/ September I Technician / Features Features SIGGRAPH 85 to exhibit A new show, SIGGRAPH 85, opened at University Center Gaery this week. The

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1 Wear i. '.7191ch S can Technicia North Caroina State University 3 Student Newspaper Since 1920 Voume LXV, Number 11 Friday. September Raeigh. North Caroina Mauney cas for required Suzanne Perez Student Body President Gary Mauney briefed Student Senate Wednesday night on his proposa caing for matory drug testing. The proposa recommends that athetic department estabish a matory drug testing program for its athetes as we as exp drug education rehabiitation programs." Mauney said during his report to Senate. The Executive Branch proposa has not yet been drafted into a forma resoution. The winners in this week s Student Senate runf eections are Feicia Atkinson (ALS freshmen) Tanya White (SHASS freshmen). A decision on texties seat race between Chrysta Lambeth Brian Huss, who received 10 votes apiece. is sti]? pending, according to Student Govern~ merit ficias. Chris Wison Terry Guiian were eected as freshmen representatives W Judicia Board. drug testing Perry Woods. Athetic Committee chairman. said proposa wi probaby evoke controversy when it formay reaches Senate foor. There' be some hot debates about this one." he said. In or student government ficer's reports, treasurer Bryan Kay tod senators about $15,000 is now avaiabe to Senate for appropriations. Student Attorney Genera John Nunnay said State had dropped from first to 15th in a survey highest vioent crime among nation's coeges. The Senate aso increased its ranks during meeting as Senate President Wat Perry swore in 29 _ student senators. The senators n tacked new business by eecting Senate ficers. Woods was eected President Pro Tempore; Mary Leonard, Secretary; Joey Simpson. Pariamentarian; Lynn Futon. Historian. Woods addressed Senate on a new basketba ticket distribution poicy on which Athetic Committee is working. Pubic hearings on new poicy wi be on Oct. 6 at 12:00 p.m. on Oct. 8 at 3:00 p.m. in Stewart Theatre. Wat Perry cosed meeting by reminding senators importance ir jobs his high expectations for coming year. We've got a ot things to get done." Perry said. we're ooking forward to an eventfu centennia year. Campus Briefs Raeigh, State to host robotics conference State Raeigh wi host a threeday internationa robotics conference, touted by one pressor as word's premier meeting on subject. this spring. Wesey Snyder. associate pressor eectrica computer engineering conference's oca arrangements chairman, said meeting shoud draw about 1,000 peope to Raeigh Civic Center from March 31 to Apri 2. The conference is sponsored by Institute Eectrica Eectronics Engineers. Athough conference is not a university function. Snyder said State is supporting meeting recognizing it as an ficia centennia event. In addition to robotics dispays demonstra» tions, re wi be seven simutaneous ecture sessions hed during conference. with papers presented by some word's top robotics researchers. Snyder said about haf papers submitted prior to October 2 deadine wi be presented at conference. Discussion meetings sma workshops wi aso be hed before after conference. Snyder said student registration is $50; however, he added that conference is mainy geared toward those scientists conducting research in robotics reated fieds. Construction deayed The construction $11.5 miion Natura Resources Research Center has been put behind schedue due to pumbing probems in buiding's ayout. University Construction Manager John Fieds said. Bids for pumbing have been sent out Fieds said he expects to have a contractor soon. "Everything ese has been contracted out we expect construction to begin by October I," he said. The 95,000 squarefoot buiding, to be ocated on cast side Bitmore Ha. wi house university programs invoving water. earth. atmospheric, forcst recreation resources research. as we as State's computer graphics center. Fieds said buiding shoud be competed in about 22 months. barring any furr compications. X-ray equipment donated State's materias science engineering de parmcnt has received a $500,000 gift xray equipment for its x-ray microscopy faciity. The instrumcntation package donated by St. Louis based Monsanto Eectronic Materias to wi bi- used for graduate research. particuary in crysta di-fcc studies microeectronic materias. (icorgi- Ito/gonyi. a pressor in dcpartmcn ircctoi hc microscopy aboratory. wi dirt-c u oi'k ii/ing hc new equipment. ' ony Yang. it graduate sud-n conducting r'nt drt' t'r {)/,)"t)'. said hc donation incudi-s.i \rz} topography it'ht that Wi. ow niiii-ri/ \t'i'\\ to fxit' dcfccs I.irg-r \t' tit'' \\if''\ h.in thc u ain p'i-scii'. miui- Housing probems fade changes in seecting on-campus residents this year. Meg Suivan The staff had to accuratey cacuate number freshmen needing rooms use this information to determine cutf number in spring housing Hundreds freshmen ived in hotes tripe" ottery. rooms ast fa because State administrators underestimated number students wanting on iy to aeviate overcrowding. There were 200 tripes Administrators aso wanted to use tripes temporar- campus housing. this fa. compared to 140 ast year. but most students The trend has reversed this year as more than 100 in tripes were moved to norma accommodations spaces are now avaiabe on campus, according to within first two weeks casses. Cynthia Bonner. director Housing Residence Bonner said no students ived in hotes this year. Life. Most openings.ire in Centra East campus Students who were unhappy with ir rooms coud residence has. move during ast Thursday's Room Change Day. The sit.ation is much camer is running Because rooms were avaiabe on campus this year. smoor this year." Bonner said. students did not have to swap :1 room for a room to be Housing department ficias had to make severa aowed to move. Bonner said. Adam Swartz sketches campus sights whie refecting in a sunny spot. staff photo by Eddie Gontram Students giving kids a taste widife What do American aigator red-cockaded m are surprised to earn that thr-rc i't fying peope." Fieds said. "I was :ibi- to cxpain to m woodpecker have in common? They're both natives squirres bobcats right hcrc in Wakc County," that woves reay arc ycry shy that thr'y'rc in North Caroina. y're both endangered species. The side presentations usuay ast about 20 dangercxtincton." Raeigh pubic schoo chidren have been earning minutes. n chidren have an opportunity to ccni Mani-Ia. if fourth grudc [cachi-r at ugg se or facts about nature through efforts ask questions tak about ir own cipi-rii-nii-s Eementary Schoo, \\..\ iniprcsscd with cub's students in State's Leopod Widife Cub. with nature. Cub members usuay bring aong if presentation to her cass. The cub. whose members are undergraduates harmess snake. such as a corn snake. "I earned right aong \H my students." she said. majoring in fisheries widife sciences. has been Most chidren are fascinated by thc \ih'\ "They cub ncmbcrs hcpi-d us i J about aspects sponsoring side presentations on different aspects are anxious to touch m." Coerr said. 'sii;i\'. North ( aroina that wcri-n't coyi-ri-d in a reguar study widife to area eementary schoo chidren for 10 if anyone I inc t'.t>.\mii is stiniiiimh. it's thiteacher." oi-rr siir. ' hi si- programs prcsi-ri in cxcccnt program. years. says Phiip Doerr. pressor zooogy cub's facuty adviser. Laurie Fieds. a fishcrics wrdi'i- iit uho opportunity for our stidcns to proyidc a vauabe Schoo teachers can choose from a wide variety gave presentations at Fuer ugg 'i-ni-ntury \ V t to community it.. i mono time. gain topics which incude birds North America. ecoogy Schoos in Raeigh. was impressed with him much thichidren knew about nature. Kids know it ot about issues." cxpcricncc in taking to tho pubic about widife an od wood pie, North American mammas, North Caroina natura environments, widife habitats environment." she said. but y do have some The cub sends out i-tti-rs iii-scribing tc program to widife in backyard. misconceptions." pubic schoos cach September. ocrr estimates The chidren are very interested in earning about For instance. we taked about woves. most that each year presentations arc made to about 600 native North Caroina animas, Doerr said. Most m thought y were vicious animas that attack schoochidren. a- 2.;-. ii photo by Mark nrnan In an experiment to exp temperature toerance ponsettia. Phytotron Director Robert J. Downs checks progress a particuar pant in one phytotron's controed cimate chambers. Scientific research such as this has heped State earn a top fifty position among American coeges universities in research deveopment expenditures for 1984, State ranks 40th in U.S. research Caroine Guy goa is to be \ i''_\' bcst. hi- said. Two otii-r ft'si'ji ' dfii" on State's program fers it widc rangi- \ ( "\t'.\. uki-..\'(' (it. new :n hitop :30 h'.i\i' L ii \K $051.3 research. Thc i- is basic rcsciirch as We ' hc Nationa Scicncc Foundation as research commoditcs such as miion.ind \t iiwd $3.31 miion to ranked Sate 40th among nation's tobacco. soybcans. poutry. swinc, i-cf. mik Th in imii 'né m- Starr. ukc cocgcs :ind univcrsitics in terms bueberries appes. Most Stit-"s.nd ('.i'o.i ii,''. i.i i:--r oii 'st iri h dcycopmcnt expenditures $44.7 miion rcsmrch bidgi- \\.\ \' ii'tf''ii iiini: o 1\ "_t'tf'i'\ nfr, by Agricutura tcscurch Hcry icc u i-i. ii'x ist t funds for t ' rank art. yicc chanceor for re Hart said Sate s gi-ni-rii 'si-u'i' '.. x iiiii-.oii HIh\ c.ip i i \I i''. is riisponsibc for deveoping phiosophy is goyi-rni-d by. \('. 1hr iiiiu: mi. Linking; sin-riding Sf t si i 'h programs for schoos. ad appied principi-s. usic ri-siuirch is any iiiioi on I'i \t'.t f it.\'iiiin facuty. Hc is aso in new found information whic.ippii~d ini gc ncgota ing contracts. constitutes geing hi- iti.t> iiiis oi.f 3% schoos in nation. pcmr-ntcd. Thcsc wo principi-s vi.o~.' to :=.I 'i ~t''.)t' ranking. art said. function ogi-hcr o imit:.i itizui- o ih'at yi'. h I\ not hr- position in h- economy "o i mur c : is.\ to ii.«. \i.i:i- shoud ri-rnuin. thc Umii' Ip tih- Siii- issu. \ Inside Features: A \Nde range movies are scncducd on campus next week, For a previcw, see Hicks coumn, page 9. Sports: State begins c0nference pay tommorrow in a teewsed cash wrth Wake Forest Kickf 5 at 19:15 p.m. in Carte iney See pregame story, page? \ The women oooters headers (orwisc know as soccer team) banked Methodist Page 3 The cream Raeigh's sports purnaist crop try to forcast much-waited for Ramapo Coege Kean Coege match-up. Sec Pigskin Picks, page 4, \ The cross country teams open ir seasons at Penn State Saturday Page 5. Opinion: The City shoud _ mae traffic ights around carious safer See ead ifdiioji page 6 Force P'i,1t.r8 mass times acceeraton A tudent,not i es ryrvsics indicts must stop throw on oranges or or "his? 'r: ier drag. 7. n r i ' i it tootbaigamcs. sec m' ma: page 6

2 / September I Technician / Features Features SIGGRAPH 85 to exhibit A new show, SIGGRAPH 85, opened at University Center Gaery this week. The exhibition. sponsored by Union Activities Board Art Committee. runs from Sept. 15 through Nov. 2. A reception wi be hed today from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in North gaery. ocated on second foor Student Center. The reception is open to pubic. Th reception is first severa events reated to exhibition. On Oct a symposium on computer graphics opens in Student Center. Aso on Oct. 21. Robert Bacon, an IBM graphics engineer. pans to regae audience with his experiences in computer graphics. Bacon wi show his video. Pixes at an Ex hibition." SIGGRAPH '85 consists a graphics coection computt. generated graphics videos various shapes. coors sizes. The exhibit originated at 12th annua conference on computer graphics interactive tech niques. SIGGRAPH sts for Specia Interest Group on Computer Graphics. ACM, Association for Computing Machinery. sponsors conferences in cooperation with Eurographics IEEE Technica Computer Graphics Committee. The annua conferences fer courses, seminars, fim cips. They aso exhibit participating companies computer hardware stware innovations. In y began to hod an exhibition computer art that. grew into a juried competition. After conferences, SIGGRAPH art exhibits circuate museums coege campuses. This is an exampe computer art on dispay in Student Center Gaery. WWxWWoa-n DMV WoKVNI.. A v.\n(k 6p 'fimwi' Graphic courtesy UAB Arts Committee N ightane nine pm ti midnight Tuesday Thursday Jeff Lundrigan Ony on WKNC-FM, Raeigh. The weekend brings mispercep-. tion misdirection. as Stewart Theatre presents Enemy Mine THE CUTTING EDGE F/X. But tonight at 7 p.m. is Wecomes Barbara Wooda/ former ciens semi-cassic Robinson Crusoe on $2.00 f Haircut-guys gas Mars. When astronaut Pau $ Mantee's rocket neary coides f Bodywave with an asteroid. he is forced to $5.00 f Streaks crash on Mars with his appointment or wak in HOURS: co-piot, Adam West (Batman). Mon-Fri, West never makes it. eaving ONE BLOCK FROM CAMPUS Sam~9pm Mantee to fend for himsef. Eventuay. he meets escaped save Vic 2906 fisborough St. Sat 8am-5pm n across from Hardee s expires 10/15/ Lundin, whom he names Friday.» Pretty soon. some ticked f Mar PIZZA' 2.3;. DELIG Hr SAYS SMASH THE BEACONS!! WE WILL DELIVER THE PARTY TO YOU!! OR STOP'BY SATURDAY FOR GREAT T939} TPEIEPEIAES. $100 ' 2 - ' g - -, 7 $5.00 OFF OFF. FREE. I ii? - I TEMS i it ms Any 2-16 One Any16 Pizza on I 0" ' Item ANYTIME I Any 12.. Pizza Any 16 Pizza : _ : ANYTIME : ANYTIME PizzasAnytIme PickuporDeivery PickuporDevery PIckuporDevery One Coupon Per Ono Coupon Per One coupon per One Coupon Per Order Order Order Order I Lg. Meta Wayfarer Caroina Sungasses.8 : QWSungasses from Bausch 8. Lomb Back-to-SchooI-Specia Outdoorsman ((3-15) (G-15) (6-15) A From Mars to Marx brors this week E Boot) knows how to project three ing his triumphant return to society after a ong arduous safari. dimensiona characters into unique settings. Throw in at east three sets thieves going after a priceess This serious attempt at sober. painting. two ove stories. a thoughtfu science fiction is rarey magnificent chest, a piano. a harp seen in fim deserved to do a a game bridge with not ess FIIICCIHS ot better than it did. than six aces spades. you're Saturday night at 7 p.m.. 9:05 ooking at one funniest fims p.m. 11:15 p.m. Stewart ever. Theatre presents F/X. The fim aso stars Liian Roth The fim s premise is unique. ong-suffering Margaret tians show up to recapture Lundin. Bryan Brown (Breaker Morant Dumont, who co-starred in many two men fee into stars as a top-notch makeup effects ir feature fims. According to Martian canas. artist, kind guy who suppies Groucho. Dumont was perfect Athough a bargain basement things ike gunshot Wounds foi for Marx brors' fim. utiizing Death Vaey ocations some eftover Martian movxes. she considered hersef a serious" expoding heads for Hoywood anarchistic stye humor. because machines from George Pa s War Brown is asked by FBI to actress. It somehow never quite Words. Robinson Crusoe on fake death a Mafia informer. dawned on her that se fims Mars does, after a, draw on cassic He agrees, but soon wishes he were comedies. iterature for inspiration. hadn't when he finds himsef Wednesday at 8 p.m. in turned out to be one more caught between angry Mafia Erdah-Coyd is A Raisin in inteigent science fiction fims hitmen poice, who apparv Sun. based on award-winning eary sixties. _ enty haven't been tod it was a Broadway pay same name. Speaking inteigent science fake. Or was it? The pot has more. fiction, Stewart Theatre wi show twists than you woud beieve.... Sidney..Bortier. stars..as. Water Enemy Mine tonight at 9:05 p.m. possibe. This is anor pay. Lee. ostensibe. head a devastatingy poor 11:20 p.m. attention" fim. back famiy Basrcay a science fiction remake iving in Chicago sums during He in Pacific, a 1968 fim Watch for scene where 1950's. about two Word War II piots. Brown gives one Feds a tour Enemy Mine tes two starship his effects studio. It contains When a backhed chance piots. One piot is human (Ry some pretty gruesome goodies savation arrives in form a Quaid) or is a reptie constructed by reahife makeup ten thous doar insurance caim (Louis Gosset. under heavy makeup). The two shoot each or down artist Bryan Tausek, who was on death Water's far. his given somewhat odd task mor's dream buying a nice onto a sma. inhospitabe asteroid. buiding props that ooked ike house somewhere seems a possibiity. But famiy finds itsef Since neir one has means props. under fire from without within to make it aone. y must Monday at 8 p.m. in from without by members overcome ir prejudices hep Erdah-Coyd Theatre is perpetuay predominatey white each or in order to survive. community y pan to move into. from hiarious Anima Though fawed, fim is Crackers, fim version ir within by different members' amazingy iterate. An awfu ot ong running stage show. starring ideas about what time effort went into deveoping various aspects Draconian Zeppo) Marx brors. A Raisin in Sun is a powerfu. a ese four to (Groucho, do with Harpo, Chico money. ife, cuture even reigion. Groucho is Capt. Jeffrey T. moving human drama whose characters are painfuy Director Wofgang Peterson (Das Spauding. African exporer. mak rea. University Appications are now avaiabe in Program Office(Room 3114) Student Center. Campus nightcub opens new season State's on-campus nightcub, acts with one North Caroina s North Caroina obscenity aw Primer's Aey. is starting its best bs, The Graphic. have been featured in a recent third season free ive musica Printer s Aey wi hod Roing Stone magazine are show in The Cutting Board on soon to appear on NBC's Today first foor Student Center Show" for ir beief that it Saturday night from 8 to 11. Food aows too much materia to be non-acohoic drinks wi be censored. provided. Student registration cards are The Graphic has been very required. But students may bring active in fight against aguest. FALL INTO A GREAT DEAL BR OYHILL FU RE Street Neat wayfarer Cats (6-15) Caroina Sungasses State Fairgrounds Saturday 95 Sunday 9-5 Buiding # (6-15) Deadine for returning Appications is Noon Friday Oct.3,1986 with a $40.00 Appication Fee. Young adies must be futime N.C.S.U. students with a HrnifinimurninfiGPA. $ Sa/Chair Combination Free deivery with student.d. $49.00 renta package Ask about our student discounts Broyhi furniture rentas 5301 N, Bvd Raeigh mmf

3 September / Technioan / Sports/3 ports Batte What s up... undefeateds Tim Peeer The ast time both State Wake Forest footba teams were undefeated going into a game against each or in season s third game. guy who scored decisive touchdown was probaby wearing a ear hemet without a face mask. He probaby scored on bright green turf at a br new Riddick Fied or at first Deacon footba stadium in rea Wake Forest. not Winston-Saem. But Saturday afternoon at 12:15 in Carter-Finey Stadium. with about spectators in sts a regiona teevision audience, Wofpack , wi square f against Demon Deacons This wi be 80th meeting between Big Four opponents. State's ongest sting rivary. The Wofpack eads Wake in series Wake Forest is coming f big wins over intra-state riva Appaachian State Boston University Both coaches agree it's an important contest for both teams, since it is eague opener for two squads.. It's an ACC game I'm sure 'both teams want to win bady to get f to a good start in conference competition," said first year Wofpack coach Dick Sheridan. For past eight years, home fied advantage for se squads has been truy a mythica entity. Six those eight years. visiting team has won, incuding three straight Wofpack wins in Wake's Groves Stadium. The Deacons have beaten State in Carter-Finey two ir ast three meetings re. Sheridan has been impressed with Wake quarterback Mike Ekins Deacon fense. I'm rea impressed with Ekins," Sheridan said Monday. Charie Libretto ( East Caroina) is young taented wi get better. Pitt's John Congemi is a fifth-year senior who has seen it a. But Ekins has more poise presence than Congemi." Ekins has competed passes for 455 yards. He's ACC third rated passer. having com peted neary 58 percent his passes thrown four touchdown passes. Ekins favorite target is spit end James Brim. who has caught nine passes for 81 yards. The Deacs aso have fiesty taiback Darry McGi, a pound junior. who eads conference in rushing with 179 yards in two games. _ They reay ike to spread you out." Sheridan said. They' run three wideouts. use a ot run actions from different formations. There are no garing weaknesses that you can see." The Pack s biggest concern is being abe to bounce back from an overa poor performance in ast week's tie with Pittsburgh. "I think we earned ast Week that we have got to improve," Sheridan said. The State coaching staff is especiay concerned with fensive ine pay. which wi face a defense simiar to that Pittsburgh. We compare Wake Forest inebackers to Pittsburgh's. ~ fensive ine coach Robbie Cadwe said. "They are not as big up front, but I think y are a ot quicker. Women bank Methodist in Jonathan McComas "For much game, we to be." said Wofpack coach Larry acked intensity," said Wofpack Gross. Methodist is one winger Ingrid Lium. These midde better Divison III schoos we pay. The women s soccer team improved its record to 4-1 with a 3-0 because a studying for tests f Saturday s oss to Caroina." week games are difficut I guess we coud expect this coming victory over Methodist Wednesday we ve been doing." State ost a heart-breaker to afternoon at Method Road Stadium. Late in game. however. any top-ranked North Caroina, 2-1, ast State sophomore sweeper Debbie questions about Wofpack fensive efforts were answered by Liske said. We needed more weekend. Liske scored a pair goas in contest. which was mosty a batte Liske's fina goa. Defender Amy preparation a itte onger time defenses. Whie State's fense Cyphers set ba on right between this Caroina. dominated pay for majority side Methodist goa were game." game, saves by Methodist's Liske tapped it in from cose range. The Pack wi be back in action keeper Teresa Estes kept Pack I was not as peased as I'd ike Saturday at 11 am. when it hosts scoreess for much first haf. Out State's 34 attempts on... goa. 18 were saved by Estes. With ony three minutes eft in first haf. Ji Rutten broke through Methodist defense to set up Liske's first goa. We had troube getting started f on fense. Methodist was much PICNIC SPECIAL stronger than ast year that ~. made it even more difficut to come > back after oss to Caroina." 8-piece Chicken Box Liske said. State ed at haf 1-0. _ 2 arge Fixins Midway through second. period. Wofpack fense got 1/2 gaon Tea back on track in front Methodist goa. Apri Kemper sent '3 a oose ba into net to up ; 4 free Biscuits score 20. Kemper. who eads f team in assists with six. is State's $8.39 second eading scorer with five goas this season. FOR ALL RALEIGH LO-CATI 0 A Groh That's a big concern ours. We much up size wise better with Wake. We re ooking to be abe to estabish a running game." Last week Panr defense hed Sate to ony 63 yards rushing. ()n pus side for Wofpack fans, Sate s defense. ed by Kevin (Irooms' 355 tota tackes. has re» corded two consecutive second haf shutouts its fense has overcome first haf deficits to defeat PX'I' to garner a ie Wii Panrs. SOCCGT Mary Wushiiigton. State 3, Methodist U Muiiiiit'g'. 1 iriin ' ' i i..~.~ " i i'.", in [i-". iiitr 1 fiii it.1 ' Saver. E iti Wii.e.iiiiuii. Mieiiiiiisi siusi t Hetziiiis Stae 4, Meiudis ') Fdday Voeyba vs. Penn... 1 pm. Wofpack Invitationa Voeyba vs. George Washington... pm. Saturday Voeyba vs. Virginia Tech am. Wofpack Invitationa Women's soccer vs. Mary Washington am. Footba vs. Wake Forest... 12:15 pm. Men's soccer vs. Duke... 4pm. Voeyba vs. Virginia Commonweath... 5 pm. Cross Country (M&W) at Penn State Invitationa State Coege, Pa Genwood Avenue Raeigh ept Word War II On Fim Yonighfzoo Triumph oi win Late Show Every Fri. Sat 3 A 7:30 The Longest Day 1 30 Sun 3 They Worse-bendabe.. ' A 1:30"i2 omen High" The Rocky Horror Mon 7:30 They weiatxpenoabie Picture Show" Wed rues 7:30 7:30 From In Which Here We To Serve Eternity A Seats $3.00 Thurs 1:30 3 Short Fims By Huston 6 Cents Specia Sat. Ony Late Show 1 1 :30 A Seats Just $3.00 Be There! 8 O P M A K I N G SENSE it ti AND sit-lia Starting Fri. 9/26 One Week Ony! James Dean "East Eden Rebe Without a Cause" Oops! Did I fai to mention our per check charge? / 'IDK disketies get Do Month Leave You F (necking Fees On YOIII 33? Put your foot down come over to North Caroina Federa tight-re our $2.50 Fat Fee checking account was designed With you in mind. 0 No minimum baance after initia deposit. 0 No per check fee 0 Free 24 Hour Banking Card no charge for usage. It's a for Just $2.50 per month at 4900 Fas Neuse Rodi 1. Ar iii if you open (7' ie our new checking accounts before i i Mi 12th,.xcfi inc/e first $5.00 deposn. Come to ' North Ciiri iina Federa where checking IS cheap! your free TDKT Shiit! Just bungmthsad etdk. vs my... a izi;'«. I ntrim... Monday Thursday 9am«5pm Friday 9am 6pm Saturday 9am«2pm 24 Hour Banking Machine 872-I 234 Audio Buys ))))) There s more to us than meets your ears! five Pois ' (hmer ohienwood Ave. Fain'iew Rd. ' Raeigh. N ' Store: Fenia- Dept.: Cagina,.V'iff v h»., member FSL C

4 I 4 I September I Technician I Sports.\~ ion cnc} ii ow his urmrr ricnds might say. thrrt s a f'i W kid in town ihi-w T\' ziys markct. tin but making,iso it icrc 'harngiin Not w ony in prestigious Ti-rhmrmn Pigskin Picks. JM'k irt'iwr) Is thi- nzimr.ind hi~ game is gami-s Ho's thc sportscasu-r thnughi on it tho woud no-w he W TF TV intcrcsting m-ws show in \Hthat him dchutvd this this ( w vim-k. guy So u.- dot-s against Tom "Mr aiiihixhi-d Suiti'r. sportsrastvr.ii ruings champ dro-nding WitA, Pigskin champion. Mr. (irt'knry was noxious to hi- on WP pane show us his stuff Mr upcoming Siitvr was id mrk. char-ngc.ippzircny from not too " worm-4i othi-r about hi station' Ater Saturday. when a thr- rcsuts Nit-iwn ratings are in. wc )usi wt- how aid hark tho-w two arc. As for rest. U Q pane. this week is an inteigent-c test. Thcsr bums think y are smartest thing Sfft pumpabe tmthpasti-z Wr' )ust wa- about To that. dots-rmine who s smartest o prognosticators. we've given m t' opportunity to pirk thcfirst smartest fu satc games o games thc in thr work ivy League. The vy League is to ootba what A'i' basketba is to SATs. hut wr thought it might be un. Anyway. we ran grape for some easier connections between our area tho ivy League. Did you know thcn- arc specia paces order: raied. in Harvard. no Nt... Princeton, N.('.; Yae. N.C.; Coumbia. N.('.. Brown N ('.. Mountain. NC; ('nrnetius. N.('. finay. i-nn i mnt. \K' didn't 'h r unti wc got rinih horn-ii un- I.... twir-i inxt ~i'.ioa ".rfi «" i. m" 7 -' '> "'" C C I ''hi- giimr o [ht' vu't'k ~:iiiri'~ (.iin.ipo M hi: ti i~ prormunm-( inst kt' vthiii i.ii'oinu ~ iiiiisrot woud Im : i..' \tirn, HA M.i 'oo.it [hr hum» Ir mg t) SmrtKKt-rs o) K'u 'o' Lf ' \ try In in ht rvsuta that mu i your Sunnis: NA U ani- ut- didn't pubish thi- rowiit- oi in»! unit. fu". 'rt.i t mmsnui tor thou) you iii-him: f k' Mh "5 i homo: vw'vtdrriw not to to too who vtnn tht- 'ri-nun \MH- [ntit v'nnh-st ik izmu m n hi Luv O I C For. i quirk ook at tho \.tit{\. \VKN ~imrt~ iirwrwr irmii (mini: iovin thr.ii wart-ii to F" iii-"1 ' 4 H'rt') Int-dinrro wrorni. incr now 4M ns it pwudo ast work comfortahi H 13 to up hh owrni rm-nri in in T in mono, twt 'tit' i~ ~r t'tt ir i 1 ' w h'hm' L h in o unim' i-mi Things 't sti mudded In thv niiridi- for tha- rmi o hr porrini I)Ii kt''\ W'T-"x Garry Dornhurg. Sum-r 'v-rhmrmn Sporh -rior ' ini ' t i' iirc it Ni tor wrom it uh ii mark. Thi-y an- nowcd hy ('haiici-or irim- 'niiton.ini fash in in pan sportswriti-r Jitt (hy The Rue-igh ''mt-s i 2'! iii. (ham-y made this game ook easy two I'Q'k\.iigo by going 181. but. \ \wi-k i~ into \int' rut W 99 saic. Aias. ''vchnirmn assistant sports editor Mar Harris. who to on bad in N ast wwk. is dcad List.iniong reguar members with a 26 3 mark. in 'W" games ahead 0f 16- patry guvsis Pigskin Picks Games Ti POOIOI MIC Hf' ifi Brian I Bruce Pouton Garry Dornburg Tom Suiter Joe Chaney Jack Gregory Wake Forest at State State State State State State State State State. North Caroina at Forida State Forida State Forida State Forida State Forida State Forida State Forida State Forida State P nrida Statc Mary at West Virginia Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary Georgia Tech at Virginia Virginia Virginia Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Virginia Virginia Virginia \ irginm Ohio University at Duke Duke uke Duke Duke Duke Duke Dukv Iiiikt Cemson at Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia East Caroina at Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn Y3? 3" Brown Yae Yae Yae Brown Yae Yac Brown BFQWD Princeton at Corne Princeton Corne Corne Princeton Princeton Corne Princeton Princcton Penn at Dartmouth Penn Penn Penn Penn Dartmouth I onn Penn 'cnn Coumbus at Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Harvard Minnesota at Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Okahoma Oregon State at Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Penn State at Boston Coege Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn Stati- I onn SutC Nebraska 3 Iinois Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Iinois Sourn Ca at Bayor Sourn Ca Bayor Bayor Bayor Bayor Bayor Sourn t a Sourn (411 Aabama at Forida Aabama Aabama Aabama Forida Forida Aabama Forida Forida Notre Dame at Michigan State Notre Dame Notre Dame Michigan State Michigan State Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Brigham Young at Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington WaShington Washington Washington Vt ashington Ramapo Coege at Kean Coege Kean Ramapo Kean Ramapo Kean Kean Kean kmn Record: Record: 26-]1-3 Record: Record: Record:, Record: Record: 27 0«3 Guests Record: n Wndh 0V e, The Windhover, iterary art magazine at NCSU. is now coecting poetry. prose. pays artwork for its December issue. v 5 L;- 5 person. one poem per A work shoud be neaty page. hwritten or typed Desdine: October 10 needs to incude name. teephone number, address, status (Le. student, facuty, aumnus) media. For poetry. re is a_. imit 5 poems per Interview Appearance Is Critica! Drop work in coection boxes ocated in DH. Hi Library, Link Ha, Thompson Theatre, Wiiams Ha, or bring it to. Room 3132 Student Center. ROCK 88 Vow to Oympic coach, be report says ALPHA DELTA PI From staff reports CONGRA TULA TES Head women s basketba coach AND WISHES THEIR Kay Yow. who ed United States to victories over teams from Soviet Union twice ast sum 1986 PLED GES mer. has been seected as head coach US. women's basketba team for 1988 Oympic v v v vvv v vv-v-v GOOD LUCK!!! team, pubished accounts said. - A_A AAAAAAA In a story in Thursday s News Observer, an unnamed source 'cose to Games Committee for Women Amateur Basketba Reproductive Heath Care Association USA said committee seccted Yow Wednesday night to coach Oympic team. The games wi be hed in / 4/ \\ \ 3. Seou.South Korea. / \ [K 'Yow was unavaiabe for com-. /i ) ment Thursday. THE feminq Yow guided U.S.-sponsored CENtEh'\ \ "\// teams to defeat Soviets in N ( \u " Goodwi Games Women's 1 1 Wod Championships, both *. which were hedin Moscow. Afterward. specuation began that she woud be named Oympic Understing, non-judgmenta care that incudes coach. abortion... for women a ages. Counseing for both At a press conference after her partners is avaiabe. Specia Services rates for return from second trip to Moscow, Yow said: I woud be students. Ca days,evenings,& weekends. honored (to be coach). I don't know what criteria woud be for earning' position. I'd have to say I've paid my dues in terms Writoryzf c'gfinict ': representing country putting a quaity & friendship team on._ foor." Yow, a native Gibsonvie a graduate East Caroina University, became head coach at State in 1975, after serving four years as head coach at Eon. Since n she has compied it overa record has guided State to two ACC champir onships ( ). Her Wofpack teams have been invited to postseason pay in each 11 years her tenure. Students - $1.00 Pubic - $1.50 9:05pm 11:20pm Stewart Theatre Friday, Sept W Emiitut I, iiim'ii.ntiiiiii)iiiwiii».\\::...iii This science fiction adventure sends ost south seas is me into outer space as a stred astronaut must strugge to overcome both eements his oniness... Impressions Are Made In The First In Seconds. Woodsy Ow says Aow our competent saes staff at Nowe's to \fso Stash Your Trash assist you in your interview by recommending proper attire. ) Give a hoot. Nowe s Nowv 3 Viage Soon : Nowe s Nowe's Don t poute.! Cameron Viage vpsth Ma Raeigh N Cross Creek Ma C Chant- Hi N C Fayettevue. N C Friday, September 19 Forest Scrvicc, USDA. Nowe s Cameron Viage North His Ma Raeigh, N C Raeigh, N (7 i Stewart Theatre 7:00pm / W W mfmm.zwf/j.1 :fffffm M'w/W/y-WJVMWWWM L i

5 September / Technicran ISportsI 5 After weekends toger, "m 3...». Deron Johnson For third consecutive weekend. 16th ranked Wofpack men's soccer team wi see action on same fied as 9th~ranked Duke but this time two teams wi cash head to head. The contest begins Saturday at 4 pm. at State's Method Road Stadium. Last weekend State went to Durham to pay in Dtike's Metropoitan Life Soccer Cassic. where it ost 3-1 in Friday s opening round to highy regarded Hartwick. State rebounded on Sunday to defeat 3th-ranked Connecticut 2-1 in overtime. Duke. now i. banked both teams 50 to take Cassic championship. The preceeding weekend State took Wofpack ('assic championship by Staff Photo by Pau Fryemir defeating Verbit 70 Catawba 4-0. Leading scorer Chibuzor Ehiesbu, who's netted seven goas for Pack, takes a shot in ast whie Duke was upset by Catawba 2-1 in week's action against Hartwck. opening round n bew out VerbitGU. Netters host 8-team boaters finay face Bue Devis Men, Women harriers open Wofpack Invitationa season at Penn State meet Chris Wison tiona fied are North Caroina. Mike Bea 'I h e story for women Staff South Caroina. Western Caroina. harriers is quite different. Severa injuries to key athetes George Washington. Virginia The annua Wofpack Invitationa Commonweath Virginia Tech. The nationay ranked men's tragic oss Kathy Ormsby voeyba tournament. one State pays George Washington women's cross country has eft team with a ot main events Wofpack's Friday at 7 p.m., Va. Tech Saturdav teams begin ir seasons Satur unanswered questions. The injury ist begins with defending season. opens with South Caroina at 10 am. coses out day in Spike Shoe nvita paying Western Caroina at noon tourney by paying VCU Saturday tiona track meet. hed at Penn nationa champion ain Carmichae Gymnasium. at5p.m. State's first match in eightteam event begins at 1 pm. on robin or eimination. Each team The threeteam event aso more who has had injury trou- The tournament is not round State. in Coege Station. Pa. America Suzie Tuffey. a sopho- Court 2 when Wofpack pays wi pay three or four matches a incudes Virginia Penn bes since eary summer. She is Penn. piece," Wofpack coach Judy State. which won ast year's not expected to run this weekend. Aso competing in Invita- Martino said. "I fee fied is meet. pretty strong with toughest Coach Roie Geiger's men's atty Metzer is aso trying to teams being Penn. U.S.C State. team returns a seven ast Announcements overcome injuries. is questionabe for meet. Since fied is not round robin, year's top runners. Heading Tickets are now avaiabe for we won t get a chance to pay ist for Pack are a star South Caroina. but we wi be abe State's first-ever Midnight to pay Penn. I'm ooking for a cidates Pat iper. who won However. Wofpack wi Madness" that wi hep tough match." ast year s NC. state champion have services three-time Wofpack basketba team open The Pack is ed by seniors ship meet. Ricky Waace. aamerica Connie Jo Robinson. its preseason workouts. Johanna Fry Stephanie Tayor. The men. who return five who returns after being redshirted ast year because an who were both named to seniors two sophomores. are Tickets for Midnight Mad~ ness" wi be $13.00 a seats a-tournament team in ast weekend's South Caroina Invitationa. good chance stripping two~time a~america. wi basicay injury free. have a injury. Aso Janet Smith. a wi be reserved. Students with ID. may buy tickets for $7.00 Both were aso named to ast year's Nittany Lions ir championship. bringing home a championship. enhance Pack s chances a-acc squad. before Oct. 7. The tickets may be The Wofpack owns a 3_2 record purchased at Reynods Coiseum Box Office at this week. State is ooking to gain ii after being shutout by Duke earier Wofpack Cub. momentum in tournament urinate The new event wi be hed before paying a tough Penn State Wii Oct. 14' 'begins at 9 pm. with team next Friday night. Martino {isxaitiiitizs an exhibition game between said. Atanta Hawks Ceve Cavaiers in Reynods Coiseum. A samdunk contest featuring NBA former Wofpack stout Spud Webb wi foow exhibition game. At exacty midnight. Wofpack head coach Jim Vavano wi HOME SALE unvei his seventh Wofpack team. The midnight start is Soid Coor Cotton Duck eariest time aowed by Sa Seepers NCAA to begin preseason workouts. THE TENNIS team is ooking for a racquet stringer for men's women's tennis teams. Coach Crawford Henry is fering free meas at Case Athetics 0 Wood & Foom Construction 0 Opens to o FUII SIZe Bed $350 vaue! Center cafeteria in exchange for.. '., a racquet stringer. Ca Henry at... rig or go by Room i :_. Reynods Coiseum fordetais. " " Cameron Viage Fridays ti 9 North Ridge is Northgote Mott. Open Nighty ti! 9. Sundays 1 a Raeigh 0 Durham 0 Greenwte 0 Foyettevute! automamcsw "ICKOIUSTHZAI \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\'\' \K\\\\\\\"k FREEDEUVERY rm 0'.. b onou t. :x ::... :3; DUN "LEE/4Y5 Ira v.- 0M ethanom" ' ,.. / arbec ue OW-I u-nffi. TRY PIuaOne. IW-u duua- i au-n n-m Ohm-fiQIfh-uu thaw u mi Ofiufmufihuow.Onh- ~i.~~-w numhhnfi fer good with this coupon ' BUY ANY run form IZZM AND J I GET ANO'I'IBI 0' QAI. VALUE 1 ' mum-thumb I caravan-ian cum ho... I ' PECIAL :.ONLfrgawfagdzggfcg : Buy any swich --.-:-"= "- =' ----i TWO 9mm. SPECIA 1:" Two "E ' PIZZAS nus "0.15 : a... COIEBI ' magnum- Iran I h '37 T"2'T2"s''>EEiAI'-" rwo Luisa If :rwo mm riuss get a dozen hush puppies Free! DON MURRAY S Since its initia oss to (iatawba. Duke has been spectacuar in recording four straight shutouts. most recent a 6-0 stomping Davidson Thursday. Duke is ed by ermann Trophy Cidate a-america John Kerr. Kerr. ast week's Atantic ( oast Conference payer week. has seven goas this season. incuding five in Metropoitan Life Tournament. State has its own seven goa scorer. Chibuzor Ehiegbu. who has done a remarkabe job in taking up scoring sack whie a»south senior Sadri Gjonbaaj has been out with a broken arm. Gjonbaaj was ast year's eading scorer with 14 goas. He returned to action against Connecticut recorded game-winning assist in overtime. Gjonbaaj's presence combined with Ehiegbu makes Wofpack's fense even more a scoring threat. aready outshooting opponents 104 to 35. A-America forward Tab Ramos. with six assists this season. wi pass to Gjonbaaj Ehiegbu. Ramon aso has shown his abiity to score by naiing gamerwinner in sudden death against U.Conn. Saturday's match is opening ACC game for both teams. The ACC. considered to be one nation's toughest eagues. has five teams ranked in atest Intercoegiate Soccer Association [ 01]. State is ranked 16th. Duke in ninth. Cemson is fourth. Virginia is eighth Mary is 9th. In 985. State finished fifth in eague with a conference mark. whie Bue Devis finished third with a 472 eague sate. Duke edged Pack 1 0 in Durham ast year. The StateDuke matchup traditionay has been a highy physica sometimes hitter confrontation. spurring heated disputes between payers even coaches. The victor in this contest. though ony first conference game. wi have a foot in door toward ACC tite. Shop For At Goodwi 5) F'mt-H- Ladies Men. Chidren i Bouses $2.25 g Stacks $2.25 Shins $1.50 Skirts $2.25 i}; Skirts $2.25 Sacks $1.50 Dresses $2.50 Sportcoats $5.00 Dresses $1.50 Sacks $2.00 Suits $7.50 Jeans $1.50 Suits $4.50 Jeans $2.00 Bouses $ N.Market Dr. Mon-Sat. 8-6 Sun Bargains Furniture Househod Items (-.. 54m..,, 321 W. Hargett St. Mon-Sat. 86 students suppy stores wfi'w AVENT FERRY ROAD.3 "".3. 5 :fi ggrgeif'wo I. 1 ( W ( m~(~mcww i Ezf MISSION VALLEY DITIONAL $10 OFF WITH THIS COUPON ma";; in: SHOPPING CENTER AD 3010mm s: mcsw ARTCARVEI) CLASS RINGS FREE DELIVERY one coupon per order per student \ \ \ i\.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

6 6/Septemhmiq 9 ) V.".1... WA? peer that.\ entirey prrn'urt (pf student hoviy heroines at once firia organ through which ihnughts utivtty in fart \e't, fp iii iii.» difpi\ nn' Vt'ghb n rf ii is mouthpiece through which students mseves tak (Viage ife Wihiiti its iiiimmi is iiank I'rrrhriii iiri vo no Feb 920 \\. \\ \.\ 1 ii: i\\\.\t\:.\.\\\\\\\ \ \ a \.. ~ \\\\\\\ ALL HAL THE LORD -Ci- EXECUTIONER OF THE. GRAND REHNQUSTON... Traffic ights unsafe The hazardous traffic intersections adjoining State's campus pose a serious probem to pedestrians. bicycists as we as motorists. This Situation needs to be addressed by both university city ficias. It ony one intersection created confusion. we woud not be so concerned; however. re are numerous intersections that dem attention. For exampe. intersection Puen Road Hisborough Street is a hazard created by a poory designed traffic ight. Because motorists on Puen are supposed to turn right ony onto Hisborough. it is possibe for cars heading toward Capito to face a red ight whie those traveing or direction have a green ight. The difficuty ies for eastbound motoris... who. thinking red ight stops traffic in both directions. attempt to turn eft in to parking ot on ir side ight. in one incident, a motorcycist. thinking traffic was stopped, turned eft. An auto driver facing a green ight drove through coided with him. Fortunatey. no one was hurt damage was minima. We suggest city synchronize ight to turn red in both directions simutaneousy before someone is, seriousy injured. Anor danger is intersection Morri Drive Western Bouevard. which again invoves a probem turning eft. Motorists turning eft from Morri onto Western do not have adequate visibiity traffic going straight from Avent Ferry onto Morri. in fact. since re is no eft turn ane on Morri. a traffic except that turning right has its vision bocked by traffic turning eft from Avent Ferry onto Western. We suggest that a eft turn ane with a protected turn be instaed on Morri Drive. Additionay. severa campus intersections without traffic ights need to be improved by instaing m. On Puen Road. intersections at both Cates Avenue East Dunn Drive cause traffic congestion severa times daiy. Turning eft is especiay difficut. but heavy traffic on Puen makes turning right difficut as we. The same is true at intersection Cafes Dan Aen. However, sower speed cars on Dan Aen makes it easier to find a sympatic driver who wi aow someone to turn in front m. We urge university city ficias to consider at east one ight for Puen Road a ight for Dan Aen Drive. Don t throw oranges During ast two games at Carteeriney stadium, some students have thrown oranges onto paying fied this action disturbs us. Primariy. we are worried that oranges thrown from sts may hit one» referee. sheereaders or or bysters on fied. As a " t'ec inifafifia sed 33% ol'lbfi-students shoud reaize force an object gains faing'from sts onto a person beow. Someone may be seriousy injured if struck by an orange. f orange-throwing is meant to be a demonstration schoo spirit, we are sure that students can invent a better. safer form dispay. Additionay. ficias coud ca deay game" on State because time required to cean fied. Even worse. an ficia struck by an orange may decide to vent his frustrations by ruing for visiting team on a controversia ca. We sincerey hope that orange-throwing does not symboize students hope for an Orange Bow bid. Athough State coud conceivaby receive a bid to Orange Bow. it is highy unikey. We're just gad students don t have idea that State might go to Gator Bow. DO TIMSE to LONSeR THEMSELVES PART OF THE RELIGIOUS RiGTs "i AM AN top iimhtvsi imfi ( iwis t'. Wittfi) t Mira AND gui tmiet you? "7. wit one h',mrr HF KNEW i'f 1 Fit (OIISIDER Ai. OTHERS PART OF T E RELIGOS W?, Serving TECHNICIAN North ( am'na Stae Univerairy since 1W0. in Chief Managing John Austin ( Mark Bumgardner Newa a... i Dwuan June Joe Adveniaing Gaarneau Genera Manager.... Aaat.. Newa... Bi...: Tourtoitot... Pau Wooverton j Saea Opinion... Chery... Zer. Michae Karen. Feature Hughes Tim Eington.... Bruce Betaattni. Jeff Devin Cherry Steee I Ad. Entertainment Production Manager Joe Joe Corey Mano Aaat. j Mgr Sparta a karen Tim Ho Peeer 1 Aaat. Deagnera Sporta Juia Mac York Harris ( Aaat. Sporta Jodie... Zuncich.Liae Katrina Waugh Koonta Karen ntramuraia Cark. Trevor Hawkins.... Jim Buyntzky Kris, Ford Photography Caaeifieda Mgr... Scott...Robin Rivenbark Cockman i Aaat. Photo Production... Marc Kawanishi Manager Graphica......»... Toni Ed Cean Thomas Aaat. Aaat. Graphca... Manager...Andy Mark inman nman ' Layout Copy Artata Meieaa Suzie Cifton Tutza. Tammy Aaat. Lane. Copy Dae Thompson.... Stephen Brian Canter Brauns j Secretary... Mike uana Edgar Ketter Proreadera Senior... Em Georg. Todd... Lack Bob Reed Writing Margaret Hae. Coach Wa... Honeycutt. Bruce Tonya Winkworth Putaer Service Engineers Consutant... Jay... Ennis. Bi Dwayne WaiIs Hensey Unaaa orwaa indicated. appearing opiniona in axpreaaed TechniCian in do not aditoriaia. necaaaary editoria refect cartoona viewpoint ooumne adminatration. facuty or etaff. Opiniona expreaaad in coumna Univaraity'a cartoona Student Technicran Moment, pagea are viewa individua coumnata cartoonata. The norm eft are opinion Techmcran are responsibiity unaigned in Chief. aditoriae that appear on Technician (USPS ) a pubiiahed ficia every atudent Monday. newapapar Wedneaday North Friday Caroina throughout State academic Unvoraity year from a except during acheduied hoiday examination periods. Summer Auguat through pubication May May through August. Offices are ocated in Suites to every Wednoaday from Avenue Raeigh. NC Maiing address is Box University Raeigh, Student N.C. Center Ctaa $30 per year Printed by Hinton Presa Inc Mohane. N.C. POSTMASTEH. Send any addrm WW W 0901 echniman. Box Raeigh. NC to Lost driver needs a road map Civi rights eader embarrassed WASHINGTON - A coupe driving position to make better use her than tips for Coretta Scott King: 1) If you're she him. driving in unfamiiar country. it's a good WEDAM But having made mistake idea to have a map. or at east to ask nonrefection. she might have recouped directions from ocas before you start. 2) When you re barreing down wrong RASPBERRY by apoogizing to her friends for oversight whie insisting on necessity side street. a U-turn isn't going to Opinion C(ji ti'. i.t going forward with meeting. if ony hep you very much. Boesak Winnie Mea, two to make cear her interest in urging Unfortunatey. advice comes too most famiiar most widey respected two sides to tak to each or. She might ate to spare civi-rights activist a week indigenous back eadership, et it even have invoked name her embarrassment over her on~again be known that y woud refuse to see martyred husb as one who was aways f-again meeting with South Africa's her if she saw Botha. wiing to tak in interest confict President P.W. Botha. Her reaction: A panicky U-turn. She resoution. (Archbishop Tutu. who knew She had gone to South Africa to see canceed Botha meeting 15 minutes accepted poitica risks, has taken firsth ravages aparid to after it was supposed to have started. tak enormous to fak from as his feow back wide a range peope as eaders for his two meetings with Botha.) possibe. In pursuit first goa. she went on a tour infamous Crossroads squatters' camp. In pursuit second. she agreed to a meeting with Botha. Scheduing a meeting wasn't necessariy wrong thing to do. but she did it wrong way: agreeing to meet with eader governmenta enemy" without first seeking direction from her friends in back eadership. Instead she paced her reiance on members her own entourage. incuding advance peope, pubic-reations counseors Robert Brown. controversia businessman who was on his way to becoming first back ambassador to South Africa unti questions regarding his African business invovements shot nomination down. She ceary was caught short by hostie back reaction to announcement that she was going to meet with Botha. but she decided to stick to her guns at first. Then Rev. Aan The widow Martin Lur King,Jr. reby managed to savage her sessions with Boesak Mea, which woud have been automatic under norma circumstances. But that s about a site i" was abe to savage from her embarrass ment. It s too bad. since her initia instinct was as correct as its execution was wrong. For an infuentia outsider to tak to eaders both sides a deady strugge can sometimes be usefu in discovering ways to move strugge from battefied to conference tabe. It heps, though. if that outsider understs ay. Coretta King didn't. in particuar she her entourage negected to consider not merey what positive good might come out a meeting with Botha but aso what was in it for Botha. A moment s refection woud have made it cear that Botha. sur~ rounded by journaists teevision cameras that woud send pictures meeting around word, was in a She coud have recovered as Jesse Jackson has recovered from his amost aughaby unsuccessfu attempt a few years - age to affect a reconciiation between Tutu Zuu Chief Gatscha Buezi. With her ast-minute canceation. on or h. King has succeeded ony in making hersef seem both naive irresoute. Maybe she' recover yet. athough near term resut her faux pas is ikey to be more harmfu than hepfu to cause peace. After being in South Africa for a week." she said after gaffe. I now fee I need more time to acquire a better understing compex probems here in order to have a more substantive meeting with President Botha." In or words. after finding hersef ost confused in dangerous traffic. she has decided to go ooking for a road map. Washington Post Writers Group Soviet frameu-up a stupid move Concerning Danif affair. a few observations: 1. It isn't easy to figure out what Soviet Union is up to. f what gang over re wanted was as simpe as reease its spy Gennadi Zakharov, Soviets woud have gone at it in anor way. By acting so fagranty against an American journaist so obviousy victim a setup. Soviet Union has attracted attention to Zakharov he woud never orwise have gotten. Why didn't y just et Zakharov get convicted. n a few months ater, as happened in trade him for a few dissidents? The way in which Kremin has payed this argues against ikeihood a reease Zakharov certainy argues against that happy arm-inarm march toward end rainbow toger that Soviet Union has been promoting in various cutura poitica aters ever since Geneva summit pf ast Nova ember. 2. In a word. Soviet move is just pain stupid. to judge from what it is that Soviet Union desires. namey maximum pressure on United States to sta our Strategic Defense Initiative. Specuation necessariy takes one to inner poitics Kremin It is by no means inconceivabe that an arm Kremin KGB. most ikey _. undertook frameup pubicized resuts it in order to put a different arm Kremin on spot We must aways hear in mind that majority Russians. as distinguished from majority Russtan inteigentsia. beieve what is tod m. zvestia Sowet teevision have been busy broad casting obvtous guit Nick Danif it is generay correct to assume that Kremin is Ui i. i'vwn.is it is generay iii/ii. LiAM r. BUCRLEY EM_ safe to assume that Vatican is united. But re are factions everywhere. in Soviet Union we may be seeing in action a faction in very high gear. 3. Whatever division within Kremin. re is certainy corresponding division within Reagan administration. Every day emphasis seems to change, first in direction toughness. next in direction conciiation. Mr. Reagan. when he addressed subject on his way back from Santa Barbara. Caif, was bunty outspoken in saying re woud be no trade-f" Zakharov (who is guity) in exchange for Danif (who is innocent). But on Wednesday. State Department press ficer Bernard Kab. a genteman very great sophistication, uttered foowing ominous words: The objective here is to win reease Nick Danif. rar than engage in retaiatory actions." But objective is not merey to win reease Nick Danif. Presumaby we coud do that before midnight. by giving communists back ir spy. Our objective is to get back Danif without giving anything to Soviet Union it does not aready have. And how can we effect this without retaiatory action? Such as? We. one exampe is canceation town meeting schedued to take pace in Latvia The whoe idea a town meeting" within Siiviet Union is something ike a back Mass. but we had gotten toger a pretty impressive American deegation. incuding Sen. Bi Bradey. Assistant Defense Secretary Richard Pere. Robert McFarane, Hemut Sonnenfedt. Jeane Kirkpatrick or uminaries. Ceary Soviet Union wished this town meeting to take pace. ts canceation woud bor m woud ceary be interpreted as an act retaiation. What ese? One is reminded that. ast year. Caspar Weinberger remarked that 980 Soviet representatives were in United States. many under dipomatic immunity. whie United States has. over re. ony 276 representatives. Most irs are KGB agents. though it doesn t reay make much difference. in deaing with Soviet ficia. wher he is a KGB agent or not. A member KGB is merey anor Soviet communist trained in specific artifices. Stain wasn't a KGB agent but did enough harm without that specia training. A Soviet dipomat is in America not to protect Soviet tourists. but to damage America. Said Weinberger: Why don't we cut down Soviet representation? And he made that suggestion a year before Danif. if we were to act now. it woud be viewed as retaiatory in nature. So what. if it is an objective we desire? But we coud get much more serious than that. We coud freeze agricutura shipments; why. we coud even cose our eyes pretend that Soviet Union is South Africa Unhappiy. Mr Reagan is in a spot. but he needs to remember that just as his poicy has not been to get our hostages in Lebanon back at any cost. so it can't binow primariy our objective to get p-i-ir Mr Danif back

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Near Campus. Ca Stock Cerks Dei Cerks needed. 5 day workweek. No evening work. Appy in person. No phone ees The Market Center, State Farmer's & wonoefis i CONFE REHCE WITH MAHESH CHAVDA 1 i Come experience presence Lord Jesus Christ, moving In midst His peope, doing what 1 i He does best... unusua, unexpected, supernatura. i SEPT. 21 7:50 PM. MEREDITH COLLEGE, ' (Jones Auditorium)- 7i For more information ca My. no... Mar-i" '.7,11i-" fit; i,1, fif dhi i m '-i > 59, Mon iii, '1', i h' ii, Ruii i ism» hero iii tiii cur 1:1: w i yriiir i'.n' ii.,:'. ; [HURT T-'i" i, 0051mm: itvriiiiii.- 1,11, barteiidets, irttirxi Interested origina 11 [iv'it u' 3L 01? W Hiiiijf. T. titi"" Thors' nitrite; NiU try It rim. I experience necessary Inuit it [et paid for it, tnii ILritieu' w :iiiv" mine,i Tiir'i W' $861 per hour iiiiiiiii'irsvit, PM i,3... weeky Need whees, i1" 1 answered run 1 (ir'i i I, For Sae a ",-. 'i- 1:: Ca? 1 25 Yd 13' 4.1,; I: (brim-d S'iiiii a "on" tux. " i" ramps,,7 MTV." ems C0011 Orientation yeinqe «. 99 g. W w," Semes'er wi he Mon, Sept 70 4 i300, Li Tries, 5811' iii, AWN/11.: t' '.r 7m, ' '-. '. ".I'i'fiwt 12'." '. share (it! , : M, U"? if j. ' 4"i""'3. i"?! "W: 1"1'14Coi, Pies My '7 41th. {iii [TAIL/u aneou S. mr ii-ii wr (knit, avaiabe., in RFJUME X WRIHNG A Wm/1 WW. art dispaying WORKSHOP yuur skis Lear" as Entry reate "E "> ;ii. H, f, rob you seek Purpose, sty es, strategic:.'.yy, f) fi'nq Pf er',e rm, vr: -_;;i irr'rv- p, {i discussed No srqn up is necessary Scene/M. it. p arwmnt Center Sept If] R? 711,1},th.. SENIORS 1N SHASS F2 DESIGN JUL] UppOnUnteS AVE YOU Dafiinq 10 use services 'he fareer Panning Pacement Center i it during,i, my? :ct.,,, - search7 To register with our fice pease anew: -.' :i-ip, ev,i..i. i, CiNIQiES FOR SENIORS ot one orientation seminars isted in, Sept..,... it, iiiintinqi This workshop heps 12, , 774 Poe, Mon, Sept 15, 130? 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Pus get a Shot " ' i:.; a or ony 51 OO 11 different favors Fri.& Sat. i- Mi 'IfriCF to partyi Ti m Hot Lanta Wofpac: With specra Post Game W / i Diait SiSOdrinkspeoas HOW/417m '1" ii iii 8}? {1127(1 } mowed

8 _ 8 I September I Technician I Features Features Peer mentors hep back freshmen Marissa Jobe The socia academic pressures coege. couped with a student's first experience away from home. may eave many freshmen bewidered. This experience can be even more difficut for back freshman who finds himsef on a predominanty white campus. State's Student Peer Mentor Program is designed to hep back freshmen adjust to difficuties first year in coege. State is arge backs are a minority here. but y can make it if y have a buddy someone to show m how to make first year a success." said Doris Pierce. a senior in textie chemistry program 'WIM. president. The University has a certain HM" back freshmen to meet every fa. but y are under no obigation to graduate a certain number backs. This is ony organization I know that heps se students graduate." The program consists 120 peer mentors who are currenty serving 453 back freshmen. Every back freshman who enters State is automaticay assigned a student mentor. but may eect to be removed from program after meeting with mentor. Academicay outsting back uppercassmen are chosen to be student mentors. A strict seection process that incudes appication reviews individua interviews takes pace each spring. The number new mentors chosen is determined by returning number mentors estimated number incoming back freshmen. The fina seection is based on aca demic sting a GPA 2.5 or better is required to appy motivation. interest. sef confidence experience in tutoring counseing. After seection process is competed. mentors partici» pate in a training program. The training incudes an initia'orienv tation session, a mini session prior to fa semester a two credit hour course caed Introduction to Parapressiona Counseing (ED 2208) that teaches basic counseing tech niques. The training stresses open communication. coping with stress deaing with probems a back freshman faces on a predominanty white campus. I fee istening skis are most important. We don't give advice. we isten." Pierce said. The mentors are assigned no more than four freshmen. stay in contact, with m throughout both semesters. The mentors students meet with each or every two weeks. Evauations are competed after each meeting are returned to Endia Ha. director Afro American Affairs. The peer mentors vounteer ir time experience to freshmen who fee ost in coege ife. According to Pierce, satisfaction is one program's greatest benefits. He said. It s great to go to graduation see a minority student that you ve heped grad uate." 2.3% PRICE.BUSTERS. with New Buffet Price Dinner Buffet $3.49 ; Aso enjoy our $3.29 Lunch Buffet 4? 3933 Western Bvd. i FRESHMEN&SOPHOMORE BUSINESS MAJORS!!! INTERESTED IN MAKING EXCELLENT MONEY WORKING YOUR OWN HOURS? $ $ $ Job opening in spring semester. If you are seriousy interested in a saes position when you graduate, this is just what you need! This job invoves saes in advertising ooks great on your resume! So, if you are a freshman or a sophomore EB major pease ca ask for Bi. I Staff photo by Mike Gaddy Bringing a itte happiness joy (or at east News Observer) into everybody's ife, Lisa Smith can be found giving away free copies paper sunshine daiy in front Free Expression Tunne. f Abortions charge Pregnancy rom 3 to test. 8 weeks birth at contro, additiona \ probem informaion pregnancy ca counseing (o free For in furr Sate p To gee ; 3.1Tf3iise éx 0F PREGNANCY Gyn Cinic "' RALEIGH EQMEN S HEALTH A Ik917 W. Morgan Street J. -- Your basic probem: Physics Genetics Statistics Cacuus Compex Numbers Anaytica Geometry Stress Anaysis Organic Chemistry Probabiity Gaussian Transformations Differentia Equations Titrations Eectromagnetics Thermodynamics Fuid Mechanics Etc., etc., etc.... Your BASIC souto1n: 0 R3 The Chicken Hotine 851 -os1o I in your taigate order I before Wake Forest II game pick up on your I way to stadium Avent Ferry Rd. ocation ony (corner Avent Ferry Rd. Gorman St.) IIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I I Is it murder or is it... Introducing BASICALC. The new Texas Instruments programmabe cacuator. Now thcrc's a promunmahc scicna has more cacuating power than tific cacuator that sovcs cvcn Compambyapriccd prt igraminahcs. RM compex math. engineering { _#~- Y B"". if g scicnt c probems in a ASK: C our 35m SI I L way. Tth 74 BAsimu- ~ 3' : Bfigift f "3'11 ; ' " 3 " Unike most or programmabe 8K RAhtfmiPijr 1 it K cacuators that rct uirc you to cam. PM " V I a new, compicated' systcm ' <cy RAM strokc commants in cictt, a no ' 70 scientific function. programming anguage Tv7-i ' Optiona wm'arc tartritgcs ASK :A :. )\\ \ \ i i to use it ir.it.t\ anti \i.\t s BASH anguagc [in igramnung \ t i. ' Optiona PAST A, anguage.irt ith hit m; ("fir'tf-iv mt ]..H, I,[W a. A ~3\ ' ()Pfnd prt.uit t.\\t't t -\\'iiitiit'ntiitxiuiii i, \4v ] U fkk.i :i And a \';u ict\ oi optit I. x't st~ ware cartritucs..n't-.\'.. t' that matc it even more in im'ru.in.i conwnrcnt. Stop n.\ \t't thc fi BASH A ' it it \oursc. n.\ \ tcrins. what I' i t-.i\ ocn on: Is. again. TEXAS {I} INSTRUMENTS...it means Specia Effects Bryan Brown Brian Dennehy Stewart Theatre Saturday, Sept. 20 7:00. 9:05 pm 1.00