10/3/57 Education Administration and Supervision National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Subject File,

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1 Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, or search for the record series number. 10/3/57 Education Administration and Supervision National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Subject File, Box 1: Academic Freedom, Agribusiness Accountability Project, Agricultural Coordination, Agricultural Education, General, Carnegie Study, NRC, 1962 Agricultural Policies, Land Grant Schools Hard Tomatoes - Hard Times, 1972 Agricultural Production Expansion, 1973 Aid to Education, Private and Industry, Aid for Tuition Costs, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1962 Alliance for Progress, 1962 American Farm Bureau Federation, 1954, 1976 American Food for Peace Council, 1961 Amicus Brief - Roemer vs. Board of Public Works (AAC), 1975 Army Research Office, Association Future, 1976 Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities (ALGCU) Executive Committee Minutes Box 2: Reports of the Secretary & Treasurer Summaries of Executive Committee Actions

2 10/3/57 2 Associations Administrative Problems & Policies, 1965 ACT - Associations Seminar, Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 1960 Advisory Committee on Higher Education, 1968 Agency for International Development (2 folders), American Council on Education, Committee on Post-War Education, 1944 Conference, 1944 AID, Gardner Task Force, 1964 AID/USDA/ASULGC Joint Conference, 1964 American Society for Engineering Education, American University of Beirut Association of American University Professors, Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, Association of Urban Universities, 1961 Institute of International Education, International Association of Universities, 1953 National Academy of Education, 1953 NASULGC Task Force on Experiment Stations, 1968 National Research Council, Agricultural Research Institute, Southern Regional Education Board, Atomic Energy Commission, British Education, Brooklyn Institutional Council, 1972 Black Students and Graduate Professional Schools, Bailey, Liberty Hyde, Bonnen, James T., 1966 Budget and Appropriations, Box 3: Campus Disturbances Student Demonstrations, Special Meeting, University Presidents, June 15, 1970 Political Charges on Academic Responsibility for Violence, 1970 Campus Unrest, 1970 Carbone Study, Out of State Tuition, Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, Report, Carnegie Study, Census Advisory Committee, 1957, 1971 Centennial, Land-Grant Colleges, Correspondence

3 10/3/57 3 Box 4: Publications Citizen Seminars Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults, Center for Advanced Study in Organization Science, 1970 Center for Research & Development in Higher Education, Center for the Study of Higher Education, 1973 Central Intelligence Agency, 1967 Civil Rights, 1976 Civil Service Commission, College Level Entrance Examination Program, CCAS-Commission on Arts & Science Study of Liberal Arts, 1973 Commission on Arts in Post-secondary Education, Commission on Non-Traditional Study, Committee on Charging of Faculty Salaries to Federal Grants & Contracts, 1971 Committee on Institutional Cooperation, Commission for Sponsored Projects - ACE, 1968 Comprehensive Community College Bill, 1969 Committee on Adult Education, 1972 Compensation, 1955 Conflict of Interest, 1964 Congressional Interference in University Administration Wyman Amendment, 1968 Connecticut College Case (3 folders), General, 1972 Roth Brief, Roth Case, 1972 Constitutional Limitations on Guest Speakers at State Universities, 1970 Constructive Change, 1971 Controls - State, Copyright, Resolution, 1973 Cost Sharing, 1966 Cost Squeeze, 1971 Cost Studies in Higher Education, 1972 Critique of CEP & Carnegie Report, Deans of Education-Participation in Policy Process, 1974 DeFunis Case, 1973 Degree Granting by Federal Agencies, Democratic Party, Statement to the Platform Committee of the, 1972 (NASULGC/AASUC) (see also "P" political platforms) Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence School, 1974 Disadvantaged, Education for the, 1968 Discrimination in Employment, Discrimination vs. Women in Universities, Discrimination - FES, 1968 East West Exchange, 1958 Economics of Higher Education (2 folders),

4 10/3/ Education and World Affairs, Education, Office of, (HEW), Career Development with State Universities, 1970 Educational Opportunity Bank, Box 5: Education Professions Development Act, Educational Surveys, Educational TV, Institutions - Research & Extension Funds, 1971 Equal Opportunities Regulations, Equal Pay Act, 1973 Excess Property - GSA Rule, Extension General Urbana, Facilities Construction, 1968 Federal Academies, Government & Higher Education, State Regulations, 1967 Legislation - Foundations, 1969 Foreign Operations Administration (1955), Foreign Students, Forestry, Foundations Automobile Safety Foundation, Ford Foundation - ALGCU Survey, Foundations, House Special Committee to Investigate, 1953 General Electric Foundation, 1962 Humanities Foundation, Lilly Endowment, 1976 National 4-H Club Foundation, (2 folders), , National Science Foundation, Creation of, (3 folders), January-April, 1947; May- December, 1947; 1948 (2 folders), , Ralston Purina Company, The Rockefeller Foundation, 1968 Box 6: General Accounting Office re: Veterans Education Legislation, 1952 Governor's Review of Institutional Plans, (OMB Circular #A-95) Graduate Fellowships - USOE, 1966 "Hard Tomatoes, Hard Times", (2 folders) General, 1972; Rebuttals, 1972 Hatch Act, HEW - U.S. Office of Education (see also 'e'), Health Manpower Act of 1968

5 10/3/57 5 Development Program, 1970, 1976 Department of Health Education and Welfare, Higher Education Colloquium, 1975 Facilities Act - Administration, Hook address, 1969 Hoover Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, 1948 Housing and Community Development Act, Housing and Home Finance Agency (College Housing Advisory Committee), Housing and Urban Development, Dept. of, HSMHA Planning Project Extension Health Services, 1971 Humane Treatment, Impact of President's FY 1974 Budget Integration, Black Colleges, Box 7: Interior Department, 1975 International Agricultural Service Corps, 1967 Cooperation Administration, Development Institute, Exchange (Dept. of State), 1955 Programs Office - Task Force, Alliance, Rural Development Office #1, 1963 #2, 1963 L, 1954 Land Grant Colleges & Universities, Activities and Statistics (2 folders), Funds, 1973 Teaching Funds, Statistics, 1969 Funds, Statistics on Condition, November 1966 (1966 Funds Cut-Resident Instruction and Research, General Correspondence) Teaching Funds, Distribution, Colleges & Universities, Activities and Statistics (2 folders), Statistics (Ad Hoc w/usoe), 1956 (w/usoe), Institutions for Negroes, Learning Resources Institute, Legislative Relations,

6 10/3/57 6 Box 8: Legislation GI Special Committee: A. C. Willard, C. Dykstra, H. Wells, Malott, Mead-Lea Bill Committee (Wells, Bidgood, Stevenson, Prickett, Dawson, Wookrick), 1944 National Research Agencies Committee, 1941 National Science Foundation Legislation, Questionnaire: Extension of Social Security Act of Higher Education, 1941 Student Loan Program, 1942 Vocational Education Committee (Tigert, Jorgensen, Caldwell), War Surplus Commodities Committee (Bevis, Hunter), War Training and Post War Education Committee, Committee on Extension in Health, General, September, 1970 Industrial Extension Bill, ; Chairman's report National Institutes Grant Program, HR 35, testimony, National Science Foundation Funding, 1970 Public Laws, 87th Congress, th Congress, Box 9: Appropriation, O.E., FY 1972 Appropriations for Higher Education, 92nd Congress, 1st Session Aviation Facilities Expansion Act Bankhead - Jones, Action File, 1971 History, 1971 Budget Comparisons, Education Finance, Emergency Committee, 1970 General Legislation Correspondence, 1971 G.I. Bill (2 folders), Green, Rep. Edith, 1971 Formulas for Institutional Aid, 1971 Bill, HR 7248, Letters in Support of, 1971 Hathaway Amendment, 1970 Higher Education Act, (2 folders), 1972 Higher Education Issues, 1970 Higher Education Legislation, 92nd Congress, 1971 International Programs Legislation, 1971

7 10/3/57 7 Institutional Aid for Higher Education, 1971 Kennedy Amendment, 1971 Memos, General Re-legislation, 1970 National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities, Legislation, Pell Bill, 1972 Responses to Land Grant Teaching Funds, 1970 Revenue Sharing Cooperative Extension, 1971 Status Report on Federal Legislation, 1972 Student Assistance, 1970 Tax Credit, 1971 Uniformed Services Health Professions Act, 1972 Veto, Labor-HEW Appropriations, 1970 Wage-Price Freeze, 1971 Libraries Loan Insurance for Student Loans, 1960 McGovern Education Task Force, 1972 Manpower, Advisory Committee, 1962 UMST (2 folders), Medical Aid Legislation, Minnesota Liaison Committee on Higher Education, 1962 Morrill Act, Repeal, 1974 J. S., Myths about Land-grant Institutions, National Committee on Boys & Girls Clubs, 1952 National Academy of Science, National Advisory Council on Continuing Education, National Advisory Panel, 1973 National Agricultural Extension Center for Advanced Study, , Box 10: National Advisory Board, National Association of State Universities (NASU) Executive Committee Minutes, General File Accrediting Committee, Accrediting, National Committee, Admission Requirements at State Universities, Responses, 1958 Annual Meeting, Programs,

8 10/3/57 8 Box 11: Articles, Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities (ALGCU) Athletics, Resolution on, 1962 Business Offices, Joint Committee on, By-laws, 1956 Reorganization, Centennial, Constitutional Amendment, 1957 Correspondence Eddy, E. D., Executive Committee, Fees, Report on Charges by State Universities, 1940 Foreign Students, Report on Relations with, Honey Study, Federal Relations to Higher Education, 1972 Institutional Costs, State Universities, 1971 Land Grant History, LIFE Correspondence, 1960 Membership Committee, Lists, By seniority, Special Members, Merger, NASU-ALGCU, Military Affairs Committee, Morrill, Justin, Commemorative Stamp Proposal, 1973 National Science Foundation Committee, Negro College Project (OAPNC), 1975 President, President's Committee, Scientists and Engineers, Public-Private, Radio Broadcasting Committee, 1944 ROTC Committee, Re Campus Unrest, 1971 Secretary-Treasurer Reports, Secretary's Office, transfer, State systems, State Universities Association, 1952, Thackrey, Russell: Memorium, Tiggert, John J.,

9 10/3/57 9 Box 12: Urban Universities Conference, 1947 Veterans Affairs Committee, War Surplus Commodities, 1948 Institutional Files, A, C, F, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, T, U-V, W Pre-merger, University of Alabama University of Alaska Arizona State University University of Arizona University of Arkansas Auburn University University of California University of Colorado University of Connecticut Cornell University University of Delaware University of Florida Florida State University University of Georgia University of Hawaii University of Idaho University of Illinois Indiana University Iowa State University University of Iowa Kansas State University University of Kansas University of Kentucky Louisiana State University University of Maine University of Maryland University of Massachusetts Miami University (Ohio) Michigan State University University of Michigan University of Minnesota Mississippi State University University of Mississippi University of Missouri Montana State University University of Nebraska University of Nevada University of New Hampshire University of New Mexico State University of New York North Carolina State College

10 10/3/57 10 University of North Carolina University of North Dakota Ohio State University Ohio University Oklahoma State University University of Oklahoma University of Oregon Oregon State University Pennsylvania State University University of Puerto Rico University of Rhode Island Rutgers (NJ) University of South Carolina University of South Dakota University of Tennessee Texas A & M University University of Texas Utah State University University of Utah University of Vermont University of Virginia University of Washington Washington State University Wayne State University West Virginia University University of Wisconsin University of Wyoming National Commission of the Financing of Post-Secondary Education (2 folders), , 1974 National Council on Arts, National Arts Foundations, 1962 National Defense Education Act, Correspondence, Publications, 1958 Box 13: National Foundation for Higher Education, National Grange, National Institutes of Health, National Merit Scholarships Corporations, National Planning Association, National Project in Agricultural Communications I, II, III, National Reading Council, 1970 National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, 1961 National Science Foundation, National Science Board, 1953 National Teacher's Corps, 1965, 1970 Negro Education, Negroes, Opportunities for in Public Higher Education,

11 10/3/57 11 Newman Report, Newman Critique (R. I. Thackrey), ca Nixon-Task Force on Education, 1969 Office of Civil Defense (see also 'c'), Ombudsman, theses, 1969 Out of State Residency & Tuition, 1972 Patents, Pay As You Earn (PAYE), 1971 Peace Corps, Personnel Policies at Universities, Political Platforms (see also 'd'), 1968 Poverty Bill (disclaimer affidavit), 1964 President's Commission on Higher Education, 1947, 1953 President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity (see also Equal Opportunity Regulations) President's Council on Youth Opportunity, President's Science Advisory Committee, 1962 President's Task Force on International Education, 1965 Princeton Plan, 1970 Public Relations (Letters to the Editor), Box 14: Race Relations, Religion and the University, Retirement, Rivlin Report (Report on Education from the Secretary of HEW to the President), 1969 Role of Universities, ROTC, (2 folders) 1961 Box 15:

12 10/3/57 12 Box 16: Advisory Panel, Air Force, Army, Loyalty Certificate, 1956 Navy, News Clips, Selective Service I, II, Sex Discrimination, 1973 Sludge Conference (Municipal Sludge and Land Effluents Publication) Smith-Mundt Act - Educational Exchange Activities, Special Study of Higher Education Associations, 1971 Speeches (8 folders), , Box 17: State Coordination Boards, State Governments to University State Technical Services Act, 1965 Student Financial Aid, Study of American States I, 1965 (T. Sanford) II, Surplus Property, Task Force on Education, 1960 Taxes - Joint Enterprises of Universities, 1972 Tax Reform, Taxation,

13 10/3/57 13 Tuition and Charges (Public & Private), 1963, 1969, 1972 Box 18: The University as a Resource in the Solution, The Conference on: 1971 Urban Affairs, 1971 Urban Extension, 1964 Urban Grant Universities, 1968 USDA Centennial, 1961 Office of Experiment Stations, Extension Service, Foreign Agricultural Service, Graduate School, Research & Marketing Act, 1953, 1966 Soil Conservation Service, Office of the Secretary, Reorganization, 1953 Miscellaneous Agencies in..., U.S. Employment Service, Veterans Affairs, Vocational Agriculture, 1950, 1955, 1962 Vocational Education, Voice of America Series, General (Thackrey, financial), Babbidge, 1963 Bradfield, 1963 Eddy, 1963 Flemming, 1964 Gross, 1963 Hamilton (of Hawaii), 1963 Hannah, 1963 Harrington (Wisconsin), 1963 Hatcher, 1963 Hovde, 1963 Laves, 1963 McConnell, 1963 Morrill, 1963 U. of Illinois Press, Miodrag Muntyan, 1964 Nafziger, 1963 Odegard, 1963 Rogin, 1963 Sheats, 1963 Stratton, 1964 Wilson (Minnesota), 1963 Wescoe Report "The Federal Government & Higher Education" Women's Stake in Low Tuition, 1974 Box 19: Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) Summary Minutes, 1st--5th Mtg., October 19, February 14-15, 1977

14 10/3/57 14 BIFAD Agendas, Minutes, and Background Papers Mtg. #9-June 13, September 12, October 11, November 21, December 20, January 26, February 27, March 23, May 25, June 22, July 19, September 28, October 26, November 20, January 19, February 22, March 29, April 26, June 5, July 26, September 27, October 25, December 21, February 14, March 27, May 22, June 26, September 25, October 23, December 5, June 24, September 23, October 28, December 2, 1982 Topical Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), Includes correspondence & documents relating to the founding of BIFAD, its subordinate units JRC and JCAD, and BIFAD's developing relations with AID. AID-Financed University Contracts, 1979 Jerry Knoll Paper, N.Y., November 1979 Title XII Famine Prevention and Freedom from Hunger Report to Congress, 1982, 1983 Annual Reports (2 folders), 1977, 1979 Recommendations for Apportionment of Funds, FY 1984 Baseline Studies, January, February, April, September 1978 Bread for the World/ 50%, Budget Recommendations, October 1978 Congressional Information Program, October 16, 1981

15 10/3/57 15 Box 20: Congressional Letters, Title XII Central American and Caribbean Visits, 1979 Proposed Cooperative Research Program, November 20, 1978 Egypt, 1979 International Education Act of 1966, 1967 Matching Title XII University Resources with AID Project Requirements, July 1983 Scoville Paper, September 1979 Strengthening Letters, April-May 1978 Strengthening Program & Proposals, I.A.C., Title XII Funding (University), Title XII Testimony before House & Senate Committees, Historical File, 1975 Joint Research Committee (JRC) Meeting Minutes Mtg. #1-July 20-21, January 10-11, February 13-14, 1978 National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Executive Committee Minutes (11 folders), November 1969-September 1976 Includes reports of attendance and appointments, congressional bills, discrimination, federal regulations, funding, legislative positions, overseas programs and publications. Box 21: Box 22: Executive Committee Minutes (18 folders), January 1977-November 1980 Senate, November 1980 Executive Committee Minutes (6 folders), Quarterly Reports to Executive Committee: Office of Government Relations, Office for Advancement of Public Negro Colleges, Other Offices, July 1989 Officers Reports, Annual Meeting, Senate Committee Meeting (2 folders, ) Council of Presidents Meeting, Nov. 1985, Nov Committee of Presidents' and Chancellors' Spouses (five folders), , 1990 NASULGC Tax Policy Advisory Committee, August Scientific Manpower Requirements, Luncheon Meeting, May 1988 Bylaws, Centenary Committee Members, Past President/Chairman Listing, 1986 Tenure Lists, Presidents of Member Institutions, October Committees, Commissions, Councils and Division Listings, National Association of State Universities Membership Lists, Annual Meetings,