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1 j CCA KATCN NEW! Serving 3oca Raton and Deerfield Beach VOL. 1 NO. 15 Boca Raton, Florida, Wednesday, March 7, 1956 PRICE 10* Guild Ball Friday Benefits Library, Art Center Proceeds of the Art Guild tists who will sketch the guests. Ball, to be held Friday night, music by Freddy Martin's orin the patio Royale, Boca Raton chestra and other entertainment Club, will go toward the build- will be featured at the affair ing fund of the proposed Cul- which will bring to a conclusion tur al Arts Center and Library. the sixth annual exhibition of A gala Parisian Montmarte the Art Guild held this week at atmosphere, "Left Bank' street the Club, iscenes complete with roving ar- According to Mrs. Charles I Spalsbury, general chairman, several thousand dollars worth Fine Collection At of gifts for both men and women have been donated for the ball. Boca Art Show A white fox evening stole by By LORA S. BRITT Maximilian of New York will- be given away, it was presented to The sixth annual art and crafts the Art Guild by Mrs. J. Myer exhibition, which, opened Monday Schine, honor ary president. on the mezzanine floor of the Other gifts to be presented include Boca Raton Club, affords the a tweed and leather golf finest collection of work yet bag, gift of golfer Tommy Armour; a lady's bicycle, donated by Mrs. Reginald Nefzger; two men's tennis shirts, given by tennis star Fred Perry; a two-compartment lassembled by the Boca Raton Art Guild. Over 200 paintings, representing 92 artists, and displays of 30 craftsmen from this area and other Florida communities fill the exhibition hall. While the judges' selections seem to include the "out of the ordinary 1, they are interesting and thought provoking. Top award went to Janet Folsom for "The Brothers", a study of two youths in browns fe yellows. First prize in oil was won by Loretta Nixon, for "Jetsam", conch shell and seaweed. Alan Miller's "Melisande", the almost abstract figure of a woman, executed in deep, somber tones of casein was first prize winner for medium other than oil.. Second prize in oils went to Mignon D. Atohison for "Winter Forest", a study in trees; second 4 o prize in medium other than oil, a water color, Elizabeth T, Carter, for "Ficus Trees", executed in soft tones. Honorable mentions were won by Bobette for "Schizo", semiabstract figure in ceramic tiles; Imogene C. Evans, "Flower Market of Morocco", in a multitude of bright color skillfuuy blended. Fir st prize winner in the crafts division- was Mrs. R.E. McCrary who exhibited silver jewelry; second prize winner, Robenia, Jib-weaving; honorable mention, Jack Ji.i zonica, wood inlay, and Arthur Voelkel, laquer plates and scr eens. Chairman of the crafts division wag Mrs. Frederick Matthews. Among some of those especially noteworthy were "Happy Beanpickers", by Lee Vona of Boca Raton; "Vonia", by Rachel Thayer Wyse of Delray Beach; "Chang Kwan Ye" by Marion Howard of Boca Raton; "Boca's Banyans" by Wilda Evans Korn; '" "Ascension 1 by Elise Byrd of Delray Beach; "Sea Gulls" by Elmer H. Davison of Delray (Continued on page 16) YARK ASKS FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS Otto Yark, chairman of the Red Cross drive, said Monday at he can still use more volunteer workers to assist with the drive. Anyone interested may contact Miss Lillian Abbott, 165 Palmetto park Rd., or phone Sheffield silver casserole, presented by Mrs. j. Stuart Robertson; Countess Mara perfumes and colognes, donated by Charles W. Higgs; and a pair of white plastic golf shoes, handmade in Italy and the gift of Brock Sturz of Boca Raton. Boca Raton Club shops presenting gift prizes include the Petite Shop, a linen lady's purse; Mun-La Shop, a Trapunto lingerie set; De Loy Dress Shop, a beaded cashmere sweater; Martin-Burn's Men's Shop, a man's linen beach jacket with silk scarf; Leonard Taylor, Club jeweler, cultured pearl earrings and necklace; Kornhauser Shoe Salon, beach shoes; Michael of the Waldorf's Beauty Shop, a Helene Curtis permanent wave, hair-set and manicure; patton's Book Shop, two volumes of the Rubaiyat; Harry Lane, druggist, a $50 bottle of Lanvin' s Carnet du Bal perfume. A surprise feature of the Ball will be a Patio Royale foyer exhibit of photographs by noted news cameramen of South Florida. Art Guild Ball chairmen meet at the home of Mrs. Charles Spalsbury (seated) to discuss the gala event which will be held Friday night at the Boca Raton Club; Standing, 1. to r., Mrs. Freddy Martin, Mrs. John Hofstetter, Mrs. Joseph Shapiro, Mrs- Frederick Matthews, Miss Ruth Open House Tonight and Ceremony Tomorrow to Launch Boca Bank An open house party tonight, ing of the bank which is the culfrom 6:30 to 9:30, followed by mination of almost three years dedicatory ceremonies tomorrow of planning and work, at 9 a.m., will open the First Ray E. Green, State comp- Bank of Boca Raton. trolle% and J.V. Chapman, Officials of all Broward and deputy bank commissioner, Palm Beach County banks Tallahassee, will be on hand County commissioners, County for the ribbon cutting ceremonschool board members, town offi- ies, Thursday morning. Compcials of Boca Raton and neigh- trolier Green will present the boring communities and many certificate of charter from the other dignitaries have been in- State of Florida, vited to participate in the open- Rev. Elton Powell will deliver Congressional Committee To Study Waterways March 16 The Congressional committee on rivers, harbors and public works will make an inspection tour of South Florida, March 15 and 16. and is expected to be in Boca Raton on the second day. Announcement of the pending visit came to Town Engineer L.E. Pritchard. The committee will inspect the Boca Raton Inlet and the Intracoastal Waterway. Heading the delegation will be Representative Paul Rogers of Florida. Also in the party will be the following Congressmen: Clifford Davis of Tennessee, Frank and Smith of Mississippi, T. Ashton Thompson of Louisiana, W.P. Hall of Missouri, Keno Gray of Illinois, Frank Clark of Pennsylvania, H.B. Scudder of Colorado, F. Schwengel of Iowa, Alvin Bush of Pennsylvania and Don Purcell of Miami. Prichard has notified Mayor William Her bold, the town council. Police Chief Hugh Brown and Chamber of Commerce President Otto Yark of the visit. Plans will be made for a delegation to welcome the Congressmen and to assist the committee. The condition of the Boca Raton Inlet has been under discussion for some time since it has become almost entirely closed to the ocean by sand washed in by the flow of water between the ocean and the Intracoastal waterway. Bands Will Play At St. Patrick's Day Parade Philip J. Azzolina said Monday that plans are underway for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade to be held here, Saturday night, March 17. Seacrest High School Band, along with the Shrine Drum and Bugle Corps from West Palm Beach will provide the music. The committee hopes to have a band concert in Sanborn Square before the parade, which will start promptly at 7:30. Additional ^.plans will be announced later. Landi, and Mrs. Q. Moore Lapham. Front row, 1. to r., Mrs. William O'Donnell, Mrs. James Caldwell, Mrs. Spalsbury and Mrs. M. Jamison Steinbaugh. The ball will benefit the Guild's building fund.-hank Cohen Photo the invocation. Capital of the new banking institution is $300,000, insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The stock is held by approximately 124, almost all local people. Bank officers are: Charles Spalsbury, chairman of the board; Thomas Fleming, jr., president; William Stowe, executive vice-president; Spencer Bowen, cashier; Frank Firer, Richard Mann, J. Myer Schine, W.W. Thomsen, Robert D. Tylander, George Whitehouse and L.A. Zimmerman, directors. The move to establish a bank in Boca Raton began in 1953 when Fleming and John C. Mitchell took the first steps. The movement started as a joint project of Boca Raton and Deerfield residents, but the two Deerfield men who were in the original group later withdrew. Helping to spearhead the effort with Fleming and Mitchell were Spalsbury, Whitehouse, Zimmerman, Firer. In 1954 the application for charter was reinstated and it was about this time that Mann and Thomsen were added to the organizers. Tylander, a West palm Beach attorney, and Fleming made numerous trips to Tallahassee to confer with State Bank department, and. to Atlanta for conferences with the Federal Deposit insurance Corporation. In April, 1955, the group suffered a sad blow in the death of Mr. Mitchell, who had worked diligently on the project. Schine was added to the organizers. (Continued on page 14) Town Receives National Publicity The recent sale of the Boca Raton Olub to Arthur Vining Davis from j. Myer Schine brought this resort community in national focus last week when Time magazine devoted several columns to the sale and to the club's new owner. The unusual amount of space given over to the transaction in the magazine indicated the importance which the editors attached to the sale of the luxury hotel by the well known Schine interests to the 88-year-old Davis whose interest in the purchase of South Florida real estate continues to amaze far younger persons. Recording of the sale, Monday morning, in circuit court, revealed the largest mortgage ever recorded in palm Beach County, according to Thaddie Plant, deputy clerk. The mortgage was for $15,750,000 with common stock of the Aluminum Corporation of America as security. Payments will be spread over 10 years. Property tax stamps on the mortgage, purchased from J. Alex Arnette, Circuit Court clerk, amounted to $15,750 and intangible stamps purchased from Stetson Sproul, to $31,500-

2 Editorial Page Page 2 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Wednesday, March 7, 1956 ^-f : 1 : All experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer,' while evils are suffer able, than to right themselves by abolishing tbo forms to which they are accustomed. Jefferson Another Step for Boca Raton The opening of the First Bank of Boca Eaton, tomorrow morning, is an important.jveut to this community and surrounding area. It means that Boca Raton residents will no longer be dependant upon neighboring cities for their banking facilities. A bank is a necessary institution for a growing town. Banks make a community self sufficient and help it to progress. When a resident deposits his money and draws upon it in his own home town, he is firmly a part of that community and his interests are with its future. Traces of banking may be found far back in history. The temples of early Greece served as safe deposit vaults for their devotees and there were private bankers in Athens and Alexandria who made loans. In Jater years each king and prince was associated with his own group of bankers and each petty state issued its own coinage. It is good to know that some of these ancient customs are no longer followed and that this is an age.when there is uniformity of Man- Presenting Casual Clothes i«m a Man's World BOCADE BLDG. PHONE E. Palmetto Road Isle of Man"- ) 12OO WOO 1000 g g a o eoo ion DolUr-3 12 Million II M lo M 9 M S M 1 Million Doll ai-j 5 Milljon 4. M Boca Raton News published on Friday 165 E. Palmetto Park Road BOX 1157 TELEPHONE 9005 IF NO ANSWER, Robert L. and Low s. Britt, Publisher SUBSCRIPTION RATES: 1 year - $3; 2 yeaia - $5 Entered as Second Class matter at the Post Office of Boca Raton, Pla., Dec. I, 1955 The Boca Raton News is a hometown paper serving the people of the town. Support of it by advertising and contributions of news copy will help the paper grow, which In turn will help the community grow. I t 2 H o f in banking; that patrons enjoy the conveniences made possible because the same basic rules and regulations control banking throughout the country and most parts of the world. It is also highly satisfying to know that depositors have the protection of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Most people take for granted the convenience of writing checks; depositing money and valuables within the safety of a bank's strong walls; securing loans if they enjoy good credit. Many probably do not realize that some of these phases of banking are of a comparatively recent era. but if they stop to reflect upon the advantages of modern banking they cannot fail to realize that a bank brings many highly impor tant services to a community. The people of Boca Raton are happy to see the opening of the bank tomorrow and they congratulate its founders upon their wprk and their tireless effort in bringing the First Bank of Boca Raton into being. I?5I 19S TDWM 0F8OCA RATON WATER METES5 IN SERVICE J TOWN OP BOCA BATON TAX Ron. ASSESSED VAUJE* TOWM OF BOCA B4TON VALUE OFBUILDIUG PECMITS GRAPHIC ACCOUNT OF BOCA RATON'S PROGRESS This graph, accompanying the second annual progress Report prepared by Town Clerk William Lamb, indicates clearly the growth of Boca Raton during the past five years. Water rr-^rs increased from a little over 4Cru to almost 1,200; tax roll assessed valuations rose from approximately $s& million to almost $12 million. Showing the sharpest rise were building permits which were about $500,000 in 1951, increasing to just short of $5 million by the end of the past year. / /r / / Just Vigdting By Lora S. Britt Ruth Lawson, who resigned as Chamber of Commerce secretary last week, said she especially wants everyone to know that she "enjoyed her associations with the Chamber of Commerce, its several directors and many members for the past three years." Many would like to return the same compliment to Ruth who haif worked conscientiously for the Chamber and Boca Raton during her years with the organization. Ruth was most helpful to the Boca Raton News in its formative stages and since, because she saw the need for a home town newspaper, and we ore most appreciative. We all wish her well, in her new position with Weekes Realty. Riding along the Old Dixie Hwy. the other night, the sight to the west was very beautiful. Lights glistened in dozens of houses and it was quite a thrilling sight, because only a few tions and the honor students Staff members of both publica- years ago the houses could be were recognized and the names counted almost on one hand. of those making Quill and Scroll, '.- Driving around town, we experienced the same sort of ex- society, were announced. national honorary journalism citing pride in the business Many other adults seemed to section. The many shops and be impressed also with the splendid qualities of all these young stores are modern and smart looking and would be a credit people. They agreed that a little to a far larger, community. more attention paid to them, or It seems only yesterday that others of their kind, would be a the Boca Raton business area welcome relief in modern society comprised a few stores and sta-which sometimes makes every- tions on Federal Hwy. at Pal-onmetto Park Rd., which led to the linquents than decent young feel that there are more de- beach by way of an Australian people. pine lane. Occasions like the other night i How quickly times change. And are highly beneficial, because how well Boca Raton looks - especially they remind parents that despite at night with its myriad of lights twinkling from the win- the juvenile problems dows of hundreds of homes and with the glow of colors from the many business houses and stations. Juvenile delinquency Is such a popular theme these days that often little attention is given to the boys and girls who are doing a fine job in school, churphes, clubs, at work and at home. Thursday night, about 150 Seacrest students and their parents came for dinner at the school cafeteria in what was one of the most outstanding gatherings of students in some time. Youths present were staff members of the Squall, school newspaper; the Nautilus, school annual, and the honor students. The master of ceremonies called It the "cream of the crop", as I remember. Five students provided music before dinner on their stringed instruments and thefreshmencub reporters of the Squall served the dinner the girls as waitresses and the boys, assisting them as busboys. The freshmen had also decorated the many tables most attractively and prepared programs for the evening. They performed most admirably and seniors exclaimed over the fine way things were done by the freshmen. around the country that get so much attention, the majority of youth merits the confidence of its elders. BOCA. ELECTRIC For Quick Service Phone GEO.BIEGLER, 9985 The Captain's Table "Moonlight on the Water" Dave Elliot at the Piano Cocktails on the Deck Lounge Saturday Matinee New Dining hours by request 5 o'clock to 11 Sundays & Holidays from 2 Mr. and Mrs. Carl f. Hedlund, your Hos/s Continental Cnialne By Chef Andy Anderson Fran The Fontsimeblcau ID Miami At The Cove Yacht Basin, Deerfield Beach. Phone PACKAGE STORE IN CONNECTION Boca 8780.&«HARDH1VE5 PAVING STREETS - PARKING LOTS -- DRIVES Phone Delray AC WE ROOFING CO- Residential.. Commercial CAO. TOM JArVIISON N. E. 5th Avenue Boca Raton B13O Winter Visitors Are You a Chiseler at Heart? (Most Thrifty People Are) Boca Raton Manor Mr. and Mrs. William Diesel of Lima, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dole, Marlon, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Nelson, Racine, Wis.; and Mr. and Mrs. Swift, Racine, Wis. Sari Apts. T. Higgins, St. Louis, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Kelly of Philadelphia, Pa. New Savings Accounts opmed or old Accounts increased by March 10th Will earn 4 full.months dividend. FIRST Corner East Of On Palmetto Park Road CURRENT DIVIDEND 3% PAYABLE JUNE 30th FEDERAL EACH ACCOUNT INSURED TO $ io,ooo Million-Plus Assets & DECEMBER 31st First Federal Savings And Loan in Boca Raton WELCOMES First Bank of Boca Raton Congratulations & Best Wishes BOCA MTON OFFICE FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS end LOAN ASSOCIATION First in Savings OF DELRAY BEACH First in Boca Wednesday, March 7, 1956 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Page 3. Talking over current affairs is this trio, Fred perry, well Unown tennis pro at the Boca Raton Club; John O'Bannon of West palm Beach, and Harold Turner of Boca Raton. The occasion was the party given by Mr. and Mrs. j. Myer Schine to introduce Arthur Vinlng Davis to area residents. Bluefin Apts. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Comfort, Minneapolis, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Ray polkinhon of Chicago, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Novota, Elmhurst, ill.,; and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oerding, Ottawa, ill. For Classified Ads Call Boca 9005 the prettiest thing in print by June Fox The season's loveliest figure flattering, long torso. Everglase polished anticrease cotton. Colors: blue, tan, pink, aqua. Sizes, oca CyXaion jaslii ions EVE PENCE SMARTEST STYLES IN LADIES' APPAR 1 :' SOUTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY WELCOME THE NEW BANK - SHOP and BANK IN BOCA

3 -Page 4 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Wednesday, March 7, 1956 Woman's Page -iiid Mis. David Merrill as they prepare to drive away fol- I'.vlag their marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. jay Kraeer, Faknetto Park Rd. vhter-ski SCHOOL fcxpert INSTRUCTION -- SKI RIDES <JOARANT ED SKIING - BOAT RIDES Phone 8561 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mehelich, Jr., of East Detroit are house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moon. Mr. Mehelich is city attorney of East Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Mehelich is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moon. BLOETSCHER Fine Smoked Meats Pure Pork Bulk Sauftage Mude Fresh Bally 613 S. Federal, Delray Beach DM. THOMAS M. SHOAF Optometrist 204 East Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach Phone 6672 Bank and Buy in Boca Federal TV & Appliance Prompt Service - Sensible Prices - Rentals JOT Palmetto Road Phone 828 Our Beauty Salon Now Open to the Public For the Newest In Hair Style Call tvctti Telephone E. Atlantic Ave. - Boyd 31dg. Delray Beach Miss Marilyn LeRoy Becomes Bride Of Mr. David W. Merrill Saturday Miss Marilyn Eleanor LeRoy, daughter of Mi. and Mrs. George Ball, of North Rose, N.Y., and David Wesley Merrill, son of Mr. and Mrs. William P. Merrill, Jr., S.E. Fifth Ave., Delray Beach, were united in marriage Saturday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Jay Kraeer, Palmetto park Rd., Boca Raton. Rev. Arland V. Briggs, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Deerfield Beach, performed the double-ring ceremony before an improvised altar, with Mr. Ball giving his step-daughter in marriage. The bride wore *a ballerina length dress of white chantilly lace over ice blue satin, with elbow length lace mits and a shoulder length veil of nylon net and orange blossoms. Her bridal bouquet was of white carnations with ice blue satin ribbon. Her only jewelry was a single strand of pearls, a gift of the groom. The maid of honor, Miss June Qlosshart, of Ft. Lauderdale, wore a bronze gold taffeta -dress with over skirt of nylon net and carried a bouquet of pink carnations. The bride's mother, Mrs. Ball, wore a beige suit with white accessories and a yellow rose corsage. Mrs. Merrill, mother of the bridegroom, wore a white and black silk print dress, with white accessories and her corsage was of red roses. Donald Ray Dazey, brother-inlaw of Mr. Merrill, was best The bride is a graduate of Wolcott Central High School, Wal- Musical Tea Will Benefit Fund Mrs. C.W. Hubbard, president of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church announced that plans are underway for the annual musical tea to be held Tuesday, March 20, at the home of Mrs. Lavonne Mouw of Waycrest Court. Proceeds from the affair will go towards the building fund of the Community Methodist Church. Mrs. Helen Howard, chairman of the refreshment committee, has appointed the following to assist her: Mrs. Paul Bebout, Jr., Mrs. Al Johnson, Mrs. Joseph O'Brien. Mrs. Ray Tofano, Mrs. W.H. Rankin, Mrs. Hoppy Hopkins, Mrs. E. Parks. Other committees will be appointed later. For Classified Ads Call Boca 9005 cott, N.Y., and the Rochester School of Nursing, Rochester, N.Y. She is presently associated with Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. Mr. Merrill, a graduate of Seacrest High School, is now associated with the Kraeer Funeral Home. Following a wedding trip to Key West, the couple will reside in Pompano Beach. Dr.P.A.McRill Optometrist Associated with Dr. W. D. Jackson, Dentist 127 Boca SlatonRd. Hours 9-5; Sat PSione 9498 WELCOME FIRST BANK OF BOCA RATON.{ Bank and Shop In Boca Resort Wear for AH the Family ROADMAN'S Next to Post Office Phone 8616 OPEN MONDAY EVENINGS UNTIL NINE To: First Bank of Boca Raton* CONGRATULATIONS From: The Shop Just a Few Steps Away GIFT South Federal Highway SHOP Opposite the Bank ATTEND THE NEW BANK'S OPEN HOUSE TONIGHT; Visit Our Shop Later OPEN CONTINUOUSLY 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. *Boca Raton Bank Construction Completed in Record 105 Days Construction of the First Bank tures of the lobby are the five erty adjoining the Sunshine of Boca Raton was accomplished light fixtures fashioned as sun- Shopping Center, now under conin the record time of 105 days. bursts. Recessed neon fixtures struction. The bank proper ty was Trieste Construction Co. of in the acoustical tile ceiling purchased from the Boca Raton Delray Beach was contractor for provide additional light. Club, through the cooperation of the structure, located at the cor- The bookkeeping department J. Myer Schine, for $15,000. 0er of Royal Palm Rd. and is located to the left of the The bank and shopping center First Ave. Edgar S. Wortman, lobby and the book vaults open are situated on property next to Lake Worth, was architect. from the end of this room. the Boca Raton Club golf course. W.G. Wh'itehouse and L.A. The vault is at the left of the only Golfview Rd. separates Zimmerman and Thomas Fleming lobby also along with three small it from the course, were the building committee. rooms where safety deposit pa- The business center is probwell During the three-month con- trons may have complete privacy ably unique in Florida for its struction period, approximately while going over the contents of proximity to a golf course. Bank 150 tradesmen and mechanics their boxes. patrons and shoppers, making worked on the 80 by 60-foot, Turner Nurseries are landscap- their deposits or doing their une-story building, finished on ing the grounds of the bank which marketing in the nearby shopping the exterior in masonry and has walk-in entrances on the center, can see early morning brick in typical Florida styling. west, facing First Ave., and on golfers on their rounds of the known --A The interior of the bank con- the north, facing Royal Palm tains the main lobby, officers' Rd. course. and fashionable area, president's office and di- The bank is located on proprectors' room, re-inforced concrete safety deposit vault, employee's lounge, bookkeeping department and book vaults. The entire building is furnished with heat and air conditioning facilities and the latest banking equipment, including a drive-in teller's window on the k^ east side of the building. Walls of the lobby are a warm green and floors are of terrazzo in large squares of slate and green-white. Fixtures are of walnut in modern design. The tellers' counter extends almost the full length of the east wall of the lobby with the officers' area to the right, set off by a low wall of walnut paneling. Highspot of the decorative fea- sjlarvey E. Oyer Will Be Candidate For State Representative in May Harvey E. oyer, jr., Tuesday officially announced that he would bo a candidate for State Representative, Group 1, subject to the Democratic primary, May 8. This post was formerly held' by Rep. Fred O. Dickinson, Jr., who is seeking the State Senate seat vacated by Russell O. Mor- * M 0Vf - wno resigned this post to Become a circuit judge. Oyer is a third generation native of Palm Beach County and :s engaged in the insurance and real estate business in Boynton Beach. He was born in Boynton Beach and was graduated from Boynton High School as valedictorian of his class. He served in the United States Army during HARVEY E. OYER, JR. World War n in the Philippine Islands. He was graduated with insurance and real estate firm ^^ iionors from the College of Busi- i n Boynton Beach. ness Administration of the uni- Oyer is active in civic affairs, versity of Florida in oyer He is president of the Boynton was recalled to active duty as Beach Chamber of Commerce, an artillery officer in 1951 and vice-president of his Kiwanis served two years in Germany. Club, superintendent of the Meth- Upon his return from military dist Sunday School and serves service he established his own on tne official board of his church. He served as chairman Area Farmers Invited of the Red Cross Fund Drive in To Pasture, Cattle Tour Boynton Beach in.1955, presently serves on the plar.-.'"' Board South County farmers and pothers are invited to join the ast coast pasture and cattle tour, March 14, Rayburn K. Price, assistant county agricultur al agent, said. Participants will meet at the agricultural building on.military Trail, south of west palm Beach, at 9 a.m. From here they will go to Joiinson's dairy, north of Lake Park Rd.; Boney's ranch, Hood Rd.. four miles northwest Joiuison's; Froeiilich's dairy, Lake Park Rd., returning to the agricultural building for lunch. The tour will end with a visit to Circle F. Ranch, south of the Boynton Rd. Boca Ralon Realtor, Sub-Contractors Help Bring Building to Completion A Boca Raton realtor and 14 Business Equipment Co., Ft. sub-contractors of the ar ea have Lauderdale, has provided the helped bank officials and the office furniture throughout the Trieste Construction Co., gene- bank. ral contractor, to bring the fine Sub-contractors and the work new structure of the First Bank executed on the structure were: of Boca Raton to completion. Boca Raton Lumber and Supply F. Byron Parks, the realtor, Co., building materials; W-J. handled the transaction of the Snow, Boca Raton, redi-mix property sale to the bank by the concrete; Boca Raton Tile and Boca Raton Club. He has been Terrazzo, tile and terrazzo; Burnassociated with the Schine in- up and Sims, of Delray, Inc., terests for a number of years block, steel, supplies; Hagen's, and maintains two offices in Delray. Beach, painting contract Boca Raton. for exterior and interior; Acme of that city and is L. -stivemember of the 318 Logi-"'"al Command, United States.-".; Reserve, West palm Beach, in addition Oyer is a charter member of the American Legion Post 164, University of Florida Alumni Association, Gulf stream hospital Association, Boynton Beach Board of Realtors, ~iorida Association of insurance Agents, Phi Kappa phi and Beta Gamma Sigma, honorary fraternities, Palm Beach County Resources Develop- Brick and Supply Co., West Palm Beach, brick; Tropical Roofing Co., Delray Beach, roofing and sheet metal; Priest Plumbing Co., Delray Beach, plumbing work and fixtures; Hardrives, Delray Beach, paving and sidewalks; Delray Electric Co., Delray Beach, electrical work; Boys Roofing and Sheet Metal Works, Inc., West palm i Beach, Chrysler Air temp heating! and cooling; William Schaab, masonry contract; Wentworth Plastering Company, lath, plaster and stucco. 3ids Due March 16 Turnpike Gas Stations Bids for leasing the first of six gasoline service stations to be operated on the Miami to Fort Pierce Sunshine State Parkway will be received by the Florida State Turnpike Authority March 16. Bids for the operation of the other five gasoline service stations will be received weekly thereafter. These.dates are March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13 and April 20. Leases will be for five years. Two service stations will be located in each of the three service areas on the turnpike. One service area will be located just south of the Pompano Interchange, one south of West Palm Beach Interchange and the other just south of Port Pierce. The first bids will be for the station to be located at the south end of the area south of Porapano. It will be on a basis of a certain number of cents per gallon of fuel sold. The bidder also will be required to pay ten per cent of gross of other receipts for items sold at the station. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Barr and daughters Susan and Conment Board, and the Lake Worth I stance of Attleboro, Mass., are Pioneers Association. spending a two weeks vacation Oyer resides at 512 N. Sea- with Mrs. Barr's parents, Mr. crest Blvrl., Boynton Beach, with! and Mrs. J. Ralph Barclay, 465 his parents. i N.E. 2nd St. Wednesday, March 7, 1956 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Page 5 Thomas Fleming, Jr., President Active in Community Activities Thomas Fleming, Jr., president of the First Bank of Boca Raton, has an extensive background in business, both in education and application. He received his bachelor of science degree In business administration at the University of Florida in Later, he was graduated "with distinction" when receiving his masters' degree at School of Business Administration, Harvard. At the University of Florida, Fleming was a member of Chi Phi fraternity and president of the senior class the year of his graduation. He was a member of the Florida Blue Key. Among friends of Fleming, members of the society at the same time were George Smathers, now us Senator; Bill Lantaff and Paul Rogers, US Representatives; Dwight Rogers,and the McCarty brothers, John and Brian and Dan, the late governor. Since 1941, he has been associated with the 4,000 acre Butts Farms here, largest vegetable farm in the area. He served as a member of the town council for six years and on the town planning board for several years. He is president of the Seacrest Chapter of the University of Florida alumni, made up of members from Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach; a member of the Lions Club and Thomas Fleming, Jr. PRESIDENT he is assisting with the current Methodist Church fund drive. Fleming and Ms wife, the former Myrtle Butts, whom he married in 1939, were both of Ft. Lauderdale where they attended schools during their childhood and youth. They have two children, 5 and 3. The new bank president can be said to be "following in his father's footsteps." The senior Thomas Fleming, a Ft. Lauderdale attorney, was president of the American National Bank of Ft. Lauderdale which he helped to organize two years ago. Now Is The Time To Buy ACREAGE We have acreage listings from 1 x / z acres to 17,000 acres - priced from $40 an acre up. Building sites from $1,000 up. FRONTAGE U.S. No. 1 and Palmetto Park Road Commercial Property $20 a front foot Industrial Property $1,000 an acre, up Ocean Front Property $30 a front foot up. Complete List of Honies, Motels And Business Opportunities WM DAY S. Federal Hi way, 3oca Raton, Fl a., Phone 8781

4 .Page 6- THE BOCA RATON NEWS Wednesday, March 7, Wednesday, March 7, 1956 Til'":BOCA :iat~>n NEWS MP a ge 7 TOOT - TOOT This Advertisement for the New Bank was paid for bythe oilier advertisers in this section en oo in oo Boca's G g Bigger, More Modern AH The Time < O co RATON INDUSTRY (BABY GIANT OF THE FLORIDA EAST COAST) % '. *-* o CO id Welcomes, points with pride to. and congratulates the Business Men and Builders SELLECK WATERCYCLE COMPANY Builders Wiater Bikes and Catania runs P.O. Box 279 Phone 9222 COLONIAL PACKING COMPANY Master Smoked Meat Products 13th Avenue F : h,>ne who made possible the completion and operation of the new FIRST BANK OF BOCA RATON, %, ' PI H \ SOUTHLAND FOODS, INC. Cookies P.O. BOX 1067 Phone 9315 RUSSELL REINFORCED PLASTICS CORP. Quality Holders of Glass Fiber Products No. 1 N.W. First Court Phone Boca Raton 9446 JALBERT AEROLOGY LABORATORY Aeronautical Design "Floridas Lightest Industry" P.O. Box 155 Phone 9f)94 CASTRO CONVERTIBLE FURNITURE Showrooms in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton >citana 1999 N.W. First Avenue Phone 8696 ATLANTIC PRESERVING COMPANY Gulfstream Jellies and Marmalades P.O.Box1n.m ha -" ""PHSNE 8150 ^ SEABOARD VERMICULITE CORP ZONOLITE VERMICULITE Boca Raton 8/56 BUTTS FARM Snap Beans by the Carload Boca's Getting Bigger, More Modern All The Time Boca Raton Chamber of Commercr North Federal at Boca Raton Road Phone 8638 BURNSIDE DOOR & PLYWOOD CO., INC. Manufacturer of Doors P.O. Box 768 Phone 8516 DOBY BRICK AND SUPPLY MANUFACTURERS OF SLUMP BRICK PRODUCTS Phone 9261 P.O. Box 555 Fora finish start with BRUNING PAINT SJOSTROM MACHINE CO. MANUFACTURERS OF TEXTILE MACHINERY 2nd Avenue at 16th Strc-e) Northwest R a t o " ' ^ "-S-A. ^ ^^'0j j ^ J ^" ^"?jj' \. o W 0 d ft O a a 4 w O P4 I i < It 0

5 Jb. JffegneBday_, March J ^ 195g_ THE BOCA RATON 'NEWS Pagej>. J\ &&$ l_" in It has been a privilege and a pleasant rewarding exper-r ience to work on the one hand with W. G. Whitehouse and Louis Zimmerman the building committee for the Bank, together with Tom Fleming, Bill Stowe and other officer^ and directors of Boca's new institutionand on the other hand with all the sub-contra.ctor» who cooperated with each other and with us to get' the new building up, ready for business, ready for the flowers, the photographers and the cigars of i6s proud Opening Day. Trieste congratulates the town and its people on the progress and leadership marking so big a step forward in the growth of Boca. TRIESTE CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. G. W. Trieste, president P. BYRON PARKS Realtor Ocean Blvd. and Via Cabana Ocean Blvd. and Palmetto Park Road Telephone o4o2 Branch f$744 For the Best In BOCA Office Furniture Throughout by BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY 309 East Las Olas Ft. Lauderdale Phone Jaxon _ *>.^;f- HEATING CHRYSLER COOLING BOYS ROOFING i f flii? 1ITAL WOWS, Painting Contract interior and Exterior HAGEN'S PAINT STORE 410 East Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach Phone 4913 RED! - MIX CONCRETE Everybody knows you can bank on W. J. SNOW Delray Plant W. Atlantic Ave. & SAL Rwy. Phone Boca Raton Plant. 13th Street & FEC Rwy. Phone Burnup & Sims of Delray inc. 1B oc6 - Steel - P. O. BOX 1156 Phon* 6041 The Beautiful TILE and TERRAZZO Work naturally is by BOCA EklQM TILE & TERRAZ1O & March 8 - Complete, Furtiishec! Jsincl Staffed, N.W.I 3th Street Joseph Lanflisi Luigi Lanflisi Phone Boca Georgia Avenu Phone. Equipped, kble, Steady You to "Bank Compliments BOCA RATON LUIiEIU SUPPLY CO. N.W. 4th Stand 2nd Ave. PHONE 8581 BRICK ISN'T! IT NICE? if * by BRICK & SUPPLY <& We»t Pal" Paving anc Sidewalks by HARDRIVES Incorporated Phone General Contractor, Trieste Construction Co., Delrav Beach Phone 4131 Boca Electrical Work by DELRAY ELECTRIC COMPANY CUohical Gattfrtactvti, &\1 N. E. FIFTH AVENUE DELRAY BSACH, FLORIDA Phone 7541 P.O. Box 1933 Roofing and Sheet Metal Work by TROPICAL ROOFING COMPAJNY Delray Beach PHumbing Work and Fixtures by PRIEST PLUMBING CO. 113 N.E. 3rd Ave. DELRAY Phone 6821 isit H. DIXIE W. PALM BEACH P.O. Box Lantana PHONE f i PHONE LAKE WORTH - JUSTICE Congratulations to TRIESTE CONSTRUCTION CO, on their fine job Lath - Plaster - Stucco by WENTWORTH PLASTERING COMPANY Residential - Commercial - Industrial 631 N. W. 2nd Ave. Phone Boca 8102 MASONRY CONTRACT WORK BY WM. SCHAAB Masonry Contractor

6 Pace 10 THKHOTA RATO1* WIPWR Wfidnf«Mlav Marrh 7 P O Box 63 INTERESTED IN BOCA? For Your Business? Or Home? Or Both? Talk to the Right People First - Get the Right Answers Fast Look at the New Bank of Boca Raton Look at the New Kwik-Chek Shopping Center Look-at the Boca Raton Hotel and Chub And the new Pickwick and Warwick Cooperatives Look at Boca Raton Estates & Riviera Check Boca's Advantages Find Out What the Smart Money in Strong Hands is Doing Think About LOCATION AND THAT'S WHERE WEtZOME IN BECAUSE WE KNOW LOCATIONS, WE HAVE THE BEST IN TOWN AND WE LOVE TO TALK BUSINESS F. BYRON PARKS Realtor On A1A Opposite the Cabana Club Phone S4S2 Riviera Branch 8744 bank's Executive Busy Man During,-aiiiam M. Stowu has been a...ay man since joining the First B<*nk: of Boca Raton in January. As executive vice president, it huld been his job to set in operation the business functions ol the new institiftioii. 1 Tt,e details to which he has - I ^tteniled nave oeen numerous ' ^md include such matters as in-.ervitjwing scores of people to I select, the employees wlitf will be,-isi.ueiated with the bank. Hi. has had a temporary office l,.it lba S Palmetto Park Rd. and ; from here have come the counti less details of business which I urn j-'-.tjlve today into the bank- 1..«,.^elation of the First Bank : t..-a Raton.,ve, who has been named a ^ nember of the board of directors i^>f the First Bank of Boca Raton, comes to the bank with many years of banking experience. He 1 1 was associated with the Milford Trust Co. of Milford, Conn., for 14 years. During that ci.ue he jeeupied the positions of assiaf r.-it treasurer, trust officer and I He joined the staff of the I Riviera Beach u^on its organization in June, ihol- He Vice President Past 2 Months n~ v* William M. Stowe EXECUTIVE VICE-PRESIDENT held the position of assistant cashier and later was promoted to vice-president. Stowe is a graduate of Colgate University and Harvard Business School and is a member of the West Palm Beach Country Club. He and his wife, and their ' son, William, Jr., 18, who are residing i;i Riviera Beach, will I move to Boca Raton to make their home in th-j near future. Spencer Bo wen, Bank Cashier, Began Business Career in Ohio Spencer E. Bowen, cashier of &.G First Bank of Bocfi Raton, bagan his banking career as a messenger at the Market Achange Bank in Columbus, O., in Since that time he has been teller, head teller and offiin several banking institutions, as well as serving in the Am<;d forces. Following his first association -vith the Market Exchange Bank as messenger, in the early years of his business career, he served in the Army until He then joined the staff of {he City National Bank and Trust Co., Columbus, as a teller. He remained there in late in 1952 whan he moved to Ft. Lau.ierdale became associated with the Ft. Lauderdale National Bank as head teller. He held that position almost two years before becoming an officer in the American National Bank of Ft. Lauderdale where he was employed before coming to Property Insurance Cour se Offered by School An 18-week survey course insurance is being oft'ertd by the department of adult education of palm Beach County scnools. Classes will meet on Monday nights from 7:15 to 9:55 in the Palm Beach High School annex. Carleton N. Wright is instructor. The major objective is to oresent a comprehensive explanation of insurance coverage concerned with use, ownership and maintenance of property. The course is not restricted to per- Annual Shrimp Run Brings Out Fishermen One of the advantages of living in a small town and especially in Boca Raton was proven last week, when the annual run of shrimp came in. The inlet bridge was filled nightly with residents diing the shrimp from the water the tide came in. It was a thrill matched only by the bluefish in the fall, and a sight many had never seen before. Spencer E. Bowen CASHIER the Boca Raton bank several weeks ago, Bowen is a member of the American Institute of Banking and the Exchange Club of Ft. Lauderdale. sons in the insurance business, and will be helpful to all persons who wish to better understand the technical details of insurance contracts and coverages. Persons who plan to register are asked to contact the office of Adult Education in advance, 721 Gardenia Street, West palm Beach, phone TEmple Wednesday, March 7, 1956 THE BOCA RATON NSWS Page 11. Boca Industry, With $12,000,000 Gross Sales, Florida's Baby Giant "Baby giant of the Florida east coast" is the way Boca Raton's industrial center has been described. And it is probably a wellchosen appelation for a business center which has gross sales of over $12,000,000 and a payroll of more than $1,500,000 annually. "The baby'' has been growing steadily for the past few years', especially since' Northern manufacturers have found that operational costs can be reduced in South Florida plants because of the absence of heating problems'; the long hours of daylight and the steadily increasing demand for their products in the fastgrowing South Florida area. The smokeless industrial area, located northwest of Boca Raton business section, west of the Old Oixie Hwy., occupies buildings remaining from the Boca Raton Air Base installat ion used during World War n. The industries include a variety of manufacturers. Representing the building products are: Zonolite Corp., processors and packers of vermiculite; Bruning Brothers, Inc., paint manufacturers; Boca Raton Lumber and Supply Co., building supplies and equipment; Boca Raton Tile and Terrazzo Co., terrazzo installations; W.J. Snow, cement products; Doby Brick and Supply Co., adobe. bricks, cement ornamentals; Standard Supply and Lumber Co., building supplies, equipment; Burnside Door and Plywood Co., manufacturers of plywood products; Central Plumbing and Supply Co., plumbing supplies; Oldford Millworks, manufacturer wood building trusses; Sheffield and Loehr, Inc., steel fabricators. Foods are represented by Colonial packing Co., which cures and packs pork products, supplying Florida supermarkets; Southland Hydroponic Growers, Inc., producing cucumbers and tomatoes-; Southland Foods, Inc., bakers of cookies for wholesale distribution; Atlantic Preserving Co., makers of tropical preserves and sweets. Jalbert Aerology Laboratories are designers and manufacturers of balloons and parachutes used by the Government and private enterprise; Russell Reinforced Plastic Co., produces plastic and fibreglass; Selleck Watercycle Co., designs and manufacturers water cycles; Frohman manufacturing, formerly the Turbine Products Co., are manutactur ers of plane parts; the Boca >*. y '- ' i **agm^ XI It' J. Myer Schine blows out a candle on his cake at a recent party at the Boca Raton Club celebrating his birthday. Seated to the left of Mr. Schine, former owner of the Boca Raton Club, is William Gnnies, editor of the Wall Street journal.-hank Cohen photo Raton Tool and Gage Co., manufacturers of tools and gages. Sjorstrom Textile Manufacturing Co., manufactur es textile machinery and the Everet Rubber Co. is sngaged in mail order business. Castro Convertibles manufactures furnitur e. Falling into the industrial class, also, but located elsewhere is the 4,000 acre Butts Farms, growers of green snap beans. Orchids, Inc., growers of orchids, and Edmund J. Spence, Inc., interior designers, are located on S. Federal Hwy. The Boca Raton Club, with Its almost 800 winter employees, is considered also a major industry of Boca Raton. MEETING OF SPECIALISTS! American College of Surgeons? No! Ear Association? No!...It's a gathering of men who can play an equally important part in your welfare. YOUR SECURITY IS THEIR BUSINESS! They are insurance specialists Local Agents, at one of many meetings held during the year to discuss and study the latest developments in property and liability insurance. Like other competent professional men even after long training, examination arid licensing, they know that they must keep themselves informed in order to provide you with the best protection available. Because your entire financial welfare may depend upon the insurance you carry, you can realize hqw important it is to deal with an experienced insurance agent. Only such a specialist is competent to analyze your insurance needs so that you will have proper coverage. FIRST BANK OF BOCA RATON The opening of its doors and banking services tomorrow morning marks another milestone in the growth and progress of our city. We wi:h the new bank J. C. MITCHELL & SONS Insurance Established 1923 Phone 9816 Real Estate A

7 r Page 12 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Wednesday, Match 7, Funeral Services Held Monday For Victim of Traffic Crash Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the Uleta Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, for Andrew Jackson Ham, a 42-year old faim laborer of Hollywood, who was killed instantly at 6:48 a.m. Saturday on State Road 7, one mile north of the Boca Raton Road, when he drove his 1S49 sedan under the body of a truck. According to Deputy Sheriff BENSON North A1A Opposite Driftwood Club Acreage Good Buys 97O9 Phone 3211 SECRETARIAL Clarence B. Sanders, the truck, driven by Walter Junior Osthoff, a 27 year old farmer of Deerfield, was traveling noitii in a heavy fog and smoke about 15 to 20 miles per hour when Mr. Ham's car skidded for 27 feet and ran under the stake body truck and was thrown from his car. Dr. William Lyne Maxfield, Boca Raton termed the cause of death as head injuries, and Scobee Funeral Home made the local arrangements. Both vehicles were removed to Boyd's Body Shop, the car being termed as totally demolished and estimated damages of $100 to the truck. Mr. Ham is survived by his wife, Mary; a son, Polmar;four daughters, Carolyn, Margaret, Doris and Barbara. Burial was in Southern Memorial Paxk, Savings g and Loan League Meet Here The U.S. Savings and Loan League held its 25th annual Body of A. j. aaiii, Hollywood, victim of crash on SB 7, lies on road behind the car in which he lost his life in early morninfc accident Satin da,v. "Day of Destiny" Banquet Thursday To Climax Building Fund Campaign General Chairman Fred C. water softening plant for Highland Beach, Rudolph W. Hertwig, Jungbiutli stated thai the advance reservations indicate town clerk, has announced. that a laxgi.- ti^;,v.,t rr<;;, be ex- at the banquet The reser- consist of an aerator, combina- The water softening plant will southeastern conference at thepected Boca ftdtoai Club and Hotel last vation list wiil bii hem GP<SSI antil che last minute so that memtion basin, gravity and filters, tion coagulation and sedimenta- Thursday through Saturday. Frederick Willetts, of Wilmington, N.C., president, gave an cluded by eaiiin fe n:,^i. Bids must be made out on the oera uiid friends m»y,?u!l be in- clear well and appurtenances. address, Thursday. Other speakers included Walter W. McAllis- address the banguet audience town and accompanied by a cer- Amona the speakers who will proposal form supplied by the ter, Sr., chairman of the Federal tified check. Copies of the plans Home Loan Bank Board, and Dr. and specifications are available Kenneth McParland, public relations counselor of General Mo- Brockway, Weber and Brockway, for examination at the office of tors Co. Inc., engineers. West palm Beach Patronize the Home Town Merchants It Pays telephone answering public stenographer addressing SERVICES and mimeographing notary public mailing UNLIMITED club*or ganizatlon wot k Phone LILLIAN ABBOTT 185 E. Palmetto Park9007 OBoca UtaUan cf\ ±iauxani HOME COOKING "DSFRANCISCO'S" Wonderful Submarine Sandwiches in two sizes 65$ and $1.00 Pizza - Macaroni Dishes - Sandwiches of all Kinds White ami Bed Chiantl. other Wines and Beer. IIS R»t-METTc3 Ro. Bob Morrow PHONE S7S7 BOCA RATON. FLORIDA Final plans for the "Day ofare Rev. John M. Sikea, Rev. Destiny" banquet, climax of Elton G. Powell and other the Community Methodist "three minute" speakers. Church's $32,000 building fund campaign, have been made. Bids on Water Softener Banquet arrangements are in For Highland Beach charge of hospitality chairman, Mrs. Thomas J. Fleming, jr. The banquet is to be held Thursday, March 8, at the Sun Cove Restaurant in Deerfieid Beach. William L. Spence, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Edmond j, Spence, 298 N.E. 4th Ave., who has been promoted to the rapk of sergeant at Riverside Military Academy, Hollywood, where the school is located for the winter season. Young Spence has played varsity football along with varsity baaeball and is active in the dramatics club. Mr. and Mrs. George Kendall of East Detroit, Mich., are house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moon of Moon Hill Apts. Mr. and Mrs, R, Foster Reynolds, of Providence, R.I., are house guests of Mrs. Reynolds' parents Mr, and Mrs. G.E. Withington, Jr. They returned here today after spending several days in Fort Myers beach. Sealed bids will be received by the Town of Highland Beach at its town hall, Tuesday, at 7 p.m. for the construction of a An aeefefent tabs you from work* Does your accident insurance help you meet your living expenses while you're Sold up? Par the answer to this, or tiny other insurance question ' ' -. " ' ". W. P. BEBOUT 701 H. Federal Hiway Phone 8621 Representing THE TRAVELERS, Hartford John Kerestly Land Clearing and Bulldozing ROLLING GREEN 4O3 N. E. 15TH AVENUE BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA Free Estimates on LOTS ACREAGE DEVELOPMENTS P 0 Box 1211 Boynton Beach Phone 9527 Bring us your financing needs - complete builders service available from application io qualified buyer. Consult with Us on Your Conventional, FHA and TITLE INSURANCE ESCROWS MORTGAGES DEERFIELD CLERICAL SERVICE BOOKKEEPING INCOME TAX SPECIALIST VA Financing Problems SERVICING: Boca Raton Del ray Beach Boynton Beach The Palm Beaches STANDARD TITLE COMPANY 818 North Federal Highway Defray Beach, Florida Phone 4219 AUDITING Sales - GENERAL ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES - Service SERVICE - RCA Television -SALES N.E. Second Ave^ ^ p««rfi«ld..beach, Flo.. m " - Phone 9422 M. Frank Love Welcomes the New First Batik of Boca Raton ** \P BOCA RATON PHARMACY I don't think there is any need telling anyone about the results of the beach party. Between teen-agwts were thera, just I about ail cho kids in town. Takt Phone 9491 District officials and officers of the newly chartered Boca Raton Business and Professional Woman's Club following ceremonies at the Driftwood Club. Left to right are Mrs. Barnie Shulii, Boynton Beach, assistant District director; Mrs. Dor othy :Jee, Lake Worth, State corresponding secretary; /4rs. Mimi Southwick. State president; Construction Co. Free Estimates No obligation All types of General Contracting Offices 165 E, Palmetto Park, J»hone8345 p Box 611 k LAWN and GARDEN Designing ~ Planting - Maintenance Bring your Garden Problems to us without obligation TRAINED *nd EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL TO SEKVE YOU COURTEOUSLY Tropical Trees and Plants Fertilizers - insecticides E WAY SPRINKLER SYSTEMS ZJurner nur&ened, J, ncorpora ted 980 NO. FEDERAL HWAY. P. O. BOX 143 TELEPHONE 3771 BOCA BATON Happy Day - Now Everybody Can BANK in BOCA NEXT TO POST OFFICE Phone 3451 By JOLENE MUCCI Wednesday, March 7, 1956 THE RQCA RATON N2WS Pa;;e 13. Mrs. Helen Speed, president of Deiray Beach BPW, sponsoring club; Mrs. Eve Pence, president; Mrs. Rutn Struby, who assisted v.itii the organisation; Mrs. pam Knoclie, Riviera. Beach, District 8 director; Mrr;. W.p. Bebuut, vicepresident. Hank Cohen photo ing everjtiiing into consideration, I believe everyone had a good time. Mr. Rutherford said that we conducted ourselves fairly -.veil, although he disliked having to chapetone us so closely. It proved to be necessary. At Saturday night's informal get-together, Steve Drayer and Perry Prank proved to be the best pins-pong players and took first prize in tiieir respective matches. About 30 attended and as usual the juke box got the biggest workout. Refreshments were served and everyone had a very enjoyable evening. Next week will be filled with activities starting Friday night with a skating party, at Ft. Lauderdale. We will leave from in front of the fire station sharply at 7 p.m. All our other skating parties have been a big success, so let's keep the record going. Saturday afternoon, we will have our usual movie. This week the picture will be "The Son of Dr. Jekyll''. No need in telling you what type of film this will be, because I think you all have seen the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" series. A real thriller, so don't forget this Saturday afternoon, 2 p.m., at the Lions Club. Then Saturday night we will have a movie entitled, "The Puller Brush Girl", with Lucille Ball. After the show there will be dancing to music from the juke box until 11:30. It should be a good evening's entertainment, so support your'teen Age Center by being there. Future plans call for a bowling party next week and also our bis St. Patty's Day Dance. Plan now to attend both events. Remember, it's your Teen \ie Center. Support it! Telephone 9896 Scientific Swedish GUARANTEED Finest Ten Attend WSCS Meeting The Methodist VVSCS attended a district me'eting at the First Methodist church in West palm Beach, Thursday. Speakers included Mrs. A.R. ivery, Florida Conference president, and Miss Fannie DeWar, a missionary in the Philippines. Those attending from Boca Raton included: Mrs. Carrie Sperry, Mrs. C.W. Hubbard, Mrs. John Lunger, Mrs. John Mitchell, Mrs. W.H. Rankin, Mrs. Donald Saelinger, Mrs. Alice Johnson, Mrs. Mabel Farnham, Mrs. Guy Bruce and Mrs. C.H. Bass. For Classified Ads Call Boca 9005 MASSAGES Good Health is an Asset -- Poor Health a Liability Nude Sunbathing CoSctriie Irrigation Cabinet Baths Scotch Douche Avoid painful sunburn on the beach get suntanned i n our Solarium LINDEN'S HEALTH CLUB For Your Health's Sake., Call Ken Linden Reasonable Prices Boca Raton Hotel Phone 8561 formerly of Haley's Restaurant, Fort l*auderdale now at the SIROCCO DINING ROOM Serving Breakfast, Luncheon, Dinner BUFFET DINNERS Saturday, 5 'til 9 P. M.. "ALL YOU CAN EAT $3.00" Lowell "Whitey" White "at the Hammond ON THE OCEAN DINING ROOM AND LOUNGE Deerfieid Beach For Reservations Phone Maitre d'hotel Charley Holmes at Boca Raton 8571 ON THE OCEAN FOUR BLOCKS SOUTH OF FISHING PIER 6i PLUMBING Fixtures VISIT THE NEW BOCA BANK - OPEN AN ACCOUNT THEN SEE US ABOUT NEW HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND APPLIANCES. PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS LICENSED - BONDED - INSURED BOCA RATDW, FLORIDA FLORIDA SPRINKLER SYSTEMS SPECIALISTS P.O. BOX 948

8 Page 14 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Wednesday. Match 7, Rainbow Girls Will Hold Fashion Show The Rainbow Girls will hold a fashion show and tea at the Delmy Beach Woman 1 s Club, Saturday, at 1:30 P.m. The public ia invited and there will be a small donation. Sponsors in the fashion show will be Bradley and Taylor, Martha Postal and Kiddy Kampus. Penny Sellers is chairman of the affair and girls to model are Qretchen Gringle, Patsy Toth, Susan Shaw, Jackie Voris, Rita Messer, Sally Ireland, Lorna MC- Leod. Linda Harris, Rae Hillegass, Martha Reiff, Nanette Vorls, Penny Sellers, pat Smith, Nancy Atsraa, Judy Dravis, Joan Zuckerman and Katie Buck. Entertainment will be provided' by Judy DeNeen, Susan Campbell, Ann Ricketts and Joan Deutsch. Keep Florida Green oeaftawfi HOTEL AND CLUB PRESENTS FREDDY MARTIN His ""Singing Saxophone" and Orchestra Yours to enjrty throughout thi: season. An incomparable cuisine, combined with dancing to Martin's music at Boca Raton will highlight your holiday in Florida Telephone Bruno for reservations B_ooa Raton 8561 Tommy A.mour and Fred Perry welcome you to ihe world famous Boca Ralon Hotel golf course and tennis courts t&e ut Bank officers and directors at the ground-breaking ceremonies of the bank, early in November. Left to right, George Whitehouse, Richard P. Maim. Prank Pirer, L.A. Zimmerman, (standing) Charles FpUsoury, (seated), chairman of the board; Thomas Fleming, jr., prriidtiit, and W.W. Thomson. J. Myer Schine and Robert TylanJer, directors, were not in town at the tine of the ceremo-!?.; - ; ' >nv:.~"chen photo Boca Raton BPW Receives Chapter Presented by Stale Officer Tt.. B-.."t.H-:-= and Professional Woman' s Club of Boca Raton received tfceir Charter last Wednesday night at the Driftwood Ck-c Mrs. Mind Southwick, State Canadian Diving Champion Here PHONE 9402 Lois Wood, Canadian 3-meter spring board lancy diving champion, is spending the season in Boca Raton. Mrs. Wood practices everyday at the Boca Raton Cabana Club or up at the Bible Conference Grounds vvh».:e she serves as life guaid Li me pool Uiere. In August, 1954, she represented Canada in the British Empire games in Vancouver. For the past five years, she has been working on her swimming and diving, coached by her husband, Jim. She selected Boca Raton tor the winter because of the climate and the fine facilities for swimming and diving. This is her first visit in Boca Raton. The Woods have a nine-months old daughter, Leslie. They are presently staying at the Parker Apts., in Boca Raton. jloiio LI. fieemttc N.E. FIRST AVE. BETWEEN THE POST OFFICE AND THE NEW BANK to tie INSURANCE president, ike=.«iteu c.narter and Mrs. pain Keiiuu iiioune, director of LiiMicv a,..avel. i-'kv.cer: Mrs. Dui Ot. r.. lj*i«. ijq-ivi. >VC,;:;,, dilute corra syjnding secretary, Mrs. Bi.iii Shuhi, Rivxaiii Beach, assistant director of District 8; Mfs. Jane Hubbard, president of Boynton Beach; Miss Florence McNicholas, president of Lake Worth; Mrs. Betty Antoine, member of the Riviera Beach; Mrs. Q. Ratner, new Boca Raton resident, formerly of the chapter in Greensburg. Pa.; Mrs. Helen Speed, Delray Beach, president of the sponsoring club; Mrs. Dorothy Galvln of Delray Beach; and Mrs. Ruth Struby, organizational chairman of the Boca Raton club. Mrs. Speed was master of i ceremonies. j Mrs. Harriet Gates talked on "International delations". j Decorations wete provided by Miss Carolyn Diete and Mrs. Elizabeth Warren. BANK (Continued from page 1) It was in August, 1955, almost 12 months after the reinstatement application, that the provisional cnarter was granted by the atace Banking Department ana the Federal Deposit Ins'.ir?r,ce Corporation. Of the $300,000 capital, not more than $100,000 could be expended for land, building and fixtures. Two weeks after granting of tht ixovisu-:.- chiifi-?:. capital was over-suascribed 'oy $50,000. Fleming bold that uajik officers hope?'iat everyone in the area wui >:sit the First ii«h. -.i Boca R.iton during me open h'.cse tonight and when the b^nk opens tut business Thursday morning. For Ci-iissiiiea Call Boca 9C05 Few Steps DRY CLEANING H.D. Gates Realtor Phone 9812 South Federal Highway At 3rd St. EAST OP POST OFFICE Boca Raton Rd, Two Batbeta Pusi -Oftice LAUNDRY ftusck SERVICE ON LAUNDSIf Fluff <*Dry and Folded Do. it SPRINKLSNH We pi an and furmsh ail m inslolt yourself an3 sovt?«** C. W. (Scott.v) SCOTT WATER PUMPS. WELL DRILLING. -, ~. ^». _ «.«mat. jab «et a em a A «* 94 8 ft SI Ski #^ ~ t 60 N. Old Dixie Boca P.O. BOA W Smartly-designed American- Standard fittings will add to the appearance of any plumbing fixture. They're streamlined, finished in non-tamishiiig Chromard. Easy to clean... easy to use. Long-lasting. There's a complete line, from shower heads to laundry tray faucets. Select yours today. PHO1SK <)229 BOCA PLUMBING ED BALME Better Health Through Modern Plumbing and Appliances 40 N. Federal Hiway P.O. Box 894 REAL ESTATE 701 N. Federal H>vy Boca Raton litoru' tie Pti j *#" BROWN nmrm & HARDW«i CO, Boca Rate.. Road W. of FeJj.ul Phone 6v44 PL.UK.BrNG OUR Sr> C OuiJIew Boca Bank i-si- 1 tind Hit E Of i'^c-f! Scii ity Po*er THE NEW Supplies 1 HE DO -! i YOURSELF MAN WHO MAKE* THINGS FOR THE HOME If you've got 8 project, come to us with it - if not, come to us and we will ask youi wife to assign you one. N.W. 13ih Street Phone 8554 Dr. William O'Donnell gets a special bit of attention at the rejsni Bethesda Hospital Ball at the Boca Raton Club. The occasion was tut doctor's birthday and he found himself the recipient of tms. ehttiotute birthday csie. Hank Cohen photo Presbyterians To Hear Hoosier HiitnorisI The "Hooaier humorist," Barton Rees Pogue, will be at the Community Presbyterian Church, Friday, at 7:45 P.m., sponsored by the Men'a Club. Donations will be used by ths Men's Club to retire the indebtedness on the new projector. Pogue, a minister for 10 years, was also a speech instructor, an author, a radio announcer and a newspaper writer. He has authored 2,000 poems, and five plays.. The public is cordially invited. The Women's Association will sponsor a bake sale at the Cosby Arcade on Saturday the 10th at 10:00 P.m., with Mrs. Raymond Watts in charge. On Sunday there will be the two preaching services, the first at 8:30 and the second at 11, with the Sunday School meeting at 9:30. The music for the preaching services will be under the direction of Miss C. Ernestine, Pierce, organist, assisted by Mrs. Arland V. Briggs, pianish, and Mrs. jack Vann, soloist. Rev. Arland V. Brigcs will preach on the subject: "This Nation Under God". A part of the service will be the special offering for the "One Great Hour of Sharing". On Sunday afternoon at 4, all adults and young people are invited to the church for the second in a series of communicants classes for instruction in church membership. The Presby-Teens will meet at 5:30 in the church, and will see the film, "The Waiting ones". Mrs. Henry J. Mellon will serve as adult advisor. 1O A BTOTOES Inc. 60 Federal Highway P.O. Box 856 Boca Raton, Florida Telephone Boca Raton 9406 Congratulations and Best Wishes for the Success of the new First Bank of Beca Raton Wednesday, March 7, 1956 THE BOCA RATON NEWS Page 15. Receiving a bottle of Chanel 5 Bon, Miss Ruth Land! is Mrs. E. Monroe Parber of Delray Beach, a guest at the recent Bethesda Hospital Ball. The perfume was supplied by Harry Lain, Boca Raton Club pharmaeist. Hank Cohen photo TAXI 8758 BOCA RATON TAXI SERVICE Congratulations and best wishes to FIRST BANK of BOCA RATON in bringing a much needled service to Boca WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE George Pollard - owner 74 S. Federal Highway Phone 8388 Chassis squeaks are warnings of wear. Drive in for out Sinclair Indexed Lubrication Service and let us stop those annoying wear and trouble! Drive ia every J,CQQ.miles, for smooth,, quiet cat performance; EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE Phone 9657 FRANK'S PLACE Federal and Boca Raton Kti.

9 Page 16 THE BOCA RATON NEWS 1, 1956 Beach; "The Mask" by C. Ross- *to-: Chambers: "Carnival" by i* 1 ' Kraeutet of Boca Raton,.ill Life With Flowers" ts> raciiijd Pfeiffer of Boca Raton. visitors to the gallery through rudely will enjoy the work of.*n fine artists like: John Ar- ",uica» A.E. Backus, Aurie M. HARLES M.DAVY TAX CONSULTANT 169 E PALMETTO PARK ROAD PHONE ARTS AND CRAFTS EXHIBITION (Continued from page 1) Bacon, Helen C. Bridges, M.H. Bartlett, Shirley Beery, Winifred BiJOher, Can W. Brandien, Ijoreta Phillips Brooks, Anne R. Brown, Oliver Cirr, Pauline Carr, Lenora Cavallero, Dalraa Chriatiensen, Russ Conn, William A. Corbett, Whitney Cushing, Peter I. Damico, Hazel H. Davidson, Ethel M. Pietz, George Dunham, Martha Edmunds, Edna Shapiro, Rae W. Fabens, Helen C. Faith, Marceline Pawley, Allison Dodds Foster, Edith G. Foy, Kay Frain, Thomas Fresh, Francois Gerorae, Sybil Geron, Mary Glenn, Minerva w. Goldsmith. Vina S. Gould, Marie Hagman, Lew Hahn, Kathryn D. Ham, T.A. Hendry, Madeline Ives, Nell Rae Jackson, Ann Jenkings, Emilie Johnson, Lillian Kaemrrierlueg, Steven R. Kika, Simone Kubaugh, Joan Laird, Leonard C. Lane, Helen Lemon, Eleanor Hart BOCA SERViCE Tites Ssttesnes l K%j atid K«al palm Ed. JOHN LJUNQEK and auto «uoi). Owners FOR APPLIANCES See TOM MIS APPLIANCES North Dixie Hrwcry- Deerfield Beach - Phone 9589 WHOLE ROAST Served on a Flaming Sword CHICKEN Ocean Fresh Seafoods OUR RE* LIME PIE Parry and Catering Facilities MaeFeggan's (former.oyyfter of Tuna phone Boca Raton 8088 Char- Broiled Steak Dinner - $2.95 Sefrdens) SUN COVE One of the Gold Coast's Newest and Purest Kestauran«3 Cocktail Loungss Paelti^ ^rs?* 3 Block* S, of D*trfi*)W Tru«k ktefcr <* im 1 M mmmmmtm Lewis, Vivian Lewis, Edward Luchtemeyer, Peter A. Lunauist, Roberta MacSpadden, Isobel Madsen, H.E. Markley, Lois R. Marshall. Jeanne Hollarn Maxwell, Edyth McComan, Edyth Mc- Gowan, Lois N. Merrill, Mildred Miller. Rene McPhail, Jack Neff, Mary W. North, Eva O'Brien, Elena Partida. Elizabeth patton, Guy W. Phelps, Elvira Tuoti Pisani, Claire V. ploucher, Joy Postle. Re Pud, R. Pugh, Georgianna van Renaselear, Addie B. Robertson, Valida Robinson, Jack Robinson, Mary Sharp, R.R. sheibenberger, Aaron T. Smock, Marie Steffe, Mary C. Strom, Ploreince Storer Stone, George C. Thomas, Jr., Dr. Pannye Jordan Treaster, Predericha Van Pelt, Arthur Voelkel, E.W. Von Obenauer, Hugh Walter, Odin Waugh, Rachel Wells, Margaret Pabens Wendt, Doris White, M* Whitehead, Alice G. Wightman, Ruth Wildman, Geni Wrenn, Edwin Zohrer, Mrs. Mar-! garet Mason and Mrs. Grace GoodalL Other ~ crafts exhibitors are: Leonora Cavallero, Anne R. Brown, Dorothy M. Puldner, Mildred Davis, Mary Gaines, Esther W. Gibson, Golda Sevy, P.L- Babcock, L. Signorini, Lois Marshall, Pioneer China Painters Club, Mrs. Maud C. Richner, Maggie G. Johnson, Lantana Hospital, "Delle" Craft Center, Mary C. Collins, Madelyn S. Curry, Alta S. Waiters, Mrs. Edward Noble, Seminole Indian Reservation, at Okeechobee, Jean E. Johnson, Justine C. Neering, Joyce Spencer, Paul M. Kendig, Shirley Beery, and Ruth Enfinger. Visitors to the exhibition will want to spend several hours studying the paintings and the crafts. Most people will agree that the quality of work is so superior this year that they would be happy to have almost any of the work in their homes. Judges were Clayton Charles, Walter B. Colebrook and Charles J. Hasz. The jury of selbction was comprised of Mrs. Joseph Shapiro, Mrs. A.K. Merrill, Professor Herbert R. Kniffin, Robert Kraeuter and Marion Howard. Mrs. Edward J. Beck was in charge of art registration; Mrs. Anthony Mojkowski, Richard Pfeiffer and Edward J. Beck, the catalogue, Aaron T. Smock, hanging committee chairman; Arthur Wood, gallery preparation; Mrs. Richard Mann, chairman of gallery entrants. The exhibition began with a preview party for patrons, exhibitors and the press, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. j. Myer Schine, honorary president of tne Art Guild, and Mr. Schin& were hosts to the party which took place in the Cloister Lounge. Defray Theatre DOOM Opsn 6:45 Monday thru Friday Continuoui ihowi from 3 Sat. & SUK. LAST DAY-THURSDAY, MARCH 8 Fred L«Ue Carol Daddy I Legs FRIDAY - SATURDAY, MARCH 9-10 Throe Vicious Escaped Convicts Take Over a Home! HUMPHREY FREDRIC BOGART- MARCH Sunday thru Wednesday, March "It Pays to ljh)k Two Barbers Union Shop REED'S BARBER SHOP 65 So. Fed. Hwy. - Phone i«26 HEflBOLD A 1 A O N T H E O C E A N IN B O C A DEAN SCHAFFER Licensed ami Insu.ed MASONRY CONTRACTORS Open at ft For Lunch Full Course Pinners and a la Carte Until 9 for the new bank Opposite City Hall 10 p,.m. R A T O N > Telephone for the town of Boca _ and a 21 - Gun Salute for the Florida East Coast BUICK and CADILLAC SERVICE YouVe Tried the Rest - Now Try the Best MIRACLE MILE MOTORS 4 Miles North of Boca Raton on U. S. 1 Free Pick - UP and Ddivery Phone For Classified Ads Call Boca 9005 Interior or exterior" painting wanted. All kinds of house' repftirs. Carpenter work. Roofs repaired and painted. H.W. King, '^ Delray (63-15B) Young woman permanent resident wishes position requiring culture, refined person. Experienced hostess and teacher. Will consider child care and tutoring. P.O. Deerfield Beach 285 or phone Delray Beach (65-15B) TERRAZZO FLOORS machine scrubbed, Sealed and polished. Anti-slip, abater proofs, enlivens colors, 1 Wops dusting. EXPERT SEAL- ING CURES SICK-FLOORS. EARLEY SERVICES Phone Delray 4383 Licensed Bonded Insured (15-5tfB) FQRJ3AJJE Custom Built House 3 YEARS OLD 2 bedrooms, terrazzo floors, tiled roof, Florida room, landscaped. Lot 93X160. $13,500 for quick sale. Phone Boca Raton (61-15B) FOR. SALE: BOAT & MOTORS 15& foot lapp streak Thompson Clinker 5 foot beam with cover. Two Motors, Chris Craft commander, 10 HP and Oliver Commander heavy; duty 15 HP. Oars - eight life savers - black and tackle & boat hooks. $75.00.Box 386, Boca Raton. (67-15P) MIS.)? ll,i l fl. l IlBi Wanted to Rent by April 1st - first floor apt. or house furnished or unfurnished. Reasonable rent. Business couple. Local references. Call Boca Raton 8388 or (66-15B) NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION SOUTHEASTERN PALM BEACH COUNTY HOSPITAL DISTRICT Public notice ia hereby given that pursuant to resolution duly adopted on February 20, 1956 by the Board of Commissioners of Southeastern Palm Beach County Hospital District, Palm Beach County, Florida, a special election has been called and ordered and will be held in and for said district from 7:00 o'clock A.M. until and not later than 7:00 o'clock P.M- on JMrch 27, 1956, to determine the following proposition; ^Proposition to issue bonds of Southeastern Palm Beach County ^Hospital District in the amount of $975;000.00«bearing interest at the rate of five per cent (5%) p per annum,, or such s c lesser rate or rates as may b be dtermined determined t i d at the time of of f sale l hthereof, and maturing serial- l ly witnln itl thirty hit (30) years from m the date dt of f said id bonds, bd for f the purpone of raising funds to establish and construct a hospital (including furnishing and equipping such hospital) in and for said district, which bonds shall constitute full general obligations of said district and be payable from taxes to be levied on L all taxable property in said district not exempt by law. The polling places at said election shall be the same as the places for vot-»"? in general elections in the precincts wholly or partially contained within said district. Said polline places and the persons to act as inspectors and clerks will be as follows; Precinct Number Polling Place 25 Shuffleboard Court Boynton Beach, Florida Shuffleboard Court Delray Beach, Florida American Legion Hall Northwest 2nd Street and 8th Avenue Delray Beach, Florida Civic Center South Eaat Fourth Avenue Delray Beach, Florida Town Hall Boca Raton, Florida Election Officers Inspectors Alice Shepard Edythe G. Hood Frances Daly Sarah.Dame Clerk Lois Partln Inspectors Dorothea Bauer Nina Schield Grace Adams Ruth W. Rudkin Clerk Chas. C. Turner Inspectors LeRoy B. Bainc Alberta Palmer. Lejaa Brunner Clerk Ozzle Youngbdood Inspectors Bertha Worthing Florence Cramp Irene T. LePage Blanche Lamb Clerk Robert Fleming Inspectors EtheHPE. Sellers Charles Fracker Harriette A. Gates Clerk Pauline Aylward.1 be closed for this election at 5:00 o'clock P.M. on Vv_> i * ls not l e " than fourteen days before the date of Only registered electors of the district who are freeholders P Brt L within the territorial limits of the district will be per- L.«v jj y He o < spua»t said bond election. indistri f Oard of c m[ " 1 «loners of Southeastern Palm Beach A Cathe?ine E. Strong, Secretary Emor * J- Barrow, Chairman Nell E. MacMillan Attorney for the District 17 N.E. 4th Avenue Delray Beach, Florida Publish: Feb. 24th, March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, BOCA RATON LUMBER and SUPPLY CO, Inc. NEW PHONE 8581 N.W. Second Avenue and Fourth Street BAPTIST CHURCH: Palmetto Park Road, one block west of railroad. Rev.. A.C. parrotte, pastor. Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Morning. Worship, 7:30 p.m.; Midweek prayer service and Bible meditation, Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. Nursery open for all church services. COMMUNITY METHODIST CHURCH:, Royal Palm Road. Rev. Elton G. Powell, pastor. Men's Breakfast, 8 a.m.; Church Service, 8:45 a.m.; Church School, 9:45 a.m.; Church Service, 11 a.m. Nursery available for children during 11 o'clock service. Choir rehearsal, Thursday, 7:3C WINFIELD PARK CHURCH: 11 a.m. service. Pastor, Rev. Eastman. Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Children and Adult classes. Cordial welcome awaits you. CATHOLIC Services at the Boca Raton Club. Mass at 7:15 a.m., Sunday. Masses in Delray at 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. at St. Vincent Ferrer's Church. FOR RENT SPACIOUS, modern one and twobedroora apartments. Conveniently located. By month or year. Hates reasonable. Call Boca 8105 or Southland Apartments, i Second Ave. & N.W. 20th St.,! Boca Raton. (60-15P) Lovely room, twin beds, private bath and entrance. Close to beach and shopping center. Available Sunday. Phone (65-15B) Charming room in private home near beach and post office. Moderate rates. Phone (64-15B) HELP WANTED Woman or girl wanted for Restaurant work. Apply pizio's Drive Mi Restaurant, N. Fed. Hwy., Delray Beach. (43-12tfE) HELP WANTED: Waitresses wanted. Apply Zims Restaurant, So. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, 59-X5B) Bible Conference Capacity Taxed Music lovers continue to tax the Bible Conference facilities to capacity according to the conference business manager, William Steinhaus. The 300-seat dining room is filled each Saturday night, with over 1,000 in attendance at the music festival at 8 P.m. Redd Harper of radio and TV fame, along with Rose Arzoomanian and Ira Stanphill, will be featured at the concert, March 10. Dr. Richard Elves, president of Northwestern Schools, in Minneapolis, Minn., will be the featured "speaker at the Bible Conference sessions, March John Bolton, well-known Christian layman, will be giving a first hand report on what he saw in India while accompanying Evangelist Billy Graham on his last trip to the Far East at 7:30 p.m., Marcn 18. Mrs. Joseph Noyes Bacon, N.B. Fifth Ave., Boca Raton, has as her house guest, Mrs. William R. Root, of La Gorce Island and Terre Haute, Ind. Wednesday, March THE BOCA RATON NEWS Page 17 CHURCH SERVICES ST. GREGORY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH: N.W. 20th & 4th Aye. Rev. E.R. Closson, vicar. Sunday service artf Holy Eucharist, 9 a.m.; Church School, 10 a.m.; Morning Prayer, 11 a.m.; Holy Communioa, 9 and 11 a.m. first Sunday of month; Holy Eucharist Wednesday, 10 a.m. Free Pick - Up And Delivery Phone Delray Beach 6825 BIBLE CONFERENCE GROUNDS. N.W. 4th Ave. Ira Lee Eshleman Director. Sunday School, 10 a.m.; other Sunday Services at 11 a.m., 3 P.m. and ^iso p.m. Weekday Services 10 a.m. and 7:30 P.m. Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:30 p.m. Nursery available for children during all church services. For Smoking Bring Your Fileted Fish The Day Caught to BSoeischer's Delray Hickory Smoke House 613 S. Federal - Delray Beach. 25% Discount On All Furniture Cleaning To March 31 FREE ESTIMATES Eliminate Delays By Planning Now For Summer Storage RICHARDSON RUG CLEANERS BANK in BOCA RATON EAT, DRINK at Shop in Boca BROWN'S BAR & RESTAURANT GULFSMAM 5&10 3 Doors from Post Office Boca Raton Phone New Number 9048 WtLlUWtt Boca Raton Boca Needed It Boco's Got It! PUftTH 24 Hour Service - Each Picture Dated. You want the best, then WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF FILMS Bank in Boca Shop in Boca Ship from Boca The Finest of Indian River Citrus Tropical Jellies Coconut Patties Pecan Rolls Candled Fruits BOCA FRUITS Burt and Hal Rogers South Federal Highway ere * r P roces " Zims 3ldg.