Clinton County News. Commission may ask fire chief to resign. Planning commission declines approval of re-zoning change. Ditmer is banquet MC

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1 117th Year Vol. 19 Clinton County News Svwin^thsL Clinton. dhvl &UWL ST JONS, MICIGAN Pa es 9 September 13, Cents Commission may ask fire chief to resign ST JONS - Sparks flew again Monday night between St Johns City Commissioners and local volunteer firemen during the commission's regular meeting. This time a report by Mayor Robert Wood on his meeting with firemen triggered discussion which lead to a motion by Commissioner Roy Ebert that Fire Chief Clare Maier be asked to resign. EBERT'S ACTION came as an amendment to a motion by Commissioner John annah who moved for acceptance of wage increases for firemen as recommended by City Manager arvey Weatherwax. Another provision of annah's motion stipulated that the money come from the fire building fund. At this point, Ebert offered his amendment asking for Chief Maier's resignation. This drew comment from volunteer fireman Ray Kentfield who Are you concerned about getting the straight facts,on a question which arises but don't know where to find the answer? We'll find the facts for questions submitted by our readers. Just drop us a line at FACT FINDER, Clintbn County News St Johns Q - There's a dip on East Baldwin Street just west of the corner of Baldwin and Morton. The bottom keeps dropping out. What does the City of St "Wohns plan td do? VS, ST JONS^" -, A -- Sit back and wait. That's all that can be done until the stretch settles. DPW superintendent Charles Bensinger and his crews will keep filling the dip with processed gravel until it's completely packed. Reason for drop off is a sewer lateral and water main in the same ditch under the road. Q - The National News media said the price of a loaf of bread will increase 3 cents because the farmers are getting 11% more for his bushel of wheat. There was only 2.4 cents worth of wheat in a loaf of bread, now it is going to be 2.7 Why does bread have to increase :i cents? LT, Route 3, ST JONS A ~ Bread dough has been rising a long time. Now it looks like the price will too. Russell Kisor, president of Schafer Bakeries Inc in Lansing, said his company needs an increase of about 2$ a loaf. Reason is flour has gone up $1 a hundred weight. They have filed their profit picture with the price board to justify a claim. "I think something should be done," sighed Kisor, "or a lot of bakers are going to go broke." Q - ow come you can't walk from the south end of St Johns to downtown without keeping on the sidewalk. Why doesn't the city enforce property owners to put down sidewalks? AS, ST JONS A - City hall's not trying to sidestep the sidewalk 'issue, We know we need 'ehi admitted a spokesman, but roads, curb and gutter and sewer must take a precedent, There hasn't been a special assessment for sidewalks since '68 and it doesn't like they'll be one in the near future. You're not the only ones trudging in roads, it's a common problem north, south, east and west. Q - What ever happened to the St Johns Big Brother organization? JS, FOWLER A - A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help a boy. But the problem for the St Johns Big Brothers is they don't have enough men for the number of boys wanting to join the program. Bertoldi founded the L organization 3 years back and is still looking for community volunteers. Just drop him a note at 601 S Traver in St Johns and he'll be in touch. Q - When I as a taxpayer voted "yes** for a new water plant in St Johns I did it with the assumption soft water would be provided. Our water is so hard you could crack it with a hammer. What gives? DK, ST JONS A - Somebody's all wet! The official ballot for the special election in January 1964 did not state a provision for soft water. The $850,000 project is ;6r the purpose of "improving elevated storage facilities, a water treatment plant, additional transmission mains, new wells and main, etc." Because a lime sludge is left over after water processing, water will not soften. stated if such action was taken "all the firemen will resign." eated discussion followed between Maier and the commissioners. Ebert pointed out the fire chief had "defied direct orders from the city commission and failed to negotiate wages for the other firemen at the proper time." The incidents where Maier allegedly defied commission orders regarding a decision that the firemen's 4th of July event would no longer beheld in the city park grounds. COMMISSIONER JAMES GROST told Maier "many of us don't think you've communicated between the firemen and us... you've been divisive and have driven a further wedge between the two groups." Finally, Ebert moved to have the motion tabled with the provision a meeting be set up between the commission and the firemen's wage committee. This* action gained a 3-2 passage with Mayor Robert Wood and Commissioner Jeanne Rand dissenting. Another major item on Monday night's agenda was the annexation petition by Willard Searles to have a 153 acre tract of land formerly known as the Sullivan farm become part of the city. Doug Austin, legal counsel for Searles, explained de-annexation from Bingham Township has been approved pending annexation to St Johns. City Manager Weatherwax recommended the commission reach an agreement with Searles on storm and sanitary sewer for the development before., any further action is taken. Commissioner annah moved City Attorney Paul Maples and Searles' attorney draw up such an agreement for presentation at the next commission meeting. The motion gained unanimous approval. 1 OTER ACTION by the commission included: --a change in October meeting dates from Monday to Tuesday because of two legal holidays. -a permanent traffic order placing a stop sign on Morton St at Sickle St. -The city manager was given permission to seek approval of the Municipal Finance Commission for the city to enter a land contract to acquire the Matthew Dairy property on Walker St for use as a parking lot. Ditmer is banquet MC ST JONS - Arrangements for the St Johns Area Chamber of Commerce awards banquet advanced another step this week with announcement by Chairman Bill Patton that* Robert Ditmer will serve as master of ceremonies for the event. Ditmer, owner and manager of radio station WRBJ in St Johns has been a long time Chamber of Commerce member and has assisted at different times as emcee for chamber events. e served as the evening's host during last year's award banquet at which time 2 area residents were cited for chamber and civic activities. Bernard Feldpausch was recognized as outstanding.chamber member while JaGk>Downing received honors as the outstanding citizen of the community. TE SAME two awards will be presented at this year's gathering, slated for Oct 17 at Daley's Restaurant. Nominations for the honors are now being accepted and can be phoned or delivered to the Chamber of Commerce office, 117 E Walker, in St Johns. Other award presentations scheduled for the evening will be past president honors to the oldest living person having served in the organization's top office. Last year these honors went to Lee DeWitt and Clarence Ebert. The Chamber is also seeking names of candidates for this honor. Other special awards or presidential certificates will be presented as part of the evening's activities. Principal speaker for the event will be Gus Ganakas, head basketball coach at Michigan State University. Ganakas' appearance was confirmed two weeks ago. e is a popular after dinner speaker throughout the Michigan area and provides a broad base of humor to public gatherings of many kinds. The dinner will begin at 7:15 pm with a 45 minute social hour preceeding. Dem picnic plinton County will hold a meet-thecandidates picnic at the residence of Richard Warren Sandhill Drive, DeWitt on Sunday, September 17 beginning at 2 pm. Just take erbison Road west of US-27 and follow the sign. Frank Kelley Jr., son of the Democratic US Senatorial nominee Frank Kelley Sr., will be featured speaker. Others slated to speak are Bennie Graves and Jim Brignall, Congressional candidates from the Tenth and Third Congressional Districts respectively. Several other j state legislative and local Democratic candidates will be on hand. PLENTY OF food, drinks and music will be provided. The public is invited to attend. CONGRESSMAN VISITS Extending a hearty welcome to 10th District Congressman Elford Cederberg is Clinton County Register of Deeds Willard Krebel and Ronald Spitzley (right) while Cederberg's liaison aide Ronald Stolz of Alma (left) receives, a similar gesture from County Clerk Ernest Carter, Tne action took place Sunday afternoon at the St Johns VFW all during the Clinton County Republican Chicken Barbecue. Other Republican notables attending were State Senator William Ballenger, State Representative R Douglas Trezise and Planning commission declines approval of re-zoning change ST JONS- Plans for a new Kroger store and a senior citizens housing complex remain uncertain following last week's action by the St Johns Planning Commission to decline approval of re-zoning changes necessary for both projects. Bobenal Investments Co of Alma owns Southgate Shopping Plaza on the city's southside and seeks to purchase Ovid-Elsie voters approve 1 -mill ELSIE--The Ovid-Elsie Area School District officials gained voter approval on a one mill levy for the purpose of the construction of a bus maintanance garage. The millage request passed by a margin in the election which was held last Saturday. The proposal was defeated in the June 4 election by one vote and at that time school officials discovered that confusion existed on the proposal. Voters thought it was for a building to house buses when actually the plan was to construct a structure where vehicle maintenance and repair could be performed. T1IIC BOARD will discuss the plans at their Tuesday meeting and construction bids will be let out later in the week. Plans include the construction of a level building 50 x 120. "We are interested in a steel relocatable type building" said Don Kenney, school superintendent. e indicated that bids would be asked on just the shell with plumbing and electrical placed on alternate bids. "It is possible that the industrial arts department of the school could do the interior" said Kenney. type building"" saiddon Kenney, school superintendent. e indicated that bids would be asked on just the shell with plumbing and electrical placed on alternate bids. "It is possible that the industrial arts department of the school could do the interior" said Kenney., The building will include classroom space for power mechanics and a lab area for an agriculture mechanics department. Kenney said that the building will be built in the northeast corner of the athletic field, close to the main building so students can get to their other classes easily. Plans also call for a concession stand and lavatories which can be used during events at the, athletic field. KENNEY FELT that if everything goes well the building could possibly be ready for use by the second semester. Don Kenney, Ovid-Elsie School'superintendent, looks over, various construction plans before he submitted them to the school board.tuesday evening. Approval of a bus maintenance building was gained at the,polls Saturday by a.margin of adjoining land for construction of a new $1 million Kroger store. One section of the land now owned by Wolverine Stockyards is zoned R-l residential and Bobenal has requested a change to commercial. A LARGE AND VOCAL contingent of property owners near Southgate Shopping Plaza attending the planning commission meeting to express disapproval of Bobenal's expansion plans. Mrs. Annette White,' a resident of ampshire Dr, presented a petition signed by about 60 property owners who are opposed to the re-zoning request. Al Fortino, a Bobenal representative, then presented a revised plan which outlined construction of 12 townhouse apartment units in the area between the the residential housing ana tne proposed store site. "They would act as a screen between the commercial and residential areas and built simultaneously with the center," Fortino explained. e also added the apartments would block off the Elm St right-of-way which cuts through the land from ampshire Dr to the shopping plaza. "Purpose of the buildings is the prevent traffic from entering the center from Elm St,", stressed the Alma attorney, "and it would virtually dead end the street." FOUTINO'S POINT regarding Elm St was given in response to a comment from Mel Westland, a property owner in the area. e said "the reason-i'm here is a concern for traffic... we're 7 or 8 years away from relocation of US Elm St is the only way it can go and then I'm up in arms."- Fortino further commented he had no intention of routing traffic from the shopping center out through Elm St and expressed confidence that US-27 could handle it. * The added burden on city sewers that the new store could bring was also a major concern among local residents. oward Gentry told the audience his "basement is flooded with sewage every time it rains". e suggested the city "take care of the problems we got then talk about expanding." Phil Bayes, a city planner from the Grand Rapids firm of Williams and Works, presented an engineer study of the area which stated there were sufficient sewer facilities to handle the new store. e noted the question of townhouses was not mentioned when the study was made. FINALLY, after much discussion the commission voted to disapprove the original re-zoning request asking for the area southwest of the present Kroger store to be commercial. No request had been filed on the townhouse plan. Also included in the motion upon suggestion by Charles Coletta was^a K rovision thata professional planner be ired to studv the best use for this land in guestion. Planning Commission Chairman James Moore set a special study session for this purpose on Thursday evening, September 21. Moore said "I feel we owe both Mr. Fortino and residents of this area a sound plan." The rezoning of 7.5 acres of land on the city's northside south of the bowling alley from commercial to multidwelling was tabled for 2 weeks until further engineering studies are^made. Bayes did give a report stating "easements npppssarv tn reach main sewer lines should be the only difficulty". owever, the commission felt in view of concern expressed by residents in the area that more information was needed on sewer capacity. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 A The Clinton County News' Annual Football Contest begins in thts issue. The popular contest which appears during the football season can be found on page A-3 The contest features 16 [high school, college and professional games selected for their interest to area fans. Contestants select the winning team in the listed games and,the contestant selecting the most games. correctly is awarded a $20.00 cash prize by the County News. A entries mubt be postmarked or delivered to the County News office before 5:00 p.m. Friday.

2 2A s Names five to honor society Who's Who ST JONS - Five 1972 St Johns igh School graduates have been selected. into Who's Who in igh School onor Society. The students, all residents of St Johns, are Janie Thrush, LuAnn Thelen, Judy aske, Sharon Mazzolini and Cathy Boettger, While in in high school these students demonstrated excellence in scholarship, character and extra curricular activities and were among the top third of the nation's graduating seniors in public and parochial schools. The students will be featured in the 1972 edition of of Who's Who in igh School. Janie is the daughter of Mr and Mrs John Thrust, 810 Church St,; Lu Ann is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Leon Thelen, 7340 DeWitt Rd.;' Judy is the daughter of Mrs Clair aske of 103 North Oakland St.; Sharon is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Donald Mazzolini of 209 East Gibbs and Cathy's parents are Mr and Mrs Robert Boettger of 6748 Walker Road. JANIE TRUS ard Job Pick a day to quit smoking cigarettes, It's not always easy to quit, the American Cancel Society admits, but it could save your life from lung cancer. Clinton County News Second class postage paid at St 'Johns, Mich. 4BS19. Published Wednesdays at 120 E. V'alker Street, St. Johns, by Clinton County News, Inc. Subscription price by mall: In Michigan, $5 lor one year, $9 (or two years, for six months,?2 for three months; outside MJchlgan, $6~Ior on&<jww. - * LUANN TELEN SARON MAZZOLINI CONTINUED FROM PAGE I Re-zoning JUDY ASKE CATY BOETTGER During the discussion, City Commissioner Roy Ebert said "I'm opposed to housing of any kind because of the way out city sewers are over-taxed." TE SENIOR CITIZENS housing is being proposed by Carmen Tranchell Inc, a non-profit organization seeking low income dwellings for the elderly. The proposal is for construction of about 100 cottage-type apartments with federal rent subsidy available to the prospective elderly tenants. The study session set by Planning Commission Chairman James Moore for Sept 22 is expected to draw further objection to^- these two re-zoning requests. In both cases, the problem of city sewers is expected to dominate the conversation between the developers, local property owners and planning commission members. Final action on the re-zoning requests must come from the "city commission. ^tin," CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 Ovicl There will be a door to door campaign in the Ovid area for Cystic Fibrosis. The dates are Sept 10-21st. Cystic Fibrosis, an' inherited disease, is incurable. It strikes one in every 1,500 newborns, the result of both parents " carrying the defective CIF gene. It is believed that one in twenty persons is a carrier of this disease, which causes seripus lung damage, repeated respiratory infections and intestinal complications. The Ovid area chairman is Mrs Ruth Woodruff. For any further information please call tfipbmour Lansing Com has local off- Beginning Fall Term 1972 Lansing Community College courses in Mason" olt, St Johns, Grand Ledge, Charlotte, Eaton Rapids, and Portland. The College recently completed the arrangements through the superintendents of the area school districts following a public sampling by area, which indicated a demand for the courses. Residents in the College service area responded to the College questionaire, and as a result certain courses will now be offered. The first class meeting is Sept 28, or as scheduled. Classes will terminate on Dec 15. Interested persons may register and pay their course fees during the first scheduled class meeting. It will not be necessary to visit the down-town College Campus to register. The College believes that the neighborhood locations can save some students time and money. For example; the mother who must pay for a baby-sitter during the time required to travel to and from class, and the older Course Credits PSY 151 Psychology of Personal Adjustment 3 ACC 210 Principles of Accounting 4 BUS 223 Management and. Supervisory 3 Development 3 LE 207 Narcotic Drug Seminar munity College campus location person who has no private means of transportation will be aided by this program. Off campus instruction will also help the student who must drive a long distance to and from class in the winter time. In a^tipn^tpjhe limited offerings in the off-campus locations, LCC will offer many new courses at the downtown campus. Children's literature for Parents and Grandparents, ow Reading is Taught in the Elementary Schools, Practical English, Mathematics Laboratory, Consumer's Insurance, and Small Business Management to mention a few. Community enrichment courses for the student's personal fulfillment and others designed to give the student an opportunity to earn credit toward his degree are included. Questions may be directed to the College by calling the Admissions Office at Time 6:30-9:30 pm 6:00-8:00 pm 7:00-10:00 pm 7:00-10:00 pm Days T TT W M First Class Location SJ S Room 140 SJ S Room'113 SJ S Room 138 SJ S Room 138 Vw.,rt%.^lV«X<«V»v,V.V.V.VAV.V.V.V.S%V.%VAV.V.V.V.V.VA November ballot lists five proposals The ballot in November's general election will contain 5 state proposals. These include two proposals for constitutional amendments, two proposals for initiation of legislation and 1 proposal for a referendum as required under 1972 Public Act 231. The first question"asking for a constitutional amendment is Proposal C which seeks to limit property tax for school, county and township purposes and to provide that the legislature shall establish a state tax program for support of schools. TE PROPOSED AMENDMENT WOULD: (1) ban a property tax for general school operation purposes; (2) limit the property tax to allocated * i amounts for specified county, township and school purposes, the total not to exceed 26 mills; (3) require the legislature to establish a tax program for raising and distributing funds for public elementary and secondary schools; (4) require the legislature to provide for distributing supplemental funds based on local need for specified purposes. PROPOSAL D asks voters to remove a state constitutional ban against the graduated income tax. This proposed amendment would enable the legislature to impose a flat rate or graduated state income tax and to enact laws to permit local units to levy a flat rate or graduated income tax. Proposal A seeks to change Michigan to daylight saving time from the last Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October of each year. * * Probably the hottest of the five state questions is Proposal B which would allow abortions under certain conditions. This proposed law would allow a licensed medical or osteopathic physician to perform an abortion at the request of the patient, if (1) the period of gestation has not exceeded 20 weeks, and (2) if the procedure is performed in a licensed hospital or other facility approved by the Department of Public ealth. A FINAL proposal on the November ballot would allow the state to borrow $266 million for tuition payments and bonuses to Vietnam and other veterans. Approval of this proposal would allow the state to issue general obligation bonds to secure the money needed under this program. Repayment of the bonds would be made from the state's general fund. 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4 4A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan CLINTON COUNTY NEWS PAGE v~ouple travel north for Worn en afterweddin g rite Marriage Licenses Louis Scott Knight, 21, 801 ampshire Drive, St Johns and Cynthia Dee Mazzolini, 18, 209 E Gibbs, St Johns. David Loren Diehl, 22, Francis Rd, DeWitt and Maureen Dahl, 22, 4316 State Rd, Lansing. Edwin G Reed, 19,11377 E River Dr, DeWitt and,r Carolyn- Ann Tice, 19, 139 Solon Rd, DeWitt. ^ Robert E Brittain, 19, 3180 E CIark*Rd, Bath and Jean Ellen Feguer, 17,13351 Allen St, Bath. Stephen C Goodman, 24, 6881 Debra Drive, Portland and Elizabeth A Smith, 23, 708 S Baker, St Johns. < ; : oiuiui serveu as organist ana Sleeves ending in Wide cuffs, in&udea^th'e'tjride's uitauueu/uie onaes grarid- granu- WillianrActQn'played^guifar * Wide-brimmed picture hats '^parents; Mfand Mrl^Gerald and sang, "The Lord's completed ipleted their ensemble Good and Mr -and Mrs Joe Prayer," in French and and each carried a hand Karber and the groom's "We've Only Just Begun." bouquet of pink rosebuds, grandmothers, Mrs Alma The bride selected a white purple status and white Larson and Mrs Irene traditional gown designed baby's breath. Charvat, also the couples with a fitted bodice and long John Charvat ser,ved his*.great great aunts, Mrs sleeves in rose point lace. brother as best man and Emma afele, Mrs Alvada er bouffant skirt of silk groomsmen were Andy ". -..!.fl : * *3.* " MRS JAMES TALISON * v * -* * * * : -. : : : :.: ME LVIN-BABBITT. Marine Pvt Melvin L Babbitt, son of Mr and Mrs Lewis E Babbitt of Route 1, W owe Road, Eagle, graduated from basic training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. WESTPALIA -- St phalia; Mrs Jerry Zander of Mary's Church in Westphalia was the setting for the Portland, who was a junior Ionia and Mary Lenneman of Saturday, Sept 9 double ring bridesmaid. The attendants ceremony which united in wore identical gowns of silk marriage Ann Elizabeth organza over taffeta styled Lenneman and James Clare with a light blue bodice and a Thalison. Rev James Schmitt performed the 1:30 pm flowered skirt which was deep blue and green service before an altar accented at the waistline decorated with yellow and with a moss green ribbon. white gladiolus. They carried a bouquet of ' Parents of the couple are white mums, yellow carnations and blue bachelor Mr and Mrs Edward Lenneman Jr, Grange Road, buttons. Portland and Mr and Mrs Best man was John Frank Thalison of 338 North Thalison, the groom's Jefferson, Ionia. brother, and assisting as The bride, escorted to the groomsmen were Thomas altar by her parents Beckhorn and Philip Miller, selected a gown of silk' Seating the guests were organza over taffeta ushers Gary Lenneman, featuring an empire-style brother of the bride and Joe waistline with imported lace Thalison, brother of the trimming the bodice, standup collar, the full Bishop The couple greeted 350' groom. sleeves, cuffs and the edge of guests at the reception which her detachable cathederallength train. er Juliet style church hall. was held at 5;30 pm at the headpiece was trimmed with Special guests at the matching lace and secured wedding and reception were her short veil and she Mrs Rita Freund and Mrs carried a bouquet of white Eva Gale. mums and yellow roses. A After a wedding trip in gold cross and chain which Northern Michigan the had belonged to her greatgreat grandmother was at 60861/2 Westphalia Street, couple will make their home worn by the bride. Westphalia. The bride is a 1971 Matron of honor was Mrs graduate of Pewa mo- Dan Barnes of Westphalia Westphalia igh School and and serving as bridesmaids the groom attended Ionia were Julie Spitzley, West- igh School. Celebrate MR AND MRS LEON WILLIAMS ELSIE - Mr and Mrs Leon Williams of 8804 Allen Rd will celebrate their 50th anniversary Sunday Sept 24 from 2 to 5 pm at the American Legion all in Elsie. Their children, Mr and Mrs Glenn Williams, Mr and Mrs Richard Sturgis, Mr and Mrs Kaye D Potter will be the hosts, assisted by the couples 11 grandchildren. Loon Williams and the former Ruth Partlow were married by Rev J M Blank oney Korber now Mrs W V Charvat Rev William ankerd, pastor of St Joseph Catholic Church, performed the double ring service, Aug 18, which united in marriage oney Jane Karber, daughter of Mr and Mrs Gerald Karber of St Johns, and William Vincent Charvat, son of Mr and Mrs Robert Charvat of Grosse Pointe Woods. The bride and groom were escorted to the altar by their parents where bouquets of white snapdragons and baby mums were placed for the 7 pm ceremony. Mrs erman Smith served as organist and organza ended in a chapellength train, and her three tiered veil was secured to a fitted headpiece encrusted with seed pearls. She carried a white cascade bouquet of mixed flowers centered with a detachable white orchid corsage. Angela Karber served her sister as maid of honor and bridemaids were Janice Charvat, sister of the groom, and Linda Karber, cousin of the bride from Tucson, Ariz. The attendants wore identical full-length gowns of snow white with long sheer Anderla, of Albion, and Dennis urley, of Grosse Pointe Woods. Jerry Good and Keith arter, both of St Johns, seated the guests. Mr and Mrs Ted Good, aunt and uncle of the bride, hosted the champagne buffet supper for 200 guests in the social hall immediately after the service. A three tiered cake decorated with fresh flowers adorned the cake table and a water fountain with fresh floating gardenias served as the focal point of the dance area. Guests of honor present I II CAMERAS WILL FIT YOUR POCKET SEE TE NEW Kodak Pocket Instamatic Cameras At Parr's 0 COLOR PICTURES COME IN LARGE 3" x 4" SIZES TAKES COLOR, BLACK & WITE OR COLOR SLIDES Prices Start Less Than s Poloroid SQUARE SOOTER II CAMERA Reg. $24.95 SfflgSBfo^^ Only $19" Poloroid SUPER COLOR- PAK CAMERA Reg. $44.95 Only $ FOR ALL YOUR POTO NEEDS... SEE i ajbk PARR'SREXALL PARMACY 201 N.Clinton St. Johns Phone & t.'.» hv * efty, and Mrs elen Lynch. The newlyweds honeymooned in the Pocono Mountains of Pa, and are now residing at omestead Estates in Mt Pleasant where they are members of the junior class at Central Michigan University. Married i COLUMBUS, O -- Lenore Platte and Irvin Gorling wore married Saturday evening Sept 2 at the Newman Center Chapel. They are honeymooning'in Colorado. After Oct 1 the couple will make their home at 848 1/2 Neil Ave, Columbus. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Francis Platte of Westphalia. The bridegroom's parents are Mr and Mrs Urban Gorling of Bradford, Ohio. DETERRENT Expose the faults of other people only after you count ten ten of your own. R. E. BENSON PLUMBING & EATING 106 N. Clinton St. Johns Phone MASTER PLUMBERS American-Standard Plumbing, ot Water eating Lennox Warm Air eating and Air Conditioning CUSTOM SEET" METAL SOP.47 Years Same Address anniversar on Sept 21, 1922 at her home near Chapin. Their attendants were Clare Batchelor of Qwosso, Clifford Partlow (deceased), a sister, azel Williams Ballantine and Pauline Schlaack Gamble of San Bernadino, Calif. Mr and Mrs Williams have lived at their farm estate which became a Centennial Farm in Relatives and friends are invited, to call on them at the above date. They request that there be no gifts. Graduates BIG RAPIDS - Carol L Martin was among the recent graduates of Ferris State College of Nursing. The graduates received their diplomas and caps at a luncheon held at the college on Friday, Aug 25. Miss Martin is the daughter of Mr and Mrs William Martin of St Johns and will be employed at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. A FIGT CANCER American Cancer Society,^<^<-!?^5'*^p <S?*-tf> «5>^^ At: Smonuf Boot Legging it September 13, 1972 Celebrate anniversary FOWLER -- Mr and Mrs Vernon Benjamin of Fowler, will be honored at an open house, held at * St Paul Lutheran Parish all, Sunday, Sept 17 from 2:30 to 5 pm. The event is in honor of their silver wedding anniversary and is being hosted by their children, Carol and Judy of Lansing, Mr and Mrs Tom Feldpausch of Fowler, Brian and Lorie at home. Relatives and friends of the couple are cordially invited to attend. It is requested there be no gifts. Five generations gathered recently for this photo. Pictured arefrorn ]eft, Mrs Clara Garber of Palmetto, Fla, great-great-grandmother; Mrs RichardRowley of Laingsburg, mother; great-grandfather, Leo Ballingar of Barryton, grandfather, Dean Ballingar of St Johns and baby Crystal Mae RowJey. KISSANE -- A girl, Katherine Annette, was adopted by Mr and Mrs William F Kissane of R-6, St Johns Aug 14. She weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. The baby has l brother. Grandparents are Mr and Mrs Byron Kissane and Mr and Mrs Frank C Rivest. The mother is the former Judy Rivest. WITE--A girl, Amie Sue, was born to Mr and Mrs William White of S Lansing St, St Johns Aug 23 at Carson City ospital. She weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Grandparents are Mr and Mrs William S White and Ray Bice. The mother is the former Carla Vincent. LESKE--A girl, Margaret WITGEN-A girl. Beck;, Amanda, was born to Mr and Renae. was born to Mr and Mrs Robert Leslie Jr of Mt Mrs Luke Witgen of R-i, - Clemens Sept 1 at St Joseph Fowler Aug 14 at Sparrow ospital. She weighed 8 ospital. She weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Grandparents are Mr and Mrs. parents are.... Mr and Mrs pounds, 6 ounces. Grand Robert Leslie Sr,, of Mt James Feldpausch of Fowler )Clemdns i "a, nd 'Mran'd' Mrs "and Mr and Mrs erman "Ivanarlow^fStJohns.The U'itgen of. Fowler,, The mothes the former 'Yvonne mother is the former Lucy arlow, ' Feldpausch. SkiSim airstep. shoes I Today's answer to.uvcsbtiri/iny iilmoht anything you wear fmm.skirt, to dress, to coat. And because tht'so hoots AW uiiuk* by Air Step, you can count on comfort toboot. $23,95 Black, Navy, White, Bone ST. JONS 121 N. 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5 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 5A MRS GARY WEBER Bloodmobile set for Ovid Just suppose-you had just been rushed to the hospital ^from a car accident in which x 'you had lost a huge amount of blood and the doctor says, "sorry we can't help you we don't have a supply of blood " Or just suppose-you or one of your loved ones needed a life-saving operation and the hospital refused to do it because they didn't have a S lood supply. This doesn't happen, but it could if it were not for the many people who take time out of their busy day to stop and give**a pint of that precious life-giving substance so that your hospital does have a blood supply. The Red Cross Bloodmobile will be in the Ovid- Elsie area on Thursday, Sept 14 from noon to six o'clock at the Ovid Memorial Building. If you have never given, try it, you'll like it! It gives you such a good feeling to know you have helped in such a personal way. TIP TO MOTORISTS,_ Watch your speed on the highways the high death rate starts at 80 miles per hour. COMPLETE BODY WORK AND GLASS REPLACEMENT BOB'S AUTO BODY 800 N. Lansing Phone Thelen-Weber vows repeated FOWLER -- Shirley Dora Thelen became the bride of Gary James Weber Saturday, Sept 9 in a double ring service held at oly Trinity Church. Rev Albert Schmitt officiated at the 2 pm ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Urban J Thelen of Walker Road, St Johns and the groom's parents are Mr and Mrs Robert Weber of inmann Road, Fowler. The bride, given in marriage by her father, approached the altar in an A- line full-length gown styled with long sleeves and a high Chantilly lace collar. Chantilly lace covered the bodice and extended in panels down the front of the skirt. Lace appliques trimmed the sleeves and cuffs and a chapel-length train was attached. A headpiece of matching lace secured her shoulder-length veil and she carried a bouquet of red roses with white carnations and red and white streamers. Maid of honor was the bride's sister, Jane Thelen of Fowler and assisting as bridesmaids were Joanne Pohl, Portland; Ann Schneider, Portland; and Marilyn Weber, - Fowler, sister of the groom. Flower girl was Gina arr of Westphalia, niece of the bride. The attendants wore floor-length gowns featuring an empire-style waistline, long sheer sleeves, stand-up collar and a 6 inch ruffle at the hemline. Small flowers primmed the collar, cuffs 'and the front of the bodice. The skirt of the gowns worn 1 by the maid of honor and flower girl were orchid and the attendants' lavender. The bodice of each gown was off-white. They wore matching headpieces which secured their waist-length veils and carried pompon bouquets of purple, orchid and lavender mums with pink star flowers. Best man was Bruce Weber, Fowler, the groom's brother and serving as groomsmen were Robert Thelen, Fowler, brother of the bride; Michael Klein and William Klein, both of Fowler. Seating the guests were ushers Paul arr, Westphalia, brother-in-law of the bride, and Dan Schaefer of Fowler. The couple greeted guests at a 5 pm reception which was held at the church hall. Special guests were Mrs Theresa Thelen, grandmother of the groom; Albert Fedewa, grandfather of the bride and Mrs Catherine Weber, grandmother of the groom. For travel on their wedding trip to Maine and the East Coast the new Mrs Weber chose a maroon ribbed knit sweater with long sleeves and a matching maroon and white print skirt. Upon return the couple will make their home on Jason Road, Portland. The couple are both 1970 graduates of Fowler igh School. DAR display arranged Sept 17 marks the 185th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the United States of America by the Constitutional Convention. The President of the United States proclaims the period September each ( SofettibEvtiiitsi An open house will be held at 206 Brust St, St Johns Sunday, Sept 17 from 2 to 5 pm in honor of Mrs Nancy ayneg' 90th birthday. The ppenjhousejvbeing hosfed by^hertfamily. "*"" It is requested there be no gifts. year as Constitution Week. River Wabwaysin Chapter DAR will have a display in the Bement Public Library arranged ^ by Mrs ila Bross, cliapter chairman. Residents are asked to display the Flag all week. MR AND MRS GEORGE BUTLER Kurt's Appliance Says... Don't buy just any Color TV! Celebrate anniversary LANSING - Mr and Mrs George N Butler of 1405 PattengilL Lansing will be guests of honor at a reception in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. The event will be held at the Eagle all, 4600 North Grand River, Lansing on Sunday, Sept 17 from 4 pm to 7 pm. osts will be the couple's 3 daughters and their families, Mr and Mrs Donald Ritchie of Grand Ledge, Mr and Mrs Daniel Rourke of Littleton, Colo and Mrs Patricia Siegrist, Lansing. Mr Butler and the former Gertrude K Brya were married in St Johns on Sept 17, 1922 and have been residents at their present address for the past 16 years. Since his retirement from the Michigan State ighway Department in Mr Butler has been engaged in real estate sales with Eipper Realty Co. Mrs Butler is a retiree of the Lansing State Journal and prior to that was employed by the Clinton On every one of over 50 XL-100 Solid State models! County News, The couple has 9 grandchildren. Friends are invited to stop by to help the couple celebrate their special occasion and it has been requested that there be no onors List BIG RAPIDS - Ferris State College has honored 474 students for scholastic excellence during the summer quarter by naming them to the academic honors list. To be named to the list a student must earn at least a 3.25 average on a 4,0 basis and carry a full academic load. A full load is defined as 14 quarter hours of credit. Students named from this area included: Ethel M Cormack and Edward C Rasdale, both of St Johns. Backed by a Color TV guarantee 3 ways stronger than most other Color TV warranties L0TS-L0TS-L0TS Lots in the country In the city We Now ave Over 35 Lots Available We'll Build With Your Plans Or With Our Plans «m RCA COLOR YOU CAN COUNT ON WINSLOW IGR71D I«Rami picture here's why RCA makes this offer... 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6 6A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan t Wilma Smith weds G G Whitehead September 13, 1972 MRS JAMBS WARD Couple speak vows in St Johns church ST JONS - Rev oward Simpson performed the Aug 26 wedding service uniting in marriage June Ann Brethauer and James Arthur Ward. The double ring ceremony took place in the St Johns Episcopal Church at 7 pm. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Kenneth B Brethauer of 4621 South Cedar Street, Lansing and the groom's parents are Mr and Mrs Wayne Ward of 501 West Baldwin Street, St Johns. Organist for the service was Mrs Norma aas. Mrs Lois Brethauer of East Lansing, sister-in-law of the bride, was matron of honor and other attendants included bridesmaids, Jackie Welch of Perry, Wendy Ward of St Johns and flower girl, Karon Koos of Charlotter Best man was David Smith of St Johns and groomsmen were Gordon Brethauer, Lansing, brother of the bride and John Ward, St Johns, brother of the groom. Ring 'ii bearer was Steven Ward, brother of the groom. The couple greeted 250 guests at the reception which was held in the social hall of the church following the ceremony. Following a wedding trip to Mt Pleasant, the new Mr and Mrs Ward wdl make their home in Lansing The bride is a graduate of Everett igh School in Lansing and the groom is a graduate of St Johns igh School. St Johns Sunday guests at the home of Mrs George Glover were her son, Stanley Losey of Whittemore Lake, her sonin-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Ralph Abernathy of Grand Rapids, her granddaughter, Mrs Paul Ramsey of Los Angeles, Calif, and another granddaughter with her husband, Jerry offman, and their five children of Grant. PEWAMO --,Wilma Jean Smith became the bride of George G ' Whitehead Saturday, Sept 9 at a 3 pm service which took place in St Joseph's Catholic Church, Pewamo. Officiating at the 3 pm ceremony was Msgr Thomas Bolger. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Raynold C Smith of 313 East Washington, Pewamo and the groom is the son of Mr and Mrs George W Whitehead of 410 South Main, Webberville. The bride was given in marriage by her father and chose a floor-length gown of white sati-peau with a deep yoke trimmed with pin tucks and val lace. The same design was carried out on the full Bishop sleeves. The A- line skirt was accented with a deep border of tucks and val lace encircled the hemline. A chapel-length train was attached to the gown at the natural waist in the back. er shoulderlength veil of silk illusion was attached to a face framing headpiece of Venice lace motifs and organdy loops and she carried a bouquet of yellow and white roses and mums. Judy Smith of Lansing was her sister's maid of honor and bridesmaids were Lucille Wieber, Lansing, cousin of the bride, and Linda Whitehead, Webberville, sister of the groom. Flower girl was Karen Schafer, Pewamo, niece of the bride. The attendants wore floor-length olive green gowns styled with a Victorian neckline, amlet sleeves and an empire-style waistline. A ruffle decorated the hemline and the neckline, bodice and sleeves were trimmed with an olive green ribbon woven thru ivory lace. They carried varied shades of yellow mums and carnations. Dan Laux of Perry was best man and assisting as groomsmen were Delbert Smith, Pewamo, the bride's brother and cousin of the groom, Karry Rex Weaver, aslett, cousin of the groom. Following the service a reception was held in St Joseph's all with 350 guests in attendance. The couple left for a southern wedding trip and upon return will make their home at 3322 West Michigan in Lansing. The bride is a 1968 graduate of Pewamo- Westphalia igh School and the groom is 1963 graduate of Webberville igh School. Three area students on band roster MT PLEASANT - Three St Johns college students. Thomas Doyle David Oatley and Van Patterson, members of the Marching Chippewas of Central Michigan University will make their campus debut Sept 30 when the Chippewa gridders meet Indiana State on Alumni Field. Weather conditions have hampered the completion of the University's new Perry Shorts Stadium where the band was previously scheduled to appear. September 14 will find the 130-member band in Detroit where they will be featured in the halftime show during the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings football game. The 3 p.m. game will be nationally televised. Conducting the band in the five home football game halftime shows will be Norman Dietz, CMU band director. Jack Saunders is assistant director and originator of band formations. Kenneth Snoeck, percussion instructor, is the originator of the special arrangements for which the band is famous, Sofas Styled with Elegance This sofa MRS GEORGE WITEEAD St. Johns BY I LA BROSS Mrs Ladd Bartholomew attended a Board Meeting of the Central Michigan Library System last Wednesday night, at the Public Library in Vermontville. Immediate past president of the CMLS Board, Mrs Bartholomew is also a member of the Board of Bement Public Library. Mr and Mrs Jack Dietrich, accompanied by their children, Caren, Steve and Jeff, as well as Tom Tucker, spent Sunday touring the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary near Gull Lake, and the Gilmore Antique Auto Museum at ickory Corners. Mrs Doris Rhynard Thrusch and daughter, Jennifer, have returned to their home in Tarzana, Calif, after visiting Mrs All Popularly Priced! comes custom-covered erbert Rhynard for three weeks. Mrs Olive Conkhn, Birdaline Smith and Mrs Marie Belknap returned Saturday from a week's tour through the East, spending several days on Cape Cod. Janice aviland of Bancroft, Wis, returned home by plane Saturday, after a week's visit at the home of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs erb Baker. Sunday they accompanied Jack and Linda McCurry of Grand Rapids, to the home of Linda's parents, Mr and Mrs Duane Fent, of Burch Run, for a family reunion. Mr and Mrs Leo McCurry and daughter, Victoria, also attended. Mrs M Bross was in Mason Monday on business for Bement Public Library. Dr Winifred Kingsbury and Mrs Elsie Cornish have returned to their homes in, Somerset,,England, after spending about three weeks visiting their cousins, Mr and Mrs Richard Kingsbury, and their uncle, Percy Kingsbury, who was born in Somerset. While in Michigan, they also visited their cousin, Mary Kingsbury, at Little Point Sable on Lake Michigan, and Mrs Donald Phillips in Plymouth, also a cousin, who was formerly Elizabeth Kingsbury of Greenbush. MR AND MRS CLA YTON IRIS Celebrate anniversary Mr and Mrs Clayton Irish will be guest of honor at an open house in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The event will be held from 2 to 5 pm on Sunday, Sept 17 at the Price United Methodist Church, corner of E Price and S Chandler Roads. osts for the open house will be their son and his family, Mr and Mrs Bruce Irish Sr, Bruce Jr and Annette, and Mr and Mrs Dan Matice and Laura, all of St Johns. Mr Irish and the former Sylvia Suter of Pandora, Ohio were married Sept 25, 1932 in Pandora. Mr Irish has resided in this area all his life. e brought Mrs Irish here as a bride and the couple has resided in the DeWitt and St Johns areas since their marriage. Friends and relatives of the family are invited to attend the open house and it has been requested there be no gifts. Duplain- Rochester Colony Family night at the Duplain Church of Christ will be held Friday evening, Sept 15 with a potluck supper at 7 p.m. Following the supper hour a short program and fellowship hour will follow. "God's Glorious eaven" was the sermon topic Sunday at the Duplain Church of Christ. Special music in song was "I'm Going igher" by Com" Burnham. Greeters for the day was Mr and Mrs James Burnham. Sunday evening a singspiration service was held with the choir singing a special number. The Junior and Senior Youth Groups of the Church of Christ held a campout Friday through Sunday up north. Special classes and a planning! session for the fall ' youth program was held, all combining to make this a spiritual retreat. The youth leaders sponsored the campout. The September meeting of Women's Fellowship was held Tuesday evening at the Church of'christ. Devotions were presented by Mrs Sydney Acre and a report on the Kalkaska Women's Clinic was given by Mrs Joe Bancroft and the various women that attended. The business meeting included the election of officers for the coming year. Elected were Mrs Joe Bancroft, President; Mrs David Peabody, Vice-President; Mrs Robert Risley, Secretary; Mrs Sydney Acre, Treasurer; Mrs Neil all, Corresponding Secretary and Mrs Gordon MqCullough.,.Missionary ^%y-:-x : >: : : : : :*: : : : :-:::-: : : :: : :.-:.* ::: S^i^viW*:-:*:-:^ reporter. * Refreshments _ were served by MrV Gordon" v McCullough and Mrs Roger Smith. 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7 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 7A 1972 Redwings are "small but quick" ST JONS - "Small but quick" is how St Johns Coach Emie Becker describes the 1972 Redwings football squad. "Our drawback will be size," he explains while adding "it's the smallest team I've ever coached." BECKER REPORTS having good speed at most positions, especially in the backfield. e says "quickness of the offense" will be the Redwings strong point this fall. Six of the Redwings 8 games this season are on home turf with the Mt Pleasant Oilers coming to town Friday night for the opener. A change in state athletic classification drops St Johns back into Class B but several of their football rivals remain in Class A. For this reason, Becker calls the Redwings 1972 schedule"the roughest ever" at St Johns. "Every team we face this season will outweigh us by about 20 to 40 pounds," Becker says. owever, he notes the 13 returning lettermen gives him an experienced crew which should improve upon last fall's record of 4-5. The 1971 Redwings finished with a 3-3 mark in the West Central Conference. Among the nonconference wins was an upset victory over traditional rival Ovid-Elsie. EADING TE list of returning veterans are 3 players who will serve as tricaptains of the 1972 team. Senior tailback Bruce Cameron is expected to handle the bulk of ball carrying chores. e stands 5- foot-7 and weighs 140 pounds. Joining him in the backfield will be senior upback Gary Mankey, 5-foot-8 and 155 pounds. The third team captain and largest is senior tackle Bruce Irish. e stands an even 6-foot and weighs about 185 pounds, Other returning lettermen in the Redwings backfield are: junior swingback George Rosner, 5-foot-ll and 165 pounds; senior tailback Bob unter, 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds; senior quarterback/end Cary Rappuhn, 5-foot-10 and 155 pounds; and senior swingback Steve Flegel, 5-foot-6 and 130 pounds. TE LINEMEN returning this fall who won letters last season include: senior tackle Randy Devereaux, 6-foot-l and 180 pounds; senior end Jim ebeler, 6-foot and 160 pounds; senior guard Jerry Smith, 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds; senior guard Rich Riley, 5-foot-7 and 140 pounds; senior center Marv Pettit, 5-foot-9 and 160 pounds; and senior center Mark Crosby, 5-foot-9 and 155 pounds. Other team members are: junior quarterback Jim Lynch, 5-foot-ll and 155 pounds; sophomore quarterback Kevin Knight, 5-foot- 9 and 150 pounds; junior tailback Mark Barz, 5-foot-7 and 130 pounds; junior upback Russ Waggoner, 5-foot- 6 and 150 pounds; junior upback Marty Brewbaker, 5- foot-10 and 145 pounds; iunior swingback John ayes, 5-foot-5 and 120 pounds; senior center Dave arger, 5-foot-l0 and 200 pounds; junior center Ray Whitford, 5-foot-7 and 130 pounds; junior guard Dick Parker, 5-foot-l0 and 140 pounds; junior guard Brian Downing, 5-foot-8 and *150 pounds; junior guard Chris Slamka, 5-foot-8 and 155 pounds; junior tackle Gilbert Martinez, 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds; and junior tackle Ray Schueller, 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds. Also on the squad are: junior tackle Brent Coff man, 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds; junior tackle Chris alfman, 5-foot-ll and 150 pounds; junior -end -Wayne Flermoen, 5-foot-ll and 150 pounds; junior end Chris Richards, 5-foot-10 and 140 pounds; senior end Alan Weatherwax, 5-foot-l0 and 135 pounds; junior end Gary Thelen, 5-foot-7 and 120 pounds; and junior end Mike Lynch, 5-foot-ll and 150 pounds. ASSISTING COAC Becker with the varsity will be line coach Joe Gonzales. This is his 3rd year in this post and his fourth year at /St. Johns. e is a language teacher at the high school and a graduate of Michigan State University. Also working with the varsity and iunior varsity squads will be Dick Vitek who is working on a bachelor's degree in vocational education at Michigan State University. e worked with the freshmen squad last season and spent two years coaching at St Joseph. Redwings Fall sports schedule VARSITY FOOTBALL Grand Ledge (A) 7 pm and NOV 2 -- East Lansing () 7 pm. SEPT 15 - Mt Pleasant () 8 pm, SEPT Charlotte () CROSS COUNTRY 8 pm, SEPT 29 - olt () 8 pm, OCT 6 - Ionia () 8 pm, OCT SEPT 8 - Mt Pleasant (A) 4:15 pm, SEPT Ovid-Elsie 13 - Waverly (A) 8 pm, OCT 20 - astings () 8 pm, OCT 27 -() 4:30 pm, SEPT 14 - Charlotte () 5 pm, SEPT Grand Ledge (A) 8 pm, NOV 3 - Alma () 8 pm and NOV 10 DeWitt () 4:30 pm, SEPT 21 - enry ill (A) 4:30 pm, - Ovid-Elsie (A) 8 pm. SEPT EMU Invitational at Ypsilanti, SEPT 26 - Bath () 4:30 pm, SEPT 28 - Ionia () 5 pm, OCT 2 - Bath (A) JV FOOTBALL 4:30 pm, OCT 5 - Waverly (A) 5 pm, OCT 10 - DeWitt (A) 4:30 pm, OCT 12 - astings () 5 pm, OCT Grand Ledge SEPT 21 - Charlotte (A) 7 pm, SEPT olt (A) 7 pm, (A) 5 pm, OCT 26 - Alma () 5 pm and NOV 2 --West Central OCT 5 -- Ionia (A) 7 pm, OCT 12 - Waverly () 7 pm, OCT 19 -Conference Meet at 4:30 pm in Charlotte. astings C A) 7 pm, OCT 26 - Grand Ledge () 7 pm and NOV 2 - Alma (A) 7 pm. GOLF SEPT8--Ithaca()4:15pm,SEPTl2--Charlotte(A)4:45 FROS FOOTBALL pm, SEPT Ionia XA) 4 pm, SEPT 21 - Waverly () 4:15 <i. L ii uliu.. pm, SEPT astings (A) 4:15 pm, SEPT Grand.gfePT'16 - Mt Pleasant () 10 am, SEPT 21 - Charlotte () Ledge () 4:15 pm, OCT 3 - Alma (A) 4:15 pm, OCT 6-7 pm, SEPT 28 -olt () 7 pm, OCT 5 - Ionia () 7 pm, OCT Ithaca (A) 4:15 pm, OCT 10 - West Central Conference Meet, 12- Waverly (A) 7 pm, OCT 19--astings () 7 pm, OCT 26 - OCT 16 - Regional Meet and OCT 23 - State Finals ST JONS REDWINGS The St Johns Redwings open the 1972 season at home Friday night against Mt Fte*isant, a powerful Class A squal Team members inclad'3: (ktioeling) Da^e Miller, MarkBarz, Steve Flegel, Johnayes, Raymond Whitford, Bruce Cameron, Jerry Smith, Rich Riley, Jim Lynch, Gilbert Martinez, Chris Slamka; (2nd row) Gary Mankey, Cary Rappuhn, Brian Downing, Kevin Knight, Gary Thelen, Mark Crosby, Bob unter, Marv Pettit, Marty Brewbaker, Ray Schueller; (3rd row) Chris alfman, Jim ebeler, Randy Devereaux, Bruce Ir*is.h, Brent'Goffman*, Dick^ P'arkef, Davfd arge^, Wayne Flermoen, George- Rpsner an^mikvbynch. Not* pictured are: Russ Waggoner, Chris Richards and Alan Weatherwax. tfe St Johns Redwing Boosters SILVESTRI PAINT & SUPPLY D & B PARTY SOPPE EGAN FORD SALES E.F. BORON CO. MEL WARREN AGENCY' CAPITOL SAVINGS & LOAN CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK ANTES CLEANERS ANDY'S IGA ETTLER'S MOTOR SALES GAMBLE STORE i BEE'S CEVROLET &OLDSMOBILE BOB'S AUTO BODY ST. JONS AUTOMOTIVE SCMITT ELECTRIC ' T LANTERMAN INSURANCE MACKINNON&SON PARR'S PARMACY UB TIRE CENTER KARBER BLOCK CAINS, INC. + ^ T ST JONS EAD COAC ERNEST BECKER EXPLAINS A PLAY TO LINE COAC AND IS ASSISTANT DICK VITEK. '1972 REfrWINGS CEERLEADERS TRI CAPTAINS / Advisor of the 1972 varsity cheerleaders at St. Johns igh is Linda Lindner. Squad members include: (front) Betty Jolly, Penny Taylor, Karen Koenigsknecht arid'.lee Morriss; (top) Ann Barber, Sharon Green and CindyJiettler. Gary Mankey > Bruce Irish Bruce Cameron

8 8A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 O-E Marauders seek 3rd conference crown Ovid-Elsie has compiled a 16-2 mark during the past two seasons while bringing home the Mid-Michigan "B" Conference title twice. The outlook for this fall is again excellent for the Marauders. Coach Mark O'Donnell calls his returning players "the best prospects in 20 years of coaching." O'Donnell has the facts to back up this glowing tribute to his gridiron charges. Among the 16 returning lettermen are 13 boys who were regulars last season including 3 who were named all-league. The 3 all-leaguers and likely all-state candidates this fall are running back Gary Groom and defensive tackles Lyn Stewart and Rob Nethaway. Groom is regarded as a good broken field runner and excellent pass receiver. e topped area scorers last fall and his 6-foot-l 190-pounds also makes him a rugged linebacker on defense. Stewart and Nethaway will once,, again provide the pillars of strength to O'Donnell's overpowering defense. Both stand 6-foot-3 while Stewart weighs 245 and Nethaway tips the scales at 265. Nethaway is the only junior among the returning lettermen. O-E CEERLEADERS " owever, a new youngster on this year's squad earns the "big man" title. Charles Thelen carries 279 pounds on his 6-foot-3 frame and O'Donnell gives him a good shot at the starting center slot. It's his first year out for football but coaches report he's progressing rapidly. Joining Groom in the backfield are quarterbacks Tom Kirinovic and Dan Egbert. Kirinovic was selected to the all-league second team last year and guided the offense all season. O'Donnell describes him as a fine option signal caller who can run and pass well. Egbert also gained ex- Leading the cheers of O-E football fans this fall will be these six young ladies who are directed by Miss /Barbara Anderson. From "bottom to top are: Kathy Jo tinkler, Sue Bracey, Nancy^Fpran-, and^ndeb Miller. On *#he left is Deb LeMarble and'leaann Michutka is on the right. perience at quarterback last season and is termed an excellent passer. A new face in the O-E backfield will be Rick Staples who played regular both ways as a tackle last fall. The rugged 5-foot-ll Impounder has been switched to fullback and is reportedly doing a bang up job. Other starting defensive players back are: Dan Egbert, a 6-foot pound linebacker; Randy Loynes, a 6-foot pound middle guard regarded tops in the league but hampered by an operation last season; Richard McCreery, a 6-foot pound deep safety with great speed; and Dave Winkler, a 6-foot 170-pound defensive end. Other returning lettermen include: Randy Cross, a 6- foot 185-pound center; Frank Enos a 5-foot pound guard; Doug Keck, a 6-foot 170-pound guard; Jim Kelly, a 5-foot pound halfback; Robin Leslie, a 5-foot pound end; Ralph Lockwood, a 5-foot pound guard; and Dale Miller, a 5- foot pound back. Assisting O'Donnell with the varsity this season will be line coach Russ Pope and backfield coach Bob Foreback. Joe Thering will handle the junior varsity with the assistance of Tom Bartol. Working with the freshman is Bill Furstenau and his assistant, Tom ughey. Schedule A schedule of varsity games is: SEPT 15 - Portland (A) 8 pm; SEPT Lowell (A) 7:30 pm; SEPT29 -- Chesaning () 8 pm; OCT 6-StLouis (A) 8pm; OCT Ithaca (omecoming) 8 pm; OCT Midland BC (A) 8 pm, OCT 27 - Corunna (A) 8 pm; NOV 3 -- Bridgeport (Dad's Nite) 8 pm, and NOV 10 - St Johns (). Tickets now on sale OVID-ELSIE MARAUDERS The O-E Marauders are rated solid favorites to earn their third straight Mid-Michigan "B" championship this fall. Team members include: (seated) Robin Leslie, Wayne Bowen, Kenny Kellogg (Mgr.), Greg Bancroft, Rodney Leslie, Jim Kelley, Tim O'Donnell (Mgr.), Fred Enos, Dale Miller, Doug Goodrich, Ray Bowles (Mgr.), Ralph Lockwood, Kirk BaeseandTim Bolton; (2nd row) Tom Kirninovic, Randy Cross, Jim Lawrence, Rick Staples, Jody Jorae, Randy Bowles, Stan ibbler, Doug Smith, Dennis Baese, Don Reha, Frank Enos and Greg Kellogg; (back row) Arnold Porubsky, Mark Flegel, Doug Keck, Gary Groom, Randy Loynes, Rob Nethaway, Lynn Webster, Chuck Thelen, Dan Egbert, Rick McCreery, Dave Winkler, Paul Tomasek and Mike Rummell. 0-E Marauders Boosters DARLING'S, INC. T ^ S.B. KEYS & SON GULF WATT FLORIST Fowler seeks scoring punch FOWLER-Fowler ead Coach Steve Spicer rates the development of a more potent offense as his major task this season.* The Eagles have 15 lettermen returning from last season's squad which compiled a 3-5 overall record and finished 5th in the Central Michigan Athletic Conference. Fowler opens the season Friday at home against Portland St Patrick's FOWLER EAGLES DEISLER'S FLOWERS GUMAER LUMBER CO. OVID SERVICE AGENCY ' MARON'S IGA FOODLINER KEN'S MKT. OVID-ELSIE - Season OVID ARDWARE DEBAR CEVROLET Y tickets for football games now on sale at ess Barber T OVID ROLLER MILLS LEVEY'S JEWELRY I Shop, Elsie and Ovid Service Agency. Price per season ticket for 5 games $ «V.L. MOORE & SON CEVROLET >--.*- Save $1.00. "DEFENSE IS our strong suit," reports Spicer, "and our biggest job this year is to improve our offense. We must become more consistent to be successful." The Fowler coach calls this fall's race for the Central Michigan Athletic Conference crown a real scramble with Potterville being a slight favorite. e Fowler Coach Steve Spicer reports 15 players who earned varsity letters last fall are returning this season. Team members include: (kneeling) Steve Mueller, Roger Thelen, Scott Spicer, Pat Feldpausch, Bob MacKinnon John Puns. Randy Simmon and Frank Koenigsknecht; (2nd row) Louie Martin, Steve Foxf Larry alfman, Rich Epkey, Dave alfman, Russ Naback, Pat Thelen and Brian McKeani (3rd row) Bill Feldpausch, Dave Osborne, Mark Koenigsknecht, Neil Simon, Glen.Thelen, Mel Pohl, Ken alfman and Tony Thelen. i Fowler Eagle Boosters BECKER'S DEPARTMENT STORE BECKER FURNITURE FARMER'S CO-OP ELEVATOR GAMBLE STORE MILLER'S TAVERN SIMON'S PLANING MILL SIMON BROS. TRUCKING EDINGER CEVROLET feels his Eagles have the potential to improve upon last year's finish be declined to rate them as a title contender. A look at Fowler's returning players indicates Coach Spicer may have a darkhorse in the conference race. Among the 15 lettermen from last season, -all were starters except one. The 9 senior letter winners include: end Tony Thelen, 6- foot-1 and 175 pounds; quarterback Scott Spicer, 5- foot-8 and 160 pounds; defensive halfback Pat Thelen, 5-foot-8 and 140 pounds; guard Randy Simmon. 5-foot-7 and 150 pounds; end Mel Pohl, 6-foot and 175 pounds; fullback Larry alfman, 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds; guard Dave Osborne, 5-foot-10 and 175 pounds; tackle Neil Simon, 5- foot-10 and pounds; and linebacker Rich Epkey, 5- foot-7 and 150 pounds. JUNIORS AMONG the returning lettermen include: halfback Bob MacKinnon, 5- foot-8 and 155 pounds; defensive end Bill Feldpausch, 6-foot and 170 pounds; defensive end Frank Koenigsknecht, 5-foot-4 and 120 pounds; center Dave alfman, 5-foot-ll and 210 pounds; tackle Glen Thelen, G-foot-2 and 215 pounds; and Ken alfman, 6-foot-l and 175 pounds. The Eagles 1972 schedule is: Sept 15 - Portland St Patrick's (); Sept 22- Webberville (A); Sept 29- Olivet (); Oct 6-LaingsbUrg (A); Oct 13-Pottervillte (A){ Oct 20 - DeWitt (ome- commg);oct27-pewaftio- Westfchalla <A)i NoV 3 - BelteViie {Parents' Night): and NoV 10-Spngpdrl (A)> tfowleft FOWLER CEERLEADERS These 7 young ladies will provide the spiritfor Fowler igh this fall during the football games. They include from left: Eileen Schmitt, Ellen Feldpausch, Patti Schrauben, Suzie Van Ells and Lorraine Piggott. Standing in the back are Julie arr (left) and Rose Goerge. COACES ARVEY'S FOOD Mia. Fowled ead Coach Steve Spicer FOWLER GAS & OIL (right) talks football With his assistant FINKBEINER'S PARMACY coach and the school's athletic director Charles Trierweiler. "The Ragles o&bn FOWLER OTEL thelt ld?2 g^son Friday 'nifcht with a home game Afcalttsfc Portland St Patricki T ^

9 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NE\VS, St Johns, Michigan 9A DeWitt makes bid for 4th CMAC title DeWITT -- The DeWitt Panthers feature a squad this fall which has the potential to repeat as champions of the Central Michigan Athletic Conference. Last season the Panthers shared the crown with Potterville and were also title winners during the two previous years. ead Coach Tom Isanhart reports "our problems right now are backfield depth and linebackers." e explains DeWitt lost 6 good backs through graduation and also 7 starters on defense. A QUICK assessment of the CMAC race will develop Friday night a^dewitt hosts Potterville in a clash" among defending champions. eading the list of 15 returning lettermen is senior tackle Gary Bouts, an allstate and all-conference selection last fall. The 6-foot 200-pound Bouts doubles as a linebacker on defense. Three other Panthers on the 1972 squad to earn allconference hqnors last fall include: defensive back Tom Ashley, a four-year starter; offensive guard Chris Mc- Neilly, a 6-foot and 160 pounds; and hajfbaek Dave Shooltz, 5-foot-6 v and 157 pounds. ANOTER LETTER- MEN, regarded highly by Isanhart is fullback Rich Albertson, 5-foot-10 and 204 pounds, who also runs the sprints during track season. Other top defensive prospects among the returning lettermen are linemen Murray Brockway, Joe Cavanaugh and Jerry Marriott plus defensive back Randy Lankford. Three juniors up from the junior varsity expected to see much action this season are quarterback Rick Moody, halfback Ron VanDeusen and lineman Mike Mull. Assisting Isanhart with the Panthers this season will be Frank Deak. A SCEDULE of varsity games at DeWitt this fall includes: Sept 15 - Potterville <); Sept 22 - Portland St Patrick's (A); Sept 29 - Pewamo-Westphalia (A); Oct 6 - Bellevue (omecoming); Oct,13 - Springport (); Oct 20 - Oct 27 - Webberville (); Nov 3 - Olivet (A); and Nov 10 - Laingsburg (A). gj Jjg 1972 DeWitt Panthers The DeWitt Panthers open the 1972 season at home Friday night against Potterville. Last season the two teams were co-champs of the Central Michigan Athletic Conference, Team members include: (kneeling) Dave Pratt, Mike Mull, Jeff Pratt, AlBrown, Doug Black, DuaneShooltz, Joe Cavanaugh, Randy Lankfond, Roliori Rice, Mike Krohnm Tom Couling; (2nd row) Paul Simon, Brace Brown, Steve Ruble., Tom Kirchen, Randy Berkimer, Randy Pitts, Rod Shepard, Jack Lenneman, Rich Albertson, Don Strait, Steve Dalman; (3rd row) Douglas Ely, Kent Wolfe, Rich Moody, Ron VanDeusen, Murray Brockway, Mark Colby, Tim Marriott, Jerry Marriott, Tom Ashley, Chris McNeilly and Gary Bouts. DeWitt Panthers Boosters t BILL FOWLER FORD SALES KECK'S APPLIANCES A*- V DeWITT CEERLEADERS The DeWitt igh School cheering section will be lead this fall by the seven energetic young ladies shown above. They include: (standing from left) Mary Gorman, Karen Chandler, Pam,, Shaw, and Debbie DeBow; -kneeling is Cindy Jaskiewicz and on top aredenlse Fox (left) and Debbie Smith. Absent from the picture is Janet Fowler. i* j t DEWITT PARMACY CAN DEE'S OWE'S GREENOUSE DEWITT LUMBER CO. BOUGTON ELEVATOR CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING DALMAN ARDWARE TERRENOVA'S SELECT MOBILE OMES ji :* Defense remains question for Bath Bees BAT-Defense is the big question in Coach Ron Skorich's mind at Bath but "Fighting Bees" look strong on offense with all-league quarterback Fritz Ordiway at the helm. Last season Bath finished third in the Ingham County League with a 6-3 overall record. Only 6 lettermen are returning this fall. OUR OFFENSE will feature a very strong running attack and the line will be very fast and experienced," reports Skorich. owever, he adds that "because of the limited size of our squad, we face a major rebuilding job on defense." e explains "we'll be moving many of our experienced boys on defense around until we find the right combination," Bath is a team with 3 juniors among the 6 returning letter winners. Ordiway, 6-foot-4 and 195 pounds, won all-league honors last season as a sophomore. is coach rates him an excellent quarterback both in running and passing. Joining Ordiway in the backfield is senior halfback Jeff Smith, 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds, who is also regarded as a fine runner. Anchoring an experienced offensive line are 2 big junior tackles who are beginning their 3rd year on varsity: Brian Brook stands 5-foot-8 and weighs 190 pounds while Rod Adams stands an even 6- foot and weighs 190 pounds. TE 2 SENIOR lettermen are ends Mark Reblin, 5-foot- 7 and 160 pounds, and Don enry, 6-foot and 190 pounds. Assisting Skorich with the coaching duties is Mel Comeau. A schedule of games includes: Sept 15 - Carson City- Crystal (A); Sept 22 -Perry (A); Sept29-Leslie (); Oct 6 - Pinckney (A); Oct 13 - Dansville (); Oct 20 - Stockbridge (); Oct 27 -.Williamston (A); Nov 3 - Fowlerville (). BAT COACES Preparing for the "Fighting Bees" season opener Friday night at Carson City-Crystal are Bath ead Coach Ron Skorich (left) and his assistant, Mel Comeau. BAT "FIGTING BEES" v Bath 'Coach Ron Skorich reports only 6 returning lettermen are members of the 1972 squad. Team members include; (kneeling) Chris Gutzki (manager^, Joe Escojtds, Gary Smith, Ted Day, Brian Brdokj Mark &ebltn» «jfeif Smith, Roger Dunham* Bo Jones, Duane BoWer and Darryl Graham (manager); (ba6k row) tlead Coach Ron Skorich, Joe Gtfeen, Larry King, Dari Bads, Rod Adams, Sam Bassv tftfltz Ordiway* Peter Carlson, Boil enry, Cnarids ojpkihs, Craig Taylor aria 1 Assistant Coach Mel (Jomeau. Bath Bees Boosters TOM KING'S STANDARD OIL WILKIN'S SERVICE R&R ARDWARE JACK'S GARAGE t 1 The feath football squad Will fee bhd&ted on,td victory thy fail by these - 5 jteung ladtes. tfrbmthe left tb rl t aret Kiiri Joesi CaSdl G6ff ( Giridy *nele arid Det&le Barrj In the. air ar LVrida Nichdis (rtgnt) arid ^Ker^i douse;

10 10A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 PEWAMO--Coach William Parks of Fewamo- Westphalia feels his Pirates are definitely contenders for the - Central Michigan P-W rates amona title contenders Athletic Conference crown definitely toward the top," Last season the Pirates this fall. Friday night the remarks the P-W Coach. e finished 3rd in the league Pirates open the 1972 season calls Potterville "the team to with a. 5-2 mark behind at Laingsburg. beat" while adding that "We'll be competitive and "DeWitt is also tough," P-W CEERLEADERS Leading the cheering at Pewamo-Westphalia games this fall will be this group of young ladies. In the front is Therese Smith and on top is Pat Gross, team captain. The center row from left includes: Patty Weber, Arlene Simon, Jo Lynn Spitzley and Julie Cvetnich. Their advisor is' Miss Susan Snover. FARMER'S ELEVATOR BUSONG STANDARD SERVICE P-W Pirates Boosters FOWLER TOURNEY RUNNERUPS Potterville and DeWitt. Marks reports "we lost a great deal of our defense but our backfield is back entirely." Among the 10 returning letter winners are 2 Pirates who earned all-conference recognition last season. They are senior guards Tom Davarn, 6-foot-l and 173 pounds, and Charles Bengel, 5-foot-l0 and 205 pounds. Other veterans on the squad ipclude: quarterback/end Roy Piggott, 6- foot-1 and 165 pounds; tackle Mike Miller, 6-foot-4 and 231 pounds; quarterback Doug Walter, 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds; fullback Gerard Fedewa, 5-foot-9 and 165 pounds; guard Dan Thelen, 5-foot-9 and 157 pounds; end Gary Lenneman, 6-foot-2 and 170 pounds; halfback/end. Tom Fedewa, -5-foot-ll and 170 pounds; and halfback Dan Fedewa, 5-foot-9 and 167 pounds. All the P-W lettermen are seniors. DougRearick will serve as the assistant varsity coach while arry Peacock is the junior varsity mentor. A schedule of P-W games this fall'includes: Sept 15- Laingsburg (A); Sept 22- Potterville (A); Sept 29- DeWitt (); Oct 6-Portland St Patrick's (A); Oct 13- Bellevue (omecoming): Oct 20-Springport (A); Oct 27-Fowler (); Nov. 3- Webberville (A); and Nov 10-Olivet.() DAVARN EQUIPMENT SALES PEWAMO FOOD & BEVERAGE The St Johns Jaycees earned runnerup spot in the Fowler Jaycees Invitational Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament. Their only defeat in 5 games was an 8-4 loss to the champs, Vince and Paul's, during a 12 inning contest. Team members include: (front) Clark Berkhousen, Tom Studer, MLfce Brown, Bob Andrews, Rich Snyder; (oack) Clyde Wier, Larry Slade, Jim Dallman, John aruska and Jerry Paksi. Not pictured are: Dave Needham, Barry Dean, ub Waite, Dave umenik, Wayne Banner, Dale Conroy, John Swanchara, John Welch and Jon Berkhousen. Leon Nurenberg wins Softball MVP award FOWL^R-Officials of.the Fowler Jaycees Invitational Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament announce Leon Nurenberg of Fowler has been named the event's most valuable player. e was a member of Vince and Paul's, the tournament champions. onored as the best outfielder was Bob Andrews, a member of the second place St Johns Jaycees. The best infielder award was 1972 P-W PIRATES %', T5^/ 1*57 1 M&&^J The Pewamo-Westphalia Pirates open the 1972 season at Laingsburg Friday night. Coach William Marks and his Pirates are seeking to improve their 3rd place finish in the Central Michigan Athletic Conference last fall. Team members include: (kneeling) Luke Schneider, Dan Fedewa, Steve Martin, Gary Beauchnau, Randy Walter, Steve Simon, Duane engesbach, Doug Walter, Gerard Fedewa; (second row) ead Coach William Marks, Carl uhn, Randy Thelen, Dave Fox, Charles Bengel, Gary Lenneman, Mark Spitzley, Mike Smith, Dan Thelen, Don Simon, Assistant Coach Doug Rearick; (back row) Dean Miller, Ray Piggott, Bob Smith, Dan Theis, Mike Miller, Tom Davarn, Dan May, Tom Fedewa, Randy Fedewa and Nick Blauwiekel. presented to Duane Witter of Carson City's Lamplight Inn. St Johns Jaycees won second spot in the 24-team double elimination tourney by blasting O'Connor's Dairy 20-4 in the final game. * Earlier the Jaycees dropped into the losers bracket after an 8-4 loss to Vince and Paul's in 12 innings. Vince and Paul's captured the crown with an 8-4 win over previously undefeated O'Connor's. 275 players enjoy St Johns Softball ST. JONS-Officials of the St Johns Slow-Pitch Softball League report 275 players participated in the program this season.. The championship was earned by O'Connor's Dairy. The squad is coached by Mel Sehlke and Tim. O'Connor is team sponsor. Members of the championship team, include: Rod Pasch. Al ayes, Rod ayes, Charles Silm, Bill Flegler, Larry Grennell, Chuck Jegla, Marv ayes, Rollie Kloeckner, Dave Richmond, Don Munger and Tom McKenzie. Basement champs on the merits of a winless season is Beck's Fruit Farm managed by Joe Gavenda. Dry Dock Lounge managed by Terry Nobis won the American League while Manager Larry Slade directed the St, Johns Jaycees to top spot in the National League. O'Connor's edged the Jaycees during the playoffs in an extra inning game and then went on to soundly defeat UAW Local 182 in the finals.. The National LeagueAll- Stars won the inter-league clash. Manager of the National League All- Stars was Larry Slade. FOWLER TOURNEY CAMPS Vince and Paul's captured the Fowler Jaycees Invitational Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament crown while compiling a perfect 4-0 mark during the 2 week event. Members of the Fowler-based team include: (front) Alan Weber, Ralph Goerge, Duane Weber, Mike McKean, Gary Weber; (back) James Koenigsknecht, LeRoy Goerge, Phil Schmitt, Bill Braun, Leon Nurenberg and Kenalfmann. Notpictured are: arry Goerge, George Goerge, John Wieber and Jerry Fox. %'^rjf' " Itvut*^--"^,;*»-..-(,.'. ;» Spearheading the Ovid-Elsie football squad, this fall will be three players who earned first team berths on the Mid-Michigan "B w All-Conference lineup. * On the left is Lynn Webster, a 6~foot pound defensive tackle who is % currently on light duty with a jninor knee injury. Gary Groom (center) was top scorer in the area lastfall as his 6-foot 190-poiind frame ripped off long-yardage against the -opposition's defenders. Rob Nethaway is the youngest and largest of Q-E's BIG TREE. e stands 6-foqt-3 arid weighs 265-pounds. ST JONS SOFTBALL CAMPS St Johns Mayor Robert Wood presents the championship trophy to members of a squad sponsored by O'Connor's Dairy. Team, members include: (kneeling) Rod Paschy Al ayes, Tim O'Connor (sponsor), Mel Sehlke-(Manager^ Rod ayes and Charles Silmj (back) Bill Flegler, Larrjk Grennell, Marv ayes, Rollie Kloeckner, Chuck Jegla; Dave Richmond, Don Munger and-tom McKenzte;' ;

11 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St, Johns, Michigan A Mr and Mrs John Woodbury and Mrs arriet Schmid spent Wednesday and Thursday, Sept 6 and Sept 7 with Mr and Mrs Gary Skinner of Pickford. Tina Marie came home with' Mrs Schmid to stay.until Saturday. Mr and Mrs Vern Woodbury of Riverside, Calif called on Mr and Mrs John Woodbury Thursday af- ternoon, Sept 7. Patricia Schmid and Mrs arriet Schmid spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Mr and Mrs Gary Skinner of Pickford. Tina Marie Skinner returned home with them. The Salem United Methodist WSCS will meet at the church Sept 21 at 7:30 pm with arriet Schmid as hostess and Thelma Woodbury and Claribel Nieman as co-hostess. Mr and Mrs Maynard Beck spent the weekend in Cadillac with their daughter, Donna OaUey and family. There were 31 in attendance at Salem Unuted Methodist Church Sunday Sept 10 with the call to worship being given by Mrs Jane Squiers of Ovid as lay speaker. The scripture lesson was taken from 15 chapter of John. The sermon Bridgeville MRS. TELMA WOODBURY NOTICE was": What it means to be a member of the Methodist church or any church. Mary Phillips was organist with Darrel Beck and Glen Mc- Comber acting as ushers. Clinton County Mrs Gaylord Desprez and her granddaughter, Marie Geller, were hostesses to 30 guests at a bridal shower, Sunday afternoon in > the Desprez home in Olive Township. onored guest was Linda Ashbaugh, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ernest Ashbaugh Jr of Greenbush Township who will become the bride of Wayne yde Sept 30. The future bridegroom is the son of Mr and Mrs R G yde, also of Greenbush. The gifts, which were miscellaneous in nature, were presented to the bride by the givers. Each one introduced herself to the bride and her mother, and explained her relationship to the groom. Mrs Alan Desprez and Mrs David Moore, with her daughter, Julie, came from Portland for the party. To the Qualified Voters of the CITY OF DEWITT State of Michigan Notice is hereby given that a petition has been' received September 5, 1972 by! Dorothy Keck, Clerk of the City of DeWittj (requesting the following propsal to appear on the ballot which will be presented to the voters at a General Election Tuesday, Nov- ember7,1972: W$ xi '- - Liquofcjbythe Glass -K%\ Wv4 # Shall the sale of spirits in addition to beer and wine be permitted for consumption on the premises within the City of DeWitt under the provisions of the law governing [same? Dated: September 5,1972 It Pays to Shop at Dorothy Keck Clerk of said City for Better Values GIRLS and BOYS SNOWMOBILE SUITS Quilted Nylon And Neopreme Nylon Flight Satin, Water' Repellent With oods, Knit Cuffs, Zip Legs, Pockets, Belts, Racing Stripe Trim. SIZES 2 to 14 MODERA TEL Y PRICED *19 98J $27 98 GIRLS COATS AND JACKETS QUILTS, PILE CORDUROY SIZES 2 to 14 COOSE NOW WILE TE SELECTION IS LARGE.» 7» _«2l 98 JOSEP MAZZOLINI Mazzolini lands leading role Joseph Mazzolini, son of Mrs Bruno Mazzolini of 204 E Walker St, St Johns, has been chosen to sing the leading tenor role in Verdi's opera, "LaTraviata," being produced by the Opera Association of Western Michigan at the Fine Arts Center in Grand Rapids. The opera will be performed Sept Mazzolini returned to Michigan last year after a seven-year stay in Europe where he sang leading tenor roles in opera houses in Switzerland and Germany. Other roles will be sung by Brenda Sinka of the Detroit area as Violetta, Andreas Poulimenos of Bowling Green (Ohio) University as the elder Germont. The staff for this production includes William Appel, ead of the «Commglten,,&*& -*.&' %# Memorial ospital Auxiliary board will meet at 8 pm in the hospital diing room. Opera Department at Western Michigan University as Artistic SEPT 21 - The WSCS of the Director /Stage Director and United Methodist Church Theo Alcantara, Music will sponsor a smorgasbord Director of the Opera luncheon with serving to Workshop Department at the begin at 11 am and continue University of Michigan and Principal Conductor for the Madrid (Spain) Opera. Mayor Lyman S Parks, Mayor of the City of Grand Rapids, has proclaimed Sept 11-16, 1972 as "Opera Week" in the city. Mazzolini is currently on the staff of the Detroit Community Music School. BRING RESULTS IN TE CLINTON COUNTY NEWS STATE 4- CAMPS SEPT 13 - Welcome Wagon Newcomers Club will meet at 8 pm at Central National Bank. All new ladies in the area are invited to attend the meeting. SEPT ~ A combination and rummage sale and country store will be held at St Joseph's Church basement. Time on Thursday is 8 to 5 pm and Friday from 8 to 9 pm. The country store will feature fresh produce and homemade jams and jellies. Bake goods will also be available. SEPT The Bingham Grange will meet at the hall at 8 pm. Light refreshments will be served following the business meeting and program. SEPT 16 - Pilgrim United Methodist Church will sponsor a bake sale at the St Johns Furniture Store from 9 am until noon. SEPT 19 - The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 153 will meet at 8 pm. Diane enning and Maria Signs will be guest speakers at the meeting, relating their experiences at a week's stay on the campus of Olivet College as Girls State deleeates of the St Johns Woman's Club and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 153 St Johns. SEPT 20 ' - Clinton until 1 pm. Price is $1.50. Also featured will be a mini bazaar. SEPT 21 - Door to door campaign with volunteers collecting funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Persons interested in helping with the project should contact Mrs Mary utton at The collection will take place between 6 pm 8:30 pm. SEPT 21 - Morning Musicale meeting will beheld at the home of Mrs Nola Lumbert. Coffee will be at 9:30 am. Members of the Charley's Gang 4-- team from Clinton County are state champions in White League Fast Pitch Softball. The incorrect names of team members appeared below this photo in the COUNTY NEWS two weeks ago. Members of the team include: kneeling Steve Dunigan, Jeff Ballinger, David Sehlke, Tracy Sehlke and Terry Witt; second row Earl Flegler Jr, Jim Eaton, Jonathan Barz, Allen Sehlke, Ricky Dunigan and John Richmond; back row Dave Richmond (Coach), Bruce Russell, Terry Sehlke, Charles Sillman, Bill orman and Charles Silm (Coach). t :REMANWS ST. JONS: Boys Shoes For All Ages in... See Our Large Selection Of NEW-FALL SOES FOR BOYS BodcfoSdiod Fashions from O up u REMAMVS * CLOTING-FURNISINGS-SOES '" * for DAD and LAD ST. JONS Take your troubles to thepawn shop and then lose the ticket. SCOO SUPPL 500 ct. FILLER PAPER 77* $2.98 CASES Attache $ % OFF Zipper Binders $ioo ELMER'S GLUE ALL 69* Support Panty ose $ngg Soeciall l* Births Clinton a Gtizani of TemorrBW TAYLOR-A boy, Andrew Lewis, was born to Mr and Mrs James L Taylor of R-6 St Johns Sept 6 at Clinton, Memorial ospital. e weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces. The baby has 1 brother and 1 sister. Grandparents are Emery Moore of St Johns and Mr and Mrs Clair Taylor of Ovid. The mother is the former Ina Lee Moore. BUTCER-A girl, Cathy Jo, was born to Mr and Mrs Robert Butcher of R-l, St Johns Sept 6 at Clinton Memorial ospital. She weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. The baby has 2 sisters. Grandparents are Lawrence Moffett and Mr and Mrs Chester Goodsite. The mother is the former Carolyn Goodsite. DEAN-A boy, Jason Wayne, was born to Mr and Mrs Ron Dean of Maple Rapids Sept 7 at Carson City ospital. e weighed 7 pounds. The baby has 1 brother and 1 sister. Grandparents are Mr and Mrs Lester Dean and Mrs Charlotte Simko and S D Peters. The mother is the former Barbara Sheldon. Personnel GERMANY-Benjamin Peterson, son of Arlene McMaster of 702 Garfield, St Johns is stationed in the Armed Forces in Germany. e had basic training at Fort Knox, Ky., combat engineering at Ft Leonard Wood, Mo., and airborne training at Ft Benning, Ga. is address is Benjamin N Peterson, , Co A (ABN/MEC),12th Eng Bn, APO New York ValleyFarms DeWitt MRS. JULI\ RIC \11DS Mrs oward Walker entertained the DeWitt past matrons club last Friday, with a luncheon. Thirteen members were present. A business meeting followed the luncheon, at which time the officers for were elected. President, Mr- Knudsen, and secretarytreasurer Mrs Ken Richards. Mrs arry Fletcher won the first prize; Mrs Willis Mc- Naughton low and Mrs Archie Moore received the traveling prize. The next meeting will be with Mrs Willis McNaughton, Oct 13. SCOOL Bags 99' 29rf COLORING i Qt BOOKS J- 48 ct. CRAY0LAS 66 $13.67 SUPER $&69 PLENAMINS PANTY OSE Speciall 99' BIG SPECIALS ON FILLER PAPER, NOTEBOOKS PENCILS, ETC. AT... Finkbeiner's Pharmacy "Your Family ealth Center" FOWLER, MICIGAN Adult classes at Fulton igh Fulton Schools will be offering adults classes for high school completion and for enrichment this fall. Registration will be held at the high school on Wednesday, September 20 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. igh School completion classes will meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 to 10 p.m. beginning September 26. Enrichment classes will include Art, Physical Fitness for Women, Sewing, Typing and Welding. For information call Mrs. Wright in the Guidance Office at the igh School, , between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Valley Farms DeWitt Chapter OES will meet Thursday, Sept 14 at 8 pm for their regular meeting, Mr and Mrs oyt Salisbury Jr and family of Wash DC were recent house guests of their parents, Mr and Mrs oyt Salisbuy Sr unter- Safety class The Sleepy ollow Conservation Club will present a unter safety course for all boys and" girls ages 11 through 16 who wish to purchase a hunting license. The session will be held at the Club grounds, 11/2 miles west of US-27 on Mead Rd. on Saturday, Sept 23 from 1 pm to 5 pm. Advance registration can be made at Dean's Sport Center. Transportation to and from the club will be furnished with the bus leaving the St Johns igh School parking lot at 12 noon. Wednesday being the 58th wedding anniversary of the senior Salisburys, The families drove to Sault Ste Marie for the day. Mr and Mrs Clair Smith of Grayling called on Mr and Mrs Ken Richards last Saturday. TIME-ONORED ^TRADITION WEDDING WATCES FOR TE BRIDE AND GROOM It's as traditional as "something old" every bride and groom exchanges gifts on the wedding day. Since this is a most special. nevei-to-be-forgotten moment, it calls for a most meaningful, never-to-be-forgotten gift, and'a fine watch is the time-honored choice. Our selection includes beautiful gem-studded bracelet watches for her handsomely leather-, alligator-, or gold mesh- banded watches for him all high in quality, performance and style. Keep the memory of this dav bright with a fine watch from arr's Jewelry I 30 Years Selling Fine Diamonds In The Clinton firea 114 N.Clinton Ph * baba3anntkmx3tjjftrxg^ct3i[x3ououuc3uue WE TRY TO BRING YOU BETTER FOOD VALUES..: SEMI-BONELESS % AMS n 79 Kent RING BOLOGNA lb. 65* erruds SM0KEY LINKS io«. 69* Borden's omogenized MILK 1Gal. 89 Shedds Spartan Instant Dry MILK $< gg 20 Qt. i Soft MARGARINE inbowis 3 9 "> Kelloggs CORN FLAKES 1Soz. 29* Princess Cremes COOKIES 24 oz. $/ X 00 Spartan ORANGE JUICE 6oz. 5/89* Spartan VEGETABLES looz.pack 6 / * l 00 Spartan FROZEN PIES 8oz. 6 / Michigan GREEN CABBAGE 8* lb.* $ l 00 Michigan GREEN GRAPES 39* ib. Michigan ^jjft**, CELERY "' ** FRECEN'S MARKET FOWLER Free'Parking in Rear of Store fi K = i

12 12A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 Indian Guides seek St Johns ST JONS -- Next week has been proclaimed Y- Indian Guides Week and St Johns will learn about this Dad/Son activity as new members are being sought. As part of the Mich-I-Lan Federation centered at the Lansing YMCA, four St Johns tribes 'wijl become active for the second year. Indian Guides provides for boys from about Kindergarten to second grade levels a program to participate with their Dads in an exciting and 1 educational "Indian Theme" organization right-in their own neighborhoods. Feathers and tribal dress are worn to "Fun" meetings where songs and games, Indian crafts and other nature activities are carried out with Dads and Sons as "Big and Little Braves". Community events and special camp-outs are also enjoyed by boys and Dads alike. ^QldGIor^T I'M I members TIS WILL be the week for new Braves to sign up for one of the existing tribes which are the Sioux, Chippewa, uron and Apache, Bob Niemi, Assistant Federation Chief, indicated that there is a good chance one or more new tribes will be started up this Fall in St Johns, For more information call Bob at , And watch for announcements and events during Indian Guide week coming up! One foreign visitor's warmest American memory might easily be you. Clinton County 4- Agent John Alysworth presents a trophy to Bob Darling (left) and Charles Bracey who jointly purchased the Grand Champion steer at this year's livestock auction. The steer was raised by Randy Davis. Darling is manager of Federal Land Bank and Bracey manages the Production Credit Association instjohns. fmi»a DISCOUNTS DISCOUNT DRUG STORES m *(&. <&, Ss l M^ w^q& ~i ALF GALLON CARTON LO-FAT MILK ARNOLD SPECIAL LIMIT 2 \Q" GLASS MINIATURE EAGLE or OLD GLORY OIL $1. 69 «LAMP VALUE * SCENTED LAMP OIL RBG. Mc BOOK MATCES 77t, QUART 119 LIMIT 2 ***,«%,-, KODAK CX KODACOLOR IMSTAMATIC 1TO> FILM OUR REG. $ LIMIT 1 VA LB. FAMILY SIZE LIMIT 2,39 'WITE mj I O C BREAD VETS 15'/ 2 oz. BEEF LIMIT 6 DOG 6 54 FOOD MJBLV ALF GALLON BTL. DOUBLE COLA OUR REG 49< ea. FOR Gordon S. Matter, St. Johns District construction and maintenance supervisor for General Telephone recently completed a course on data fundamentals at the company Plant Training Center in Owosso. The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of "data sets," specialized telephone instruments for transmitting information in the form of "bits" from one business machine to another. Data sets enable one machine to "talk" to another by converting signals or pulses from business machines into tones which are suitable for transmission over telephone facilities and converting them back to 'machine talk" IN EVERY DEPARTMENT AT ARNOLD'S ARNOLD DISCOUNT COUPON 10'j CONTAC CAPSULES 76«y N^MIT 1 WIT COUPON TRU TUBS., SEPT.19, ARNOLD DISCOUNT COUPON CREST /TOOTPASTE REGULAR OR MINT 49< 1 LIMIT 1 WIT COUPON TRU TUES. SEPT.19,1972 RNOLD DISCOUNT COUPON 13 AIR SPRAY LIMIT 3 ^U^iU,T c OUPON_TRuTuES., SEPT.19, "Rb- r ~ NOLD DISCOUNT COUPON 3 CUBE IN PKG. - WESTINGOUSE ^ FLASREG CUBES $1 ' 28 timitl COLOR PACK 108 REG.. $4.09 POLAROID 4*47 FILM 3 "* J "*'^" MEN's CLUB or JUMBO REG. $9.88 >&.-**'--««""«««*»i^ *-^»ii >""* ***' " *- "I BARREL $ * 7 88 BAG LIMIT 1 REG. 38< ^ ^, PAPER 2 PKG 3 3 TOWELING 39C VALUE CERAMIC PKG WUMIT W 2 mt- ALL ' *r- ALL SbER ONE SIZE FITS ALL SEER ^ LADIES PANTY OSE MUGS y m^^^^^ wmm,^^^^ u QUART CAN-WALKER TRANSMISSIOM \ F L U I D A\ REG 25<QT. g QTS."V PONE: LIMIT 2 -m CRACKER *»PAC O -!* JACK *» P K G. * W LIMIT 3 ASSORTED REG. 99< TEEN STATIONARY 77 Vi GALLON REG. 58< FRES ORANGE JUICE 48. 'I 1 "}""!-:?"",,' ',i MONEY ORDERS ONLY 15«UP TO $ r ^ SC' 8 oz. CONDITIONER ALBERTO BALSAM.1972 LIMIT 1 WIT COUPON TRU TUES. SEPT.19,1972 LD DISCOUNT COUPON MAALOX LIQUID 79 < i^j COUPON TRU TUES., SEPT J/yOLD DISCOUNT COUPON O's REGULAR OR SUPER CONFIDETS NAPKINS 9 9 < >mmmm SLIM1T 1 WIT COUPON TRU TUES. SEPT.19,1 ^fventloa, POSTB* CONTEST" fits 792 U.S. 27 SOUT STREET ST. JONS - MICIGAN CI PS... from the ADS at the receiving end. Graduated from St, Johns igh School, Matter ' was employed by Gen Tel in 1953 and worked as lineman, combinationman, testman and chief, combinationman before promotion to his present job in During this period h'e was granted a leave of absence to serve two years in the US. Army. Gordon and his wife Janette live on South Williams Road with their children Eric, Kurt, Jill and Amy. ST JONS - A Laingsburg man has been appointed assistant manager of the Valley Farms office of' Clinton National Bank and Trust Co of St Johns. Don Beavers, a CNB&T employee since May 1971, has been named to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Duane Miller, Vice President and personnel Director Gayle Desprez indicated the appointment is effective immediately., BEAVERS, in recent months, has been working as a loan teller in the St Johns subject to Federal emissions certification. "Any year in which the big Ford, our bread-and-butter car, and our pickup trucks are new just has to be a banner year," said Bruce Fowler, of the dealership. "Ford dealers will lead from a position of strength in '73. We have national marketplace leaders in Pinto, Torino, Thunderbird andmustang, and will have a great opportunity to continue breaking sales records with the new hardware coming our way," Fowler said. New impact-absorbing bumper systems are standard on all 1973 Ford Division cars. The front bumper is designed to prevent significant damage to safetyrrelated lighting, exhaust, cooling, fuel and latching systems r in fivemile-per-hour ' front-end barrier collisions. The rear bumper offers protection in two-and-one-half-mile-perhour impacts. The Ford Division cars also have new exhaust emission control devices to improve control of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Radial-ply, steel-belted tires are standard on Thunderbird and optional on all other car lines. Forged aluminum wheels are optional on Pinto, Maverick and Mustang. An anti-theft alarm system, is optional on the Ford and Thunderbird; a new spare tire lock is available on all models; and an inside hood-latch release is standard on Ford, Thunderbird and Torino. One less model in the Ford car line reduces the total division car models to 39. The Ford car features a new grille, new sheet metal below the windows on all models, and all four-door Fords have new DON BEAVERS "greenhouses" with increased headroom. office as part of a Other Ford standard management training equipment improvements program. is previous include.a new, more.conassignment with CNB&T." ^Fent instrument'pa^nel, " a include teller work in the glove box three times larger Laingsburg and Elsie offices. Before joining CNB&T insulation and improved than in 1972, additional sound he worked briefly with East window weather-stripping Lansing State Bank. for an especially quiet ride, Beavers is a 1968 graduate windshield washers on the of Laingsburg igh School wiper arms, and a spare tire and completed two years of extractor in station wagons. liberal arts and business All 1973 Fords include power studies at Lansing Community College where he was front disc brakes. president of the student.government during In addition he has completed two study courses in banking offered through the American Institute of Banking training program. e and his wife, Maureen reside at 6705 N Woodbury Road in Laingsburg. Beavers is the son of Mr and Mrs Edward Beavers, also of Laingsburg. ST JONS -- Registrations for the 1972 Punt, Pass and Kick Competition, cosponsored locally by the St Johns Jaycees and Egan Ford Sales continue to roll in. The contest is for boys ages eight through 13 and it winds up with final eliminations at the NFL Pro Bowl Game in Dallas, Texas, January 21,1973. If you can, kick, pass or punt a football and meet the age requirements, you will want to compete. Participants compete only against boys their own age. Any boy, 8 through 13 years of age may register to compete at a participating, Ford Dealer. There is no entrance fee and no body contact during competition. No special equipment is needed and participation does not impair a boy's amateur standing. Scoring is based on accuracy and range with one point added for every foot of punting, passing and kicking distance and a point subtracted for every foot off a center line. ' Boys, accompanied by a parent or guardian, may register for PP&K at Egan Ford Sales Inc. 200 W igham, St Johns, An all-new Ford car, significant improvements in other car lines, and new Ford pickup trucks with the most extensive changes in six years highlight Ford Division products for Cars will make their debut at Egan Ford Sales in St Johns on Friday, Sept 22, and trucks Friday, Sept 29. Availability of all vehicles is Free, for Boys $-13 F00TB3LL excrrcmerrn ENTER OUR 1972 punr, pass &KICK competition You Could Win One Of 18 Local Trophies Put on impressive metal PP&K trophy in your room by signing up today for our 1972 PP&K Competition. Bring your parents In to register, get your free PP&K Tips Book and start practicing. Attend our free clinic for more help. Remember, you have a great opportunity because you're competing against boys your own age, FREEl REGISTRATION ENDS SEPTEMBER 29 EGAN FORD SALES St. Johns Ph

13 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 13A Clara G Finnegan MARSALL-Clara G Finnegan, 79,305 S Mingo St, Albion, died Sunday morning in Marshall. Funeral services are today, Wednesday, at 11 am at St Johns Catholic Church in Albion. Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery, Albion, with Father Francis Martin officiating. Rotary was Tuesday at the Albion Chapel of Tidd-Williams Funeral Chapels Inc., Born in Fowler March 7, 1893, she was the daughter of, Joseph and Katherine Lueckenbach Fernholz. She married John J Finnegan in Fowler April 28, e preceded her in death in MRS FINNEGAN came to Albion in 1915 from Gaylord. She was employed at the Sigma Chi ouse at Albion College. A member of St Johns Catholic Church, she was a past president of the rosary and altar society. Surviving are 2 sons, John J Jr and Patrick G both of Jackson; 6 daughters, Mrs James Becouske and Mrs Joseph Yurisich, Battle Creek; Mrs Robert Van Eck, Kalamazoo, Mrs Clarence uggett and Mrs Charles uggett, both of Marshall and Mrs Lawrence Riske, anover; 34 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren, a brother, Gregory Fernholz of Lansing, and 2 sisters, Mrs Eleanor Van Ells of St Johns and Mrs Rolland (Florence) Champion, illsdale. Paul AA Vitek ST. JONS -Funeral services were Aug 31 at St Joseph Catholic Church, St Johns for Paul M Vitek, 85, Route 3, North DeWitt Rd, St Johns, who died Aug 28 at Owosso Memorial ospital following a long illness. Burial was in Mt Rest Cemetery. Rosary was said at the Osgood Funeral ome, St Johns Aug 29. Mr Vitek was born in Austria, ungary March 25, 1887, son of Gaspar and Elizabeth Kobinski Vitek. A farmer, he came to the St Johns area in 1911 and May 6,1915, he wed Anna E Kollar in Cleveland, Ohio. e was a member of St Joseph' Catholic Church. CLINIC OPENTO TE PUBLIC MEMBFR OF NATIONAL ASSOCIATION 01 COSMETOLOGY SCOOLS Clinton area obituaries Surviving are 1 son, Alex, Route 5, St Johns; 4 daughters, Mrs Elizabeth Blakely, Elsie, Mrs Frances Fox, Route 2, St Johns, Mrs Victoria- Somers, Tucson, Ariz and Mrs Margaret Schumaker, Grand Rapids; 2 sisters in Europe; 31 grandchildren and 16 greatgrandchildren. William A Moreland ST JONS- Graveside services services will be Saturday at 1 pm at Mt Rest Cemetery in St Johns for William Alonzo Moreland, 76, of West Palm Beach, Fla who died Aug 22. Rev Claude B Ridley will officiate with Osgood Funeral ome, St Johns in charge of arrangements. William Schafer DeWITT-William M Schafer, 86, 6760 W erbison Rd, DeWitt, died Sept 5 at a Lansing hospital. Funeral services were Thursday at the Lee R Rummell Funeral ome in DeWitt. Father Jerome Schmitt officiated. Born in Clinton County Jan 7, 1886, he was the son of Peter and Angeline Schafer. bchater. e lived in the DeWitt area most of his life and operated a service station in Lansing for 20 years e married Lena May Stevens who preceded him in death. e was a member of the Community of St Jude Catholic Church. Surviving are a sister, Mrs Mary Reed, DeWitt; 5 grandchildren, and 9 greatgrandchildren. lola Knickerbocker ST JONS - Graveside services were Tuesday at Osgood Funeral ome, St Johns for lola Knickerbocker, 49,1311W Kinley Rd, Route 6, St Johns. Rev Robert Koeppen of St Johns Lutheran Church officiated with burial in Union ome Cemetery. Mrs Knickerbocker died Sept 9 at Carson City North Esse St. Lansing Ph PROFESSIONAL CAREER) IN TE BEAUTY FIELD New classes starting the first Tuesday of every month For lurther information, write or call Mrs. Sannenberg r Manager. All services rendered by supervised senior students for a minmum charge. FREE PARKING L Wigs li airpieces Cleaned and Stylrd-, INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED! ^ OME-FARM * [BUSINESS ML ' AUTO ^ a member at. ^America Group LANTERMAN INSURANCE 200 W. State, St. Johns, PONE BRUCE LANTERMAN ospital following a long illness. Born in St Johns June 8, 1923, she was the daughter of Walter and Velma Krepps Witt. She attended St Johns Public Schools and married oward Knickerbocker June 1, 1940 in Riley Township. She had lived at the present address since An inspector at Federal Mogul Corp in St Johns, she was a member of St Johns Lutheran Church. Surviving are her husband, oward; 4 s o n s, Gary with the US Army in Germany, Walter of Ovid, Rodger, US Air Force in 'Wisconsin and Barry at home; 2 daughters, Mrs Shirley Still, Whittier, Calif, and Cindy at home; 10 grandchildren; her mother. Mrs. Velma Witt, Eureka; 1 brother, Duane of olt, and one sister, Mrs Donna Waggoner, Eureka. Ida Dietrich ST. JONS--Mrs Ida Dietrich, 79, 307 N. Mead, St Johns, died Sept 10 at Clinton Memorial ospital in St Johns following a long illness. Born in Russia Jan 9,1894, she was the daughter of Adolph and Anna Itterman Brakob. She came to the United States in 1909 and moved to St Johns from Lansing 2 years ago. She married Frank Dietrich in Lansing in 1947 and he preceded her in death in Mrs Dietrick was a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lansing and worked at a seamstress. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs Edna Pewoski, Route 5, St Johns; 1 step-son, Francis of Indiana, 2 step-daughters, Mrs Alpha Keip of Indiana and Miss Mary Ann Dietrich of Lansing; 2 grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Funeral (services were Tuesday at Osgood Funeral ome, St Johns with*rev Karl Krauss and Rev Daniel Buske officiating. Burial was in Deepdale Cemetery. Paul W Dutton ST JONS- Paul W ^Dutton, 85, of 508 t East Cass ^Street, St.Johns^died Wednesday, Sept 6 ^at^clinton 'Memorial ospital.' 1 ' Funeral services were held Saturday, Sept 9 at the Yockey Funeral ome in Avonmore, Pa. A resident of St Johns for the past 12 years, he was a member of the Masonic Lodge F&AM No 484 in Pittsburg. Survivors include his wife, Angela; a daughter, Mrs Leonard Ross of Pittsburg; 3 grandchildren; 3 greatgrandchildren. Louis, D Irrer ST JONS-Louis D Irrer, 83, 609 W Baldwin St, St Johns died Sept^ at Clinton Memorial ospital, St Johns. Funeral services were Monday at Osgood Funeral ome, St Johns. Rev Francis Johannides of the United Methodist Church officiated with burial in South Bingham Cemetery. Born in Bengal Twp, Glinton County Dec 7, 1888, he was the son of Sebastion and Katherine Lang Irrer. e wed Emma ammond Nov 30, 1911 in St Johns. An assembler at Saylor- Beall Corp in St Johns, he had resided at his present address since Surviving are his widow, Emma; 1 son, Gerald Irrer, St Johns; 1 sister, Mrs Katherine Craun, Eaton Rapids; 2 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. It^M^M^M^X^lC^M^K^M^X^K^} ANNOUNCING Bohaty's School of Dance Will Soon Be Re-Opening This year 11 of the 25 amateur acts chosen for the Chesaning Showboat were from Bohaty's School of Dance including the Grand Champion. ENROLL WIT TE WINNERS FOR ANY OF TE FOLLOWING: Ballet (Ceechetti Method) Toe Tap Baton Acrobat and Gymnastics Renee Bohaty Mahaney will be in St Johns, Sat., Sept. 16 at her downtown studio on Clinton Street (Next to the Carol Ann Shop) from Noon to 4 p.m. Florence A AAunger ST JONS - Mrs Florence A Munger, 71, of 2352 West Taft Road, St Johns died Sunday, Sept 10 at the home of her sister following a short illness. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, Sept 13 at the Osgood Funeral ome at 1 pm. Rev Francis C Johannides of the United Methodist Church will officiate and burial will be in Mt Rest Cemetery, St Johns. She was born in Clinton County on Dec 24, 1900, the daughter of Chester and Frances Bullinger Salisbury and had been a resident at her present address for the past 8 years. She was a member of the United Methodist Church and the Blue Star Mothers., Survivors include a son, James V Munger of Lansing; a daughter, Mrs Phyllis atinger of Lansing; a sister, Mrs Alice Palmer of Jackson; one brother, ugh y Salisbury. DEAR EDITOR: Because of the intense interest in the proposed r legislation to change our present laws concerning the life of unborn children, we would like to inform the nurses in your area that there t is a group of concerned nurses" "(R.N's, L.P.N's, S.N.'s, and Grads.) who have become associated and incorporated to assure the life and civil rights of unborn children. We, NATAL, would like all Michigan nurses to know they are welcome to join us. 'We serve to educate the public through the use of medical and scientific facts about the biological, physiological, and psychological development of the unborn child, and the realities of abortion. Nurses can now voice their concern through Nurses Associated To Assure Life, and NATAL needs all concerned nurses. \,.«Mrs. Barbara L. Martin, p R.N. " ' r ' * - Ch., NATAL Comm. for Education and Public Relations 2405 Kuerbitz Dr. Lansing, Mich Middlebury Mrs Nina Ryon is a patient at Memorial ospital in Owosso. The Burton-Carland Farm Bureau group will meet at the Middlebury United Methodist Church Thursday evening, Sept 14 with Mr and Mrs George Warren, Mr and Mrs Charles Warren and Mr and Mrs Vaun Gruesbeck as hosts. A cooperative supper at 8:00 pm will precede the business session and program Garland News by Mrs. Pudge Doming Rev and Mrs D F Price, of the Family Altar of the Air. will be at the Carland Brethren In Christ Church, which is located one mile east of Carland, Sunday, Sept 17.. Rev. Price will deliver the message at 10:50, with the public invited Norman DeWeese brought the message Sunday at the Carland United Methodist Church in Carland. Mr DeWeese represents the, Gideons. Rev. orace Freeman has been ill this week with the flu. Mrs Inez Eaton of Oscoda visited Mrs Clara orn this week in Carland for a few days. The minute any man beglnst to teel his importance his friends begin \o doubt it. 4&m&P. OSGOOD FUNERAL OMES ST. JONS FOWLER MAPLE RAPIDS OVID Clinton County Department of Social Services hosted an open house last Thursday at new facilities located on East State Street in St Johns. On hand to greet guests were from left, Ray C Osborn, board member; Warren Coffman, chairman of the board; Myrtle Salisbury, supervisor and Roger Shutes, director. The new facility offers the department 3600 square feet of floor space for 12 offices and 3 administrative offices. Clinton County 4-'ers who raised livestock for this year's auction hosted the local buyers at a steak fry last week. Shown above is St Johns attorney Tim Green and Rita Kissane receiving^ steaks from 4- Adult Leader Orvest Davis. Miss Kissane's animal was purchased by Green during the. sale held last month. Westphalia Jaycees hold hunting safety clinic WESTPALIA - The Westphalia Jaycees will be sponsoring a unter Safety Clinic on September 16 at 8 a.m. This will be held at the Pewa mo-westphalia Gun ^ r\& ZsLAS WETER YOU'VE MOVED ACROSS TE GLOBE... or across town... Your Welcome Wagon hostess has gifts and helpful information for you. Phone, Call her at r * *» i»<y* y Club. -Anyone between the ages of years that has not had a previous hunting license or has hot completed the course can register at from VAN W. OAG Dear friends. It deserves emphasis that the time, the place, the character of the funeral service, the merchandise used, the cemetery selected - these are decisions of the family of the deceased. The funeral director acts only as a representative of the family. The clergyman should be consulted In matters that concern him before any decisions are made. ^ «V Respectfully, (tf/c&'cpe- [fioag Funeral fiomej ST. JONtf, MICIGAN either Thelen's ardware or the Town and Country Food Store in Westphalia, Further information can be obtained by calling Middlebury Middlebury United Methodist Women are sponsoring a rummage sale in the Bates Bldg. in Ovid. Sept 12 through Sept 16. They will also have a bake sale at the same location on Saturday morning, Sept 16. Mr and, Mrs Ralph aviland of Detroit spent the weekend with Mr Gale Craig and attended the Nemcik- Craig wedding at St Cyril's in Bannister on Saturday. Mr and Mrs Charles Warren recently accompanied Mr and Mrs William Rysberg and Brian of East Lansing, to Kalamazoo where they spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs Robert Knight and daughter. They were joined there by Mr and Mrs Greg Ldl and John of Wheaton, 111 and Cindy Lill of Arizona. The Middlebury United Methodist Women met recently, in the dining room of the Church with Thora Austin, Letha Furnish and Ethel Mulder as hostesses. The meeting was called to order by president, elen ubbard and opened with prayer. Routine reports were read and accepted. Leota Gardner, chairman announced the rummage sale would be held in the Bates Bldg. in Ovid, Sept 12 through Sept 16 with a baked goods sale to be held at the same location on Saturday am, Sept 16. She also said that workers were still needed for some of the days. Florence Garber read a letter from the boy in Brazil whom the Society helps support, telling of his progress in school. Rita Whitmyer had a letter concerning an itinerant missionary and she will contact the District to see if we might get her to come to our church. The Craig dinner will be served at the church on Sept 8 with Rita Whitmyer, Grace Putnam, Ilien VanDyne and Loreta Warren in charge. A tentative date of Wednesday Oct 11 was set for the public supper or smorgasbord. Meetings announced were Officers Training at Bancroft-on October 10 and District meeting in Owosso on Oct 16. Officers elected for the coming year were President, elen ubbard; vice-president, Letha Furnish; secretary, Esther Semans; treasurer, Elizabeth Putnam; * area chairmen as follows: Christian social relation, Margaret Potter; membership, Gladys Warren; missionary education, Rita Whitmyer; spiritual growth, Ilien VanDyne; local church activities, Loreta Warren; program materials, Dorothy Jordan. Madge Craig conducted a devotional period and the program was in charge of Leota Gardmer who used as her topic three different interpretations of the 23rd Psalm. The meeting was dismissed with the Mizpah benediction after which the hostesses served refreshments. There will be a family night reception at the Middlebury Church Friday evening, Sept 15 to honor newly-weds, Mr and Mrs arold Warren with Elizabeth Putnam, Grace Putnam, Ruby Mulder and Ethel Mulder as hostesses. Cooperative supper at 7:30 pm. Bring your own table service, sandwiches and passing dishes. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. Mrs Kaye Potter has returned to her home following surgery performed recently at Owosso Memorial ospital. TE FORD TEAM wants to play ball with you Egan Ford Sales, Inc. 200 W. lkham ST. JONS i Us* Your Stat BAIMI i

14 14A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 elp Wanted 'NEED EXTRA MONEY? Even busy Mothers earn $25 per evening demonstrating gifts and toys with "SANDRA PARTIES". No delivering- No collecting. Weekly pay checks and Top Value Coupons. Start NOW and earn a FREE $120 kit. Call collect, or write 7207 East McNichols, Detroit, Mich p MAN WANTED PART-TIME to lay ledge rock and make retainer walls. Call St Johns p-nc APPLE PICKERS WANTED. Must be 18 years or older. Call Beck's Fruit Farm, St. Johns p-nc Miscellaneous Items WELL DRILLING and service. Pumps, pipes and supplies. Free Estimates. Carl S. Oberlitner, 4664 N. State Rd,, Alma, phone 463-' tf ELP WANTED FOR a TE ALOA FIRST AN Detroit Free Press motor NIVERSARY celebration route in Elsie and also one bargains. September 15th near St Johns. Call 485- and 16th. Free orchids and tf perfumes. 303 'Abbott Rd., SALES, Salary andcommis- East Lansing sion, lots of extras. Apply 19-2p-nc in person. Cains,Inc. 210W. igham, St. Johns. 36-tf ELP WANTED -The Roadhouse is taking applications for waitresses, cooks, bartenders. If. interested please come to fill out application at 902 E. State, St. Johns. 14-tf INSURANCE INSPECTOR- Part time, local, fee, auto and fire. No typing. O'anlon Reports, P O Box 428, Royal Oak, Mich p-nc WAITRESS WANTED, lunch hour, must be.mature, experience preferred but not necessary. If Interested apply at L & L Restaurant, 318 N Clinton, St Johns. 20-lp-nc ELP WANTED: Food demonstrators, part-time Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Attractive neat appearance. Must be able to meet public well. Interviewing between 3:00 and 5:00 pm Friday Sept 15 at 305 S. Prospect. 20-lp-nc WANTED-Babysitter in my country home from 10:30 pm til 11:30 pm five nights a week. Will pay $2.00 to reliable person. Call , 20-3p-nc ELP WANTED-Mustbe23 or older, male, must have some truck driving experience. Randolph's Ready Mix miles north US p-nc OPENING FORPART-TIME or full time quality show salesman, will train, excellent working conditions. Apply in person at Economy Shoe Store, St Johns CLASSIFIED AD PAGES CAS RATE: 5c per word. Minimum, $1.00 per in- sertion, YOUR AD RUNS 3 WEEKS FOR TE PRICE OF 2. Second week will be refunded when your item sells the first week. SAVE a 25c service fee. by paying for your charged ad within 10 days of Insertion, BOX NUMBERS in care of this office add $1.00 ALL CLASSIFIEDS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 5 P.M. MONDAYS RATES are based strictly on Classified Style,. FOR FAST RESULTS PONE or ENTERPRISE CUSTOM BUTCERING FOR SALE: Cornet $100. EARN FREE TOYS and gifts AND PROCESSING. We Snare drum $75. Both have ave a Tops In Toys party. butcher on Wednesdays and cases and in excellent condition or 223 Water Complete line of Fisher- Fridays. Beef-Pork. alves Price. Phone and quarters, also retail St., Maple Rapids. 20-3p 18-3p cuts. All meats MDA inspected. Pendell's Meat Proces Business AVE FUN! Make money, Opportunity FOR SALE: 24 inch racks sing. West City Limits on learn Upholstering. Classes for Chevy pickup, grain Bussell Rd. just off M-57, beginning Wednesday Sept tight. Also John Deere 13 Carson City. Phone 584- LEARN TO BE a tax consultant, classes start soon. 13. "The Upholstery Shop.* hole grain drill. 3 miles eeiu ja«e Jake Vaughn, vaugnn. 5-ti-nc 5-tf-nc U9 N. Bridge, DeWitt, Phone We do the returns in the South, 1/4 west of Fowler ln taxpayer's home. Phone Lan- Phone *»» '« ««*- 18-3p -«- FOWLER RESIDENTS: Take sing or write to: your ads to Finkbeiner's Notice Tax Corporation of America P.O. Box 2113, Lansing, Mich p-nc Jobs Wanted Jonas Janitorial Service Commercial cleaning. For free estimates call If no answer call or tf APPLIANCE STORE INTERESTED in expanding its service department. Looking for man with some WANTED; Custom barn mechanical knowledge or interested whitewashing, Bernard In learning. Good opportunity for right person. Schafer, Pewamo tf Contact Kurt at Kurt's Appliance Center Miscellaneous Wanted WANTED TO BUY 2,000 bales of clean oat straw. Phone p PIANOS - ORGANS. New used, repossessed, demos, etc. To see, write including telephone number to: Credit Manager, Marshall Music Co., Box 505, Lansing, Mich Mobile showroom van will call, 20-2p-nc Pharmacy for fast, convenient service! 50-dhtf ANNOUNCING ROBERT SKIN DISORDERS? Try WITE of 9904 Eptnn Rd, Toco-Derm Vitamin E Elsie has joined the Rena cream, 1260 IU per tube at Mack Real Estate Staff. Parr's Pharmacy. 17-6p Mack Real Estate are Realtors that specialize in land investments and farms. FOR SALE: Parts for all you have something to sell 1972 SELECT O STITC electric shavers. snavers. Levey's or wish fo urchase some. $ Sew Machine, still Jewelry, Elsie. 1-tf twng( Qgll UBob at (gn) in original factory carton, after 4:00 p.m. sews stretch material. No FOR SALE: Wood and steel attachments needed as all portable cattle mangers. MACK REAL ESTATE OVID, Mich (517) controls are built-in, sews Simon's Planing Mill, Fowler. Ph p-nc with one or two needles. 28-tf Makes buttonholes, sews on m m TE Fowler Conservation buttons, monograms and BEAUTIFUL WEDDING In - Club will hold a colored bird makes fancy stitches. Comes vitations and accessories. shoot Sept. 20 from 5 to 10 with a beautiful walnut sew Speedy service. Finkbeiners p.m. Chicken, bacon or cash table. Full cash price $46.50 Fowler. Ph tf for prizes. 18-3p-nc cash or terms available. Trade-ins accepted. Call Lansing collect am. to 9 pm. Electro Grand nc LET US RECOMMEND A painter or paper hanger for you. Your Sherwin Wil- WANTED olsteln or beef _ ams Dealer. Finkbeiners. cross deacon calves. Phone ANNA'S husband ector Ph Fowler. 37-tf 669-9Q61. Ray Moore, hates hard work so he cleans DeWitt, Mich. 19-3P the rugs with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. VACUUM SALES & SERV TIMBER WANTED: logs and Dean True Value ardware, ICE, Klrby Center of St Johns standing timber. Logsde- downtown St Johns nc 1104 S US-27. Federal Land livered to our yard. DEVER- -_ - Bank Bunding nc EAUX SAWMILL, INC., 2872 N, ubbardston Rd. Pewamo Mich. Ph. ^ and/or tf WANTED TO BUY ANTIQUE hanging or table lamps. Reasonable please. Call dhtf PICK YOUR OWN APPLES! STARTING Sept 15th, 16th, 17th Mcintosh September 22nd thru 24th Mcintosh, Red Delicious, Jonathans September 29th thru October 1 Red Delicious, Golden Delicious Jonathans October 6th thru 8th Red and Golden Delicious, Jonathans PILLIPS ORCARDS 7 Miles North to Golf Course 3 Miles West, 1 Mile North PONE: NEW EQUIPMENT 2 Row narrow row head for John Deere No 34 chopper. USED COMBINES J. D. No. 105 S.P. with spike cylinder and bean equipment. 2 J.D. No. 55 S.P\ with spike cylinder and bean equipment. 1 J.D. 45 S.F. with spike cylinder and bean equipment. a USED EQUIPMENT New Idea No. 324, 2 row (wide)picker-sheller. 2 J.D. No. 435 N cornheads for No. 95 & 105 combine. 2 Farmall tractors. Ford Industrial tractor, loader and backhoe, John Deere 4020 gas tractor, 2 Innes 500 AR bean windrowers. 2 Innes No, 700 R windrowers. Farmall 450 gas with wide front and fast hitch. Farmall 350 diesel, Massey Ferguson 85 diesel. * Massey Ferguson~85 gas. John Deere 2010 gas with 4 row cultivator. New olland No 516 spreader (206 bushel) with hydraulic end gate attachment. New Idea No. 203, P.T.O. spreader. John Deere No. 33 P.T.O. spreader. PON SARKEY John Deere Sales & Service 1 1/2 Miles East of St. Louis Phone ALBRING SALVAGE CO. We buy junk cars, copper, brass radiators, starters and generators, etc. 9 miles north of Elsie to Cotter Rd. Phone p-nc "KIRBY CLEANER $ With power buffer polisher and cleaning tools available to responsible party for only $38.50 cash or terms. Call Lansing collect , 9 am. to9pm.electrogrand 20-1-nc SICK SEW MACINE, We- Fix-Em. Expert sewing machine repair, clean, oil and adjust tension. Only $4.99. Call Lansing collect , 9 am. to 9 pm nc OUSEOLD ITEMS for sale. Kitchen table and 4 chairs $12.50, Cricket chair $6.00," Voice of Music Early American stereo $50 Baby items including, like new changer table $25, ' Playtex nurser set $2.50. Never used. Misc. items. Phone dhtf, FOR SALE: 4 pair fiberglass drapes, standard size. $7.50. Call dh-nc FOR SALE: Kitchen dinette set, table with leaf and 4 large chairs, oval rug, cornet used one school season. Mrs Charles Bracey, 4 miles south of Ovid. Phone p-nc FOR SALE: Wood Brothers 250 gallon bulk tank. Leo Glaister, 7631 DeWitt Rd. Phone , 20-3p-nc FOR SALE: One 5 room oil stove and 275 gal oil barrel.' Call Ovid lp-nc FOR SALE: 30 rods of new woven wire fence, about 20 rods, 24 inch used woven wire fence. 24 rolls of 25 ft. picket fence, 150 concrete drain tile, 100 bushel crates. Call lp AUCTION CALENDAR FRIDAY, September 22, 10:00 a.m. Michigan Equipment Sales. Trailers, trucks and construction equipment. Located at 3577 E Wilder Rd., Bay City. (Take M-13 exit off US-23 to Wilder Rd., 1 mile east.) Consignments welcome. We Specialize in Farm Machinery and Dairy Cattle Auctions IF PLANNING A SALE SEE US GALLOWAY'S COMPLETE AUCTION SERVICE AL GALLOWAY, AUCTIONEER Ph St. John; AL GALLOWAY USED FARM EQUIPMENT TRACTORS - COMBINES - CORNEADS TILLAGE TOOLS - PLANTERS - PICKERS TRACTOR PARTS - REBUI LT EADS GOOD SELECTION AT ALL TIMES Phone (517) or RVst Farm North of Sr. Johns on US -27 N ST. JONS,. MIC; ; POLKA DANCE - Sunday, September 17th, 3:00 p.m.. to 8:00 p.m, Music by Frank ornak Orchestra. Serving Polish Sausage on Rye bread. & Lounge, downtown St. Johns. 19-2p-nc GREENBUS UNITED METODIST Annual Chicken and am supper, also Bazaar, Wednesday, Sept 20. Start serving at 5:30 pm. Adults $2.25, under 12 - $1.50. Pre-schoolers free. 20-2p-nc TE NAVTT CAN GIVE YOU A LITTLE MORE - LIKE TRAVEL. ow about sunny California? Or maybe you prefer the East Coast? T.lkp the Sea? Ask for it. Like working around airplanes? That's yours too, if you want it. Join the Navy and see the world. YES, it's still true. See your Navy Recruiter at 217 N Washington St., Pabst Building, Owosso, Michigan or call him at lp-nc ATTENTION YOUT BOWLERS1 Organizational meeting will be held Saturday, Sept 16, 10:00 am. Sharp! at Redwing Lanes. Garage Sales 20-dh-nc YARD SALE: UB MOTEL. ST JONS. Antique love seat, blankets, some furniture, trim moulding, pole lamps, clothing, many miscellaneous items. 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Sept 16. Everything must gol 20-lp-nc NEIGBOROOD SALE: Clothes, furniture, toys, office equipment and many miscellaneous items. 3 big days. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Sept 13, 14, 15. 9:30 to 5:00. Gil WPark. 20-dh-nc RUMMAGE SALE AND COUNTRY STORE: Thursday and Friday, Sept 13 and 14 at St. Joseph's Church basement. Thursday 8 to 5 pm. and Friday 8 to 9 pm. Sponsored by the Altar Society. ' 20-lp-nc BASEMENT SALE: Avon. Products at reduced prices, from 25? to $2.50. Buy your Xmas gifts early and save money. ( Colognes, beauty dusts, skin softners, spray talcs, etc. Also a student desk. Sale is Sept 15 and 16 9:00 to 5:00 pm 450 W. Pratt Rd., DeWitt, 7 miles south of St Johns on US-27 and 1/4 mile west, 4th house on north side. 20-lp-nc NEWS WANT ADS CAU PICK : YOUR : OWN APPLES AT BECK'S [ j FRUIT FARM: Located 7 miles North of St. Johns * Jj to Sunoco Service, then % mile 5 5 East. Phone You'll Enjoy Picking From Our Dwarf Trees. MAKE PLANS NOW TO PICK APPLES AT BECK'S! USED MACINERY Gehl 2 row chopper. Gehl 2 beater forage box. Farmall Super C with fast hitch. I Diesel. 2 used gravity boxes and wagons. New Idea No, 10, 1 row picker. Innes No. 570, 4 row, wide row bean windrower. Fox No. 326, 3 row corn snapping head. Massey arris No 80 bean special combine. International No. 60 bean special combine. New Idea No. 325 picker - grinder. Minn. Moline self-propelled bean combine. John Deere No. 55 combine with bean equipment. Oliver 5 x 16 semi-mounted plow. Sattler & Son, Inc.* **le/ Micldlcfon farm Produce FOR SALE: Ionia seed wheat 1 year from certified. Phil Spitzley, Pewamo. Phone p FOR SALE: Iona wheat, 1 year from certified, $2. a bushel. R52 International combine, good working order. John Miller. Phone Westphalia. 18-3p FOR SALE: Ionia seed wheat 1 year from certified, $2 a bushel. 21/2 miles south of Eureka. Phone George ubbard. 20-lp-nc APPLES I pick your own, $1.50 bushel. Golden Knob Orchard. Open Sept 23rd. ours 8 to 5 everyday. Red and Golden Delicious. South US-27 to Price Rd., east to Chandler, south to Pratt, east 1/2 mile. Dana Parker. Phone p-nc FOR SALE: Sweet corn. Phone afternoon. 20-3p FOR SALE:Sweetcorn,Iowa Chief, excellent for freezing or canning. Cucumbers and squash. Phone lp CIDER, DOUGNUTS honey, caramel apples, barrels. PICK YOUR OWN' APPLES. Uncle John's Cider Mill. 7 l/2 miles north of St Johns on US lp FOR SALE: Ionia seed wheat 1 year from certified. $2.00 bushel. Call after 4:00 pm. 20-3p-nc days,, FOR SALE: Rye for seed.. North 'DeWitt Road, P. "' Dakers p-nc PICK YOUROWNAPPLESat Beck's Fruit Farm. Dwarf size trees, easy to pick. Beck's Fruit Farm, 7 miles north of St Johns to Sunoco Service Station, 1/4 mile.east. Phone p-nc JUST ARRIVED! Plant bulbs now for beauty next Spring, Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and crocus available at Deisler's Flowers, 314 S. East St., Ovid nc Miscellaneous Wanted WE NEED A used lawnmower. Call dh-nc WANTED RIDE to downtown Lansing starting October 9th from St Johns. Phone p-nc WANTED PIANO STU DENTS, teacher a graduate of MSU and EMU Schools of Music. Phone Ovid p-nc II Notice ANTIQUE SOW AND SALE Marshall Street Armory, Sept 22, 1:00 to 10:00 pm,; Sept 23, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Free parking. Donation $1.00. Benefit Potter Park Friends of the Zoo Society. Presented by Lansing Area Antique Dealers Association. 20-2p-nc 200 W. State St. + Phone ^Elsie Branch tcarter- Melvin Bldg Ph * OSPITAL AREA ^brand new bi-level on a site w/trees. Partial» brick front, family rm. ^w/fireplace. Built-in Aw/fireplace. ' Built-in Tstove, dishwasher, car- ^peted, you decorate. It's not too early to get settled ^ before 'the coming holi- I TWO-NEW OMES,on M 21 W:6st with ovejij^qj acres each, get details here. EXCEPTIONAL that's i the word for this ranch on Taft Rd. Basement completely finished. Two septic systems, 2 baths, well maintained throughout. Good reasonfor selling now! TE BARN Is old - maybe an antique - but T the house has been just about completely A' modernized. Carpeting,. T panelling, furnace, kltch- en, etc* 2 story. Enjoy A living in your own "mini* T country estate, Y OVID AREA 79 acres JUST ARRIVED! Beautiful ^for $35, Another field grown hardy mum beautiful farm same area plants to brighten you home. - Call Bill olley, 224- for fall.. Only $1.98 at ^ Deisler's Flowers. 314 S.. FARMS NEEDED large East St., Ovid nc T or small for out of town buyers - Call today. 3 YES TREE 10 acre - parcels- SW of City, only Ford ' f $6, each on terms. FARM and INDUSTRIAI NEAR IG SCOOL a TRACTORS and. lovely bi-level on a EQUIPMENT 4 spacious site 117x New and Used bedrooms, rec. rm. w/. fireplace, 2 baths, 2 car Simplicity 9 garage, many other LAWN and GARDEN extras included that yon EQUIPMENT A don't get w/a new home, f It will pay you to see it!- ENGFSBAC FORD TWO FAMILY on East? side. Reasonable at- TRACTOR SALES 9 $17, Phone JJAKER ST. a remod- PORTLAND, MlC.-51-tf eled 3 bedroom brick "" """ * 9 n o m e that's real sharp for the price. Present CONCRETE WALLS A new home Is a lifetime investment. Let us. help you secure this investment'with the best basement wall possible a poured concrete wall, we are 'equipped to do the complete job or any part of it." Bring your prints over or call for an appointment 5B7-38U. READY-MIX CONCRETE For All Your Needs "- QUALITY - SERVICE FEDEWA BUILDERS, Inc, 02ft Wright Road, S 1/4 Miles South of Fowler. 53- tf owners are moving so possession will be quicki Large 2 l/2 car garage. Beautiful back yard 99* 505 deep. (Do you own a snowmobile? Refrigerator and stove ($200 extra) included. Convenient kitchen w/pass thru to dining room. Nearly ali carpeted. WE'RE CLOSING SALES so fastwe're running out of offerings. We need homes for present clients from $15, to $30, right nowl Call today for action! FOR APPOINTMENTS AT OTER TIMES PONE: Bruce Lutterman DerrlU Shlnaberr 224-S8B1 Dill olley or AlOUlowajr Roy F. Brief* RannyBrlgga * Ralph Green ? Archie Mooro (DeWitt) ; \

15 September 13, 1972 plinton COUNTY NEWS, St, Johns, Michigan 15A Pets FOR SALE: Brittany Spaniel Pups, 10 weeks old, AKC eligible, 3 females. From good hunting stock. Phone Fowler p Poultry & FOR SALE: 500 Babcock Leghorns layers In lay 9 months. 50$ each, also 17, 125 pound self feeders. Automatic waterers etc. Stanley Morrill, 9307 S. Upton Rd,,Laingsburg,Mlch Phone p-nc orses APPY ACRES STABLE open for boarding horses by year or month. 2 miles north of M-57 on Merrill Rd. Phone p-nc FOR SALE: orse trailer, tandem axle, with escape door, suitable for 2 horses. TRAVERS AUTOPARTS.St.' Johns ANNOUNCING TE FIRST ANNUAL.,., YMCA Camp Charity orse Show, September 17, 9:00 am at Y & L Silver Valley Farm, 127 S on Barry Rd. Trophy and 6 ribbons each class, 50% payback first 4 places. / For information call Les Gllle, lp-nc D.D.A. -- Don't Do Anything - until you see this outstanding 40 acres, first time offered, located close to Elsie. If you have been looking for that retirement Shangri-La, raise a few head of beef or horses, or nursery stock, you name it until payday, this has to be it. as 4 bedroom remodeled home, main floor bath, basement, very good outbuildings, fairly new 2 car garage. Offers frontage on two good roads, priced to sell. Near Elsie ow to get all you pay for. If you want full value for every dollar, look at this property. Its all house and as fine a buy as you'll encounter. This commendable 2 or *3 bedroom ranch home ^approaches, perfe'ctiohy ^situated on a lovely ^5' acre landscaped site in one of the finest rural family areas, absolutely immaculate, extra spacious living room with gas fireplace, excellent room sizes throughout, attached garage, up to date horse or cattle barn. Priced for immediate sale, additional acreage available. Frank Santrucek Gail Barker Betty olbrook Mary Ann Landers Peter Mollema Ned Pierson Ward Perry (517) S ROY SPIESS AGENCY, INC. DICK SELLECK, REALTOR 313 N. Washington St. Open All Day Saturday Phone 72S-2188 Days or Evenings Member Shiawassee County Board of Realtors * Member Shiawassee Listing Exchange Cqttle FOR SALE:16olstein hellers, due September and October, Charles Bracey, 4 miles south of Ovid. Ph p-nc FOR SALE: 8 bred Polled ereford heifers, also German Shepherd pups, Richard Latz p-nc ogs & Sheep FOR SALE: 28 sheep in good condition. Phone Church Road. 20-lp-nc FOR SALE: 3 York and amp crossed boars, can be seen at 1240 Jason Rd. 1/2 mile west of US p FOR SALE: 14 sheep ewes and 2 rams. Phone lp Motorcycles FOR SALE: 1969 Suzuki 500, $500. Call after 5 pm dhtf-nc FOR SALE: 1971 Suzuki 500, additional equipment, insurance and helmets included, $600, Phone p Sporting Goods FRANCIS AVIATION, INC, Travel the safe way with our charter service or learn to flywithus. Vets approved. Capitol City Airport - Ph, tf Trailers & Campers PICKUP COVERS, cab high, $109 and up. 26 inch paneled insulated, large windows and lights $235. (Dealer Wanted) B & L Distributing, 3319 S. Cedar, Lansing. Phone p-nc OUR RENTAL FLEET of 1972 Starcraft, Starmaster, 8 models is now on sale. For $1289. plus tax. Price in- " " J cludes furnace, spare tire ^nd[ gavbottle and regulator. -Beck St yde Farmarina, N US p-nc CAMPERS, PICKUP COVERS, Travel Trailers & Equipment, close out prices on all 1972 models and rental units of pickup campers and Travel Trailers. Wing Mfg. & Sales, 5349 Wisner Rd, 1/2 mile west, 1 3/4 miles north of Ashley, phone nc Farm Machinery BELEN CORN CRIBS, heavy steel rods, welded and dipped galvanized, for years of rust-free service and high resale value. Will stand high winds even when empty. See the various sizes available In stock for immediate delivery. Financing available through your A.S.C. office at.5.52% interest. Fedewa Builders, Inc. 5 1/4 miles south of Fowler. Phone tf FOR SALE: Corn Crib, 3 section high heavy gauge steel. Phone after 6 p.m p "Gib" Simon - oward Gladding Brokers 102 N.CLINTON-PONE E Cass, 3 bedroom ranch, many extra features in this house, 2 car, garage attached. 801 ampshire Dr.. beautiful 3 bedroom ranch, fireplace and first floor family room, central air, 2 car garage, pool table stays. Many bullt-ins. 106 W Lincoln. 3 bedroom with beautiful yard, priced to sell. 701 E Railroad, 2 bedroom starter home, verysharpl ' 3 Acres E. Mead Rd..Your home in the countrylttui 3 bedroom _ranch with many extras on 1 acre, Ovid area. Trailer on 10 acres, priced to sell E. Townsend Rd 3 bedroom ranch with family room, 2 car attached garage. 305 N. Swegles St., 3 bedroom ranch, family room, patio and finished basement. F ARMS - We have many listings the SIZE you heed. 2 New Listings - Business opportunities. Be your own boss. $$$$ Lots, Farm Lots, City Lots. We have your size. ijohnfid^sjss?' Chris Shinabery S9M197 Qa G te< Audrtyajtromettltotn Jmy jnning ^ ^ * R.V inm Eith#r ngnhat ^JNton BQ3-31B8 "John SchumiktthMmbtn of Liming Board of Rtiitori It MnltlnU " tol,rt Utlna ' nfle Ettct^nwglfj^ ' NORWOOD hay savers and silage bunks, all steel welded with rolled edges to last a lifetime. See at our yard, 5 1/4 miles south of Fowler. Ph , Fedewa Builders, Inc. 122-tf* FOR SALE-Case Chopper corn and hay heads. Phone, Case blower, 40 "inch pipe. 19-3p COMBINE.& TRACTORS: John Deere 95 squareback combine, spike cylinder, 13 ft, platform. This machine has not been in white beans; Also John Deere 435 N cornhead & bean header to fit 95 combine; Massey Ferguson 72 pull type combine. as spring tooth & rasp bar cylinder & bean pickup; Innes stray/chopper to fit Massey Ferguson 72 combine; Minneapolis Moline 670 diesel, motor overhauled; Case 930 Comfort King; Massey Ferguson Super 90 gas, low model, only 1300 hours, has all the extras; John Deere 2010 gas. BERTRAM IMPLE MENT SALES, " 3101, Fowler. 19-3p-nc FOR SALE: John Deere 237 corn picker with No. 50 shelter attachment. Call Bob Zeeb p-nc FOR SALE: John Deere 30 combine auger feed. $300. Phone Owosso lp-nc FOR SALE:PTOCornSheller and dray conveyer and John Deere mounted corn picker. Leon Wohlfert, 3 miles south 1 l/2 east of Westphalia. 20-3p FOR SALE: International No. 56 blower in excellent condition. Melvin Fitzpatrick, 3 miles east, 1 1/4 south of Ithaca. Phone p FOR SALE: International TD-9 bulldozer. CallChapln p Automotive FOR SALE: 1969 Mach I red witivblack*'interior, four speed, J headers, 1600 firm. Built in tape player Ovid nc FOR SALE: 1970 Fiat, 2 door convertible, sharp. Call after 6:00 P.m. 19-lp-nc FOR SALE: 1970 Cnevy!/ 2 ton pickup, heavy duty clutch overload springs, excellent condition. Phone p-nc FOR SALE: 1966 Mustang 6 cylinder, 3 speed, $375. Phone Pewamo p-nc FOR SALE: 1964 Chevrolet 4 door hardtop. Reasonably priced. Call dh-nc FOR SALE: 1968 Chrysler, excellent condition. See at S. B. Keys & Son Gulf in Elsie nc FOR SALE: 1968 Ford Galaxte XL, two door hardtop. See at S. B.Keys & Son Gulf in Elsie nc DAY, WEEK, MONT or LONG TERM LEASE CAINS. Inc." BUICK-PONTIAC ' OPEL-GMC 2 blocks west, % blocks north of Court ouse. Phone St. Johns,. u Ford Tractors and Implements New and Used Machinery Parts and Accessories CARLAND SALES and SERVICE Phone Owosso, SA 3-32?7 Cafland, Michigan 24-tt FOR SALE: 1964 Chevy n, good condition, with new Ures, $200. Call lp-nc FOR SALE: 1971 Datsunwith nylon cover, cap high shell am fm radio wide tires and one bike trailer that will haul 3 bikes. Call Ovid p-nc FOR SALE: 19,66 Ford Galaxte, 4 door, V-8, power brakes and steering, standard shift, good tires, no rust, good condition* Call Pompeii ~3p-nc Real Estate WE, OURSELVES, will buy your land contract. For prompt, courteous action, call Ford S. LaNoble, La- Noble Realty, 1516 E. Mich-, igan, Lansing, Ph Evenings ti OUSE FOR SALE, 3 bedrooms, newly remodeled, corner Lot. 241 W. Pearl, Ovid. Call p-nc FOR SALE: Three bedroom home with family room, living room, dining room, two car garage, screened in patio, shade trees, nice lot, nice home, located in Owosso for sale at $12,500 Call Bob White for appointment after 4:00 p.m. MACK REAL ESTATE OVID. 19-3p-nc OVID (in town) located on large lot, 3 bedroom home, quality built two years ago, fully carpeted, full basement, two car garage, must be seen to be appreciated. Call Bob White after 4:00 p.m. MACK REAL ESTATE, OVID. 19-4p-nc GOLDEN STALLION ESTATES still has a few homes left to sell. Call Bob White for an appointment to see them. MACK REAL ESTATE OVID. 19-3p-nc FOR SALE: 3bedroom,good location near park and schools. Dry basement. Can '' be'se'enby appointment-only. 1 ' ' 14-tf YOU CAN build a new home and finance it at 7 1/4% interest with low monthly payments and very small closing costs if you qualify. Under this plan you can build a 3 or -4 bedroom home. If you can't qualify for this financing program, we have other financing programs available which can be adapted to your budget. For more information, call Fedewa Builders, Inc or stop in at our office located 5 1/4 miles south of Fowler on Wright Rd. 27-tf TWO LOTS for sale, one on Francis Road, one on Lehman Road. Will build using your plans or ours. Will help arrange financing. Call Fedewa Builders, Inc t FOR SALE Texaco service station available in Lansing. Call pat Larick 372-* 6099 days, evenings. 49_tf DeWITT TOWNSIP, Lansing schools, by owner. 3 bedroom, full basement, large kitchen with bullt-ins, 2 car garage,-large fenced in backyard Chetwyn Dr. 20-3p-nc IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY- Suburban home west of St. Johns, nice 2-car garage, large landscaped yard. Call Fred Denovich, or Furman' Realty Co., or nc LOOKING FOR A NEW OME? We'll Build You What You Want ON YOUR LOT OR OURS WILLARD SEARLES Rnldential Builder ST. JONS Ptiona ROTARY WATEl'. WELL DRILLING ' ALL WORK GUARANTEED SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS SOLD & REPAIRED GILBERT & INGALLS, Inc. DeWi or Dimondale tf LOVELY SUBURBAN family home east of St Johns. Call Mary Rappuhn, or 'Furman Realty Co., or nc ST JONS - 4 bedroom bl-level, priced to sell. Call Mary Rappuhn, or Furman Realty Co., or nc IMMACULATE bi-level with 2 fireplaces, nice wooded setting near lake and small village. Call Fred Denovich, or Furman Realty Co., or nc 40 ACRES, St. Johns near. You don't want this wild 40, it's rolling with woods, it would only be good for snowmobiling, desolate, where your only neighbors are deer and pheasants, but if you insist on seeing it, call Fred Denovich, or Furman Realty Co., or nc Resort Propert 1 For Sale FOR SALE: Lakefront lot on Negaunee Lake, six mues south of Evart in Osceola County. Call p-nc Real Estate Wanted WANTED LISTINGS. Call Bob White, MACK REAL ESTATE, OVID. 19-6p-nc Wanted To Rent WANTED TO RENT: 2 bedroom house or apartment or , ask for Bill. 19-3P For Rent FOR RENT: Furnished apartment for single person, close in, private bath and entrance. Call , 20-tf FOR RENT: Separate one bedroom furnished apartment with kitchen. Adults.only- Phone lp n f-gf\" ~twlc ~>~ " FOR RENT - Air hammer for breaking up cement, etc. We have two available. Randolph's Ready-Mix Plant North US 27, ph tf RUSTIC VILLA apartments in Westphalia, 2 bedroom units featuring built-in appliances, private/entrances, carpeting. From $120 per month. Security deposit. No pets. Phone or 669*9879 or after 4:00 p.m tf FOR RENT: 70 acres, tillable land, 1 1/2 miles West of St. Johns. John Glowacki. Phone p-nc FOR RENT:^ Private separate apartment with light housekeeping. Adults only. Idlewild Court. Phone lp FOR RENT: Large pleasant sleeping room. Phone lp-nc Card of Thanks MORRISON-May I take this way to thank the Employees of Eberhardt's (The Big E.) market located at US-27 and Boichot Rd. I have been a completely satisfied customer since Opening Day. I have thought of this place as my "Own private shopping center" and these young employees help and cooperate in various ways, and the clean orderly arrangement of merchandise prompts this statement and last but not least I wish to thank them for the beautiful birthday cake made especially for me in honor of my 93rd birthday. It was a "Thing of Beauty" indeed, 3 tiers of 'glistening white frosting and many birds and pink roses and buds and the words in silver "appy Birthday,* and on top in silver also the figures 93. For all of this and more please accept my grateful thanks, Mrs Lucile Morrison. 20-lp-nc UN-I wish to thank Dr Steigerwald and the other doctors at the Carson City ospital. Also the nurses and nurse aides for the fine car;e given me, I also wish to thank Rev Ted Otto, relatives, friends and neighbors for the cards, calls and gifts while in the hospital and since I have returned home. Also thank yous go out to the EasternStar, Willing Workers Circle and Case all at MSU, Everything is very much appreciated.-alberta uhn. 20-lp VITEK - The family of Paul M Vltek wishes to express their thanks to all relatives, friends and neighbors for masses, cards, flowers, prayers, food brought in and many acts of kindness and thoughtfulness during the illness and death of our father. Also special thanks to ladles who helped prepare the meal. Also Father ankerd, Goehring, Sisters, all the other priests. Dr. Russell and Grost. Nursing staff atclinton Memorial ospital for care, The Osgood Funeral ome. 20-lp-nc ROSSOW-We wish to express our sincere thanks for the calls and cards we received on our 65th wedding, anniversary. Mr and Mrs. Robert Rossow. 20-lp-nc BAST-I wish to thank Dr. Mead Zick and Combs, nurses and aides at the St. Lawrence ospital for the wonderful care they gave me. Father Benjamin and Sister Pierre for all their visits. The Bus Drivers for the fruit. Swegles teachers, relatives, friends and neighbors for cards and gifts. Isadore Bast, 20-lp-nc WISE-The family of Max J. Wise wishes to express their thanks to all our relatives, friends and neighbors for cards, flowers, food and masses and all acts of kindness during the illness and death of our dear husband and father. Also Father James Schmitt and Father Tom Fedewa, the K of C, the D of I for their masses and prayers. A special thanks to the AAA PLANNING A GARAGE SALE 9 Did you know * that the CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, furnishes FREE W yard signs marking your sale location* 3 Call Millie at ^ ^ for all the details \. Ambulance Service of St' Johns, the Geller Funeral ome, the pallbearers and the ladies who prepared the meal. Your kindness shall always be remembered. Rosalyn, James and Dale Wise. 20-lp OVID MRS. OLIVER SMIT Phone Mr and Mrs George Beardslee of Anaheim, Calif are spending the week with his parents Mr and Mrs arold Beardslee. Mr and Mrs James Moulton of Kalamazoo spent Monday with Mr and Mrs Clifford Squier and Mr and Mrs arold Beardslee. Reverend and Mrs Claude Ridley and family will be guests at a reception and dinner given bv members and friends of the United Church on September 17 at 1 pm at Main Street Building. Mr and Mrs Lee McMann and son Jim, returned to Wilmington, Del. Sept 5 after spending ten days with her mother, Mrs Oliver Smith. On Sunday relatives and friends helped them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Assisting with the refreshments were Mrs Cyril Tremblay, Mrs Clare Alderman and Debbie Slavik. Guests were present from Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Marlette, Brown.City, Owosso, Davison and the Ovid area. Albert Ackley and Mr and Mrs arold Beardslee attended the wedding of Teresa Brown in the Congregational Church, Olivet. er father William Brown performed the ceremony. CLASSIFIED USINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY Use This Classified Listing For Fast Service From Clinton County Business Firms AUCTIONEER BARBERS FOODS REAL ESTATE AL GALLOWAY, AUCTION-. EER Used Farm Machinery & Parti. St. Johns, 2J ARNETT CASE, Watson Rd., Bath, Michigan Phone (517) AUTOMOTIVE :ILL FOWLER FORD. New Used Cars & Pick-ups. \. US-27 r DeWltt, CAIN - BUICK - PONTIAC, New & Used Cars, 210 W. igham, Complete Body & Servic'e. EGAN FORD SALES, INC., 200 W. igliam, phone a Pinto-Ford-Maverick- Torino-Mustang. UB TIRE CENTER, B.F. Goodrich Tires, Ph. 224-, 3218, Front End Alignment. BOB'S AUTO BODY, Compete Collision Service, , 800 N. Lansing. s ENRY E. DREPS. INC.. ars, Trucks & Motor ome Serv N. US-27, DEBAR CEVROLET CO., New & Used Cars. Elsie B00. You can't do better anywhere. MOORE^ OIL tires, see us, Ph co., if it's 909 E. State, IETTLER'S MOTOR SALES 24 r. Wrecker Service, I Good Used Trucks. BEAUFORE'S BARBER SOP, /2 State. Open Tues. thru Sat. also Wed. St Fri. evenings. CLEANERS ANTES DRY CLEANEPS, pickup and delivery. 1C3 W. Walker, phone DRUGS PARR'S REXALL DRUGS, open dally 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m;, Sunday 8:30-12:30 & 5 to 7 p.m. ELECTRICIANS MAINTENANCE ELECT. SERVICE Residential, Commercial, Industrial Ph , 507 E. igham. SCMITT ELECTRIC CO., Residential - Commercial - Industrial, , 807 1/2 E. State St. FERTILIZERS ZEEB FERTILIZERS, Everything for the soil, St. Johns, , Ashley, FINANCIAL CAPITOL SAVINGS &LOAN ASSOC, 222 N. Clinton, , Safety tor savings < since FLORISTS. Say it with Quality Flowers from WOODBURY'S FLOW ED SOP, 321 N. Clinton, St, Johns, ANDY'S IGA, St. Johns, ome Baked Bread, Pies, Cookies, Choice Meats, Carry-out service. GENE'S IGA FOODLINER, Elsie 9-6 Mon. Tues. Wed. Sat. 9-9 Thurs. & Fri GIFTS TE TREASURE CEST, 220 N. Clinton, allmark Cards-Russell stover Candy. ARDWARE DALMAN ARDWARE, Ph , DeWitt, Whirlpool Appliances, Zenith TV, Plumbing and eating. INSURANCE JIM MCKENZIE INSURANCE All Line Of Ins Ionla JEWELRY LEVEY'S JEWELRY, Orange Blossom diamond rings, Bulova & Accutron Watches. Elsie, PARTY SUPPLIES D & B PARTY SOPPE, Package Liquor-9 a.m.-10 P.m. Mon. Thurs. Fri. & Sat, 9 a.m.-ll p.m., 224 N. Clinton, PLUMBING DUNKEL PLUMBING AND EATING, Licensed Master Plumber. Ph , 807 E. State St^ BURTON ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO. Abstract and Title Services, 119 N. Clinton. Ph RESTAURANT DALEY'S FINE FOOD, Dining & cocktails, Ph , S. US-27-1/2 mile S. M-21, WESTERN TOM'S WESTERN STORE, 1 ml. W. Ovid, 9-5:30 Mon. -Sat., Fri. til 9. Anytime by Appt., Space for Rent LIST YOUR BUSINESS OR SERVICE TODAY... Call Millie at NOW!

16 16A CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 Intermediate district hires 3 people for new positions ST JONS - The ap- Clinton County Intermediate That's what Larry Sch- Joining the district are nointment of 3 staff mem- School District adequately wartzkopf program director, Janice Maier, Type C bers to fill newly-created cover the district to provide says about the newcomers to Consultant for the mentally positions is helping the needed services. the special education staff, handicapped; Mary Sloan, Larry Schwartzkopf, new special education director for the Clinton Intermediate School District goes over fall scheduling with from left Kathy Dosh, speech therapist, Janice Maier, Type C consultant for mentally handicapped and Mary Sloan, school social by worker. YOU Can join the crowd of smiles starting a savings account today. 5.92% EFFECTIVE ANNUAL RATE EARN TE IGEST INTEREST RATES ALLOWED BY LAW WE OFFER YOU: ON OUR BIG 5 school social worker, and Bonita Matthies, special education teacher of trainable students. Schwartzkopf maintains last year's staff was spread too thin. "They were not able to work with all students in the 6 districts served who needed special help in learning skills and/or adjustment skills," he relates. TE TYPE C consultant's responsibility is working with children identified as mentally handicapped but who are integrated into the regular classroom," he explains. "She takes them out of the classroom to tutor them" Schwartzkopf adds, "and counsels teachers on how to work with a child with special work materials." Social worker Mary Sloan is concerned with students having difficulty in personal and social adjustment in school. She works with the school staff and parents. To achieve her goal, Schwartzkopf states she can go to outside agencies and may work directly with the student. Until the district's new special edcuation school is opened this month, Bonita Matthies is visiting trainable students in their homes. The increased enrollment necessitated the hiring of an additional teacher in that area. Schwartzkopf himself is new to the staff filling an existing position. Others who have joined the district for the first time are Kathy Dosh, speech therapist in the Ovid-E!sie area and Margie arbut and Robert Woodman, special education teachers of trainable students. REDWINGS LANES W L Zeeb's 3 0 Beck's 2 1 % % TWO-YEAR CERTIFICATE 5.63%-5 1 /a% 5.13%""'5 /c Effective Annual Rate 1-Year Certificate Effective Annual Rate Interest is compounded continuously from day of deposit OVID CENTRAL NATIONAL ~ BANK ST. JONS PEWAMO O 90 Day V.I.P. Plan 4». *- >* **W m 4 a.*«*-* - r ar*-*-*-' " «Joining the Clinton County Intermediate School District staff are from left Margie arbut, Robert Woodman and Bonita Matthies. All are special education teachers of trainable students. Area McKenzie's 2 1 Legion 2 1 ettler's 2 1 Randolph's 2 1 Roadhouse l 2 Dunkel's 1 2 Egg Station 1 2 Ctoca Cola 1 2 Shell 1 2 Clinton Nat Bank 0 3 igh game individual - J Greer, 227 with a 589 series. igh game team - Beck's, 886 with a 2580 series. 200 games - J Greer, 227; A Mohnke, 219; R Turner, 218, 209; G Pearson, 213; C Smith, 209, J Anderson, 207; D Anderson, 202; L Witt, 202. TUESDAY TEATIME TENPINKEGLERS 4 Won Lost American Legion 4 0 allenbeck's Const. 4 0 ub Tire Center 4 0 McKenzielns. 3 1 Julie K 3 1 Allaby & Brewbaker 3 1 Daley's E.J. Standard 1 3 Masarik's Shell 1 3 Parr's 0 4 Bruno's Bar 0 4 Clinton National Bank 0 4 igh team game: Julie K igh team series: McKenzie's igh individual game and series: Thelma Miller 233, 582. Other 500's and 200's: Jan FowIer-541 and 212. Kay Penix-546 and 208. Jo Roger s-531. Splits Converted: Sandra Bowling Fongers and 4-5. Carol Tatroe 5-7. CITY CLASSEC Lake's Jewelrv Jim's Ins Federal Mogul Green Printing Budweiser Curleys eathman's Warren's Ins. Redwing Lanes Coca Cola Zeeb's Tri-Ami igh game individual Bob Stephens 242. igh game series Dave O'Dell 629. igh team game Jim's W L Insurance 991. igh team Central National Bank 4 0 series Lake's Jewelry Art's Refinery 4 0 Other 200 games: D. Val's Pizzeria 4 0 O'Dell, 214; Mel Sehlke, 211; Clinton Machine 3 1 Jim Lance, 224; Clare S & Farms 3 1 Floate, 200; Tom Danley, Randolph's ; O. Tatroe, 225; R. Gratiot Farmers Supply Snyder, 203; Gene Dunkel, ; Lynden Lade, 213; Redwing Lanes 1 3 Rollin Dunkel, 214, 214; K. E-Z-Flo Chemical 1 3 Penix, 211,200; M. Richards, Paradise Radio & TV ; W Dush, 209; Fred Furman Realty Co 0 4 Rogers, 205; J. Spousta, 208; Aloha Drive-In 0 4 Ted Silvestri, 213; S. Wassa, igh game individual - 202; T. Kentfield, 200; C. Donna umenik, 196. igh Green, 240; J. Tatroe, 231; individual series - Carolyn Other 600 series: Rollin Spitzley, 524. igh game Dunkel, 603; B. Stephens, team - Clinton Machine Co, igh series team - Central National Bank, SIRTS AND SKIRTS Splits converted - L Ash-, September 8, 1972 baugh and J eathman, 5-10; R O'Connor, D Tatroe, C KellyTires. 6 2 Spitzley, J eathman, M Central National 6 2 Boettger, 3-10; R. O'Connor, Coldstream ; C Spitzley, 2-7; S Ludwick, ; C Spitzley, 4-5- Lucky Wonders 5 1/2 2 1/2 Patterson and Sons fi 2 7; W Livingston, 5-7. Guy's Sonoco 41/2 31/2 AT ROUND LAKE OVID MKS. OLIVLR SMIT Phune Mr and Mrs Palmer Taylor of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Wilma Bonney of Oklahoma City and Mr and Mrs arold Euler of Bloomfield ills spent Tuesday and Wednesday with their cousins, Mr and Mrs arold Beardslee. Mr and Mrs Gary Tromblay of Columbus, Ohio have been spending their two weeks vacation with relatives in this vicinity. Trying too hard to get something for nothing often gets people free room and' board. OPEN TO SERVE YOU ftf f KDAVS 11 AM TO 1? PM FFtlDAVS * SAT LIBRA VS It bk* TO? A-' jrftlquor FOOD DANCING " LIVE MUSIC "TE COUNTRY FOUR' Friday Nltes & Sunday Afternoons) At KNOLL Sat., Sept. 16 COVER SATURDAY ONLY Dunkel 4 Mai-Tai 3 Slop Shots 3 P.B'S 2 Dry Dock'd 1 Ralyke Farms 1 igh individual game: women; Mary Snyder and Sheryl Plowman, 180: men; Richard Snyder 220. igh individual series: women; Ellen Martens, 502: men; Richard Snyder, 560. igh team game: Kelly Tires, 707. igh team series: Kelly Tires, CLINTON TEATER ST. JONS FRl-SAT-SUN ' Sept ' * &_ SNOOPY, COME OME! t&r INTR0DUCING \g>«f WOODSTOCK 1 I TE NEWEST MEMBER OF J d^te PEANUTS GANG &> AciM'-'irfiitiiriuispitEBEniMiow nnat MI ifnnialpiciuncsncltase tcvu'iirulan* ^3"SE" FAMILY DRIVE-IN TEATRE ST. JONS FRIDAY-SAT.-SUN. Sept Adult its! TtieQigty OTlliItfUJl* of tfje grave KEIR I SENTA l IJLLI DULLEAl BERGER 'PALMER ae^u^ MUSTON-,,S j COLOR ttftth'l&mnlirtnrtl AKAERICAN ITERNATIONALPICTURE -PLUS- -AND-

17 ».. -f K ** 4*»#. Walk-A-Thon a success Church youngsters paid $ 890 for taking walk By LEE PETERS ST JONS --'Young people from the Pilgrim United Methodist Church got paid over $890 for taking a walk Saturday. The 29 young people from the rural St Johns Church spent the greater part of the day walking the roads between their two churches to earn funds for the Caravan Program in the church. CARAVAN, A Christian program for boys and girls from first grade through eighth, is based on an Indian theme and stresses 4 areas of development in the youth - spiritual, mental, social and physical. The group meets regularly at Pilgrim United Methodist Church at the corner of Grove and Parks Roads each Sunday evening from 6 until 7:30 pm, The Walk-A-Thon opened the year's activities and began at the West Pilgrim Church at Parks and Grove Roads and ended at the East Church, The young people accompanied by their guides traveled east on Parks road to County Farm Road south to Taft to the East Church. ere after refreshments and a check off as to miles walked so far they began a 2 mile course south to Yallup Road, west to the old railroad right-of-way and north to Taft Road and back to the church. Several of the young people walked this course 4 times which gave them a total of 3 miles walked. Totally over 300 miles were walked by the entire group. Twenty-nine young people from Pilgrim United Methodist Church The money will be used to promote youth activities in the church. earned over $ at a Walk-A-Thon Saturday. Rev Brian Sheen, church minister, registers a walker and totals his pledges while Mrs Alden Knight secures reflector tape on a participant. I This is Nancy Wells Week Like so many.others on pur list of honored citizens, Mrs Richard Wells has distinguished herself behind the scenes by working on community needs of both personal and public nature. Perhaps only her closest friends know fully her concern for the needs of others and her enthusiasm for these unheralded efforts is as great, if not greater, than that displayed on projects of community-wide awareness. We are pleased to recognize another concerned citizen; one who makes our community a more cheerful place in which to live. CLINTON NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. Clinton County News SECTION B iji: September 13, 1972 Add Value.. Add Beauty Mr FUNDS WERE raised, by each child soliciting sponsors for his or herself at so much per mile. Rates ranged from 10$ to $1. One child was sponsored at $3 per mile up ( to 4 miles. Competition was ' keen and the area around each church, around the children's homes and even parts of St Johns were canvassed by members of Caravan in search of pledges. Pledge sheets were turned into the Caravan staff at the beginning of the Walk- A-Thon and records were set up for each participant. At approximately 2:30 pm the last participants finished their course and final figures were totaled. Over $890 had been earned by the young people, an average of $30 per child. Brent Sheen accumulated the highest amount with a total of $190 earned and Rick_Cortright was second with $143. Top among the girls was Dawn Cortright with Vanessa Jaquish finishing second. At 12 noon the entire group had a weiner roast at the Erna Sperry farm on South US-27. Staff for the Caravan program is Rev Brian Sheen, minister, Mrs Alden Knight, director; Mrs Joyce Marten, co-ordinator; Mrs Robert (Continued on page I1B) Photos by Lee Peters To Your ome With Attractive %fl!)lml WROUGT IRON Railings & Columns WELD-FREE TOP TO BOTTOM SIDE TO SIDE STRONGER, EAVIER -2f" \d *it W YOUR MOVE - FOR AN INSTANT LOAN JUST BY WRITING A CECK checkmate works... just like a do-it-yourself loan. When you open a Checkmate account, you receive a line of credil and if your checking account funds run short you simply write yourself a loan by writing a check. checkmate saves... you steps by eliminating a run to the bank when your cash is low. You have the money you need for daily expenses, sales or emergencies right at the Lip of your pen. Just by writing a check, you have all the cash you need up lo the limils of your approved line of credit. checkmate gives... you the privacy we all like when it comes to money affairs. And along with the privacy comes a convenience that only a plan like Checkmate can provide... instant cash. It's a checking account loan system that can't be beat. MAKE YOUR MOVE TO BEFORE-dangerous, unsightly, drab AFTER-safe-smart-easily installed KARBER BLOCK CO. 817 Church St. Johns The wide-awake bank makes itaijsoeasy. CLINTON NATIONAL BANK and TRUST CO..Serving The Clinton Area From 11 Locations \

18 2B CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 Clinton County News Back Through "If It Fitz... Robert MacDcmald, General Manager arold Schmaltz, Advertising Director Kenneth Corbett, Editor Annette White, Associate Editor Tribute to 4-'ers It's been said-many times before but it deserves repeating-clinton County has a 4- program equal to any in the state. This year they've had several youngsters win state honors. Many people merit commendation for this fine work with the youth in Clinton County but nobody to whom we've talked will dispute the fact John Aylsworth is the prime mover. e spends long hours in his job as County 4- Agent and now it's paying off in fine accomplishments by local youngsters. An example of what 4- can achieve in teaching youth the rewards of hard work was displayed last week at a banquet' held for buyers at this year's livestock auction. Among those attending were several of the county's most prominent citizens and youngsters who will achieve similar distinction in future years. John and all participants in Clinton County 4- deserve a resounding tribute for a worthwhile endeavor. Molding youth into solid, resdonsible citizens is a work that will reap future benefits for both the 4-'ers and those members of society who'll become associated with these young people. Negotiable spirit K.C. There is seldom a move labeled "progress" that doesn't adversely affect at least a few people. So it is important that individuals and communities get into a compromising mood when instances of "progress' and "expansion" are to be confronted. We would dislike to see the proposed shopping center expansion on S-US-27 in St Johns get to a knock-down, dragout affair. Those most directly involved are not that kind of people and certainly differences can be worked out. ome owners near a commercially zoned area should be concerned about expansion proposals. And such items as buffers and traffic patterns should be thoroughly discussed for the ultimate benefit of the residential area. We would hope that reasonable approaches to the problems and differences of opinion can be the result of negotiations.. * > - - ' / MacD* Qo&d, bad and ugly Last week we spent every evening glued in front of the television set watching the Olympics. It was a GOOD feeling to observe young athletes put forth a supreme effort toward capturing world honor for themselves and their country., What makes the Olympics mean so much in our mind is the dedication and years of hard work which brings these youngsters to Munich. Their reward is not the vast sums paid professional athletes nor is this a future goal toward which many Olympic participants aspire. The Olympic athlete's reward comes through the inner satisfaction of giving one's all in something he enjoys doing and does well. This is what is GOOD in life. Another side of the Olympics in Munich reflects the BAD. This aspect came with the apparent politics and injustice in rulings by the officials. One American boxer lost a bout stopped when his opponent was declared too injured to continue. An American swimmer lost a hardearned medal because he was taking a medicine prescripted by his doctor. Two American sprinters saw four years of hard work go down the drain when a confusion on times kept them from even competing. All these aspects, glare out as what can be BAD and overshadow the real purpose of amateur world competition. Finally, the serene atmosphere of an event founded on goodwill and fellowship among all nations was shattered by wanton murder and terrorism. It's an UGLY thing that happened. Perhaps UGLY is a poor description but it seems close enough a label for describing action which was beyond words or belief. It was with great pride and assurance of a more harmonious world in the future that we watched the Olympics the first week. We don't have that now. K.C. $m^#;^:r#^^ I've read a lot in bygone years, And I have travelled some I've satisfied some doubts and fears For many moons to come; My inventory up lo date Should be adequate-and yet, I own a rather nasty trait I'm too prone to forget. The many folks I've come lo know For whom I've great respect, J love to mcet-at'times I go My lapses to correct; Af introductions oft I fail It gets me in a sweat The limes I mess up this detail The names that I forget. AGE PROBLEM WAIUIKN K DOBSON If I could catalogue my mind, And re-arrange its files So names and faces I could find It would be cause for smiles; For memory courses I'm loo old I recall with regret The things I know I must be told, Because I still forget. Wiien judgment day is close at hand, My lime for Ural has come, Will the Judge know and understand When I am 'stricken dumb? Wiien all my past comes in review My final lest is met Will he remember every cluti Or manage to forget? ONE YEAR AGO Sept 15,1971 The DeWitt Board of Education unanimously approved the teacher contracts for to become the first school district in Clinton County to have their teachers under contract. 1 Clinton County School children will have the possibility of getting a better education during the school year thanks to a county-wide boost in state aid and local tax revenues. A special emergency employment committee of the Clinton County Board of Commissioners Friday split up a $61,300 emergency employment fund grant among 5 governmental units. At their regular meeting, the city commission authorized the replacement of 36 10,000 lumen lights on Clinton Avenue with 36 20,000 lumen mercury vapor street lights - doubling the brightness of the downtown district. 10 YEARS AGO Sept 13,1962 Clinton County's Communities Chest has set its 1962 campaign quota at $29,480--no increase from last year's budget. Enrollment in the St Johns public schools topped the 2,000 mark for the first time, according to Superintendent Earl R Lancaster. The Clinton County board of supervisors approved a plan to make aerial photographs of the entire county for use by the road commission, drain commission, township boards of review and other county officials. VOTERS in DeWitt township will be asked to ballot on a proposal to QUESTION: I notice that one of the methods you have chosen to stimulate our economy has been to increase our exportimport trade. Isn't Michigan in a bad position for exporting, being centrally located in the US. Who can we trade with besides Canada? ANSWER: While Canada is our biggest trading partner, Michigan does a substantial export business with Europe and Pacific ports in Japan Years Mother has a problem From the Clinton County News files of 1971,1962,1947 permit the sale of liquor by the glass at state-licensed establishments in the township Nov 6. George B Chick, 65, of Maple Rapids, punched the clock at the St Johns Division of Sealed Power, for the last time Friday retiring after 15 years and eight months at the local plant as night watchman and custodian. Joe Kurka Jr, prominent dairy farmer living on Meridian Road between Elsie and Ovid, was elected to head the 20-member Michigan State Fair Authority which replaced the State Fair Commission. 25 YEARS AGO Sept 11,1947 The (show herds of olstein - Friesian and Ayrshire cattle owned by Green Meadow Farms at Elsie, completed a circuit of state fairs last week when they took major honors at the Michigan State Fair at.detroit. Top honors in Clinton County's first Black and White show went to Andrew Cobb of Elsie and the Matthews Farms of St Johns. Mrs elen Doherty, present deputy in the county abstract office, was named county abstracter at' Monday's session of the Clinton County board of Supervisors. MISS DELMAS J Wallis has taken the position as County ome Demonstration Agent filling the vacancy left by the resignation of Mrs Elizabeth ess. Five new directors were named to the 10-man board that governs the activity of the St Johns Chamber of Commerce. New members chosen include Ralph Wisner, William Barber, Kenneth Munger, Justin Martzke' and J Ivan Niergarth. GOVERNOR I by William G. Milliken Where to contact your representatives In Washington... $ U.S. SEN. ROBERT P. GRIFFIN 8 &: 353 Old Senate Office Bld&. U : : Washington, D.C g : : (202) : : i U.S. REP. CARLES CAMBERLAIN $: : : (Sixth Congressional District) : : :: : 2240 ouse Office Bldg. : iji Washington, D.C : : J;: (202) $ :$ U.S. REP. GARRY BROWN : jij: (Third Congressional District) ;:; : 404 Cannon ouse Office Bldg. * :.: :; Washington, D.C : : : (202) U U.S. SEN. PILIP A. ART : : : 253 Old Senate Office Bldg. $ W - Washington, D.C % : : (202) & a In Lansing SEN. WILLIAM BALLENGER (30th District) State Capitol, Lansing, Mich REP.!&:::::::::::^ REP. RICARD J. ALLEN (88th District) Box 110 Lansing, Mich and Australia. Our state currently ranks second in the nation in the export of manufactured goods, and third in the export of vegetables. Although it may seem difficult to believe, the ailwater route between Detroit and most northern European ports via the St Lawrence Seaway is shorter than the cross-atlantic distance to the same port from New York or Baltimore. Thus, Michigan is in a strategic location for export-import trade with all parts of the world. R. DOUGLAS TREZISE (87th District) State Capitol Lansing, Mich Editor, Lapeer County Press IV By Jim Fitzgerald The evening the kids found out about their mother, I tried to explain the situation to them this way: "Everyone has some little thing they can't help worrying about. I don't mean a big thing, like the war or health or paying bills. But something little. Like I always worry on ''Saturday nights that I forgot and set the alarm clock by mistake and it'll wake me up on Sunday morning when the law allows me to sleep in. I keep waking up and checking, to make sure it's not set. I lose sleep Saturday nights worrying about losing sleep Sunday mornings. "Your mother worries about someone taking her salad." We were at the fancy Steering Wheel restaurant in Detroit. It was the first time the kids had been in a place which presented so many threats to their mother's salad. At home, all Pat has to worry about is the cats. But hovering around the Steering Wheel diners are dozens of waiters, waitresses, stewards and water boys. Not to mention a wedding party whose white clothing made my nervous wife embrace her lettuce. At the completion of the meal, Pat went to the restroom, thus giving me a chance to explain her conduct to the children. It had been quite a dinner... 6 courses: appetizers, soup, salad, stuffed pancakes, the main course, sherbert and coffee. Notice that salad was number 3. The idea is to eat one course at a time, with the waiter removing the remains of the previous course before bringing the next one. Pat's problem is that she wants to keep This election year is a perfect time to witness the versatility of, the English language. t For instance: One party's "periolous practices" are the other party's "sound, practical and far-reaching platform policies." One candidate may be "innovative and versatile," while the other candidate is labeled "inconsistent." "Groundless charges" by Candidate A,. 'when worded by Candidate B suddenly turn in'to "hard hitting,, honest criticism-of the-, current administration.".,, -, ""I'LL STAND* on'my record," really means "I'd rather not answer that question." "Aggressive, hard hitting programs,", described by the opposition turn into, "dangerous and careless practices." A candidate described as "unqualified and lacking depth" is the other party's candidate praised as "his own man and the people's choice." The "rash and irrational actions" of one describes the "aggressive and direct If Michigan citizens vote this coming Nov 7 to reduce property taxes through a proposed Constitutional prohibition against the use of such taxes for basic schooloperating revenue, the 1973 Legislature will be required, in the first 6 months of next year, to make some complex and momentous decisions. The ballot proposal that resulted from a successful petition drive conducted by the Michigan Education Association, with the support of GovernoT Milliken, would charge the Legislature with enacting both a new program of general state taxation and a new method of distributing funds for the support of public K12 education. (If a companion ballot question, permitting the levy of a graduated income tax is also approved by the voters, the Legislature will have greater leeway in producing a tax program.) It can be tentatively assumed at this time, in. the absence of any realistic alternative proposals, that the Legislature will turn to the state personal income tax (whether at an increased flat rate or in a new graduated form) and to a " value-added'* tax On business (whether singly or combined with a state corporate income tax increase) to replace the revenue lost to schools through property tax reduction. It can also be tentatively assumed that the new tax program will replace lost school revenues in an equal her salad throughout the entire dinner and she is afraid the hired help doesn't understand this. At some point in her early childhood she was badly scarred by a graspy waitress. Little Pat's chopped garden with.french dressing disappeared half eaten, and then the prime "rib neve" materialized. She went to bed hungry that night and had nightmares about sneaky waiters, stolen Roquefort and starving children in China. She,awoke shook but determined. She vowed to never again part with her salad until after dessert. At the Steering Wheel that night, every time a restaurant employee neared our table, Pat's arm encircled her salad and sh automatically said those now familiar words:- "I'd like to keep my salad, please." Before that long meal was over, everyone in the restaurant knew Pat wanted to keep her salad. When the piano player asked for requests, Pat requested that she be allowed to keep her salad. And he sang it for her. The doorman went into the middle of the boulevard and warned traffic to keep moving and stay away from Pat's salad. The bartender became so concerned he tried to call a policeman to stand guard. But you can never find a policeman when you need one in Detroit.., Anyway, that's how it went. And I was' glad w,hen Pat went to the ladies room, so I could explain her phobia to the kids. They looked at her with more understanding when she returned to the table and took her salad out of her purse and resumed eating it.. A PERSONAL LOOK AT TE NEWS Between the lines with Jim Edwards measures" of the man in the other party. "A question of priorities" statement by one could be "stalling" by another. "INCONSISTENCY" is one man describes the other as "willing to chang and responsive to the needs of the nation." On the other hand, the "stubborn" office holder or candidate is described by his own party as "unwavering in his principles." "I'm taking the campaign to the people," probably really means, "the party support is going to another candidate."..! "Veiled in* secrecy" screeched'by, one party describes 1 their own "closely guarded facts, necessary'to the national security." Decisions influenced by "cronies and cohorts" by the bad guys are decisions for the good guys after "hours of consultation with top flight advisors." "CONSORTING with the enemy" is the description used by those who describe their own' action as "meaningful and valuable exchanges of ideas." "Responding to the wishes of the people" on one hand is described on the other hand as "fanning the fuels of dissent." View from the Senate By. SEN. WILLIAM S. B/MLENGER or only slightly greater amount. TIS WILL MEAN that practically all funds for supporting schools will be collected at the state level - roughly $1,235 billion in "replacement" revenue, plus an approximately equal amount that the state would normally have budgeted for a State School Aid bill. Once the state has taken care of its obligation to pay,the full employer's share for school employees' retirement and social sectirity (which will predictably run well over $250 million for ), perhaps $2.2 billion will be available for allocation to the individual school districts. In meeting its Constitutional mandate to enact a new method of distributing funds "to assure equal and quality educational opportunity," the 1973 Legislature will have to make several majordecisions and numerous related corollary decisions - the essence of which could be outlined as follows: I-A. Should funds for general education (excluding. special, compensatory and vocational education, etc.) be distributed on a statewide basis of equal dollars per pupil?' I-B. Should funds for general education be distributed, instead, on a basis that strives for equity in "program" or professional - pupil ratio? If so: 1. Should funding be varied or "weighted" according to the qualifications and experience of professional staff? 2. Should funding weighted according to regional differences in salary scales? 3. Should the "base" salary used in computing funding be determined by the state or pegged in some manner to salary scales determined by the collective bargaining process? 4. ow should funding of non-professional salary costs be conducted? As a percentage of weighted professional salary costs? In a manner that allows only for regional differences in non-professional salary scales? On a basis of equa~ dollars per pupil? 5. ow should nonsalaried costs be funded? In a manner that allows for regional differences, if such exist? Or in equal amounts per pupil?. II-A. Should all or a major portion of the 4-1/2 mills allocated for intermediate districts, vocational, special and compensatory education be levied directly by the state? If so: 1. ow. should ir termediate districts be funded? By the existing budgetary process, except with 100% state funding in place of the present formula? Or by some other method? \ 2. ow should vocatioivil education be funded? By tht* existing "added -, cos t" (Continued on page 36)

19 r September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St, Johns, Michigan 3B 1 We mentioneti last week some of the objections a New York physician had lined up against legalization of marihuana. As I suspected, it did not gain much support with youth, and some of our drug abuse staff people felt discouraged about our stance. No matter. Most of the expertise many people have about marihuana has to do with their personal use, which to me is just as ludicrous as feeling that you are an expert on cigarette effects and dangers out of the fact that you smoke two packs a day. "BUT DOCTOR," they clamor, "how can you speak about marihuana with such authority, if you have never tried it." Easy. I "know about delirium tremens, though I have never been unfortunate enough to suffer it. And I even know a good deal about pregnancy, though the actual experience of the situation has always eluded me. WE DON'T KNOW YET I have to agree that youthful and, unfortunately, not so youthful users of marihuana know something about the immediate effects of the drug. I will even go so far as to admit that further research, throughout the next few years, may indeed prove that marihuana indulgence is the safest and most harmless pleasure activitiy in the world. BUT, YOU SEE, that is not the case now. And so long as there are serious doubts, why take the risk? Another point that Dr Moser makes, and I think he is right, is that while the majority of persons who use marihuana do so only a short time, and.then,stop without. noting F t any personality, '-, changes, some chronic ' users,, however, either because of the drug itself or because of their involvement in the so called "drug scene" - or both - lose their ability to cope with reality, to endure frustrations, to concentrate or learn, to carry out realistic goals, and to communicate effectively. SE98S8SS88 S&^^ An ounce of prevention By Jose' J Llinas, MD Director of Community Mental ealth Clinton, Eaton and Ingham MEDICAL REPORT The National Institute of Mental ealth's report on Marihuana and ealth pointed out that the alkaloid's use has increased in the last few years, and it is very widespread. It is said to be as high as 90% in some groups of high school students. There was one positive thing the report had to say about the physical effects of marihuana, and it is that it decreases pressure inside the eyes, so that \t may be useful in the treatment of glaucoma. AT TE SAME time, it is known that acute marihuana intoxication causes a defect in intellectual performance and motor skills, so that operating a motor vehicle under the influence is a serious hazard, both to the driver and to innocent others who may come his way. While recommending reduced penalties, the report hedged on the matter of I 1 possible legalization of the drug. It should be pointed out that problems would not end with a substance like marihuana being legal; some difficulties may be' solved, to the liking of many of our young people; but many other new dilemmas would come out, to the regret of the rest of us. TE OUNCE OF PREVENTION "It is increasingly ap-* parent," Dr Bertram S Brown, our top government psychiatrist states, "that any satisfactory answer to the question of health and marihuana must take into account such multiple factors as the context and purpose of the use, the age, sex, and physical and psychological characteristics of the user, variations in the marihuana used, dosage, frequency and method of use and other factors." This is medical double talk for "look before you leap!" View from the Senate (Continued from page 2B) method (total cost of approved programs, minus the pupil's basic educational allowance)? By the pupilratio "unit" method or some equivalent system of "weighted membership?" Or in some other way? 3. ow should special education for handicapped pupils be funded? Through the added-costj approach? Through a pupil-ratio unit or weighted - membership system? In some other way? 4. ow should compensatory education be funded? Through a continuation of the present system of providing $200 per underachieveing pupil? Through a pupil-ratio unit or weighted' - fnmeihbeyship* system? In some other way?' II-B. Should all or a major portion of the 4-1/2 mills allocated for intermediate districts, and for vocational, special, and compensatory education be levied instead of intermediate districts? Or by both local and intermediate districts? IF SO: 1. ow should the state meet its Constitutional Before you buy... test the top 3 { See what the 73 Scorpion's got... See for yourself who's Number One! Only Scorpion Stinger dares to make this challenge, Because only Scorpion oilers ihese engineering advances for 1973: "Para-Rail" suspension. Combines the best features of both slide rails., and bogeys "Power-Thrust" clutch. Delivers more of the engine's power to the track than any consumer clutch knofon. "Power-Bite" track. Allpoly track grips the snow better for more get-upand-go, See the entire Scorpion Stinger line for 1973: Super Stinger 440-Super Stinger 400-Snger 340 " Stinger 290 and 290 ET-Super Stingerette 340, WE ALREADY KNOW WO'S NUMBER ONE! Cliff Martens, representing Don Tolles Sales & Service, proved that in these M.I.S.A. Sanctioned Races: July 2 1st Place D Stock, Onaway July 29 1st Place B Stock, ope Aug. 6 1st Place A Stock, Marlon Aug. 12 1st Place A Stock, Croswell Aug. 12 1st Place D Stock, Croswell Aug. 131st Place A Stock, Croswell Aug. 13 1st Place C Stock, Croswell Aug. 201st Place A Stock, Battle Creek Sept, 3 1st Place A Stock, Deckervllle Sept. 3 1st Place C Stock, DeckervIe Look oyf, Call Look out, Skl-Doo! Scorpion Sllngor Is comln' thru! scorpion stinger DON TOLLES EL 2621 E. Walker Rd., ST. JONS Phone , mandate to "equalize" such miliage? If all districts are to be guaranteed the same return on comparable levies, at what level should such a guarantee be made? 2. ow should the state meet its companion mandate to distribute supplementary funds for these purposes? If the equalization process addresses itself to differences in wealth among districts, should the distribution of supplemental funds address itself to differences in need? III. ow should the state meet its Constitutional mandate to "equalize" the optional 6 mills that any district would be permitted to levy through a vote of its cejectqrate? By guaranteeing eactf district the same/$30, ber-rh 1 per/pupil r^upi a; $30,000 SEV district receives? Through some other approach? What restrictions, if any, should be placed on the use of this optional miliage? TIS OUTLINE COVERS only the basic questions that must be answered if the November 7 ballot proposal concerning property-tax reduction and schoolfinancing is approved. Other related questions which" would then beyond doubt be deliberated by the Legislature next year include the following. What changes, if any, in existing restrictions and regulations should be made when full state funding of transportation begins? Should state assistance of any form be given to equalize debt-retirement miliage, or otherwise help with t the cost of school buildings? What provision should or can be made for districts that have incurred substantial deficits? Could overall economics be achieved in Michigan moved to a full-funded retirement system for school employees? None of the issues that could confront the 1973 Legislature has an easy solution. For many of the waiting questions, tentative answers merely raise more questions. It is often said (and quite accurately) that school-financing reform is a field that has no experts, only a few specialists. But if the citizens of Michigan mandate propertytax reduction at the 1 polls in November, the issues must and will be resolved, and the questions answered. The first 6 months of 1973 would then see more major changes in our way of supporting public K-12 education than have been made in the last 50 years. FCA LOANS' REDUCE MTEREST COSTS. Ask about PCA's unique money-saving interest formula >.. and oneapplication loan plan... Good reasons why PCA is FIRST IN FARM CREDIT. ^ PRODUCTION CREDIT ' ASSOCIATION 1104S.US-27 St. Johns Phone G2 & Aboron Letter to the Editor: Regarding a recent article concerning abortion law change that appeared in your paper, I feel that the author neglected a few important details that should be probed into more deeply. For example, no mention was made of the fact that an innocent life is destroyed by abortion. This should be a basis for any discussion of the topic, since it is common scientific knowledge that life begins at the moment of conception. The author mentions some key issues of this change as being "women's privacy and equal protection" while failing to say anything about the legal rights of the child. Actually a contradiction in our laws exists concerning this problem. There,have been numerous instances where the law has recognized the child as a person before birth. For example, a child can sue for injuries prior to birth, in 1969 the US Court of Appeals granted a child Social Security benefits before birth, and a child can have a guardian appointed or may be an executor before birth. Furthermore, The Declaration of Independence says "...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these rights are life..." Also, the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution states "nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property withoutdue process of law." Are we to believe BUY TE PAIR that the coming November abortion referendum vote is to be considered "due process"? It seems ironic that laws demand an end to capital punishment of the guilty for being extreme or cruel punishment, but yet there are those trying to pass laws that would amount to capital punishment for the innocent! The author mentioned supplying religious leaders "with factual information especially on the beneficial results of abortion reform in New York." I wonder how many of them would consider the several dead women and the fact that more babies have been killed by New York abortionists than Americans killed in the Vietnam War a beneficial result. The word reform means to make better, not worse! Other facts that your readers should be aware of are the bad effects to the mother from abortion. Studies conducted in Japan where abortions have been legal for over 22 years indicate that an average of 29% of the women in imposing our morality on people every day with laws that are needed for an orderly society i.e. thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, etc. It's usually a question of what morality the public is willing to accept. I won't deny that there are many human problems that need solving, and that abortion seems to be an easy answer for some, but I can't believe that there is so little love left in our country, a land of such material plenty, that people would choose death rather than life as a solution. If any of your readers are now considering an abortion, they should know that there are other alternatives. Pregnancy and family life counseling service is available from a 24 hour telephone number in Lansing. This agency will give (understanding, practical and moral advice and confidential referral to doctors, homes, counselors, and adoption agencies. There is much more to be said about this issue and so I urge your readers to get fully informed. A good book for this purpose is "andbook on Abortion" by Dr and Mrs J C Wilke. It can be found in our local library and also some of our local bookstores. ENRY BURKARDT DDS StJohns terviewed suffered some form of physical abnormality as a result of the operation. These include sterility, habitual spontaneous miscarriage, increase in tubal pregancies and menstrual rregularities. These figures have also been reported in surveys in other countries. "Farmers have made an Fight Cancer Those that say they outstanding contribution with a checkup wouldn't have an abortion and a Check toward combating inflationary pressures through themselves, but don't feel they should impose their > AMERICAN their amazing increase in morality on someone else' &CANCER productivity. Labor should realize that we are SOCIETY productivity per man hour FIGoodrich V. ^4g* in Action Success in the effort to control inflation is basic to virtually every other problem facing our nation. Too much time and effort has been placed on trying to correct the problem through "make-do" controls rather than directly attacking the real cause. William J Kuhfuss,. president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, said, "We have repeatedly informed the Administration that the root cause of inflation and high prices is excess government spending and that sound fiscal policies would make unnecessary the temporary and politically expedient measures now being promoted in an effort to deal with the symptoms of inflation rather than its cause." Every American should be concerned about our country's fiscal policy. It is predicted that government spending will jump to a new peak of $250 billion in fiscal 1973, which ends next June 30. Spending climbed to $233 billion last year, from $211 billion the year before. There is doubt among some fiscal observers that the budget can be held within the $250 billion mark since the Administration estimates of spending were based on a five per cent increase in Social Security benefits. Congress passed an increase of twenty per cent in benefits. Kuhfuss also points out, gained 11 per cent for crops and eight per cent for animals in 1971 over This represents new gains in productivity over record increases in the past 20 years, and is several times greater than the gain in productivity in US manufacturing during the same period." Two area students on honors list EAST LANSING - The Michigan State University onors College admitted 265 superior students to its ranks summer term. The onors College is open to students who have.attained sophomore standing with a high academic average and have shown commitment to both breadth and depth in their undergraduate studies. Academically, these students are in the top five per cent of the student body. Listed from this area are two students, Catherine Joyce Turner, daughter of Mr and Mrs Wellington Sanford of 7926 South Chandler Road, St Johns and Dean R Zeigler, son of Mr and Mrs arold Zeigler of Krepps Rd, St Johns. Catherine is a 1971 graduate of St Johns igh School and is a sophomore at Lynam Briggs College while Dean, a 1969 graduate of Lakeshore igh School, Stevensville, is a sophomore majoring in humanities. LONG t }i,:.< M SALE 4-PLY NYLON CORD 2* J40 Blackwall site plus Federal Blachwall sires and 15 plus Blackwall sizes and 15 plus Eielse Tax of II 95 per tire and trade Federal Excise Tax ol and (2 13 Federal Excise Tax ofj2 29 and J2 34 per tire and trade Regular 2 for $37.00 per lire and trade Regular from 2 for $43.30 Regular from 2 for $47.40 FITS MANY MODELS OF Corvair Valiant Falcon Chevy II Gremlin Vega Pinto Dart Barracuda Colt Prions above blackwall; whitewalls slightly higher LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OUR BEST 4-PLY TIRE SILVERTOWN T POLYESTER CORD FOR SMOOT RIDE AND LONG WEAR REGULARLY *27.00 r Blackwall site !ut Federal Excise ai of JO 00 per lire Size Regular Salt Federal Trade In Price Excise Tax C7B 14 E78-14 F78-14 G7B F78 15 Q S $27.00, IS ' $i7.ea Z2.0O O $ OB Prices above blackwall. whllewilli slightly higher '/'ft* / / / / jj-t' FITS MANY MODELS OF Chevrolet Ford Plymouth Ambassador Cougar Cutlass Barracuda Chevelle Camaro Corvette F 85 Torino Special FOR TRUCKS SALE SILVERTOWN EXTRA TRACTION AS LOW AS m% j2)j! >SW 1A'jiW'5'Jvi^ %, V SNOW TIRE V^K^Ji^^r p^*,, *7* i%jvvwta^f,'*$v FITS MANY MODELS OF Buick Pontiac Dodge Chevrolet Ford Mercury Plymouth Tempest F 85 Special T-BIrd Cutlass fcl off the road w SALE TRAILMAKER > RUGGED 4-PLY NYLON CORD 9/j$L BUY NOW AND SAVE 5fi Blackwall ilia plus Federal L Excise Tax ol $1.95 per lire and Irsde, Offers as shown at B.F.Goodrich Stores; competitively priced at B.F.Goodrich Dealers. 4 WAYS TO CARGE [ REVOLVING CARGE ] [ AMERICAN EXPRESS } [ MASTER CARGE ] ( BANKAMERlCARP ) UB TIRE CENTER IC4^ Clinton County's Largest Radial Dealer 1411 NortkUS-27 Phone St. Johns w

20 4B CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 Economic Stabilization Q, Are movie ticket prices exempt from controls? A. No, Although producers and distributors of motion pictures are exempt under the Economic Stabilization program, exhibitors or theatres not exempt under the small business exemption are subject to controls. Q. My landlord announced a rent increase to take effect when my lease expires next month. I want to move out, but I didn't give him 30 days notice as required by the lease. ave 1 entered into a new lease under the Stabilization regulations? Questions and Answers A. No. The failure of a tenant to give timely notice of intent to vacate in the face of an announced rent increase does not, in itself, constitute entering into a lease, Q. Does a manufacturer take productivity gains into account only in cases where a price increase is based on increased labor costs? A, No. Productivity gains should be taken into account in calculating all price increases, not just those based on increased labor costs. Q. Can a manufacturing firm increase prices on the REGULAR CLINTON COUNTY ZONING APPEAL BOARD MEETING A regular meeting of the Clinton County Zoning Appeal Board will be held on Monday, September 18, 1972 at 8:00 p.m. in the Courthouse, St. Johns, Michigan. At that time the following application will be acted on: VICTOR TOWNSIP The appeal of Robert E, Meyers to add to an existing house (9264 Oakdale Drive) a 16' x 20' addition which does not meet the minimum side yard requirement of the Clinton County Zoning Ordinance on the following described par. of Id: Com, at a pt 280' S of c/1 of Grand River Rd on W In. of Oakdale Dr., th S. 30', th W GO', th N. 30', th E 60' to POB, all in Sec. 28, T6N-R1W, Victor Twp, Clinton County, Mich; & sub. to any & all easements & 'rest, of record. Arnold R. Minarik Zoning Administrator Internal Revenue Service basis of anticipated cost increases? A. No. In general, a manufacturer can raise the price of an item over the base price level only to reflect allowable cost increases incurred since the last price increase on the item or since Jan 1, 1971, whichever was later. In addition, the firm must continue to incur those costs, reduce them to reflect productivity gains and must not increase its profit margin over that which prevailed during the base period. owever, increased costs which a price category I firm expects to incur in the future may form the basis of a request to the Price Commission for a price increase if 1) the increased costs will actually be incurred within 30 days of the request, 2) both the amount of the cost increases and their direct effect on the production costs are accurately forseeable, and 3) after the effective date, the requested price increase will only be reflected, if necessary, in an insignificant quantity of the product, whose production was not subject to increased costs. East Victor R> Mrs Itav Kelchum Mrs Bertha arnisch of Pompano, Fla is spending some time with her sister. Mrs Don Miller. Mr and Mrs Stanley Morrill spent the Labor Day weekend with Mr and Mrs Lloyd Rosekrans at Chippewa Lake. Floyd Upton of Ovid was a recent caller of Mr and Mrs Ray Ketchum. Bruce Strouse spent the week at the championship rodeo at Sparta. CLINTON COUNTY ZONING COMMISSION MEETING A regular meeting of the Clinton County Zoning Commission will be held on Tuesday, September 19, 1972 at 8 p.m. in the Courthouse, St. Johns, Michigan. Ai that time the Commission will act on the following jipplications: ' *, 11ING1IAM TOWNSIP Aii implication tor a.special Use Permit to erect a sign >n the I allowing described parcel of land: Mast 13 rods of SW Irl. 1/4, lying S. of Railroad, Sec 7, T7N-R2W, :>.36 acres. DKWITT TOWNSIP Krom Zone B-l, Local Business to Zone B-2, General Business: The Snutli 7 acres of the E 1/2 of the Northeast 1/4 of Section 33, T.1N-R2W. in said Township of DeWitt, but excepting therefrom the premises described at: Commencing at the SE corner of the Southeast 1/4 of i lie Northeast 1/4 of said Section 33, and running thence West 200 feet, thence North 50 leet, thence East 200 leet, rhence South TJO leet to the place of beginning. DKWITT TOWNSIP Kczone from A-l, Agriculture to R-Ml, Multiple Family Residential on the following desc. par. of Id.: Com. at NK cor of Sec. 17, T3N-R2W, Ih W. 353' to infers, nl Ilerbison Rd. & R.R. R/O/W for POB; th. W. 770' S 220', W. 198', S. 1661*, E 1321', N. one. In. of Sec. 17 to W. In. of R.R. R/O/W, th. NW'ly alg. R.R. r/o/w to POB. DeWitt Township, Clinton County, Michigan. l)i:\vitt TOWNSIP An application lor a Special Use Permit on the foowing described par. of Id: Com. a t the SW cor of Sec. 10, T5N-R2W, th. N. 232' on i he W. In. of sd. Sec,. 10 th. E. 300' // with the S. In. of sd. Sec. 10, ths 232', lh"w300' to POB. DMWITT TOWNSIP Kczone Irom R-1A. One-Family Rural Residential & B- I, Local Bus. to B-2, General Business on the fol. dese. par. of Id.: Com. 46 rds. S of the inter'sn of the W. In. of Sec. 10, T.-)N-R2W&thec/lofWebbRd; run. th. S. to the S. In of Sec. 10, ih. E. to the cen. of Remy Chandler Drain; th. N. lo a pt. 20 rds. S. of the cen. of Webb Rd; th. W. 11 l'ds; Ih. N. 20 rds. to Ihecenof WebbRd; th. W. 12 rds; th.s.40rds.; Th. W.42rds; th. N. 20 rds; Th. W. 8rds.; Th. N. 20 rds. lo the cen. line of Webb Rd; th. W'ly alg. cen. In. of Webb Rd. to the E. In. of property owned by Billy E. Loflin recorded in Liber 327 page 696; th. S. to pt. 46 rds. E of POB; th. W. 28 rds. to the POB, all in Sec. 10, T5N-R2W, DeWitt Twp. Clinton County, Michigan.!XC;iI.\M TOWNSIP An application for a special use permit on the-fol. desc. par. of Id.; W-l/2 of he NE-i/4 of NE-1/4 of Sec. 21, T7N-R2W in Mich. IW'ITT TOWNSIP An application fof a Special Use Permit on the fol. desc. par. of Id: A portion of the N 7 Ac. of that part of ihe W-l/2 of the NE-1/4 of Sec. 5, T5N-R2W DeWitt Twp, Clinton County, Mich, which lies W of DeWitt and Mnpleton Rd. desc. as follows: Beg on the Sec. In. at a pt, 352,73' E of (he N-l/4 cor of sd. Sec. 5, run. th. E,.-)46.27' on the Sec. In. to the c/1 of DeWitt Rd, th. S. Dorella Martin uses the newly installed telephone in front of the Clinton Theater as Denise Bishop and Brenda Cooper look on. Bill Graef, General Telephone district manager told the NEWS the phone was installed in that location as a public service to the community and replaces two that were recently removed from the downtown area. A new concept in telephones, the shelter-type booth is the first of its kind in St Johns ' W 325.8' on the c/' of Rd. to the SE cor of that part of W-l/4 of NE-1/4 lying Wofsd. DeWitt Rd, th. N. 89*' I6'W * S. In. of N. 7 Ac. to the c/1 of a County Drain Ditch, th. N. 29 I.6'W ' alg. the c/1 f sd. Drain lo the POB, con Ac m/l'sub. lo liwy. f 9< drain r/o/w. - ' * ' ' ' " "' it ISINCIIXM TOWNSIP i ',v ' Kczone Irom B-l, Local Business to B-2, General Business on the fol. desc. par. of Id.: Keg. 150*Sol E-l/4postSec.5.T7N-R2W. th. W. 350', S. 114', E 350', N 114' lo POB exc. E. 50' for US-27 r/w. OllWITT TOWNSIP Kczone from B-l, Local Business to B-2, General Business on ie fol. desc. par. of Id: That part of the SW-1/4 of Sec. 33, T3N-R2W. DeWitt Twp, Clinton County, Mich, beg. on the E In. of Northdale Farms Subd. at a pt ' N 0'43' Efro.m the N\\ cor of Lot 98 of sd. plat; sd. lot cor being S 89 E 1320'&N 0M3'E 834.5'Irom Ihe SW.cor of Sec. 33; th. N (I*13'E alg ie E In. of Northdale Warms '; th. S ' E 826.9' to the cen. of Turner Rd.; th. S. :.LI7*30"E alg the cen. of Turner Rd. 96.5*; th. S 'W alg the cen. of Turner Rd '; th W'ly 756.6' m/1 to the pob; con Ac. OKWITT TOWNSIP Kczone from B-2, General Business & A-l» Agricultural o K-MI, Multiple Kamily Residential and a Special t'se Permit to allow I or a Group ousing Development n the following desc. par. of Id.' The NK-1/4 of the NE-1/4 of Sec. 28, T5N-R2W. Twp. of DeWitt, County of Clinton, Slate of Michigan, exc. a par. desc. as com. on 1 he c/1 of Stoll Rd ' W of the Sec. cor. com. to Sec. 21,22,27, & 28, DeWitt Twp, th. S ' th W. 140', th. N ;, th. E. 140' to the POB; And also exc. a par. desc. as com. at the NW cor of the NK-1/4 of NE-1/4 of Sec. 28, T5N-R2W, run. Ih. E. 165', h. S. 20 rds, th. W. 165*. th. N. 20 rds. to the pi. of beg. Also exc. a par. desc. as beg. at NE sec. cor of Sec. 28, th. W ', th. S ', th. E ', th. N.'to POB. and ('nm. at the NE cor of the NW-l/4 of the NE-1/4 of Sec 28, T5N-R2W, DeWitt Twp, County of Clinton, State of Michigan run. th. S ', th. W. 660', th. N , th. E 173.8'; Ih. N '; th. E. 264'; th. N. 215', th. E ' In POB. - AT TOWNSIP Krom Il-IA. One-Family Rural Residential lo M-l, Limited Industrial: That part of the SE 1/4 of Section 25, T5N-R1W, Bath Township, Clinton County, Michigan, beginning on the Nurth-South 1/4 line at a point NO''*32'24" W leet Irom the South 1/4 corner thereof, thence confinuing along said 1/4 line NCK32'24" W it., Ih. perpendicular to said 1/4 line,n89"27'36" E. 200 ft., th. parallel with said 1/4 line Su 32'24" E ft. to the irvey centerltne of I he West bound roadway of ighway M-78, thence along said centerline S49 f 17'56" W. i 1.70 It. to i he N'ly line of a State ighway Department clear vision parcel, thence along said Northerly line 8)19^115*23" W fl. to Ihe pt of beg, subject to the rights of way of Peacock Road and ighway M-78 and any other rights or casements of record. The text of Ihe Zoning Ordinance as proposed lo be amended and a map.showing the Zoning Ordinance as proposed lo be amended may be examined at the office of Ihe Clinton County Zoning Administrator at the Courthouse, St. Johns, Michigan between the hours of ii:00a.m. lo 12 noon and 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. of any day Monday through Friday. ARNOLD R. MINARIK Zoning Administrator unting licenses available LANSING - Michigan's 1972 big and small game licenses will be ia the hands of 3,000 local dealers throughout the state this week, reports the Department of Natural Resources. In winding up its last shipments of the licenses, the DNR points out that this year's hunting fees stand unchanged from last season as follows: Resident - Small Game-$5; Deer (Firearm) - $7.50; Deer (Archery) - $7.50; Bear - $5.10; Sportsman's - $18.50; Senior Deer (Firearm) - $1; Senior Deer (Archery) - $1. Non-Resident - Small Game - $25; Deer (Firearm) - $40; Deer (Archery) - $20; Bear - $ The state's "all-purpose" sportsman's license for residents again carries the privileges of firearm and archery deer licenses, bear license, small game license, and trapping license (except for beaver and otter). It also covers all types of angling action for Michigan's senior $1 deer licenses, one for the firearm season and the other for bow and arrow hunting, cover residents who have reached the age of 65. Printing problems have forced a delay in the DNR's distribution of 1972 big and small game hunting rules to license dealers. owever, this week the DNR will mail each of those dealers an instruction sheet for their counters which will provide deer license buyers with guidelines for filling put applications for antlerless deer permits. unters have until October 1 to get their permit requests in the mail to the DNR. They may pick up application forms for those requests when they buy their 1972 Firearm deer licenses. The only antlerless area that applicants will find on the Upper-Peninsula's map for, ^ this season is the southern part of Menominee County (Area 12) below ighway US-2. Its antlerless quota stands conservatively at 640 animals, with 800 party permits available to groups of 4 hunters. Some 23,000 permits are offered for the northern Lower Peninsula, where the antlerless quota has been cut in half from last season, down to less than 5,000 animals. Some 19,000 permits are being offered for the southern Lower Peninsula in hopes of taking about 4,200 antlerless deer in that part of the state. Overall, about 43,000 antlerless deer hunting permits are open to application through October I, as against some 89,000 last fall. Those permits are distributed among 37 of Michigan's 98 permanent deer management areas. The remaining 61 areas will be limited to bucks-only hunting during the 1972 Firearm deer season. Fowler News Mrs Lula Boak was a dinner guest Sunday of Mr and Mrs Carl Boak and family of St Johns. Mrs Emma Vance and Mr and Mrs Bernard Vance and family went to Frankenmuth Sunday. Tuesday evening Mrs Lula Boak attended a bridal shower at the home of Mrs Duane Boak in honor of Judy Feldpausch. Mr and Mrs Frank Kobel spent the Labor Day weekend in Muskegon. Mrs Martha Fox returned to her home after spending a month with her daughter Mrs A G Kaulfuss and family in Media, Pa. SPECIAL, CLINTON COUNTY ZONING COMMISSION MEETING The Clinton County Zoning Commission will hold a Special Meeting on Tuesday, September 26, 1972 at 8 pm in the Courthouse, St Johns, Michigan. Any persons having interests in the county or their duly appointed representatives, will be head relative to any matters that should properly come before the Zoning % Commission. Arnold R. Minarik, Zoning Administrator J The Safety Valve j Answers your questions about'every daytraffioretated problems. Write Michigan Traffic Safety Information Council," c/o Michigan State Safety Commission. Department of State Police, East Lansing, Michigan 'The Safety ValvB* will try to answer all inquiries. owever, not all will be printed. QUESTION: I thought Ihe new law on transporting oversize mobile and modular homes restricted their movement to daylight hours. We saw one on the highway long after dark last week. P.C., Grand U npids. ANSWEIl: True. But emergencies bring exceptions. So in an t effort lo provide essential ' replacement housing for people inundated by Slorm Agnes damage, ihe State. ighway Commission has temporarily releaxed theu regulations to permit transporting Ihese units 24 hours a day. Nighttime movement requires that escort vehicles precede and follow these housing units. Movement is still prohibited on weekends because of heavy iraffic. QUESTION: A state police officer stopped me the other day because the rear view mirror on my motorcycle was at such an angle that it did not provide a view of "traffic to the rear." Does our law say it has to be in a certain place, or at a certain angle? J F, Lansing ANSWER: Motor Vehicle Code of Michigan has a section that says required equipment must be in "proper condition and adjustment" to serve the purpose for which it was designed. Failure to comply earns a misdemeanor charge. QUESTION: Wouldn't it be safer for bicyclists to ride facing traffic -- it is very difficult for drivers to know what to expect from a cyclist who can't see that a car is coming up behind him? M G, aslett ANSWER: May be, but any person riding a bicycle on a public street or highway - except on high-speed, limited -access highways - has the same rights and responsibilities as does the driver of any inotor vehicle. Bicycles 'are prohibited oh" mite'd-access highways, such as the interstate system. Within a municipality,, check your local ordinance for bike riding regulations. QUESTION: ow does one move slowmoving traffic out of the passing lane on an expressway since you aren't supposed to pass on the right? N P, Lansing ANSWER: Frequently, flashing headlamps on and off will attract the attention of the slower driver' who is then expected to move oyer Drivers are permitted to pass on the right on expressways which have marked"(painted) lanes. QUESTION: After being stopped for a safety check and given ZTN* days to have the car fixed, and you can't have it fixed in that time, what do you do? D W, Bath ANSWER: If you are in a drivercheck lane, and are caught with a previous defect still uncorrected, a citation wil be issued. The State Police do consent to an extension period, for cause, if you contact the post and make the request. QUESTION: When passing cars on our interstate -highways, what's the "rule of thumb" for how far you're out front before you cutback in the right lane of Iraffic? RB, Caro. ANSWER: Our driver education teacher advises that both head lights of the passed vehicle should be visible in your rear view mirror before completing the passing maneuver. Of course if that car has headlights that are covered when not lighted, then you'll have to use tha covering for a guide. QUESTION: Michigan just got a new point ten law that sets the level of blood alcohol concentration at plus.10% for being considered under the influence of alcohol. So what's the reason we've got a bill proposed that would establish plus.10% blood alcohol level as conclusive evidence of guilt? PTL, Saginaw. ANSWER: If the legislature enacts this provision, an individual would be, considered intoxicated if his blood alcohol level were found to exceed.10%. This is unlike the present situation where the individual is presumed'to'be intoxicated :and '"further* evidence must be provided* 1 I or'conviction. Two other technicalities which the national level safety professionals are suggesting are - that the evidence of the defendant's refusal to submit to the chemical test be admissible in criminal proceedings for the alcohol offense; and that a dead, unconscious, or otherwise incapable person shall be deemed not to have withdrawn his consent for a chemical test as provided in the implied consent section of our code. AUCTION SALE 6 miles north of Ionia to Belding Road, first house west. SAT., SEPT. 16 Starts 1:30 40 head of ponies and light horses. Some matched pairs. ALBERT SMIT, OWNER Not responsible for accidents the day of sale. p.m. TE FORD TEAM wants to play ball with you Egan Ford Sales, Inc. 200 W. lgham UII lltlll Stf. JONS ^

21 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 5B Business and Professional Announcements, Legal News Probate Couit IION, TIMOTY M. GREEN Judge of Probate ELENA M. BURK Register of Profrflte WEDNESDAY, Sept 20, 1972 Vermont Ellsworth Gillespie, appointment of administrator., Martha Miller, probate of will. John Owen, final account. Charles C Dickinson, claims. Claude S unt, final account. Fred W ansens, final account. Pearl Sillman, claims. Ainsley J Becker, final account. Mina J olmes, claims. Norman E Savage, appointment of administrator. Real Estate Transfers (Prom records In office of Register of Deeds) Aug 30: Guernsey, Alton D and Marlin to Joseph W Thompson property in Sec 3 Bath. Aug 30: Doane, Mary A to James R and Cathy A Eubanks Valley Farms No 1 Lot U Supv Plat. Aug 30: Washburn, arold M and Nellie to Glenn T and Nancy V Cheney Lot 29, 33 White Oaks. Aug 30: Cheney t Glenn T and Nancy V to Michael E and P Joy Kost Lot 29 White Oaks. Aug 30: unt, Marilee A to Robert Richard Ferguson property in Sec 11, Eagle. Aug 30: Balzer, Jack and Evelyn to Dean and Addie E Allen Lot 2 Culver's Plat. Aug 30: Gower, J Otto and Rita E to enry B and Sharlyn J oward property in Sec 8 Greenbush. Aug 30: Larson, Abbie Gail to Randy L Beers property in Sec 13, Olive. Aug 30: Swartz, Orville E and Elsie M to Douglas and Doris Beach property in Sec 31, Victor. Aug 31: Lerg, Lavern F and L Margaret to Richard Noel and Betty Marie Eavey property in Sec 26, Watertown. Aug 31: Miller, Robert J and Florine V to Fedewa Builders Inc Lot 5 Miller Sub No 1 Maple Rapids. Aug 31: Rogers, William omer Jr and Claudia L to 'ames William and Myrnaf D Greer, t property ;in See t8i DeWitt... Aug 31: usted, Keith S and Bessie Jean; usted, Josephine G to John R and Joyce R Wicker property in Sec 17, Watertown. Aug 31: Feldpausch, Frank John and Marilyn S to Joseph and Janet C Barbero Lot 100 River Wood. Aug 31: Card, Carl G and elen M to Jack E and Evelyn Balzer property in Sec 33 Bath. Sept 1: Martin, Gregory J and Pauline C to St Johns Public Schools property in Sec 13 Dallas. Sept 1: Dean, J B and Katherine E to Clarence B and Maxine L armon Lot 12, 13 Culver's Plat. Sept- 1: Weaver, Betty Jean; Irwin, elen Lee; Windsor, Martha Ann Schafer to Joe Van Rooyen ' talker Steel Sub Lot 19, 20 Blk 113. Sept l: Tom Clayton Assoc Inc to Gary J and Jillayne R Starr Lot 87 Rose No 3. Sept 1: White, John E to Carroll R and Sharon M Taber property in Sec 24, Victor. Sept 1: Crawford, Clare and Doris to Robert and Ethel A Beauchamp Lot 1, 2, Blk 16, Ovid. - Sept 1: Beauchamp, Robert and Ethel A to Gerald D and Loretta A olt ot 1, 231k 16 Ovid. Sept 1: Berry Const Co, Inc to Rodney C and Deborah L offman Lot 44 Nelson No 1. Sept 1: Smith, Terry D and Carol J to Gary L and Patricia A ummel property in Sec 17 DeWitt. Sept 1: Byrd,.Marion R to Paul Ray and Donna M Schultz property in Sec 27, Eagle. 1 Sept 1: Feldpausch, Carl E and Pauline B to Thomas C and J Kaye Jones property in Sec 30 Bengal'-Sec 25 Dallas. Sept 1: McGonigal, Ruth L Lynwood Rand Charlotte L McGonigal property in Sec 8 Bath, ' Sept 5: Burns, Merle M Est to Fedewa ^.Enterprises property in' Sec 5, DeWitt. Sept 5: First St Sav Assn of E Lansing property in Sec 33 Bingham. t Sept 5; Ducharme, Donald R and Marlene to Dan W and Andree M all Lot 49 Willow Creek Fm No 2. j.sept u 5: Clinton Land Company, Dennis M and Barbara L arvey property in Sec 33 Bingham. * Sept 5: Kamiensky, onald S and Mary Lou to Donald R and Marlene, Ducharme Lot 35 Willow' Crqek Fm No 2. Sept 5: Kramp, Lawrence B and Esther E to Richard L and Sue Ann Courier property in Sec 34 Olive. Sept 5: Carpenter, William L and Netta Ann to Philip A and Mary Ann Gaubis property in Sec 33 DeWitt. Sept 5: Abbey, Dean M and Ardath L to Lake Geneya Property Owners Assn Inc Lot 161 Geneva Sh No 2. Sept 5: Robertson, Michael D and Twyla to Kenneth L and Joan C Giffith Lot 30 Briggs Stoller Sub. Sept 5: Snitgen, Alfred B to Robert N and Elizabeth C Roach property in Sec 8 Westphalia. * LEGAL NOTICES Claims DeWltt-Nov 8 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of MARK J DeWITT, Deceased It is Ordered that on Wednesday, November 8, 1972, at 9:30 am in the Probate Courtroom inst, Johns, Michigan a hearing be held at which all claims against said estate will be heard and heirs will be determined. Creditors must file sworn claims with the Court and serve a copy on Clinton National Bank & Trust Company, Executor,, of St Johns, Michigan, prior to said hearing. Publication and service shall be made as provided by Statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M.GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 23, 1972 Walker & Moore By Jack Walker Attorney for Estate 115 E Walker Street St Johns, Michigan 18-3 NOTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE Default having been made in the terms and conditions of a certain mortgage executed by MARY, JANE SIMS to MICIGAN MORTGAGE CORPORA- TION, a Michigan corporation dated 6th day of August, 1971, and recorded on 11th day of Augusts 1971,InLlber 261, Page 983, Clinton County, Michigan Records, which mortgage was assigned by said Mortgagee to FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION, A National Mortgage Association, by assignment dated the 1st day of October, 1971, and recorded on the 4th day of October, 1971, in Liber 262, Page 654, Clinton County, Michigan Records, on which mortgage there is claimed to be due, at the date of this notice, the sum Of FOURTEEN TOUSAND SIX UNDRED TEN AND 86/ 100 ($14,610.86) DOLLARS NOTICE IS EREBY GIVEN, that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage and the statute In.such case made and provided said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of said mortgaged premises, or some part of them, at public auction on the 11th day of October, 1972, at 10:00 o'clock a.m., Eastern Standard Time, at the main entrance to the Courthouse, in -the City of St. Johns, Clinton County, State of Michigan; that* being one of the places of holding Circuit Court in said County. Said mortgaged premises are described as follows: The North 120 feet of Part of the Southeast-1/4 of the Southeast 1/4 of Section 17, T7N, R2W^ Village (now City) of St. Johns, (unplatted portion), Clinton County, Michigan, according to the recorded plat thereof in plat in Frame on Wall in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Clinton County, Michigan and described as follows: Beginning at the Southeast corner of said Section 17, running thence West 16 rods, thence North feet, thence East 16 rods,thence South feet to the place of beginning South Lansing. T The length of the period of redemptionfromsuchsale will be six (6) months. Dated at Lansing, Michigan, July 12,1972. FEDERAL I NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIA TION, A National Mortgage Association, Assignee of Mortgagee DAVID M. LICK of FARAT, BURNS AND STORY, P.C. 1 Attorneys for "Assignee of Mortgagee 417 North Seymour Avenue Lansing. Michigan WANT ADS SELL Final Account Mlchels-Sept 27 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Pr.obate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of ELEN M MICELS Deceased It is Ordered that on September 27, 1972, at 10:00 am, in the Probate Courtroom in the Courthouse in St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held on the Petition of Alba F Wert, Executor, for allowance of his Final Account. Publication and service shall be made as provided by Statute and Court'Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN - Judge of Probate Dated: August 31, 1972 Robert Wood Attorney for Estate 200 W State St Johns, Michigan 19-3 Final Account Owen Sept 20 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of JON W OWEN, Deceased It Is Ordered that on September 20, 1972, at 9:30 a.m., in the Probate Courtroom in St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held on the petition of Lois I Woodbury, executrix, for allowance of her final account and for assignment of residue. Publication and service shall be made as provided by Statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 28, 1972.Kemper, Wells and Lewis By William C Kemper Attorneys for the Estate 103 East State Street St Johns, Michigan 18-3 Guardian Royston Oct 4 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Matter of MICELLE ANN ROYSTON Minor IT IS ORDERED that on Wednesday, October 4, 1972 at 10:30 am in the Probate Courtroom, Clinton County, St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held on said minor's petition for appointment of a guardian,' Publication' ''and''service shall be made as provided by statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Date: August 31, 1972 Stephen V Moulton Attorney for Petitioner W R Martin Bldg 920 N Fairview Lansing, Michigan 48912, 19-4 Final Account Goerge Oct. 11 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of JON L GEORGE Deceased It is Ordered that on Wednesday, October 11, 1972, at 9:30 am In the Probate Courtroom in St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held on the petition of Reynold E Goerge and Anthony R Goerge, Co-Administrators for allowance of their final account, assignment of residue and discharge of said Co-Administrators. Publication and service shall be. made as provided by Statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 28, 1972 Walker & Moore By James A Moore Attorney for Estate 115 E Walker Street St Johns, Michigan 19-3 Claims Ostling Nov 1 STATE OF MICIGAN -The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of AXIL OSTLING Deceased It is. Ordered that on Wednesday, November 1, 1972, at 10:30 am, in the Probate Courtroom at St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held at which all claims against said estate-will be heard and creditors must file sworn claims with the Court and serve, a copy on Alfred Ostling, Administrator, 710 Trap Street, Ontonagon, Michigan prior to said hearing. Publication and service shall be made as provided ' by Statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 21, 1972 Stuart J Dunnings, Jr Attorney for Estate Duncan Bldg, 530 S Pine Lansing, Michigan Final Account ansens Sept 20 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton,, Estate of FRED W ANSENS, Deceased It is Ordered that on Wednesday, September 20, 1972, at 10:00 am, in the Probate Courtroom in the Courthouse in St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held on the Petition of Mabel I ansens, Executrix, for allowance of her Final Account. Publication and service shall be made as provided by Statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 25, 1972 Robert Wood Attorney for Estate 200 W State St Johns, Michigan 18-3 Final Account Becker Sept 20 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of AINSLEY J BECKER ' Deceased It is Ordered that on Wednesday, September 20, 1972, at 10:30 am, in the Probate Courtroom at St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held on the petition of Marie V Becker, Executrix, for the allowance of her final account. Publication and service shall be made as provided by Statute and Court Rule, TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 25, 1972 Monte R Story Attorney for Estate Thomas More Bldg Suite 2A 417 Seymour Ave Lansing, Michigan Claims amer Nov 8 STATE OF MICIGAN-The Probate Court for the County of Clinton Estate of LUCILLE F AMER Deceased It is Ordered that on Wednesday, November' 8, 1972, at 9:30 am, (in the Probate Courtroom in the Courthouse in St Johns, Michigan a hearing be held at which all creditors of said deceased are required to prove their claims. Creditors must file sworn claims with the Court and serve a copy on Robert Wood, Administrator, 200 W State Street, St Johns, Michigan prior to said hearing. Publication and service shall be made as provided by Statute and Court Rule. TIMOTY M GREEN Judge of Probate Dated: August 23, 1972 Robert Wood Attorney for Estate 200 W State St, St Johns, Michigan 18-3 Elsie The planning meeting for the Senior Citizens of the Elsie area held at the Fellowship all of the United Methodist Church Thursday afternoon was well attended by 25 men and women. The purpose of the meeting was to organize a club for senior citizens of this vicinity. Milford Clark was elected to serve as president; George Davis as vicechairman; and Mrs Leila Wilson as secretarytreasurer. It was decided to hold the next meeting Oct 5 at the Elsie United Methodist Church Fellowship all with a potluck dinner at 12:30 pm. Mrs Bethel Engerbretson will be in charge of the kitchen and Mrs Esther Dorman will serve on the program committee. All interested citizens between the ages of 50 and 100 years of age are urged to attend these meetings. A prize will be given to the person bringing in the most new members for the Oct 5 meeting. appy Birthday was sung to Ralph Woodard who was 90 years young on that day. Mrs Grace Fizzell served as accompanist at the piano. Visiting and fellowship was enjoyed by the group during the lunch of home made breads, cookies and coffee served by Mrs Algertha Clark and Mrs Bethel Engebretson. Never fall asleep where freedom is concerned It might be gone when you awake. The September meeting of the Elsie United Women's Society of the Elsie United Methodist Church was held Wednesday evening at the country home of Mrs Lyle Dunham. The program was in charge of Rev David Litchfield and the youth who a ttended summer church camps. Each group discussed their activities at camp including, crafts, hikes, sports (volley - ball, basketball, swimming, canoeing) discussion groups, vespers, chapel and communion. Aren Whitaker, Debbie Litchfield, Kathy Williams and Karen Green attended elementary camp at Lake Michigan, Pentwater area. Rev Litchfield was assistant dean at this camp. Julie Conklin and Cindy ehrer attended Wesley Woods Camp and Ted Geiger and Charles Green attended Lake Louise. Rev Litchfield said there were three ways the Women's Society could help with the camping program. These were: 1 - Urge children to attend camp; 2 - elp as counselors, etc., or help find workers to assist at camp; and 3 - Work as a society or individual to pay the church's apportionments so that money will be available to help the camping program. During tne business meeting, presided over by president, Mrs Duane Green, it was voted to send $10 to Jo's Telephone Operation and to purchase 8 or 10 insulated coffee servers. The following announcements were made: invitation to the 90th birthday Open ouse for Ralph Woodard on Sept 10 at the church; Sept27, District Fall Rally at Clare with Dr Bethel Fleming as speaker; Oct 11,.Bazaar; Oct 19, Officers' Workshop at Bannister, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm; and World Banks will be due at the regular November 1st meeting. During the election of officers, Mrs Duane Green was reelected as president for the new year. Others are: vice president, Mrs Donald Whitaker; secretary, Mrs Emerson Dunham; and treasurer, Mrs arold ehrer. The various secretaries of the departments are: Missionary Education, Mrs Alpha Grubaugh; Spiritual Growth, Mrs David Litchfield; ' Christian Social Relations, Mrs oward Peltier; Campus Ministry, Mrs. William Furstenau; Membership Cultivation, Mrs Andrew Cobb; Program Materials, Mrs Charles Kridner. Also, Remembrance, Mrs Lewis Walling and Mrs Verne Tweedie; local church activities, Mrs Lyle Dunham, Mrs Leonard Burdick, Mrs oward Whitaker and Mrs Robert Justice; and nominations, Mrs Vera ibbler, Mrs Ethel Stull and Mrs Merle Green. The October meeting will be held at the home of Mrs Andrew Cobb on Wednesday, Oct 4 at eight o'clock in the evening. Refreshments were served by Mrs Merle Green, Mrs Philip West and Mrs Emerson Dunham. Mr and Mrs Sidney Keys of. Elsie, Mrs Dorothy Kaspar and Mrs Margaret Edwards of St Johns and Donald Willard of Ovid spent the Labor Day weekend continuing another area in their "See Michigan First" travels. This time they chose the "thumb" area with perfect sunny days and cool evenings. Restaurants open for service were scarce but "The Pines" east of Owosso was ready with breakfast for those who traveled by planes, automobiles, campers and motorcycles. Driving on Interstate 75 from Flint to Detroit was a new experience to some of the party and also the huge Saarinen-designed General Motors Technical Center surrounded by beautiful lawns, flowers, shrubbery and decorative high fences near Madison eights. Then, 1-94 took them along St. Clair Shores and Selfridge Field to the Anchor Bay area where they drove from New Baltimore to Algonac. Crossing by ferry to arsen's Island, a quiet resort area for many years, they made stops at San Souci and the old Idlewild otel, where they watched the Great Lakes and foreign freighters, yachts, sailboats and Coast Guard patrol boats between US and Walpole Island, Canada. Before leaving Algonac, they had dinner at Sid's-bythe-Seaway where the guests could enjoy organ and piano music. Through the huge glass-enclosed dining rooms they viewed the other guests who arrived by motorboats and yachts of all sizes as they docked at the harbor. After spending the night on the Black River near Port uron, they began one of the most scenic shoreline drives in Michigan following M-25 along Lake uron, the top of the thumb and Sebewaing on Saginaw Bay. At arbor Beach, the Frank Murph;" Memorial Museum and Birthplace of this famous Michiganian, was of special interest to Mrs Kaspar as she had been his nurse for a long time before his death. uron City, a restored lumbering town with museums and historical displays, and Grindstone City with its fine harbor and marina facilities were among the points of interest as they rounded the tip of the thumb. They arrived in Fairgrove on Labor Day where the annual Michigan Bean Festival was being held Very much in evidence at the CUie MRS. NEVA KEYS Ph close of the day were the decorated floats, crowds of people and the enormous tents with steam and smoke ho'vering overhead from the huge containers of free bean soup offered every year on Labor Day. After a late dinner in Flint, the travelers completed their 500-mile trip by driving many side roads to avoid the traffic jams of the freeways in order to make a safe return home. Dewey Saylor underwent major surgery at the Carson City ospital Thursday. Lyle Flegel is undergoing treatment and tests at the Carson City ospital. Mr and Mrs Ivan Estes of Tucson, Ariz, visited their cousins, Mr and Mrs Sidney Keys Wednesday. Mrs Estes is the former Charlotte Keys. They also called on Mr and Mrs R C Conklin and Mr and Mrs Lewis Walling of Elsie. Nine members of the Elsie igh School Class of 1952 and their wives and husbands and the class sponsor Mrs Thelma Rule and her husband Everett Rule enjoyed an evening of dining, dancing and reminiscing at "Dines" in Lansing Saturday, Sept 2 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the class. Out-of-state members present were Mrs Jean Fitch am of Millbrook, N.Y. and Mrs Vicky Santrucek Wellington and her husband Roy Wellington of Granville, Ohio. Others from this area were: Mr and Mrs Al Mitchell, Mr and Mrs Robert ouska, Miss Erna Vincent, Mr and Mrs Jerry orak and Mr and Mrs Don inkley, all of Elsie, Mr and Mrs Tony 'Sovis of Ovid and Mr and Mrs Lynn Peltier of Lansing. Mrs Rule surprised the group at dinner with a beautiful cake she decorated in blue and gold, the class colors. Letters from John Somers of Bradenton, Fla. and Mrs Marilee (Talley) Nagel of Erie, Pa, were read and many snapshots and pictures of past reunions and school activities were enjoyed especially the kindergarten group picture brought by Miss Vincent. They have already started plans to celebrate their 25th reunion for 1977 with the hope that more class members may be able to attend. ERE'S BIG GAm... WWTDS Business Directory AUTOMOTIVE FARM SERVICES ARDWARE For the BEST BUY in Now & Used Chevrolcts See EDINGER & WEBER FOWLER Phone Be a Partner NOT JUST A CUSTOMER Buy the Co-op Way FARMERS' CO-OP FOWLER Phone FARM DRAINAGE JAMES BURNAM Phone St. Johns R-3, St. Johns ^ Purina Feeds Means $ $ S in Your Pocket Mathews Elevator Co. Grain Feeds Seeds FOWLER CREDIT BUREAU CLINTON COUNTY CREDIT BUREAU Phone Credit Reports Collections FOR YOUR LISTING IN TE Business Directory Phono GOWER'S ARDWARE and', GRAIN ELEVATOR BOTTLED GAS Cylinders or Bulk Eureka Phone Phone INSURANCE Complete Insurance Service Since 1933 AUTOMOBILE COVERAGE FIRE INSURANCE GENERAL CASUALITY Allaby-Brewbaker, Inc. Over Gamble Store St. Johns Phone 'ACJimusuntjfAQy, OVER YOU PAY TE REGULAR RATE IN TE COUNTY NEWS AND YOUR CLASSIFIED AD WILL APPEAR IN TE SOPPING NEWS ATYOUR REQUEST ABSOLUTELY FREE OF EXTRA COST TO YOU. M*i»»' TAT'S OW MANY OMES YOUR CLASSIFIED AD ENTERS WEN PLACED IN TE CLINTON COUNTY NEWS AND TIS AREA'S NEWEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM, TE NORT CLINTON SOPPING NEWS North Clinton Deadline, Monday 10 A.M. Clinton County News Deadline, Monday 5 P.M. Call

22 6B CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St, Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 7B Bath Charter Township August 21, 1972 approximately 60 persons present. Majority present The Mid-Monthly Board were opposed to. Plan #2, Meeting was held August 21, wanted to wait for Federal 1972 at the Township Offices. Grant. Meeting called to order at Trustee 1Iu f e!i oll Snider!«l moved to un 8 pm by the Supervisor with * «cept Feasibility #2 and start Trustee Morrillabsent. construction bondm as soon S and Minutes' of August 7, 1972 as possible, were reviewed and no second. Meeting adjourned at 10 pm. LEEREASONER, Clerk approved. Clerk advised board of a Public earing by the Public Service Commission to hear the Consumers Power reason for increase of electrical service. August 28, 1972 is hearing date. Clerk read letter from Consumers Power Co addressed to Fire Chief Cowdry thanking the Fire Department for their help on the August 7, 1972 fire. Board adopted resolution to hereby disclaim said gift and bequest from the Elsie M Webster estate. Board approved rubbish pick up at the Township Offices on the third Saturday of Sept, October and November. Clerk ask board to think about enlarging parking lot at township offices. Supervisor to get prices and report. Board approved paying for black top on Webster Road to Cherry Street at a cost of $ Vouchers #8067 thru #8114 were approved for payment. Next Board Meeting to be Tuesday September 5, Trustee Snider moved Feasibility Plan #2 be accepted and bonding and construction start as soon as possible. Seconded by Clerk, Roll call 3 yes and 3 no. Tied vote. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm. LEEREASONER, Clerk August 7, 1972 Theregularmonthly board meeting of the Bath Charter Township was held August 7, 1972 at the township offices. Meeting was called to order at 8 pm by the Supervisor with Treasurer Wicks and Trustee Bragdon absent. Minutes of the July 17,1972 Mid-monthly meeting and the Special Meeting of July 24,1972 were reviewed by the clerk and accepted as read. Supervisor presented minutes of July 25, 1972 Planning Commission and minutes were placed on file. Board approved transfer of $ from General Fund to Police Account to take care of miscellaneous items not covered by insurance in the replacement of police car. Board accepted second quarter audit as printed. Board approved vouchers #8036 thru #8066 for payment. Trustee Snider questioned the Supervisor about the 1-69 interchange on Webster Road after a meeting with the Clinton County Road Commission. Supervisor advised the board that Clinton County Road Commission is not in favor of 1-69 interchange at this time. Supervisor opened the meeting for a public hearing on the feasibility 02 plan for the Sanitary Sewage Disposal System. earing lasted about 2 hours with Pewamo Ann Cotter was a visitor of Bonnie Thelen in Los Angeles for 10 days, she came'home Friday, Aug 25. The home of Mr and Mrs Frederick Schmitz of Cook Road was the scene of a birthday party hosted by Mrs Frederick Schmitz honoring her mother, Mrs Anna Cook. A potluck dinner was served for the following, Mrs Cook, Mr and Mrs,CarI P Smith of Portland, Mr and Mrs Gerald Cook and family* Mr and Mrs Charles Wirth, Valiery eilmah of Ionia friend of Daniel Schmitz and Mrs Lundsey orrocks and son of Ionia, Games and cards Were in play for all* Bridgeville fey Mrs Tilelma Wodilbury i * - - Myrori Post of West Maple Rapids was taken to Carson City ospital last Week and had surgery last Tuesday, Aug 22. Ralph Shinabery of West Maple Rapids Rd had surgery" at St Lawrence ospital Monday^ Aug 21 and retimed to his home Friday^ Aug 25. Mr and Mrs Bruce ulbert spent Wednesday evening with Mr and Mrs John Wdodbury. U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice Boneless Mr and Mrs Brent Austin and family of Grand Rapids, spent this weekend with her parents, Mr and Mrs Casey Jones and her brother Mr and Mrs Jim Jones and family here in Carland.. Mr and Mrs Corky Root and son spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs Betty Root and his grandparents, Mr and Mrs Frank Downey in Carland to help his grandmother celebrate her 75th birthday, Mrs Charles (Ruby) Snyder returned to her Garland News by Mrs. Pudge Deming U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice Bonelesi RCI Ol Sirloin TipS'JW R ump ^ ««29 Steak?.,. Roast..^.^.B U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice Chip Steaks b '1.49 Boneless Round Steak Jl. 14 errud Roll Country Club Point Cut* Pork Sausage Lb 59* Corned Beef n, '1.19 Mr. Boston U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice Boneless Boston Roll or eel of Fish Sticks 99* Round Roast u '1.09 U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice U.S. Gov't. Graded Choice BCfef ^ ^ ^ < Kansas Cily'A 19 Short Steaks?.mk Ribs... Silver Platter Whole Pork Loins {Sliced Free) Lb Regular Price 954 Lb Three Legged or Family Double 39 Breasted f Fryer Fryers...":. Legs....^. Pak Fryer Thighs night or home, Sunday, from the- Owosso Memorial ospital where she had been a patient for two weeks. Mr and Mrs Wayne Morey and sons have moved to Carland from West enderson Road, Elsie. They now occupy the home of Mr and Mrs Glenn Brown who moved to Ovid some time ago. It Is by trial and error that we make progress in this. world don't expect a blueprint. \ J - Xtra Low < ' Discount ^ i Sale Price \ Family Pak Fryer Drumsticks or Pre-Batted Wishbone io-i4 Lb Siial Fryer Breasts» 69* Turkeys u 59* ickory Smoked Whole or End Portion Kroqer Slab Bacon All Meal Wieners.. 1 imaid foimrict by Mrs. Porter C. Parks Melvin McRoberts of Lansing visited Mr and Mrs Eldoris ahn and daughter Tuesday. Sunday, Lewis Flegler of Lansing visited Mr and Mrs Eldoris ahn and daughter. Mr and Mrs Grayling Pyle were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Pyle of St Johns. Mrs Donald Dumond had the misfortune to lose her brother John oerner of Grand Ledge who died of a stroke and was buried last Kroger Pork-N-Beans... ; 20* Nu-Soft Fabric Softaer...SS 69* Mazola Oil.''2.68 einz Great American Soups! 22* AlpoDogFood..JSS27 t Swa-**oft Fa jal Tissue T'ddy Bear 2 «00 16* Tissue.'ST 77' Imperial Soft Tubs Spread Margarine «X 39* Charmin Bathroom Tissue Oi WtPkg 59 Friday. tended family. Sympathy is exto the bereaved Labor Day, Mr and Mrs Ted Pfeiffer of Grand Ledge visited Mr and Mrs Donald Dumond and Roy. Tuesday evening, Mrs arold oerner visited Mr and Mrs George Sargent. Wednesday evening arvey oerner and girls visited Mrs arold oerner. Friday evening, Mr and Mrs arvey oerner, Jill and Valerie, Mrs Porter Parks visited Mrs arold oerner. Saturday evening Mr and Mrs arold, oerner had supper at the Cedar Village jn Grand Ledge. Mrs Donald Sullivan, Mrs Raymond Sherman and Kevin of Grand Ledge went swimming at Alward Lake Thursday. Garry Sullivan is still a patient at St Lawrence ospital but is getting along nicely, Mr and Mrs Donald Sullivan visited Mr and Mrs Richard Payne and family of Lyons Sunday. George Payne returned with them to spend some time with Dan., Mrs Raymond Sherman and Kevin spent Monday with her folks, Mr and Mrs Don Sullivan and Dan. Monday evening, Russel Sullivan of Edmore and Bob Martin of Stanton visited the former's brother, Gary Sullivan at the hospital. Jeanette Spahr of Lansing visited Mrs Alexander Lang, Saturday. Mr and Mrs Porter Parks and Kris spent from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon with Mr and Mrs Joseph Berger of Muskegon. They attended the Moose Lodge as out-oftown guests of the Bergers Saturday evening, Thousands of Prices Reduced Everyday Xtra Low Red Libby Salmon..A B 97* Strained Gerber Baby Foods «2 9* 0*d<^. Similac ""25* B»Oi MK 9 C K Kelogg ^ 5>Lb «" U W f Special K vk? 8 56' «- Avondale D.,.. g0z 0 Flour. EJ 38* Birdseye Awake, 33* - w n w " '. Log Cabin Syrup 2S 31 e Mran wrap,r * E0 ' l9 Frozen Peas... ffsi 17* w* Mh * *IA *A *, -71. cua ' 4*0, Liquid Detergent...^, 26* Stndex Pads...<S% 77* Shortening &ZS3F. Liqurd Musselman Kroger ' ny ' 22-F1 CM Applesauce...Kf 19* Salad Oil ffs. 66* ' * CriscoOil SS.79* Semi-Sweat Chocolate Morsels vss fl 27* Facial ^fl ^ ^ Mm...»> Kleenex Tissue.. 29' 1 ^ 2 4 ' Del Monte Peaches Cream Style & Whole Kernel ffg 3P Del Monte Corn.. 2,19* Del Monte Peas A 7 22* 58 Fall Is The Time To R-IR. Fertilize Your Lawn California n Eckrlch All Meat or ickory ost ome Pride (Save 70V) StraWDOrritS... Jumbo Fun Frahks..u, 99* Football Loaf, 69* Fertilizer K, $ 2.99 u. s^ yarade Center Rib tfickory ost Family>ak omepdde (Save 80*1 ome VTOW ' Pork Chops...>,*.u*L09 Sliced Bologna...^$9* Fertilizer $ 1.99 Sweet torn.;..* * Farmer Peet bonanza Whole or Portion Farmer Peet Bulk ^?«" <. Sa " $1 > ' S - No - 1 Mtehi Bar. -^ Bondessam.w..t b J i;09 Ring Bologna. k *.»..u 89* Weed & Feed...20&*2.99 Bortltffff errud A»l Beef Frahk* or Eckrlch Regular or Thick Michigan (Save 204) POOM 4 4. i TTTW Party Assortment...& 99* Sliced Bologna.».* '1.19 toetwn,50 79* ^irtinisss^^^srtog Serve N Save Chunk Bologna or Braunschweiger ih SpaBhnurrt fsava $2) r = on, riv 2 pouvtbi or nwi ol NortWp kinj S,< Peat Moss...^'! 1.99 \ Grass Seed i nnmm, f (ebve KM) = tuwiet to t pallet bit tilu»nd loetl ometteaij IMVBOW _ u,,on* coupon pircimomlrptr g 4*...V.l.***.** * ** ^i»«farmstyie Ki *1.99 ntfe-silte?''"* *, t -: A*fa Cheer Kandu 49-Oz «7rt* WtPkg /y.liquid Bleach SA 27* Roman Cleanser * uowny...»oien everyday JpR* latv discount price» Xtra LoW Discount Sal? Price ii «f North Bengal MRS. WILLIAM ERNST Ph Mr and Mrs Fred W Pasch were Wednesday evening, Aug- 30 visitors of Mr and.mrs William Ernst and Maxine. On Saturday evening, Sept 2 friends and neighbors held a surprise birthday party in honor of Mrs Edgar Walker. Mr and Mrs William S Ernst and Ron and Karen of Battle Creek were guests on Sunday and Labor Day of Mr and Mrs William Ernst and Maxine. David Rossow, who began football practice at Ferris State College at Big Rapids the latter part of August, spent the Labor Day weekend with his parents, Rev and Mrs E Rossow and his grandmother, Mrs erman Rossow. Mr and Mrs J D Bancroft and children of SW Dallas were Thursday evening, Aug 31 visitors of Mr and Mrs William Ernst and Maxine. Mr and Mrs Robert Eldridge and sons, John and Michael returned recently from a nine day vacation trip which included places of interest in Canada including Quebec and to the east coast of Bar arbor, Maine. They also enjoyed a tour of Mackinac Island with Mr and Mrs Leo C Fox and Bruce. Mr and Mrs Fred Sehlke of Fowler visited Mr and Mrs Fred W Pasch on Friday evening, Sept 1. Mr and Mrs Gordon Baldwin of Florida were Friday visitors of Mr and Mrs Lloyd Brocker. Mr and Mrs Lewis Silm of West Price Road were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Raymond Moore. Mr and Mrs Larry Blizzard spent a day at Cedar Point, Ohio recently. Mr and Mrs Ray Moore Riley and Olive MRS. GOLDIE MOORE Ph visited Mr and Mrs Don Nichols on Thursday evening. Mrs Jim Graham and children*of rural St Johns visited her parents, Mr and Mrs Don Nichols on Thursday afternoon. Mr and Mrs William Fedewa and family spent a few days near Whitehall last Week. CITY COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES August 14, 1972 The regular meeting of the City Commission was called to order at 7:30 pm by Mayor Wood. Comm present: Rand, Grost, Ebert, Wood. Comm absent: annah. Staff present: City Manager, City Attorney, Zoning Administrator. Motion by Comm. Ebert supported by Comm. Rand to approve the minutes of the July 24, 1972 meeting as submitted. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Ebert to approve the warrants. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Ebert supported by Comm Grost to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Ebert supported by Comm Grost to grant permission to the DAV to sell Forget-Me-Nots on September 8 and 9 and to waive any fees as required by city ordinance. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Ebert to allow the parking plan as Monday Thru Saturday- Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM Thousands of Prices Reduced Discount Prices Little Debbie Cakes *, 47* Kroger Sandwich Bread «?& 29* Kroger A < K Wiener Buns * 32-Ot ^ ^ L V f l ^m unts " " W m Skillet Dinners..Sft 69* Corn Chips Fritos A?, 53* ri l^. f.n 20 m OCC Country Oven Catsup "" * Potato Chips... % 55* Del Monte Catsup 29* Premium Assorted SaltJeS VftFkg 37* Twin Pops wi2 47* s unfl oid Saltines &&3T Kroger Buttermilk Biscuits K«8* Chefs Delight Cheese Spread.. & 66* *«4fe39 ^^ So1Ft cnon I J K Parkay Margarine & 45* Minute Maid Orange Juice ^25* Banquet Fruit Pies SS.29 Avondale Crinkle Cut French Fries. IB 66* Cool Whip.K29* everyday JtfcRA ttnv discount price Mello Snft Giant White Bread Kroger LowfatMilk... n 44* Intensive Care Vaseline Lotion %, 79* Deodorant Right Guard...», 84* Liquid Prell :...MU 54* Vitalis «.78* Polident Toothpaste Colgate Mouthwash Scope SBffW ^ 5 8 ' ozbti'/ For Children i - ^>-i ' r^x-t,-"-., Bayer Aspirin... 21* Bufferin OM«87* Liquid Maalox i*s 82* Coffee, 22* Kroger Corn wtphg 1/ Rhodes Frozen White Bread...Si 97* BigK Orange Drink... n 25* Thank You Cherry Pie Mix Z 39* Oscar Mayer Luncheon Meat WtCn* Bush Kidney Beans...4 Bush Whole or Sliced Potatoes..7 Showboat 47 Armour -48 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Beef Stew 27-Oz WtCon 15-Oa WtCant Kroger Corn Oil Margarine JSS 33* 32-Oz iwtpkg '1.69 Combination G&W Pizza... Pillsbury ungry Jack Spaghetti 10 itcl 5 1 Instant Potatoes..AS, 10* 8 Varieties Rapid Shave $& 88* Archway Cookies 3 ***IM (29tf Value) Coloring Books... Ea 9 Breck One Aqua Net air Spray. 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IIIIIIIQ This coupon Worth 20C KING SIZE COFFEE MUG = S.89""' s $.2o:.v'r S.69 toi». a a Subject to applicable stale and local S ~ t»k«t, one coupon per cuitomar per a B.-llote villi. ^ MJIII Good Sept. 11 thru ^ ]r%p <3&lltllll1l-" "»..""liillfmr -1 a Krbgar Plajtlc Carton i I 2% Lbwfal Milk I 69 1 E SubWt to applicable ate and loul S Gal Ctn a takei. One coupon per cuitomar par a ^ atore vlilt., ^S 2a INI Good Sept. 11 thru 17,1972 t S5 submitted by the Roadhouse. Motion 'carried. Motion by Comm Ebert supported by Comm Grost to accept the Planning Commission's Recommendation and deny the zoning change request on a parcel of land at 303 S Whittemore. Motion' carried. City Attorney Maples read Ordinance No 248. AN OR DINANCE TO CREATE A LOCAL OFFICERS COM PENSATION COMMISSION FOR TE CITY OF ST JONS, Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Grost to have the City Attorney file official objections to the findings of the Department of Commerce in regard to the railroad crossings at Scott Road and Morton Street as read. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Ebert supported by Comm Rand to open the public hearing on. Wight Street at 7:45 pm. Motion carried. Two people in the audience asked about the adequacy of the sanitary sewer in the north end of the assessment. Manager Weather wax replied that according to the plans submitted by Williams and Works, Consulting Engineers, there were no plans to replace this section. Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Grost to close the public hearing at :00 pm. Motion carried. Comm Rand offered the Resolution of Determination, Public Improvement, for the installation of curb and gutter on Wight Street and moved the adoption thereof - which was supported by Comm Grost. Yea: Commissioners Rand, Grost, Ebert, Wood. Nay: Commissioners None. Absent: Commissioner annah. Resolution declared carried this 14th day of August, A.D., Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Ebert that the property owners on Wight Street who have paid to be connected into the deep sanitary sewer should not have to pay if a new sanitary sewer is needed. Motion carried. A discussion was held on extending command officers of the Fire Department beyond.the^ age of,60,, 'Motion by 1 Comm 'Grost supported by Comm Ranr3[*to adopt the guidelines -as amended. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Grost supported by Comm Rand to have Manager Weatherwax have a study of the storm sewer line located in Block 82 hounded by Circle Drive and South Swegies Street made by the engineers. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Ebert supported by Comm Grost to accept the Fire Department wage increase request and take it under advisement at the proper time. Yea: Ebert, Grost, Wood Nay: Rand Absent: annah. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Ebert for Manager Weatherwax to meet with the Fire Chief and report back to the Commission on any progress made. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Ebert supported by Comm Rand to place the Fire Wage item on the next committee of the whole agenda. Motion carried.. The City Attorney read proposed Ordinance No 249: AN ORDINANCE TO VACATE A PORTION OF RAILROAD STREET RIGT-OF-WAY WITIN TE CITY OF ST JONS. Said reading constitutes charter requirements as found on page G, section 5 of the St Johns City Charter. Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Ebert to accept the first reading of Ordinance No 249. Motion carried. Motion by Comm Rand supported by Comm Ebert to adjourn at 9:05 pm. Motion carried, Riley and Olive By Mrs Goldlc Moore Mrs Goldie Moore, Mrs Merle Klftver, Mrs Martha Blizzard attended the County Farm Bureau Cortimitteewoman's meeting at the County office on Tuesday, Sept 5. Mr and Mrs Valentine Stoy visited the Clyde Peck's and the Karl Schaffer's at Crystal Lake on Sunday. Te Olive's 4- Projects Club held their monthly meeting at the School on Tuesday evening, handing out reports to be filled out by each member and returned to the leader on Sept 16. There's one consolation in ltfe you don't have to pay taxes on the money you lost;

23 8B CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan September 13, 1972 UNITED METODIST CURC Rev. Francis C. Johannldes, Minister 9:30 am Church School. 10:30 am Fellowship. 11:00 am Morning Worship 7:00 pm junior igh Youth Fellowship. Friday, Sept 15: 1:00 pm Prayer and Sharing Group in the parlor. Tuesday, Sept 10: 9:00 am Mary Magdalene Circle at the church. Thursday. Sept 21: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm SMORGASBORD LUNCEON in NUGS all. ' ST. JOSEP CATOLIC CURC Rev William G. ankerd, Pastor Rev. Raymond Goehring Associate Pastor Rectory 109 Linden St. Ph Convent 110 S. Oakland Ph. 2i4-378!l School 201 E. Cass Ph Mass Schedule Saturday Evening 7 p.m. Sunday 7:30.!), 10:30 and 12. oly Bays See bulletin. Weekdays 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. Sacrament ol Penance Saturdays, 3:30 to 5 p.m.: after 7'p.m. Mass untlll 9 p.m. Weekday evenings a few minutes before evening Mass. First Fridays Sacrament of Penance. Thursday irom 4 to 5 p.m. and after the evening Mass until all are heard. Mass and Prayers of Adoration at 7:15 p.m. oly Communion on Friday at 6 and 7:15 a.m. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, 8:30 p.m. on Thursday through 7 p.m. on First Friday. Devotions Our Mother of Perpetual elp Novena after 7:15 p.m. Mass each Tuesday. Religious Instruction Classes Adult Inquiry Class, Tuesday at 8 p.m. igh School CCD. Wednesday at 8 p.m. Public Grade School CCD, Tuesdays from 4 until 5 p.m. Baptisms Each Sunday at 1:30 by appointment. Other arrangements by appointment. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CURC Averlll M Carson, Minister Thursday, Sept 14: 7:30 pm Church Board meetings. 8:30 pm Council. Saturday, Sept 16: 12:30 pm Junior Choir rehearsal. 1:00 pm Children's Choir rehearsal. Sunday, Sept 17: 9:45 am Church School. 11:00 am Morning Worship. Tuesday, Sept 19: 1:00 pm Priscilla Alden Division, 1:30 pm Elizabeth Wlnslow Division. 8:00 pm Pearl Caldwell Vesper Division. Wednesday, Sept 20: 6:45 pm Boy Scout Troop No 81. 8:00 pm Senior Choir rehearsal. FIRST BAPTIST CURC South US-27 Paul A. Travis, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Bible School 10:5:; a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. Children's Churches C p.m. IN-TIME and I-TIME 7 p.m. Evening Worship Each Wed., 7 p.m. The our of Power for the whole family. 8 p.m. Choir practice. First Sundayji-Communton* Service First Tuesday Deacon's Meeting Second Tuesday Ladies' Missionary Circle. Last Tuesday Trustees' Meeting Mon., Fri. "Moments of Meditation." Radio WRBJ. ST. JON'S EPISCOPAL CURC Corner of E. Walker and Mead Sts. Rev. ugh E. Banninga, Pastor Rectory Office Summer Schedule Every Sunday, 7 a.m. oly Communion. 2nd & 4th Sunday 9 a.m. oly Communion and Sermon. Other Sundays, 9 a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon. 9 a.m. Church School and Nursery. Every Monday evening, 7 p.m. ealing Service. 1st & 3rd Mondays, 7 p.m. Senior Citizens. 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, noon, Senior Citizens. Every Tuesday morning and evening. Weight Watchers. Starting June 22, every Thursday morning, Bible School at 9:30a.m. PRICE UNITED METODIST CURC Rev. Darold D. Boyd 9:45 a.m. Church School. 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship Women's Society meets the last Wednesday of each month, Dinner at 12:30. Meeting at 1:30. Youth Fellowship meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Council of Church Ministries and Administrative Board meets the first Sunday of each month following a potluck dinner at noon. Youth choir meets each Wednesday at 7 p.m. Senior choir meets each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ST. JONS LUTERAN CURC The Church of The Lutheran our U.S.-27 at Sturgis Robert D. Koei>pen, Pastor 9:00 a.m. Sunday School and Bible Discussions. 10:10 a.m. Divine Worship ' 8:00 a.m. 3rd Sunday ofenchmonth- Matins Service. 10:15 a.m. oly Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays each month, 7:30 p.m. 1st Tuesday of each month - Ladies Guild and LWML. 8:00 p.m. 3rd Tuesday of each month - Book Discussion Club. 3:10 to G:15 Weekly on Wednesdays- Weekly Day School September through May. Confirmation instruction Wed. after 3:10 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays - Adult Information Classes, beginning each September and February-Call or for specific information. Church Office ours - 9:00-12:00 a.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. CURC OF CRIST OF ST. JONS G80 N, Lansing St. Seventh Day Adventtst Building Mike argrave, Minister 9:30 a.m. Sunday.School 10:30 a,m. Morning Worship Wed*. 7:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting. Call for more Information. Next Sunday In Clinton County Churches All Churches in Clinton County are invited to send their weekly announcements to The Clinton County News. They must reach us by 10 a.m. Monday to insure publication in the current week's issue. TE WAYSIDE BAPTIST CURC Rev. Jerry Thomas, Pastor About 12 miles north. The Corner of N US-27 and Roosevelt Rds, Sunday School and Church - 10:50 am to 12:30pm.Sundayevenlngservice - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.. Wednesday evening service - 7:30-8:30 pm. Everyone welcome to these services. WEST PILGRIM UNITED METODIST CURC Corner of Parks and Grove Rd. Rev. Brian K. Sheen, Minister 9:30 a.m. - Worship Service 10:45 a.m. Church School ASSEMBLY OF GOD S. US-27 & E. Baldwin Joseph F. Eger, Jr., Pastor 10;00 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. Youth Service 7:30 p.m. Sunday Evening 7 p.m. Weonesday, second and fourth, WMC 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening service SEVENT DAY ADVENTISTS 686 North Lansing Street Elder, E. F. erzel, Pastor Services held on Saturday 9:15 a.m. Church Service 10:30 a.m. Sabbath School Service JEOVA'S WITNESSES Kingdom all 1993 North Lansing St. _Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Congregation Book Studies, Text studied: "The Nations Shall Know That I am Jehovah -ow?" Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Theocratic Ministry School Texts Used: "Bible" and "Aid to Bible Understanding" 8:30 p.m. Service Meeting. Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Public Lecture- Given by Qualified Representative of the Watchtower, Bible and tract Society. 10:30 a.m.-watchtower Study- Current issue of the "Watchtower" magazine studied. PUBLIC INVITED NO COLLECTION TAKEN FIRST CURC OF GOD 312 N US-27 Phone :45'a,m. Church School 11:00 a.m. Worship Service 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship WEDNESDAY 7:45 p.m. Family Bible Study CURC OF TE NAZAKENE 515 North Lansing Street Rev Wesley Manker Phone :00 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 8:15 p.m. Young People's Service J'O 1 f m. Evening Worship Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. Caravan. 7:45 p.m. Bible Study and prayer hour. FREE METODIST CURC 305 Church Street Phone Robert Bentley, Minister 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 7:00 p.m.-evenlng Worship Prayer service as announced. SALEM UNITEDMETODISTCURC Parsonage and Office: US-27 and County Line Road Pastor Charles VanLente Phone G Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Worship, 10:30 a.m. Church School, Wednesday: 7:00 p.m. Choir pracltce 7:30 p.m. Mid-week Service. Thursday: 7:30 p.m. WSCS Third Thursday. DeWitt Area WAYSIDE CAPEL A BIBLE CURC Turner Road, DeWitt Rev. Douglas Beach, Pastor Phone a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Worship Service 6 p.m. Young People 7 p.m. Evening Service 7:15 p.m. Wednesday - Bible Study and Prayer. A friendly church with a message for today. Bible Loving Bible Believing Bible Preaching. DeWITT COMMUNITY CURC (Intcr-denominationat) Murl J. Eastman. Pastor Amy Mulford. Sunday School Supt. Marilyn Krol. Co-Supt. 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Church 7 p.m. Youth Fellowship REDEEMER UNITED METODIST CURC 105 N. Bridge St.. Forest Crum, Minister 9:30 a.m. Worship, (nursery provided), 10:30 - U:00a.m.,CoffeeFellowshlp, 11 a.m. Church School. ST. ANNE'S EPISCOPAL CURC Corner US-27 and Webb Road Rev, Glenn V. Cathey, Jr. Vicar Residence GG Church GG Sunday morning* prayer and sermon 9:00 a.m. COMMUNITY OF ST, JUDE Catholic Church Father Jerome Schmltt, Pastor 409 Wilson, DeWitt Dally Mass: Mon. and Thurs. - 7:30 p.m. TUBS., Wed, and Frl. 7:00 a.m. Sunday Mass: 9:00 and 11:15 turn. Services at Middle School, DeWitt. EAST DeWITT BIBLE CURC (Non Denominational! Round Lake Road '/* mile East of US-27 Glen J. Farnham, Pastor Sunday 10 a.m, Sunday School, Classes for all ages. 11 a.m. Morning Worship 5:45 p.m. Youth Fellowship, Senior, 14 and up; Jet Cadets, p.m. Evening Service Wednesday 7:30 p*m, Bible Study and prayer. Supervised nursery for babies and small children in ail Services. "Ah open door to an open book"... A Bible preaching church with a message for you,. ST. TERESE CATOLIC CURC Fathers Francis Murray, Joseph Droate and Lawrence Delaney Rectory: 102 W, Randolph, Lansing Phone Mass Schedule Saturday: 7 p.m. Sunday: 6. 8, ; DeWitt, 9 a.m. oliday: 7. 8, 10 a.m.; 5:30, 7:30 p m, 10;ou a.m. worship Service 11:15 a.m. Sunday School 7:00 p.m. U.CY.M. meets on, ternate Sundays 6:45 p.m. Thursday, Cherub and junior choir. 8 p,m, Thursday, Chapel choir, 1:30 p.m. Third Friday, Women's Fellowship, church basement. 8:30 p.m. Service meeting Matherton Area MATIIERTON COMMUNITY CURC 1:00 p.m. Sunday School 1:00 p.m. Worship service Fulton Area FULTON FULL GOSPEL CURC x h mile east of Pcrrlnton on M-57, Vi mile south Rev. Fred Wing. Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 7:00 p.m. Youth Service 7:45 p.m. Evening Service Weekday Masses: 8 a.m., 7:30 p.m. 7:45 p.m. Thursday, Prayer Confessions Saturday: 3:30 to 5 praise service and 7:30 to fl; Eves of olidays, 8 to 9. Baptism:.Sunday at 1 p.m. Please call in advance. OPE LUTERAN CURC 380 W erbison Rd, DeWitt Telephone: 6G David B Franzmeier, Pastor Telephone: 6C9-960C Sunday School - 9:00 am Sunday Worship - 10:30 am Tuesday - DIrestions at Dawn 7:00 am. VALLEY FARMS BAPTIST CURC 241 E. State Road Rev, LaVern Bretz, Pastor 9:45-10:45 'a.m. Church School. There Is a class for everyone from the youngest to the oldest, The Bible is our textbook 11 a.m.-12 Noon Morning Worship, Junior Church for children through 6th grade 5:30 p.m. BYF for both Juniors and Seniors 7:00 p.m. Evangelistic Service 8:00 p.m. Morning Choir practices Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. Mid-week Prayer Service; 8:00 p.m. Morning Choir practice Saturday 10:00 a.m. Jr. Choir prac- p.m, ticc 1st Thursday 7:30 p.m. Woman's Mission Society 2nd Saturday 2:00 p.m. Ann Judson Guild for Jr. i. girls 3rd Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Men's Fellowsliip SOUT DeWITT CURC OP CRIST Temporarily Meeting at the DeWitt igh School Evangelist: Richard J. Wolfcale Telephone: a.m. "Revival Fires." Channel 5 TV: "Revival Fires." 1110 radio. 9:45 a.m. Bible School 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship. Sermon: "The Mind of Christ." Weekly Communion, 6:30 p.m. Youth groups for grades 1 through freshman In college. 6:30 p.m. Evening Worship. Sermon: "What the Church of Christ Stands For." Wednesday, 7 p.m. our of Power, 8 classes, _.. Thursday, 7 p.m. Fishermen's Club FIRST BAPTIST CURC OF DeWITT, SBC. Rev. Jerry Cole, Pastor Meeting in the Memorial Building while ue build our newworshipcenter. Sunday School - 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. 5:00 pm Evening Worship. Meeting in homes Mid-week prayer service Wed. - 7;30 p.m. Youth prayer service Thur. - 7:30 p.m. Join us In worship wherfe'everybody Is somebody and Christ Is Lord." For more information call or write Box 306, DeWitt. VALLEY FARMS UNITED PENTECOSTAL CURC 155 E. Sate Rd. Rev. Neil Bolinger, Pastor Phoue :30 a.m. Sunday School. 11:00 a.m. Morniim Worship. 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening Evangelistic. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Youth service. Thursday. 7:30 p.m. Bible Study. We cordidlly invite you to attend anv or all of these services. Listen lo our international broad, cast ARVESTIME Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., WRBJ, 1580 on your dial. SALEM UNITED METODIST CURC Parsonage and Office: US-27 and County Line Road Pastor - Everett M. Love Phone GG Sunday: 9:00 a.m. Worship 10:00 a.m. Church School, Wednesday: 7:00 p.m. Choir practice 7:30 p.m. Mid-week Service. Thursday: 7:30 p.m. WSCS Third Thursday. ST. PETER LUTERAN CURC MISSOURI SYNOD VA miles west of St. Johns on M-21 5Va miles south on Francis road 2 miles west on Church road Marvin L. Barz, Pastor 10:30 a.m. Worship, J,.. 9:15 a.m. Sunday School and Bible olv Communion first Sunday of the month at B a.m., third Sunday of the month at 10:30 a.m. SOUT RILEY BIllLE CURC Wilt.-ird Farrier. Pastor Located 'J mile cast of Francis, Road nn Chadwick Road 10 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Worship Service Gunnisonville Area GUNNISONVILLE UNITED METODIST CURC Clark and Wood Roads ltfv. Dan Miles, Minister 0:30 a.m. Church Service 10:4" a.m. Sunday Schoul Maple Rapids Area TE UNITED METODIST CURC Maple Rapids Area Parish Pastor Charles VanLente Parsonage and Office: US-27 and Clinton-Gratiot County Line Road Phone G6 TE UNITED METODIST CURC MAPLE RAPIDS Pastor - Rev. Abe S. Castor Parsonage - Middle ton Phone Sunday - 0:30 a.m. Worship Service. 10:30 a.m. Sunday School. Tuesday - 1:30 p.m. WSCS first Tuesday each month. 7:00 p.m.senior Choir practice. 7:00 p.m. Scouts. GREENBUS UNITED METODIST CURC Scott and Marshall Roads Pastor - Everett M, Love Sunday: 9:40 a.m. Church School. 11:30 a.m. Worship Thursday: WSCS 4th Thursday at 8:00 p.m, LOWE UNITEDMETODISTCURC Lowe and North Lowe Road Pastor - Everett M, Love Sunday: church Service loun a.m, Tuesday: Choral Actors 3-4:30. Wednesday: Bible Study 7:30-8:30. Senior Choir 7:30-8:30, CONGREGATIONAL CRISTIAN.CURC Maple Rapids, Michigan Rev Robert E, Myers, Pastor - and Eureka Area CONGREGATIONAL CRISTIAN CURC 2619 E. Maple Rapids Road Rev Paul R. Jones, Pastor Phone a.m. Bible School for everyone. 11 a.m. Morning Worship 7:30 p.m. Adult Bible discussions. Nursery provided during services. fi;30 p.m. Youth Meetings 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, Jr. Choir; Chancel Choir, 7:30 p.m., Bath Area BAT UNITED METODIST ~ CURC. Rev. Clarence Keith Telephone 641-6b87 11 a.m. Worship 10 a.m. Church School BAT BAPTIST CURC Rev. Richard Cole, Pastor 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 6:30 p.m. Yojth Fellowship 7:30 p.m. Evening Service Midweek service on Wednesday 7:30 REORGANIZED CURC OF JESUS CRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Corner Upton Rd, & Stoll Rd. Elder - Earl Premoe Sunday School lo a.m. Preaching Service 11 a.m. Chob; Practice-Wed. 6:30 p.m. Mid-Week Prayer Service Wed. 7:30 p.m. Everyone welcome. Elsie Area ELSIE METODIST CURC Rev. David Litchfield, Minister 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m.-sunday School, Supt. Merle Baese. DUPLAIN METODIST CURC Rev. David Litchfield, Minister 10 a.m. Sunday School, Supt, Kenneth Kiger 11 a.m. Worship service, FIRST BAPTIST CURC Rev. Charles Cowley 10:00 a.m. Worship service 11:00 a.m. Sunday School, Paul Brown, Supt. 6 p.m. Junior and Senior BYF 7 p.m. Evening Service 3:30 p.m., Wednesday Junior and Senior; Choir practice. 7 P.m.. Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study,'- -^>' '*<buplain CURC OF CRIST 3 miles west Ovid-Elsie igh School 5565 E. Colony Road Justin Shepard, Minister Jack Schwark, S.S. Supt. 10 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Church 7 p.m. Junior and Youth Fellowship 7:30 p.m. Evening Service 7 p.m., Wednesday Prayer Meeting ST. CYRIL CATOLIC CURC Rev. Thomas M. Kowalczyk, Pastor P.O. BOX E. Main St. Bannister, Phone: Sunday Liturgies: Saturday-7:00 p.m. Sunday (May 1 to Dec. 1) 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. (Dec. 1 to May 1) 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. oly Day Liturgies: 7:00 a,m, and 8:00 p.m. Confessions: One half hour before all Sunday Liturgies. EAGLE UNITED METODIST CURC Rev Ray McBratnfe, Pastor Telephone or :30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Church School 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Bible Study and prayer meeting. EAGLE FOURSQUARE CURC Rev. and Mrs Royal Burnett, Pastor 10:30 a.m. Sunday School, 11:15 a.m. Morning Worship 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Prayer meeting Fowler Area MOST OLY TRINITY CURC Rev. Fr. Albert J. Schmltt, Pastor Sunday Masses 6:30; 3:30 and 10:30 a.m. Weekdays During school year, 7:30 and 8:30 a.m., oly Days 540; 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m, and 7:00 p.m, eve before. Sorrowful Mother Novena Friday, 7:30 p.m. Saturdays-7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. I ST PAUL LUTERAN CURC, FOWLER E Rossow, Pastor 0:30 am Worship. 10:30 am Sunday School & Bible Class. Ovid Area CURC Ol'' GOD Ovl<r, Michigan Rev. L. Sanclur.s, Pnilnr 10:CD a.m. Suwliiy School IliM) a.m. MuniiiiK Wnisiiip 6:1111 ]>.in. Youth Fellowship 7:00 ),ni, Event Service 7:3d p.m. Wetlhead.iy, Bible Sltidv: li:4a p.m. Choir jn-ai'ltctj.wesleyan OLINESS CURC 127 W. William St., Ovid Rev. Richard D. Purchase 10 a.m. Sunday School and Morning Worship. Sunday Evenings 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Meet-' lngs. TE UNITED CURC OF OVID West Front St,, Ovid Rev. Claude B. Ridley, Jr., Pastor 9:30 am Morning Worshlp(Nursery) 10:45 am Church School Classes Board Meeting - 2nd Tuesday Women's FelloWshlp-2nd Wednesday Circle Meetings - 3rd Wednesday Children's Choir-Wednesday, 4 pm Junior Choir - Wednesday, 4 pm Chancel Choir - Wednesday, 7 pm,*. fft ^ * ii. V^P"V"* ~* - 7. i ' a.*. M-S- a? i*. * *X ; ASSEMBLY OF GOD Each Week The Clinton County News Will SEPARDSVTLLE UNITED METODIST CURC Dr. Darold Boyd, Pastor 445 Division Street East Lansing, :30 a.m. Worship Service. 10:45 a.m. Church School. ST. JONS, MICIGAN Located in Clinton County. 1 w Publish One Of The Many Fine Churches Wednesday: 7:00p.m. Choir practice, tember. 8:00 p.m. Prayer service. Afternoon Circle meets second Administrative Board first Monday Thursday at the homes of members, in the month. Berean Circle meets third Thurs- General meeting of WSCS third day evening in each month at,the Thursday in January, April and Sep- homes of members. TESE CLINTON COUNTY FIRMS MAKE TIS CURC PAGE POSSIBLE S & Farm Sales & Service New olland Machinery Our Specialty "4 Mi;N. on US-27 to French Rd. Phone Egan Ford Sales, Inc. 200 W. lgham Phone D & B Party Shoppe Open Monday thro Saturday Complete Party Supplies 224 N. Clinton Phone Antes Cleaners Pickup and Delivery 108 W. Walker Ph Parr's Rexall Store The Comer Drue Store Phone Schmift Electric 807 1/2 E. State St. Johns Burton Abstract and ' Title Company 119 N. Clinton, St. Johns OVID FIRST BAPTIST CURC Main at Oak Street Rev. Earl C. Copelin, Pastor Norma Johnson, Church School Supt. Mrs. Ida Beardslee, Organist 9:45 a.m. - Church School. 11:00 a.m. - Morning Worship. Wed., 7 p.m., Senior Choir Wed., 8 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study. OVID FREE METODIST CURC "the church with Acts 20:20 vision" 1100 N. Main St., Ovid Rev, Richard Gleason Church Phone Parsonage Phone ;00 a.m. Sunday School ' 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6:00 p.m. Youth F.M.Y. 7:30 p.m. Evening Worship 9:30 a.m. Ladles Bible Study every Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Wednesday evening Prayer Service 6:00 p.m. Teen's Soft Ball' every Friday OLY FAMILY CATOLIC CURC Ovid, Michigan Fr Joseph Auom 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday 7 p.m, Evening Mass on Wednesday. Confessions 10 tor 10:30 on Sunday morning. Central Natl Bank OF ST. JONS St. Johns Ovid pewamo Member FIC Phillips Implement COMPANY 313 N. Lanslnc St. Ph T Capitol Savings AND LOAN ASSN. 222 N. Clinton Phone Wes' Gulf Service WE GIVE S& STAMPS Free Pick-up & Delivery P. US-27 Ph Jim McKenzie Agency 212 N. Clinton, St. Johns 214 W. Washington, Ionia Allaby-Brewbakerjnc /2 N. Clinton St. St. Johns, Michigan St. Johns Co-op N, Clinton Ph Pewamo Area ST, JOSEP'S CATOLIC CURC Pewamo, Michigan t Rt Rev Msgr Thomas J. Bolger, M.A., Pastor Sunday Masses G a.m., 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., Daily Mass 7:30 a.m. oly Baptism Sunday, 1 p.m. Sacred Confession Saturday, 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. Family oly our for Peace Saturday, 7:15 p.m. UNITED METODIST CURC / Pewamo, Michigan Dr. Lloyd Walker 1G3G orizon Drive, Ionia Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship 7:00 p.m. United Methodist Youth Fellowship. WSCS meets third Thursday of the month at 2 p.m.... Victor Township GROVE DIDLE CURC Rev. Robert Prange, Pastor Price and Shepardsvllle < roads 10:00 a.m.* Sunday school. Classes for nil ages 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. Young People 7130 p.m. Evening ServiccL, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, prayer meeting Ladles Missionary/circle meets 4«i an SS3plnB Club meets 4th Saturday In month it Federal-Mogul CORPORATION St. Johns Plant c - * Mathews Elevator (>raln Feed Beans Phone Formers Go-op ELEVATOR Wayne feeds and Grain Phone Schofer eating, Inc. eating, Air Conditioning Swimming Pools Fowler, Ph WESTPALIA Maynord-Allen STATE BANK PortUnd Sunfleld WeitphalU Member F.D.l.c. Phone WACOUSTA COMMUNITY UNITED y METODIST CURC Rev. Edward F. Otto, pastor Phone ,, Morning Worship: 10:00 a.m. Church School Classes 11:15 a.m. Jr. and Sr. i Y.F. 6:00 p.m. Cherub and Youth Choir Wednesday, 3:00 p.m. Chancel Choir, Thursday, 7:30 p.m. W.S.C.S, Noon meetings every 3rd Wednesday. W.X.Y.Z. Noon meeting every 1st Wednesday, Council on Ministries every 3rd Monday at 7:30. Administrative Board, 4th Monday of every 3rd month. ST. MARY'S CURC Rev Fr Aloysius. Miller. Pastor Fr Martin Miller Assistant Pastor > ' Sunday Masses 6, 8 and 10 a.m. Weekdays During school year 7:00. 7:45 and 11:15 a.m. Saturdays 8:4S a.m. and 7:30 a.m. oly Days 5:30, 7:30, 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. ' ' Evening Mass Friday, 8100 p.m. Lansing KIMBERLY CURC OF. CRIST 1007 Kimberly Driye Lansing, Michigan John alls' II a.m. Morning Worship 10 a.m. Bible Study 6 p.m. Evening Worship Midweek service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

24 September 13, 1972 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 9B '72 fall hqrvest: Clinton farmers must 'wait and see' By LEE PETERS News Staff Writer ST JONS - Clinton County farmers say they'll "wait and see" before any predications are made on success or failure of '72 fall crops. With harvest time coming, they have 1 new friend on their side even if Mother Nature isn't. Bill Lasher, 29, has joined veteran F Earl aas as agricultural agent for the cooperative extension service. LASER'S BEEN on the job since Aug 15 even though the Michigan State University Board of Trustees must give approval before it's official. e is getting acquainted with Clinton area farmers and surveying the crop situation. "Crop potential this year is much better than last year at this time," he feels, "but a predication as to the outcome can't be made yet." -A 1966 MSU graduate Lasher has learned from experience that "when it's safely in the 'bin that's when you can evaluate." Before graduation education, his college in agricultural the Lapeer County native was a Peace Corps ' volunteer in Guatemala in Central America. Most recently, he was vocational agriculture teacher at Owosso for 5 years and 1 at Millington. A MAJOR PROBLEM down on the farm is too much rain. It made corn and beans grow but along with them came a bumper crop of weeds. Lasher states what fields need now is good "warm growing weather." Crops are not ripening on schedule making them immature for this time of year, he adds, But bad weather isn't the only element farmers are up against. Southern Corn Leaf Blight has struck at various areas The Ovid-Duplain Library Club held its first meeting of the new club year on Friday, Sept 8 at the Shepardsville United Methodist Church with a potluck luncheon at 12:30 pm. ostesses for the day were Mrs John Bracey and her committee. There were 25 members present. The Collect and Pledge of Allegiance were repeated in unison. The president, Mrs Charles Palen Jr gave as the aims of the Women's Clubs of the country were three; to show reverence, accept responsibility, and to show respect for our country. Mrs Glen Parks, program chairman for the day, introduced Rev Brian Sheen v pastor of the Pilgrim United Methodist Church, who gave a very interesting talk on his travels in South Africa. e was born in England, his parents moving to South Africa when he was just a small child. e was educated in the United States. is topic was "This Africa of Ours." There are 18 million people in South NOW... for FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT SERVICE...We ave 2 OISTS TRY OUR QUICK SERVICE AND QUALITY PRODUCTS WEN YOU AVE YOUR OIL CANGED Depend On Us For Quality o Zephyr Veodol Wo I (head Shell o Penn/oil Kendall a Quaker State Texaco MONROE SOCK ABSORBERS izep/iyr FRAM OIL FILTERS AND AIR CLEANER FILTERS COMPLETE MUFFLER & TAILPIPE SERVICE We Install FREE Any Muffler- Tailpipe Combination Purchased From Us {Deliver Your BEANS COMPLETE LINE OF AUTOMOTIVE ADDITIVES MOORE OIL CO. 909 E. State St. Johm Phone St. Johns Co-op in Clinton County. Warm, wet humid weather has been an ideal growing condition for the fungus elminthosproium maydis to thrive. Blight can have many detrimental affects. It attacks and kills leaves with the crop maturing too early. It can enter the ear stalk and attack the cob or damage kepa?ifmille By LUCILLE SPENCER, Correspondent Africa. e showed several pictures of Johannasburg, which is a very modern city. The buses are electric powered, there is no activity whatever during the weekend. There are just two seasons, nine months of socalled summer and three months of cooler weather. Also included in his pictures were the Cango Caves. Included also were pictures of the native dancers, and of the animals in their native habitat, the Krueger Nation Forest. The impala is the national animal of South Africa. A friend of Rev Sheen's nicknamed it Chevrolet. There is no TV in South Africa but beads do tell a message. e showed a picture of a young man wearing a lot of beads around his neck and one around his head. The message conveyed was that he had been working in the mines for six months and was now looking for a wife. e also spoke of how the missionaries are changing the lives of the people in the remote sections of South Africa. n T *r«*ot < ". Clinton Paying Top *Xl^ St. Johns Market Price or Limited Storage is Available Save Money On Your Feeding Program We will be booking feed soon for REAL SAVINGS Call the Co-op See the St. Johns Co-op for all your Farm Supply Needs ST. JONS CO-OP "Your partners for Profit" N. Clinton Ph grain at the ear tip. A serious result can be lodging because of stalk rots. FARMERS SOULD check their, fields for southern corn leaf blight. It usually attacks the lower leaves first. Lesions range from minute specks to spots 1/2 inch wide and 1-1/2 in- Rev Sheen was presented a gift from the club. During the business meeting that followed, the president announced that the club has cards, stationery and napkins for sale. Mrs Glen Parks gave a brief review of the program for the year, Mrs Charles Miller and Mrs Clarence Mead are to be on the Good Cheer Committee for the year. The October meeting will be at the home of Mrs Charles Walker and members were asked not to bring any dessert. All were asked to save a few pennies to pay for their dessert which will be served at the end of a short mystery trip. North Bengal By Mrs. William Ernst On Sunday evening Sept 3 Mr and Mrs William S Ernst and son, Ron and Maxine Ernst were among the guests entertained at the home of Mr and Mrs Roy VanLiew of rural Lansing. Music formed the evening's entertainment. Lasher points to the Northern corn rootworm adult. Feed Mill; 204 W. Railroad Ph Jose Ries, 23, former Elsie resident and a 1967 graduate of Ovid-Elsie igh School, was killed in a traffic collision Labor Day that claimed the lives of three others in the same car when it collided with a truck near Saginaw. Joint services for Ries and his cousin, Diany E Torros, 18, Lansing, a freshman at Saginaw Valley College, were held Thursday morning at the Church of the Resurrection in Lansing. Both crash victims will be buried at a cemetery in APPLY NOW We Train Men to Work As LIVESTOCK BUYERS If you have some livestock experience we will train you to buy cattle, sheep and hogs. For a local Interview, write today with your background. Include your complete address and phone number. CATTLE BUYERS, INC Madlton KanMt City, Mo ctfes long They are oblong parallel-sided and grayishtan to tan. Occasionally they may have a dark brown to purplish margin. "In most fields I have seen the lower two to three leaves are nearly completely blasted (entirely brown, dry and brittle with the leaf totally covered with lesions," Lasher reports. Lesions can be found on all leaves from*the root to tassle with the upper leaves having progressively fewer lesions the higher they are on the plant. Usually all leaves will show lesions with the topmost leaves having fewer in number and smaller with less damage evident. ANOTER AREA of concern in areas of Clinton's 60,000 acres of corn is northern corn rootworm. The rootworm adults are uniform yellow to green in coldr and are feeding on corn tassels. The ears will not fill adequately, explains Lasher,.and next year's corn crop can be damaged. e tells why. Lodging of corn will be caused by destruction of roots by corn rootworm lavae. Stalks tilt right from soil level and often curve up or goose-neck near their bases, reveals Lasher. Farmers should check their fields now to see if they have the adult northern corn rootworm and in what numbers, he advises. By doing so, steps can be taken^to prevent damage by applying insecticide at planting time. FIELD BEANS totaling 20,000 acres have wet problems because of recent rains. In addition to an immaturity for this time of Bill Lasher, new extention agricultural agent in Clinton County looks over a crop of field beans. Not only are they immature for this state of the growing season, but many are being overcome by weeds and have drowned out in several areas. Lasher says heavy August rains are the cause. year," Lasher points out, "many spots have been completely drowned out. With much more wet weather we'll be harvesting them in the mud." The county's 25,000 acres of soybeans look good right now," says Lasher, who replaced George McQueen. With no early fall frosts, Lasher is optimistic soybeans along with corn and field beans will be harvested successfully. The pests are feeding on the corn tassel causing the ear to fill improperly. MRS. NEVA KEYS Ph Elsie Perez, Puerto Rico, Saturday (Sept 9). Ries is survived by his mother, Mrs Rosa Torres, 3212 Melody Land, Lansing, who was a former teacher in the Knight Elementary School, Elsie and his brother, Gilberto and a grandmother, Mrs Felipa Torres of Adjuntas, Pureto Rico. Rios graduated in 1971 from the James Madison College of Michigan State University and was ad: missions counselor at Saginaw Valley College. Simplicity is good for cutting grass They're good in the garden, too Why don't you turn one of them loose, And see what it will do. They come in various sizes Large-Medium and Small The regular jobs around your place Will last no time at all! G & L SALES CLIFFLOESC, OWNER US-27 at DILL R0AD-DEWITT "WERE SERVICE IS A.ABIT" Phone I Corn ead M.F. 82 S.P. Combine Spike Cyl. J.D. 95 S.P. Diesel, 16' Platform W/434 N Corn ead M.F. 180 Diesel I M.F. 202W/Loader 504 Int. COMBINES TRACTORS BEAN EQUIPMENT MORE COMBINE FOR YOUR DOLLAR J.D J.D. 95 S.P. Combine I..C 80 Bean Special Combine M.F.410W/4-row Corn ead M.. 30 Gas Oliver 1650 D W/Cab 2 -J.D. Model B Farmall M J.D. and Innes Bean Pullers 4 " R o w Maurer Puller 4 & 6 Rows 500 Bean Wirrdrower 4 Row I.. Puller Nl 12 Roll usking Bed MISCELLANEOUS Kools Blower I No. 5 Green Chopper 1 Row Gehl Chopper 223 J.D. Beet arvester N.. Blower Kewannee 12'6" Disk J.D. 507 Rotary Cutter J.D. 3-14"Mtd. Plow J.D. 46 Loader J.D. 5-14" Trailer Plow J.D. 38 Forage arvester. J.D. 4-16" Trailer Plow -Triple K Field Cult. J.D. 4-16" 145 Plow 14' Kewannee disk Nl 8 Roll usking Bed 3 Used Elevator 1 Used I 2000 Loader Myd. Bucket A Couple sets of 15 x 38 duals SPREADERS N516 CaseP.T.O. J.D. 33 Oliver P.T.O. N.I. 208 MF205 SEVERAL GOOD USED DRAGS Carson City Farm Service S JON DEERE SALES AND SERVICE, CARSON CITY PQNE The closest you'll get to guaranteed wheat profit. Guaranteed profits are rare in farming To survive and profit, it takes good management and top yields. That's why it makes sense to plant the best wheat seed you can buy.. Michigan Certified Seed. National Drill-Box Surveys show that Certified Seed increases net profit up to S2.87 per acre. Invest in "Super Seed" while supplies last. See your Michigan Certified Seed dealer now. ST. JONS COOPERATIVE CO. St. Johns - Call WESTPALIA MILLING CO. Westphalia - Call GOWER'S ELEVATOR Eureka - Call

25 10B & 4- CATTER ^ ^ - By JON AYLSWORT - Ninety-one 4- members, discussed with leaders on fair livestock buyers and this program later but any their spouses enjoyed a steak youth interested in participating in the program supper Wednesday evening at Smith all at the annual should contact the Extension Fair Livestock Sale Buyers Office so we know how many Appreciation dinner. TheM- youth might be involved with youth served as hosts and this new program. became better acquainted Additional results from the with the different fair sale State 4- Dairy Show August purchasers, at Michigan State Total dollars of the Fair University not listed last Livestock Sale showed week include Clinton County $14, received from the dairy members winning sale amounted to the highest second place in County erd. in the six years of operation. The class consists of three A breakdown shows 27 head different animals owned by of steers averaging 1056 three different 4- mempounds, or a total of 28,503!>ers. In Junior Dairy pounds of beef, sold for Showmanship, Karen Green $13, The price paid for of Brush and alter 4- Club the Champion Steer by placed 2nd and Amy Striz of Production Credit and Scattered Southeast placed Federal Land Bank was 72 6th. In the intermediate class cents which was a record of ' Dairy Showmanship, high for our sale. The Jeanne Striz of Scattered Reserve Champion Steer Southeast placed 4th. In the sold for a record high of 52 Senior Division Dairy cents by the St Johns Showmanship Charles Green Cooperative. Without 'the of Brush and alter placed Champion and Reserve 1st and Susan Striz of Champion steers the steers Scattered Southeast placed average,1044 pounds at 47 6th. During the mock dairy cents per pound. sale held on August 22 The eight head of sheep Clinton County tied for 3rd amounted to 805 pounds for a place. total of $ The A letter was received this Champion Lamb purchased week from Bernard eisner, by Michigan Livestock Extension Field Dairyman, Exchange sold for a record congratulating the Clinton high of 90 cents per pound. County 4- dairy members The 8 head of market pigs on the fine showing Clinton weighed 1547 pounds and County had in dairy judging sold ior $ The teams and mock sale event. Champion Market pig The State 4- Dairy Show purchased by the Clinton exhibitors will be holding a National Bank and Trust get-together and.steak Company brought a record supper on Saturday, Sept 23, high of 85 cents a pound. 7:00 pm at Parkers Park on Plans are being made for east Pratt Rd for exhibitors 1973 as the 4- members look and families. for purchasing of steers, Clinton County 4- horse j sheep and market hogs for club entries made an excellent showing at the State the next 4- Fair Livestock Show and Sale. In order to 4- orse Show Aug 24 at stimulate more interest in Michigan State University. market sheep and hogs by There 349 entries from 63 the 4- youth the St Johns Michigan counties participating; this year an Cooperative is offering to Olympic-style award system provide help in securing animals next spring and will ^finanqg-^he animal cost and jttteed cost til the Fair Sale in,iv 'August'. More details will be m was used with the winners receiving gold, silver and bronze medals for first, second and third place in each class. Marilee Gorman of Glackmore Riders received a gold medal for 1st place in Western Pleasure for members 16 years old with horses 5 years or older. Marilee was Grand Champion in Western Pleasure for members 16 years and older. She also won a silver medal for second place in Fitting and Showmanship in Western for members 16 years of age. Leslie imes of We ah Kay Asta received a silver medal for second place in Stock Seat Equitation,for members 17 years of age and horses 5 years or older and a bronze medal for 3rd place in Western Pleasure for members 17 years of age. Julie Chant of Spats and Spurs won a silver medal for second place in Working unter over fences for ponies between inches m height. The Teen Leaders voted to donate $300 toward purchase of additional bleachers for the Fairgrounds area. They hope other clubs will donate additional funds for other bleacher purchases needed at the Fair. The Teen Leaders also voted to have a hayride on Saturday, Oct 14 and wilt hold an election of officers at that time. Place and time of the hayride will be set up later. Twenty Teen Leaders plan to attend the Michigan State-Georgia Tech. football game at East Lansing on Saturday, Sept 23. The September glass collection project completed two years of recycling with approximately 375,000 pounds of glass recycled into new products. Four Teen Leaders plan to attend the Teen Leadership Workshop at Camp Kett on Oct 31-Nov 1. Sixty-five 4- members and leaders from Clinton County will be joining other 4-'ers from throughout Michigan at Detroit for 4- DYouth Day at Tigdr CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan Stadium for the baseball game on Saturday, Sept 30. The members will use the St Johns Community Bus for 1 transportation. ' Clinton County will have a meat judging team to participate in the State Contest. Members indicating an interest to date include: Brian Brook of Bath; Jay Miller, Ted Ashley and Jeff Eldridge of St Johns. Any other youth interested in participating, should contact the Extension Office as soon as possible. A practice session will be held on Saturday, Sept 16 at Farmer Peet at Chesaning and the State Contest will be Saturday, Sept 30 at MSU. The National Contest will be held on Oct 12 at Kansas City, Mo. The contest will consist of one class of beef carcasses, one class of pork carcasses, two classes of beef cuts, one class of pork cuts and identify 25 retail cuts of beef, pork, lamb and veal. The Boots and Buckels 4- horse club from Fowler will be holding a club dinner on Sunday, Sept 17 for members and their families. The Boots and Buckels members rode their horses in the Labor Day parade in Fowler. The club will hold a business meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month and will be selling Christmas cards'and all occasion cards as a money making project. The appy ustlers food members received thanks from their leaders for their New Jersey food exhibit at the summer food frolic. Patty Fox gave a talk on Palmistry that she gave in the State 4- Public Speaking Contest. Action Exhibits were given by Susan Aylsworth on Blender Salad; Kyla Bancroft on Cottage Cheese; and Kristine Aylsworth on ot Chocolate. Ann Slote, Carol Fox and Wendy Brochmyre told about their trip to Barry County. mi eadquarters For Purina (_ LUNC MENU Elementary TURSDAY, Sept 14 Sloppy Joes Indian Beans Tater Tots amburger Bun Margarine Milk Cookie FRIDAY, Sept 15 BBQ ot Dog French' Fries awaiian Fruit ot Dos Bun Margarine Milk. Candy Treat MONDAY, Sept 18 ' "John's Original Pizza* Tater Tots Mixed Vegetables Margarine Milk Cookie TUESDAY, Sept 19 Beef and Noodles Shamrock Corn Apples w/red ots Bread Margarine Milk Cookie WEDNESDAY, Sept 20 ot Dog Tater Tots Mixed Vegetables ot Dog Bun Margarine Milk Candy Treats igh School TURSDAY, Sept 14 ot Dog on Bun French Frys - Senior igh Potato Chips - Junior igh Lettuce Salad 1/2 pt. Milk Apple Crisp FRIDAY, Sept 15 Spanish Rice Corn Pear alf 1/2 pt. Milk Cinnamon Roll MONDAY, Sept 18 Beef Dumpling Noodle Casserole Waxed Beans SUcdd Tomato v *,* it- Whole Wheat Roll & Butter 1/2 pt. Milk White Cake TUESDAY, Sept 19 Salisbury Steak on Tomato Sauce ash Browns Cabbage Salad Roll & Butter 1/2 pt. Milk Cookie WEDNESDAY, Sept 20 Lasagna Corn Carrot & Celery Sticks Roll & Butter 1/2 pt. Milk Fruit Cake Seven Signs Cancer has seven warning signals: Change in bowel or bladder habits; a sore that does not heal; unusual bleeding or discharge; thickening or lump September 13, 1972 caquide' tocigareite cads. i read t/i<? small print! LISTEN TO LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY ACTION ST. JONS REDWINGS FOOTBALL EVERY FRIDAY - 7:50 P.M. ON WRBJ-FM 92.1 On Your FM Radio ALSO: "COACES CORNER" - FRIDAY, 4:30 P.M. "SCOREBOARD SOW" - Good Luck, FRIDAY, 10:45 P.M. Redwings! t Feeds & Animal ealth Products \m aannzad MOORE l^gfl/oil CO. Zephyr MAh 'JfcW. c your purchases to: 909 L. STATL ST. JONS Ph Distinctive PRINTING When Time Means Money We can save you both. We'll meeryour deadline and save you money. CALL US NOW I T EVERYTING FOR TE SOIL St. Johns Clinton County News VIRGIL ZEEB' Ashley From 4 days thru 2 months Food Purinn Calf Startonu. From 4 days thru 4 weeks Feed Purlnn Nursing Chow. PURINA DAIRY SPRAYS help you wive money by controlling flies. 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Modernization? t Test Drive A 72 Vega Today The excise tax isgone\...and prices were m; never lower " ^ Fowler Jim Edinger Chevrolet J PLUMBING AND EATING * RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL QUALITY WORK DUNKEL PLUMBING I EATING St. Johns No job is too large or too small for CAINS COMPLETE BODY SOP Any Make-Any Mode Bumplng-Palmlng-R conditioning the finest workmanship makes it look like new CAINS InC* Ponrtac 210igham St, Johns

26 September 13, 1972 iff* ii# *J Teammates sponsored by the Clinton National Bank in the Fowler Little League are kneeling, left, Ron Becker, Glen VanElls, Don Simon,' Jeff Thelen, Randy Koenigsknecht, Greg Armbrustmacher and Josephine Thelen, assistant coach D Standing from left are Roger Cook, assistant coach, Ron Armbrustmacher, Paul VanElls, Louis Simon, Tim Thelen, Stan Simon, Curt Thelen and Clem Thelen, coacho Absent is Tom Weber. They were victors in the 8-10 age group with a 9-3 record..,01 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St. Johns, Michigan 11B By: ELAINE CINCALA County Extension Office The youngsters are back to school and Fall activities are underway. The Cooperative Extension Service established to serve you is in gear too! We have a great program planned - and it's packed full with studies and events to help every homemaker make the best of what she has, to evaluate new ideas, products and situations, and to LEARN. "Cheese" is the first topic when women from Clinton, Gratiot and Shiawassee counties meet at 1:00 pm in Smith all, St Johns on September 20. Sponsored cooperatively by the Extension Service and erbruck's of St Johns, this is a program open to the public at no charge. Professor Alvin Rippen from the Food Science Department, Michigan State University is the featured speaker. e plans a lookand-taste program, bringing with him some eight different kinds of cheese. ave you ever eaten Chocolate Cheese? ere is your chance. And there will be other "specialities" as well as some of the better known ones. Mrs Bailey, representing erbruck's will also have some "tasters" and she will discuss some of the things you should know t about imported Cheese, ' aging processes and so on. If you are not sure of the difference between Colby and Cheddar, and how to best use them, now is the time to learn. A variety of cheeses and cheese books will go to several especially lucky women attending the The home economist program, while everyone will go home with a collection of recipes. At Tea-time, you will enjoy at least six taste-treats featuring Cheese and a delicious dairy-punch. These refreshments are being furnished by Extension women from the three county area. Don't Miss It! You'll learn and enjoy yourselves. If you would like to know about all of the other programs we're planning for the year, call or write: Cooperative Extension Office, 1003 S Oakland St, St- Johns We will put you on our mailing list. It's FREE. You'll get all the news firsthand. Be in the KNOW! - Call or Write Today. Local girl at state wins show EAST LANSING -- Marilee K Gorman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel L Gorman, 6401 erbison Road, DeWitt, was a dual winner at the 1972 State 4- orse Show, Aug 24, at Michigan State University. Miss Gorman, a sophomore at DeWitt igh School, took champion honors in Section Three - stock seat equitation and pleasure classes. She was one of some 400 riders competing in this year's state show. Each had to qualify first at the county level. Section Three is open to stock horses shown under western equipment. ere's a 'cool' horse barn ST JONS - Want an inexpensive horse barn, build a pole-type structure and keep it cool, dry and draft-free. "A horse shelter does not have to be heated, says William Lasher, Extension Agricultural Agent. The cold horse barn is the least expensive and the easiest to maintain. Because the facility is cold, the horses will develop a thick winter coat, and you won't have to worry" about taking the animal in and out of cold weather. LASER RECOMMENDS a pole-type structure. It is inexpensive and easy to build. Set treated poles into the ground, use a minimum of framing, put up trusses to support the roof and cover with either steel or aluminum siding. Detailed plans are available through the Clinton County Cooperative Extension office. orse stalls should be lined with treated planks to height of about four feet. Above this, steel mesh can be used so the owner can examine his horse from outside the stall. To assure^ daily exercise tie stalls can be used. If you can not exercise the animal daily, says Lasher, you should build a box stall at least 10x10 feet; 12x12 feet is even better. Foaling stalls should be 12x14 feet or larger. Ceilings should be at least eight feet high. A heated tack room will keep the rider warm in winter. A small electric heater in an insulated tack room provides adequate heat at'low cost. An electric infrared heater mounted above the work alley can provide some warmth for those working with the horses. YOU CAN build a warm, heated structure for a horse, but these are expensive warns Lasher. With these, you should maintain a temperature of about 50 degrees during the cold season and provide ventilation fans to remove moisture produced by the horses. To conserve heat and eliminate condensation on walls and ceilings the entire warmed facility must be insulated. When you start putting a dollar value on heat, ventilation and insulation, the construction costs start getting out of line. "Remember that horses like to chew on soft wood. Either keep this wood out of reach of the horse or use treated wood that will keep them from chewing on it" adds Lasher. Walk-A-Thon Murton, assistant coordinator; Mrs Bonnie Sheen and Mrs Larry Irrer, guides for the Pathfinders; Ed Lamb, Trailblazer gruide; Mrs John Jaquish, Pocahantas guide; Jim Pierson and Lynn Warner, Indian Chiefs guides; Darella Marten, Karen Murton and Vanessa Jaquish, Silver Moon guides; Ed Skurkis and Mark Williams guides for the unters, and Debbie Jaquish (Continued from page IB) GAS and Karen George guides for the Papooses. Funds earned by the young people in the Walk-A-Thon will be used to finance the program and will include a missionary project. A FUELforALL SEASONS NO MATTER WAT YOUR NEEDS LP GAS WILL DO TE JOB! Prompt Delivery WITE'S GAS 6560 S. Begole Rd. PER RIOT ON 1/2N-2W -1/2N From Pompeii PONE POMPEII Today's Lesson Is. Leading the Fowler K of C Little League team to an 8-0 record were kneeling left, Don Thelen, coach, Jim Theis, Cris Fink, Mike Simon, Dennis Feldpausch, Steve alfman and Dan Braun 0 Standing from left are Dave alfman, Tom Klein, Dale Koenigsknecht, Mike Schafer, Curt Weber, Don Schrauben and Rick Fink 0 They were champs in the age category. poooeooooooeooooseooooeeo CAN YOU ANSWER \ TESE QUESTIONS? Is it necessary to have recreational vehicle insurance? Are pickup campers really safe? Where can I find new or used camping vehicles and equipment? Where can I getuood recipes to use when camping? Where are the newest campgrounds in Michigan? What company is coming out with a new line of recreational vehicles? SUBSCRIBE TO -a-way NOW AND YOU CAN! SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: 1- YEAR SUBSCRIPTION $2.00 Just fill out and mail in this coupon, along with your check or money order.) Name, Street. City : State (please print) 2ip Code. Mail To: Traits-a-Way, Circulation Office 109 N. Lafayette St., Greenville, Michigan MOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOt Private public open lands for hunting Over 2,000 farms in Michigan with over 100,000 acres are open for 1972 public hunting. Arthur Rowley, Chairman of the Michigan State Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) Committee, announces that, again, farm lands throughout Michigan will provide areas without charge for public hunting. Rowley further states that the majority of these farms is in the lower one-third of the State in the best pheasant and rabbit areas. Any hunters wishing a list of these farms may contact their local county ASCS office or the Michigan State ASCS Office and obtain a list which shows the location by town, range and section. The only requirements for the hunting privilege is that each person will be provided a self-addressed post card questionnaire by the land owner so that the US Department of Agriculture may have an appraisal of the recreational value. A hunters should contact the land owner and respect any rules and regulations he might have pertaining to his particular farm. ihru the Clas* Ads Stash Dough Away <.- Regularly... Watch Savings Rise There's a lot to be learned here, and it's easy as ABC. Stash some cash away regularly (like every payday) and build up a nest egg for a dream trip, home, car... the easy retirement life. It doesn't take know-how to make your money grow. Just deposit money into savings accounts and certificates -it will earn the highest interest rates permissible by law. Get the recipe from us. Daily Interest Passbook Savings *<4 INSURED *. SSJ ** * * ' ' " * < * *. *"*** ** V\ ome Office: 112 E. Allegan. Lansing J* V ik Lf ip 1 >.\f* % *< 7 ' w* 1NCOW0AWD 1890 UNSING. MICIGAN MEMBtft; FEOERAt OME L0A SANK SYSTEM CAPITOL SAVINGS & LOAN 222 N. CLINTON AVENUE ST. JONS Lansing Ok«mos Grand ledge i Sf. Johns Mason Williamston Pontiac Lathrup Village i.«&*** "-

27 12B CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, St., Johns,, Michigan September 13, 1972 Lighthouses warn sailors and attract sightseers Michigan waters and 3,000, miles of freshwater shoreline, longest in the world, are watched over by '75 lighthouses. They warn sailors of danger with their lights wiie attracting tourists with Iheir beauty. Fifty lighthouses are on Shore or close enough offshore to be seen by the motorist. Thirty of these are in ihe Lower Peninsula. Some lighthouses can be approached only by winding, dirt roads and sometimes the surrounding area is restricted. Some have been decommissioned and are now owned by the state or private individuals, Some still in service can be visited. Others are not open lo the public. A Few are museums. ut all can be viewed, at least Irom a distance, and photographed. Eighteen of the 29 lighthouses still manned on I he entire Great Lakes are in Michigan. The rest are automated, and probably the limo is not far off when all stations will be automatically controlled. Of the 280 lighthouses still manned in the US. 10 per cent are on the Great Lakes with six per cent in Michigan waters. Each lighthouse is unique, with its own signal pattern recognized instantly by mariners. The first lighthouse in Michigan was Fort Gratiot, just north of Port uron's Blue Water Bridge. The present lower, of brick, was built in The lower is 86 feet high and displays a Flashing green light visible for 17 miles. Located about two miles off Ihe top of the Thumb, where Lake uron and Saginaw Bay converge, is Port Austin Reef Lighthouse which warns of a dangerous reef. It may be seen on clear days. There a'lso is an abandoned lighthouse at the northwest corner of Big Charity Island, about 12 miles off Caseville, also visible on good days. Just north of Alpena is the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, dating Irom Privatelyowned, it is now a museum and open lo the public. A tew miles north is a more recent Presque Isle Lighthouse, still in use. Built in 1871, its circular, metal staircase lo the lop may be climbed by visitors who obtain permission Irom Coast Guard personnel in Ihe attached house. The old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, built in 1892, lost nut when Ihe Mackinac Bridge was completed. Tiie lighthouse was decommissioned in 1957 and lurned over to the state. It is now a museum, part of the Fort Michilimackjnac complex., Two miles west is the McGulpin Point Lighthouse, predecessor lo the Mackinac Point Lighthouse, privately" owned. On the western shoreline is the Mission Pointe Lighthouse, about 15 miles north of Traverse City. Now a public park, it is situated on the 45th parallel, equidistant between the equator and Ihe north pole. Among Michigan's tallest lighthouses are Big and Little Sable, south of the Lake Michigan town of Pentwater. Oddly, Little Sable is the taller and also claims the distinction of being the last kerosenepowered light on Ihe Great Lakes, being electrified in Big Sable was commissioned in 1867, seven years before its nearby companion. Point Betsie Light, north of Frankfort on M-22, was built in 1858, and shipwrecks visible in the waters nearby testify to its need. It is a favorite subject with artists and photographers. You'll need a boat to see ihree of Michigan's most spectacular lighthouses. They are Stannard Rock, lying 23 miles southeast of Manitou Island in Lake Superior, farther from shore than any other American lighthouse; Spectacle Reef Lighthouse, 10 1/2 miles from Bois Blanc Island in Lake uron, the best specimen of monolithic stone masonry in Ihe US; and Rock of Ages Light, about three miles off the west end of Isle Royale in Lake Superior, the most powerful on the entire Great Lakes. Lighthouses in Ihe Upper Pcninusla include Mackinac Island Light; Point Iroquois Light at Bay Mills; Marquette Light; Big Bay Point Light, a short distance northwest of Marquette; Menominee Pierhead Light; and Manistique Light. The immediate Detroit area lias two lighthouses, both on Belle Isle. The Belle Isle Light, at the southeastern lip of Ihe island, was the only Belle Isle Light for navigation between 1882 and 1930 when ihe Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse was built on reclaimed land lacing Lake St Clair. The only marhle lighthouse in the country, it also is the only one dedicated 10 an individual. It honors William Livingstone, for nearly a quarter of a century president of the Lake Carriers Association. This generation is turning to the higher things the higher cost of living in particular. QUALITY PRE-OWNED CARS The differences in Bee's Pre-owned car Bee's Pre-owned cars are not purchased at Auctions Bee's DO NOT change the Speedometer Bee's Pre-owned cars ARE Thoroughly Tested and Conditioned Complete Financing Available BEE'S WARRANTY DOES ALL TIS, You get 100% repair or replacement cost coverage on engine, transmission, rear axle, brake and electrical system for 30 days or 2,000 miles. And 15% discbunt on parts and labor for a full 24 months Oldsmobile Toronado 2-door hardtop, V-8, automatic, full power, air conditioning and vinyl lop Olds Cutlass 2-door ardtop, V- 8 automatic, power steering, radio, air conditioning and vinyl lop Vega atchback GT, 4-cylinder, 4-speed and radio Vega station wagon, four-speed transmission, radio Buick Skylark 4-door hardtop, 8- cylinder. automatic, power steering, power brakes, radio Olds Delta Custom 88 4-door sedan, 8-cylinder automatic, power steering, power brakes, radio, vtnyl top. Pre-owned Cars 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2-door sedan. V-8 automatic, radio., USED CARS Petvamo Orchestra students 74 by MRS. IRENE FOX attend Blue Lake ph Mr /and Mrs Charles Briggs of Royal Oak spent the past weekend with Ruth Swindt. Mrs Stanley Long and daughter, Nancy of Merritt were her overnight guests Monday, Mr and Mrs James Frey ( of Roseville were midweek visitors returning "home Thursday. Mrs Briggs, Mrs Long and Mrs Fry are nieces of Miss Swindt. Spending the weekend with her parents, Mr and Mrs Myron Schafer were Mr and Mrs Thomas ouse of Kalamazoo. Mr and Mrs Myron Schafer were visitors of Mrs erman Radamacher at an East Lansing Convalescing ome Monday. Mrs Imogene Mack of Midland spent the weekend" with Mrs Barbara Steinke. Mrs Mildred Bauer of Lansing called at the home of Mrs Anna Cook Tuesday afternoon, Aug 29. Mrs Faye Williams of Birch Run was a visitor at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs Phil Waigle during the past week. Mrs Carl By water of Portland was a caller at the home of Mrs Frances Alton Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Rose Pfaff attended the Pfaff family reunion, which was held in Flint Sunday, Aug 27. Mrs Oscar Cook spent from Thursday through 1972 Oldsmobile»8 4-door hardtop,!) cylinder automatic w/power steering and brakes. Radio, air conditioning Pontiac Calalina 4-door ardlop, V-8, automatic, power steering and brakes, radio Ford Mustang, 6-cylinder standard transmission, radio Chevrolet Caprice 4-door ardtop, V-8 automatic, power steering and brakes, radio, air conditioning and vinyl top Ford LTD 4-door hardtop, V-8 automatic. Power steering and brakes, AM-FM., vinyl top Chevrolet Impala custom coupe. V-8 automatic, power steering and brakes. Radio and vinyl top. 19f!6 Pontiac Bonneville 4-door hardtop, V-8 automatic, power steering and brakes, radio and vinyl lop Chevelle 4-door sedan, 6-cylinder, standard transmission Plymouth Fury II 4-door sedan. V-8 automatic Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup, custom cab, B-cy tinder, standard transmission, radio 1969 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup. V-8, standard, transmission, radio. TRUCKS 1967 Chevrolet El Camino deluxe V-8 automatic. Power steering, radio and air conditioning Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup, 8- cylinder, standard transmission, radio. I9fi5 Dodge one-ton stake truck. 6 cylinder w/4-speed trans. Monday with her daughter,* Mr and Mrs Donald oy at Kalamazoo. Mr and Mrs Joseph J Fox attended the funeral of his brother-in-law, Paul Buck, 78. e died Monday afternoon at a Flint hospital. Services were at the Mt Vernon Chapel in Flint. e is survived by his wife, Mary. Interment was in Detroit. Funeral services were at 2 pm at the Chapel. Mrs Charles Cook has returned home from a ten day tour in the New England States with her son, Dr Phil Cook and family. Gail and Michael Cotter left Thursday August 28 for Mt Pleasant where they will attend college. Mr and Mrs James Cotter Sr spent several days at Alma visiting her sister, Mrs Al Radamacher. Mr and Mrs Oscar Cook spent three days at the Donald Cook cottage at oughton Lake. St Joseph Parish paper drive will be the weekend of Oct 20. Mrs Frank Smith will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Sept 11. She has been ill Rosa May Leonard and Scott Younglove were among nearly 2,000 young musicians who attended Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp this past summer. Now in its seventh year, the camp - offers programs, for junior and senior high school students. A full music program is offered at the camp including classroom subjects such as music appreciation and music theory. On each Sunday during the camp season, students perform in concerts and a full schedule of faculty-staff recitals are held throughout the week. In addition to their musical study, students take courses in other areas of the arts including drama, art, and dance. Both Rosa May and Scott play the violin and are members, of the St Johns igh School Orchestra. Rosa received a scholarship from Marshall Music Co in Lansing and Scott receiyed scholarship from the high school orchestra. The students attended camp for a four week period. Pheasant brood up 20 per cent LANSING - Southern Michigan pheasant hunters this fall should score their highest harvest since 1966, if they can take advantage of the birds' upswing in numbers from last season. This summer's pheasant brood survey by some 600 rural mail carriers indicates that the birds' over-all recently and confined to population has climbed 20 Clinton Memorial ospital at pef cent since last season St Johns. A card shower when hunters took an would help cheer her up. Labor Day visitors at the home of Mrs Vera Cook were Mr and Mrs Leon Thelen and family of rural St Johns. Mr and Mrs Francis eckman and family attended the 10th wedding anniversary celebration of Mr and Mrs Tom ufnagel at their home on Sept 3. A potluck lunch was served and a group gift was presented to the couple. The second birthday of Jeanne ufnagel was also celebrated by the 43 people in attendance. Phil Pline, son of Mr and Mrs Leon Pline broke his wrist while riding his bicycle. e was treated and a cast was applied. Mr and Mrs erbert Schafer of Grand Ledge and his sister, Mrs William Beirgans (Edna) of Lansing were callers at the home of Mrs Irene Fox Labor Day afternoon. William G Bryner has had surgery on his leg, that was broken in seven places from above the heel to the knee. More surgery will follow. is pelvis bone was broken in three places. e has been removed from intensive care and is improving slowly at St Lawrence ospital in Lansing. e is the son of Mr and Mrs George Bryner and a nephew of Mrs Laurine Schafer. First fall meeting of the Blue Star Mothers will be Sept 27. Mrs Agnes Bushong will be the hostess, cohostesses Regina Kramer and Mrs James Cotter Sr. The following were recent visitors of Mrs Kenneth Corey at Butterworth ospital in Grand Rapids. Mrs Ida Bushong, Mrs Ann Fahey, Mrs Virginia Werner, Mr and Mrs Winthrop Bushong, - Mrs Corey had been seriously ill for several months and spent weeks in intensive care. Mrs Clara Caston plans to attend the open house of her sister, Mr and Mrs Owen Smith of Lyons. Mr and Mrs Owen Smith will be married 50 years Sept 5. They will be honored at an open house celebrating their golden wedding anniversary Sept 17 from 2 to 4 pm at the Lyons Methodist Church. Mr and Mrs Owen Smith have been residents of Lyons and Ionia County their entire lives. East Victor By Mrs Ray Ketchum Mr and Mrs Jesse Perkins, Mr and Mrs Frank O'Dell, Mr and Mrs erbert Bishop and Gary and Mrs Aaron Bishop and daughter attended a birthday dinner Sunday at the home of Robert Bartz at Pinckney in honor of his mother Mrs Alfred Bartz of Lansing. Mr and Mrs Orval White spent Sunday with their granddaughter and husband Mr and Mrs Michael Dickson who are buildin a new house near Westphalia, Mr and Mrs Vince Rumler, Leon and arold Claucherty of Jackson were recent guests of Mr and Mrs oward Dennis and Mr and Mrs Wilfred Esch of St Johns and Mrs Carrie Patterson of Wacousta were supper guests at the Dennis home last Tuesday. Mr and Mrs Ray Scott accompanied their son, Mr and Mrs-Eugene Scott to Paradise, Mich where -they spent from Wednesday until Sunday at the latter's cabin. estimated 423,000 ringnecks in Lower Michigan. The latest brood counts, recorded by mail carriers while they traveled some 400,000 miles along their regular delivery routes, point to improvements in pheasant numbers in all major areas of the birds* primary southern range. Final returns from the 1972 brood survey show that the birds made their biggest gains, averaging about 30 per cent higher than last year, in Branch, Van Buren, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun counties of southwestern Michigan. More good news for "hunters this fall comes from mail carriers in Ottawa County, the state's top area for pheasant production, where the birds were seen coming through the summer in relatively high numbers measuring up to last year's levels. Elsewhere in western Michigan, Allegan County holds a better supply of pheasants than a year ago. In the southeastern part of Ihe state, this fall's promising outlook reflects some solid increases among Slay slugs with beer ST JONS - Excess rain has brought a slew of damaging slugs to many tomato, petunia, corn and bean plants this summer, pheasants in illsdale County, and another good crop of birds comparable t last year in Lenawee County. This summer's mail carrier counts are also generally encouraging for the south-central part of Michigan's farm-belt, where improved pheasant.hunting prospects stand out in Ingham, Eaton, an Shiawassee counties. Southern Michigan's Thumb Area, the state's prime pheasant country in the 1940s and early '50s, showed a slight improvement from last year in brood sightings. owever, its production of birds still remains well below the leve" of other areas which mak'e up Michigan's major pheasant range. The bulk of the Thumb Area's pheasants are making their home in St Clair County, judging from latest brood survey returns. This fall's pheasant hunting possibilities remain relatively slim in the fringe area of the birds' range which covers Gladwin, Isabella, Mecosta, Midland, and Newago counties. New special provisions for migrants EAST LANSING - So and daughters of migrant workers are now eligible to acquire Michigan residency for enrollment purposes at Michigan State University thus reducing tuition costs this fall. Under the plan the residency test is met if the parent or legal guardian of a minor student or a student who has reached his majority has been employed as a migrant worker in Michigan for a minimum of two months each year for three of the past five years. Residency is also says F Earl aas, County established if they Extension Director. But the soft-bodied pest, which resembles a snail without its shell, can be eliminated in minutes for the price of a bottle of beer, aas says. have worked for three months each year of any two of the past five years prior to the date of proposed enrollment. incaid Melvin McRoberts of SINK SMALL saucers or Lansing visited Mr and Mrs tinfoil pans about 3 to 4 in- Porter Parks and Kris, ches in diameter into the Monday evening, ground so that the pan edge Sunday, Mr and Mrs is even with the soil surface. arold oerner were dinner alf-fill each container with guests of Mr and Mrs Donald beer, and let stand. In a short Potts and Mike. In the afwhile, slugs will be attracted ternoon arold oerner and by the sugar content of the Donald Potts went flying, beer, thjen killed by its Monday, arvey oerner alcohol. and his father arold For best results, place the oerner went flying, pans in-the evening. Edwin Wirth visited One four-inch pie tin will arold oerner, Monday, drdw slugs from about five Mr and Mrs arold square feet of garden area, oerner attended the^ the agent says. chicken bar-b-q, for supper The pest, which eats holes Monday, in plant leaves and fruit, can Mr and Mrs Clare arbe detected by its trail, a denburg of Lansing visited shiny film from a slime it Mr and Mrs arold oerner, secretes as it moves. Tuesday evening. Slugs live best in moisture. Saturday, Mr and Mrs To control them, water well Charles Fisher visited their once a week, then allow the son Mr and Mrs Charles soil to dry to about 1/4 inch Fisher. deep. If drying the soil Mr and Mrs Robert Witt of doesn't prevent slug St Johns visited Mr and Mrs damage, use the beer Charles Fisher and Kevin, treatment. ' Monday. Where Prices Are Discounted, No! Quality




31 u WTPA/WG/i Economy Market WEM SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEN-FULL SLICES TYSOM'S GRADE A-SMALL ROUND WOLE r WEM WEM WEM 3? prices effective Titmtsm s&r./6 bvexesefye QUANTA SWIFTS PREMIUM WITE &DARK MEAT SWIFTS EMPIRE WEM RUMP? ROAST SMOK-Y LINKS ROAST «**-*«- -^^ ' 4TO7LB eg? 9- * ALL WITE MEAT *RG PKG. ** * *CSf»" SWIFT'S PREMIUM PROTEM BONELESS MANATTAN STEAKS, ESSEX STEAKS WEM WEM SWIFT'S PREMIUM CANNED AMS S LB. CAM ^98 I, 8 LB. CAM For dependably tender beef steaks rely on ProTen Beef. Pause at our meat cases and view the wide selection of broilable ProTen Beef Steaks of all sizes. For tender, meaty dinner steaks, try-proten Beef Essex Broil i Steaks today. * fvuycooko) FARMERPEET'S REPEETERSLICED BACON I LB. PKG. ECKRIC ALL-MEAT FUN FRANKS I LB. PKGr. QQ # WIT clipiisftve CAS VALUt SAVE 40^ wcte s O ONE PK&.SWinS PREMIUM ICORNEP BEEF BRISKET FOR OVEN ROASTING-.-nam. LlMirl-PEtCODPOKIimmiy WEM <toopwuw.sepri6 WEM SLICED BACON \ InBf SWIFT'S PREMIUM BROWN % SERVE wr. PK&. 2 LB. SWIFT'S PREMIUMorUty Maple BACON I LB. PK& PK6. SWIFT'S PREMIUM FRANKS I20Z. PK&. r M COOKED, BREADED OCEAN DX PERC VOTMI^^Pj&^VE " SAVE 10^ "5MB? CAS VALUE With f»«krt» OM ONE 18 OZ. PKG. $T6O0WCRi SIZZLE STEAKS UMtr hp& COUPON P&tFAMty, U0D PRODUCT 4BCD j u f I»>W i:,:)r- '


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Regular Council Meeting Tuesday, January 15, Main St. - City Hall Frankfort, Michigan (231)

Regular Council Meeting Tuesday, January 15, Main St. - City Hall Frankfort, Michigan (231) Regular Council Meeting Tuesday, 412 Main St. - City Hall Frankfort, Michigan 49635 (231) 352-7117 Meeting was called to order by Mayor Johnson at 7:00 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance Roll Call - Present: Condon,

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Cabrini High Dads Club CALENDAR

Cabrini High Dads Club CALENDAR Opportunities for Service & Fun In addition to regular monthly meetings held at 6:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, the Dads Club welcomes all dads, step-dads, grandfathers, and uncles to assist

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THE DELTA MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVAL 46 th ANNIVERSARY EDITION VOL. 3 MARCH- APRIL 2013 NO. 2 THE DELTA MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVAL 46 th ANNIVERSARY EDITION Delta was the first Maple Syrup Festival in the area. During the event planning stages for Canada s Centennial, a

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National Assisted Living Week Activities. Special Events: ANNUAL NATIONAL ASSISTED LIVING WEEK September 10-16, 2017

National Assisted Living Week Activities. Special Events: ANNUAL NATIONAL ASSISTED LIVING WEEK September 10-16, 2017 Special Events: Stage 09/01 Labor Day 09/04 Lunch Outing 09/05 Resident Council 09/07 Annual National Assisted Living Week 09/10-9/16 Resident Birthday Party 09/12 Blood Pressure Clinic/ Guest Speaker

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Cleveland Temple Community Center Program Schedule September 2014 August 2015

Cleveland Temple Community Center Program Schedule September 2014 August 2015 Cleveland Temple Community Center Program Schedule September 2014 August 2015 Sunday: 9:15 a.m. Prayer Meeting Chapel / Altar 9:30 a.m. - Sunday School Opening - Chapel 9:40 a.m. - 10:35 a.m. - Sunday

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CHICAGO TRIP ITINERARY CHICAGO TRIP ITINERARY Directors Mr. Hillock, Mr. White, Miss Arnold, Mr. Gartner Chaperones Misty Craig, Tammy Davis, Ann Eisenmenger, Gene Ann Kerr, Ellie Powell, Phillip Powell, Leanne Smith, Paula

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Youth Packing Party Sunday, Nov. 8 Donate items to fill boxes and the youth group will get them packed!

Youth Packing Party Sunday, Nov. 8 Donate items to fill boxes and the youth group will get them packed! he Messenger november 2015 Vol. 57 No. 11 National Collection Week November 16-23 Goal for FBC Oxford: 750 shoeboxes Youth Packing Party Sunday, Nov. 8 Donate items to fill boxes and the youth group will

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Page 1 NEPEUSKUN NEWS Town of Nepeuskun Winnebago County, Wisconsin NEPEUSKUN NEWS Volume 17, Issue 1

Page 1 NEPEUSKUN NEWS Town of Nepeuskun Winnebago County, Wisconsin NEPEUSKUN NEWS Volume 17, Issue 1 NEPEUSKUN NEWS Page 1 Page 1 NEPEUSKUN NEWS Town of Nepeuskun Winnebago County, Wisconsin NEPEUSKUN NEWS Volume 17, Issue 1 Contact Information: Ronald Bahn, Chairman 2039 Rabbit Trail, Ripon (920) 361-3296

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CRESCENTA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR BULLETIN CLASS OF 2017 CRESCENTA VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR BULLETIN CLASS OF 2017 You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. A.A. Milne Seniors: With the approach of graduation there

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September 2018 NEWSLETTER

September 2018 NEWSLETTER FRANKENMUTH AMERICAN LEGION POST 150 September 2018 P.O. Box 171 990 Flint Street Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734-0171 Website: September 2018 NEWSLETTER Friday- Sunday 7 th -9th Saturday 8

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The SOI Motorhome Club 38 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2018 January 2, 2019

The SOI Motorhome Club 38 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2018 January 2, 2019 The SOI Motorhome Club 38 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2018 January 2, 2019 Welcome SOI Members FMCA Chapters Roadtrek Friday, December 28, 2018 10:00

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St. Pius X / St. Leo School

St. Pius X / St. Leo School Having trouble viewing this email? Click here St. Pius X / St. Leo School Newsletter December 2, 2016 EPS BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN "For a child is born to us, a son is given to us..." Isaiah 9:5 What better

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TO: Participants in Candlelight and Commencement, June 2018

TO: Participants in Candlelight and Commencement, June 2018 TO: Participants in Candlelight and Commencement, June 2018 FROM: Dean Michael Halperin, Commencement Chair DATE: October 31, 2017 1. Commencement The Spring 2018 Commencement will be on campus, weather

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South Range Local Schools K-12 Newsletter

South Range Local Schools K-12 Newsletter South Range Local Schools K-12 Newsletter November 2017 Inside this issue: Elementary School 2 Middle School 4 High School 6 K-12 7. The Community Centerpiece Building on Excellence School Visitations

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CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES Grant, Croton, Newaygo & White Cloud Events being updated as of November 18, 2014 Contact Colleen Lynema 231.652.3068 or to add your event SATURDAY,

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NEW BAND MEMBER MEETING. Wednesday May 23, pm


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Acting Mayor Dan Manick called the meeting to order at 6 PM.

Acting Mayor Dan Manick called the meeting to order at 6 PM. PRESENT: ABSENT: MINUTES REGULAR MEETING COOK CITY COUNCIL APRIL 24, 2008 CITY HALL 6 PM Acting Mayor Dan Manick, Councilors David Danz, Karen Hollanitsch and Elizabeth Storm Mayor Edblom OTHERS PRESENT:

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MOSS Newsletter. January 2018

MOSS Newsletter. January 2018 January 2018 A Note From Mrs. Szmed Dear MOSS Families, On Friday, January 26 th, all families will be receiving a Re-registration packet for the 2018-2019 School Year. I hope that I can count on you to

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FRIDAY FLYER. Blessed Trinity Catholic School. School Schedule Reminder:

FRIDAY FLYER. Blessed Trinity Catholic School. School Schedule Reminder: FRIDAY FLYER Blessed Trinity Catholic School February 16, 2018 Click here for our school calendar Click here for our lunch menus Follow us on Social Media: facebook/btschool @BTSocala School Schedule Reminder:

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Westmoore Band Booster Marching. Everything you did not know you needed to know about Westmoore Marching Band!

Westmoore Band Booster Marching. Everything you did not know you needed to know about Westmoore Marching Band! Westmoore Band Booster 101 - Marching Everything you did not know you needed to know about Westmoore Marching Band! As a parent of a 9th grader entering the Westmoore Band program there was a lot of information

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PHYLLIS WHEATLEY WATERS PAPERS, Collection # M 0589 PHYLLIS WHEATLEY WATERS PAPERS, 1910 1971 Collection Information Biographical Sketch Scope and Content Note Series Contents Cataloging Information Processed by Wilma L. Gibbs 18 March

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The SOI Motorhome Club

The SOI Motorhome Club The SOI Motorhome Club 37 7h Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2017 January 2, 2018 Welcome SOI Members FMCA Chapters New Friends Thursday, December 28, 2017

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AMES, IOWA November 15, 2014

AMES, IOWA November 15, 2014 AMES, IOWA November 15, 2014 The Ames Transit Agency Board of Trustees met on November 15, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. in the CyRide Conference room. President Murrell called the meeting to order at 8:07 a.m. with

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Business. Community. Vision.

Business. Community. Vision. Business. Community. Vision. Welcome to The Armory. A Transformational Redevelopment Project of the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce The Armory will be 100 years old in 2015

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Dupont Diebold Economic Development Area Plan

Dupont Diebold Economic Development Area Plan Dupont Diebold Economic Development Area Plan Allen County Redevelopment Commission November 28, 2017 Acknowledgements Allen County Board of Commissioners Allen County Redevelopment Commission Linda K.

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Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Ursuline Academy of Dallas Ursuline Academy of Dallas Graduation 2018 Sunday, May 27 6:00 p.m. OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL December 4, 2017 Dear Members of the Class of 2018, Parents, and Guardians: Graduation day, with all of its celebrations,

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The SOI Motorhome Club 35 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2015 January 2, 2016

The SOI Motorhome Club 35 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2015 January 2, 2016 The SOI Motorhome Club 35 th Annual * Rose Parade Rally* Santa Anita Park Arcadia, California December 28, 2015 January 2, 2016 Monday, December 28, 2015 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Welcome SOI Members FMCA

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COMMUNITY FOUNDERS AND LEADERS COMMUNITY FOUNDERS AND LEADERS 2 TABLE OF CONTENT About NECRA... 4 Organization NECRA Board NECRA Advisory Committee Meetings Funding Contact Information NECRA Staff Description of the NECRA District...

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Bangor High School Band Handbook

Bangor High School Band Handbook Bangor High School 2016-2017 Band Handbook Dear Bangor High School Band Students and Parents, Welcome back. It has been a hot and humid summer and now it is time to get back into the groove of another

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Adjutant Notes Regular Membership Meeting Milford POST 216. Commander Puente called the meeting to order at 19:00 Tuesday 17-March-2015.

Adjutant Notes Regular Membership Meeting Milford POST 216. Commander Puente called the meeting to order at 19:00 Tuesday 17-March-2015. Adjutant Notes Regular Membership Meeting Milford POST 216 Commander Puente called the meeting to order at 19:00 Tuesday 17-March-2015. Opening Ceremonies observed. ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Title Name Present

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NICE 2013 National Institute on Cooperative Education Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA July 27-31, 2013

NICE 2013 National Institute on Cooperative Education Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA July 27-31, 2013 NICE 2013 National Institute on Cooperative Education Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA July 27-31, 2013 DRAFT Conference Program (subject to minor revisions) ** Saturday and Wednesday Airport Shuttle Service

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Worked in Assembly at Charlie Battery

Worked in Assembly at Charlie Battery Worked in Assembly at Charlie Battery An Exemplary Life And Military Career Command Sergeant Major Zeb Stuart Scales 1928-2005 Military Record of Zeb Stuart Scales Ft Jackson, South Carolina Korea (promoted

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Manager Lori Dittrich Service Coordinator Sabrina Theis Maintenance Rick Dyel/ Relief Rich Walstra

Manager Lori Dittrich Service Coordinator Sabrina Theis Maintenance Rick Dyel/ Relief Rich Walstra Manager Lori Dittrich 942-9440 Service Coordinator Sabrina Theis 942-4707 Maintenance Rick Dyel/ Relief Rich Walstra Thank you to the residents who came to the tenant manager meeting. As you know, we will

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TOWN OF STERLING 108 Fourth Ave. - Suite #2 STERLING, ILLINOIS Phone (815) Fax (815)

TOWN OF STERLING 108 Fourth Ave. - Suite #2 STERLING, ILLINOIS Phone (815) Fax (815) THEODORE HARTS Supervisor DANA STUTZKE Highway Commissioner FRANCES LEAL Town Clerk MARCY LAWRENCE Assessor TOWN OF STERLING 108 Fourth Ave. - Suite #2 STERLING, ILLINOIS 61081 Phone (815) 625-3990 Fax

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Bishop Timothy J. Clarke Senior Pastor First Church of God 3480 Refugee Road Columbus, OH

Bishop Timothy J. Clarke Senior Pastor First Church of God 3480 Refugee Road Columbus, OH Bishop Timothy J. Clarke Senior Pastor First Church of God 3480 Refugee Road Columbus, OH 43232 January 2014 A Special Note From the Women's Ministry. UPCOMING EVENTS JANUARY Join us

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DeLand Naval Air Station Museum, DeLand, Florida DNAS HISTORY ON DISPLAY 11/14/15 OPEN HOUSE


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Executive Board Meeting Legion Baseball League November 2, :05 p.m. Meeting called to order. No additions to agenda. Committee Business

Executive Board Meeting Legion Baseball League November 2, :05 p.m. Meeting called to order. No additions to agenda. Committee Business Executive Board Meeting Legion Baseball League November 2, 2016 7:05 p.m. Meeting called to order No additions to agenda Committee Business Mark Johnson made a motion for Jim Ullman to move to Executive

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BENET ACADEMY WEBSITE CALENDAR (as of August 22, 2014) BENET ACADEMY WEBSITE CALENDAR 2014-2015 (as of August 22, 2014) Wednesday, August 6 Thursday, August 7 Friday, August 8 Monday, August 11 Tuesday, August 12 Wednesday, August 13 Thursday, August 14 Friday,

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5 September Visit our website at:

5 September Visit our website at: 315 th Airlift Wing Alumni Association 31 315 th Airlift Wing Excellence over the Years Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina 5 September 2018 Visit our website at: 2018

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United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church Go Welcome, Equip, Serve, Transform United Methodist Church Index: Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Worship Service Sunday Worship Volunteers Prayer List This Week s Schedule Announcements

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Sister Cecilia Marie Brown, OP

Sister Cecilia Marie Brown, OP Sister Cecilia Marie Brown, OP 1923-2019 Some words to describe Sister Cecilia might be: prayerful, strong faith and commitment, people oriented, high energy, determination, love of people and life, live

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Volunteer Breakfast. May Guest Speaker. Special Events:

Volunteer Breakfast. May Guest Speaker. Special Events: Special Events: Manor Anniversary 5/3/17 Resident Birthday Party 5/9/17 Mother s Day 5/10/17 Mother s Day 5/14/17 Volunteer Breakfast 2017 Protestant Services 5/16/17 Lunch Outing 5/18/17 Blood Pressure

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Huron Valley AMVETS Post 2006 P.O. Box 48 Highland, Michigan Minutes of the General Membership Meeting on JANUARY 23,2018

Huron Valley AMVETS Post 2006 P.O. Box 48 Highland, Michigan Minutes of the General Membership Meeting on JANUARY 23,2018 Minutes of the General Membership Meeting on JANUARY 23,2018 Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Joe Salvia, Commander Opening ceremonies were conducted: () Colors in Place () Colors Posted () Opening

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The Lion s Roar. Health Van at Edmonds CC. Edmonds Lions Club. Chartered October 2016 Editor: Carolyn Meyer Edmonds, Washington

The Lion s Roar. Health Van at Edmonds CC. Edmonds Lions Club. Chartered October 2016 Editor: Carolyn Meyer Edmonds, Washington The Lion s Roar Edmonds Lions Club Chartered 1947 October 2016 Editor: Carolyn Meyer Edmonds, Washington Volunteers Needed for Continuing Food Bank Raffle Fundraiser Health Van at Edmonds CC See pages

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Extra Benefits Current Student-Athletes. February 2012 San Jose State Compliance

Extra Benefits Current Student-Athletes. February 2012 San Jose State Compliance Extra Benefits Current Student-Athletes February 2012 San Jose State Compliance Extra Benefits NCAA legislation prohibits a studentathlete, prospect or prospect coach from receiving any extra benefit.

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Serenity. Because there s no place like home. For independent, care-free living

Serenity. Because there s no place like home. For independent, care-free living Because there s no place like home 01202 727 150 Foreword By General Manager 24 Ltd and 24 Response Ltd were born from unfortunate personal experiences. In 2006 my Uncle Neil was 48 and had been diagnosed

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Campus Connection. Family. one big CARDINAL. SAVE THE DATE! Family Weekend 2012 See page 6. From Our Nest to Yours. this issue.

Campus Connection. Family. one big CARDINAL. SAVE THE DATE! Family Weekend 2012 See page 6. From Our Nest to Yours. this issue. ISSUE 06 Fall 2012 Campus Connection From Our Nest to Yours Dates to Remember September October Homecoming Weekend Friday, September 21 Sunday, September 23 Fall Break Saturday, October 6 Wednesday, October

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Named Endowed Scholarship Funds

Named Endowed Scholarship Funds Named Endowed Scholarship Funds Bradford Abbott Memorial Scholarship Fund Established by the Abbott Family and by friends of Brad Abbott in his memory. Brad was a teacher at Trinity-Pawling from 1970-1985.

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Upper St. Clair High School

Upper St. Clair High School Upper St. Clair High School INSTRUCTIONS FOR SENIOR YEAR-END ACTIVITIES 2017 This is to inform you of the Senior year-end activities sponsored and authorized by the high school and the responsibilities

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CLASS of 2018 COMMENCEMENT INFORMATION CLASS of 2018 COMMENCEMENT INFORMATION COMMENCEMENT INFORMATION - Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at D.A.R. Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. - Address to D.A.R.: 1776 D. Street, N.W.; Washington,

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Next Meeting: 26 July at 7:00 PM. June Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting: 26 July at 7:00 PM. June Meeting Minutes 38 Main Street PO Box 761 Brookline, NH 03033-0761 July 2018 Newsletter Kilduff-Wirtanen American Legion Post 74, Brookline, NH meets the 4 th Thursday of the month* at 38 Main Street Brookline. Meetings

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D C. Van Dellen Newsletter. Calendar Highlights

D C. Van Dellen Newsletter. Calendar Highlights Calendar Highlights 9 12 13 14 15 20 21-23 3 10 D C January 25, 2012 November 7, 2012 November December PARENT ASSOCIATION MEETING @ 8:00 Pizza Lunch 6-8 Leaf Raking DCHS Town Hall Meeting - 6:30 p.m.

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A complete calendar of events and more are on the web at

A complete calendar of events and more are on the web at WILLIAMS COLLEGE OFFICE OF THE COLLEGE MARSHAL Dear Graduating Senior, May 24, 2011 Greetings! We look forward to helping you celebrate your graduation with your friends and family. Please read this message

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Attention: SCS PartiesImportant Information. about dates! Save the Date SCS Tennis Fun Day! Wednesday, March 15th

Attention: SCS PartiesImportant Information. about dates! Save the Date SCS Tennis Fun Day! Wednesday, March 15th Feb. 15th Feb. 16th Feb. 17th Feb. 18th GATOR GAZETTE IMPORTANT DATES Daily Mass - 3rd Grade (9:00am) Daily Mass - 4th Grade (9:00am) Daily Mass - Middle School (9:00am) Pre K & K Prayer Service (10:00am)

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Class of 2017 MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Class of 2017 MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS Congratulations to the Liberty High School class of 2017! Before you know it, you will walk across the stage at Patriot Stadium, crossing the threshold into your future.

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Rural Electric Cooperative. Youth Tour. Montgomery Youth Tour March 6-8, 2018 Washington, D.C. Youth Tour June 8-14, Picture yourself here!

Rural Electric Cooperative. Youth Tour. Montgomery Youth Tour March 6-8, 2018 Washington, D.C. Youth Tour June 8-14, Picture yourself here! Rural Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Montgomery Youth Tour March 6-8, 2018 Washington, D.C. Youth Tour June 8-14, 2018 Picture yourself here! ...Sending youngsters to the national capital where they can

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Band Handbook

Band Handbook Bangor High School 2014-2015 Band Handbook Dear Bangor High School Band Students and Parents, I am very excited to be starting out the 2014-2015 school year. It is going to be a great year to be a Bangor

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Convention Edition. Corduroy Connections MN State FFA Convention: Fuel Your Fire. Minnesota FFA Alumni Association Spring 2014

Convention Edition. Corduroy Connections MN State FFA Convention: Fuel Your Fire. Minnesota FFA Alumni Association Spring 2014 Minnesota FFA Alumni Association Spring 2014 Minnesota FFA Alumni Officers President: Judy Barka President Elect: Harmon Wilts Secretary: Chicky Otte

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The Tiger Family Enjoys Christmas on the Hill

The Tiger Family Enjoys Christmas on the Hill ETBU's Fall 2018 Commencement ceremony was held on Saturday, December 8 in Baker Chapel of the Ornelas Spiritual Life Center. ETBU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Thomas Sanders, assisted

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Senior Activities Spring 2018

Senior Activities Spring 2018 Senior Activities Spring 2018 APRIL 13 & 14 15 Spring Musical GRE 18 Delivery of Caps, Gowns & Graduation Announcements Hilliard Davidson High School 21 PROM - The Great Gatsby Crowne Plaza Dublin (600

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UNDERSTANDING COMMENCEMENT UNDERSTANDING COMMENCEMENT An Overview of Brown Commencement & Reunion Weekend 250 TH COMMENCEMENT SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2018 Helpful Hints Reserve your hotel rooms as early as possible. Check the Brown Commencement

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Crusader Communicator

Crusader Communicator Crusader Communicator January 10, 2019 Sheboygan Lutheran High School weekly newsletter For more information visit Upcoming Calendar Events January 10 Thursday 5:50 & 7:15 p.m. -

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April 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2011 Mt. Pleasant

April 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2011 Mt. Pleasant Welcome To DISTRICT 11 C 1 & 11 E 1 2011 CONVENTION District 11 C 1 Governor Fran Osborne District 11 E1 Governor Laura Johnson International Director James Cavallaro April 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2011 Mt. Pleasant

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QCC e-news. QCC Celebrates New Satellite Locations Receptions at Burncoat and Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School

QCC e-news. QCC Celebrates New Satellite Locations Receptions at Burncoat and Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School December 2011 QCC e-news The Campus Newsletter of Quinsigamond Community College QCC Celebrates New Satellite Locations Receptions at Burncoat and Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School QCC celebrated

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2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & LEADERSHIP MEETING REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS 2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & LEADERSHIP MEETING REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Introduction This is a request for proposal (RFP) for cities interested in hosting the 2017 Sister Cities International Annual Conference.

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BAND WEEKLY August 17 th, 2016

BAND WEEKLY August 17 th, 2016 Hamilton Marching Band and Color Guard BAND WEEKLY August 17 th, 2016 To Hamilton Band Parents, We have just completed our summer marching band camp and I want to take a moment to share a few reflections

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Weekly Warrior News Buckeye Loop Road, N.E., Winter Haven, FL (863) or

Weekly Warrior News Buckeye Loop Road, N.E., Winter Haven, FL (863) or April 21, 2016 Weekly Warrior News 1700 Buckeye Loop Road, N.E., Winter Haven, FL 33881 (863) 294-4135 or 299-8871 Please make note of the following correction made to the 2016-17 calendar:

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Town of Whitby Senior Services Committee of Council

Town of Whitby Senior Services Committee of Council Town of Whitby Senior Services Committee of Council Friday, October 14, 2016 WSAC Board Room Minutes Present: George Spall, Suzanne Allen, Ann Marshall, Bonnie Spall, Shirley Barnes, Carol James, Rob Smith,

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What s Happening in Lakeway

What s Happening in Lakeway What s Happening in Lakeway 7 a.m.-7 p.m. any official Travis County polling location Voters will elect two Lakeway City Council seats both of which will expire May 2020. Glenda Foreman Engert, Betty Haley,

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**DEADLINE: May 15**

**DEADLINE: May 15** INSTRUCTIONS FOR Department Addendum AND National Consolidated Post Report Please return the White and Yellow copy of the National CPR AND the White copy of the Addendum CPR in the return envelope labeled

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Sardis Secondary Grad Handbook

Sardis Secondary Grad Handbook Sardis Secondary Grad Handbook 2017-2018 Table of Contents Message to Parents... page 3 Sponsor Teachers... page 3 Provincial Exams and Graduation Status... page 3 Graduation Requirements... page 4 & 5

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Marina Seniors End of Year Information Packet

Marina Seniors End of Year Information Packet Marina Seniors - 2018 End of Year Information Packet Wednesday March 21 Senior Day Seniors meet in the Gym at 8:30 a.m. for the mandatory senior assembly. Fun Senior Activities, plus Administration will

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Forwarding Address Requested

Forwarding Address Requested Richmond Moose Lodge #2575 68230 Grand Trunk Richmond, MI 48062 U. S. Postage Paid Nonprofit Organization Richmond, MI Permit No. 8 Zip Code 48062 Forwarding Address Requested Instituted Oct. 21, 2000

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Notice of Commissioner Meetings & Agenda for the Week of May 15, 2017

Notice of Commissioner Meetings & Agenda for the Week of May 15, 2017 Board of County Commissioners C. Richard Weaver, President Dennis E. Frazier, Vice President Stephen A. Wantz, Secretary J. Douglas Howard Richard S. Rothschild Carroll County Government 225 North Center

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Feels Like Coming Home. Mississippi Forestry Association 78th Annual Meeting October 20-22, 2015 The Mill Conference Center Starkville, MS

Feels Like Coming Home. Mississippi Forestry Association 78th Annual Meeting October 20-22, 2015 The Mill Conference Center Starkville, MS Feels Like Coming Home Mississippi Forestry Association 78th Annual Meeting October 20-22, 2015 The Mill Conference Center Starkville, MS MFA 2015 Annual Meeting Registration Form We accept registrations

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Gary Beilman and Dan Card are working

Gary Beilman and Dan Card are working WAYNE COUNTY September/October 2007 Issue MAKING TRACKS Half Century Dinner Gary Beilman and Dan Card are working hard as cochairmen of the seventh annual Half Century Member Recognition Dinner. The Chamber

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Vista High School Graduation Information

Vista High School Graduation Information Vista High School Graduation Information 2017-2018 Finals Schedule for Seniors only: Thursday, May 31 Periods TBD Friday, June 1 Periods TBD Monday, June 4 Periods TBD Graduation is an event that VHS seniors

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The Husky Herald. In This Issue WELCOME TO THE SPRING 2012 SEMESTER! February 6, 2012 PLEASE INFORM YOUR

The Husky Herald. In This Issue WELCOME TO THE SPRING 2012 SEMESTER! February 6, 2012 PLEASE INFORM YOUR The Husky Herald In This Issue PLEASE INFORM YOUR STUDENTS OF UPCOMING STUDENT EVENTS. WELCOME TO THE SPRING 2012 SEMESTER! February 6, 2012 ELAC Sports Brief... 2 Faculty News... 2 California Music Festival

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KNIGHT S.H.I.F.T. SCHOOLS HELPING IN FAMILY TRANSITION KNIGHT S.H.I.F.T. SCHOOLS HELPING IN FAMILY TRANSITION Introduction Mrs. Meisten Principal Mrs. Woody 6th Administrator Mrs. Sinkler 6th Counselor What do we believe? Why is the transition to middle school

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Sign up for the following community programs, On Line, In Person or Mail In. A pdf of the Fall Community Brochure is available on the web site.

Sign up for the following community programs, On Line, In Person or Mail In. A pdf of the Fall Community Brochure is available on the web site. Recreation Notes: September 29, 2016 TOWN OF MARSHFIELD RECREATION DEPARTMENT at COAST GUARD HILL 900 FERRY STREET MARSHFIELD, MA 02050 NED BANGS, M.ED. CPRP, DIRECTOR (781) 834-5543 e-mail:

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October 18-21, 2018 Queen Amanda Elaine Hiles.

October 18-21, 2018 Queen Amanda Elaine Hiles. October 18-21, 2018 Queen Amanda Elaine Hiles 2018 Since its beginning in 1933, the has represented the spirit that brings Tyler together as a community. Rich in heritage and tradition, the Festival offers

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Newsletter. June/July Volunteer Service Hours. Mark Your Calendar!

Newsletter. June/July Volunteer Service Hours. Mark Your Calendar! Cooperative Extension Service Wayne County 255 Rolling Hills Blvd. Monticello, KY 42633 (606)348-8453 Fax: (606)348-8460 Newsletter June/July 2015 Volunteer Service Hours Volunteer service

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Facility Usage and Scheduling Policy

Facility Usage and Scheduling Policy Saint Patrick Church 152 East Pomfret Street Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013 717-243-4411 Fax: 258-9281 All facilities of Saint Patrick Catholic Parish exist to aid in fulfilling Saint Patrick s Mission Statement.

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Yale Secondary Grad Handbook 2017

Yale Secondary Grad Handbook 2017 Yale Secondary Grad Handbook 2017 Take Care of Yourself Take Care of Each Other Take Care of This Place Grad Council The grad council is made up of several members who will be responsible for the following:

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Proposal prepared for. APA Colorado. September 27-20, 2017

Proposal prepared for. APA Colorado. September 27-20, 2017 Estes Park Events Complex Estes Park Conference Center P.O. Box 1200 Estes Park, CO 80517 Proposal prepared for APA Colorado September 27-20, 2017 Estes Park Conference Center Contact: Karen Lynch Sales

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CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING MINUTES AUGUST 7, 2018 CITY HALL - COUNCIL CHAMBER CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING MINUTES AUGUST 7, 2018 CITY HALL - COUNCIL CHAMBER CALL TO ORDER Mayor Daniel Balice called the regular meeting of the City Council to order at 7:00 PM and led with the Pledge

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Volume 15 Issue 08 VFW Post 7356 February 2, 2017 FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER. Page 1

Volume 15 Issue 08 VFW Post 7356 February 2, 2017 FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER. Page 1 FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER Page 1 Commander s Corner February greets us with a new paradigm. As a country, our forces are now guided by Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who is injecting both military expertise

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City of Columbia Parks & Recreation Department Sponsors Back-to-School Pool Party

City of Columbia Parks & Recreation Department Sponsors Back-to-School Pool Party August 11-18, 2014 SCE&G To Perform Tree Trimming Activities Eau Claire Development Corporation to Hold Ribbon Cutting for New Homes City of Columbia s 2014 Back-to-School Bash City of Columbia Parks &

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STAND-UP Upcoming Schedule of Events for March 13th - March 31st 2012

STAND-UP Upcoming Schedule of Events for March 13th - March 31st 2012 STAND-UP Upcoming Schedule of Events for March 13th - March 31st 2012 Good Day STAND-UP Friends and Family! We want you to be aware of the upcoming events for the month of March! So please read the events

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ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP SPRING 2018 NEWSLETTER ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP SPRING 2018 NEWSLETTER FROM THE SUPERVISOR CONTACT US St. Clair Township 1539 S. Bartlett Road St. Clair, MI 48079 (810)329-9042 (810)329-1198 fax Township Officials

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Pre-Submitted District Reports

Pre-Submitted District Reports Pre-Submitted District Reports Fall D.E.C. Meeting Sons of the American Legion Detachment of New York November 10, 2017 District 2 Commander Michael P. Rodriguez July 29, 2017 Kings County Sons of the

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Charles Bannister, Chairman Lorraine Green, District 1 Albert Nasuti, District 2 Michael Beaudreau, District 3 Kevin Kenerly, District 4

Charles Bannister, Chairman Lorraine Green, District 1 Albert Nasuti, District 2 Michael Beaudreau, District 3 Kevin Kenerly, District 4 READING AND ADOPTION: BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS GWINNETT COUNTY LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA RESOLUTION At the regular meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, held in the Justice and Administration

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We welcome you to. 221 East Main Street; Chillicothe, OH Phone: ; Fax

We welcome you to. 221 East Main Street; Chillicothe, OH Phone: ; Fax We welcome you to 221 East Main Street; Chillicothe, OH 45601 Phone: 740-774-2224; Fax 740-772-6623 The Lord s Day February 19, 2017 Published by Tabernacle Baptist Church Vol. 51,

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Dinner With The Pastor - October 29 A great way to meet Pastor Hogg, our other ministers, and their spouses.

Dinner With The Pastor - October 29 A great way to meet Pastor Hogg, our other ministers, and their spouses. October 8, 2017 Thank you for joining us today! We re glad you ve made time in your already busy schedule to worship the Lord Jesus Christ at First Baptist Church. We hope you gain a greater understanding

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FREE ISSUE. Teacher Appreciation Week May 2- May 6. Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2, 2016 ***********************************************

FREE ISSUE. Teacher Appreciation Week May 2- May 6. Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2, 2016 *********************************************** FREE ISSUE Volume 2 Issue 5 May 2, 2016 *********************************************** An aura of excitement reigned at the Lead Hill Elementary School last Thursday, April 28 th. The library emptied

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