sl1!1.1.Ulton THE NEW ERA OF HOM liiji;;;eoa S 0 WORK Directions ond Policies Korhleen E. Chrlstf.'n~en Global Crises and Social Movements Artisans, Peasants, Populists, and the World Economy Edmund Burke, ill, ed. "Good questions, fresh perspectives, outstanding scholars, strongly stated positions, sharp and fruitful disagreementswhat more can we ask of a collection?" -Charles Tilly, New School for Social Research pp. $35 (he) Contaminated Communities The Social and Psychological Impacts of Residential Toxic Exposure Michael R. Edelstein "Taking us beyond health impacts of toxic contamination, Professor Edelstein breaks' important new ground. His de ~ailed look at the overwhelming feelings of stress and helplessness, often as profound as the physical threat from pollution, gives policymakers. valuable insight. His work should become a weapon in the fight to prevent more Love Canals." -Congressman ]ames Florio, sponsor of the original "Superfund" legislation June 1988 ca. 210 }Jp. $29.95 (he) VVestvievVPress 5500 Central Avenue BoUlder, Colorado (~03)

89 Ci2 CATI Is ready for you. Ci2 CATI is a PG based computer-aided telephone interviewing system offering: 1. Fl,lll computer-aided interviewing 5. Incidence tracking 2. Callmartagement 3.; Quota \ontrol 4.. Randpphdlgit dialing. 6. Interviewer productivity reporting 7. Remot~ monitoring With Ci2 CATI you get responsive support, well-written documentation, at a price you can afford. If you're ready for CATI, Ci2 CATI is ready for yoti. Call or write for a free demo disk. i~l Sawtooth Software 1007 Church St., Suite 302, Evanston, IL 602Ql 312/ ' < ~ New Books of Interest Ecological Models of Organizations.Glenn R. Carroll, Editor "This welcome volume signals the coming ofthe second ge~~f&ti~n, of ecologi~ lloalyses of organizations." - W. Richard Scott Department df Sbbiology Stanford Univer8ity '296 pages cloth, $32.00 Institutional Patterns and. Organizations. Culture and Environment Ly~~e G. Z~cker, Edito~ Focusing on ins.titutional approaches to strategy, this book discusses impqrtant advances - both theoretical and.empirical - in the field pages cloth, $32.00 iij\llingea A Su~;idiary o/~arp;~& R~w.>Pu~lis~ers, ~~c. PUBUSHING COMPANY.~'., 54 Church Street Harvard Square Cambridge, MA;021~ Conceptual Foundations of Organization Theory Edwin Hartman Bringing insigh~ from other fi(l\ds to disputed issues of organization thcory and methodology, this book is designed, to help organization theorists understand and choose. among a variety of competing theories. ' pages cloth, $29.95 Classics in the Field Power. in Organizations Jeffrey Pfeffer pages i " i_. paper, $16.95., : Organizations and Organization Theory Jeffrey Pfeffer 1iJ pages cloth, $22.50 See us at Harper& Row booths 132 and

90 zs now NONSEXIST RESEARCH METHODS t- ' Mar grit Eichler Forthcoming Max Weber's "Science as a Vocation" Edited by Peter Lassman and Irving Velody, with Hetminio Martins November 1988, 240pp. $49.95 cloth Choice, Rationality and Social The-ory Barry Hindess October 1988, 120pp. $34.95 cloth, $12.95 paper Communication as Culture Essays on Media and Society James W. Carey October 1988, 240pp. $34.95 cloth,. $12.95 paper Media and Popular Culture: 1 Teenagers and Teenpics The Juveililization of American Movies in the 1950s ' Thomas Doherty October l9~, 240pp.. $34.95 cloth,. $12.95pa(,er Media and Popular Culture: 3 Recently published The Sociology of Health and Healing A Textbook Ma7garet.Stacey i988, 368pp. $49.95 cloth, $19.95 paper Living with Chronic Illness Edited by Robert Anderson and Michael Bury 1988, 256pp. $49.95 cloth, $16.95 paper The Sociology of Mode'rtilia~ tion and Development David H. Harrison -1988, ~24pp. $44.95 cloth, $17.95 paper Social Causality Jerald Hage and Barbara E Meeker 1988, 288pp. $39.95 cloth, $16.95 paper Quantity and Quality in. Social Research Alan Bryman 1988, 224pp. $49.95 cloth, $19.95 paper Max Weber, Rationality and MOdernity Edited by Sam Whimster and.scott Lash 1987, 320pp. $39.95 cloth, $17.95 paper Myths of Oz Reading Australian Popular Culture John Fiske, Bob Hodge, and Graeme Turner 1988, 204pp. $29.95 cloth, $13.95 p&lper,, Mec;lia and Popular Culture: 2 Unwin Hyman, Inc. (formerly Allen & Unwin, Inc.} Booth#317 8 Winchester Place Winchester, MA Female. Crime The Construction of Women ih Criminolagy Ngaire Naffine.. : 1988, 143pp. $34.95 cloth, $ ~ paper The Making of Masculinities The New Men's Studies. Edited by Harry Brod 1987, 352pp. $39.95 cloth, $14.95 paper Politics and Leisure John Wilson 1988, 216pp. $44.95 cloth, $15.95 paper Race, Class and Conserw.tisn\ Thomas D. Boston , 192pp. $34.95 cloth, $11.9~~. paper Science, Technology and,. Social Change ' Stephen Yearley , ~24pp. $49.95 cloth, $14.95 paper Dynamics of Culture J. Zvi Namenwirth and Robert Philip Weber 1987, 288pp. $39.95 cloth Nonsexist Research Methods.' A-Practical CJuide Ma?grit Eichler 1987, 144pp. $24.95 cloth, $ paper l.. f,j_. ). To order by VISA or Mastercard, call toll-free ; in MA or Canada, calll

91 AUBURN HOUSE Young, Black, and Male in America: An Endangered Species Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, Editor 377 pages I $28.95 hardcover I $i7.9s paperback Elder Abuse: Conflict in the Family Karl A. Pillemer and Rosalie S. Wolf, Editors 356 pages I $27.95 hardcover I $16.95 paperback Mothers Alone: Strategies for a Time of Change Sheila B. Kamerman and Alfred J. Kahn 250 pages I $26.95 hardcover Financing Health Care: Economic Efficiency and Equity Steven R. Eastaugh 720 pages I $34.95 hardcover I $17.95 paperback Child Care: Facing the Hard Choices Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman 273 pages I $26.00 hardcover Litigating Intelligence: IQ Tests, Special Education, and Social Science in the Courtroom Rogers Elliott 216 pages I $26.00 hardcover The Sexual Trafficking in Children: An Investigation of the Child Sex Trade Daniel S. Ca~pagna and Donald L. Poffenberger 288 pages I $24.95 hardcover I $17.95, paperback The Economics of Aging (Fourth Edition) James H. Schulz 302 pages I $29.95 hardcover I $17.95 paperback Environmental Hazards: Communicating Risks as a Social Process Sheldon Krimsky and Alonzo Plough 350 pages I $35.00 hardcover I $17.95 paperback Determining Risks to Health: Federal Policy and Practice Task Fo~ce on Health Risk Assessment 410 pages I $32.00 hardcover The Future of Work and Health Clement Bezold, Rick J. Carlson, and Jonathan C. Peck 191 pages I $24.95 haracover Drug Use in the Workplace Michael D. Newcomb 254 pages I $32.50 hardcover BOOTH432 '81..

92 I!!', A M E R I c A IN CRISIS OUtstanding works a year of political Why Americans Don't Vote by Fr~ces Fox: Piven and Richard A. Cloward "Frances Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward have given us a compelling analysis of the laws that discourage voting, why they were passed, and how they can be changed." -Ira Glasser, Ex~cutive Director, American Civil Liberties Union "Absolutely first-rate... A worthy successor to The New Class War.". -Robert A. Alford, Professor of Sociology, University of California at Santa Cruz "A compelling model of critical social science in the best C. Wright Mills tradition." -Kenneth Dolbeare, Evergreen State College $19.95 What Americans Really Think And Why Our Politicians Pay No Attention by Barry Sussman A totally original and up-to-date analysis of what Americans think (iii every area from politics to sex, from race to religion) and want-and why politicians don't listen. "Barry Sussman, one of the nation's most astute and experienced pollsters, has produced in this book an extremely important analysis of the American electorate." -Thomas Byrne Edsall, author of The New Politics of Inequality $

93 po liti. c al re ali smm..hetoric The Radical Renewal The POlitics of Ideas in Modem America by Norman Birnbaum "A book about ideas that is both eloquent and informative-and even vastly entertaining." -Harvey Cox, Professor of Divinity, Harvard University "Hard-hitting, brilliantly written... a major contribution to invoking a public capable of debating the future of our society,." -Robert N. Bellah, co-author of Habits of the Heart $ A Student Generation in Revolt Edited by Ronald Fraser With an international team of interviewers, Ronald Fraser has constructed tlj.e first large-scale oral history of the Year ofre'volt, 1968, based on the testimony of hundreds of activists from the U.S., West Germany, France, Italy, and Northern Ireland.... "This is oral history of high order and Fraser's commentary is admirably restrained... Fraser's strength is that most of the analysis and recollection. comes ditectly from those involved in the 'rebellion'." -David Sinclair, London Sunday Times Paper, $14.95; hardcover, $24.95 A Field Guide to The U.S. Economy The Center for Popular Economics, coordinated by Nancy Folbre "Quite possibly the best and certainly the least solemn guide to the dismal science you are likely soon to encounter:' -John Kenneth Galbraith Paper, $

94 The.Kemer Report~ Yesterday and Today Report of the National Advisory Committee on Civil Disorder by Otto Kerner and the National AdvisoryCol!'mittee Back inpnnt, a new edition of the historic Kerner Report witlj. an introduction by F,red I;Iarris, an origfnal'member of the commission, and The New York Times~ Tom Wicker. '. Coming in October. 496 pages. Paper, $6.95 ' Quiet Riots: Rac'e and Poverty in the U.S. The Kerner Report Twenty Years Later Edited by Fred R. Harris and Roger W. Wilkins Recently Fred Harris, now Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexir;o, and Roger Wilkins, Professor of History at George Mason University, called a conferenc~t to up,date the Kerner Commission Report. Contributors at the conference: Jorge Chapa, Professor of Sociology at the University of California. at Berkelt}y; LYJlll A. Curtis, President of the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation;' David Hanillton, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of New Mexico; John Herbers, Distinguish~,d LectwerinJouplalism,at the University c;>f.mary-. land; Ronald B. Mincy, Professor of Econoinics at the Uniwrsity of Delaware; Gary Orfield, Professor of Politi~ Science at the University of Chicago; Gary D.,Sai1defur, Associate Director of 'for Resl\larch on PoVertY 1'1-t the University of Wiscon.Sin-Madison and William Julius WJ.lson, Lhcy Flower DiStingUished Service Professor of Sociology & Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Coming in November. Paper, $7.Q5; hardcover, $16.95 ~ illimipan'flieon "':;' 1 :--::.J:~ ~ '' '' ' : ~ ~ > " ' ~',1 ' For examination copies, write Pantheon Books; 201 East 5oth Street New York, N.Y

95 SCHOCKEN BOOKS. i, "', >~' Now published by Pantheon Social Change in the United States, by William Issel Incorporating recent historical research, William Issei examines the influence of post-war capitalism on contemporary America, with its mixture of poverty and political inequality, affluence! and economic growth. "Although his study is refreshingly compact, it considers in some detail the decline of the Americall cities, and the shift from goods-production to service employment, the shift of economid and poliijcal power from northeast to southwe_st, the struggle for racial and sexual equality and the persistence of poverty:...:san Francisco Examiner-Chronicle Paper, $9.95; hardcover, $24 The Sociology of Culture by Raymond Williams' In this spirited introduction to the cont~mporary debate on the origins and evolution of culture, Professor Williams demonstrates that while cl.lltural conceptions sometimes persist over long periods, given artistic forms are specific to a single time and place and are not reproducible under any other conditions. Paper, $7.95 Television Technology and Cultural Form by Raymond Williams A tiook that opens up revolutionary possibilities, for both individual and society, for making new, alternative TV, Thlevision anal~es in detail the forms and institutions of television anlj shows how they can be used in differenfways for different purf>oses. "The most useful, insightful, and meaningful book about television and medfa theory that has yet been written." -James Monaco, American Film Paper, $7.95 ~.- > i.,.., ISISCHOCKEN For examination copies, write Schocken Books, 201 East 50th Street, New York, N.Y

96 .. ~ m Harper eij Row i J r / is pleased to announce a new edition of the highly successful Sociology: An Introduction, 2/e by AlexThio and these outstanding texts for 1989: Social Problems Frank R. Scarpitti and Margaret L. Andersen Introduction to' Criminology Clemens Bartollas and Simon Dinitz Marriage and Family L'ife Suzanne K. Steinmetz/Sylvia Glavan/ Karen F. Stein Our lritimate Relations Ollie Pocs Soclology:Tradltlonal and Radical Perspectives, 2/e Howard J. Sherman and James L. Wood

97 =--coc.~ SOLID SCHOLARSHIP IN SOCIOLOGY At Booth 128.,.... JEHRE\ C~\~E~~ I! :1 '/. I! Actwn II il,, IJ and Its li II Environments,, i TOWARD A NEW SYNTHESIS Adion and Its Emiromnents Thward a New Synthesis jeffrey C. Alexander 352 pp., Modern German Sodology An Anthology Edited by Volker Meja, Dieter Misgeld, and ]l{ico Stehr 477 pp., Man His Nature and Place in the World Arnold Gehlen 7ranslated by Clare McMillan and Karl Pillemer Introduction by Karl-Siegbeft Rehberg European Perspectives 418 pp., line drawings, Images of Women The Portrayal of Women in Photography of the Middle East, Sarah Graham-Brown 288 pp., 208 photos, (September) Making Risto The American Left!Z. the American Mind Richard Flacks 376 pp., Last-Chanc:e Children Growing Up with Older Parents Monica Morris 170 pp., Gays/Justic:e A Study of Ethics, Society, and Law Richard D. Mohr 304 pp., (November) Thanks to God and the Revolution PopUlar Religion and Class Consciousness in the New Nicaragua Roger N. Lancaster 280 pp., (September) Home Informatia Information 'lechnology and the Transformation of Everyday life Ian Miles 151 pp., ~ Pinter Publishers l!!!llj dlstributed in the US. and Canada See these and other titles at Booth #128. For adoption co~ideratiori, write on your <lepartment + letterhea4 to the address below: \ilt7 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS 136 South Broadway, Irvington, NY NEW PAPERBACKS Twenty Ledores SociologiCal Theory Since World War II Jeffrey C. Alexan4er 393 pp., paper Man in the Age of 'Iec:hnoloav Arnold Ge61en 7ranslated by Patricia Lipscomb Foreword by Peter L. Berger European Perspectives 183 pp., paper (September) Gender and History The Linlits of Social Theory in the Age of the Family LindaJ. Nicholson 256 pp., S13.50 paper (September) Troohle in Paradise The Suburban Transformation in America. Mark Baldassare 251 pp., , paper The Responsive Workplac:e Employers and a Changing Labor Force Sheila B. Kamerman and Alfred]. Kahn 329 pp., paper (OctOber) The Sexual Rights of Adolesc:ents Competence, Vulnerability, and Parental Control Hyman Rodman, Susan H. Lewis, and Saralyn B. Griffith. 183 pp., paper Singular Paths Old Men living Alone Robert L. Rubinstein Columbia Studies of Social Gerontology and Aging Abraham Monk, General Editor 265 pages, paper Lebanon's Predic:ament Samir Khalaf 328 pp., tables, paper (September) Sports Spedators Allen Guttmann 236 pp., paper (October) 97

98 NEW AND FORTHCOMING ': ' Homicide Martin DaFj(McMaster University) and Margo Wilson (McMaster University) xii pages Cloth $ X. Paper $18.95 Evaluating Family Programs l-leather B. Weiss (Harvard University) and Francine H. Jacobs (TUfts University), editors 1988, xxxii pages Cloth $ Paper $~.95 Plant Closings: International Context and Social Costs Carolyn and Robert Perrucci (Pu,rdue University), Dena and Harry Thrg(Purdue University) x pages Cloth $ X. Paper $15.95 Networks of Power: Organizational Actors at the National, Corporate, and Community Levels Robert Perrucci (Purdue University) and Harry R. Potter (Purclue University), editors Approx. 250 pages. In preparation X. Cloth Paper~ Comparable Worth Paula England (University of Texas at Dallas) Approx. 250 pages. In preparation Cloth ~49-7. Paper. Images of Issues Joel Best (California State Univer..sity, Fresno) Approx. 370 pages. In preparation Cloth. o Paper. Social Causes of Psychological Distress Catherine E. Ross (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and John Mirowsky (Unlversit~ of 11/inojs at Urbana-Champaign) A.pprox. 210 pages. In preparation aoth Paper. COME VISIT US AT BOOI'H 329 ~9virtg Into Adolescence: The Impact of " Pubertal Change and School Context Roberta G. Simmons (University of Pittsburgh) and '~ Dal!! A. BlYth (Cornell University) "' Xvi "+ 441 pages Cloth $52.95 (text. adoption price on orders of ten or more copies: $29.95) Liberal Education and the Corporation: The Hiring and Advancement of College Graduates Michael Useem (Boston University) Approx. 290 pages. In preparation X. Ooth Paper. Childhood Socialization, Gerrud Handel (City University of New York), editor: 1 : Approx. 350 pages. In preparation Cloth Paper. Disturbing the Nest: Family Change and Decline in Modem Societies David Popenoe (Rutgers University) Approx. 420 pages. In preparation ~50-0. aoth.., Paper. ~ ~ Aldine de Gruyter ~, a division of Walter de Gruyter, Inc. '~ '' 2()() Saw Mill River Road - Hawthorne, New York prices subject to change 98

99 '. TM THE BASS SYSTEM 8 A INSTITUTE DATA WTSTUDY; INFILE WTSHTS; LENGTH SEX $ 1; INPUT AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT 30-37; FORMAT AGE 5.0 HEIGHT WEIGHT 6.0; PROC GLM DATA=WTSTUDY; CLASS SEX; MODEL WEIGHT = HEIGHT AGE SEX; We ran this program two different ways on the same machine. SAS/PC* (the competition) took 2 minutes 52 seconds, 640K, and 8.5 Meg of disk space. It costs $370 the first year, plus $190 per year thereafter. The BASS SYSTEM* (our product) took 25 seconds, 384K, and 1.2 Meg of disk space. It costs $299 one time, with occasional updates at $35. Both methods got essentially the same answers, produced similar printed output and produced similar log files. We used a 16 MHz computer equipped with an and a hard disk. No special cache or other memory resident programs were used. We used SAS/PC version 6.03 and The BASS SYSTEM version The dataset had one thousand observations. You're a professional data analyst...:you analyze these numbers and decide. We'd like to help. Call or write for information, or, better yet, let us send you The BASS SYSTEM on 90 day approval. *BASS and The BASS SYSTEM are trademarks of BASS Institute. SAS and SAS/PC are trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. Name Title Company ~ Address City----, ,--- State Zip Code-----'--- Phone Number BASS INSTITUTE, INC. P.O. BOX 349 CHAPEL HILL, NC 27514

100 Tre The Invention of Primitive Society Transformations of an Jllusion Adam Kuper In this penetrating and imaginative work, Adam Kuper, one of Britain's leading anthropologists, shows how when we study constructions of the "primitive," we are actually studying a mirror image of ourselves. November pp $42.50/cloth $14.95/paper The Meaning of Illness Mark Kidel with Susan Rowe-Leete By exploring the idea that health and illness have a special interdependence, The Meaning of Illness offers. new ways of underst;:~nding the nature of disease. < September pp $35.00/cloth $13.95/paper Leisure for Leisure Critical Essays Edited by Chris Rojek Opposing the conventional wisdom in leisure studies. this wide-ranging volume is an attempt to produce a critical sociology of leisure. December pp $29.50/cloth The Indebted Society Credit and Default in the 1980's Janet Ford The Indebted Society gives an overview of the contemporary credit and debt society, and includes case studies of forty households with credit problems, highlighting the severity of a problem that threatens Western society. December pp $18.95/paper The Shaking of the Foundations Family and Society Ronald Fletcher Fletcher describes the main trends in the organization of family life and marriage from the beginning of the industrial revolution to the present day. November pp $13.95/paper Also by Rc;mald Fletcher... The AboUtlonlsts The Family and Marriage Under Attack A powerfully written and vigorous attack on the radical anti-family positions of the 60's.and 70's. November pp' ' $55.00/cloth $13.95/paper Women, PoUclng and Male Violence An International Perspective Edited by.jalila Hanmer,.Jill Radford arii:l Elizabeth Stanko These essays constitute the first comparative, international study focusing on the issues involved in policing men's violence against women. September pp $52.50/cloth $15.95/paper..FUm as Social Practice Graeme Turner Graeme Turner breaks with the tradition of dealing with film as art and explains the social practice of making, watching and talking about feature films. December pp, illus. $49.95/cloth $11.50/paper PoHtlcs and Social Theory Edited by Pe~er Lassman Politics and Social Theory concentrates on how political theory - the resurgence of which we are experiencing now - has figured into sociolpgy since the field was founded. September pp. $15.95/cloth Fln-de-Siecle SociaUsm And Other Essays Martin Jay "Martin Jay... offers proof of the continued vitality of intellectual history particularly when it is 1 brought into contact with critical J theory." - Dominick LaCaprn;j October pp $35.00/clot!r'J $13.95/pa~l"j ' J The Rhythms of Society Edited by Michael Young and -~ Tom Schuller " This study reflects the current conce~n among social sci~ntists over the common modern obsession with time., November pp Doctors and Rules A Sociology of Professional Values, Joseph M. Jacob Drawh:\g on material from social sciences, as well as law, Jacob seeks to define medicine its practice, and to distinguish it from health. ' November pp One Foot In Eden A Sociological Study of the Range of Therapeutic Community Practice M. J. Bloor, N. P. Mc:Keaa tey~~ and J.D. Fonkert The authors give us the first sociological inquiry to compare observations from a of therapeutic November 1988 Lost Illusions Caribbean Minorities in and the Netherlands Edited by Malcolm Cross and Hans Entzinger This book provides a comparative analysis of and their assimilation into, European soc,iety. Septemberl pp t i 100.

101 Sociology {'(ow in papf!r/ Ethnlcity and Race In the U.S.A. Toward the Twenty-First Century Edited by Richard D. Alba r' a landmark in the field of ethnicity and race.. " - International Social Science Review 192 pp $13.95/paper Transfer of Care Psychiatric Deinstitutionalization and its Aftermath Phil Brown j, it was almost therapeutic to see the day-to-day chaos that characterizes-the mental health field handled with such conceptual mastery." -JamesJ. Callahan, Jr., Br~ndeis University January pp $11.95/paper The Social Context of Uteracy Kenneth Levine Using a comprehensive sociological approach, Levine examines the ways in which the pr~vailing social setting determines ~he literacy of. its popt,dation. January pp $19.95/paper lnt'l Library a{ Sociology Understan... g Moder~ty., Towards a N~w J~.erspective Going Beyond Durkheim and Weber Richard JVlpP.!;h,... Murich wo~ks!c!v.:<!f4!>!:i flew understanding ~;t!d ~plm:~tion of. the rise and de.velqpmer!t of modern socmty, taking his lead from Durkheim and Weber. Aprll pp $75.00/c:loth Key Ideas Science Steve WQolgar Designed as a text for undergraduates in sociology, this book provides a critical ~nd up-tp~ date overview of the institution and practice of modem science: January pp $19.95/cloth ' $9.95/paper On Durklielm's Rules of ~loiogtcal ~Method Mike Gane This new apptaisa}of Durkheim,'s method raises vita.! questions on the transference of knowledge between generations and how a "tradition" of learning is established. June pp $57.50/cloth Socioloalcal Theory and Medical Sociology Edited by Graham Scrambler These original essays bridge the. gap between medical sociology and mainstream theory. February pp $69.95/cloth Doing Research In, Organizations Edited by Alan Bryman The contributors to this collection offer fresh, first-hand accounts of the process of doing research in organizations. April pp $57.50/cloth $15.95/paper Women and Social Class Pamela Abbott and Roger Sapsford The authors have set out to review current perspectives in social class analysis and also to demonstrate that research cannot be valid without inclusion of data on women. January q J:lP, $49.95/cloth : Critical Social Thought Series Keeping Them Out of the Hands of Satan Evangelical Schooling in America su san D. Rose Through extensive fieldwork,-susan Rose investigates why. evangelicalism, a self-proclaimed conservative, reactionary movement, holds so much appeal for so many Americans at this time. October pp $25.00/cloth. Social ~alysls of Education After the new Sociology Philip Wexler pp $29.95/cloth Maklng Sense of Ethnomethodology Eric Livingston A very accessible introduction, this text presents the nature and aims of, ethnoinethodological research in a ' clear and uncompromising way. March pp $55.00/cloth He and She Men in the Eighties Yvette Walczak Based on interviews with fifty-one men, aged 17 to 90, from varying backgrounds, this research examines mc:ile attitudes towards. sex and gender in the 80's... May pp $49,95/cloth Routledge I The Human/Ues and Social Sciences Imprint of RouUedge, Chapman and Hall 29 West 35th Street, New York, NY

102 TEMPLE Putting on Appearances: Gender and Advertising Diane Barthel.. "... excepttonauy poweiful. [Barthel] analyzes the almost'' painful ways in which women are seduced by adve~ments to. accept their low self-image and. the advertisers solutton... The moral for feminists to draw is tl;tat although there are.mariy miles to go before we sleep. Barthels rk will keep us on ow: toes. "-Jessie Bema rd. $19.95 Women in the PoUtical Economy Series Women and Stepfamllies: Voices of Anger and Love Edited by Nan ~er Magl1n and Nancy Schniedewmd $29.95 Women in the Political Economy Series Arms and the Eillisted Woman Judith Hicks Stiehm $29.95 November Muchachas No More: Household Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean Edited by Elsa M. Chaney and Mary Garcia Castro $34.95 January Women in the Political Economy Series The Am.ericani7.8tion of Sex Edwin M. Schur Commercialism, competitiveness, ;md superficiality characterize American society and Amerlcari sexuality. according to noted sociologist Edwin M. Schur. In his latestbook, he analyzes "ordinary" sex, both homoand heterosexual, and major sexual problems including rape, harassment, prostitution, and pornography. $24.95 'l'be Health of the Republic: Epidemics, Medicine, and Moralism as Challenges to Democracy Dan E. Beauchamp $29.95 October Hea.Uh. Society and Policy Series Cab Calloway from the book Bass Une. by MUt Hinton and Qavid G. Berger Women.with Disabilities: Essays id hjchology, Culture, and Polltics Edited by Michelle Fine and Adrienne Asch $34.95 Health, Socieiy and Policy Series Group Health Association: A Portrait of a Health Maintenance Organization Edward D. Berkowitz and Wendy Wolff $34.95 Health, Society and Policy Series The Unity of ~takes: A Phenomenological Interpretation of Medical Work Marianne A Paget $24.95 A Life in the Struggle: Ivory Perry and the Culture of Opposition George Lipsitz illustrated $29.95 October Crittcal Perspectives on the., Past Series Bass Line: '' :,,; The Stories and PhotographS'. of Mllt Hinton Milt Hinton and David 9 Be~g~!",.. Fbreword by Dan Morgenstern "... a brilliant documentary. It.. tells the story qf one mans life in jazz, but the senslttve and vivid photographs,.~.~~-... ~ something much ln.,no - ~ho essence qf the heritage which ts. uniquely American. It is a fascinating book and I ft highly. "--:Quincy Jones 1861llus. $ Producing Jazz: The Experience. of an Independent Record Comp'~''"' Herman Gray $24.95 October Remaking the Welfare s~: Retrenchment and Social. Polley ln America and Europe Edited by Michael K. Brown $34.95 A New Housing Polley for. America: Recapturing the ' American Dream David c. Schwartz. Richard n. Ferlauto, and Daniel Hoffman Fbreword by senator Bill Bracllef $14.95 paper/$34.95 cloth - ~ i, Announcing a new sertes: Cor!fltcts iri Urban and Regional Development, John Logan and Thdd s~anstn:iilil New Homeless and Old Community and the Skid Row Hotel Charles Hoch and Robert A Jibrthcoming in Spring '89 Nomads of the Present: Social Movements and Individual Needs in Contemporary Society,. Alberto Melucci $29.95 December 102

103 ' ':;. Maldng Time: ~ographies of. lligh-'iechnology Organizations:. Edited by Frank A..DUbinskas 1 $24.95 Now available in paperback The American Perception of Class Reeve Vanneman imd Lynn Weber Cannon $14.95 ' Labor and Social Change Series Women of the New Right Rebecca Klatch $14.95 October Women tn the Political Economy Series ', From the book A Pause on the Path, by Ronald Silvers ',' Rethlnldng Rental Housing John I. Gilderbloom and Richard P. Appelbaum $14.95 Announcing a new series: Vlsual Studies, edited by Douglas Harper A Pause on the Path Ronald Silvers This travel diary of photographs and expressionistic narrative draws the reader into an experience of village and monastic life in Buddhist Ladakh. "This is afascinatlng and beautiful study. The images are extraordinary... " -Georye Psathas, BoSton University $24.95 September ' Visual Studies Series Harvey and Jessie:. A Couple of Radicals Jessie Lloyd O'Connor; Harvey O'Connor, and Susan M. 'Bowler $ Work on the Waterfront: Worker Power and Technological Change in a West Coast Port ' William Finlay $24.95 Labor ~Soctal Change Series Customizing the Body: The Art and Culture of Tattooing Clinton R. Sanders During a. seven~y~ar involvement in the hidden world of tattooh,lg. the author, a sociologist, found tattooing to be a highly social act--:-a manipulation of self-image and a symbolically meaningful form of body alteration with roots in ancient history. illustrated $24.95 Januar}r Leade~hip 1 'Conflict, and.;~erican Social Thought John Brown Childs $27.95 January Work Withollt End: Abandoning Shorter Houts for the Right to Wo~ Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt $34.95 ' Labor and Social Change Series Social Class in Modern Britain Gordon Marshall. David Rose, Howard Newby. and Carolyn Vogler $39.95 August. Revising State Theory: Essays in. Politics.and Postindustriallsm Fred Block $14.95 Women and the Politics of Empowerment Edited by Ann Bookman and Sandni Morgen $14.95 ',, Women in the Political Economy Series Issei, Nisei, War Bride: Three Generations of Japanese American Women in. Domestic Service Evelyn Nakano Glenn $14.95 The Crisis of Growth Politics: Cleveland, Kucinich, and the Challenge of Urban Populism Thdd Swanstrom $14;95 paperback 'l'ejipi.e 1JlllVUSlTY PUSS Broad and Oxford Streets Philadelphia, PA ' '

104 New and Recent Boqks in SociolQ from. Greenwood Press a.iid Praege~r~ ~ ~~~~~ LIVING WITH DIFFERENCE THE PERSISTENCE OF A HISTORY OF MARRIAGE Families with Dwarf Children PATRIARCHY SYSTEMS by Joan Ablon. Class, Geqder, and Ide«J,logy in Twentieth by G. Robina Q!ude ISBN ~ $39.95 Cenfuiy Algeria, ISBN P-313' $45.00 EXTRENUSTGROUPSAND. 1?Y Peter ~ Knauss /.,. NOiqH AMERICAN ELDERS CONFLICT RESOLUTION. i987. ISBN $37.95 United Suites and Canadian Pecipectives The MOVE Crisis in Philadelphia ORGANIZATIONS AND edited by Eloise Rathbone-McCuan by Hizkias Assefa and Paul Wlhrbaftig ETHICAL INQIVIDUALISM and Betty Havens ISBN X. $39.95 edited by Konstantin Klllenaa ISBN $45.00 GAY AND LESBIAN PARENTS ISBN d-27s-9276o:.l. $ BURNOUT IN.BLUE edited by Frederick w. Bozett RECAPTURIN'G MARxiSM Managing the Police Marginal Performer ISBN $38.95.An Appfl!i~ of Recent Trends in by Hillary M. Robinette (hardbound). ISBN Sociologi~ Theory ISBN'0: $39.95 $14.95 (paperback). ' edited by Rhonda F. Levhle (hardbound). ISBN SEEING FEMALE and Jen;Y Lembcke. $18.95 (paperback). Social Roles and Personal Lives' ISBN $39.95 ' ijrban'housing edited by Sharon S. Brehm (hardbound), ISBN AND NEIGHBORHOOD ISBN X. $37.95 $14.95"(pa.rtmC~). REVITALIZATION.. PROFESSIONAL THE ORGANIZATION~ Thrning a Federal Program into RESPONSffiiLITrns IN SOCIETY NEXUS Local ProJects PROfECTING CHILDREN A Critical Review of Models and Metaphors tjr. Donald 1J. Rosenthal, A Public Health Approach to Child by Ronald G. CorwiD ISBN :L" $ 'sl:xualabuse ISBN $39.95 INTERNATIONAL edited by Ann Mlmey HANDBOO~ and Susan W!lls EVERYTHING IS CHANGING 1981i: ISBN 0-275~92~3. $39.95' ON ABORTION Contemporary U.S. Movements in edited by Paul Sachdew CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN Historical Perspective 1988: ISBN $75.00 IMMIGRANTS, by David De Leon Patterns of Filipfuo, KD~, and c~' LOIDS WIRI'H ISBN $47.95 Settlement id the United States ' A Blfr.Bibliography (hardbound). ISBN by Luciano Mangiafico by Roger A. Salerno $14.95 (paperback) ISBN $ ISBN $35.00 THE OPEN COVENANT PARENT-CIDLD INTERACTION INTERNATIONAL HANDBOOK Social Change in Contemporary SO iety AND DEVELOPMENTAL ON RACE AND RACE by CbristoRber BaJils ~ - DISABILITIES RELATIONS ISBN0-275~92559-l. $29.95 Theory, Research, and lntej;vention edited by Jay A. Sigler (hardbound). ISBN edited by Kofl Marfo ISBN $95.00 $10.95 (paperback) ISBN : $49.95 THE INSANITY DEFENSE THE END OF CONVERSATION TRANSIENT CRINUNALITY A Critical Assessment of LaW and Policy The Impact of Mass Media on A Model of Stress-Induced Crime in the Post-Hinckley Em Modem Society by Anthony R. Mawson by Rita J, Simon and David E. Aaronson by Franco Ferrarotti ISBN $ ISBii1J: $ ISBN $ OLDER OFFENDERS (hardboul$ ISBN DRAMATURGICAL ANALYSIS Perspectives in Criminology and $14.95 (paperback). OF SOCIAL INTERACTION Criminal Justice ADJUSTING THE BALANCE by A. Paul Hare and Herbert H. Blumberg edited by Bellnda McCarthy Federal Policy and Victim Services $ 95 and Robert Langworthy ISBN ISBN $44.95 by Stephen Rathgeb Smlth DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN CULTURAL and Susan Frelnkel ISBN $37.95 GERONTOLOGY PLURALISM AND LAW, by Diana K. Harris by Jill Norgren and Seren8 Niuida' ENDURING VALUES ISBN $ ISBN " 8. $ Women in Popular Culture by June Socben PERSONAL SOCIOLOGY (hardbound). ISBN ISBN _ $35.00 edited by Paul C. Higgins $16.95 (paperback)'. and John M. Johnson THE REPRODUCTION OF, THE BIOSOCIAL 1988: ISBN $37.95 SOCIAL CONTROL CONSTRUCTION OF FEMININITY CL'ERGY WOMEN AND THEIR A Study of Prison Workers at San Quentin Mothers and Daughters in Nineteenth- ' WORLD VIEWS by Barbara A. Owen..,.. '~.. Ce Arne ISBN i $37.95 ntury nca Calling fur a New Age l by Nancy M. Theriot by Martha Long Ire THE SYMLOG PRACTITIONER ISBN $37.95, ISBN $37,95 Applications of Small Grotip Research THE TRANSPLANTED WOMAN NEW PERSPECTIVES ON edited by R1chard B. Polley, A. Paul Hare, A Study of French-American Marriages SOCIAL CLASS AND SOCIO- ~~8 ~ifn':z~~~ $ in France ECONONUC.DEVELOPMENT THE CONCEPT OF SOCIAL by Gabrielle VinTo IN THE PERIPHERY STRUCTURE ISBN X. $ edited by Nelson W. Keith THE ETHNIC PHENOMENON~ and Novella Zett Keith by Douglas :v; Porpora by Pierre van den Bergbe ' ISBN $ ISBN ~ $ ISBN $14.95 See these and many 'more titles at Booth 108 Greenwood Press/Praeger Publishers &iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 88'PostRoad West, P.O. Box 5007 Westport, CT (203)

105 ()KANSAS Announcing a new series in comparative historical sociology Studies in Historical Social Change Scott G. McNall and Jill S. Quadagno, Series Editors Editorial Board: Ron Aminzade, Robert J. Antonio, Said Aljomand, Craig Calhoun, Jack Goldstone, Michael Kimmel, Ewa Morawska, John Myles, David Zaret, Viviana Zelizer The volumes in this series will cross disciplinary boundaries; from diverse theoretical perspectives. they will examine large-scale social transformations in the growth of nation states and the.rise of capitalism. The first two volumes in the series are described,below. CLASS STRUGGLE AND THE NEW DEAL Industrial Labor, Industrial Capital, and the State Rhonda F. Levine "A controversial, important, and exceptionally wellwritten book. Levine's core argument is a judicious and well-documented critique of the state-centered approach... She makes a major theoretical contribution to r~cent debates about the autonomy of the state and the relative impact of business and labor on state policies.".,-.jill S. Quadagno, author of The Transformation of Old Age Security. 232 pages, $25.00 SOCIAL CHANGE IN THE SOUTHWEST, Thomas D. Hall "A significant contribution to the debates on how social change progresses and a powerful critique of world-systems theory." -Scott G. McNall, coauthor of Current Perspectives in Social Theory. "A bold and important book that deserves to reach a wide audience."-peter Iverson, author of Carlos Montezuma and the Changing World of American Indians and The Navajo Nation. 320 pages, 12 maps, $35.00 Booth 114 UNIVERSITY 'PRESS OF KANSAS 329 CARRUTH, LAWRENCE KS

106 Deceptive Distinctions Sex, Gender, and the SociaJ Order Cynthia Fuchs Epstein An extensive, broadly interdisciplinary survey of gender research over the past few decades. $25.00 Co'-published with the Russell Sage FoundRtion Labor Pains Modem Midwives and Home Birth Deborah A. Sullivan and Rdse Weitz $27-50 The Making of an American HighSchool The Credentials Market and The Central High School of Philadelphia, David F. Labaree $30.00 English Children and Their Magazines, Kirsten Drotner $27.50 Yale University Press New Haven and London Sociology from Yale. Crimes of Obedience Toward a SociaJ Psychology of Authority and Responsibility Herbert C. Kelman and V. Lee Hamilton An investig~tion of the attitudes toward responsibility and authority that underlie "'crimes of obedience." $29.95 Sitting in Judgment The Sentencing ofwhite-cooar Criminals Stanton Wheeler, Kenneth Mann, and Austin Sarat $28:50 Comaption and the Decline of Rome Ramsay MacMullen $25.00 The Domestication of the Human Species Peter J.,Wilson $18.50 See these and other new books at Bootb315.' Now availahle in paperback Teenage Pregnancy in Industrialized Countries Elise F. Jones et al. $12.95 Biotechnology: The University-Industrial Complex Martin Kenney $12.95 Defending White-Collar Crime A Portrait of Attorneys at Work Kenneth Mann $11.95 Coml110n Decency D011t&Stic Policies after Reagan Afvin L. Schorr $9.95 The. Fem'inist Legacy of Karen Horney Marcia Westkott $ ~~ "'.., publishing A Unique Resource The Encyclopedia of Aging t::a,,,.,,,a L. Editor-in-Chief 92Bpp I Double Column I One Volume I Ca. 500 Entries I 1987 I 00 Epidemiology and Aging,.EW Announcing a New Edition! The Aging Network An lntematlonal Perspective Jacob A. Brody and George L. Maddox, Editors Leading international scholars present a.critical review of the status and the future of epidemiologic research on aging. Issues include basic science epidemiology, clinical concerns, policy iss~es, mental health epidemiology, and more. 256pp I 1988 I $33.95 The Role of Hospitals In Geriatric Care Carl Elsdorfer and George L. Maddox, Editors J4E'II Discusses how hospitals, traditionally regarded as.acutecare facilities, can best participate in treatment of the elderly, who tend to require chronic long-term care. Highlights the U.S. situation by describing solutions adopted in several other countries. Of vital interest to administrators and policy planners in gerontology, public health, longterm care, and hospital care. 160pp I 1988 I $25.95 Retirement Reconsidered Economic and Social Roles for Older People Robert Morris, and Scott Bass, Editors Examines the broad social and economic trends of retirement and factors affecting potential new policies and options. Will be of great interest to gerqntologists, sociol-. and social I 1988 I 95 Programs and Services, 3rd Edition Donald E. Gelfand Revised and updated, this essential text describes the key components in a multitude of programs serving the aged' on federal, state, and local levels. Of essential interest, tm author examines the new 1987 Older Americans Act and points to its effects on service providers and others. 1988/ $19.95 Order from your. or directly from publisher. Springer Publishing Co. 536 Broadway, New York, NY 10012' 108 The Black American Elderly t4e>h,c Research on Physical and Psychosocial Health James S. Jackson, Editor For the first time gathers what is.currently known about aging black populations in the U.S. This essential refer,.,; ence will be of major interest to researchers and ""'"1..,m.-. - ' i_cs i,n gerontology, sociology, public health, social fare; and black studies. 400pp I 1988 I $43.95 H.andbook on Sexual Abuse of Children.. Assessment and Treatment Issues,.eN Lenore E. A. Walker, Editor Presents advances in identification, assessment, leg~l. alternatives, and treatment of sexually abused childrertt their families, and the offenders. I 1988 I $39.95 C10 f

107 BEACON PRESS ANNOUNCES: A new series edited by Michael Kimmel and JosephPleck Intended to prqvide a forumfor new developments in theory and research that use masculinity as the lens throug11 which to view specific historical.or contemporary phenomena, the series will include a wide range of disciplines-history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, literary criticistn -as ~n as mtenli.s.ciplinary studies. It wiu con bu,te to our "QllderStandfu.g ()f. gender as a crucial organizirig principle of sdciallifeexploring the varieties of men's experiences, presenting new works on the social construction of gender, and reinterpretingwell-knowh issues through the prism of masculinity. The first title in the Men and Masculinity series published in Fall1989. Proposals and manuscripts may be submitted to the editors..beacon ''.. 2s :Beacon,:ma New in Paper Wmner of the American Library Association Gay BoOk Alm.rd, 1987 THE SPIRIT AND THE FLESH Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture Walter L. Williams '1\. major contribution to our understanding of Native American cultures as well as to the burgeo:iring histofy of sexuality." -Martin Duberman '1\. very readable book with which all future work on the berdache must come to terms."..:... Los Angeles Times $9.95paper THE WOMAN IN THE BODY A Cultural Analysis of Reproduction Emily Martin '1\. rary and exquisite study of how political and econorriic interests ha~ gotten 'inside' the content of scientific and medical claims.'',, r'.,.-&mdra Harding "Martin's conclusions are.. ground-brealqng." - Womens Review of Books $21.95 cloth., CULTURE AND TRUTH Renewing the Anthropologist's Search for Meaning Renato Rosaldo. An anthropologist in the vanguard of the discipline proposes a radical new way of thinking and writing about culture. $21.95 Cloth; availabl~ in January THE THEORY. OF COMMtT.NICATIVE ACTION, VOLUME IT Lifeworld and System: A Critique of Functionalist Reason Jiirgen Habermas The completion in English of Habermas's masterwork. $37.50 cloth THE ORDEAL OF CIVILITY Freud, Marx, Levi-Strauss, and the Jewish Struggle withmodernity, John Murray Cuddihy "'Ule book's greatest value lies in it$ h,~uristic chutzpah, its 'rude' stirljng of the sediment of conventional thinlqng~"., $9.95paper - A! itole Broyard 1 The New YorkTi~.107

108 j' -. I! ' :',; J c''-'' <... '\ ' ('!J > --""~ "~" ~ :~ ~.-_.7 -~, NEW CLOTH TITLES I _, RICJWID ~; ABEL and PHJT.IP S. C. LEWIS. Editors Lawyers in Society Volume 1: The Common law World $40.00 cloth Volume 2: The Civil law World $40.oo cloth RISTO ALAPURO State and Revolution in Finland $32.50 cloth ' WILLIAM BRUSTEIN The Social Origins of Political Regionalism: France, $28.00 cloth California Series on Social Choice and Political Economy MALCOLM BUSH Families in Distress: Public, Private, and Civic Responses $35.00 cloth ROBERT CASTEL The Regulation of Madness: Origins of Incarceration in France $29.95 cloth, RICK FANTASIA Cultures of Solidarity: Consciousness, Action, and Con-, temporary American Workers, $27.50 cloth HERBERT FINGARE'ITE Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease $16.95 cloth HARVEY GOLDMAN., Max Weber and Thomas Mann: Calling, and 'the Shaping of the Self $30.00 cloth, SYDNEY A. HALPERN American Pediatrics: The Social Dynamics of Professionalism, $27.50 cloth, CYNTHIA HARRISON On Account of Sex: The Politics of Women's Issues, $25.00 cloth JEFFREY HAYDU Between Craft and Class: Skilled Work;ers and Factory Politics in the United States and Britain, $32.50 cloth MIRIAM M. JOHNSON Strong Mothers, Weak Wives: The Search for Gender Equality $25.00 cloth HOWARD KIMELDORF Reds or Rackets?: The Making of Radical and Conservative Unions on the Waterfront $27.50 cloth IVAN UGHT and EDNA BONACICH Immigrant Entrepreneurs: - Koreans in Los Angeles, $45.00 cloth GARY MARX Undercover: Pqlice Surveillanc~ in America $25.00 cloth ROBERT L. NELSON, Partners With Power: Social Transformation of the Large law Firm $39.95 cloth RONALD R. RINDFUSS. S. PHII.IR: MORGAN. GRAY SWICEGOOD First Births in America: Changes ill the Timing of P,: arejt)t!j.<q! $35.0Q cloth Studies in Demogfa,tJliY TAMES B. RULE Theories of Civil Viol~ce: $37.50 cloth ; '-

109 Health. illness. and Society A new publi9ation s<7ries from WAYNE STATE university PRESS Series Co-editors: Janet R. Hankin~ Wayne State University Fredric D. Wolinsk~ Texas A & M University ~WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS The Leonard N. Simons Building 5959 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan (313) Health, Illness, and Society provides a forum for works which explore the interplay between the social and behavioral sciences and between health and illness. Concerned with the nature of the health care delivery system in its social context, the series encourages both innovative and traditional approaches to problems in health care. Forthcoming titles in the series include: Into the Valley... The Emotional Socialization of Medical Students to Death and Dying by Frederic W Hafferty Health Behavior amonb ElderZv Americans: An ABe Stratification PerspeitiJ e by Fredric D. Wolinsky and Connie Lea Arnold Mental Disorder in Social Context edited by James R. Greenley Research on Mental Disorders in Medical Care edited by Douglas B. Kamerow, Wayne Katon, and Michael VonKorff Manuscripts and inquiries should be directed to either of the co-editors. PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS Please visit us at Booth 215. *NOW AVAJLABLE Jan T. Gross Revolution from Abroad The Soviet Conquest of Poland's.Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia aoth: $25.00 Thomas R. Rochon Mobilizing for Peace The Antinuckar Movements in Western Europe Coth: $ Shawn W. Rosenberg Reason, Ideology, and Politics QOih: $3750 Ezra N. Suleiman Private Power and Centralization in France The Notaires and the.state. Coth: $35.00, Carlos H. Waisman Reversal of Development in Argentina Postwar Counlerrevolulionary Policies and Their Strlletural Conseque~tce.f Ooth: $40;00 Pape': $1450 *NOW AVAILABLE ' Margaret Weir, Ann Shola Orloff and Theda Skocpol, editors The Politics of Social Policy in the United States Studiu from the Project 011 tlu Fe~Zral Social Role Qoth: $52.00 Paper: $1450 Robert Wuthnow The Res_tructuring of AmericliJI. Religion Society and Faith since World War II Studiu in Church anl Stale aoth: $25.00 Maurice Zeitlin and Richard Earl Ratcliff Landlords arid Capitalists The Dominanl Pass of Chik Cloth: $45.00 Paper: s <I Princeton Uniyersity Press 41 WUJAM st PR!Na!TON, NJ OISIO (609) *NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK. \ Susan Eckstein With a new preface and epilogue The Poverty of Revolution The State and the Urban Poor in Mexico, 1 Paper: aotit: $45.00 ' Gesta Esping-Andersen Politics against Markets The Social Democratic Road to Power Paper: $14.95 Coth: $3450 Maurice Zeitlin The Civil Wars in Chile (or the bourgeois revolutions that never were) Paper: $14.95 Coth: $35.00 *FORTHCOMING Joel S. Migdal Si:rtn\g Societies,and Weak States Stati~Society Relations.and Stale CapaiJilitie~ in the Third World Oath: $45.00 Paper: $13.95 '.. Axel van den ~erg The Immanent Utopia. From Marxism on the State to the Sttile of Marxism Clolh:$65.00 Paper: $

110 I I! I'!' is a series of creative explorations in theory, culture at the fin-de-millenium Thematically around key theoretical debates in the postmodern the CultureTexts series challenges received discourand politiqu theory, feminism, cnuw"'.ly'""''valufo!inquiry, science and technology, the ~.d critical aesthetics. Taken individually, contribu CultureTexts represent pioneering theorizations of the ifm~}delm.scene. Taken collectively, CultureTexts repreforward, breaking-edge of postmodern theory and after Postmodemism on Value and Culture and Introduced by John Fekete IJ.31:2-IJIHI33-3 $29.95 d. n.~1'7.iviii'u..1 '$12.95 pb. Invaders Culture l!!ld:hyper-aesthetics Kraker and David Cook $12.95 Encyclopaedia Kraker d. pb. Cultural Politics General Editors: Jonathon Dollimore and Alan Sinfield '"This series is a response in writing to what the contemporary world has been in practice: that culture and politics, literature and literacy, the arts and their institutions, eire deeply connected and in serious analysis inseparable. In bringing together many new kinds of work it is an important practical step forward." -Raymond Williams Cultural Politics, a new series from Manchester University Press, crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, drawing on literar}' theory, feminism and ~al politics, Marxist and cultural studies. These books and the ensuing volumes in the series examine such diverse topics as Shakespeare, soap opera, cinema, modern Ireland, landscape gardens, 1980s popular music and many others. These subjects are united by an approach that combines historical and, cultural context, theoretical method, political commitment and textual analysis -in short, Cultural Politics. Now available in the series... Poetry,. Politics and Language John Barrell pages ISBN $39.95 d. ISBN0.71~2442.{) $11.95pb. Writing Ireland Colonialism, Nationalism and Culture David Calms and. Shaun Richards pages '' ISBN il $39.95 d. ISBN $11.95 pb. The Shakespeare Myth Edtted by Graham Holderness pages ISBN m $39.95cl. ISBN 0..71~2635-o $11.95 pb. Garden - Nature - Language Simon Pug~ pages ISBN $39.95 d. ISBN $11.95 pb. To examine or purchase thes13,and other sociology titles, visit the St. Martin's Press booth at the ASA Meeting, or send a check or money order to:! Scholarly and Reference Diyfs~on 175 Fifth Avenue New York, NY

111 TellihSI tsies & signs: Selected titles in sociology.from Chicago TALES OF THE FIELD On Writing Ethnography JOHN VAN MAANEN Paper $ pages Ubrliry cloth edition $25.00 Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing FREAK SHOW Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit ROBERT BOGDAN Cloth $ page& 79 halftones THE SYSTEM OF PRPFESSIONS An Essay on the Division of Expert Labor ANDREW ABBOTT Paper $ pages Ubrary cloth edition $49.95 BECOMING AN EX The Process of Role Exit HELEN ROSE FUCHS EBAUGH Cloth $27.50 Paper $ pages THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE AVANT-GARDE The New York Art World, DIANA CRANE Cloth $ pages 32 halftones THE TRULY DISADVANTAGED The Inner City. the Underclass, and Public Policy WIWAM JUUUS WILSON Cloth $ pages BEYOND CONFORMITY OR. REBELLION Youth'and Authority in America GARY SCHWARTZ Cloth $ pages 'THE TRANSFORMATION OF OLD AGE SECURITY Class and Politics in the American Welfare State JILL OliADAGNO Cloth $ pages INVISIBLE CAREERS Women Civic Leaders from the Volunteer World ARLENE KAPLAN DANIELS Cloth $ pages Women in Culture and Society series CONSTRUCTING THE POLITICAL SPECTACLE MURRAY EDELMAN Paper. $ pages Library cloth edition $19.95 BITTER CHOICES Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work ELLEN ISRAEL ROSEN Cloth $ pages Women in Culture and Society series THE ROAD TO REBELLION Class Formation and Kansas Populism, SCOTT, G. MCNALL Paper $ pages 10 halftones Library cloth edition $49.95 BUREAUCRATIZING THE MUSE Public Funds and the Cultural Worker STEVEN C. DUBIN Cloth $ pages 30 halftones, 1 Jina drawing BEYOND MONOPOLY La'~ers, S.tate Crises, and Professional Empowerment TERENCE C. HAWDAY Cloth $ pages CHICAGO 'EiB DAVID FARBER Cloth $ pages 29 halftones WOMEN ADRIFT Independent Wage Earners: in Chicago, JOANNE J. MEYEROWITZ Cloth $ pages 7 halftones, 15 tables, 1 map Women in Culture and Sopi~ serifh! URBAN REFORM AND ITS CONSEQUENCES A Study in Representation SUSAN WELCH and TIMOTHY BLEDSQE Paper $ pages Ubrary cloth edition $27.50 THE SPECTACLE OFWOMEN. Imagery of the Suffrage Campaign USA TICKNER Cloth $ pages 30 color plates, 120 halftones SOCIETY AS TEXT Essays on Rhetoric, Reason, and Reality RICHARD HARVEY BROWN Cloth $ pages SOCIAL CONTROL OF THE DRINKING DRIVER Edited by MICHAEL D. LAURENCE,. JOHN A. SNORTUM, and FRANKUN E. ;zimring Paper $ pages Ubrary cloth adition $49.95 Studies in Crime and Justice series 112

112 Now available In papa,. WORKING KNOWLEDGE Skill and Community in a Small Shop DOUGLAS HARPER Cloth $ pages 98 halftones, 1 map, 4 rme drawings THE PUBLIC DEFENDER The Practice of Law in the Shadows of Repute LISA J. MCINTYRE Cloth $ pages LEGAL SECRETS Equality and Efficiency. in the Commofl Law KIM LANE SCHEPPELE Paper $17.95 (est.j 368 pages lest.j Ubrary cloth edition $54.00 SILENT REVOLUTION The Transformation of Divorce Law in the United States HERBERT JACOB Cloth $ pages DANCE..L SEX.L AND Gt:NDER Signs of Identity. Dominance, Defiance, and Desire JUDITH LYNNE HANNA Paper $ pages 44 halftones Library cloth edition $39.95 METHODOLOGY ANE: EPISTEMOLOGY FOI=I SOCIAL SCIENCE Selected Papers DONALD T. CAMPBELL Edited by E. Samuel Overman Cloth $ pages LITERARY METHODS AND SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY Case Studies of Simmel and Weber. BRYAN S. GREEN Paper.$ pages Ubrary cloth edition $45.00 Forthcoming ' THE CONSTRUCTION OF HOMOSEXUALITY DAVID F. GREENBERG Cloth $29.95 lest.j 544 pages lest.j December CENTER Ideas and Institutions Edited by LlAH GREENFELD and MICHEL MARTIN Cloth $38.00 lest.j 328 pages lest.j January Now available in pape,. THE NEW POLITICS OF SCIENCE DAVID DICKSON $ pages THE FLIGHT FROM AMBIGUITY Essays in Socialand Cultural Theory DONALD N. LEVINE $ pages ORAL HISTORY AND DELINGUENCY The Rhetoric of Criminology JAMES BENNm. $ pages RADICAL PROTEST AND SOCIAL STRUCTURE The Southern Farmers' Alliance and Cotton Tenancy MICHAEL SCHWARTZ $12.95 (est.j 314 pages ' A Study of Institutionalization of Formal Knowledge EUOT FREIDSON.... $ pages PROFESSION OF MEDICINE A.Study in the Sociology of Applied Knowledae EUOT FREIDSON $ pages BROKEN PROMISES How Americans Fail Their Children W. NORToN GRUBB and MARVIN LAZERSON $ pages GETTING INTO PRINT The Decision-Makin!J Process in Scholarly Publishmg WAI1ER W. POWELL $ pages ChicllfiD Guides to Writing, Editing, snd Publishing EVANGELICALISM The Coming Generation JAMES DAVISON HUNTER $ pages January American Journal of Sociology Since 1895 a leading voice for anlaysis and research in the social sciences Current Anthropology Signs Public Opinion Quarterly See these & o~her the CHICAGO display -BOOTHS 213 & ,0 MEETING. DISc;::OUNT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS 5801 South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL

113 ONLY THE BEST n' AVAilABLE NOW! SOCIOLOGY: A CONTE~ORARY APPROACH i=red$rick w. Preston and Ronald w. Smith, both of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas IN CONFLICT AND ORDER: UNDERSTANDING SOCIETY, FOURTH EDITION D. Stanley Eitzen, Colorado State University, Fort Collins ALSO IN '89 EITZEN Social Problems, 4/E EITZEN Society's Problems: Sources and Consequences JOHNSON Social Work Practice: A Generalist Approach, 3/E.. LIAZOS Sociology: A Liberating Perspective, 2/E.' THE FAMILY: AN INTRODUCTION, FIFTH EDITION J. Ros~ Eshleman, Appalachian State University COMING TO YOU IN '89, BER~. Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences BEEGHLEY The Structure of Stratification in the United States BYNUM & THOMPSON Juvenile Delinquency: A Sociological Approach CHARON Sociology: A Conceptual Approach, 2/E... SIMON & SCHUSTER 'HIGHER EDUCATION ~UBUSHING GROUP ALLY~60~!!~~~ ~ Needham Heights == MA MEIER Crime and Society MEHR Human Services: Concepts and Intervention Strategies, 4/E.. MORALES & SHEAFOR Social Work: A Profession of Many Faces, 5/E RENZETTI & CURRAN Women, Men, & Society:. The Sociology of Gender.. TIMMER & EITZEN Crime in the Streets and Crime '. in the Suites: Conservative and. 1 ' Progressive Perspectives on ' Crime and Criminal Justice TOWER Understanding Child Abuse. and Neglect WALLACE & WALLACE Sociology, 2/E 114

114 A RAN.DOM SAMPLING ~of EXCELLENCE SOCIOLOGY 1989 New! THE DISCOVERY OF SOCIETY, Fourth Edition Randall Collins, University of California Michael Makowsky, Writer Available Now! RANDOM HOUSE ALFRED A. KNOPF For examination copies, please contact your local Random House Sales Representative, or write on your college stationery to: College Review Desk, Random House Inc., 400 Hahn Road, Westminster, MD New! THE CHILD IN SOCIETY, Fifth Edition Frederick Elkin, Professor Emeritus, York University Gerald Handel, City College, University of New York Available This Fall! New! DRUGS IN AMERICAN SOC I ElY, Third Edition Erich Goode, State University of New York Available This Fall! New! FEMINIST FRONTIERS, Second Edition Laurel Richardson, Ohio State University Verta Taylor, Ohio State University Available This Fall! New! INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Fourth Edition Donald J. Newman, State University of New York Patrick R. Anderson, Florida Southern College Available This Spring! New! CORRECTIONS: Practice and Policy David Duffee, State University of New York Available This Spring!

115 Which is best for.... ~ ' your course? Will you prefer the full, rich 23-chapter Robertson textbook that students read beyond their assignments? Ian" Robertson SOCIOLOGY, THIRD EDITION 1987 Or the slim, new 15-chapter Robertson paperback with all the essentials but less detail? Ian Robertson SOCIETY A Brief Introduction FIRST EDITION COMING Whichever book you choose, Ian Robertson's fresh insights and vivid examples will capture your students' interests, stimulate their learning, and make them think. ',' Worth Publishers, Inc. 33 Irving Place, New York, New York B.OOTJ-1 # ' 3/' 116

116 American Anthropological Association An invitation to become a member <~.( ~ ' The American Anthropological Association, founded in 1902 to advance anthropology in all its aspects, is the world's largest organization of individuals interested in anthropology. Its purposes are to encourage sch9larly and professional communication among anthropologists and to promote the puolic understanding of anthropology and its use to solve human problems. The AAA carries on the tradition of holism. Anyone with a professional or scholarly interest in anthropology is invited to join. I ' ' Twenty-two constituent units of the ASsociation represent specializ~ interes~: American Ethnological Societ)i, Archeology Section,.Association for Political and Legal Anthropology, Association of Black Anthropologists, Biological Anthropology Section, Central States Anthropological Society, Council on Anthropology and Education, Council on Nutritional Anthropology, General Anthropolpgy Division, National AssociatioiJ. for the Practice of Anthropology, Natior:ml Asso~iation of Student Ar~thropologists, North~astern Anthropological Association, Society for Anthrop<)logy in Community Colleges, Society for the Anthropology of Europe, Socie.ty for Cultuxal Anthropology, Society for Humanistic Anthropology, Society for Latin American Anthropology, Society for Linguistic Anthropology, Society for Medical Anthropology, Society for Psychological Anthropology, Society for Urban Anthropology, and Society for Visual Anthropology. Past presidents of the Association include Ruth F. Bene~ diet, Franz Boas, Joseph B. Casagrande, John P. Gillin, Ales Hrdlicka, A. V. Kidder, Clyde Kluckhohn, Alfred L. Kroeber, Ralph Linton, Robert H. Lowie, Margaret Mead, Elsie Clews Parsons, Robert Redfield, Edward Sapir, and Edward H. Spicer. Every member receiv.e~ the Anthropology'Newsletter, published nine times~ year, which ~eports grant and support opportunities, meetings of interest, new publications, current developments affecting the profession, and Association news. Memb~rs select unit memberships that include subscriptions to the American Anthropologist, American Ethnologist Ethos, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly, Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, and City & Society. Subscriptions to publications apart from membership are also available. Discounted dues are available to students, foreign members, and spouses of members. Members also receive reduced rates for occasional publications, annual meeting registr(ltion, placement service, and other programs. Join today! You'll be in good company ~ I am interested in AAA membership. Please send me more information and an enrollment 0 form. Name ~ Address ~--~~~ ~ Please send me a list of current publications. American Anthropological Association 1703 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. Washington, DC (202)

117 Familiar Strangers Gypsy Life in America Marlene Sway "Makes a major contribution to our understanding of Gypsies, but perhaps more importantly to the literature on middleman minorities. Sway goes beyond Blalock's groundbreaking work in, this area, adding considerable refinement ~d SophiStication to a major theoretical perspective in the field of ethnic minorities. The Gypsies provide, as Sway illustrates wonderfully, an example of a middleman minority par excellence." -E. Burke Rochford, Jr., author of Hare Krishna in,america. $ Divided We Stand Working-Class Stratification in.l"ujllcj..l\o..q, William Form $ The Culture Facade Art, Science, and Politics in the Work of Oscar Lewis Susan M. Rigdon illustrated. $ Gender at Work The Dynamics of Job Segregation by Sex during World War II Ruth Milkman illustrated. Ooth; $32.50; paper, $8.95. > Diversities of Gifts Field Studies, in Southern Religion Edited byruel W. Tyson, Jr., James L. Peacock, and Daniel W. Patterson illustrated. $ Forthcoming in 1989 Socio(onto)logy Ben Agger "Agger opens up the contemporary sociological project i!l,bold and illuminating ways. The thesis that moves Socio(ontO>logy-the joining of Marcuse, Critical theory., and Derrida-is forceful and unique, especially in its treatment of feminist theory and recent Marxist thought and in its deconstructive reading of introductory sociology texts. This work, like Mills's The Sociological Imagination, will be read and studied with care by generations of scholars and students."-norman K. Denzin, author of On Understanding Emotion and The Alcoholic Self. tba Fast Capitalism A Critical Theory of Significance Ben Agger tba Control Sociology's Central Notion JackP. Gibbs tba Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture Edited by Cary Nelson and Lawrence Grossberg "A major event in the discourse of cultural Criticism of our time. In both the scope of the issues addressed and in the depth with which each... ~.....,..., is examined, this collection of essays dernon1str~ttes that dialectical materialism remains the uut:ht:\;luw strategy with which any socially engaged critical ' practice, Right, Left.; or Center, must come to This book is indispensable for any intellectual wishes to comprehend the current condition, not, only of Marxian theory, but of social and cui~~. Criticism in general." -Hayden White, author of Metahistory and Tropics of Discourse. Cloth, $39.95; paper, $ See these and other titles on display. Order from your local bookstore, or from 1111 University of Illinois Press U c/o CUP Services P. 0. Box 6525 Ithaca, NY Order toll free

118 1 PlENUM STUDIES IN W.ORK AND INDUSTRY. Series Editor8: l.var Berg and Arne L Kalleberg lt<!dustries, FIR,.,S,.AND JOBS Soclologlcal.and Economic Approaches edited by~eorge Farkas and Paula England, D /346 pp: + index/ill. 1988/$ text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 ' ) ENSURING MINORITY SUCCESS IN CORPORATE MANAGEMENT edited by Donna E. Thompson and Nancy DITomaso.. ' /378 pp. + Index/ill. 1988/$42.50 text adoption. price on orders.of six or more copies: ' $ MATERNAL EMPLOYMENT AND CHILDREN'S DEVELOPMENT Longitudinal Research edited by Adele Eskeles Gottfried and Allen W. Gottfried /287 pp. + Index/Ill. 1988/$34.50 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 WORK AND INDUSTRY Structures, Markets, and Processes by Arne L Kalleberg and lvar Berg with a foreword by John T~'Dunlop ~8/262 pp,/ill./1987/$24.95 ' ' WORKERS, MANAG~S, AND TECHNOLOGICAL'.CHANGE Emerging Patterns oi'l&borrelatlons edited by Dan lei" 8. Cornfield /384 pp. /Ill. 1987/$37.50 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 ' MODEUNG MUL TIGROUP POP~ LATIONS by Robert Schoen The inaugural volume In The Plenum Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis., D /320 pp./10)1988/$29.50 FAMILY AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS ACROSS THE LIFE SPAN edited by Suzanne K. Steinmetz D "3/304 pp./hi./1988/$35.00 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $22.50 ENVIRONMENT, DEVELOPMENT, AND PUBLIC POLICY: PUBLIC POLICY AND SOCIAL SERVICES Series Editor: Gary Marx THE DIFFUSION OF MEDICAL INNOVATIONS An Applied Network A11alysls by Mary L Fennell and Richard B., Warnecke /300 pp./lll./1988/$34.50 text adoption price on.orde'rs of Slx or more copies: $22:95 ' DIVIDED OPPORTUNITIES Minorities, Poverty, and.soclal Polley edited by Gary D. Sande.fur and Marta Tlenda /268 pp. + Index/Ill. 1988/$34.50 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 DECISION MAKING IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE' ' Toward the Rational Exercise of Discretion Second Edition by Michael R. Gottfredson and Don M. Gottfredson Volume 3 In the series Law, SOciety, and Polley. D ~4/324 pp./111./1988/$35.00 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 TREATING THE CRIMINAL OFFENDER Third Edition by Alexander.B. Smith and Louis Berlin A volume In tt]e series Criminal Justice and Public Safety /415 pp. + lndex./ /$45.00 ' text adoption price on or:ders of six or more copies: $29.50 PERSPECTIVES ON DEVELOPMENT AND POPULATION GROWTH IN THE THIRD WORLD by Ozzle G, Simmons D /264 pp. + Index/Ill. ' 1988/$ text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 I Come see Plenum at booth'438! I HANDBOOK OF: MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY ' edited by Marvlri B. Sussman and Suzanne K. Steinmetz D X/958 pp./iu./1987/$95.00 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $59.50 LA TENT TRAIT AND LA TENT CLASS MODELS edited by Rolf Langehelne and JUrgen Rost D /328 pp./lll./1988/$45.00 JEWISH PERCEPTIONS OF ANTISEMITISM by Gary A. Tobin with Sharon L. Sassier D :6/342 pp./111./1988/$19.95 THE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF SCHOOLS. New Conceptuall;zatlons of the Learning Process edited by Maureen T. Hallinan D /246 pp./111./1987/$34.50 text adoption price on orders of six or more copies: $24.50 New for EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS JOURNAL Published for the Cou,ncll on Employee Responsibilities and. Rights Editor-in-Chief: Chlinezle A. B. Oslgweh, Yg. Subscription: Volume 1, 1988 (4 Issues) Institutional rate: $50.00 Personal rate: $25.00 Coming In SOCIOLOGICAL FORUM Official Journal of the Eastern Sociological Society Editor: Robin M. Williams, Jr. Volume 4, 1989 (4 Issues) Write for a free examination copy/ PLENUM PUBLISHING CORPORATION' 233 Spring Street New York, NY Telephone orders: /

119 The Information Society,. Issues and ffiusions. DAVID LYON $ pp LITERACY& ORALITY -Iilith Finnegan- Exploring Data An Introduction to Data Analysis for Social Scientists CATHERINE MARSH $29.95 paper 300pp The Ethnic Orig~~ of Nations ANTHONY D. SMITH "A thoughtful, insightful investigation into the roots and strengths of ethnonational identity... ] recommend it unhesitatingly to all students of nationalism. " -Walker Connor $ pp Now available in paperbackl The One Percent Advantage The Sociobiology of Being Human JOHN GRIBBIN and MARY GRIBBIN An. engaging look at socioj;liology and its contribution to our understanding of human nature. $ pp Jesus and the Judaism of His Time IRVING M. ZEITLIN $ pp. ~ X Individualism and Public Life A Modem Dilemma RALPH KETCHAM An examination of individuali~m and pluralism in light of Ea~t Asian culture, thisbook proposes a reconciliation between the individualism of American liberalism and a healthy concept of public life.... ' $ pp Homosexuality A Philosophical Inquiry MICHAEL RUSE An intelligent, informed background to the many debates which surround homosexuality. $ pp X Black Africans and Native Americans Color, Race and Caste in the Evolution of Red and Black Peoples JACK D. FORBES An important and controversial look at the contribution of native American races to the ethnic make-up of America. $ pp S-8 Literacy and Orality Studies in thetechnology of Communication RUTH FINNEGAN $ pp Studies in Col1111nw u'-'lu~'"l ASHER CASHDAN aitd MARTIN JORDIN, editors. $16.95 paper 256pp ;4 On Work Historical, Comparative and Theoretical Approaches R.E.PAHL $17.95 paper 768pp X Explaination in Social History CHRISTOPHER LLOYD $17.95 paper 392pp X The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modem Consumerism COLIN CAMPBELL $ pp ~

120 New Fall Titles Border Crossings Studies in Intematiii'ilal ~ory... '.,. CHRISTOPHER THORNE A major contribution to the study of contemporary internationhl relations, this book looks at the response of ' intclnatiorial history to the need for an interdisciplinary approach to the field. $ pp september. ' Women's Studies From~~gl~'to,.. ; '. Microwave The Mechanization of Housework CHRISTINA HARDYMENT., $ opp: :...., Int~~retatfons of ~arx TOMBOITOMORE,. itor $19.95 paper 400pp December ~ { ~>',. States,' War aitd Capitalism Studies in Political Sociology MICHAEL MANN These,stimulating, e;;s:ilys exainine the interdependence of sta~, war and the economy, and assert a need for consideration of these relationships in social theory. $ pp September Onllumor' Its Nature ani:l Place in Modern Society MICHAELMULKAY A highly otiginallook at the social implications of the td~:es~=w~:~g $ pp Nomnber Explorations in Social Structures Serie5 1 Editors: PATRICIA CRONE and JOHNA.HALL 'State_ and Society irt Soviet Thought ERNEST GELLNER These essciys explo~ a fa~tjng ~pect of Soviet intellectual life: the complex, relationship between the deployment of Marxist ideas as offlcj,al ideology and as part of cui-rent historical, anthropological and sociological fesearch in the Soviet Union. ~' $ pp September. Creating Capitalism :The State and Small Business sirice 1945 LINDA WEISS An important look althe role of the state in modern sociezy, showing thafbig business ecbnorilies are not critical to suecessful capitalism. $ pp September Women, Crlnle and Criminal Justice ALUSON MORRIS $16.95 paper 288pp ~ " French f mijiistl'l\ Politics Patriarch and Sexual I ' '.,, ' y, Difference ~., ' ' ' ~) TORIL MOl, editor' ~ ~; $15.95 paper 256pp Myths ofs~~ity Representations ofwomi!jt":in Victorian England LYNDANEAD $ pp Feminist Practice and.. Poststruduralist Theory CHRis WEEDON $14.95 paper 192pp '. Equal or Different Women's Politics JANP RENDALL, eclitor $17.95 paper 224pp , Visit Bla4ovell at Booth #217 Special 20% Conference DiScount( Basil Blackwell 432P. ark. Avenue South., Suite1503 New Yol"k, NY ' Toll-free ordering: ,, ; f21

121 Journals from Oxford University Press European Sociological Review Editor: KARL ULRICH MAYER, Max-Planck-Institute for HumQ.n Development, West Berlin This English-languagejournal covers all fields of sociology, presenting. papers in which research expertise is combined with substantive and theoretical significance. Volume 4, l988 (3 issues), ISSN I5 Individuals: $33.00 Institutions: $66.00 The 1 British Journal of Social Work Editor:.BARBARA L HUDSON, UniversityofOxford This journal is essential reading for social workers, social services administrators, and social work educators who wish to keep up with theoretical and empirical developments in the field. A unique feature of the journal is its abstract section, which offers abstracts from law, psychology, psychjatry, sociology, social policy, and philosophy journals. Volume I8, I988 (4 issues) ISSN I02 $98.00 New! Journal of Refugee Studies Editor: ROGER ZEITER, University of Oxford The first to specialize in its field, this journal will meet the rapidly growing demands for academic exploration of the complex' problems of forced migration, and will explore the national and international responses to these problems. Volume I, I988 (4 issues) ISSN 095I-6238 Individuals: $31.00 Institutions: $62.00 New! Social History of Medicine Editors: LINDA BRYDER, The Queen's College, Oxford, and RICHARD SMITH, All Soul's College, Oxford Vqlume I, I988 (3 issues) ISSN 095I-63IX $60.00 The British Journal of Criminology Editor: DAVID DOWNES, London School of Economics A leading international journal in criminology and the study of social deviance, this journal publishes original research, theoretical analyses, and case studies on a wide range of topics. The journal also includes ah important book review section, a reference section, and a notes feature which provides a commentary or an update on key issues in law and policy relating to crime. Volume 28, I988 (4 issues) ISSN $60.00 Community Development Journal An International Forum Editor: GARY CRAIG Volume 23, I988 (4 issues) ISSN OOI $5I.OO African Affairs Editors: RICHARD HODDER-WILLIAMS, University of Bristol, and PETER WOODWARD, University of Reading Volume 87, I988 (4 issues) ISSN OOOI-990I Individuals: $32.50 Institutions: $65.00 Journal of Southern African Studies Chairman of the Editorial Board: T.O. RANGER, University of Oxford Volume I4, I988 (3 issues) ISSN Individuals: $27.00 Institutions: $54.00 Sample copies are on display in the Oxford booth. For free sample copies, write to: Journals Marketing Department, Oxford University Press 200 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY

122 The sexualizatiorl of.american societ)r.. ~ INTIMATE MATTERS A History of Sexuality in America JOHN D'EMILIO and ESTELLE B. FREEDMAN "Comprehensiye, meticulous and intelligent.". -Washington Poit ''No one could have done better than D'Emilio and Freedman. lritimate Matters summarizes the state of our knoyfledge about sexual beh~vior in, the United States ~: clear prose and with discrimu'iating insight This fine book will be definitive for some time to come."-the Nation, "An excellent survey of sexuality in America from colonial days to the 1980s. The commercialization of sex, its use as a means of social control, and the search for its place in our lives ~e presented here clearly and readably. Highly recommended."-library- Journal This rrr. st full-length study of the history of sexu -. ality in the U.S. takes us from the English colo.:. nists and Native Americans to today's ):,itfer '. clashes over abortion, homosexuality, and corrimertilil exploitation. Shedding new light on the complex interplay of race, gender, and class inequality, the authors discuss such issues as white slavery and lynching, how sex has served as a symbol for a wide range of social problems, and how conflicts over sexuality have shaped the political anq cultural contours ofan eta ' ' D'Emilio and Freedman draw on court records, diaries, l!ltters, and popular art and cui~ to provide both a scholarly interpr(!tation of the history of sexuiility and a compelling narrative of the everyday lives of Americans. I I. [!,, "Far mort< than a co01pendium of sexual. folkways or another revisionist look at the supposedly puritanical past...[the authors] marshall their material to.chart ~ gradual but decisive shift in the way ~rnericans have un-c derstood sex andiits meaning in their lives... John D'Emilio and Estelle B. Freedman deserve our gratitude f!)r putting sex in its proper place-which i8 in the long, uneven movement toward a niore di. verse and democratic society."..,. -:-Barbara Ehrenreich, New York Times Book Review 1~4

123 Sociology from The So MIDDLE AMERICAN INDIVIDUALISM The Future of I.ibual Democracy Herbert]. Gans An inquiry into the deeply-rooted individualistic values of American working and lmver middle class people-and into their increasing avoidance o~ and alienation from, Big Business and Big Government "Indispensable for anyone who wants to understand why most Americans grumble about the status quo yet shrug off radical changes. But make no mistake: in the form of modest proposals, Herbert Gans has given us a sensible way of thinking about a political agenda that would be both visiollllfy anp practical This book should be read hy anyone interested in reconstructing a politics more representative, more participatory-more fully liberal in the best sense." -Todd Gitlin, author of The Sixties fages ISBN: 0: $19.95 FAlliNG FROM GRACE The Experience of Downward Mobility in the American Middle Class Katherine s. Newman A penetrating analysis of the American Dream in reverse. With one in five American workers forced down the mobility ladde~; earning less, and suffering a severe loss of status and self-respect, Newman explores the personal and social realities beneath America's current economic vulnerability at home and abroad. "Katherine Newman's splendid book shows us our culture when its promises fail She reminds us of milli.ons of people we would rather forget and, even more importandy; she calls us to reexamine our deepest beliefs. Hers is an indisi>_e!)sable voice in the current American cultural conversation.'' -Robert M. Bellah, University of California-Berkeley; co-author of Habits of the Heart Pages ISBN: $2295 THE ALTRUISTIC PERsoNALflY.Rescuers.of]ews in Nazi Europe Samuel P. Ofiiler and Pearl M Olinir Why did some people risk their lives to help others-even total strangers-while others stood passively by? To answer this question, Holocaust survivor Samuel Olinet compares European rescuers and non-rescuers, and reveals that those who intervened were distinguished by a more extensive concern and sense of personal responsibility for others, developed in the rescuers' Childhood homes where moral values were not only strongly held but acted upon by their parents.., "A work of careful scholarship, empirical richness, and profound commitment"-robert Blaune~; University of California, Berkeley UPages ISBN: ()..7 $2495 THE MORAL DIMENSION Toward A New Economics AmitaiEtzioni Blending elements of psychology; philosophy; and sociology with economics, Etzioni presents a bold new vision of economics-which proposes that broa~er moral, social and political concerns modify economic behavior and shape individual decision-making. In establishing the necessity of moral and social considerations in economic behavim; he provides a provocative new framework for a more comprehensive, ethical, and realistic approach to the social sciences today. "An impottant contribution toward the integration of economic theory and social theory. This book has led me to rethink the boolc I am now writing." -William Foote Whyte, ComeR University "A constructive Challenge to conventional ways oflooking at ourselves and our society..,' -Herbert Stein, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute September Pages ISBN: $2495 DOWN To EA1ml SOOOWGY Fifth &lition-1988 ]ames M Henslin Now in its Fifth Edition, this widely used text has been thoroughly revised and updated with 14 new articles that examine the most curreni research on topics such as ethnic differences in expressing pain, gender differences in the work world, the world of comrutt:rs. friendshitj. the homeless on skid row, hockey violence, outlaw motorcyclists, after dark work and activity, garage sales, and the experience of ememe isolation. EaCh article is preceded by a concise introduction, which highlights for both professors and students the important understandings to be gained. Compatible with all introductory texts, this edition comes with an Instructor's Manual and Test Bank, written by Henslin, that offers practical teaching suggestions for each article Pages ISBN: $13.95 paper. Instructor's Manual ISBN: GEORGE W ASHING10N The Making of An American Symbol Barry Schwartz "In this solidly researched yet sparkling book Mt Schwartz, venturing into an apparendy almost exhausted field, manages to deaj; freshly; shrewdly; and also affectionately with George \.lshington as the prime example of American hero-worship". -Marcus Cunliffe, The George Washington University Pages ISBN: O-Ol-928H1-5 $22.50 METHODS OF SOCIAL REsEAROl Third &litimt Kenneth E Bailey Now in its Third Edition, this authoritative work includes the latest technological advances as well as theoretical breakthroughs in all phases of social science research Pages ISBN: H50-6 $2795 Instnu:tor's Manual ISBN: H

124 A CAlL To CIVIC SERVICE National Service for Country and Community Charlts C Moslws Sure to be discussed and debated in a year when the nation re-writes its political agenda, Moskos's powerful FORIHCOMil~Jii FROM THE FREE PRESS r...l C u.::'..t... work argues that the very notion of shared responsibility for society v.-10 n~ 1JHl0. is no longer being instilled in young people. To prevent the waste of the vital energy, enthusiasm, and idealism of our youth, he proposes a national program-a voluntary, decentralized program that links civilian and military service for young men and women-that fosters a coherent sense of co~unity through involvement in crucially needed civic and human services. An innovative, practical call to citizenship, Moskos's thought-. provoking book presents a new civic vision of growing up in America. December 1988 ill Pages ISBN: $ll.95 THE FEMALE FEAR Margaret I Gordon and Stephanie Riga_ From a very early age, women learn the fear of rape. In this original and provocative book, Gordon _ and Rip,er explore the social and mnhi t mm psycho1ogical costs of this pervasive m rmm11 IIIli fear in women's lives. Using. ektensive interviews and the most current. data, they demonstrate how this fear affects women's lives in the way they think, work, dress, socialize, and relate to men. Offering a sane perspective on a devastating yet little recognized social issue, the ljookwesents concrete ways-educating the public, developing prevention programs, promoting reform in the law and legal sys~ and forcing accountability in media coverage-in whicl} both women oand men can hewn to alleviate the debilitating effects pf rape's ~t Dcce:oiher Pages ISBN: O-Ol-9J1.49o:.5 $19.95 < > THE SEAROI FOR smucrvre A Report on American Youth Today Frands A]. Ianni More than a decade of observation and interviews with thousands of adolescents provides the basis for this incisive repon on the influences shaping American teenagers. By listening to young people and letting them speak out in their Own words, Ianni helps us understand why some teens m!ather the stonns of adolescence and pass into adulthood successfully-and why many become discouraged or confused, drifting too often toward delinquency? unemployment, and ~ pregnancy. Analyzing interactio~ ~oilg reen5 _and the adults and institutions which shape their world, he pinpoints the community programs that can provide the suppon and structure teenagers need-and offers invaluable direction to parents and professionals who must help the next generation reach adulthood with a sense of hope and purpose.. &bruary Pages ISBN: $ll.50 CRUCIAL DECISIONS I.etulership in Policy Making and Crisis Management Irving L Janis.. Janis-author ofthe acclaimed Decision Making and Groupthink, and one' of the world's leading Social sci~dsts-here analyzes the most frequent reasons for poo~; often catastrophic decisions, and shows how to avoid critical errors and eiis\lre: hlgh quality problem solving. Janis provides four simple, _essential steps to lower the risks of failure, especially in those life-and-death situations where the wrong choice can be disastrous. Ncnanber Pages ISBN: $27.95 MAiuuAGE AND FAMH.Y IN A CHANGING SOCIETY Thinl F.ditimt-1989 Edited by ]ames M. Henslin Felmwy 1989 ISBN: #TI-X $15.95 paper lnstractor's Manual ISBN: New in paperba."-a.----., "------, INTERCOURSE Andrea Dworkin 1988 ISBN: $ I[!EI r & ADiviSion.ofMacmiilan, THE DIVORCE REvoumON ~ i~jru>xpeiwl Sod4J and F.c:orwqlit ConseqJrenas for Women and CJrifdrm 'm Ainerica Ltnore]. Weittman ISBN: O-Ol-934ID-4 $1+.95 THE ORIGINS OF THE CIVH. RIGHTS MOVEMENT Black Conmnmities ~~Change 1986 ISBN: $9.95 Stop by and visit :us at the Free Press boqdt #206 Special20%.~o~t on all onlers taken tjmmg the meeting. ' - - ; ' ' ~For VISA or MasterCard orders, cah tou:.ftee ~ between 9am-5:30pm Eastern fune. THE FREE PRESS Inc.. 1. '' /, 866 Third Avenue, New York, New York looll ' 127


126 ' INTERNATIONAL MIGFIA"'looee REvleweee "... The leading scholarly journal in the field for the past23 years... " Recent Special Double Issues "Migration and Health" (Fall1987). "Measuring International Migration: Theory and Practice" (Winter 1987) "Temporary Worker Programs: Mechanisms, Conditions, Consequences" (Winter 1986) "Refugees: Issues and Directions",(Summer 1986) "Civil Rights arid Sociopolitical Participation of Migrants" (Fall1985). '. "Irregular Migration: An International Perspective" (Fall1984) ~ ~ ' In Preparation "Labor Recruiting Organizations in the Developing World" (Winter 1988) "International Migration: An Assessment for the '90s" (Spring 1989) Subscriptions: Regular individual yearly rate: ASAMemben: Single double issue each: ' Order from: $ (plus S3.00 postage 8c handling) International Migration Review 209 Flagg Place, Staten Island, N.Y. 10S (718) Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology This edition of the Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology contains information bn 228 gr_aduatedepartments of sociology. The Guide is a valuable resource for faculty, members,, department chairs, and researchers. Information on.each department includes: o department address and telephone o Chair and graduate advisor or director o degrees offered o tuition, financial aid, and application deadlines 0 statistics oh nkw admissions a'nd d~rees granted o teacher training.. o special programs and department specialities o rosters of full-time, part-time, and joint faculty, o PhDs awarded in ' The C~ide als~ includes 'indexes of f~culty, spe<dal programs, department specialties, and PhDs awarded. I'} ' Send prepaid orders ($5.00 to ASA members and students, $10 to non-members and institutions) to: ASA, N Street, N.W.,, WashTngton:~o:c ' -~ ~. ' -.1 :] BooTH #319 RITuAL HEALING IN SUBURBAN AMERICA Mer~dith B. McGuire, with the assistance of Debra Kantor 334 pp. Paper, $13.00; Cloth, $ "One of the more provocative studies of why middle America is making use of ritual healing and what that choice tells us of problems with biomedical care in technological institutions." -. Arthur Kleinman, MD., Harvard University Ex FAMILIA: GRANDPARENTs, PARENTs AND CHILDREN ADJUST TO DIVORCE Colleen Leahy Johnson 184 pp. Paper, $14.00; Cloth, $ Focusing on middle-class families in suburban California, Johnson looks at how divorce affects U.tergenerational relationships. FREE ENTERPRISE CITY: HousToN IN PoLmcAL AND EcoNoMic PERSPECTIVE Joe R. Feagin 344 pp. Paper, $12.95; Cloth, $ t'[feagin] weaves together masterfully important new theoretic.~ ideas... belonging to the new urban sociology that are rarely, if ever, touched upon by mainstream work, and insightful case study material on the development of Houston.".-"l.YJ..~A Gottdiener, University of California, Rivers~de RUTGERS UNIVERSITY PREss 109 Church Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

127 The World We Created at Hamilton High Gerald Grant $24.95 cloth The Metronomic Society Natural Rhythms and Timetables Michael Young $25.00 cloth Bifurcated Politics Evolution and Reform in the Natiof!al Party Convention Byron E. Shafer A Russell Sage Foundation Study $27.50 cloth The Predicament of Culture Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art james Clifford $30.00 cloth/$15.95 paper '.fhe End of Ideology Daniel Bell With an afterword by the author $25.00 cloth/$10.95 paper Unfree Labor American Slavery and Russian Serfdom Peter Kolchin Winner of the 1988 Bancroft Prize Belknap $25.00 cloth Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language Hereditary Deafness on Martha's Vineyard Nora Ellen Groce $8.95 paper Distinction A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste Pierre Bourdieu, Translated by Richard Nice $12.95 paper Fighting Poverty What Works and What Doesn't Edited by Sheldon H. Danziger, and Daniel H. Weinberg $10.95 paper Affirmative Discrimination Ethnic Inequality and Public Policy~, Nathan Glazer With a new introduction by the author $8.95 paper Hands and Hearts A History of Courtship in AmerjcfL. Ellen K. Rothman $8.95 paper I Corning. this Fall George Washington Slept Her. Colonial Revivals and American Culture, Karal4nn Marling $39.95 cloth Deaf in America Voices from a Culture Carol Padden and Tom Hum/J'bri r!$ $17.95 doth Women's Quest for Economic Equality Victor R. Fuchs $18.95doth Prison Officers and Their World Kelsey Kauffman $27.50 cloth The Pasteurization of France ' Bruno Latour Translated by Alan Sheridan and john Law $30.00doth Contingencies of Value Alternative Perspectives for Critical Theory Barbara Herrnstein Smith $22.50doth The Umits of Social Policy Nathan Glazer $22.50 doth 79 Garden Street, Catnbridge, MA

128 America id. Theory. Edited by LESLIE COHEN BERLOWITL, DENIS DONOGHUE and L()UIS MENANJ).. October pp. $ War Stars The Superweapon and the American Imagination H. BRUCE FRANKLIN September pp.; 30 illus. $22.95 Home 1bwn News William Allen White and the Emporia Gazette SALLY FOREMAN GRIFFITH January pp. $24.95 Moral Mazes The World of Corporate Managers ROBERTJACKALL pp. $21.95 Eloqnence in an Electronic Age The Transfonnation of Political Speeclunaking KATHLEEN HALL JAMIESON pp.; 2lillus. $24.95 Presidential Debates The Challenge of Creating an Infonned Electorate KATHLEEN HALL JAMIESON and DAVID S. BffiDSELL October pp.; 20 illus. $19.95 Sports for Sale Television, Money, and the Fans DAVID A. KLATELL and NORMAN MARCUS October 1988 $ pp.; 15 illus. Revolntion at the Table The 'fransfonnation of the American Diet HARVEY LEVENSI'EIN pp.; 18 illus. $21.95 Quakers and the AiD.erican Family British Quakers in the Delaware Valley, BARRY LEVY pp.; 10 illus. $24.95 Freedom Summer DOUG McADAM September 1988 $ pp.; 8 illus. Split Signals Television and Politics in the Soviet Union ELLEN MICKIEWICZ (Communications and Society) September pp. $22.95 'Thlevision and America's Children A Crisis of Neglect EDWARD L. PALMER Series editors: GEORGE GERBNER and MARSHA SIEFERT (Cummunications and Sociel:g) pp. $19.95 Letters of Marshall McLuhan Selected and edited by MATIE MOLINARO, CORINNE McLUHAN and WILLIAM 'IDYE p.; 16 pp. halftones $30.00 Of Anus and Men A History of War, Weapons, and Aggression ROBERT L. O'CONNELL JanUary pp.; 15 illus. $24.95 Is Socialism Doomed? The Meaning of Mitterrand DANIEL SINGER pp. $24.95 Paris Fashion A Cnltural History VALERIE STEELE pp.; 87 illus. $

129 The Family in Social Context Seventh Edition GERALD R. LESLIE and SHEILA K. KORMAN February pp. cloth $29.95 The Study of Social Problems Fourth Edition EARL RUBINGTON and MARTIN WEINBERG January pp. paper $10.95 Endings A Sociology of Death and Dying MICHAEL C. KEARL January pp. cloth $24.95 The EcoloJtV of City Policymaking ROBERT J. WASTE December pp. cloth $24.95 paper $12.95 Studies of Development and Change in the Modern World Edited by MICHAEL T. MARTIN and TERRY R. KANDAL January pp. cloth $39.95 paper $14.95 Survival and Change in the Third World Edited by BEN CROW and MARY THORPE September pp. cloth $39.95 paper $14.95 From Different Shores Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in America Edited by RONALD TAKAKI pp. paper $14.95 The Scope of Sociology MruroN M. GORDON pp. paper$9.95 Approaches to Social Research ROYCE SINGLE'IDN, JR., BRUCE C. STRAITS, MARGARET M. STRAITS and RONALD J. McALLISTER pp. cloth $31.00 Perspectives on Population An Introduction to Concepts and Issues Edited by SCO'IT MENARD and ELIZABETH MOEN pp. cloth $39.95 paper $24.95 Corporate and Govermnental Deviance Problems of Organizational Behavior in Contemporary Society Third Edition Edited by M. DAVID ERMANN and RICHARD J. LUNDMAN pp. paper$9.95 The Politics of Victimization Victims, Victimology, and Hnman Rights ROBERT ELIAS pp. paper $13.95 Theoretical Criminology Third Edition GEORGE VOLD and THOMAS J. BERNARD pp. cloth $24.95 Islam ill Asia Religion, Politics, and Society Edited by JOHN L. ESPOSITO pp. cloth $32.00 paper $12.95 Islamic Values in the United States A Comparative Study YVONNE YAZBECK HADDAD and ADAIR T. LUMMIS pp. cloth $29.95 paper$

130 and Private Life of the Soviet People Values in Post-Stalin Russia SHLAPEN'IDKH pp. Selected Subaltern Studies Edited by RANAJIT GilliA and GAYATRI CHAKRAVORTY SPIVAK foreword by EDWARD SAID pp. paper$9.95 The Cohesive Role of Sanskritization and Other Essays M.N. SRINIVAS September 1988 $ pp. Essays in Comparative Sociology Secoruj Etjition ANDRE BETEILLE pp. $12.95 A Cycle of Outrage America's Reaction to the Juvenile Delinquent in the 1960s JAMES B. GILBERT 1986 (paper September 1988) 272 pp.; 4 pp. photos cloth $24.95 paper $9.95 Censorship The Knot That Binds Power and Knowledge SUE CURRY JANSEN (CommunicatiJms and Society) October pp. $29.95 Understanding Deviance Second Edition DAVID DOWNES and PAUL ROCK October pp. cloth $59.00 paper $17.95 Structure and Cognition Aspects of Hindu Caste and Ritual Second Edition VEENADAS pp. paper$9.95 Managers as Employees An International Comparison of the Changing Character of Managerial Employment Edited by MYRON J. ROOMKlN November 1988' 304 pp. $29.95 Beyond Ethnicity Consent and Descent in American Cnltnre WERNER SOLLORS 1986 (paper 1987) 320 pp.; illns. cloth $27.95 paper$12.95 Dominance and State Power in India Decline of a Socini Order Volume 1 Edited by FRANCINE R. FRANKEL and the late M.SA RAO pp.; maps $19.95 'fraditions, Tyranny and Utopias Essays in the Politics of Awareness ASIDSNANDY pp. $19.95 I I!I I : 1: ii I I :I'!!!

131 UhTHE DORSEY PRESS, CHICAGO NEW IN 1989! THE EMERGENCE OF SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY. SECOND EDITION Jonathan Turner University of California at Riverside Leonard Beeghley University of Florida Charles H. Powers University of California at Santa Clara 1989 D 360 pages hardbound D ISBN Available Fall1988! NEW IN 1989! RAPE AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE: THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT Gary LaFree University of New Mexico 1989 D About 250 pages hardbound D ISBN D About 250 pages paperbound D ISBN NEW IN 1989! PERSPECTIVES IN MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY Phil Brown Brown University 1989 D About 600 pages D ISBN Available Fall1988! Available Now! FAMILY RELATIONS: A READER Norval Glenn University of Texas at Austin Marion Tolbert Coleman University of Texas at Austin 1988 D 475 pages paperbound D ISBN Available Now! SOCIAL PROBLEMS Ronald Maris University of South Carolina 1988 D 663 pages hardbound D ISBN Available Now! Available Fall 1988! NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE AMERICAN COMMUNITY Edited by Roland Warren, Professor Emeritus Larry Lyon Baylor University 1988 D 443 pages paperbound D ISBN 0-256' Brandeis University Available Now! THE COMMUNITY IN URBAN SOCIETY Larry Lyon Baylor University 1987 D 250 pages paperbound D ISBN FOR EXAMINATION COPIES, PLEASE WRITE OR CALL: The Dorsey Press, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

132 '(J'hTHE DORSEY PRESS, CHICAGO THE AMERICAN CLASS ~TRUCTURE: A NEW SYNTHESIS SECOND EDITION Dennis Gilbert Hamilton College,Joseph A. Kahl 1987 D 360 pages paperbound D ISBN INTERVIEWING: Strategy. Techniques. and Tactics FOURTH EDITION Raymond L. Gorden Antioch College D 644 pages hardbound D ISBN (): SOCIOLOGY AND CRITICAL INQUIRY Work. Tradition. and Purpose John Walton University of California at Davis 1986 D 354 pages paperbound D ISBN HE STRUCTURE OF SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY H. Turner University of California at Riverside D 478 pages hardbound D ISBN C. W. Kammeyer University of Maryland L. Ginn St. Mary's College of Maryland D 336 pages hardbound D ISBN X ~n...,,~.. h SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGIES: Integrative Approach...,,"... ~~ White Stephan both of C. Stephan New Mexico State University D 448 pages hardbound D ISBN AWAYS AND NONRUNAWAYS IN AN RICAN SUBURB Roberts Indiana University, School of Social Work,tJ 118 pages paperbound D ISBN STRATEGY OF SOCIAL PROTEST A. Gamson Boston College., D 210 pages paperbound D ISBN 0-: copies, PLEASE WRITE OR CALL: Lnm Pv Press, 224 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, lllinois

133 New from the Russell Sage Foundation AMERICAN FAMILIES AND HOUSEHOLDS James A. Sweet anll LarryBumpau - Documents recent dramatic changes in family size and composition and consequent changes in the composition of the American population. May 448 pages Census Monograph Series Cloth $39.95 THE HISPANIC POPUlATION OF THE UNITED STATES Frank D. Bean and Marta Tienda Offers a vital new assessment of the current characteristics and future prospects of an increasingly prominent segment of our national community. June 480 pages Cloth $42.50 Census Monograph Series HOUSING AMERICA IN THE 1980s John S. Adams Paints a richly-detailed picture of the American "housing landscape," highlighting the meaning of housing; housing supply, demand, and use; and critical policy questions. Juhe 352 pages Census Monograph Series Maps, photos Cloth $65.00 AMERICAN NEIGHBORHOODS AND RESIDENTIAL DWF'ERENTJATION Michael J. White Explores the systematic impact of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic factors on the structure and differentiation of neighborhoods. July 352 pages Census Monograph Series Cloth $37.50 FROM MANY STRANDS Ethnic and Racial Groups in Contemporary America Stanley Ueberson and Mary C. Waters A unique picture of the nation's ethnic makeup that uncovers evidence of considerable ethnic flux and the growing presence of a new group, "unhyphenated Americans." July 304 pages X Census Monograph Series Cloth $29.95 REGIONAL AND.METROPOLITAN GROWTH AND DECLINE IN THE UNITED STATES Wllliam Frey and Alden Speare, Jr. Offers an unmatched analysis of changing regional and urban. demographics, describing the causes and conseqilences of major reversals in long-term patterns of population distribution. September 512 pages Census Monograph Series Cloth $42.50 MIGRATION AND RESIDENTIAL MOBILITY IN THE UNITED STATES Larry E. Long An important synthesis and interpretation of migration trends since 1940, describing the amount, direction, and consequences of population movement within the United States. September 400 pages Census Monograph Series Cloth $39.95 EFFECTIVE SOCIAL SCIENCE Eight Cases in Economics, Polltic8l Science, and Sociology Bernard Barber Noted researchers describe first -hand the impact of their work on sociill"policy in such areas as school desegregation, transportation deregulation, and the protection of privacy. May 224pages Cloth $17.95.REPORTING OF SOCIAL SCIENCE IN TilE NATIONAL MEDIA Carol Weiss and Eleanor Singer, with the assistance of,.. Phyllis E~IJren)r. : ' A reveali~g look at how social science moves out of the academy and into the news. How accurate is the reporting that reaches policy makers an4 the general public? July 316 pages X Cloth $29.95 WHAT PROCESS IS DUE? Courts Disputes. David M. O'Brien Surveys the role <>f courts in resolving science-policy disputes, illustrating the implications and causes of the "judicializati~n'' of risk regulation. April 272 pages X Cloth $22.50 PERCEPTIONS OF TECHNOLOGICAL RISKS AND BENEFITS Leroy C. Gould, Gerald T. Gardner, Donald R. DeLuca,. Adrian R. Tiemann, Leonard W. Doob, and Jan A. J. Stolwijk Interprets a unique body of survey data on public attitudes the hazards of technology and QUTent levels of government safety regulation. July 316 pages Cloth $29.95 Paperbacks.. THE RISK PROFESSIONALS Thomas Dietz and Robert Rycroft A sociological analysis of the "danger establishment" -the men and women whose careers center on the identification, assessment, and management of risks to public safety. April 176 pagi}s Pe_rspectives Paper $8,95 WORKING THE STREET.. Pollce Discretion ana the Dilemmas of Reform Michael K. Brown,! l ' ' Now in paperback, with a new epilogue on urban police in the 1980s, this critical analysis of policing as a social and political phenomenon was praised as "an excellent contribution" (Social., 1. ogy) and "an import!int analysis,... worth reading and thin\dng about" (Crime & Deliquency ). SeptemJjer 384 pages Paper $ Russell Sqe Foundation c/o CUP Services, P.O. Box 6525, Ithaca, NY

134 S~aP into the '90s with Sociology Texts From St. Martin's Press Now Available social Interaction READINGS I~ SOCIOLOGY Third Edition CANDACE CLARK, Montclair-state College HOWARD ROBBOY, Trenton State College Paperbound. 608 pages Instructors Manual available society and Technological Change RUDI VOLTI, Pitzer College Pap_erbound. 352 pages Racism and sexism AN INTEGRATED STUDY. PAULA S. ROTHENBERG, William Paterson College Paperbound. 404 pages To request an examination copy of any of these titles, please call us at our toll-free number, , Ext. 554; or write us on your college letterhead specifying your course title, present text, and approximate enrollment. Send your request to: I MARTlN'S PRESS rtment JR 17 5 Fifth Avenue New York, NY Ready for second semester Deviant Behavior A TEXT READER IN THE SOCIOLOGY OF DEVIANCE Third Edition DE:LOS H. KELLY, California State University, Los Angeles Paperbound. 640 pages Publication: November 1988 Prepublication examination copies now available Sport ln contemporary society AN ANTHOLOGY Third Edition D. STANLEY EITZEN, Colorado State University Paperbound. 400 pages Publication: November 1988 Prepublication examination copies now available The Criminal Elite THE SOCIOLOGY OF WHITE COLLAR CRIME. second Edition JAMES WILLIAM COLEMAN, California Polytechnic State t.jniversity. San Luis Obispo Paperbound. 272 pages Publication: November 1988 Prepublication examination copies, now available!,!

135 ,,., NG~f-.N BOOKS Old Problems in a New World June Axinnand MarkJ. Stern In this illuminative, well-documented study, the authors examine the disturbing growth of people living in poverty while social welfare spending increases pages $26.00 in paper: $14.95 BATIERED WOMEN AS SURVNORS An Alternative to Treating Learned Helplessness Ed ward W. Gond6lf with Ellen R. Fisher The authors counter the popular "le<\rned helplessness" theory with evidence that battered women are, in fact, "survivors" who actively seek resources and support services pages $23.00 PARENT GROUP COUNSELING A Counselor's Handbook and PracU~l Guide Frieda A. Lang, Ed.D.. "For its balance, perspective, good judgment, and practicality of approach, I would recommend this manual highly." -John V. Gilmore, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, School of Education, Boston University August 1988 $35.95 (tent.) SEXUAL HOMICIDE Patterns and Motives Robert K. Ressler, Ann W. Burgess, and John E, Douglas, editors Produced with the coopenition of the FBI, this groundbreaking work presents the most comprehensive information available on the backgrounds, crime records, methods, and characteristics of serial sexual killers, using the largest compile<! resear:ch sample to date X pages $32.95 MOLESTED A Parent's Guide to Healing and Recovety Kathryn B. Hagans and Joyce Case The only complete, authoritative guide for parents of victims. This vitally important book contains information on seeking therapy, working with legal and investigative authorities, what to say to your child about the abuse, and how to protect your child from public response pages $18.95 WITHOUT CHILD Experiencing and.resolving Infertility EllenS. Glazer and Susan Lewis Cooper An understanding and sensitive portrait of the emotional and medical issues of infertility. The individuals experiencing this problem are encouraged, through professional advice and the personal stories of patients themselves, to cope and move on pages $17.95 VULNERABLE POPULATIONS Evaluation and Treatment of Sexually Abused Children and Adult Survivors, Volume I Suzanne M. Sgroi, M.D. This book explores a variety of recent developments in the field of sexual abuse. Dr. Sgroi has co-written and collected significant new material by experienced therapists, psychologists, physicians, law enforcement experts, social workers and others addressing a wide range of important topics , 336pages $39.95 in paper: $24.95 Lexington Books 125 Spring Street Lexington, MA DCIIealb A... ~ B 0 T H #

136 SoCiological Theory 1988 Norbert Wiley, Editor Semi-annual ISSN Sociological Theory publishes all theoretical perspectives to capture the best thinking, wherever found. This includes the history of theory, substantive theories of all kinds, formal theory, metatheory, and synthesis of existing bodies of theory. Empirical papers that change theory in some basic way are also published. The section on "Theory News and Comment" contains less formal statements on recent intellectual developments and controversies. Recent articles include: Walter L Wallace, Causal Images in Sociology Ann Warfield Rawls, The Interaction Order Sui Generis * Niklas Luhmann, Tautology and Paradox In the Self-Descriptions of Modern Society * Stephen P. Turner, Underdetermlnation and the Promise of Statistical Sociology Jack A Goldstone, Cultural Orthodoxy, Risk and Innovation David Gartman, Reiflcation of Consumer Products Harold Garfinkel, A Reflection on Parson's "Sructure of Social Action," * Randall Collins, A Micro-macro Theory of Intellectual Creativity ASA. members, S 13; Non-members, S20 Institutions,.S26 Add SS for Canadian and foreign subscriptions American Sociological Association 1722 N Street N.W., Washington, D.C ; {202) I [I

137 ~ Don't Miss This Valuable Resource!. Cumulative Index \ of Sociology Journals The Cumulative Index of Sociology Journals, pub I ished in early 1987, covers the period. Compiled by Judith Lantz of Carbondale, it contains both an author and keyword or subject index. Books reviewed in any of the journals that are part of the Index are included in both the author and subject listings. The following ASA-sponsored publications are included in the 780-page Cumulative Index: American Sociological Review, The American Sociologist, Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Social Psychology Quarterly, Sociological Methodology, Sociological Theory, and Sociology of Education. In addition, both the American Journal of Sociology and Social Forces have been incorporated into the index. Their- inclusion represents the Association's first, and very preliminary, attempt to put together a single index of all major sociology journals. Future editions will include a larger numper of journals. The Cumulative Index is available toasa members for , to non-members for and to institutions for Send prepaid orders to: ASA Executive Office, I 722 N Street, N.W., Washington, D.C Act now to get this valuable new resource! ~--~ Please send me copy (copies] of The Cumulative Index of Sociology Journals. I have enclosed my check for, made out to ASA. Name ~ Membership # ,.---- Address " City State Zip Please return this form and your the ASA Executive Office, 1722 N Street NW, Washington, DC L ~-~ 140

138 SOCIOLOQICAL METHODOLOQY 1988 CLIFFORD CLOQQ, Editor e Panels and Cohorts: Design and,moclel in the Study of Voting Turnout, Otis Dudley Duncan and Magnus Stenbeck. e The Life History Calendar: A Technique for Collecting Retrospective Data, Deborah Freedman, Arland Thornton, Donald Camburn, Duane Alwin and Linda Young-DeMarco. e Threshold Models of Diversity: Chinese Restaurants, Residential Segregation, and the Spiral of Silence, Mark Granovetter and Roland Soong. e A Method for Analyzing Backward Recurrence Time Data on Residential Mobility, Nazil Baydarand Michael White. e Specification and Estimation of Continuous State Space Hazard Rate Models. Trond Petersen. e The Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical.. Data from Complex Sample Surveys, J.N.K. Rao and D. Roland Thomas. e Some Models for the Multiway Contingency Table with a One-to-One Correspondence Among Categories, Michael E. Sobel. e A Stabilized Newton-Raphson Algorithm for Log-Linear Models for Frequency T abies Derived by Indirect Observation, Shelby J.. Haberman. e An Application of Item Response Theory to the Measurement of Depression, Nora Cate Shaeffer. e Evaluating a Multiple-Imputation Method for Recalibrating U.S. Census Detailed Industry Codes to the 1980 Standard, Donald J. Treiman, William T. Bielby, and Man-tsun Cheng. e Causality in the Social Sciences, Margaret M. Marini and Burton Singer. e Exploring Causa/ Structure with the TETRAD Program, Clark Glymour, Ricard Scheines, and Peter Spirtes. e Causa/Inference and Path Analysis, Paul W. Holland. e Discussion by Edward Leamer. ASA Members: $30 Non-members: $35 Institutions: $40 American Sociological Association 1722 N Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; (202)

139 Journals of the... American Sociological Association American Sociological Review (William H. Form, Editor; Bi-monthly, ISSN ) ASA members, $16; students, $18; non-member individuals, $38; non-member institutions, $78; Add $5 for Canadian and foreign subscriptions Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews (Ida Harper Simpson, Editor; Bi-monthly,.ISSN ) ASA members, $16; students, $18; non-member individuals, $32; non-member institutions, $72; Add $5 for Canadian and foreign subscriptions Journal of Health and Social Behavior (Eugene Gallagher, Editor; Quarterly, ISSN ) Social Psychology Quarterly (Karen S. Cook, Editor; Quarterly, ISSN ) Sociology of Education. (Philip Wexler, Editor; Quarterly, ISSN ) Teaching Sociology (Theodore C. Wagenaar, E.ditor; Quarterly, ISSN X) Rates for all quarterly journals: ASA, $13; non-member individuals, $27; non-member institutions, $53; Add $5 for Canadian and foreign subscriptions Sociological Theory (Norbert Wiley, Editor; Semi-annual, ISSN 0735'"2751) ASA members, $13; non-member individuals, $20; non-merilber institutions, $26; Add $5 for Canadian and foreign subscriptions 1722 N Street, N.W. Washington, D.~~ ~ (202t

140 Atlanta Marriott Marquis Floor Plan : ~ i tion Level EXIT SALON I I I I 1 SALON" SALON 111. r SALON IV I I I I ~ I I B I --- _1-rEXiT~~ MARQUIS BALLROOM I ~"'... I SYDNEY ---r: ZUIIK:H ] ---i LONOON- ---L BONN CLUSTER2 SALONA (More on next page)


142 Social Change and Social Processes Age Stratification/Life Course ':.... 5, 80, 120, 174, 187,210,224,233,267 Arts/Culture , 23, 36, 38, 72, 95, 119, 131, 143, 175, 188, 195, 211, 220, 225, 229, 242, 243, 260 Death/Dying ,110 Development/Dependency/World System , 54, 83, 125, 132, 147, 156, 168, 190,212,226,254,?64 Deviance/Social Control , 48, 57, 84, 97, 184, 219, 243 Historical Sociology , 66, 77, 96, 99, 115, 125, 134, 149, 160, 167, 174, 194, 211, 222, 238, 239, 240, 2~' Knowledge/Ideology... 8, 16, 36, 47, 61, 71, 72, 82, 103, 118, 131, 146, 154, 167, 179, 184, 202, 213, 215, 219, 221, 225, 235, 248, 249, 251, 21)7 Social Movements/Collective Behavior : , 77, 88, 92, 99, 103, 139, 166, 239, 246, 255, 262 Social Stratification , 10, 11, 24, 33, 41, 54, 87, 92, 98, 112, 11?. 118, 136,153,159,163,170,171,185,193,202,208,215,239,241,243,248,256 Social Organization Community , 78, 90, 1 00, 205, 25Q ' Comparative Social Systems/Institutions 3, 37, 69, 102, 112, 125, 132, 134, 148, 156, 168, 190, 194, 199, 222, 232, 233, 241, 245, 254, 256, 2&4 Industrial Sociology , 186, 226, 232, 253, 261, 265 Labor Markets , 43, 44, 52, 54, 89, 112, 135, 136, 186, 193, 197, 207, 232, 254, 257, 264 Law , 180, 204, 219 Organizations , 66, 114, 122, 136, 158, 159, 182, 189, 199, 208, 220, 234, 236, 237, 245, 253, 261, 264, 265 Professions/Occupations , 95, 155, 189, 219, 237, 239, 245, 253,. 261.?.E>? Race/Ethnic Relations , 19, 24, 29, 42, 43, 44, 52, 53, 55, 56, 85, 88, 91, 9~, 117,124,135,153,163,166,198,207,218,223,228,239,241,250,257 Sex and Gender , 19, 21, 32, 33, 42, 43, 53, 56, 87, 88, 91, 93, 98, 115,117,124,138,170,191,196, 198,202,214,223,226,227,239,248,254,256,260,263,264,2!)7 Technology , 71,104,138: Work/Retirement , 1 0, 22, 89, 138, 159, 186, 193, 208, 224 Social Problems/Deviance Crime/Deterrence , 34, 43, 57, 84, 219, 2~ Deviance/Social Control : , 48, 57, 84, 97, 184, 219, 243 Violence.. ~ , 57, 107, 223, 2so Social Psyphology Cognitive Sociology , 131, 201x Emotions , 140, 173, 177, 196, 231, 244, 252, 267 Group Processes , 63, 173, 201 x Interpretive Analysis... 5, 12, 16, 23, 40, 66, 68, 73, 131, 143, 146, 188, 200, 242, 243, 2!)7 Public Opinion , 137; 'f42 Social Networks...., , 114, 135, 234, 257 Social Psychology ,27,35,46,59,68,93,95, 108,129,140,143, 173,200,201x,207,233,236,252,260:267 Sociolinguistics , 68, 200. Sociological Practice Clinical Sociology , 53, 63, 86, 108, 1'55, 176, 209 Sociological Practice/ Applied... 1, 15, 17, 39, 45, 53, 63, 86, 94, 97, 120, 121, 142, 155, 176, 179, 192, 204, 216, 25i Teaching Sociology Teaching Sociology... 38,109,144,178,192,201,213 Teaching Workshops.., , 18, 50, 64, 11 0, 169, 217 Theory History of Sociology/Social Thought , 47, 61, 67, 72, 85, 107, 123, 129, 154, 166, 177, 191, 214, 227, 235, 240, 248, 25~ Mass Communications , 137, 142, 195,229,249 Scienqe!Scientific Knowledge, Sociology of... : , 82, 1 04, 133, 221 Theor}l... 14, 16, 26, 30, 32, 36, 47, 61, 67, 73, 75, 85, 108, 113, 123, 129; 133,134,135,140,144,146,158,177,188,191,197,211,214,225,227, 229,232,235,248,249,258 Miscellan~us Didactic Seminars , 62, 96, 119, 144, 181, 203 Informal Discussion Roundtables... 51, 65, 111, 157, 183 Luncheon Rouncltable Discussions , 130 Pi.enary Sessions.. : :..... :. 60: 106, 164 Professional Workshops... 1, 17, 39, 49, 63, 74,109,120,145,156,168,182,204,216 Special Sessions... 16, 48, 73, 95,108,129,143,155,167,180 Student Sessions , 1 05 Teaching Workshops , 18, 50, 64, 11 0, 169, 217' Thematic Sessions , 47, 61, 72, 94, 107, 118, 142, 154, 166, 179, 202, 215

143 Index of Organizers (Numbers refer to Session numbers; see body of program) Abowitz, Deborah A Adler, Patricia A , 40 Adier, Peter... 27,40 Aiken, Unda H Aldridge, Delores P Alexander, Jeffrey C , 133 Alford, Robert R , 211 Altman, Barbara M Alwin, Duane F Anderson, Andy B Anderson, Elijah Bailey, Kenneth D Baird-Olson, Karren Ballantine, Jeanne H... 69, 79, 91 Becker, Howard S Beeghley, Leonard Bell, Susan E Bengtson, Vern L Beniger, James R , 82, 1 04 Berg, lvar Bark, Richard !=)iggart, Nicole Woolsey Blackwell, James E Blake, Herman (:llau, Judith A , 253 Boden, Deirdre... 12, 68, 200!3rewer, Rose M... 88!3uff, Stephen A Bunker, Stephen G Calhoun, Craig , 194 Castells, Manuel Catton, William R., Jr m1:~1T1hlil::.c: William J AndrewJ Candace Elizabeth J... 15, 45 Lawrence E Patricia Hill Randall ljim>nn:.. John Peter Rose Laub , 257 Stephen Robert Bleen M Dale< WilliamW Caroline M Robert... 41, 148 Cynthia M Susan , 132 G. Franklin ,51,65, 111,130,157,183 Paula , 87 Kai lterrn::.k,<>r, Sarah Roberto M , Joseph H Fine, Gary Alan Fisher, Sethard Fitzgerald, Frank T Flacks, Richard Freudenburg, William R.... : , 161 Friedman, Samuel R Gagnon, John Gamson, William A Gans, Herbert J , 72, 142, 154, 164 Geschwender, James A Gibson, William Gill, Derek G Gold, David Gordon, Chad Green, Mareyjoyce , 153, 163 Gregory, Stanford W., Jr x Gubrium, Jaber F Halpern, Sydney Hamilton, Gary G , 256 Hammond, Michael , 235 Harper, Douglas Heimer, Carol A Heydebrand, Wolf , 261 Hillsman, Sally T Hirsch, Paul M , 73, 121 Hoffarth, Sandra L... 42, 170 Hossfeld, Karen House, James S Houseknech~ Sharon K Huber, Bettina J Hudson, James A Hummon, Norman P Hunter, Albert D Hultman, Elizabeth Jackson, Jacquelyne Johnson Jare~ Charles Johnson, Miriam M.; Kahn-H~ Rachel , 248, 254, 264,267 Kaufmann, Caroline L Kayal, Philip M Kemper, Theodore D Kerckhoff, Alan Kessler, Ronald Kimmel, Michael Klein, Malcolm W , 34, 57 Kraly, Ellen Percy Kroii-Smith, Steve Kuechler, Manfred Kuklick, Henrika Landry, Bart , 185. Langman, Lauren Leaf, Philip J Lechner, Frank Lee, Gary R Lewis, George H Lewis, Hylan G Ugh~ Donald W Upow, Arthur Lo 1 Clarence Y.H Lofland, John Lofland, Lyn H Long, Elizabeth , 202 Long, Larry , 263,266 MacKinnon, Neil J , 140 Maddox, George Maldonado, Uonel Malec, Michael A Marra~ Cora Marullo, Samuel W Matsueda, Ross L Mayo, Julia A McCormack, Thelma Melbin, Murray Milavsky, Ronald Miller, S.M , 147 Milner, Trudie F Morgan, S. Philip Murphree, Mary C Nagel, Joana Nee, Victor ,179 Oliver, Pamela E n, 99 Olsen, Marvin E Paige, Jeffery M Pallas, Aaron M Pennings, Johannes M , 122, 220 Perrucci, Carolyn C Perrucci, Robert Parsell, Caroline Hodges , 192, 213 Peterson, Richard A Pincus, Fred L Powell, Michael Press, Andrea L Quadagno, Jill... ;. 160 Rayman, Paula M Ridgeway, Cecilia L Riley, John W Ritzer, George ,85 Roby, Pamela A , 208 Rodriguez, Clara E Rosenfeld, Rachel A.. 112, 136 Ross, George... 9, 30, 197 Scheppele, Kim Lane Schoenberg, Ronald , 152, 162 Schwartz, Barry Scotch, Richard K Sjoberg, Gideon Skvoretz, John Smith, David A Sobel, Michael Sonqui~ John A Stephan, Cookie White Stem, Robert N

144 15() Strathman, Terry Suttles, Gerald D Swidler, Ann Szelenyi, Ivan Takata, Susan R.. 24, 43,55 Taylor, Ella Thoits, Peggy A Thornton, Russell Truchil, Barry E Turner, Stephen P Tyree, Andrea ; 257 Useem, Michael Vromen, Suzanne Wagner-Pacifici, Robin Wallace, Ruth A , 191, 227 Walters, Pamela Ward, Kathryn B Whalley, Peter Williams, Robin M., Jr Williamson, John B Wills, John Wilson, Franklin D Wiseman, Jacqueline P Wu, Lawrence L Yamaguchi, Kazuo Zelizer, Viviana A Zerubavel, Eviatar , 131, 24? Zolberg, Vera L ~

145 151 Abolafia,Mitch Abowllz, Deborah A...,.. 92 Abzug, Rikki Acker, Joan A Acock, Alan C Adams, Bert Adams, David W Adams, Kenneth Alan Adler, Marina A Adler, Patricia A... 27, 40 Adler, Peter , 252 Agger, Ben... -' Agnew, Robert ,223 Aguirre, B.E Ahmad, Aqueil Aiken, Unda H ,209 Ajzner, Jan Akard, Patrick Akers, Ronald L Albarracin, Maria V Albini, Joseph....,, Albrecht, Gary ~, 21 0 Albrecht, Sandra L Alcantara, Adelert:~ar N....., Aldrich, Howard E Aldridge, Delores P Alexander, Jeffrey C , 211 Alexander, Victoria D , Alford, Robert A ,.. 167, 211 Allan, Emilie Anderson Allen, Carolyn , 13, Allen, Irving , Allison, Paul Altman, Barbara M Alvarez, Rcidolfo Alwin, Duane F.., , 59 Amann, Klaus Amadeo, Stephanie Amenta, Edwin Andersen, ~argaret Andersbn, Andy B Arlderson, Elijah Anderson, James Anc:ferson, Leon....., Anc:ferson, Louis , :. 178 AnhE!ier, Helmut Anker, Lau,ra ,.257. Anspach, Donald Anspach, Renee , 116 ~oulatos, Makis Aponte, Robert....., Appelbaum, Richard Aral, Sevgi, Melanie ,. 70 'ArE)ni:lell, Terry., ,., Ai'lu~e. Arnold B......,.. :,, 65. Am!er, J. Michael ,. 69,201 An.nlhger, Gerhard Ai"{n()r, DaVId J....., An;o9ur, Philip K...,..,...,.. 92 ~.Andrew..... :.....,,156 AJ11iJ,Ar, Jeffrey B......,, : Index of Participants (Numbers refer to Session numbers; see qodyof program) Ashley, David n Astley, W. Graham Atwater, Lynn , 169 Auerbach, Judith Auletta, Judy Ayalon, Hanna Ayers, David...." Aytac, lsik Azedi, Shahrokh... :.... :. 83 Azumi, Koya Baca-Zinn, Maxine , 264 Bachman-Prehn, Ronet Bailey, Kenneth D , 251 Baker, David P , 79 Baker, Paul J , 178 Baker, Susan G ,. Baker, Wayne E , 114 Balfe, Judith , 175 Bannister, Robert Barak, Gregg Baretta, SiMa n Barkan, Steven , Barley, Stephen A Barnhardt, Jane Baron, James N , 186 Barr, Judith K Baumann, Eleen A Baal, George M Bearman, Peters Beck, Bernard Becker, Howard S , 143 Beckstrom, Helen Beeghley, Leonard , 111 Beeson, Diane Beisel, Nicola K., ~ Belgrave, Unda L., Bell, Eleanor x, 242 Bell, Su5an E , Bell, Wendell Bellingham, Bruce S, 243 Bqlyea, Michael J ,.., 247 Benavot, Aaron BeJ:!gtson, Vern L Q Beniger, James Berardo, Felix M Berezin, Mabel Berg, lvar Berger, Bennett Berger, Janina ,05 Bergesel'), Albert ~.... 8, 75 Elergthok:l, Unda , 189 Berheide, Catherine White Bark, Richard A... ~..., sernard. Je5si9 s... :: Bernstein, B8sn serson, Alma Bess&r. How8rd Beut, Ann Hill Bevins, George M...., 71 Bian, Yan-jie ' Bickford; Adam...., ~ 237 J. Bielby, Denise D Biggart, Nicole Woolsey......,,. 66 Biggert, Robert Billings, Victoria ! J Bills, David ,136, Bjorklund, Diane..... Blackwell, James E Blake, Herman Blake, Robert 'tai Blalock, Hubert M., Jr; 'a Blau, Judith , 24S Blau, Peter M , 261 Blauner, Bob...,..., 129 Block, Fred BloOm, Samuel... 1 s4 Blossteld, Hans-Peter..., Blum, Terry C... 26S' Blumberg, Rae Lesser , 254 Blumstein, Philip W , '42 Boden, Deirdre M... 12,!)8 Bohrnstedt, George......, Boies, John Solak, Hale Boles, Jacqueline..... : Boll, John ' Bollen, Kenneth A......, Balogh, Roslyn Wallach Bonacich, Edna...,,..,.. 1 ~ Boocock, Sarane S ,.,5. Booth,Aian Booth, Karen Bordua, David Borgatta, Edgar , SO Borman, Kathryn , ~. 7~ Bo!!k. Charles L... Boskoff, Alvin ?14 8oston,Thomas D...,,.. 11?7 Boswell, Terry E...., Bowker, Lee...,..,? Bowler, Anne E...., 175 Bowser, Benjamin P....,:,,,. ~ Boyd, Monica... ~.,,,,v~'.. ~ 1~ Boyd, f\obert.... ';,;.. '!.,. ;f? ~ Brabant, Sarah...,,.,.,.. ;., 188, Braddock, Jomllls Henry, u...,,,155, t, Bradley,Baymond... :... til,.. i ~~ Bradshaw, York ? Brain, David... ;,,,;..,., H~ Brajuha, Mario. :...., l',, ~.:..,?~? Branco, Kenneth J..... :.. ~ 1 1 f. 2?4 B~I'IJ1tley, PeterS......,,,'t,. ~ '1 Braun, Ronnie: B... P c. 1. S Braungart, Richard..., ~ w..., HI Brayfield, Aprii A.. ::...., ~.,...,.'; 256 ereckeni'dige; Robert : :::,~,,. 22~: Breda, Caro JYn S...., , 71f Brelfl~liWinifred....,. :,. ; ; 267. Brent. Edward. :... t:46 Brents, Barbara.>... :... :... ;. 16o' sre5iau,'oanlel... :. :... j. : : ~.2j4 fll:essler, Marvin...,,.72, Brewer, Rose M... :.,. ; ~, ; ~ ~ ' 1 ' jl " '

146 152 Bridges, William , 65 Brinton, Mary Brogan, Donna R Broman, Clifford L , 176 Bronson, Richard Brooks, Michael Broschart, Kay R Brou~er, Stephen W Brown, Carol Brown, Phil B~own, Roger L Brown, Theo Brown, William Browne, Irene Brustein,William Buchmann, Marlis Bullard, Robert D. : Bullock, Bradley Bumpass, Larry Bunker, Stephen G Burke, Peter J Burnham, Peter Burris, Beverly , 265 Burton, Linda M Burton, Michael G Busching, William A Bustamante, Diana Butler, Edgar W Buttel, Frederick H Byrne, Noel T Cabezas, Amado... 14, 43 Cahill, Spencer E : Calderon, Jose Z Caldwell, Steven Calhoun, Craig J , 253 Call, Vaughn R.A Callero, Peter L Campbell, Ernest Q Campbell, Karen Campbell, Richard T Canan, Penelope... : Cantor, Muriel Caplow, Theodore Cappell, Charles L Cardosa, Desdemona Cargan, Leonard Caringella-MacDonald, Susan Carley, Kathleen , 146 Carlton-Ford, Steven Carr, Leslie G..... ; i9 Carroll, Glenn R , 261 Carter, Valerie J case, carole....., Cassell, James W Cassidy, George Castells, Manuel Castro, Teresa Cataldo, Mimi x Catanzarite, Lisa M Catton, William R Cavalcanti, Hilquias B: Cha, Yun-Kyung..... :... 69, 148 Chabot, Albert E Chafetz, Janet , 227 Chambers, Christine Chambliss, William J Champion, Dean Chan, William Chancer, Lynn S Chang, Henry Hwaibao Charmaz, Kathy Chen, Hsiao-hung Nancy Chen, Huey-Tsyh Chen, Jeaw-Mei Chen, Kevin Chen, Kuang-Cheng. ; Cherlin, Andrew Chew, Ken Chico, Nan Paulsen Cho, Sungnam Choldin, Harvey M Chow, Ester Ngan-Ling Chubin, Daryl E Chun, Bang Jee Cindoglu, Dilek Clair, Jeffrey Michael Clanton, Gordon Clark, Elizabeth J Clark, Kenneth B.. ;. ; Clarke, Lee... ; , 150 Clarke, Richard Clawar, Stanley Clawson, Dan , 234 Clayman, Steven E Clayson, Dennis E Clemens, Elisabeth , 220 Clignet, Remi Clegg, Clifford C , 172 Clough, Patricia Cloward, Richard A Cohen, Lawrence E Cohen, Rosalie Cohen, Stanley Cohn, Samuel Cohn, Steven F , 244 Colbjornsen, Tom Cole, Stephen Colignon, Richard Collins, Andrew Collins, Patricia Hill , 153 Collins, Randall , 244 Colombotos, John , 209 Colomy, Paul , 75 Colwell, Mary Anna Connell, Robert ;'202 Conrad, Peter Contreras, Mauricio... ~ Cook, Judith A , 171 Cook, Karen Cookson, Peter W.; Jr , 91 Cooney, Rosemary Santana Copp, Martha Cornell, L. L Cornfield, Daniel , 237 Corradi, Consuela Cortese, Anthony J , 235 Coser, Lewis A... ;... ; , 154 Coser, Rose Laub ,257 Coughlin, Richard M Courage, Myrna M Cover, J. Daniel Coverrnan, Shelley Covington, Jeanette Cox_, Gerry R Coz2:ens, Susan E Crain, Robert L Cramer, James , 256 Crane-Soetenga, Peggy Crenshaw, Edward Crimmins, Eileen M , 187 Crittenden, Kathleen S Crow, Thomas Cruz, Jon D Cullen, Francis T Cullinan, Meritta B Culler, Suzanne Curry, Timothy Jon Curtis, Russell Cuthbert, Melinda Cuthbertson, Beverley Ann.. ; Cynamon, Marcie ; D'Antonio, William V D'Souza, Patricia V Dalto, Guy C Daniels, Arlene Kaplan , 267 Dannefer, Dale Darlington, Jo Anne Darnell, Alfred Darrow, William W , 121 DaVanzo, Julie Davidman, Lynn Davis, Diane Davis, Fred Davis, James A Davis, James R. 51, 183 Davis, Sharon Kantorowski Dawson, Deborah A de Ia Puente, Manuel De Peters, Marcella Deane, Glen Debro, Julius DeCamp, Suzanne DeFieur, Lois B Deitch, Cynthia DeJong, Gordon , 117 Delacroi; Jacques Delaney, Kevin Delio Buono, Richard A Demerath, N. J., Ill Demo, David H Demos, Vasilkie Deneen, Jeff , Denzin, Norman DePaul, Maria Desai, Manisha Desai, Sonalde Deviney; Stanley P Di Lellio, Anna Difazio, William Diffenderfer, Mark Dill, Bonnie Thornton... ;. 202 Dillman, Caroline Dillon, Michele DiMaggio, Paul J , 242 Dinges, William D Diprete, Thomas A DiTorrlaso, Nancy Dobbin, Frank R. 160 Dobratz, Betty A......,. 18, 92 Dodd, David J Doering, Thomas A Dohrenwend; Bruce P... ;. 84, 230

147 153 Donato, Katharine... 65, 135 Donnelly, Michael Dom, Dean Doubt, Keith Dougherty, Kevin Downes, Yvonne , 1 05 Draper, Elaine Drass, Kriss A Dreeben, Robert Driscoll, Emilda Tabao Dubin, Steven C Dugger, Karen Duncan, Cynthia , 54 Duncan-Baretta, Silvio R Dunlap, Riley E Dunn, Dana DuPrey, Paula A Duran-Arenas, Luis Durbin, Nancy Dvorak, Suzanne Dwyer, Jeffrey W Eaton, Thelma L Eberts, Paul R Eckstein, Susan , 1 07 Edelsohn, Gail A Edelstein, Michael Eder, Donna J , 79 Edles, Laura Desfor Edwards, G. Franklin Ekerdt, David J Ekiert, Grzegorz Elder, Glen H., Jr ,233 Elder, Joseph W {:lifson, Kirk Ellis, Carolyn S Emigh, Rebecca Jean Emirbayer, Mustafa K , 214 England, Paula....,... 33, 73 Enke, Janet {:nsel, Walter M Epstein, Cynthia Fuchs , 245 Epstein, Joyce L... 79, 93 l;rgas, Yasmine Erskine, William B Espeland, Wendy Espiritu, Yen Le r;stes, Carroll L... 66, 189 Etzkowitz, Henry evans, J. Donald Eve, Raymond A l;ve, Susan Brown \:wens, William L Falcon, Luis M , 263 F~lk, William W Fararo, Thomas J Farganis, Sondra Farley, Reynolds f=arrell, Michael F<mell, Ronald A r.. LIIKniF>r1 Joseph Sylvia Joe R Helen Feinberg, William E.... : feinson, Marjorie C Feld, Scott L Feldgaier, Janet Feldman, Shelley Fenstermaker, Sarah , 264 Fenwick, Rudy Fernandez, Celestino Fernandez, Marilyn , 185 Fernandez, Roberto M... 99, 234 Ferree, Myra Marx Fiala, Robert... 69,226 Fichter; Joseph H Figueira-McDonough, Josefina.. 111, 239 Fine, Gary Alan , 173 Finifter, Bernard M Fink, Edward L Finlay, Barbara , Finsterbusch, Kurt... ;... 22, 206 Florentine, Robert Firebaugh, Glenn A , 157 Fischer, Claude Fischer, Lucy Rose Fisher, Sethard Fishman, Walda Katz , 88 Fitz Gibbon, Heather Fitzgerald, Frank T Flacks, Richard , 139 Flaherty, Joseph A , 141 Flood, John Florida, Richard Florin, Paul Fontana, Andrea.... : Forment, Carlos A Fox, John David Fox, John W Fox, Mary Frank Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth Franklin, Clyde W., II , 1 05 Franks, David D Fraser, Elvis i=ratoe, Frank A Freeman, John H , 220 Freese, Lee Frentzei-Zagorska, Janina Freudenburg, William R Frey, James H Fried, Morris Friedman, Debra , 85 Friedman, Doug ;. 26 Friedman, Jennifer Friedman, Judith J Friedman, Samuel R Friedmann, Robert R ,. 205 Friis, Robert ,. : 117 Fritz, Jan Fuhrman, Ellsworth Fujita, Kuniko , 226 Fuller, Bruce , 149 Gagnon, John H ,48 Gaines, Joy Gallagher, Sally S2 Galliher, John , 57 GaiJin, Rita S , 226 Gamoran, Adam Gamson, William A , 107 Gamson, Zelda F... : Ganey, Rod Gans, Herbert J , 106 Ganzeboom, Harry B. G Gamin, Albeno P Garcia, Angela C....., x Garcia, Homer Gardetto, Darlaine C Gardner, Carol Brooks , 68 Garnier, Maurice , 149 Garrett, Patricia , 264 Garrison, Howard H Gartner, Rosemary Gartrell, John W Gaventa, John Gay, Robert Geagan, James Gedicks, AI Gehm, John Gelles, Richard J George, George S George, Linda K Gerami, Shahin Gereffi, Gary Gerhardt, Uta , 141 Gerstein, Ira Geschwender, James A Giarrusso, Roseann ; 173 Gibbs, Jack P , 93 Gibson, William Giele, Janet Zollinger Gilbert, Claire W Gilbert, Jess C Gilfus, Mary Gilkes, Cheryl Townsend... 19, 28 Gill, Derek Gill, Sandra Gilmore, Thomas N Gimbel, Cynthia Gimenez, Martha E Ginsburg, Alan Gitlin, Todd Glasberg, Davita Silfen Glaser, Daniel Glass, Jennifer L Glass, Thomas Glassner, Barry Glazer, Nona Y Glenn, Norval D Glick, Ira Goddu, Andre Goering, John Goetting, Ann Gold, David Gold, Steven J , 218 Goldfarb, Jeffrey C , 233 Goldscheider, Calvin , 263 Goldscheider, Frances Kobrin... 42, 135 Goldstein, Joan....., Goldstein, Paul J Goldstone, Jack Goodman, Louis W , 168 Goodman, Neal Goodman, Norman Goodwin, Jeff , 222 Gordon, Andrew C...., Gordon, Avery '225 Gordon, Chad ; 32 Gordon, Leonard Gordon, Michael... : Gordon, Steven L Gorelick, Sherry

148 154 Gorman, Brigid Gorman, Sheila Goudy, Will Gould, Mark Gould, Roger V Gouveia, Lourdes , 157 Gove, Walter R Grady, William R Gramling, Robert Grantors, Mark Grant, Anna Grant, Don S Grant, Linda , 239 Grau, Lois Gray, Herman Gray, Louis N Green, Charles S , 130 Green, Gary P Green, Kenneth E Green, Mareyjoyce , 163 Greene, Todd Greenfeld, Liah , 175 Greenwald, Mathew Grego, John..., Gregory, Stanford W., Jr , 201x Gricar, Julie M Griffin, Larry J , 159 Grimes, Michael D Griswold, Wendy... 36, 119 Groat, H. Theodore Gronbjerg, Kirsten A , 100 Gronstein, William P Grusky, David B , 172 Grusky, Oscar ,206 Gubrium, Jaber F......, Guest, Philip Gundlach, James H... 6 Gural<, Douglas T , 263 Gusfield, Joseph... 16; 36 Guterbock, Thomas M Gvion-Rosenberg, Liora Gwartney-Gibbs, Patricia A Haberfeld, Yitchak Hachen, David H1;1ckett, Bruce Hafferty, Fred Hage, Jerald T... 69, 149 Haines, Valerie Hajda, Jan Halkowski, Timothy Hall, Fred D..., Hall, John R Hall, Thomas D Halley, Jeffrey A Halliday, Terence C Hallinan, Maureen T , 68 Halpern, Sydney Hamilton, Gary G , 245 Hamilton, Lee Hamilton, Richard Hammer, Eliot R Hammer, Heather-Jo Hammer, John '". 49 Hammond, Michael F , 252 Hampton, Robert L Han, Zuns.ang Hanchette, Carol Hanke,. Penelope Hankin, Janet Hanks, Roma Hannan, Michael T , 158 Hannon, Natalie Hansell, Stephen.... ~ , 209 Hansen, Karen V Hanson, Sandra L... 51, 170 Hanson, Bill Hao, Ling-xin , 93 Hardy, Melissa A Hare!, Yossi ,183 Harold, Wanda Harper, Douglas Harrington, C. Lee , 196 Harrington, Charlene A: Harris, Catherine T Harris, Nancy Harrison, Lana Harrison, Roderick Harry, Joseph Hartman, John T Harvey, Debra S Hasenfeld, Yeheskel Hauser, Robert M Hawke, Josephine Hawkins, Charles H Hawley, F. Frederick Hayes, Adrian... :... 75, 133 Hayner, Anthony Hayward, Mark D Hazelrigg, Lawrence Hechter, Michael , 134 Hegtvedt, Karen Heilbronn, Lisa Heimer, Carol Heimer, Karen Heimov, Leslie Starr Heinz, John P Henderson, M. Kathryn Hendrix, Lewellyn Herman, Andrew Herring, Cedric Herting, Jerald Hessler, Richard M Hetu, Chantale x Hewitt, John P Heydebrand, Wolf Heyl, Barbara S Hicks, Alexander... 30,174 Hiday, Virginia A ,141 Higgins,Paul Hilbert, Richard A Hill, Lester, Jr Hill, Richard Child Hill, Richard J , 155 Hillsman, Sally T Hirano-Nakanishi, Marsha Hirsch, Eric Hirsch, Paul M Hirschhorn, Larry , 252 Hirschi, Thomas A Hirschman, Charles.....,... : 76 Hochberg, Leonard Hochschild, Arlie Russell , 252 Hoctor, Darlanne Hodges, H. Eugene Hoffarth, Sandra L... 42, 170 Hoffman, William S Hogan, Dennis P... 42, 93 Hollingsworth, Rogers Holmstrom, Lynda Lytle..., Holtzman, Deborah Hook; Glenn Hoover, Gregory A Hoppe, Sue Keir Horne, Patricia E Horton, Hayward Derrick Horton, John Hossain, Punnipa Hossain, Zakir Hossfeld, Karen , 254 Hotchkiss, Lawrence House, James S... 46, 171 Houseknecht, Sharon K....., 102 Howard, Judith A , 171 Howe, Carolyn... 14, 26 Hoyt, Dan Hu, Yow-Hwey Huang, Gary , 201 x Huat, Chua Beng ,., 124 Huber, Joan Hudson, Jane...:... tj1 Hughes, Michael Huguley, Sandra Huinink, Johannes J Hummon, Norman P Humphrey, Craig Humphries, Drew Hunter, Albert D , 78 Hurh, Won Moo , 185 Huth, Mary Jo Huttman, Elizabeth Hyde, Cheryl Hynes, Eugene lhinger-tallman, Marilyn lkegami, Eiko , 43 lma, Kenji , 79 lmershein, Allen W lngegneri, Dominique G Ingersoll, Richard lnkeles, Alex Irish, Richard lsajiw, SevW lshi, Tomoji Ishii-Kuntz, Masako lshiyama, John lsvan-hayat, Nilufer Jackson, Jacquelyne Johnson Jackson, Pamela Irving Jackson, Robert A : Jacobs, Jerry A , 209 Jacobs, Mark D Jacobsen, Chanoch Jacoby, Russell Jaffee, David... 9 James, David R Jamtgaard, Keith Janoski, Thomas Jaret, Charles Jarrett, Robin L Jasper, James M... 71, 225 Jennings, P. Devereaux....., Jensen, Vickie... 57

149 155 Jenson, Jane Jewell, K. Sue Jobes, Patrick C Joffe, Carole Johann, Sara ,. 51 Johnson, Beverly Elmyra Johnson, Bryce Johnson, Cathryn Johnson, Dean F Johnson, James H ~ohnson, Katrina... 39, 141 Johnson, Miriam M Johnson, Norris R , 158 Johnson, Robert J Johnston, Barry Johnston, Drue M Jones, Diane H Jones, Jo Ann Jones, Sue Hinze , 239 Jones-Johnson, Gloria Joppke, Christian Jusko, Mark K!iem, Michael K!ihn-Hut, Rachel..., Kain, Edward L K~berg, Stephen Kalleberg, Arne L , 220 ~~ens, David... 69, 148 Kamolnick, Paul kme, Emily Wright Kang, Tal , ~o, Chang-Shu rkaplan, Howard B ~~oy{itz, Stan A ~pusta, Morton A K~:M"atheodoris, Stephen , 157 K rdaras, Basil P... 14!Wen, David l<wiya, Takehiko ~,DavidA K rral<er, Mary Margaret Wilkes l{~a, John D l<msiaflcas, George N , 99.~ufman, Robert L... 22, 136 d<auppinen-toropainen, Kaisa ~waguchi, Gary Kayai, Philip M Howard..., Barbara R , Charles B Larry :16 KAIIIAh<~r Robert Suzanne James Alice Abel Theodore D , 244 KerlnAtiv Michael D Alan C... 97, 112 JonS Martin Ronald C Marwan , 78 Nazli ,. 43. J<. Jill Sally B ,121 lewis M Kim, Eun Mee Kim, Kwang Chung ,185 Kimeldorf, Howard..., Kimmel, Michael Kincaid, A Douglas King, Deborah King, Edith King, Elliott King, Kathleen Piker Kinney, David A Kintner, Hallie J....,. 162 Kippax, Susan, Kirchgassler, Klaus U , 176 Kirchner, Corinne Kirkpatrick, R. George Kirmayer, Laurence J Kirschner, Betty Kiser, Edgar Kitano, Harry H.L Kitch, Laura W Kjolseth, Rolf Klaff, Vivian Klandermans, Bert Klassen, Karin Klein, Uoyd , Klein, Malcolm W Kleinman, Sherryl , 252 Klenie~kl.!\laney Klineberg, Stephen L Klonglan, Gerald Knorr-Cetina, Karin D , 221, Knox, George W Knudsen, Dean D Koch, Larry W Koenig, Thomas H Koenigsamen, Janet L Kohn, Melvin L Kolack, Shirley Kola] a, Jiri Kollock, Peter... 42, 146 Kon, Igor Koppel, Ross Kornblum, William , Korzeniewicz, Miguel Kover, Arthur J Kraft, Joan F '. 104, 138 Kraly, Ellen Percy , 218 Krantz, James Kraus, Vered Krauss, Celene Kr:Hz, Mary M Kronenfeld, J~nnie J..., Kro11ick, Robert F Kub9na, Karen Kubi1schek, Warren N..., Kuechler, Manfred Kulllthau, Karen Kuklick, Henrika Kulis, Stephen Kully, Hannah Kunda, Gideon ' Kuntze, Ann Kuo, Wen Kurz, Demle Kurzweil, l;dith , 191 Kutner, Nancy G... 15, 176 Labin, Susan Lachman, Margie E Ladner, Joyce A ; 166 La Gory, Mark E.... : Lai, Chi-Kong ;.. 90 Lamentowicz, Wojtek ,, 246 Lammers, John C... 28; 186 Lamont, Michele Land, Kenneth C ,.... "7 Landaie, Nancy S Landmann, Wendell : Landry, Bart... 11' 117 Landsberger, Henry A Lang, Gladys Engel , 188 LanQ, Kurt , 188 Langman, Lauren Langton, Nancy Lareau, Annette Larossa, Ralph Larsen, Ulla Larson, Andrea ,14 Laska, Shirley Bradway , 126 Lauderdale, Pat , 219 Laumann, Edward Lawler, Edward J Lazega, Emmanuel Leblebici, Huseyin..., 261 Lechner, Frank Lee, Barrett A... 78, 184 Lee, Everett... : Lee, Gary R , 80 Lee, Sharon M... 43, 135 Lee, Sook-Jong Lehman, Edward C Leibowitz, Arleen Leicht, Kevin... 71, 159 Leidner, Robin Lembcke, Jerry Lembo, Ron Lemert, Charles , 214 Lennon, Mary Clare Leo; Elaine Stahl Leo, John Lepkowskl, James M Lescoe-Long, Mary Lessor, Roberta Levin, Jack , 74 Levin, William Levine, Adeline G Levine, Gene N Levine, Martin P Levine, Rhonda F , 160 Levine, Sol..., Levinson, David L Levinson, Richard , 141 Lev}t, Emanuel Lewin-Epstein, Noah Lewis, David W... : Lewis, George H Lewis, Hylan G Lewis, Jerry M Lewis, Jonathan F Lewis, Susan K..., Uchten, Eric Uchter, DanieiT Udz, Victor Meyer n Ueberson, Stanley. ; x, 242 Uebman, Robert C Ught, Donald W...,.. 127, 189

150 156 Lin, Nan Lin, Phylis Lan Lin, Yung-mou Lin, Yung-yao Lindenfeld, Frank Lindholm, Marika Lindsay, Bruce Link, Bruce G , 230 Linsky, Arnold S Lipner, Nira Lipow, Arthur , 246 Liska, Allen E Litt, Jacquelyn Litwak, Eugene , 209 Liu, John Mei Liu, William T , 55 Lo, Clarence Y.H Lofland, John F , 255 Lofland, Lyn H , 252 Logan, John R , 93 Long, Elizabeth , 229 Long, J. Scott Long, Janie K Long, Judith..., Long, Larry H Lopata, Helena Z Lopman, Louise Levesque Lorber, Judith , 202 Lorence, Jon Loseke, Donileen Losh-Hesselbart, Susan Loulan, JoAnn Love, Gayle Dienberg Lubeck, Paul Lubeck, Sally... 86, 264 Luebke, Paul Lueker, Lorna... 58, 1 05 Luhmann, Niklas Luijkx, Ruud Lund man, Richard J Luttrell, Wendy Lutzenhiser, Loren Lyman, Karen Lyman, Katherine Lyman, Stanford M... 24, 260 Lynch, Michael Lyng, Stephen G Lynxwiler, John Lyson, Thomas A Ma, Li-Chen Ma, Chuan-chen Ma, Su-Jung MacDougall, Sock-Foon MacKinnon, Neil J Macy, Michael W , 178 Maddox, George Madsen, Richard Majete, Clayton Majka, Lorraine Maldonado, Lionel A , 163 Malec, Michael A Malekahmadi, Farshad Malone, David H Mancini, Jay A Manderscheid, Ronald......, 155 Manning, Peter K , 199 Marbach, Joseph J Marco, Jesusa Marcus, George Mare, Robert... ; Marger, Martin N , 185 Margolis, Diane Rothbard Marini, Margaret Mooney , 266 Markoff, John... 78, 194 Markovsky, Barry Marks, Alan Marotto, Robert A Marrett, Cora B Marris, Peter Marsden, Peter V , 234 Marshall, Rodney S Martin, Michael Martin, Patricia Yancey Martin, Walter T Martinelli, Phylis Martinez, Gloria Luz A Martorella, Rosanne Marullo, Samuel Mason, Karen Oppenheim Mastekaasa, Arne Mathis, Mary K , 189 Matoesian, Greg Matsuda, Takeshi Matsueda, Ross L Matthews, Nancy A Matthews, Sarah H Mauksch, Hans Mauney, Verna Mayberry, Maralee... 99,214 Mayer, Albert Mayfield, Gary Maynard, Douglas W Mayo, Julia..., 15,53 Mazur, Allan , 201 x McAdam, Doug McAuley, William J McBurney, Blaine McCall, Michal... 95, 143 McCall, Patricia L McCammon, Holly J , 159 McCarrick, Anne McClelland, Katherine McCloskey, Donald McCormack, Arlene McCutcheon, Allan L...., McDaniel, Antonio McDill, Edward L.....,. 91 McGee, Reece..., McGinnis, Robert..., McGuire, Patrick W... ; Mcllwee, Judith S Mcintosh, William Alex McKee, David G...,... ;. 141 McKelvey, Charles E McKinlay, John B , 141 McKinlay, Sonja ,141 McLaughlin, Steven D McLeod, Jane D McMichael, Philip D McMillen, David McMurry, Dan , 247 McNall, Scott G McNeely, Connie McPartland, James M McPhail, Clark McPherron, Sharon M McPherson, J. Miller , 111 McQuarie, Donald McSeveney, Dennis... 2 Mechanic, David... 94,141 Meier, Ron Meihls, J. Lee Meinhard, Agnes G Meisenhelder, Thomas M Melbin, Murray Menaghan, Elizabeth G Menon, Ramdas Mercy, James Merrill, Deborah Messeri, Peter , 209 Messikomer, Carla Mestrovic, Stjepan G , 235 Meyer, David A... 90, 214 Meyer, Heinz Dieter Meyer, John W... 3, 222 Meyer, Katherine Meyer, Marshall W... 47, 114 Michelson, William Mickelson, Roslyn Arlin Milavsky, J. Ronald Milazi, Dominic Miller, Andrew Miller, Balla Miller, Camille Wright Miller, Gale E Miller, JoAnn Miller, Joanne Miller, John S , 216 Miller, Jon Miller, Kate... 58, 105 Miller, R. Berkeley Miller, S.M , 147 Milner, Murray, Jr Milner, Trudie F , 105 Milofsky, Carl Min, Pyong Gap Mintz, Beth A Mislivetz, Ferenc Mittman, Brian S Mizruchi, Mark Mobley, G. Melton Moen, Phyllis Mohr, John W Molander, Earl... 99, 255 Molnar, Joseph J Molotch, Harvey Molstad, Clark P ; 71, 237 Monk-Turner, Elizabeth Monsen, S. Henry Monsma, Karl M Montgomery, Kathleen , 189 Mooney, Linda A Moore, Gwen Moore, James Moore, Joan..., Moore, Thomas Morawska, Ewa Morgan, S. Philip Morgan, William Morrill, Calvin K Morrione, Thomas J Morris, Loretta Morris, Lori V... 78, 95

151 157 Morrison, Donna Ruane. 170 Morrissey, Elizabeth A. 178 Moses, Robert 166 Moskowitz, Eric. 56 Mueller, Carol M. 99 Mueninghoff, Elaine 79 Mueser, Peter 266 Mukenge, Ida Rousseau 205 Mukerji, Chandra. 82 Mukherjee, Karobi Mulkey, Lynn 82 Mullis, Jeffrey Mulvey, Kevin P. 21 Munoz, Braulio 177 Murphree, Mary C Murray, Martin J. 44 Murray, Susan J Mutran, Elizabeth 193, 224 Myers, Lena Wright. 198 Nagel, Joane 125, 139 Nagy, Michael Najafizadeh, Mehrangiz 125 Nandi, Proshanta K.. 43 Nanjundappa, G Nardi, Peter M.. 21 Nash, Jeffrey 40 Nassirpour, Mehdi.. 15 Nathanson, Charles 262 Natriello, Gary.. 91 Navarro, Vicente 127 Neal, Arthur G. 93 NE!al, David M. 99 Nedelmann, Birgitta 258 Nee, Victor 179 Neitz, Mary Jo. 144 Nelson, Robert L Neustadt!, Alan 197, 234 Newby, Robert G. 14, 44 fl!e!wman, Andrew E. 87 Nicklas, Darek. 127 Joanne 150 Kant. 43 1\fiPIPen:-t:niQ, Christena 131 Gerald. 111 IW:'""''"'" Tom 89 Philip 90 "'H'"""'"" 11 Charles T Lenahan 53 Martha A. 236!!iii\'~.~.,.,,, Donald 196 s U ln<>nri""' Andre 117 Atef A 99 "''"''""'""' Dirk 99,Kay 82 Richard J. 13 Charlesw.. 92 Rose Marie 58 Yoshitaka 83 Jeffrey K. 133, 249 Melvin L ,228 Pamela E. 77 Annamarie 99 Johan 185 Marvin E. 45, 81 llshansky, S. Jay 158, 187 Olson, Philip, 64 Olzak, Susan M 77, 185 Ong, Paul 43 Oppenheimer, Martin.. 14, 15 Orloff, Ann Shola. 222, 264 Oropesa, R.S. 124 Orru, Marco 214, 245 Ortiz, Steven M.. 195, 252 Ortiz, Vilma 207 Orum, Anthony " 18 Osanka, Frank. 51 Osmond, Marie Withers. 198 Otto, Luther B. 91 Owens, Timothy J. 140 Padgett, John F. 219 Paige, Jeffery M. 212 Palileo, Gloria. 43 Pallas, Aaron M. 91, 101 Palmer, Donald 114 Papadakis, Elim 99, 157 Parachini, John 99 Parcel, Toby L. 22, 93 Parikh, Sunita. 148 Parish, William L. 42, 93 Park, Kyung 93 Park, Peter 178 Parker, Robert Nash 34 Paulsen, Ronnelle 207 Pavalko, Eliza K. ; 149 Pazaki, S. Hooshang 187 Peacock, Walter Gillis 190, 256 Pearlin, Leonard. 46, 209 Pedraza-Bailey, Silvia 117 Peluso, Nancy Lee 212 Pendleton, Brian F. 158 Pennings, Johannes. 114, 122 Pepper, Carolyn 196 Perlmutter, Ted 9 Perman, Lauri 65 Perrolle, Judith A. 104, 161 Perrucci, Carolyn C Perrucci, Robert 186 Persall, Caroline Hodges 11, /221 Pesquera, Beatriz M. 88 Petee, Thomas A. 58, 105 Peters, Lois 82 Peters, Thomas Ralph, Jr. 149 Petersen, Trond 114, 172 Peterson, Richard A Pfeffer, Jeffrey., 136 Phillips, E. Barbara 38 Phipps, Polly A. 264 Pichardo, Nelson A. 99 Pic:kering, T. G Pilia\tin, Irving 97, 184 Pillemer, Karl. 224 Pincus, Fred L. 56, 79 Pizanias, Caterina, 175 Polisar, Donoa 175 Poria, Emma, 264 Partes, Alejandro 124 Post, Robert 180 Poston, Dudley L., Jr. 55 Postone, Moishe 194 Potter, Harry A. 234 Potter, Patricia 252 Powell, Lawrence A., 111, 224 Powell, Michael 219, 237 Powell, WalterW ,215 Powers, Mary G. 207 Prechel, Harland, 197 Prensky, David., 234 Press, Andrea L..., 229 Preston, David 244 Prosono, Marvin. 71 Pugliesi, Karen Lee Purdy, Dean A Quadagno, Jill.. 96, 174 Quarantelli, E. L Quinn, Daniel K. 51, 105 Rabrenovic, Gordana 78 Ragin, Charles. 83, 212 Rambo, Carol 252 Rambo, Eric H Ramirez, Francisco , 222 Ranger-Moore, James 158 Rank, Mark A Rankin, Bruce. 190 Rao, V. Nandini. 43 Rao, V.V. Prakasa 43 Rapaport, Lynn 78 Rasmussen, Fred Rau, William. 47 Ray, Carol Axtell Rayman, Paula M. 89 Reback, Cathy J. 21, 267 Reed, John Shelton 250 Reichman, Nancy 65, 199 Reif, Linda Lobao 247 Reiser, Christa, 157 Reitman, Sharon L. 149 Reitzes, Donald C. 193, 224 Renner, Debroah S. 89 Reuter-Echols, Monika 22 Reynolds, Paul 182, 220 Rhoapes, Gary. 67 Rhodes, Lewis A.. 57 Richardson, Laurel 171, 267 Richman, Judith A. 53, 141 Riddle, Phyllis Ridgeway, Cecilia 173 Rieder, Jonathan 73 Rieger, Jon 23 Riggins, Stephen 242 Riley, John W..,.. 94 Rindfuss, Ronald A. 263 Riordan, Cornelius. 178 Risman, Barbara J. 93, 186 Ritchey, Ferris. 78 Ritter, Malcolm 142 Ritzer, George. 67, 85 Robbins, James M. 141 Robboy, Howard. 252 Roberts, Alden E. 43 Roberts, Carl W., 194 Roberts, Nancy 123 Roberts, Robert E.L. 80 Robertson, Roland 3 Robinson, J. Gregg, 87 Robinson, Patricia, 183 Roby, Pamela A. 159, 208 Rochberg-Halton, Eugene W. 177 Rodriguez, Clara E. 29

152 158 Rogers, Larry 173 Rogers, Theresa F. 151 Rogne, Leah 224 Roh, Chang Shub 65 Rojek, Dean 1 05 Roman, Paul M. 265 Rond, Philip C Rong, Xue Lan 239 Roos, Patricia A. 138 Root, Brenda Davis 70 Root Marcene E. 92 Rose, Brad D. 14 Rose, R. S Rose, Sonya. 115 Rose, Susan D.. 31 Rosenbaum, James E. 41 Rosenfeld, Rachel A. 112 Ross, George W.. 9 Ross, Hubert : 19 Ross, Robert H. 183 Ross, Robert S.. 14 Rossi, Alice S.. 80 Rossi, lno 214 Rossi, Peter H. 97, 154 Rothbell, Gladys 257 Rothman, Barbara Katz 50 Rowe, Lisa 99 Roy, William G. 66, 194 Rubin, Beth 51 Rubin, Donald B Rubinson, Richard 69 Ruch, Libby Rudel, Thomas K. 54 Ruggie, Mary 189 Rule, James B. 180 Rumbaut Ruben G. 43, 79 Ruzek, Sheryl 141 Rytina, Steven, 87 Sabourin, D. A Sadovnik, Alan R. ; 79 Saenz, Rogelio 207 Saha, Lawrence J. 69 Sakamoto, Arthur 1 0 Salancik, Gerald 261 Salerno, Roger A. 90 Saltz, Robert F., 206 Saltzman, Linda E. 39 Salzman, Harold 1 04 Sandefur, Gary D. 241 Sanderson, Stephen 123 Sandresky, Clemens 175 Santa Barbara, Maria L Santi, Lawrence 238 Sarri, Rosemary 111 Satow, Roberta 211 Savelsberg, Joachim 219 Scaff, Lawrence A. 258 Scanlon, T. Joseph 99 Scheppele, Kim Lane 111, 180 Scliervish, Paul G. 35 Schiegl, Gunther 235 Schlesinger, Yaffa A. 175 Schlussel, Yvette R. 237 Schmidt, Albert J. 233 Schmitt, Carl M. 91, 183 Sclinaiberg, Allan ; 161 Schnall, P. L Schneiberg, Marc 232 Schneider, Beth E. 48 Schneider, Joseph W. 55 Schneiderman, Howard G. 92 Schoenberg, Ronald 128 Schuman, Howard 137, 233 Schuster, Tonya L Schutt Russell K.. 97 Schwalbe, Michael L. 140 Schwartz, Barry 131, 233 Schwartz, Howard D. 230 Schwartz, Howard S. 252 Schwartz, Michael. 147 Schwartz, Pepper J. 32, 42 Schweber, Libby /240 Schweer, Harlan M. 234 Scotch, Richard K. 92 Scott, Denise 197 Scott, Jacqueline 137,233 Scott Jerome 14 Scott Joseph W. 117 Scott, W. Richard 261 Seccombe, Karen 264 Segal, Marcia T. 254 Segura, Denise A. 88, 228 Seidel, John 40 Seidman, Gay 9 Seigenthaler, Jurg 1 04 Seltzer, Judith A., 76 Selvaggio, Maria 53 Selznick, Philip 180 Semyonov, Moshe 78 Sennett, Richard. 111, 180 Settles, Barbara 65 Sewell, William, Jr. 128 Sewell, William H., 59 Seyfrit, Carole L Shad, Jeffrey, Jr. 258 Shafir, Gershon 149 Shalin, Dmitri N. 85 Shapiro, Gilbert 194 Shapiro, Thomas M. 147 Shavit, Yossi 148 Sheak, Robert 1 0 Shehan, Constance L. 80 Sheley, Joseph F. 251 Shelly, Anne L , 146 Shelton, Alan 195 Shelton, Beth Anne 171, 183 Shenhav, Yehouda 112 Shepelak, Norma J. 33 Sherrod, Drury 21 Shin, Eui-Hang 55, 266 Shively, JoEIIen 175 Shlapentokh, Vladimir 151 Shlay, Anne B. 78 Shockey, James W. 152 Short James F. 25 Shostak, Arthur B. 15, 71 Shrout Patrick E. 84 Sibert, Ernest 146 Sica, Alan 47 Silberman, Amichai 22 Silver, Allan 72 Silver, Catherine B. ; 1 08 Sirnmons, Roberta G. 140 Simon, William 48 Simpson, Ida Harper 54 Simpson, John 3 Simpson, Robert 244 Singer, Burton 133 Singer, Eleanor 94, 142 Singh, Jitendra V. 220 Singleton, Royce, Jr. 192 Sjoberg, Gideon 8 Skelly, James M. 107, 246 Skocpol, Theda 137, 240 Skolnick, Arlene S. ; 5, 36 Skolnick, Jerome H. 180 Sloane, Douglas 238 Smelser, Neil 72, 1 08 Smith, A. Wade 183 Smith, Allen C., Ill 231 Smith, Brian T Smith, Charles U. 166 Smith, Charles W. 214 Smith, David A. 212 Smith, Dorothy E. 191 Smith, Earl 117 Smith, Joel 81 Smith, Margaret 223 Smith, Michael Peter 66 Smith, Richard T. 176 Smith, Robert B. 11, 137 Smith, Thomas S. 196 Smith-Lovin, Lynn 146, 204 Smooha, Sammy 117 Smucker, Joseph 112 Snipp, C. Matthew 52,241 Snizek, William E 82 Snow, David Alan 27,184 Snowden, Lynne L. 99 Snyder, Kay 89 So, Alvin Y. 190 Sobel, Michael E. 172 Sohn, Sheila 27 Sokoloff, Natalie J. 11 Sokolovsky, Joan 125 Sollars, Werner 143 Solo, Robert 151 Somers, Margaret 134 Sonnenstuhl, William 130 Sonquist John A. 22 Sosin, Mike 184 South, Scott 247 Soysal, Yasemin Nuhoglu 92 Spade, Joan Z. 153 Spaeth, Joe L Spaulding, Marc L Spencer, J. William 12 Spenner, Kenneth 112 Spilerman, Seymour 114 Spitze, Glenna D. 93 Spohn, Pamela Hanes 189 Sprague, Joey 264 St John, Craig 247 Stack, Steven 6, 28 Stafford, Mark C. 93 Stafford, Walter 118 Stallings, Teresa 237 Stamey, Mark. 78 Stanley, Kathleen 157 Staples, William 149 Stark, David C. 190, 237 Statham, Anne Stearns, Linda Brewster 136

153 159 Steams, Peter N. 231 Steffensmeier, Darrell J. 7 Stein, Karen 111 Stein, Nancy Wendlandt 178 Steinberg, Ronnie J. 33, 179 Steinberg, Stephen 118 Steinmetz, George 174,222 Steinmetz, Suzanne K. 111 Stepan-Norris, Judith 159 Stephan, Cookie White 171 Steriti, Lisa 21 Sterk, Claire 28 Stem, Robert 183, 265 Stets, Janice E. 93 Stevenson, David L Stinchcombe, Arthur L , 148 Stockard, Jean 214 Stolte, John 173 Stone, Brad 111 Strang, David G. 186 Strasser, Hermann. 235 Strathman, Terry 229, 264 Straus, Murray A. 34, 152 Streitfeld, David 142 Struening, Elmer.. 84 Stryker, Robin 219 Su, Tie-Ting 234 Suchman, Mark C. 122 Suh, Jae Jean 24 Suh, Sooyeon Cho 24 Suitor, J. Jill 224 Sullivan, Gerard 21, 99 Sundgren, Ann 213 Suttles, Gerald D. 90 Sutton, John R. 84, 122 Svarstad, Bonnie L Swain, David 51 Swan, James 189 Swank, Duane H. 174 Swartz, David 157 Sweat, Mike. 14 Sweat, Rachel. 233 Sweet, Jim 263 Swerdlow, Marian 56 Swidler, Ann 47, 188 Szasz, Andrew 161 Szelenyi, Ivan 61 Tabory, Ephraim : 31.Tairov, Tair 246 Taka, Perry L Takagi, Dana Y. 52 Takata, Susan R. 43, 65 Tallman, Irving 93 Tam, Tony 234 Tamney, Joseph B. 214 Tamuz, Michal 199 Taplin, lan M. 92 Tausky, Curt 237 Taylor, Ella 6 Taylor, Jack A. 153.Taylor, Howard 164 Taylor, Marylee C. 198 Taylor, Ralph B. 7 Teachman, Jay 263 Tesch, Renata 40 Thoits, Peggy A. 231 Thomas, Robert J. 208 Thompson, Donna E. 237 Thornton, Arland 70, 170 Thornton, Russell 163,241 Throop, Robert 252 Tiano, Susan Beth 226 Tiblier, Kay B. : 239 Tickamyer, Ann R. 54 Tiemann, Kathleen A. 111 Tienda, Marta 70 Tierney, Kathleen J. 141, 206 Tilly, Charles. 77,107 Tittle, Charles R. 84 Tolbert, Pamela S. 239,265 Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald 147, 186 Tornfelt, Evert E. 126 Torres, Rodolfo D. 99 Touraine, Alain 61 Trice, Harrison 130 Trimberger, Kay 103 Tropea, Joseph L Truchil, Barry E. 26 Truelove, Cynthia 226 Tsai, Yung Mel 90 Tsoukalas, Theodore 126 Tuchman, Gaye 143 Tucker, David J. 220 Tucker, Jack 266 Tucker, Katerine L Tuma, Nancy B. 76, 203 Turbin, Carole. 208 Turkel, Gerald 75 Turner, R. Jay 176 Turner, Ralph H. 27 Turner, Stephen P.. 71, 177 Tuttle, William M., Jr.. 5 Twaddle, Andrew 116 Tyree, Andrea 135, 257 Udry, J. Richard 32 Umberson, Debra 130, 171 Uriarte-Gaston, Miren 207 Useem, Michael 215, 261 Usui, Chikako 125, 174 Uttal, Lynet 264 Valentine, Catherine 130 Vallas, Steven P. 245 Van De Vall, Mark 45 Van Den Berg, Axel 112 Van Vliet, Willem 20 VanGeest, Jonathan B. 58 Vannoy-Hiller, Dana 264 Vaughan, Ted R. 8 Vekstein, Daniel 158 Velez, William 91, 237 Verbrugge, Lois M.. 176, 187 Villemez, Wayne 65 Vinick, Barbara H. 224 Vogel, Lise 88 Vogel, Mary 183 Voss, Kim. 9 VoWinckel, Gerhard 231 Vroman, Suzanne 175, 258 Wagner-Pacifici, Robin 175, 243 Waite, Linda J. 238 Wakil, S. Parvez 24, 43 Walczak, David 157 Walker, Henry A. ' 173 Wallace, J. Brandon 224 Wallace, Michael 22 Wallace, Ruth A. 60; 191 Wallace, Samuel E. 23 Wallerstein, Immanuel 201 Walsh, Andrea S. 6 Walsh, John 130, 186 Walters, James M. 29 Walters, Pamela Barnhouse 98 Walton, John T. : 66; 83 Wandersman, Abraham 205 Wang, Fu-Chang ~ 8 Ward, David A. 25 Ward, Kathryn B. 239, 254 Ward, Lloyd Gordon 252 Warner, Barbara 84 Warner, Judith Ann 218 Warner, R. Stephen 47,144 Warren, Carol,, 28 Wartenberg, Hannah R. 257 Wasburn, Philo.. 18 Wasserman, MarJie. 145 Watson, Charles A., Sr. 157 Watson, Wilbur.. 19, 205 Webber, Michael. 208 Weber, Robert Philip 146 Weinstein, Deena 1 123, 258 Weinstein, Michael A. 123, 258 Weiss, David M. 224 Weitz, Rose 4, 50 Welch, Michael 45 Wellin, Christopher Wellman, David 208 Wells, Carol M. 224 Welsh, Sandy Wendt, Kira 1 04 West, Candace 200 West, Elizabeth 185 Westby, David L Wexler, Philip ;. 79 Whalley, Peter. 71 Wharton, Amy S. 237 Wheaton, Blair. 209 Whitaker, William H White, Harrison 60, 232 White, MichaeiJoseph 218, 266 White, Robert Whittington, Frank 193 Wicks, Jerry 93 Wienir, Paul L , 237 Wiewel, M. Wim 78 Wiley, David, 201 Wiley, Juniper, 231 Wiley, Mary Glenn Wiley, Norbert 67, 191 Wilkes, John. 71 Wilkinson, Doris 155 Williams, Christine 264 Williams, Gary 126, 158 Williams, Lindy 76 Williams, Norma 27 Williams, Rhys H Williams, Richard 118 Williams, Richard A. 79 Williams, Robin M., Jr. 72, 102 Williamson, John B. 174,224 Williamson, Oliver 232, 261