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1 2741 N Salisbury St. West Lafayette, IN (765) Westminster Village Directors Executive Director Vicki Gregory Nursing Director Melissa Clendenning Health Facility Ben Blankenship Administrator Marketing Director Dawn Walker Controller Pat Miller Human Resources Director Todd Payne Administrative Services Stacey Johnson Director Health & Wellness Jordan Morrow Director Dining Services Director Rickey Kerr Plant Operations Director Mick Dalton Important Phone Numbers Concierge Desk After-Hours Emergency Village Mart Village Salon Concierge Desk Hours Every Day 8 a.m. 8 p.m. Main Dining Room Hours Lunch: 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. Dinner: 4 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Village Pub Hours Sunday Saturday...11 a.m. 8 p.m. The Pavilion Cafe Hours Breakfast: 7 a.m. 11 a.m. Open: 7 a.m. 8 p.m. Questions About This Issue? Contact Jordan Morrow Director of Wellness at (765) , October 2014 It was 22 years ago in September when I received my driver s license. It was an exciting time in my life because growing up in the country, I was somewhat isolated. I either played with my siblings or did work around the house. So while I do love my family, I was excited to enjoy the freedom that came with a license. But my new found freedom came at a price, and I realized that I needed a job to pay for gas. I became a server at Westminster Village in October of When I was 16, I never once thought that I would be at my first job for 22 years. The next thing I knew I was the Dining Director with a degree in Agriculture. It has been a privilege to be able to grow up at the Village and mature as a person and a professional. Not only did I find my first job at Westminster Village, but I also met my best friend and wife here as well, Angie Kerr. We have been married for over 12 years and have two beautiful children. The Village has been very good to my family, and twenty-two years later, I am still hard at it working for gas money. Rickey Kerr

2 2 Wellness Center Hours Monday Friday 8:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Wellness Nurse Kathy Coffman Phone Number (765) Wellness Director Jordan Morrow Melvin Anderson Aug. 17 Fran O Connor Aug. 28 Welc me New Residents Tom McNary Olive Pierce Pauline Skipp Shafer Music Therapy Comes to Westminster Village Music has power, especially for those with Alzheimer s disease or other types of dementia. Rhythmic and other well-rehearsed responses require little to no cognitive or mental processing; therefore, music can shift a mood, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function and coordinate motor movements. A person s ability to engage in music, particularly rhythm playing and singing, remains intact very late into the disease process. As dementia progresses, individuals typically lose their ability to share thoughts and gestures of affection with their loved ones; however, they retain their ability to move with the beat for a lot longer. In July, Stephen Wilson joined the Life Enrichment Team as a music therapist. Stephen has a bachelor s degree and master s degree in Music Therapy with an emphasis on the senior population. While Stephen is relatively new to the team, he has already made a lasting impression on several residents and staff members. Stephen has started music therapy groups in the Health Center and Assisted Living. He will start groups for independent living residents very soon. Some of the activities that residents can look forward to during these groups include singing, playing instruments and writing songs. Though some of these tasks may seem like they would be reserved for the most talented, Stephen s unique approach makes it easy for everyone to participate, regardless of their musical abilities. Please watch for additional musically-enriched opportunities coming your way soon; and look (and listen) for Stephen so you can welcome him to Westminster Village!

3 3 Independent Living Life Enrichment Coordinator, Jane Hahn Keeping Fit There is no better time to try one of the Village fitness programs. Watch Channel 91 and listen to morning announcements for locations. Rooms are subject to change. Fitness Center in the Lower Level Open 24 Hours a Day Stretchercise Mondays and Fridays, 10 a.m. Golden Zumba Mondays, 3:30 p.m. Ballroom Dancing Mondays, 6 p.m. BoilerFit Tuesdays, 11 a.m. Next Level Tai Chi Tuesdays, 2:30 p.m. Yoga Wednesdays, 2:30 p.m. Tai Chi Exercises Thursdays, 1 p.m. Meet Jane! Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Jane Hahn, our new Life Enrichment Coordinator for Independent Living. Jane joined Westminster Village on Sept. 5. Jane graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Sociology and Photography and Related Media. Her area of focus within the sociology department was aging and the social context of aging. While at Purdue, she interned for the Center at Jenks Rest and worked at the Purdue Center for Aging and the Life Course. After graduation, she worked as the Marketing Director for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation. Be sure to stop by and welcome Jane to the Village! Spiritual Joy in the Morning Bible Study Tuesdays, 11 a.m.-courtyard Chapel Resident Prayer & Share Thursdays, 10 a.m.-courtyard Chapel Bible Study Thursdays, 2:30 p.m.-cardinal Scripture Sharing for Women Fridays, 10:45 a.m., A4 Lounge Catholic Services Mass, Saturdays, 4 p.m.-firefly Communion, Wed., 10/1 10 a.m.-cyc Rosary, Mon., 10/27, 11 a.m.-cyc Episcopal Communion Tuesday, 10/21, 1:30 p.m.-cyc Protestant Communion Wednesday, 10/15, 2:30 p.m.-cyc Vespers - Sundays, 4 p.m.-firefly Oct. 5: Rev. Kate Walker First United Methodist Church Oct. 12: Rev. David Horner Faith Presbyterian Church Oct. 19: Dan Hartley Federated Church Oct. 26: To Be Announced Wellness Center Call Kathy Coffman for an appointment. Audiologist Dr. Caccavo Thurs., 10/2 9 a.m. Noon Family Practice Dr. Dodt Wed., 10/1, 1:30 p.m. Podiatrist Dr. Baumgartner Thurs., 10/16 8:30 a.m. Well-Informed Dr. Stephen Deutsch Gastroenterology Wed., 10/22, 7 p.m. Medicine Drop Off Wed., 10/8 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Health Assessments St.E Nursing Students Wed., 10/8, 9-11 a.m. Purdue Retiree Wellness Screening Wed., 10/22 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Ambul. Aid Tune Up Thurs., 10/ a.m. Massage Therapy By Appointment

4 October 2014 Happy Birthday 5 Myrtle Carter 6 Donald Clayton 8 Curt Smiley 8 Lou Jean Smith 9 Shirley Jones 9 Jean Smiley 10 Donald Parman 12 Pauline Williams 16 Violet Haelterman 18 Rosemary Underwood 20 Marilynn Fliotsos 20 Mary Weeks 22 Jan Boes 22 Mary Hood 24 Dick Gripe 24 Joan Stewart 25 Winifred Bauman 25 Lois Wark 26 Nancy Nyberg 27 Betty Rons 27 Herman Rubin 28 Marilyn Whitsel 29 Mary Jane Fleener 29 Karin Muncie 30 Pearl Davis 30 Nancy Ince 31 Tom Moore What Does October Stand for? O - Oktoberfest C - Candy corn T - Tricks and treats O - Orange orbs B - Bonfires E - Enjoy cool nights R - Rustling of leaves Sunday Monday Tuesday C4 C-4 Conference C Cardinal Room CYC Courtyard Chapel FF Firefly Room LL Lower Level MH Mendelsohn Hall TT Tulip Tree Room VS Village Square WC Wellness Center WH Whitsel Hall Name Tag Week 5 4:00 Vespers-FF Rev. Kate Walker, First United Methodist Church 7:00 Sunday Night Movie Men in Black Tune in to Channel 91 4:00 Vespers-FF Rev David Horner, Faith Presbyterian Church 7:00 Sunday Night Movie In the Shadow of the Moon (Documentary) Tune in to Channel 91 4:00 Vespers-FF Dan Hartley, Federated Church WL 7:00 Sunday Night Movie Space Cowboys Tune in to Channel 91 4:00 Vespers-FF 7:00 Sunday Night Movie WALL-E Tune in to Channel Check for changes or cancellations posted on Channel 91, the kiosk, event flyers, weekly highlights, and/or on the daily announcements. Name Tag Week 6 9:30 Cottage D Meeting-C 12:00 Popcorn-VS 1:00 Monday Movie Welcome to Mars: Nova (Documentary)-FF 1:00 Bazaar Committee-C 3:30 Golden Zumba-VS 6:00 Ballroom Dance Class-VS Floor Meetings 13 9:00 Landscape Committee-C 10:30 Vespers Committee-C 12:00 Popcorn-VS 1:00 Monday Movie-Cancelled 1:00 Newcomer s Tea-WH 3:30 Golden Zumba-VS 6:00 Ballroom Dance Class-VS :45 Depart Lunch Bunch Outing Jane s Deli With Visit to Lafayette Art Museum 12:00 Popcorn-VS 1:00 Movie 'Apollo 13'-FF 3:30 Golden Zumba-VS 6:00 Ballroom Dance Class-VS 7:00 Speaker: Prof. Dan Dumbacher, Purdue Space Exploration & You -WH :30 Hosting Committee-C 11:00 Catholic Rosary-CYC 12:00 Popcorn-VS 1:00 Monday Movie Journey to the Moon: The 40th Anniversary -FF 3:30 Golden Zumba-VS 4:00 Trick or Treating-MH 6:00 Ballroom Dance Class-VS Name Tag Week 7 11:00 BoilerFit-FF 11:00 Joy in the Morning Bible Study-CYC 1:30 Country Line Dance-VS 1:30 Writing Interest Group-C4 2:30 Next Level Tai Chi-C 7:00 Musical Performance Bob Poynter-WH 7:00 Movie Men in Black Tune Into Channel 91 Floor Meetings 14 10:00 Cottage B Meeting-C 10:45 Depart Lunch Outing to The Sportsman-Monticello 11:00 BoilerFit-FF 11:00 Joy in the Morning -CYC 1:00 Resident Open Art-C4 1:00 Shining Up-VS 2:30 Next Level Tai Chi-FF 7:00 Movie 'In the Shadow of the Moon' CH 91 9:30 Resident Council Meeting-C 11:00 BoilerFit-FF 21 11:00 Joy in the Morning -CYC 1:30 Writing Interest Group-C4 1:30 Country Line Dancing-VS 1:30 Episcopal Communion-CYC 2:30 Next Level Tai Chi-C 7:00 Movie Space Cowboys Tune Into Channel 91 7:00 Depart Purdue Convo 28 10:00 All Resident Meeting-WH 11:00 BoilerFit-FF 11:00 Joy in the Morning Bible Study-CYC 2:30 Next Level Tai Chi-C 7:00 Movie WALL-E Tune Into Channel 91

5 Westminster Village Event Calendar Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 9-11 WL Library-VS 10:00 Catholic Communion-CYC 10:00 Brain Boot Camp-FF 1:30 Realities of Life-FF 1:30 Dr. Dodt-WC 2:30 Yoga-FF 4:30 Sept/Oct Birthday Dinner-C/TT Name Tag Week Medicine Drop Off-WC 10:00 Brain Boot Camp-FF 9-11 St. E Nursing Students Health Assessments-VS 1:00 Depart Walmart/Meijer 2:30 Yoga-FF 6:30 Depart PU Women s Volleyball vs. Indiana 7:00 Speaker Guardian Angel Hospice Hospice 101'-WH 9-11 WL Library-VS 10:00 Brain Boot Camp-FF 1:00 Grief & Bereavement Support Group-Meet in MH 2:30 Yoga-FF 2:30 Protestant Communion-CYC 7:00 Westminster University, :00 Backpacking-VS 9:00 Dr. Caccavo-WC 9:00-Noon Flea Market-LL 9:30 Walking Boot Camp-MH 9:00 Coffee & Sing Along-VS 10:00 Resident Prayer-CYC 1:00 Bingo-VS 1:00 Tai Chi-C 10:45 Scripture for Women-A4 4:00 Catholic Mass-FF 2:00 Open Bridge-VS 1:30 Village Voices-VS 2:30 Bible Study-C 7:00 Euchre (with Purdue 2:30 Current Events-A3 Adopt a Grandparent)-VS 7:00 Meet the Artist: Rachel Witt-C Name Tag Week 9 Name Tag Week 10 Name Tag Week Speakers: Vicki Gregory & Pat Miller-WH 7:00 Depart PU Convo 9-1 Purdue Retirees Wellness 22 Screening-TT 10:00 Brain Boot Camp-FF 10:30 Hospitality Committee-C 1:00 Bazaar Committee-C 1:00 Depart Tippecanoe Mall 2:30 Yoga-FF 7:00 Well Informed Speaker Dr. Stephen Deutsch Gastroenterology -TT/FF 2:30 Yoga-C 7:00 Purduettes-WH 7:00 Depart PU Volleyball vs. Wisconsin 29 9:00 Backpacking-VS 9:30 Walking Boot Camp-MH 10:00 Resident Prayer-CYC 1:00 Tai Chi-FF 2:00 Open Bridge-VS 2:30 Bible Study-C 2:30 Current Events-A3 8:30 Dr. Baumgartner-WC 10:00 Resident Prayer-CYC 1:00 Tai Chi-FF 1:00 Food Committee-C 2:00 Open Bridge-VS 2:30 Bible Study-C 2:30 Current Events-A3 4:00 Theme Dinner: Chef s Challenge,Air Force-DR 5:00 Parkinson s Group-FF 8-9 Bazaar Set-Up-C/TT 9-11 amb. Aid Tune-up-WC 9:00 Back Packing-VS 9:30 History Committee-FF 9:30 Walking Boot Camp-MH 10:00 Resident Prayer-CYC 1:00 Tai Chi-FF 2:00 Open Bridge-VS 2:30 Bible Study-FF 2:30 Current Events-A3 7:00 Depart PU Convo 9:00 Backpacking-VS 9:30 Walking Boot Camp-MH 10:00 Resident Prayer-CYC 1:00 Tai Chi-FF 2:00 Open Bridge-VS 2:30 Bible Study-C 2:30 Current Events-A3 7:00 Depart PU Convo 9:00-Noon Flea Market-LL 9:00 Coffee & Sing Along-VS 10:45 Scripture for Women-A4 1:30 Village Voices-VS 3:00 Meet the Conductor-C 7:00 Euchre-VS 16 9:00-Noon Flea Market-LL 17 9:00 Coffee & Sing Along-VS 9-2 Early & Absentee Voting-MH/C 10:45 Scripture for Women-A4 11:30-12:30 CityBus-MH 1:30 Village Voices-VS 7:00 Euchre & Board Games-VS 7:30 Depart PU Volleyball vs. Penn State Bazaar Set-Up (WH) 9:00-Noon Flea Market-LL 9:00 Coffee & Sing Along-VS 10:00 Stretchercise-C 10:45 Scripture for Women-A4 1:30 Village Voices-VS 6:30 Euchre-VS Noon Flea Market-Lower Level 9-Noon Bazaar Second Chance Sale-VS 9:00 Coffee & Sing Along-VS 10:45 Scripture for Women-A4 1:30 Village Voices-VS 3:00 Book Club-A3 7:00 Euchre-VS TBA Purdue Football vs. Michigan State TBA Kick-off Tailgate Party-PUB 1:00 Bingo-VS 4:00 Catholic Mass-FF 7:00 Depart Lafayette Symphony Orchestra With Kentucky Opera LaTraviata 18 9:30 Men s & Women s Club-Speaker: Stacey Carrell, The Riggs Health Clinic-TT/FF 1:00 Bingo-VS 4:00 Catholic Mass-FF 6:30 Depart Purdue Volleyball vs. Ohio State 7:30 Depart PU Convo 9-1 Westminster Bazaar-WH 1:00 Bingo-VS 4:00 Catholic Mass-FF 25

6 6 Thank You! RB Stewart Society PU Reamer Club PU Twirl Team Goldusters PU Tuba Line Rev. Kate Walker Rev. David Horner Dan Hartley WLHS Strings Dr. Sally Miller Nick Palmer PU Memorabilia: Phyllis Geiger Jim Blakesley Marian Modisett Bunny Boardman Art Contributors: Dotty Asher Roy Barnhart Elaine Baumgardt Lou Carr Carolyn Cason Lynn Cason Dorothy Coots Pat Clayton Nadya Crecelius Carl Click Marilyn Fliotsos Marian Jones Helen Crane Eleanor McKay Nancy Ince Kathleen Kirsch Bob Lemke Mary Moore Persis Newman Ted Reser Bob Sanbloom Joan Stewart Irwin Tessman Vicki Beall Jane Nichols Circus Days at Westminster! Residents enjoyed the miniature circus display Ralph Johnson coordinated a wonderful miniature circus display Army TM /Airforce AFM Recipes Jordan puts the circus performer to the test on a bed of nails Some of the brave volunteers The Circus Is Fun for All Ages! A Trip Around the World! We have enjoyed a visit to many different countries throughout this year. As we wind down, we are taking a giant leap into Outer Space! Look for Outer Spacerelated films throughout the month. On Oct. 16, don t miss a special Chef s Challenge theme dinner. We ve given Chef Chad a copy of a special cookbook with which to work. He says it will be delicious! Former NASA Engineer to Visit Westminster Dan Dumbacher, a Purdue alumnus, former NASA Deputy Associate Administrator/Director of Engineering and current Purdue University Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, will speak to residents on Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. in Whitsel Hall. Don t miss his presentation, Space Exploration and YOU!

7 7 Volunteer Corner Born in Africa, Meg and John Hebblethwaite moved to the U.S. in 1976, Belgium in 1977, back to the U.S. in 1984 and to West Lafayette in They were introduced to Westminster in 2007 when John began attending, and eventually leading, WV s Bible Study before even moving here. The relationships he established greatly influenced their decision to move to Westminster in The Hebblethwaites cherish the friendships they have made since moving and say those relationships are the highlight of living here. Westminster has challenged them to look beyond themselves, which is a true reflection of their faith. Their faith fuels their involvement. John regularly visits the Health Center residents who attend the Bible study, to encourage and pray with them. He and Meg are both involved in the Bible Study, which John still leads. John serves as Vice-Chair for the Resident Council, and Meg started the resident choir, Village Voices, this past February. Meg shared that she has enjoyed tapping into the wealth of talent at Westminster. Hard at work at the 2013 Bazaar It s Bazaar Time Again! The Bazaar Committee, led by Diane Johnson and Eleanor McKay, has been hard at work preparing for the 2014 Bazaar. This annual event is a great opportunity to support the Westminster Foundation and do a little early holiday shopping! Mark your calendar with these important dates: Thursday, Oct. 23 Drop off Craft Donations 1-3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24 Drop off Food Donations 9-11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 25 Bazaar Day! 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31 Second Chance Sale 9 a.m.-noon Musical Performance The Purduettes will return to the Village on October 28. Don t miss what is sure to be a spectacular performance! Transportation Provided to: Please sign up in the Blue Book Lunch Outing Sportsman Inn - Monticello Tues., 10/14 Depart 10:45 a.m. Lunch Bunch Jane s Deli and Lafayette Art Museum Mon., 10/20 Depart 10:45 a.m Purdue Convo 10/15, 18, 21, 23, 30 Laf. Symphony Sat., 10/11 Depart 7 p.m. PU Volleyball 10/8, 18, 29 Purdue Football Sat., Oct. 11 Depart TBA Marsh & Payless Every Thursday 9 a.m. Walmart or Meijer Wed., 10/8-1 p.m. Tippecanoe Mall Wed., 10/22 1 p.m.

8 October 2014 Assisted Living Activities Residents enjoy lunch at Sportsman s Inn on Lake Freeman September had crisp weather and was filled with fun activities in Assisted Living. We celebrated Active Aging Week toward the end of the month and what a celebration it was! There was a lot to keep us busy. We attempted to break the world record for the largest number of participants in a chair exercise class! Residents were inspired by the personal story of Josh Bleill who visited from the Colts. The chainsaw carving demonstration was captivating! Our residents also took time to participate in Cards for Troops. We are grateful for their service, just as we are grateful for the military service of many of our residents! During all of this busyness, we still found time to support everyday wellness by continuing Fit for Life, our daily exercise program. We are looking forward to a busy and active month ahead. Health Center Happenings Dottie McCaw and Don and Marcia Morehouse enjoy Magic Papaw Greetings from the Health Center! We hope you all had a spectacular September. As we head further into the fall months, we would like to share what has been happening in our lives. Our residents kept busy during Active Aging Week by participating in and attending such activities as Paintball Picasso and wood carving. Residents enjoyed Music Therapy. They also had a visit from the Purdue women s tennis team and the Purdue tuba players on Purdue Day. There was a van outing for a windmill tour with Bob and Joan Sandbloom; we thank them both for volunteering their time with us. Finally, we enjoyed laughter and curiosity with the magnificent magician, Magic Papaw. The Health Center wishes you all a wonderful October. The changing of the leaves on the trees, football games and Halloween festivities are sure to be wonderful.